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  1. Wondered if you still got on, interested in playing sometime.

  2. Grammaton Cleric

    UK Players

    Tells you what kind of frame of mind I'm in. I saw this thread and thought Wildcats. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  3. Grammaton Cleric

    Executioner Belly / Chest Hair

    Thanks, guys and gals. I'll try to get a copy.
  4. Grammaton Cleric

    Executioner Belly / Chest Hair

    So, I'm finishing up my executioner and I love the way he's a hairy beast on the studio model. I'm just not sure how to proceed to make that happen. Suggestions? Tutorials?
  5. Grammaton Cleric

    What's the Verdict on Judge?

    Against Resurrectionists, he's a no-brainer. Never me + his bonuses make that choice for you. As part of a well-rounded list, I'm not so sure. Others can do what he does better for the same cost-ish. He's painted though, so until Samael gets done, he's in my list whether I like it or not.
  6. Grammaton Cleric

    Steampunk Jewelry

    That's not too bad on price. You should see what some of reenactors have to pay for replicas of extant jewelry from viking age finds. Neat stuff.
  7. Grammaton Cleric

    Austringer...what are your thoughts?

    A hawk is what Roland used to defeat his trainer at such a young age and earn his guns. This guy is an auto include in my list for thematic reasons only. Here's hoping the model lives up to the idea. Would love it if we could get some concept art on some of these models.
  8. Grammaton Cleric

    Ask Wyrd!

    Will the fluff build on the current state of events state-side? I'm curious about how different the world is since magic has been around for years. How recognizable is the US? the World? Were magicians particularly secretive up till now? Is there a Dept of Magic in Washington? Can we get a model based on Capt. Love in the Mask of Zorro? Rogue US Cavalry officer who is a little too fascinated by the heads of defeated enemies.
  9. Grammaton Cleric

    What's the Verdict on Judge?

    So far, the judge is meh for me. For one more soul stone I can take Samael who positively brings the pain. Hard to wound and slow to die are nice, but not enough to make me give up on Sammy.
  10. Grammaton Cleric

    Supernatural's back! (spoilers)

    You've got to watch these on dvds. By the end of Season 1 I was completely hooked. Haven't missed an ep since then. I love the expansion to the mythology last season by adding angels. This season looks good with Lucipher as the big bad. Shame about Bobby, though.
  11. Grammaton Cleric

    Redchap(p)el Pronunciation

  12. Grammaton Cleric

    A crazy 3 weeks!

    Yep, this has become mine and my wife's new evening diversion. I think we're going on 10+ games at this point. She's never been into games before this. Thanks, Wyrd.
  13. Grammaton Cleric

    Hello from Columbus, OH

    Glad to meet you Darkeldar. We are both Lexington KY transplants. I've played a couple of games at Ravenstone. Stopped by Guardtower this past weekend and picked up the rest of the Guild boxes they had on hand and bought some more Resurrectionists for my wife. She's got two starters and a blister of samurai punk zombies now. Nice shop they've got there.
  14. I'm between sessions at OSU so most nights are free; I'm open pretty much any night except for Thursday this week. Want to try to get together for a game? I can put 30 soulstones worth on the table, though they are only primered at this point!

  15. Yep! That's me. When are we playing, dude?