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  1. waghorn41

    She is alive

    The rust effect you have, which is good by the way, resembles that found on structures exposed to the sea or salt water. For normal corrosion I would suggest the colour Tin Bitz from Games Workshop, it's much darker and in keeping with the normal oxidation of iron/steel.
  2. waghorn41

    W.Y.R.D Si-ence

    It's from my spares/bits box which probably pre-dates most people on this forum It's back from a time when I was making a few 1/35 AFV kits (c1979) and came, iirc, from a M113 Command vehicle which had a table and a couple of these chairs. Might still have the other lurking around.
  3. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Guildenstern ELIM

    Simple but very effective, well painted and fits theme. A nice entry.
  4. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Onebitpixel - ELIM

    The base really looks the part, nice little diorama.
  5. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Asmenoth Stitch 'em Up

    Looks interesting but the lack of enlargement of the photo makes it difficult to see any real detail.
  6. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science Montage - Atacam

    Beautifully made and well painted, lots to look at and enjoy. Great entry.
  7. waghorn41

    Iron Painter Round 3 - (My) Wyrd Science - Darren Linacre

    Interesting scene, looks well painted but the photo doesn't enlarge enough to see it properly.
  8. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Zatch

    Nice concept, like the muted colours against the base.
  9. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Wildchevy

    Nicely done although I feel the metals would benefit from a few more highlights.
  10. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Racoon Knight

    This looks more like a piece of sculpture, love it.
  11. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Malleus Dei

    Great entry, love the 'radioactive' (?) pig.
  12. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Kendra Namednil

    Nicely painted, lots going on. Works well, good entry.
  13. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Jason13

    The metals look nice and the green of the figure matching the tiles works well.
  14. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Easily_mused

    Nice group but the disparity of cohesion of the bases tends to spoil the effect.
  15. waghorn41

    Wyrd Science - Dustin Faucheux

    The muted tones and the spot use of colour really make this work, great job.