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  1. So yeah. Silly Midas what a fool, bling etc etc. Had a ball sculpting something for myself for a change. Probably ought to have spent more than a day painting it. Think of this more as an impressionistic sketch for the eventual, 'proper' paintjob, which I may even photograph properly as well. One day in the distant future. Needless to say it's a little rough around the edges, but I enjoy it all the same.
  2. he said, 'you stay bedaubed with gold - Your foolish choice - some three night's work so far; composition loosely based on that other great example of opulent infanticide, Repin's 'Ivan the Terrible'
  3. Mmm, long IP, love it 'Grats on the gold Sue, well done In other news, I do belive Jeff Wilhelm won either a silver or bronze with his OSLy IG diorama at GD UK Squig
  4. I like the concept, but on the sculpt those abdominals look very odd indeed, strange shape, too bulging and completely out of proportion with the pectorals, hmm, like the gibbet though. Squig
  5. I think the problem arises when people would like to assume, that every miniature produced should be produced in such a way that it suited their own needs best. This is of course human nature, but they are 54mm, of they were not, they wouldn't be what they are, which could make them less desirable. Essentially, i think, it is pointless to constantly wish that they are something which they aren't, and will not be, and that one should rather appreciate them for what they ARE, and let those who can use them where needs and realities collide do so. My that sounded pompous, but I stand by my point. Squig
  6. Yup, the little touches is also what makes Dead Snow so funny, like the Braindead t-shirt, and the Icelandic Killer sheep hoodie. And the amputation scene, what can I say? I was literally rolling over laughing xD Squig
  7. Dead Snow is brilliant, I saw it when it first came out in Norway, fantastic film, really funny, and with a brilliant performance by the old guy, reccomended. Squig
  8. My, my, by June I may even have some money for my inevitable Enigma mass-purchase... Squig
  9. Bloody lovely mate, as I think I must have told you at Salute, monster of a mini. Shame about the nasty cast, hardly acceptable at a price like that. Squig
  10. Me too, got three of them at salute, fantastic pieces as rob said, truely marvelous, a new bar set in miniatures as far as I'm concerned. Squig
  11. I really doubt that inhaling just a tiny amount of resin dust or shavings will give you cancer, but my advice for the future would be to wear a dust mask and possibly goggles. Squig
  12. Blooming lovely! Will include some in my next order from them. Squig
  13. Weell, the count is a damn sight better then the old one, and I think the huntsmen have a lot of potential for convertions, the Greatswords are rubbish however. Squig
  14. The kit looks good but I hate the sculpts (Megalith looks cool though), WoW style and all the worst bits of the PP style taken too far IMO. Squig
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