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  1. Today I started painting Colette. All these tiny details are somewhat infuriating... and my eyes aren't what they used to be
  2. The Witchling stalker is finished now and Papa Loco got his repairs. Unfortunately holidays are over and I won't have so much time to paint minis in the upcoming weeks.. anyhow Perdita is next and the last Mini of my old crew. After that I'll start with Colette
  3. Today the Peacekeeper and granny Abuela Ortega join the crew The peacekeeper kept me busy all day... he was never fully painted and he was in several pieces with a lot of chipped paint - but at last he is finished now 🥳 even I don't like the old model in particular.
  4. @lusciousmccabe The Witchling isn't done.. I just wanted to give the new plastic minis a try and find colors that fit my old crew. The other two old metal versions of the Witchlings were only very roughly painted and I wondered if I should finish them some time or simply replace them with the new ones. Some of the old orginal sculpts had a lot of character and and I prefer them still - Gael Goumon made some great sculpts. @Sphynxy TV Sure - that sounds like fun! Great to know there are more from Berlin here
  5. I'll gladly join the painting challenge in February. I'd be really happy if I manage to get a full crew done by the end of the year and this challenge might give the needed kick / motivation not to get sidetracked. I'm aiming at the 'henchman' status and take my mulligan for January. And I made myself a promise not to buy a new box unless I painted at least one miniature from my last purchase I'll start with Colette for this month.
  6. Three more ready .. the new versions of these models look so much better. I guess I'll replace eventually , but for now they'll do just fine: The Judge, Nino and Francisco Ortaga: Today I started assembling the Collette du Bois crew. Dear me... very very fine details.
  7. Santiago Ortega was in rather good shape.. .. that left me some time to start on a second witchling stalker and my first plastic mini from Wyrd. Rather challenging because many details have very low profiles... I'd wish they'd exaggerates them a bit more.
  8. Pretty much all have some chipped paint or smaller parts did brake off.. so it's mainly patching up these areas. And if I can, I try to add a bit more contrast on all NMM / add some edge highlights and such. Today a witchling stalker was added / restored. And on top of that my new minis arrived.. the newer plastic versions look pretty cool, but some equally challenging to paint.
  9. Good start - I'd like try to accentuate a bit the volumes of the Teddy. I just painted very roughly into your photo what I mean by that Personally I'd likely not try to paint any fur texture - it can look great, but is a lot of work and I'm too lazy. If you want to go the extra mile - a great inspiration on how to paint fur can be found here imho: http://haekel.free.fr/spip.php?article130
  10. Thank you for the nice compliments. And here is old Lady Justice - took me the better part of the afternoon. I really do fancy the new version - in particular the shorter hair should be a bliss to paint and the new death marshals are so much better than the old metal ones. I guess I'll eventually get hold of that box. Maybe that'll be my personal reward once I restored the rest of my old guild crew.
  11. It's been a while since I last painted any miniature or played a game (close to 8 years). Along with some friends we decided to jump back into the hobby and start with Malifaux. Collecting and painting was at least as important as the actual game. I tended to almost finish the paint-job and leave it unfinished for ages or get distracted by something new and shiny. Maybe a tad late for such - my new years resolution is to finish many of the old minis before I start something new. Obviously my first order was to order new miniatures... Collette and her crew should arrive soon. I used to play the Guild and when I recovered my minis several had quite a few dents / shipped paint and hence I started repairing them / add a bit of extra polish. The beginning makes the good old executioner. It took me some time to mix colours that were close to the original paint-job, but eventually I managed to get close enough. The new version of the mini is way more dynamic, but I still like this old sculpt a lot. Next up is Lady Justice..
  12. Thank you for the replies - I got one now.Since Yardeg lives in Germany too it was the most convinient offer.
  13. I'm only intrested if the mini is still in the sprue - but thank you for the offer.
  14. Hello, I'm searching for Miss Terious - I have a rather big collection of limited / rare miniatures. However prefably I'd just pay the money - something around 100$ including shipping to Germany (something with tracking). Cheers Jens
  15. I agree that it would be prefable to have her turn into avatar form by turn 3, but I don't think it's realistic to get more than one requirement done and paying two precious soulstones for the transformation is more than I'd like to spent most of the time - it would depend a lot on my hand at that point I guess. The part that bugs me a bit is that in her avatar form she seems less flexible - her high DEF coupled with her defensive triggers almost ensured that it would be a waste of resources trying to focus her, yet with her damage output noone could ignore her. In her avatar form due to the much lower DEF she'll need Soulstones to stay alive or has to stay in cover all the time and while she has a easier time hitting anything if your opponent got cover / armor she won't be able to do much harm at all. She now depends on her crew much more.
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