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    Hey everyone, I just want to make a few quick comments about errata. First, I think it's important to say that no errata will please everyone. Social media and the forum are in a near-constant state of arguing about tier lists and what is good and worth taking. Podcasts debate it for hours at a time. What I see at US tournaments is different than what I saw at the UK Nationals, but the level of play seemed about the same. I think the saying is "different strokes for different folks." As such, you can expect that any nerf will be claimed as not needed, a good move, and not enough. We all have opinions on what's correct (myself included), and it's helpful to consider that what dominates or is terrible in your area or experience may not be so for others. The errata, on the whole, is focused on moving the game toward a more balanced state. Second, it's worth noting that no errata is going to fix everything. This is the biggest errata Malifaux has ever gotten, and there are numerous claims that it isn't going far enough. There are still imbalanced models, and some of these models may still be imbalanced. I am aware of that. That said, I do think that this errata is putting things in a better place. By limiting the errata's size (and again, this was a big errata), we have the chance to see how things stand while still improving the game overall. Additionally, particularly large erratas will cause an overall sense of confusion about the game state, and they'd create even more consternation based on my first point. Suffice it to say: no, I do not think the game is perfectly balanced after this, but I do think it is better. Third and finally, I'd like to mention that the cost changes were a targeted strike as I mentioned in the initial post. We've had errata with more rules changes, and we will again in the future. At this point in the game's life, it seemed to me that a number of cost changes were the correct course of action, as well as focusing changes mostly on older models. It's not because they are easier or because there aren't other ways to fix the models. It's because cost adjustments like this can help correctly dial in the points costs of models, which can help us avoid things like power creep. I write all that by way of letting people have some idea of what I'm thinking and how I view errata. I expect there to be praise and criticism any time I touch the game (and the times that I don't). That's all fair enough, and your commentary helps me see how I can further improve the game in the future. I appreciate people leaving their feedback, so I thought I'd leave some of my own. I apologize to those of you who were negatively impacted by the errata. Hopefully you'll find things you like in it, and I'd appreciate it if you'd continue to leave constructive feedback so that hopefully next time you're the ones who are happy with it (and everyone else can suffer! Mwhahahaha!). Thanks all!
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    Wyrdscapes is our new terrain line coming this year. Featuring detailed, high-quality plastic, the Wyrdscapes line will allow players to build beautiful, customizable tables. The buildings have interchangeable floors, allowing you to build different looking buildings, all of which will stack on top of each other (well, it's hard to stack on the roof pieces, but you get the idea). The table itself is made up of smaller tiles you can spin and put in different locations. And last but not least, different elements of smaller terrain can fill in the final details. We are very excited to have this project in the pipeline! Share your thoughts below!
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    Just because type of day ... Yup, that's plastic, just like our miniatures.
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    Hello all, This January we have a big list of errata changes. This errata focused almost exclusively on Book 1 and Book 2, and it was mostly limited to cost changes. This was to try to bring some models more into rotation and lower other model's use, and it should hopefully provide more flexibility during list building. Here are the changes: Arcanists Ice Golem (Cost -1) Hoarcat Pride (Cost -1) The Captain (Cost -1) Slateridge Mauler (Cost -1) Razorspine Rattler (Cost -1) Cojo (Cost -2) Patron's Blessing (Cost -1) Gremlins Whiskey Golem (Cost -1) Moon Shinobi (Cost -1) Wild Boar (Cost -1) Survivor (Cost -1) Mancha Roja (Cost -1) Mechanized Porkchop (Cost -1) Bayou Bushwhackers (Cost -1) Rafael LaCroix (Cost -1) Burt Jebsen (Cost +1) McTavish (Cost +1) Francois LaCroix (Cost +1) Running Tab (Cost -1) Guild Guild Guard (Cost -1) Captain Dashel (Cost -1) Samael Hopkins (Cost -1) The Judge (Cost -1) The Lone Marshal (Cost -1) Guild Lawyer (Cost -1) Witchling Handler (Cost -1) Pale Rider (Cost -2) Lead Lined Coat (Cost -1) Neverborn Baby Kade (Cost -1) Bad Juju (Cost -1) Beckoner (Cost -1) Lelu (Cost -1) Spawn Mother (Cost -1) Tuco (Cost -1) Bunraku (Cost -1) Vasilisa (Cost -1) Hooded Rider (Cost -2) Outcasts The Guilty (Cost -1) Taelor (Cost -1) Bishop (Cost -1) Desperate Mercenary (Cost -1) Freikorps Specialist (Cost -1) Hans (Cost -1) Johan (Cost +1) Freikorps Trapper (Cost +1) Ashes and Dust (Cost +1) Scramble (Cost -1) Resurrectionists Hayreddin (Cost -1) Shikome (Cost -1) Student of Steel (Cost -1) Student of Sinew (Cost -1) Student of Viscera (Cost -1) Dead Rider (Cost -2) Nurse (Cost +1) Sinister Reputation: Gains a 1" in addition to the on Live for Pain. Ten Thunders Ototo (Cost -1) Yamaziko (Cost -1) Fuhatsu (Cost -1) Dawn Serpent (Cost -1) Thunder Archer (Cost -1) Monk of High River (Cost -1) Terracotta Warriors (Cost +1) Yasunori (Cost +1) The Storm changes to: "When damaging an enemy model, this model may place all resulting Markers anywhere in 8" of this model and within Line of Sight. Markers placed in this way do not need to be touching each other." The cards will be up on Wargame Vault on Monday when I'm actually at work They are loaded into the app, which should be available to everyone soon (if it's not already). Images of the cards will go up on the errata section of the website this month (probably this week). Happy gaming!
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    Hello! We are pleased to announce the launch of Gaining Grounds 2018. A printer-friendly version is attached to this post, and you can download a copy here. You can also find a copy of the Schemes and Strategy deck on Wargame Vault. It comes in the standard size and a large size. These make a great resource for playing the game, allowing you to quickly reference the rules or deal out a game set up. 2018 saw numerous changes to the format, all intended to improve the experience of players. A quick reference of changes is included below: Language was added about the Bad Things Happen app on page 3. Slow Play no longer mentions a player's intent. A TO cannot rule on a player's intent, and therefore the rule is now focused on slow play that gains an advantage, regardless of intent. There is no longer an Always Scheme. All Strategies now include a Paired Scheme, which is "always" with that Strategy. These are determined by suit, and therefore may be used with Strategies prior to Gaining Grounds 2018, if desired. There are no longer suited Schemes. All non-Paired Schemes are now numeric, requiring players to flip more cards to determine their Schemes. This helps maintain more diversity in Scheme Pools, and it will make Scheme determination with the Strategies and Schemes deck even easier. There are some new Schemes. Gaining Grounds 2015 Strategies are used instead of M2E Core as the alternate Strategies for the Rotation (and are reprinted in the document for reference). I think 2018 will be a great year for organized play, and I'd like to thank everyone who took part in shaping this document. Have a great day! Gaining Grounds 2018 (Printer Friendly).pdf
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    Heh. Lets see if I can remember the questions asked here. What is it made out of - same stuff our Malifaux miniatures are. HIPS. They will come on a sprue and you bust them out, put together and you're good to go. We've gone out of our way to get rid of fiddly bits and thin parts and everything is pretty beefy and thick. An no, you don't have to put each roof tile on individually. Tiles are 12"x12" and can be spun about and put together however you want and connected on the bottom so that they don't slide apart, etc. There is quite a bit that y'all haven't seen, or I should say all of it. Yes we have scatter terrain, barricades, etc. Yes there are more planned beyond this set. Yes many of the buildings are modular. You can stack multiple levels, etc and then pick and choose between some roof tops as well. It's not all interchangeable (particularly the large building), but we've tried to build in some back and forth customization. Pricing - haven't gotten that tacked down a 100% yet but we're working on it. We're not after an arm and a leg - maybe a small finger or big toe perhaps. Yes for some it will be a 'luxury' item, but then again, anything beyond the basic necessities is. You'll also be able to pick them up as kits and build upon them as you want, so there is no need to break the bank all at once if you want.
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    Thank you to all the contestants for entering the Iron Painter this year! Entering a contest always is a challenge and entering a marathon like IP is very impressive (or some would say insane). I wanted to let you know in broad strokes what I look for as I judge this competition. As a disclaimer, the following points are mine and mine alone. Beyond the scoring rubrics of Aesthetics, Technical Skill, and Theme, Nathan and Aaron have given the judges free rein to judge as we see fit. This is my particular take on the contest; the other judges probably have similar ideas, however art is subjective and what appeals to one person will not always appeal to another. As you know, there are 3 judging categories for the IP contest. Technical skill worth 0-10 points, theme worth 0-10 points, and aesthetics worth 0-5 points. Technical skill is probably the least subjective of the categories. In my mind, an “average” (5) paint job should have a minimum of a basecoat, shade and highlight. Additional points are scored for smoothness of the blends, appropriate contrast for the materials you are painting and attempting more advanced techniques such as OSL, weathering, gore, and freehand. These extra points can offset (to a minor degree) a more technically superior "simple" paint job. Once the additional points are scored, final points are included for how well these techniques are done and the degree to which they are done. In my opinion, the intense time constraints of the competition put the greatest pressure on this category for the painter. Getting that super smooth blend or detailed freehand takes time, which is a luxury that you do not have… Theme is the second category and obviously plays an important role in scoring. While on the surface it can appear intuitive to the contestant, for me there can be layers to the degree to which the theme is viewed. For example, in “Water, Water Everywhere” there naturally is the suggestion of water to be incorporated into the base or the model in some fashion. In my opinion, the second part of the theme is key: “Water Everywhere”. This implies more is likely better. Having a guy standing in the desert will get you a very low score. Having water on the base or the model somewhere will get you an average score and having a lot of water may improve it even more. When I hear the phrase “water, water everywhere”, I also get a sense of urgency, like water out of control or wildly flowing. I would also caution the contestants to try and utilize ideas that would likely be universally understood by the judges. We have different backgrounds and live in different parts of the world. Something that is colloquial reference to another part of the world may fly right over my head as an American. I would like to think that in this day and age of the internet l am a citizen of the world, but there is a lot of information out there! Artistic impression or aesthetic is much more subjective; it’s that intangible “wow” factor and will often be the deciding factor between pieces. Size of the model, degree of difficulty, composition, innovation, creative use of material, and all the little details calculate into this for me. This is where I put storytelling—is the piece telling a story about the world it is set in or about the model itself? Since this is an online competition, unfortunately photography plays a role how the model is represented. A photograph with less than ideal lighting or one taken from a minimum number of views makes it more difficult to accurately evaluate the piece in the online setting. I would encourage everyone to take high resolution, large pictures from multiple viewpoints (if possible) and detail shots if you have a large vignette. Finally, art is ultimately in the eye of the beholder. Judging is highly subjective and will vary (oftentimes significantly) from person to person. The judges this year are from all over the world. The other judges very well may disagree with me on certain points and you may disagree as well and that is OK! I will try to include both the things I liked about the pieces and the parts that were done well along with a critique or two. Depending on the critique, I will try and offer one possible solution to correct it if you would like. Please understand that my opinion is by no means the end all and be all; so I hope you take my comments as they are intended-purely constructive and to help improve your work for future projects. If you have any further questions about a particular critique, please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to discuss my thoughts with you. Best of luck in the coming weeks and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with! Kind Regards, Sean "Jabberwocky" Fulton
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    still some details to fix (hair, book, crown, face front, weapon and the (probably) red shoes, but Anna is almost done. I spent about 15 hours on her but I'm quite happy about the result. I have 3 day for start and finish a 2SS model to end succesfully my monthy projects! pant pa(i)nt!
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    Congrats @Franchute I finished Burt Jebsen for my medical crew as well. The Nellie crew is almost done. Just a reporter to paint for it. It was really fun to paint the Gremlin skin. And the Nellie crew so far.
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    Sing us a song, you're the errata man. Sing us a song tonight. Well we're all in the mood for a balancing, and you've got us feeling alright.
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    I have just finished painting Doug, for my restrictionist crew. Quite happy with how he turned out, what do reckon?
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    You have been waiting. You have been asking. You have been begging. Finally we are glad to announce that Alt Lazarus is available! You may be asking yourself "How can I get a hold of this magnificent piece of plastic?!?". Well, the answer is Guilders! Head on over to the Guilder store (https://www.wyrd-games.net/guilders) and follow the steps! P.S. @Aaron is pretty excited that this guy is finally available!
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    I finished painting The Dread Pirate Zipp for 15 soulstones this month. I tried out a lot of new techniques this model. We had a crew box exchange at Christmas and I got Zipp. I decided to push myself to try non-metallic metal and some more two brush blending. He was a lot of fun to paint.
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    Doctor and nurses are coming. More pics in blog as usual ))) https://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/09/malifaux-mondays-59-mcmourning-and.html
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    All I can say is that this went through a lot of playtesting with a lot of suggestions proposed. Not everyone is going to be happy with any change that is made. I'm sorry if this change affects you negatively, but I truly believe it will cause more improvements in game quality than it will have negative impacts.
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    The Will o' the Wisp is finished and the 3 SS it is worth are enough for my minion pledge Now I have to varnish it, let the varnish dry for at least two days (otherwise dust and cat hair stick to it ), add some leafs, take proper photos and post them here and on my blog The Monthly Painting Challenge helped me to be more organized and disciplined with my painting, which is great. Already looking forward to painting another miniature
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    Hi everyone, this is my first time on this forum. I hope you will enjoy my diorama of gremlins!
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    I have just submitted my entry. Hopefully in time for you to enjoy with your breakfasts!
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    Hello Wyrdos, It is time for the summer edition of our twice-a-year errata! Unlike the winter errata, which looks at overall game health and improvements, the summer errata is aimed at only addressing significant problem areas within the game. We only looked at some of the most outstanding game issues that have persisted for some time in this errata. We are well aware that not every player likes errata, as there may be some confusion about the current versions of the cards. We offer all of our errata cards for free, and they are available in numerous places online. We believe that improving game health in the long-term is worth the risks. We just ask that you bear with us through updates, and we appreciate any help you can do in informing your communities. We truly believe this changes will make Malifaux more fun for everyone involved. With all that said, we have 4 changes for you in this errata: The Mechanical Rider's summon increased its TN by 2 (making it less likely to top deck), and its Arcane Ritual Trigger is significantly changed. It now places a single Scheme Marker within 1" of the target, but can position it further away for each additional Tome. It is no longer limited to once per Turn. The Mechanical Rider has been a standout model for awhile now. The increase in TN for summoning will make it more likely to require resources without stopping it from this function, and the Trigger change will make it less skilled at Schemes while still being quite good at them. This is a knock, but not one that fundamentally changes how this model plays. Wind Gamin no longer bury when killed. Now, if they die, they can push a model 5". Wind Gamin are a powerful 4ss model, and the point of this change was to be sure they died, thereby functioning within the normal confines of the game. Practiced Production now prevents you from placing Scheme Markers near non-Peon, non-Insignificant friendly models. This should help with some of the stronger combinations with models like the Malifaux Raptors by requiring models that could score to begin with, thus controlling this powerful Upgrade. Stuffed Piglets are now 3 Soulstones to hire. There have been complaints for a long time now about cheap Activations in the form of Stuffed Piglets. By making them cost 3, it limits this ability without impacting their gameplay for those that like them as they are. We feel that these changes will greatly improve gameplay for the Malifaux community. With all errata, we try to maintain models with as few changes as possible, ensuring that people can still use their favorite models... just in a toned down way. You can find a PDF of the cards attached below, as well as images up on our website. The cards will be up on DriveThruRPG in the coming weeks (we want to ensure there are no errors, so there is a longer delay). Thank you for your understand and support, and happy flipping. May all your Jokers be red. Mech Rider.pdf Wind Gamin.pdf Practiced Production.pdf Stuffed Piglets.pdf
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    Hi Everyone! As everything goes forward, everything good about GG2018 is gonna be me, and Aaron is still to blame for anything that goes wrong. That being said I'm excited to work with the great team here at Wyrd and getting to know this crazy community every day.
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    Jokers in. A game without risk is just a spreadsheet.