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  1. I've moved to Plano TX, just down the road from Madness Comics and Games. Which seems to be an awesome store, except no Malifaux. (They have a small section of very old metals.) Asked one of the people working there and he said no one plays Malifaux. Anyone know if/where Malifaux gets played in the DFW area?
  2. Yep, simple misunderstanding. When Dirial said "the latter" i.e. "only one time to any friendly model" I read that as him saying it could only be used on friendly models. And then CunningStunt (who must be quite the cunning linguist) only spoke about the targeting friendly models scenario. And then Asrian said "A friendly model...ONCE per turn. Emphasis on "a" and "once." 1 friendly, 1 time a turn." So I don't think it required a total misread to get the wrong end of the stick. At least it wasn't the wrong end of Mr. Graves stick.
  3. Request for clarification: If the wording above is accurate from the card, there appears to be a restriction that only applies when the target is a friendly model. There appears to be nothing in the wording preventing you targeting an enemy model. If the intention was that only friendly models could be targeted the wording would need to be something like: This model may only target a friendly model with this Action and only once per Turn. So I'm not really seeing why the consensus seems to be that only friendly models can be targeted. I checked the FAQ and did a forum search that brought back a bunch of topics but non I checked explained why it could only target friendly models.
  4. For 1, compare the "all friendly models within" wording of Engage to the "all other friendly" wording of A Legend To Live Up To and the "friendly mercenaries" wording of I Pay Better. You'll see why Engage At Will affects Von Schill while the other two do not.
  5. Also notice per Justin's comment http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/105661-obey-understudy-prompt-action/?hl=%2Bcontrol+%2Bchain#entry786330, there is a subtle difference between controlling the action and being the controller of the model. As a new player, I will be taking a very careful look at the wording of obey flavor actions to see if they are of a "temporarily take control of the model and make it do something" or a "force the controller of the model to do something she does doesn't want to do with her model" variety.
  6. I think you're over thinking it. Your first instinct of "too much grey" is spot on. Turn the barrel into a much darker color, say rusty/dirty iron, and the brighter skin will pop instead of blah.
  7. I think blue-grey armor will look good on Bishop. It will work with the green pants and pale skin. To me, despite being the man in black, Sue needs something to make him stand out from the crowd. I would do it by painting the body of the guitar in an eye catching color. I don't have the skills to do the purple flames , but to me the guitar needs something to indicate its importance.
  8. Premeasuring is the opposite of cheating. Allowing premeasuring is a great way to remove the most common form of cheating : measuring by alternate methods when the rules don't allow measuring. I'll just "innocently" lay this thing that I know is exactly x inches over here on the side of the table parallel to something that I'd really like measured. I've just measured a range I'm allowed to measure and now I'll just casually move my tape over another area before retracting it. I know that piece of terrain is exactly x inches long (and you don't) because I measured it yesterday.
  9. Convict Gunslinger proxy hence the orange jumpsuit with white vest color scheme.
  10. Observe the awesome averageness of my table top quality painting.
  11. Taelor "Gratuitous Underboob" Hammerstrike
  12. The stink of newbie is still strong on me, so I'm probably wrong, but here goes. What am I missing? The paralyzed model may not be engaging the non-paralyzed model but the non-paralyzed model is almost certainly engaging the paralyzed model. (How many models have no attack at all?) Page 48 tells us that engagement goes both ways. So both models are engaged with each other due to the non-paralyzed model's engagement. II'm not seeing anything in your statement that says the non-paralyzed model does not have a attack, so assuming that the non-paralyzed model has a attack, going down the bullet points on pg 48 an I right in the following understanding: The non-paralyzed model can walk away without provoking a disengaging strike because the paralyzed model has an override on the normal exactly at x is within x to say the paralyzed model has no engagement range at all. Shooting at either the paralyzed or non-paralyzed model will require randomization because they're both engaged, courtesy of the non-paralyzed model. The non-paralyzed model cannot charge because it is engaged due to "goes both ways." The non-paralyzed model cannot make attacks because it is engaged due to "goes both ways."
  13. I agree that a bright white crib would pull the eye to much. Because Teddy is such a great actual teddy bear brown, he's a more muted pallet and a bright crib wouldn't work. To go with the night time terror feel, the crib shouldn't be bright shiny white anyway. If I had the skill, I would do the crib a light gray brought up to an off-white, to give the impression of a white crib in dim light, with a border of some sort to provide interest to the eye.
  14. Testors Dull Coat. But it is so matt that it might actually dull things down too much for your liking. Here's the thing with Lilith; if you like the cartoon/comic look (and I do) she is fantastic the way she is. Different monitors might show the color differently, but the essence of the figure is still there. If someone doesn't really like the cartoon/comic look, there is no tweaking that can be done to make him/her like it. Making parts of it look more natural while leaving other parts with the cartoon/comic look will just end up looking disjointed. If you want to win a Golden Demon I don't know that a cartoon/comic books style is the best one to be going for. If want the best, most attention grabbing figures on the table top actually being played with, it sure is. But for under a microscope presentation purposes, a more natural look might make it easier to win. But then I really don't know what I'm talking about so if I'm babbling complete nonsense, hopefully someone will step and and set me straight.
  15. Teddy is painted very well and great concept creating a really creepy effect. Way better than anything I could do, so I feel hesitant to offer anything that might seem like criticism. But it's a little brown on brown on brown for my taste. I think either making the crib a painted crib (instead of plain wood) or going with a base other than wood plank flooring would make Teddy stand out more. But again, such a great concept. Nicely done!
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