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  1. Gottkaiser

    [Germany] Malifaux League in Brunswick

    We are starting a Malifaux League in August. The particpants will select their faction before the leage, the games will be played with 50SS. Deployment, Strategy and Schemes are revealed just before every gameday. If you would like to participate, please contact me or visit our forums: http://ludo-ergo-sum.de/Forum/viewforum.php?f=65
  2. Gottkaiser

    Asami of the Huge Hand

    My mind just went *pop*. I have to check this when I get my hands on my cards (they are at our gaming club), but this is an awesome use I didn't even think of.
  3. Gottkaiser

    Interference or increasing head counts

    It depends on the master you are playing. If you play McCabe, you can bring an Austringer to make him discard 2 cards if your attack hits (I prefer this to doing damage most of the time). With Yu or the emissary, you can give him a push and make him fast, so he can attack up to 3 times. Especially on some weak model that your opponent might not care about, this can be a lot of fun and shuts down summoning quite good. Apart from that, you can go as far as Shenlong Sniper Spam (Shenlong, 2 Peasants, 2 Katanaka Sniper) and fire away at the master or anything they summon. You have 4 shots at 28" with to hit and damage, that will drain your opponents hand quite nicely. In another approach, Hungering Darkness (or any other model with 3" ) is fine for this. Ten thunders have a lot of pushes, so you can either push enemy models so they don't count, or you can just engage them coming to the same result.
  4. Gottkaiser

    Oni's march

    But turns 2 and 3 are the turns everything happens. As your favourite models have to wait until Amanjaku and Emissary are done with their activations, it really limits the usefulness of this option, as the oponent will be able to activate 2-3 models before you are striking back.
  5. The date for our second tournament is 24.06.2017. It will be held in our gaming club at Gliesmaroder Straße 44, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany. Rules and application can be found here: https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=19307
  6. Gottkaiser

    Ohaguro Bettari - Free Charge Out-of-Activation

    To complete the issue, this has been adressed in the FAQ in question #16 https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata Once per activation is limited to the current activation, no matter whos activation it is.
  7. Gottkaiser

    Unappreciated but effective

    It just so happens that I played Fuhatsu today, and on top of it, the crew was led by McCabe, so here you go... We all know that Fuhatsu isn't great, but if you give him a little love, he can be quite an annoyance. Fuhatsu had A memory of honor and peaceful waters as upgrades. McCabe tossed him the Badge of Speed and, every now and then, te elixir of live. In addition, the Emissary cheered him on. Though he didn't profit from the push, he likes the fast quite well. Suddenly, you have a model that can nimble forward an then take 3 shots at 12" with positive flips and 5 damage on moderate damage! My opponent (who knows my general thoughts on Fuhatsu) was quite taken aback and lost a Ronin first turn after daring a bit too far forward. He performed really well the whole game, picking off targets while appearing close to immortal (armour +2, Hard to wound, juggernaught, Kamaitachi, Elixir and Low River monk make him quite a beast to take down). Sadly, I know enough models that would perform equally well or even better with that much support (Dawn Serpent could even get reactivate from the Badge of Speed before tossing it and can be protected by a Terracotta Warrion with ancient protection), but still, I liked playing him, and I really like the model.
  8. Gottkaiser

    [Germany] Demo Games in Braunschweig

    I'll be available for Demo Games on the 8th of April. The games will take place in our gaming club (Gliesmaroder Straße 44, Braunschweig). You can come by and have a look or you can PM me if you want to make an appointment for a game or have any other questions concerning the event.
  9. As long as any part of your base is within the terrain, you have to pay double the movement, as you are still within the terrain and thus have to pay the double movement. Yes, you measure from the front of the base, but you still have to consider the whole base of the model, like in any other case (e.g. finishing on top of sth.). Measuring from the back of the base just speeds things up.
  10. As long as any part of the base is touching the terrain, it has to pay the penalty for moving within such terrain. Thus, the answers to your questions are: 1) In this case, it is easier to measure from the rear end of the base. Thus, you have to pay 2" (1" distance to the terrain edge x2 for being severe) + 60mm (depth of the base x2 until all of the base has left the terrain) to have your model completely outside of the terrain. Then you can take the rest of the movement 2) It will suffer a penalty, but the penalty depends on how the model will move. As long as any part of its base is inside the terrain, the model has to pay double the walk distance. 3) If the whole movement is partially inside the terrain, the whole suffers the x2 penalty.
  11. On the 18th of march, we will be holding our first tournament in our gaming club in Braunschweig, Germany. We will play 3 rounds with 50SS Crews chosen from a 100 Points pool. You can find the tournament on the tabletopturniere.de here (please use that site to sign in to the tournament): https://www.tabletopturniere.de/t3_tournament.php?tid=18486
  12. Gottkaiser

    McCabe with Wave 4 + GG17- What do we have?

    Emissary and Yasunori work really fine. I like to take them with Lynch, add Huggy and Sensei Yu and you have an expensive, but horrifyingly strong beating force. The combination of mounted Guards and Yasunori is on top of my whislist for testing as well. The combined charge seems just so wrong in addition to all these pushes... I like it
  13. Gottkaiser

    Obey / Alpha and relent

    Yes, he may do so. The obeyed Guild Guard is still friendly to the Guardsman and thus can relent to the duel.
  14. Gottkaiser

    Leap away from enemys

    If you have a special rule that allows you to charge while engaged, then yes. Otherwise, engagement disallows you to charge at all.
  15. I have to disagree with you on this. The action that isn't allowed to use triggers, is the charge action. You are correct that the charge action may not declare triggers, but it doesn't do so anyway. The action that declares a trigger is the Ml action. Yes, it was granted by the charge and the charge isn't done yet, but it still is a different action and thus imvao not limited by the limitations of the charge. To me, it seems equal to the focus situation: You can use it on the charge action (maybe for a horror duel or such), but if you do, it doesn't affect the attack actions generated by the charge.