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  1. I check the afternoon, 63 out of 64 tickets claimed... Who will get the last one?
  2. One thing to remember about CaptainCon.... Casual Play is supported too... All night long you can play on the tournament tables There are also casual play tables during the day too ... I hope we have enough of those... Captain's Log points are for finishing a tournament, casual games and other things. Points are used for prizes. We beg, borrow and steal prize support from generous game companies. First come first served on them too....
  3. Gaining Ground has expanded to 64. That is the MAXiMUM we have table space for... Get those tickets now, there are THREE left.... We are already talking about more and bigger things at CaptainCon 2018!!!!
  4. CaptainCon is just a month away. We have tournaments, casual play, painting contest, board game library, RPGs for you all weekend long. The Gaining Ground event is exploding. I know it is over 48 players and we are adding more space. 3-5 February is our fourth convention in three years, it's a long story. If you want more info.... We are a one price convention. You don't pay to play events, your badge is all you need. We hope to see you there. http://captaincon.com/2017-events-schedule/
  5. I would add, after the rules & card stats stabilize.
  6. Guess it is time to rummage in the spare parts bin..... :vb_devil:
  7. Is there a way to get Bits, I don't remember seeing that in the online store...
  8. Thanks, glad I didn't use the knife on it last night :ahhhhh: Another ???? Did I read the rules correctly, can I have two of the Gun Viktoria or two of the 2 Katana Viktoria in the game? If so, I guess I need a 2nd of each fig....
  9. This is my first crew. I have seen post saying that these figs are some of the oldest. It is a challenge to attack the two swords to the arms, no real surprise. The detail on the fig is not crisp, I wonder if the mold is getting old. Has anyone noticed that she has the swords in her hands and on her back? I am thinking about making empty scabbards. Just trim off the hand grips with a micro saw.... What do you think?
  10. Read the Chronicles, wanted more. Picked up the Rules, a deck and a Viktoria Starter. Next, see if there is some interest at the LGS.
  11. I am interested in this game and miniatures. Kind of sticking my toe in the Water the check the Temperature. I like to paint, play and collect. Now I wish I would have got a demo at Gencon.... Is there going to be another Wyrd Chronicles? Thanks, Lonelymonk
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