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  1. This is great! Wonderful tribute to Ziggy! Which one goes by the stage name of Major Tom, though? LOL, Be proud of this one, you hit it outta the park and into space in a beautifully odd way!
  2. In my thoughts and sending good energy your way. Very Iron of you, all around!
  3. Warped in an odd way, definitely!
  4. Wrong on so many levels - great entry!
  5. Without your comment about the reflection I would never have seen that...some great details!
  6. A bit bright on the center light there, but interesting piece...any explanation of what it is and all? Is there a story behind this?
  7. PaintMinion

    Doctor Ood

    Love love love! That is an awesome scene, and wonderful for any Who fan! And a fez...yes, they are cool. Be careful if River comes over though, she'll shoot that thing...
  8. Love this one :-) Sorry you don't like Bowie!
  9. Love this scene, awesome beamy weapon - AWESOME!
  10. Not the most straightforward presentation of theme, but fun nonetheless.
  11. Now your posts make much more sense! The strings seem sorta heavy for the piece, maybe thread or fishing line would work better? Otherwise, love this interpretation of the theme!
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