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  1. Awesome Aaron thanks for the update..
  2. So my question is which one do we get with the Easter Sale coming up? Or do we get to choose?
  3. Ok thanks for the info guys, haven't played since 1.5 Ed. but really liking 2e. and having all this new info helps a lot, again many thanks.
  4. Ok so follow up question how the rules for her not useable in 2e? they explain what they are and do just like the new 2e Cards so how do they differ?
  5. Well for Malifaux City in General several songs come to mind, "Ghost town" by Poco, "Is there anybody out there"," Comfortably Numb" and "Run like hell" by Pink Floyd, Strange Magic by ELO, The System of Doctor Tar and Professor Feather", Lucifer, "Standing on Higher Ground, all the Alan Parsons Project. "The Other Side of Life, House of the Doors, New Horizons, I know your out there somewhere by The Moody Blues. "Sunrise Dance with the Devil", "Water Song", by Hot Tuna. Just to name a few..
  6. Was that posted by Wyrd somewhere? I'd like to get an official word on this before I put her on the table and cause confusion...
  7. Package say's convict gunslinger but she has different abilities than the ones in 2e. For instance she has Lifer, Gunfighter, Faster' n you, and Suppressing Fire, so the question still stands would I use the card that was in the package as she is different than the standard Convict.
  8. Always thought I was a Pirate in another life, and my real name turns into Pirate Rackham (found that our during international Pirate Day a few years back) and a couple of sea games I play I play the Pirates..Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
  9. Ok so here's a question for folks, I'm just getting back into the game (haven't played since the game first came out) as it has seen a revival in my area, now I see Nathan every year at GenCon pick up what's new and the LE stuff as well. So I'm bulking up my Victoria crew and I have Miss Demeanor that I picked up one year at GenCon. My question is she doesn't have a card in the 2e decks so do I use the card that came with her? I'm assuming I do unless Wyrd has updated these and they are available somewhere. Anyone have an thoughts suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Well I just go with the Classic's, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Moody Blues, Barclay James harvest, Poco, Big Star, lots of great one of's late 60's and early 70's groups.
  11. Are you talking about the huge plastic version I picked up at GenCon last year? I still have to figure out how to put her together..
  12. will most likely get them they both look very cool.
  13. while I like some of the P# paints, being a Armor Modler as well I use way to many paint lines to stick to just one...but I will say that some of P3 paints are nice....have used some...like them but not overly impressed with them...but thats just my opinion.
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