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  1. Has this started already? I‘d like to use it to get me some Firebranded & Co., but can‘t find it on the webstore.. Thank you!
  2. Got the Crew, thank you all!
  3. As title says. Anyone wants to sell his? Or for a ltd. Joss (Dr. Sokolov), an M3E Justice Crew + some Money trade? Drop me a Message.
  4. Great, that will make for some nice bases, thank you!
  5. Hi there, planing to do the basing awaiting my savages. Are the Gigants and Thoon Base Size 50 mm? Euripides is, I guess? Thank you!
  6. Yes, but the plastic version, that was available for guilders is my preference
  7. Looking for the above miniatures. Located in the EU, but will pay shipping within reason.
  8. Ordered an Euripides Box, fingers crossed it‘s there and not a fault in the store!
  9. Not to firm with M3E, so maybe not an expert question, but: Can Basse hire Paul Crocket because of his "Frontier" Keyword? I guess not, because Paul is an Arcanist? Thank you!
  10. Looking to buy an alternate Titania, a Rougarou, a Cyclops, Titania BP Upgrades, Mysterious Emissary and BP Upgrade for Titania. You see my plans EU located but will pay for international shipping if not too high. Drop me a PM Have a large Hamelin Crew M2E to trade including alternate Hamelin Miniature if interested.
  11. Thank you for your replies, I'll try to shade them with the normal inks than. I just thought it wouldn't stick to an unprimed surface, but I'll give it a try. Have you tried priming translucents with varnish? I thougt it might ruin the shiny effect, but I guess I'll test it on some leftover sprue. Cheers!
  12. Hi Crew, how do you shade Wyrds nice translucent miniatures. I have some Spirits I don't want to paint, but I thought shading might look nice on them. How do i manage to keep the paint on the miniature without having to put laque on them first? Or is there another technique you use? Thank you!
  13. Looking to buy a Jack Daw Crew, M2E. Translucent or not, painted or not, just write me what you got. Could also trade for a nicely painted, large Yan Lo Crew. Located in the EU, international shipping is not too expensive for me worldwide though. Thank you!
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