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  1. Mofreaka

    Criids flame wall suggestions?

    Thanks for the reply's, i think i have a plan now! Freaka
  2. Ive seen a few discussions on Ras's Ice Wall construction but havent seen any on Criids flame wall, which should be about the same in size, any suggestions for this? I actually thought about the toilet paper idea, becuase I like the idea of a flame tornado looking wall but havent been able to find an example, any help is appreciated, thanks. Freaka
  3. Mofreaka

    Demo: Seamus vs Lilith

    Even tho I havent played a game yet, I was able to follow your bat rep very well, nicely played and enjoyable read, thanks! Freaka
  4. Mofreaka


    I know they can be a stand alone faction and its not that i see "mercs' in a bad way, i see them as a stand alone faction, i just dont like the idea that i may seem them across the table with Guild, or Arcanists or some other faction that can get em. I already got the viks box set and am happy that i did, it just means ill have multiple routes to take as I am also looking at getting the Lady J box set. Thanks for the response's. Freaka
  5. Mofreaka


    Out of the box set and the additional 2 models i bought, can i make a crew? Or do i need to purchase another box set to get going? Trust me, i debated for a long time between the Lady J set and this one, but leaned this way figureing the way the models looked the Viks set was more melee oriented, and my play style is a more aggressive style. I guess, any advice to what direction i should go now would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Freaka
  6. Mofreaka


    I will start by saying i currently do not have the rule book, but was overwhelmed by the mini's and the prospect of play this game. So with the impulse buyer that I am, i purchased a box of Outcast Merc's (Viktoria's)with Hans and Misaki on the side. Now my question after looking over a chunk of the forums is, is the box set and all mini's inside of it able to be played by other factions? Thanks for the help. Freaka