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  1. I just finished The Traitor Baru Cormorant and The Monster Baru Cormorant and... It’s like Cormac McCarthy and Frank Herbet collaborated on a fantasy novel. It’s brutal. Take that as you will. I read the Stormlight Archives a while back, and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. They’re up there with The Lies of Locke Lamora for me.
  2. Everyone is a fellow game developer these days. (I think M3E is a major improvement)
  3. I can’t speak for anyone else, but, you can strike my name off the list of ‘people who left and prove something is wrong.’ I loved Wyrd when I left. Still do. Just wanted to work on new things and make new contacts. They were doing just fine.
  4. To be fair the sky did fall when I left. Very small piece. Mostly over Eastern Europe. *** I can’t really say I would worry about the state of a company I don’t work for. When the game comes out if it’s good, I’ll buy it. If it’s not, I won’t. And everything I’ve seen of M3E so far looks amazing! Can’t wait for it. Best of luck, Mason! You did awesome work!
  5. Got mine today! Looks awesome! Can’t wait to get some paint on it!
  6. I think M3E looks like a far superior experience to M2E, and exactly what the game needs.
  7. Strong disagree. I want a Seamus resculpt where he's wearing a pretty dress and has the Belle keyword.
  8. Seems that was coming for a while. I'm intrigued by the new disengagement.
  9. As we speak Wyrd is assembling a Gen Con booth in Indianapolis heat and humidity. Next week they'll be swamped getting Gen Con orders out. And sometime soon after that the beta is starting (or at least that seems to be my impression). It doesn't strike me such a list could or would be posted any faster than getting the beta out itself so, eh.
  10. Yeah, even though a single model is way more expensive than a single card, minis games are, on average, way cheaper than CCGs.
  11. True, there is a distinction between hard as in "that takes a lot of skill" and hard as in "that takes a lot of work." Painting Ravenwing drove me nuts. Nothing but white and black.
  12. I do still hold that it is very odd to me that you care so little about the fluff you would be cool with the Masters not having names. It was legitimately an example I gave cause I didn’t think it was an opinion anyone would hold, and it would help us find some common ground. Basically I was saying, “Look, we all agree the fluff matters *some*, surely we all want the models to have names, right? So once we agree it matters some, let’s discuss how much it matters.” But no, you did not agree, and you seemed offended I would put words in your mouth assuming you at least wanted the models to
  13. My LGS was out of Titania so I just picked up the new Nekima to paint while we await 3rd. It’s Neverborn this edition!
  14. I admit that we need to see the rules before really drawing conclusions, but this is the time for wild speculation! Besides, I have every confidence that Aaron wrote an excellent pass mechanic before he left, and then Mason rewrote it to something equally excellent. I am excited.
  15. Yup! Was I the only one excited about the pass tokens mentioned in Pandora's description? Pass tokens, people! PASS TOKENS (Just me? Yeah, ok, I'll stop.)
  16. I think there's a difference between really keeping up with the lore, and thinking it adds *no value* *at all*. The lore is in everything. The character's name. The names of its abilities. "I'm making a Greatsword attack" sounds a lot better than "I'm making Short Range Attack X" It even influences the art descriptions which influences the aesthetics which influence the game mechanics. And I get that advocating that character names and ability names having no value sounds extreme but, apparently, there are people who advocate for that so... *shrug*
  17. Oh man, I painted a Ravenwing army a few years back and I so feel this.
  18. I get that. Like a good workout. Not fun perse but fulfilling and worth doing. I genuinely enjoy painting, but this makes sense to me. Thanks for letting me see it from your perspective.
  19. I think there is a difference between putting words in your mouth and abstracting an argument to absurdity. It seemed a logical assumption you wouldn't be in favor of the absurd argument, but apparently you are. My apologies. If you don't care about the story *at all* and think it adds *nothing* to the game, we are at such opposite points of view there is very little point in discussion, though you are of course entitled to your opinion. I legitimately hope your issues are resolved and you get a ton of enjoyment out of 3rd edition. See ya around.
  20. This is true... Yeah, a few times I have jumped in and painted the master or other centerpiece first and I get noticeably better by the time I'm on to the minions and they come out better. I asked the question and assumed the answer because not caring about the story *at all* is sort of a ridiculous position the vast majority of people would disagree with. But, ok, you do you.
  21. I'm kinda torn right now. I want to start Neverborn and I'd love to paint Titania, but I'm not gonna play again until third comes out. And I have a bunch of ToS Abyssinia stuff on the way from the KS which I can paint, but I don't have it *now*. And I could pick up Titania and paint her now...
  22. So you don't enjoy painting? Would you rather play a game with pre-painted models? (Legitimate question, it seems a lot of people see painting as a chore)
  23. I don't want to dismiss people's feelings. But I am a little confused by people who think they "wasted" time painting minis they can't play with now. Painting the mini is part of the fun. The experience of painting it is part of the value you got out of it, not a cost you paid for it. Otherwise Wyrd could easily release pre-assembled, colored plastics. They don't do that because assembling and painting is part of the value of the minis, not the other way around.
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