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  1. I wish I knew some Henchmen in my city.
  2. Hi All, How is everyone today? I come to you asking some advice as to what I should purchase next. Just a little background, I tend to purchase alot of things but never get around to doing things with them but I have finally kicked my ass into gear and will actually be starting a painting log with a goal to finish a model or 2 a week at minimum. I own a Pandora box + teddy and am currently waiting on my 2 player starter set. I also picked up Johan and the Malifaux child as I hear they are pretty handy in alot of lists. I have currently only played 1 game of Malifaux so far but intend on changing it. Here's the thing, the other day I stumbled on a store which still had a Vik's box which in Australia has not been in stock for many many months so I snapped it up for the sake of having it and now I am here. I had always planned on doing Guild or Arcanists or even Neverborn but after buying the Viks I looked into the Outcasts and I think I have found my first faction with the possibility of crossing into others. I just have a few questions as per below. 1. I have the Hired swords box + Johan and a Malifaux child, what else should I pick up to help round out my list building? I used pull my finger and Vanessa seems to fit alright but I am unsure 2. I want to pick up a 2nd master box so I will have some variety with outcasts but I am unsure of what will combine well with what is in the Hired swords? I want to stick to plastics so my choices are pretty much Von Schill, Tara, Levy - I am kind of weary of Levy as his mechanics seem pretty crazy for a new player. 3. I want to stick to plastics so I won't be getting very many if any metal models as I don't want to have to purchase the arsenal cards for no reason. If you have made it this far thank you for reading.
  3. MMmmm 2 things spring to mind. Will these games be Cross compatible? Ala Warmachine and Hordes forces being able to face each other? 2nd thing.... What happened to the Breach? Where are all this monsters coming from? Has earth been invaded by the neverborn or other gribbily things? Is this even the same timeline?
  4. Thank you TZL for working through your backlog and for all the time and effort you have put into this thread and this forum. It truly is a shame that you need to take a step back from the online community for a bit. Hope it rejuvenates you. As for your suggestion I had been contemplating going guild from the 2 player started and Hoffman does sound kind of fun. Thank you for your help.
  5. I have to say I am totally pumped for this 2 player starter box. I have bought the Rulebooks and a crew but with no one to play with regularly I have only had 1 game. Now my missus has been super keen and this is going to be the best place to start for us considering she has never played a game. I just put my pre-order to my local stockist. So excited. My one question is will we need any terrain for the scenarios supplied or are they designed to work on an empty and blank table top for learning purposes?
  6. Hi Zinc, I haven't been on these boards for quite awhile but I love this thread, hats off to you for this. I was hoping you might be able to help me, I purchased a Pandora box awhile ago, have played a single game and haven't really played since but this new 2 player starter will be great for my gf and I. But first reckon you could assess me? Warhammer 40k: I have about 3000 of Wordbearers Warhammer: Ran Vampire counts and Mixed Chaos and Beasts of Slaanesh (Back when you could) Infinity: I have models for Haqqislam and Nomads tho I am yet to play. WoW: I play mainly healers, I played a druid since the start but just recently switched to a Holy Paladin Most Rpgs: I try and roll around the combo of Magic and Brawling as much as I can. As for Anime- I have always loved Mecha animes and I have to say I love the Principality of Zeon from Mobile Suit Gundam. But yeah mainly I dig swords and sorcery and have had a penchant for zealous fanatics in the past. I dunno if that is enough for you but here is hoping.
  7. Love your write-ups as always. The edge of tomorrow reset is a great idea to combat hard party kills. The whole gremlins side of things sounds great!
  8. -Jaw drops- That looks amazing so far. Can't wait to see the tree.
  9. Cheers Decker. Basically my first crew is Pandora but I've only managed one game, the girl likes Lilith so I will be picking up the crew for her. I wanted to pick up Lynch because I'm just a big fan of his concept and fluff + he would tie in and give me a 2nd TT master so that I had a decent and small selection to play with to change things up. I'll still pick up Lynch probably next month or so when I have the spare cash. I'm worried about trying to learn with Misaki vs Lilith however.
  10. Hi guys, Thank you all for the inputs I really appreciate it. As of now I won't be picking up the Lynch box as of yet due to cashflow restrictions. I think I will pick up Misaki, Archers and Izamu to begin with to give me a decent pool of models to paint and play with. Should be enough for myself to teach myself and the missus (with her lilith and neph boxes)
  11. Hi All, I'll be starting my journey down the path of 10T next week and wanted some advice as I am pretty new to Malifaux. I intend on picking up the Jakob Lynch box + Misaki box and was wondering out of the following options which would be the best bang for my buck? Samurai Thunder Archers, Yamizako Oiran. How do you find they add to the Misaki Box?
  12. Hi all, Thank you so much for your replies over the weekend, as my home PC is currently dead I can only access these forums during my lunch breaks at work. @Reynard - I have myself only played one game with my Pandora crew (as I dig the models) but so far as I have played and read Lucius is alot more of a support master which whilst it will be great in the future I am trying to stick to crews that will do well scrumming together until we can get the nuances of how duels work etc etc etc. @Dirial - Good ideas, the girl even likes 10 thunders aswell as do I. Unfortunately Misaki and Mei Feng are also currently out of stock anywhere I can find in my country so far but I will keep an eye out. @Ferossa - Good suggestions but we no computers = no go to vassal. I've been wargaming on and off for 15 years now so I am not so worried about models being useless (no such thing even if it's models turned into corpse scenery). Neverborn are my first choice for this game so I'll be picking up Lilith either way I'm just lucky the girl digs her. - Honestly I don't feel like picking up a bunch of guild models as the guild doesn't interest me nearly as much as ressers or neverborn or thunders. @Math and Zfiend - No need to shamelessly plug, I was reading the thread the other day with much gusto. It was good to read some battle reps including masters that I am interested in and your games sound like they were a blast. Congratulations on the win Math. - As I mentioned above sadly I don't think I can get a hold on Misaki or Mei Feng soon but this was always a long term plan as I am still currently building terrain Thank you both for your suggestions and the laughs in your thread. @Sybaris - Good show mate I did the same thing. Had the girl sit down and read through my malifaux 2E book in all the fluff parts anyway and asked her what she liked the sound of. She really likes Lilith and neverborn and Misaki and the concept of the 10 Thunders. Cheers for the ideas on teaching her the basics I will probably go ahead with what you suggest regarding starting small. Cheers for all the input guys - I think I will go either Misaki, Mei Feng or Lynch to begin with (hopefully misaki) and see how we go. Will keep you all posted as things unfold.
  13. Honestly I love the look and from what I've read the way alot of Master's play so I'm not too worried about it. I'm just hoping I can find one that I like that also doesn't exploit any weakness' of Lilith's straight off the bat. I'm sure I will work it out but cheers for the input. (If i go down the Ressers route I'll probably pick up Seamus and McM anyway.)
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