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  1. chaos45

    Lasalle Peru IL

    Well sunday afternoons I dont think is a good time as my friend has an RP group that runs noon to 5p most sundays. Maybe one of the weekends they arent running we can make it over. As to play space, have 3x 8ft tables at my place in bloomington. Havent actually gotten in a game of malifaux in awhile but would be up for one if we can fit together a good time in the near future.
  2. chaos45

    Lasalle Peru IL

    U guys have a regular play night over in Peoria? If so we could link up at some point as 2 of us over here in bloomington play as well.
  3. chaos45

    A copycat for malifaux?

    Honestly I just about wish Rackham would die off at this point. Maybe then another company could buy the rights from them cheap and actually do a 4th edition confrontation. I have heard the molds for the minis were all destroyed but if not would be an awesome start for a new company. Then all u would have to do is find out who their sculptors were and bam I think you would be gtg once you could start producing again.
  4. chaos45

    A copycat for malifaux?

    IDK Rackham was very original on many aspects with confrontation many years ago. They took the gaming hobby by storm as far as most of my local gamers were concerned. Then they got money hungery, and decided to burn all of their players by getting rid of confrontation....then they wondered why all of their players left...and most didnt bother to play AT-43 either. Confrontation/Rackham burned themselves very badly if they had stuck to what they were good out...making the best metal minis in the game world and continued to improve confrontation as a skirmish game with alot of options the company would be one of the best on the market....Instead their mistakes have put them at the bottom of the heap and stuggling to stay alive. I like Malifaux alot...but I will say at current their minis still dont compare to many rachham made years ago for the confrontation line. An even now me and friends will still play confrontation which has been out of print for years. It would seem to me that Rackham needs to wake up and go back to the basics.
  5. chaos45

    P3 Primer - not so good to me

    I agree on the armory clear coats tried them long ago and had the same dusting results....its a crap product. For clear coating my standard is 1 coat of testors gloss coat followed by 2 coats of testors dull coat. Its gives a nice coating for gaming models imo and only if they are dropped or banged together do I ever have issues with chipping. Even when dropped the clear coat seems to keep damage minimal so only alittle touch up is needed. Plus it keeps the original colors clear and non-dusted. Been painting for alot of years an this seems to be the best protection for the look imo. For display it might be alittle thick so would prolly just do one dullcoat for display quality.
  6. chaos45

    Lord Chompy Bits

    Got mine assembled and started painted. Is some spots you will have to green stuff on, which for a model this size is pretty standard really. As to basing I used some rubble basing I had to put him up on some rocks so that it lifts the model up some and doesnt make the base look so small in comparision to him. IMO from many years of assembling and painting models its not to bad a mini. An honestly with the recent prices on minis esp metal ones, its a deal for $60.
  7. chaos45

    Showgirls! (Painting Colette's Crew)

    Ya terrain helps make the game look alot better, and in general costs more than the minis lol. Over the years ive gathered a fair amount lol.
  8. chaos45

    New, and in Illinois.

    Well my email is lord_chaos45 @ hotmail.com If you want to work something out in the future just shoot me an email. On August 28th im having a decent little cookout/gaming get together wit friends and gaming is pretty much what we intend to do the entire weekend. Hate that you cant PM on this board lol.
  9. chaos45

    New, and in Illinois.

    Well not in Peoria, but in Bloomington so not so far away. ATM I dont know of any game store in the immediate area carrying Malifaux, me and a buddy have a fair amount of stuff and play here and there on top of a ton of other tabletop/board/RP games. So if you guys are interested in trying to get a game together let us know, have tons of play space at my place as I have my own game den with 3 8ft tables.
  10. chaos45

    future balancing

    Well I agree there are some models that just dont match up to there cost. I can tell you that I have ran several demos and even played match ups between the Lady Justice box set and the Lillith box set, and of prolly 10 games the Lillith box set has won every single one. Kinda interesting since both forces are exactly 19 SS. I think more people be crying over the young nephs when they release as well because of 6 SS they are very good, and honestly a better buy than a mature for 10 SS when u compare bang for the buck. In a 25 SS game your looking at 4 young nephs and lillith....thats alot of tough melee beatdown for any army to face at that lvl. Not to mention kills can equal the young turning into the mature. As the punk zombies I agree they are good but havent seen them in play enough yet to judge. Death marshals tho I dont think are overcosted at all imo. I think the witchlings are just as useful and their 2wd explosion on death is awesome. Just some of my observations....I think Lady J is underwhelming when compared to Lillith...so abit of master tweaking might be needed. Defense 8 is just huge, and i mean huge esp when she can easily get +2 def from an ability. Compared to Lady J who has nothing really all that cool in all honesty...she can buff her guys some if they arent dead....and shes good with a sword but gets killed very easily...she really needed like hard to wound and I think that would have helped that model a ton, esp since her whole crew pretty much has Hard to wound 1.
  11. chaos45

    Demo at Ft Leonard Wood

    Well IDK really, most of the time Ive been stationed here ive been deployed lol....and since im on my way out Im pretty much only here for work then elsewhere on the weekends. Not a place I would want to, or plan on staying at myself...I guess if you like living in the hills with winding roads then its for you...not my cup of tea.
  12. chaos45

    Demo at Ft Leonard Wood

    Ya the store has only been open a couple months and hadnt even heard of malifaux till I stopped in. I showed the owner and a couple people standing around how to play this last tues and set up a time to come in next week to show the game some more. Figured I would just throw this up in case there were any lurkers around the board from that area.
  13. chaos45

    Demo at Ft Leonard Wood

    I will be running demos at the local store here right outside FT Leonard Wood on Oct 13th around 6pm if anyone is interested drop me a line or post on here.
  14. chaos45

    Chaos45 crews

    Ya the close up pics didnt come out to well due to the camera flash making them look glossy and abit blurry on the Lady J close up. Not the best camera man lol, need to figure out the option to turn the flash off and it would prolly help. As I usually do gloss clear coat, then 2 dull coats over to take off most of the shine and still keep the models very protected for table play. Without clear coats the paints even with primer undercoat come off very quickly so I prolly overdue it alittle...but I hate repainting chips and scratches. Ya for the Lady J crew I figure like a wild west look thus the standard brown dusters and blue jeans on the whole crew with J and the judge having worn stone washed looking jeans lol. Honestly of all the models Lady J and Lillithe alone prolly took as much time to paint as everything else in the 3 crews. Those 2 models are very detailed and to make them look nice took quite abit of time to bring out all of the little details. Pandora and the kids took some time as well but not to the same extent. Used to painting on the old confrontation metals so its really nice to have a company with a good game putting out quality metals again for me to paint up and use.
  15. chaos45

    Chaos45 crews

    Here are a couple more close up pics