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  1. Ha! Great point! Hopefully +1 on theme for that, I'm going to need it!
  2. Thryth

    Liquid Gold

    That is some really clean and subtle painting!
  3. Thryth

    Pellejo Bill

    Looks like some buttery-smooth painting! Very nice.
  4. Thryth


    I think that "wow" sums it up for me.
  5. Ninja versus Mimic! Great minds think alike.
  6. Thryth

    Whiskey Dragon

    Very cute and inventive piece.
  7. Wow. I can't un-see that video!
  8. Some really great sculptures there. Might be the best centaur and lizardmen I've seen.
  9. Cool, but looking at his base and freehand, shouldn't he be called raster?
  10. I actually think that it's cool... You could put a whole bunch of them on France's border (note the 180 traverse of the gun). (Nothing personal France ) Seriously, though. I actually like it.
  11. Mostly I use Reaper Master Series and P3 paints. As others have said, Winsor and Newton Series 7 brushes are good (strangely, I don't like the "Miniature" version of that series, though), but I also like DaVinci.
  12. I'm really not a fan of the way that Hollywood reuses names for no reason these days. I would be happier if they did their "remakes" and remade the name, too. Anyway. Great movie, Clash of the Titans! The last movie that Ray Harryhausen choose to make, if I remember correctly. Probably the last great stop-motion movie. The "remake" looks interesting (I guess that it's a remake because both movies have giant scorpions?), but I wish that they used a different name.
  13. How rude of me! I'm sorry. Congratulations Sue! Very fine work (as always), and well deserved gold!
  14. I like them. Strangely, they remind me of something from the animated movie Wizards, but I can't remember what.
  15. I'm with Bexley. Longer is fine. However, if there really is a problem with that, I would much rather the number of contestants be limited, instead of resorting to "...increase the elimination events"
  16. I just wanted to say that I wasn't taking a shot at the piece, I really like your work. I really do like this miniature (any version of it ), and had great fun painting the one from Hasselfree : http://www.stanscorner.com/Miniatures/2006/slides/00516-hasselfree-hfp006-patrice.html (still one of my better painted miniatures, I think) I'm curious about the "space" one. You did do the one for Hasslefree in the link above, though, right?
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