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    Teddy bear puppet?

    They could be taken from the get though had to be animated from the toy box as usual and had a special rule allowing more than the usual limit to be fielded ("Its a Teddy Bear Picnic"). They were also allowed to attach as many heart patches as they wanted and they didn't count toward the total they were allowed (When Our Powers Combine). Because of this you could build "super teddy" around the suitless Teddy for the consistent low Animation value. In a Shoebox game you select your Master, 5 Teddys and 2 other puppets that you want (one of which is for their upgrade). This allows you to build a "Super Teddy" that will have 7 Stitches, all 5 Heart Patches (Defense 11, Combat 3 that causes two rips on each success, animates on 4 or higher, Move 3 with the possibility of an additional if you can kill an enemy puppet, and a slew of other neat extras) and one additional desirable upgrade for him. Once you have all the required Puppets on the field you can use "What Pretty Buttons You Have" to tear apart your friendless without worrying about attaching the upgrades without becoming exhausted. It is an all your eggs in one basket style of play but it can be hilariously funny. There was not a scenario released with them, they were just an extra for the game with them randomly inserted into Pawn Boxes. With that said, when I did manage to form "Supper Teddy" I usually used a full size Malifaux Teddy model to represent the awesomeness. Also a movement of 2 (without upgrades) is correct, that is what they had in the original game as I recall.
  2. Omenbringer

    Teddy bear puppet?

    Teddy shouldn't need much adjustment. They are really only dangerous when they have combined into Super Teddy (one teddy with multiple Heart Patch upgrades).
  3. Omenbringer

    Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    I was thinking the same thing. I hope it doesn't outclass Bad Juju though.
  4. Omenbringer

    Puppet Wars - PDF Cards for the 'missing' models

    If anyone is looking for some of the old metal pawn boosters my LGS still has some in stock. Send me a pm and I can get you the contact information.
  5. Omenbringer

    What's this!?!?

    Not a big fan of the Grave Golem that is posted. Perhaps with some textured paint and static grass it might look a bit better. If not then at least there are a few other options.
  6. Omenbringer

    Teddy bear puppet?

    No worries man and congratulations on your new job. Tom Hanks is an awesome dude.
  7. Omenbringer

    Teddy bear puppet?

    So I scaned the front and back of all 5 Teddy cards. Here is the link to the shareable file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KKX5HdK4ZUj3qY3VlbzeEaIM-o_4xElH Remember these are for the original non-Unsticthed version of the game so may need some adjustment to playable with that version.
  8. That is an interesting find...thanks for posting.
  9. Announcing a custom Story Encounters Event for the Cleveland Area. Warzone Matrix is hosting a one-day event on Friday, February 23, 2018, at 7:00 pm. The Store is located at 4704 Rocky River Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135 Additional: Event Cost: Free This event will utilize a custom story encounter designed by our local community. 4 Players will compete for Control of Ol' Cranky's Bayou Bar while trying not to get too drunk in the process. Or if you missed out on our last custom story encounter event, we will also have that one on hand for those looking to help the Guild control the out of control Bayou Trailer Park. Proxies will be allowed as long as they represent their base model. This is an extremely casual event that is intended to be fun and build the Malifaux community. Sportsmanship is a large component of this, in short, games should be engaging and fun, not "soul crushing." All player levels are welcome, even those playing their very first full games. Think of these games as more of creating an engaging narrative than honing your tournament lists. Painted crews are highly encouraged but not mandatory. This event will utilize the Official Wyrd Event Prize Pack and may have a few additional offerings based upon participation. At the least, each player will receive a Guilder (Poker Chip of various denomination) for participating in the event. Other prizes will be awarded via raffle at the end of the event. Those interested in attending or with questions regarding this event may contact me via either PM or email at NOLA_henchman@yahoo.com We look forward to seeing you at Warzone Matrix.
  10. Omenbringer

    Teddy bear puppet?

    Wyrd did sell them as a 5-pack during one sale. It was to get rid of the residual metal puppets from the original version of the game. I have the stat cards for all five of them if you want scans, however as mentioned they are not for the Unstitched version of the game so may not be 100% compatible. It isn't an issue for me because I much prefer the original version of the game to the re-boot which while offering better components (especially the box) is an entirely different game than what I originally bought into.
  11. Omenbringer

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    @Aaron The life of a developer...every action or inaction a response and rarely everyone satisfied.
  12. Omenbringer

    Idea for re-release of the game

    They have actually put several games through kickstarter. Sadly, I don't think Puppet Wars would be a good one for that route. I still hold out hope that Puppet Wars will eventually receive some attention but I suspect there may be some issues in the background that we don't know about complicating things. If nothing else these periodic threads remind those in the know that there is still interest in the IP.
  13. Omenbringer

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    15 SS (almost a third of the hiring pool) is an awful lot to pay for this, even if it can increase the odds of scoring VP. I really wish we didn't have the Pigapult as it is now. It is just another design space limiter. Also, in regards to the Stuffed Piglets, I find it funny that they really didn't seem to be an issue at 2 SS until the last iteration of Gaining Grounds Strats and Schemes (at least I don't recall running across many complaint threads about them until that point) where cheap activations were crucial. While it is nice that the Wyrd staffers have worked so diligently to provide fresh Strats and Schemes each year for the competitive fields, I believe they are over emphasized and really hurting the casual player base (which I suspect is a much, much larger pool of players globally). I hope this improves in the next edition, when ever that may be.
  14. Omenbringer

    Idea for re-release of the game

    I would just be happy with the last of the plastic puppets being released. Though if a re-issue was to happen, I would still prefer the original rules to the Unstitched version. I know there are those who disagree but it really was deeper game play. And while we are asking for things...again...would love to see the game expanded into a three dimensional board game, or at least with a re-configurable board layout. The Terraclips tie in was something that I always felt was under-marketed. Though they were house rules, the games I played utilizing doors, multiple rooms, and stairs provided a lot of enjoyment. Unfortunately this game was a bit ahead of its time and sadly I think it is now behind the times.
  15. Omenbringer

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    While I don't disagree with increasing the stuffed piglets cost (it was the same in first edition, though they had a lot more utility in that edition thanks to some interesting, but difficult combos) if you want them to go back to 2 SS in this edition (which I think is fair) something needs to change. For those of us that remember last edition, the solution is real simple...force the hiring of a Taxidermist to hire or summon Stuffed Piglets. As for Hamelin, I don't mind him having access to cheap spammable models, he was designed for that (as were most Gremlin Masters). Take that away and Hamelin would be very difficult to play at all.
  16. Omenbringer

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Not offensive at all. It is a fair question. I have not played in international tournaments or that many Big Tournaments but I have followed them intently on these boards and watched more than a few at GenCon. Sure Som'er may be appearing near the top of some of those events (definitely not all of them and none that I can recall in first place) but I would counter with "what is the quality of the player piloting him". The UK scene in particular has has had some of their very top tier players (guys often described as being able to take what ever and make a showing of it) do well with him. How much of the top showing with Som'er is due to just their skill with the game? I am not saying that he isn't the factions best competitive option, hell I have been singing his praises since I started playing him way back in the early days of 1st edition, but he does have significant and exploitable weaknesses. This is exacerbated when a player knows what to focus on (why most competitive players have transitioned from Slop Haulers to Lightning Bugs). GG17 was a set of Strats/schemes that was conducive to Som'er's style of play, but even there he wasn't dominating the fields. His "Activation control" stems from being able to consistently and massively out activate his opponent. This is something that has become more difficult as many factions now have much more access to cheap and good low SS cost models. During GG17 Gremlin's relied heavily on the Stuffed Piglets for that and even then the out activation wasn't that significant. As for the Card Draw, well I have never had it matter that much, even in turns where I was able to recoup a significant number of Control Cards due to Gremlin deaths. Usually the value of the cards is diminished by the loss of the models that I needed for out activation and scoring. I will also offer that while much is made about the potency of Bayou Two Card, it has rarely been a significant factor in any of my games. The Damage is definitely a thing but is far from guaranteed. His Boomer has a low AV (and not just for a Master) and the high damage is triggered off a suit he doesn't possess implicitly (and now can't receive from Lenny). I seem to recall that Lenny got errated around that time period but my recollection could be wrong. It is also a action so is subject to all of the issues with that (firing into a melee, cover, LOS). Lastly, Som'er really wants to hit well enough to insure the cheatable damage flip. Given his lowish AV (often flipping even against Df) getting to that all important cheatable damage flip is not always easy. Now all of this was back before some significant erratas, during a particularly advantageous competitive Start/ Scheme pool, and in a format that favors Som'er's quick out the gate style. Even then, Som'er wasn't consistently dominating the competitive fields. He may be our best competitive option, but he is far from an easy win. This is of course a huge drift from the subject of this thread, which is Big Brain Brin. I don't think he is really that useful for the reasons that have already been stated in this thread.
  17. Omenbringer

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    @Aaron You definitely bring up some good issues about the faction (though I disagree that Gremlin's don't need cheap spammable models). There was a time when Ulix was considered broken...and yet he isn't any longer. I don't recall any changes to him, people just learned to play against his weaknesses (and like all gremlins these weaknesses are easily exploitable). Hell there was a time Som'er was considered the ultimate Gremlin (talking about in this edition). Frequent cries of how broken he was filled the air, particularly in regards to Bigger Hat Than You and Bayou Two Card...and yet Som'er has not dominated the competitive fields. Player's just learned to exploit his weaknesses (and he definitely has them). What I am getting at with all of this is that Gremlin's are far from broken. When things are flowing and they are piloted by a competent player they can appear dominating. They definitely are not. I have played Gremlin's longer than most on these forums and consider myself a very competent Som'er player and yet somehow my community has managed to prevent my dominance. Even one of my newer players figured out that pulling the teeth of even the mighty Pigapult isn't difficult. The issue with Gremlin's is the very vocal external community that doesn't like the swingyness of the Gremlin's. They seem to forget that the gate swings both ways. I have dominated turns 1-3 only t see the entire gunline crumble in turn 4 and lose the game by turn 5. This is not a fluke...sadly it happens quite a bit. While it is not necessarily your fault, to gremlin players it seems each errata has targeted us more than anyone else. While many of these erratas I agree with, it seeems that Gremlin's are always under the spotlight while other factions are allowed to keep their "awesome". It doesn't help that the type of things that keep getting complained about are key to our survival. Gremlin's were designed around synergy, waves of weenies, and self-inflicted damage for a bonus. The first one implicitly limits the design space of the faction while the last provides the swing. What does the middle do? Well it is supposed to even the massive attrition the faction faces out (along with the summoning...which I still argue is the most balanced in the game). All of these things add to closures in design space. I am hoping that the next edition (when ever it may be) can manage to keep the Gremlin feel without providing the constant drone of broken cries that we have seen this edition. And just to support the statement that Wyrd staff have not accepted all complaints without testing things for themselves...if they didn't and just blindly errata'd any model that was complained about, we would have an expensive Slop Hauler that only heals a single model a single wound
  18. Omenbringer

    Playmats and Terrain?

    Sorry for the delay in response. For my mats I use cotton drop cloths like these below for my foundational layer (provides strength, pliability, and texture increases adhesion). They are available fairly inexpensively at the DIY stores and one will provide multiple mats. A 9' by 12' seamless cotton drop cloth made from 8 oz Canvas runs for about $25.00 on Amazon. I wash and dry mine before applying the next layer to remove any unwanted "mystery" coatings and also improve adhesion ability by fluffing up the fibers. If you have creases you can apply the iron to it to smooth them out but I don't find it necessary usually. This next step gets messy so be careful where you do it. I apply a line of Paint-able Latex Caulk and work it into the canvas to form a thin layer that just starts to obfuscate the canvas texture beneath. This takes some time but is made easier by a smooth trowel. These are what I use: It might be worth buying a contractors pack if you plan on making a few mats as you will use at least a tube and a half on each one. They should cost about $2.00 per tube. A smooth trowel looks like this: See if you can get one in plastic so you decrease the risk of cutting the canvas cloth when working the caulk in. The cost about $6.00 though can get more expensive if you want a long blade instead of a smaller one. Once you have that first layer on, let it sit for a day to insure the latex is fully dried. Now you could just leave it like this and apply a thin acrylic paint to it but I like more mat with a little more feel to it. I apply another layer of the caulk (slightly thicker than the first) and this time, instead of smoothing it out with the trowel, I use a ball of crumpled aluminum foil to dab and pull up on the caulking. This introduces a slight spiky texture that does a fair job of mimicking grass without being delicate or distracting. You will need to replace the ball of aluminum periodically. You can also try using a sponge, but it didn't work for me when I used it (the sponge clogs easily and you then have to clean it, too much work when the aluminum ball works better. Again give the mat at least a day to dry. Before applying paint roll the mat up to see if it cracks. If it does try and reseal it with a bit of caulk. When you paint the mat apply one to two thin coats and then seal it with a spray on matte sealant. It isn't difficult and if you go in with a group you can keep the cost down to a very reasonable $10-15 per mat. Hopefully that helps. If you want I can post pictures of mine later.
  19. Omenbringer

    Errata 2018 - your minds

    While I agree the points reduction was nice, Bad Juju still needs some love particularly in the durability department. One of my players recommended giving him Incorporeal to better reflect the "mud man" motif. That might be a bridge to far but making his specific upgrade dual faction would probably do the job.
  20. Omenbringer

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Gremlin's are a very difficult faction to balance because of their designed synergy and self inflicted damage. They really aren't in a good place, regardless of the anecdotes about the "perfect storm" of abilities that make them supposedly unbeatable (they really are not, particularly once a player has learned which lynch-pin models make things function). Errata's aren't going to help that.
  21. Omenbringer

    Errata 2018 - your minds

    Though he isn't a Gremlin model specifically, I would like to see Bad Juju get some love when he slums it with Zoraida in Gremlins. Nothing dramatic just make his specific upgrade dual faction (Gremlin/ Neverborn). Perhaps also give him Armor 1.
  22. Omenbringer

    Demo table for 2-player starter

    Walls are foam core with textured wall paper and doll house wall paper. I added some decorative details as well to make them more interesting. These were either balsa wood or polystyrene (guessing here) crown molding strips I got from the arts and crafts store or DIY big box stores. The roof is a base of foam core and a cover of textured sheet styrene. The floors are also sheet styrene. The carpet is actual fabric and was the most expensive individual piece. See note below for where to find one. The rubble is just various sizes of model train ballast, bricks, and sand with a few scraps of the molding thrown in. You can locate a lot of these materials at a Doll House specialty store if you happen to have one nearby.
  23. Omenbringer

    Som'er: what is he supposed to do?

    Genrally Som'er can either be run as a summoner, a support Master, or a super solo. Keep in mind he can transition between each of these roles during the game. His typical crew build will depend on which role you want to focus on. I prefer the summon-support roles so generally run a lot of piglets and bayou gremlins. Take a look over at the Pull My Finger wiki tactica if you haven't already. It provides a pretty good description of his usual play styles.
  24. Omenbringer

    Errata 2018 - your minds

    I would rather see Launch'n removed and its shooting ability improved but to each their own.
  25. Omenbringer

    January 2018 Errata

    Gremlin's are not that great, and I have been one of their longest proponents. It really sounds like you are not personally familiar with the factions strengths and weaknesses. "Some self damage" is a major concern, particularly when your opponent weathers the storm (say perhaps by reducing the damage they receive, which doesn't affect the value the Gremlin takes) and then needs only trivial damage flips to remove your models in return. Now you may argue that this damage can be easily healed but... The best healer in the game is also very fragile and limits the mobility of the rest of the crew unless you take something to shepherd him around the table (which of course isn't free). There is also the issue of how the Slop Hauler influences your activation order, which in Gremlins is a major concern. Activate him to early and you wont be able to do so again until next turn (likely having to activate the Slop Hauler before the rest of your crew). Activate them late and they might not be able to heal the models that need it in time. The bane of any Gremlin player fielding Slop Haulers is a "Sniper" model with From the Shadows (Quite a few of these floating around). These models rarely struggle to remove the "best healer in the game" before they are an issue. They really aren't as great as they seem, and that is why a lot of Gremlin players have shifted to the Lightning Bugs for healing duties. Bayou Two Card is not as game breaking as most people make out (and also isn't very common in the faction anyway). Sure it looks great on paper but it really isn't. There are only a small range of initial flip values that make it worth the gamble and even then the cost is having to accept an unknown card from your fate deck rather than a guaranteed value from your hand. Don't forget you have to be able to cheat in the first place to use it, so a modifier completely negates its potential. Also, most crews can get (and have for awhile now) near the model count that even a "wienie" gremlin list can, so game breaking out activation is rarely an issue even against "Elite" crew builds. Sure summoning can help but Gremlin summons are very restrictive and rarely significantly influence the game like other summoners can. As for initiative cheating...well like everything else you have to have the card to cheat in your hand to make it an issue. Generally I would rather have a high value card for Attacks or Defense rather than initiative, even on a crucial turn. And as you point out in your post, the "faction" only has one model that can do it anyway. Trixiebelle isn't cheap and the cheat occurs before your opponent has to commit a Soulstone to reflip their value. Again their are only a small range of values that you would really even consider doing this with. While some Gremlin players consider Trixiebelle an auto include I have never found her more valuable than the 2 Piglets I could have hired in her place. While I will admit there are some outliers in the faction that need to be reigned in, the same could be said about all the factions. Finally consider that the most often complained about models in the Gremlin faction are usually hired out of faction rather than within it. That says a lot in and of itself. Gremlin weaknesses are very real. Play them a few times for yourself and you will see them very quickly. If the faction didn't have them (and some major ones at that) then you would see them much more represented in the competitive environments. The last time this was true was last edition when there were some really stupid exploits.