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  1. knightdrake

    No Image of Kentauroi

    The back of the box I bought only had 2 pictured and list 2 to a box. Did think 2 for $40 was a bit expensive so glad it was 3 included.
  2. knightdrake

    No Image of Kentauroi

    I bought the box at Gencon, displayed 2 models but inside was three models and cards with all different poses. Looks like I have that third pose.
  3. We changed history: every unit in play flips. Is this just for those effected by the 6" aura or all units on the board friendly or enemy? Is it flipping those not in glory into glory or the opposite? There are triggers that say flip from glory so is 1.2 Gigawatts only causing a flip to glory?
  4. Are you guys still playing in Plano? Trying to find the time to get someone to teach me the game.

  5. knightdrake

    How can I make the Arcanists work?

    These guys are working to paint a rosey pic but true be you are in an uphill battle with your Arcanist against the others. You are either working with something slow or not as synergistic. I've been working out Raspitina since GenCon and what has helped me is a mixed list. Rattler or Saber for fast engagement to tie up models. Next is just target priority to eliminate the models posing the objective threat and not necessarily offensive threat. When you are still scratching your head then throw in the Convict gunslinger or use Killjoy from low crawling Hoarcat pride. Arcanist can make good use of Outcasts so start reviewing the choices. It is going to be a rough road in the fight but concentrate on the objective. Keep them as safe as possible in the first three rounds then start burning SS in the remaining to lay down the damage. Terrain was the issue starting out in the game group, got a bit better with density. But it is also working both ways. Be creative with the variety of the lists.
  6. knightdrake

    future balancing

    I think because the game is still new, players are kidding themselves there isn't an issues with the game. I keep seeing these posts about play up the points or do this but as far as my experience there be issues with this game on various levels. That being costing, model power levels and scenarios.
  7. knightdrake

    Nephillum Yo-yo

    Add a Doppleganger to that crew for an extra casting and further frustrate your opponent.
  8. knightdrake

    Tactica: Rasputina

    I use Essence of Power majority of the time, as you said, (+) flips on spell damage is pretty hot. Either to achieve the extra flip or offset a low Def variance so I can still cheat. Have to drop that severe damage for 2 blast counters. Wendigo, in the same boat as it doesn't add much for her. It is another Frozen Heart to bounce spells off of. Student of Conflict, tried it a few times but you need to manage the Fast as it is an all action. I haven't got my timing down yet so have usually opted for EoP instead for my totem. It is good when you need that extra action, just an issue of getting into a good forward position to benefit a model 3" away. Which may just be fine letting Rasp get in an extra move or spell in.
  9. I have a friend in Bedford that I can pass your contact to as he is closer. As for me I wouldn't mind making the drive out there at least once a month for some gaming.

  10. There is nothing on this side of town. I prefer playing at home. Don't have to deal with store hours or anything. I have plenty of room and my own terrain and table.

  11. I can play on the weekend with some advanced notice. Is there any other place closer for you to play at?

  12. Do you know of anyone playing on the weekends? I live in Duncanville so, that is a hell of a drive.

  13. knightdrake

    Hello from Texas

    We have a group that plays on Thursday nights at Hobbytown in Plano from 6-11pm. Malifaux is one of the games played each week; been playing it each week since Gencon.
  14. knightdrake

    FRP Games Suck

    Neil is the shiznit, would recommend The Warstore from my past experiences.
  15. knightdrake

    Help me decide

    I voted Viktorias for the reason that the Outcasts can be used in any crew the person wants to start playing.