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  1. 11 minutes ago, Kai said:

    The Malifaux Around the World could give you a hint as to some stuff from other places. 

    Not really, even your UK one is miles off the mark of most events (although I have been to impact and it's ok).

    Always interesting to read but I think you would be surprised at what alot of people actually play. Like I said most the ones in the rough get used all the time (my outcasts never leave hone without the effigy and sue for example). Probably why some errata confuse people 😂

    Best part as I said was seeing some idea of m3e going forward

  2. 25 minutes ago, Adran said:



    And if you want to talk intent, I honestly believe the intent was that killing a 3 ss minion was not intended to be a way of killing a master. Which is exactly why they didn't include the rules for no gremlins. 

    A 3ss minion you can hire many of, compared to say killing a master through killing a peon that is rare 3 and has to be near someone? I also don't think they intended for any master to be completely immortal (which with his walk and always fast from student he is even more than levi with the ruling your way)

    Also you completely ignored this:

    3 hours ago, katadder said:
    3 hours ago, Artiee said:

    It doesn't say if the location is invalid then set up in deployment zone.    It says if models do not physically fit in the specified location, then unbury in deployment zone

    Exactly this, if it cannot physically fit, not if it's an invalid location as it would be if no bayou gremlins 

    It's not that it can't fit, it's that it doesn't meet the requirements to come back. It's not a doesn't fit situation it's an invalid location

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Adran said:

    Sorry I read

    a time, at end of turn,

    an action, unbury this model,

    and a location, in base contact with a bayou gremlin.  

    Nothing in the rules makes the action conditional on there being a gremlin. If there isn't a valid location then the deployment zone becomes a valid location as the rules say. 


    You could say that about alot of things. Next we will have raspy/sonnia targeting trees or the ground etc and blasting. His rule says place him next to a bayou gremlin, that's the conditional requirement. 

    Even rules as read it says place him next to a bayou gremlin, and I am sure rules as intended is also that.

    The only rule that says unbury in your deployment zone is if a model cannot physically fit, well this doesn't mean that as you can physically fit him base to base with your bayou off the table too if you want to be pedantic.

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  4. 22 hours ago, Adran said:

    The wording of the ability is " at the end of turn unbury this model in base contact with a friendly bayou gremlin. Then sacrifice the bayou gremlin. "

    So based on that you don't need the bayou gremlin to unbury. 

    the first part says unbury this model in contact with a friendly bayou gremlin. if there are not bayou gremlins you cannot unbury in contact with one. It is nothing to do with the space but to do with meeting the condition to unbury. 
    now if you only had one bayou gremlin and it was surrounded then sure unbury in your DZ but you do need a gremlin to unbury (basically zipp has become one with the crowd and if you kill the crowd then he is obviously gone too)

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  5. 4 hours ago, Zebo said:

    No, out-activation has been a big problem for a long time. The small elite crews were unplayable versus big crews. 

    OA has been the way to win for years, and I'm really glad to see this is changing. 

    depends what you do and how you use it. My marcus crew only has 6 models and wins games. or I played an 8 model crew into a 14 model gremlin one and just removed his models for the win. it is already possible to beat big crews with smaller ones. The problem comes when you both have equal quality crews then your opponent summons loads of extra stuff.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Lalochezia said:

    So you don't enjoy painting? Would you rather play a game with pre-painted models? (Legitimate question, it seems a lot of people see painting as a chore)

    All day every day. Would love pre paints. People can still paint them how they like as you can see xwing players do this

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  7. 1 minute ago, TeddyBear said:

    i also want to ask (and sorry if probably someone has already asked befeore, but i haven't read all in this post) 

    Do you think new miniatures will be pre-assembled?

    (for me it would be a dream :P)

    Think it's been answered no but I may be wrong

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  8. 6 minutes ago, Mason said:

    Larger cards mean that we can use larger font sizes, which will in turn make them easier to read, especially for people with poor eyesight.

    Current ones are not exactly difficult and with streamlining surely there are less rules on the cards so more space?

    Larger cards create more issues on the game space (along with what sounds like alot of tokens) as well as making everyone buy some obscure card protector size, which for those of us with lots of models will cost a fortune.

    Most comments I have seen for 3e have been positive but this is an issue that is coming up alot now.

    @Mason Is there any chance we can get the card dimensions so we can start  shopping early instead of being a mad rush for this obscure size

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  9. 5 hours ago, Blastaar said:

    I certainly hope that rendition of the stat cards is changed: the artwork has no business taking up 2/3s of it, the formatting is off, and the actual rules parts are a little difficult to read. As a game aid it's a failure. Keep the current version it does its job well- don't mess with it just to appeal to people who value style over substance. Gameplay first.

    Pretty much this. The current cards already take up alot of space and some gaming areas don't really have the space for them now.

    We don't need massive pictures on the play aids.

    Everything else is good but the cards are an issue

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  10. Much as I wish it otherwise malifaux is not on par with GW games and due to being niche has a much smaller playerbase. Can't use the same methods and expect the same results so never good to alienate any of the player base (GW could afford to destroy the old world, a similar thing wouldn't work for wyrd), so people need to stop comparing the two and pointing out how aos worked (although needed it's 2nd ed)

    I don't think the world is falling though and mostly from the limited info we have the game is looking good (although don't think it needed simplifying just some sorting out timing and elevation).

    I do feel sorry for those who only have the dead masters though and hope they find ways to continue as don't want our playerbase to shrink

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  11. So what size cards are we looking at now? Going to be hundreds of us looking to buy rare sleeve sizes and box's.

    Nothing wrong with current card size, really don't need that much art for gameplay. Cards look over fussy compared to the easy look and use of current ones.

    This is my main gripe tbh

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Athiko said:

    Oh right, I'd read that wrong then, I thought he meant the cards were the same

    I thought the same thing. Really hope they haven't created big cards just for are. We get that in the books, the cards are play aids and the new ones already look less user friendly than the current ones. 

    Plus card protectors, deck boxes etc are all added cost when you own 6 factions 

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