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  1. is it correct list 50 SS Neverborn Crew Lilith + 7 Pool - On Wings Of Darkness (1) - Beckon Malifaux (1) Primordial Magic (2) Nekima (13) Mr. Graves (8) Doppleganger (7) Johan (7) Terror Tot (4) Mysterious Effigy (4) (exported from CrewFaux) 3 ss left 7 ss pool
  2. No - still haven't got time to listen to it
  3. I already got Nekima starter and 2 player Neverborn part. Now can't decide on 2nd Master to support
  4. So from starter box in most cases I'll use Lilith and Tots. Anyway I'll try more thematic "demon" list with Nekima for now.
  5. So if 1 flip with Ram and then Cheat for Ram car this would give me +2 Damage ?
  6. Hi all How to calculate Critical Strike ? I mean how to calculate total "for each Ram"?
  7. But for 50 SS I need to remove something to include Large Arachnid - what should it be?
  8. Hi all I think I'll start with my friends with Lilith. I'm beginner - what do I need for it to make 50SS army
  9. Do I need Large Arachnid (newly released)?
  10. So what is better for new player - Lazarus or Hannah?
  11. Hi all I searched youtube but couldn't find decent video tutorial on starting the game. Can someone advise one?
  12. I'm little confused how to assemble swarm and single Arachnid. \ On box printed - 2 Arachnid swarms. Box includes 1 Swarm card and 3 Steam Arachnids (4SS each). So do I have 2 Swarms or 1 Swarm and 3 single or I just can put them on 40mm base and have 2nd Swarm? How to assemble them better? Do I still need Arachnids box or Big Arachnids box? Do I need (in general) anything from Kaeris box? What about Aionus is it good for Ramos (or Arcanists)?
  13. Where did you get Recharge Soulstone and Arcane Reservoir cards?
  14. Using builder I've came up to Arcanists 50ss Crew Ramos -- 4ss Brass Arachnid - 4ss Electrical Creation - 4ss Howard Langston - 12ss Joss - 10ss Mobile Toolkit - 3ss Steam Arachnid Swarm - 8ss Steam Arachnid Swarm - 8ss but I really don't know what to add for remained SS (or what to change)
  15. Are those models useful later (with real Crews)? Do I need Arsenal deck and why?
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