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    The first thing I want to do is thank David Brown for the tremendous work he has done. It is the second time that I go to a tournament organized by him and as the first time I can only applaud for his great work. A perfect tournament. The next time we meet we hope to have more time to share some beers. The second is to thank all my opponents for a magnificent weekend. All the games were great, a great atmosphere. Thank you so much guys. You are what makes me want to return next year. During the tournament play all games with the same Shenlong list: Shenlong 2 Stundet Minako Kitty Ototo Yasunori Low river monk Cache 7 I want to dedicate time this weekend to make the reports of the games as they deserve. But so many people have written to me to asking me about the list and I think it will be more comfortable to write everything here. So any questions you have here I am to answer it as best I can.
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    Your boy Shen is gonna get nerfed so hard that he’ll even make M2E Lucius look good.
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    I had a wonderful week end at UK nationals. Most of the games were really fun. I ended up 50. I really think that I deserve this position because of the numerous mistakes I have made during the tournament. I do not have the feeling that my defeats were due to the efficiency of my models. Every defeat was linked to a mistake made in game. I would have maybe had another opinion if I got to top tables. I was surprised by the efficiency of 2 models : Phiona Gage as tank, and undercover reporter as position/scheme denial model. Thanks to @Clousseau for the organization. Thanks to @bedjy for being a jolly fellow during this weekend. A Ten thunder, but still a jolly fellow. Thanks to the Netherlands team for the fun during both evenings. I am not so eager to see your cows during next tournaments I am not sure of the opponent’s teams. There are probably errors as I did not register them during the tournament. If you see one, please correct me. Round 1 vs Graham Bursnell I was afraid after boss choice. Parker is a bad match up for Nellie due to their +flip attack. I had to change my usual Nellie and replace false witness / field reporter by other models. He played aggressively on beginning, killing press turn 1 while I moved to get in position. Nellie also started to take damage On turn 2, I sent Grimwell on left and field reporter+lone marshall on right to score outflank. The lone Marshall got killed by Midnight stalker + Parker. Nellie stayed middle to deny and deliver message to Parker. The undercover reporter popped on middle to deny opponent’s schemes. Turn 3 : Grimwell killed the left flanking model of Parker. Phiona got back toward middle to protect the undercover. The undercover denied schemes again. Nellie stayed middle to heal with interacts. Parker killed the undercover reporter on my right. Turn 4 and last : Nellie went with Parker on right flank to outflank and deliver message 2nd part. Parker tried to kill her but failed. Phiona ran away from middle to deny the opponent’s second reckoning. The undercover reporter denied schemes for opponent’s harness. Grimwell failed to kill a bandido sent by opponent to score 2nd outflank Round 2 vs Dave Laing Big failure for me. There was a lot of impassable on middle. LOS were short. I should never have picked Perdita. This ended as a brawl beetwen 2 wagons. The opponent used his ashigaru very efficiently, blocking a pass beetwen 2 impassable terrains and forcing me to kill them before attacking Izamu or Yan Lo. The ashigarus survived until turn 3. Yin and Manos dropped their bomb on turn 2 and came back to end wounded models.The game was already lost at this moment. Round 3 vs Carl Lee Versus a summoner, I was sure that I would get pass tokens and initiative to choose placement of idols on turn 2-3 and hoped I would have done enough kill to control map after. I went full on my right side, killed one model, and used reporter on turn 2 to remove another. First idol went on my left, 2nd on center as I did not have cards to place it. My opponent controlled his right side. On middle, LJ failed to do significant damage on Manos and Ikiryo and allowed my opponent to deliver message. This prevented me from scoring strat on turn 2. The judge could also not claim jump. 0-2 on turn 2 On turn 3 I RJ initiative. I do not know why I thought I could not cheat on RJ. This gave a 2nd idol on left to my opponent. I was feeling way behind on points and sent LJ to score deliver and kill his support rather than keeping her on middle to kill Manos and Ichiro. This was the second mistake that cost the game. Manos + Ichiro delayed most of my models and tarpited middle. 1-3 Turn 4 and last : Judge died on middle, Manos was able to move the center idol to score his 3 rd strat point. LJ scored the 2nd deliver, and undercover denied search the ruins. Round 4 vs Bert Diamond The opponent did not use the stealthy models of his team. The undercover reporter sent back a rooster rider on one corner on turn 3, and survived the soulstone miner long enough to score outflank and denying the opponent the first point until the last turn. Francisco ran on one side to outflank and get idols. The rest of the team stayed on middle protected by Phiona to kill moving models and score claim jump. Round 5 vs Aj Barr I misplayed the beginning of the game and sent my team straight middle. They got slaughtered by stealthy shooters and focused gators. Nino and papa died turn 1, Abuela on turn 2. Phiona on 3, and Perdita on 4. The undercover reporter made a good job, delaying breakthrough until last turn. Round 6 vs Troy Ashdown I sent Grimwell + 1 reporter on left. They survived to Mizaki+Ototo on turn 1 and 2. They scored outflank, deliver a message, and controlled idols here until the end. Ototo got tarpited by Steward until the end of the game. Phiona protected Nellie on middle until turn 3, limiting damage taken and taking control of 1 idol. The undercover reporter delayed opponent on right on turn 1 and 2. He got support from a reporter and Nellie. On turn 4 Mizaki with her anti resist trigger + 1 woukou rider killed Nellie getting only the last point from assassinate. I could still get the idols on this turn and deny it to my opponent. Undercover reporter also denied the first point of search the ruins. The opponent scored the idols on turn 5 and his first search the ruins Round 7 vs Paul Wiggers I forgot to print cards for false witness. Otherwise I would have taken 1 and detonate charges instead of Vendetta I killed his totem turn 1 with bring it from Phiona, and attacks from Domador and Nellie. This left most of my team in my wedge. I am not sure that it was so useful. On left and right, reporters focused and schemed to get ready to retrieve bombs/hinder opponent. The opponent moved forward and dropped bombs fast. I retrieved most of them on turn 3. My team started to take heavy damage and had to get away to heal/hide. I tried to deny his points and play defensive to survive. He had to stop attacking and grab back bombs with Archie, and move Molly to score points. Philip got his Claim jumps. I missed the last activation on Nellie due to time. She could have denied 1 point and get a draw. I would have been the best guild player.
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    Some tricks I liked: Killing ashes and dust myself to instant score outrank Killing ashes and dust turn 4 and place the dust in the corner easiest to deny power ritual. Then just interact to remove the marker. Killing ashes and dust in general to place the dust somewhere to deny a scheme or tie up a model. It's easy to think you just need to reform, but I never did as just having a dust spawn way over gave/denied me more points. Don't forget a lot of your models drop scrap markers when dead. Scavenger as well. You can make ridiculous movement with ashes, getting to places people don't expext. Even if it's just push 1 inch to get out of melee to interact or charge something else. Kill Levi with his 0 action for an in activation teleport. One case I was down at 5 sounds. Used the bonus action and channelled for it, Then ditch all three cards, get three damage, redrawn next to a waif 30ish inches away with still 3 so left. It was glorious get stuff to 1 wd and leap a necropunk next to it! It dies at activation and so easy to position. Mask on scavenger for 8 inch pls. Plus a walk and the bonus action it's removing a marker at ~16 inch. It's so good.
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    Very well deserved, I got to see it personally and was amazing!
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    That's a misleading way of cutting the tournament results (at best). Of the 20 UK M3e tournaments on Malifaux Rankings (http://malifaux-rankings.com), plus this weekend's Nationals; Ten Thunders: 6 Arcanists: 6 Outcasts: 3 Ressers: 2 Bayou: 2 Guild: 1 Neverborn: 1 If you look at the podium places of the four Grand Tournaments which have been held, which are the well attended competitive two day events, it's as follows; Thunders: 5 Arcanists: 3 Outcasts: 2 Ressers: 2 Or if you want to exclude the Welsh GT from the beta period it's; TT 4, Outc 2, Arc 2, Res 1. UK Nationals (7 rounds, >80 players) top 10 were; 4 Thunders, 4 Outcasts, 1 Arcanist, 1 Resser. Now we can argue about the right way to count events, and if we should count from a time when the beta was still tinkering around the edges or not, but I really don't think it's honest to present a narrative that TT aren't doing really well at both local and national levels in the UK.
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    Just got back from the Malifaux UK Nationals where I won another Best Painted for my Urami crew Got an Army Painter brush set as well as trophy!
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    According to the Detailed Timing chart (pg. 35 of the downloadable rulebook) Start Activation is a timing step that takes place after an unactivated model has been chosen (step C1) But, I would argue that the only effects that apply to a model at the start of its activation are those that would affect it at that exact point. If there is more than one thing that would affect it at this point, those effects would be "generated" (for want of a better word) then the active player decides which order to apply them. Once something has happened to the model, it is no longer the start of its activation, but is instead mid-activation So, in the case of Tara and her Bury nonsense, I would think that any effects that would affect the Buried model at the start of the activation would be generated, then applied by the active player. Once the Unbury effect has resolved, the step for generation of "start of activation" effects would have passed and so Tara's damage ability wouldn't affect the model as it did not start its activation within 4" of Tara. I would compare that to the mantra's of the Academic Keyword. If an Elemental model within 6" of a Shastar Vidya Guard, and within 7" of Kudra would take the Concentrate Action, would it be able to gain a 2" push from the Shastar Vidiya Guard's Mantra (Traveler) to move within 6" of Kudra and gain the benefit of Kudra's Mantra (Protection) and gain Shielded +1? Personally, I wouldn't have thought so as Kudra's Mantra wasn't an eligible effect at the time the Concentrate Action was taken. But I'm no expert so I hope you get a more authoritative answer!
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    Never have I heard so much whinging about how "our faction is too good!" Opponents should just man up and learn to deal.
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    My fix for Sybelle, and for red chapel generally: Scarlet temptation range = to largest melee range on the model. Bump in the night changed to: when an opposed duel involving a model within 6” aura occurs, Red Chapel models may add a mask to their final duel total. Personal attention changed to: Enemy models within 6” aura gain injured 1 and subtract 1 from their duel totals during their activation. Rotten Belles gain a bonus action: Until the end of the turn, all red chapel models involved in an opposed duel with a model engaged by this model may add a ram to their final duel totals.
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    Damn, i can't believe it's November already. Where did the time go? Anyway, this month I'm planning to finish off the First Mate & Sammy, and paint up the last unit i have for my Guild (Kings Empire) TOS army - a squad of "Witchling Borderers".
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    Ok, here are a few of my thoughts. 1) Double Masters are a lot more fun. Actually it is a lot harder to adapt to a bad matchup with a single master option. Though I don't think it affects our viability as much as some of us think. We can still play. 2) keywords are a big fat traps. You pick what you need. Period. The only master I play almost exclusively in keyword is Hoffman. Almost everything else I play varies heavily from just the totem to full list from game to game. My most successful Lucius, Nellie, Sonnia and Dashel lists are totem + 0-1 in keyword models. 3) Every master is viable in guild. M3E shines brightly on faction play in this regard. There are still some hard counters but they are nowhere near as brutal as they where in M2E. 4) not every keyword is viable. Family is trash, sorry. This crew is too prone to be tabled turn 2-3. Glass canons don't work reliably in our meta. 5) The crews in UK and in our meta are sometimes very different. And Jury does not magically beat Dreamer in our meta (or anybody). In fact Dreamer does not really care - he just summons stitched and they are not really bothered by 1+1 damage. We have a couple really good NVB players, so you can't beat them with just strong models. You need to actually think (bummer). 6) Let's see how the guild will show itself next year. I don't think there were enough of strong players present in UK Nationals and I plan to attend next year for some fresh experience. I think there will definitely something I can bring to surprise my opponents Edit: 7) Pale Rider will be nerfed. Mark my words. He is too good.
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    And hence forth he was known as Matt 23. Welcome
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    Great stuff, this app is very useful! One request/wish for future would be to incorporate a tournament organizer either within this app or as a standalone but integrated app. Tournament app could preset game settings and attendees could each connect to the tournament through their m3e app to add crews, etc. If players don't wish to use the app during their games they would need to be able to have their scores input manually after the game. Would also appreciate an allowance made for tournaments with other scoring categories to be counted such as sportsmanship and paint scoring.
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    And thats the stupid part about English, hollow.... well, one if the stupid parts... one of the many stupid parts... just because it's supposed to happen in that order doesn't mean it will happen in that order, or mean the same thing in a different order. It's kind of the worst.
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    Counter argument: Masked Rider. 👹
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    "After resolving an Action in which ..." is just setting up two elements: 1. This effect only happens during Actions, with the "another friendly model within 3 suffers damage" happening. 2. The effect that is set into motion (the stuff after the comma) gets resolved in the "After resolving" step of the action. So if a model suffered damage inside the aura and then moved outside, the delayed effect is still resolved. If a model is damaged outside of the aura, it doesn't matter where it goes later, nothing happens.
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    Armor also protects against most Wp based attacks, so what you actually have to worry about is conditions. Hoffmeister himself has condition removal, but you might also want to bring another model such as Guild Steward (or arcane effigy) against obviously condition heavy crews. Terrigying might be bit of a pain in the butt as well, but models with very high terrifying are kind of rare, and Hoffman's beaters don't have terrible Wp values and Wardens have ruthless.
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    One thing I've found with m3e is that bunching up happens. Once the fight is engaged, those 0 and 1 inch melees make it almost impossible to not be close to someone else. Its pretty easy to hit at least 2 models with Sonnia and honestly that's all you need. Anything more than 2 is just icing on the big ole burning cake. As far as reckoning, sure you can probably push out 2 points, but you have to kill 3 models in a turn to get the 3rd or kill Sonnia which isn't very likely. Meanwhile Sonnia can reliably take down enemy henches and kill 3 models in a turn thanks to burning stacking up.
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    I'll go against the grain Hoffman is good but if you are looking for tricks what you need first is to get the power token usage right. Power transfer can be good for slowly positioning models into position. Howard the duck with hisnexecute trigger forn1npower token late in the turn after their hand is depleted is full on scarey and gs models that do ireduceible damage dont forget that hofman can make it so thier armour isnt ignored and increase their toughness. As for second masters ( I dont do dual masters) I would say perdita while everyone keeps saying she isnt very good I maintain that her crew can be very efficient and can do a lot of work and their mechanics are very easy to get used to meaning you spend less time looking at the cards and more time thinking
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    Multiple masters are allowed on most events here, DMH masters are usualy allowed as a single-master option. TT is the least popular faction here and it lacks high skilled players.
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    Recently, I ran a game where I decided to use living fae vs Lady J. To get the waldgheists up the board quickly, I started with 2 underbrush markers just 4 inches out of the deployment zone. This allowed me to move my waldgheists up to the underbrush and use ambush to get the extra 3 inches. Yes, this means not having those 2 underbrush blocking lanes for your opponent or near an objective, but that is made up for quickly by getting a waldgheist closer round 1, and still leaves an action for creating more underbrush.
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    Congratulations Linar from Alicante! We enjoy a lot of when we read you are the winner! Now we arent playing so much but we try to play at least once a month, but isnt enough to Tournaments. Good Luck for the next, regards Pd: is very funny speak in english with you xD
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    Just to contextualize the above a little re the UK meta; We only play single master (what GG0 calls Singles), most of the events listed will be single master, certainly all of the GTs and the Nationals were. This is done because we found the game to be less fun, and the meta less diverse, with multiple masters. Worth noting that a good number of these event will have occurred in a context where models new to M3e which didn't have rules published until recently will not have been available. For example; Nekima's totem, False Witnesses, Agent 47, etc. I expect these hit Neverborn and Guild more disproportionately than the other factions which may be depressing their results.
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    Whether "start of activation" is an event (the conditions that exist at the actual beginning of the model's activation) or a period (everything that can happen before the model takes an action, including effects that would not have been legal at the actual beginning) is ambiguous. It's been argued here without a clear consensus, so ultimately you will need to discuss it with your opponent.
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    No it sucks to face tara as mccmounring where the average wp.of the crew is 4 lol. Weirdly vs tara, except as mcmourning I've never lost to her.
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    Initially starting in keyword will help a lot, but later getting a few OOK may help to both create crews tailored for the pool/adversary, making a more min/maxed crew or not being so predictable. For example in this torunament, the positions 1 and 10 used the leader and 1 model of the keyword, the rest were OOK/Versatile models (Shenlong and Seamus). The position 3 used mostly Keyword and versatile stuff in most games (Misaki and Shenlong), but he also used a crew with few keyword models (Asami). I guess it depend on the player and the keyword. Position 1: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/146467-shenlong-lists/?do=findComment&comment=1199024 Position 3: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/148108-uk-nationals-3rd/ Position 10: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/148107-uk-nationals-resser-round-up/
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    So this past weekend was the annual UK nationals, the largest Malifaux event in the world. Fantastic event run by the hardcore henchman himself, Mr David Brown. 2 days and 7 games with players from many different countries. I decided after having several debates on here and FB to run fixed Seamus for the event (dressed up as him as well) and test what I've been preaching. After 6 games, I was in 2nd place but unfortunately bounced off of Shen, dropping me to 10th place overall but still best in faction. The following will be around up of the models I took and hopefully generate some healthy debate based around practice rather than theory. Seamus... Oh.. My.. God.. Absolutly fantastic master able to function in pretty much any game as either a high output beater or scheme runner. I had a high opinion of him before the event and am even more impressed! Hardest game for him was vs Misaki, played by Steve Johnson. Misaki was able to hunt him down and make his movement harder and his crew was geared to take his hits (Fuhatsu, samurai, ototo, lone swordsman and fox with multiple arses thing). Copycat.. Did what he needed to do. I think in 7 games he attacked 3 times. Mostly he was walking to where Seamus 2anted to be and using his bonus or dragging Seamus out of the cack! Gravedigger.. Great minion with reasonable cost. Pulsing focus turn one for the crew then acting as a support healer, scheme runner or sitting in my deployment digging a corpse and dropping a scheme for a very easy 2nd point on dig graves. Carrion Emissary.. Works really well with Seamus. Enables the turn 1 2x focus shots from him by using his markers to spawn a zombie and place blocking just past the half way line. Beyond that he offers board control with his coffins and has a great dmg track. He generally attracted a lot of hate and I dont think he survived a game but with 6 df and wp plus h2k hes absorbed a lot of my opponent AP and distracted from what I was doing with other models. Archie.. Do I need to say anything? Hes the absolute nuts! Beating or scheming he can get where he needs to go and get the job done! Well worth 10ss although can be a bit squishy if over committed or poorly placed. Toshiro.. Another totally solid model for the crew. Hands out focus like candy, great dmg track and can summon one of the most frustrating minions ressers have to offer! Ashigaru.. Squishy archie and Seamus..? No problem! This guy will stand there and take the hits as well as preventing you opponent charging! H2k plus a 2" range with a bonus action to heal 1 and get off of his h2k! Can really ruin an opponents day with essentially a throw away summon. Bete.. Used her a couple of times and she did what she needed to do which was generally scheming and being a pain in the ass for my opponent. She is not a beater by any stretch of the imagination and requires some finesse but if used right can score points easily on a hemes such as claim jump and vendetta by simply achieving the first point then burying. Also great for putting pressure on summoners! Asura Rotten.. Used twice with the goal of scoring power ritual using the zombies she summons to drop schemes. Not overly effective beyond that but gives an opponent something to think about. VERY stone hungry! Vincent.. Playing against a summoner? Take Vincent! Watch your opponents glee of summoning a big scary gibly thing turn to despair when you toss a stone for a crow and delete it with ease! Ignores friendly fire and can shoot 3 times! Mortimer.. Fairly good beater with h2k and chatty. Produces corpses for Seamus or toshiro to use with a really nice movement trick. Situationally very good. As you can see, other than Bete I took NONE of the redchaple keyword in any games. In my opinion they offer nothing special unfortunately and I'd love to see Wyrd work on them some more. Why would you take sybelle when archie costs the same and is better? The belles and doxys are ok but very limited in what they can do and Seamus functions just fine without them. It would be nice to see some small changes to them made to make them worth taking in games as I'd love to be playing a thematic crew, but at tournament level it simply dosnt work.
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    I ran solo-Asami in a tourney last weekend, and think she's probably more at the top than I previously gave her credit for. The Emissary-powered summoning machine (ditching your hand looking for 13s and red jokers) ended up with me being able to summon 4-5 Jorogumos every game, which really swings the game balance in your favor.
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    When I arrive to Spain I summarize my 7 games with Shenlong.Althought my shelong crew is a bit wierd
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    I found a bug in schemes chosen for games which require you to pick models. Vendetta, Claim Jump, Take prisoner all have this issue, and I'm not sure if any other schemes have you pick a model. When a crew contains more than one of the same minion, during game setup you can pick a specific model (Eg: Ruffian, Ruffian 2, Ruffian 3). Once the game is started checking the scheme will just show "Ruffian" even if you picked 2 or 3. This causes an out-of-game issue when you have to convince your opponent which model you picked at the start of the game.
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    Hi, Here are some I have found: Court of Two Guild
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    Quick WIP shot, still plenty of detailing to be done but the overall feel is there. I've got to admit - M3E faces look really good
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo was found hiding in the back corner of our warehouse trying to chow down on old 2nd Edition boxes while doing what could only be described as “Flab crunches”. When we tried to ask him what was going on, the only words we were able to get out of him (between minutes of labored breathing) were broken phrases like “Infernal Glory,” “Ole-Imp-Iks,”and “Sunny Palm Springs Florida!” So while Waldo is off getting ready for his big competition, we’re going to take some time to discuss the future of Malifaux competitions with the release of Gaining Grounds: Season Zero. First, let’s start with “What is Gaining Grounds?” because there might be some new players that aren’t familiar. Gaining Grounds is the name we use for official tournament documentation for Malifaux. It’s used to give a backbone structure for our Tournament Organizers to follow that clarifies some basic formalities of running a Malifaux event while breathing new life into the game by providing new ways to play, from new shiny Strategies and Schemes to alternate game formats. Previously, different iterations of Gaining Grounds were referred to by the year they were released (such as Gaining Grounds ‘18), but to separate the titles from one edition to the next, and to give us as designers a little more wiggle room, we are instead introducing a Seasonal system for the Gaining Grounds rotation. No, this does not mean that you will be receiving four Gaining Grounds documents a year. Generally, they’ll continue to stay on the yearly schedule, but there may be instances where an Encounter pool wasn’t as exciting as we had originally hoped. By utilizing a Seasonal system rather than simply a yearly rotation, it gives us the opportunity to freshen that pool a little faster. Okay, so that all sounds great, but what is Gaining Grounds Season Zero, then? Since Malifaux Third Edition was released, many of our incredible tournament organizers have been utilizing outdated information from a Gaining Grounds written for Second Edition. We felt that it would be best if we provided them with a new toolbox, one that would be more fitting for the changes in the latest edition of Malifaux. It is essentially the tournament document that covers the existing game as it stands. But we still managed to add a bunch of neat features: A true toolbox. We understand that every community plays Malifaux differently, and we want to embrace that. Some prefer allowing DMH characters in play. Some communities prefer to only allow single Masters into Crews. With the “pick and choose” method, tournament organizers will now be able to create an event that works best for their community. Terrain suggestions. This was a long-requested feature, as some players have difficulty setting up a table. In Season Zero, we have some suggestions in there to help make your Malifaux experience as fun and strategic as it can be. Updated Tournament Structure. This can be very helpful for players who want to build their first tournament, but it might also help with veteran TOs in adjusting how they’ve done it in the past. New Game Modes. Bored with the standard way of playing Malifaux? Well, we’ve provided the official rules for Henchman Hardcore, All Out Brawl (the M3E update to Enforcer Brawl), and Double Rush. Updated Strategies and Schemes. These have been adjusted for additional clarity, but it is still the same pool from the core book. And more. You’ll just have to check out the document yourself! Remember, Gaining Grounds has always ever been a guide. Nothing in it should be used as absolutes. The document should be treated as a way to make creating and conducting events a painless process for our organizers, but we understand that each community is different, and each organizer prefers to treat their events differently. So… why “Season Zero” and not “Season One”? We’ll be coming out with a Season One that will act as the first big Gaining Grounds in a few short months. Season Zero is setting the groundwork so that expectations are clear and so that TOs have something to utilize in the meantime. You can download the PDF by clicking on this link or by checking it out on our Resources section. The updated Strats and Schemes will be coming to the Malifaux Crew Builder App shortly. And for our TOS players, rest assured that an updated Fields of Glory document (with new Operations!) is also in the works. That’s it from us. See you next week!
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    An idea that ome of my friends had the other day was that it would be really cool if certain crews/models started with conditions/token on them, as opposed to having to manually search for them every game. What specifically prompted this was the Monk keyword, and needing to start every game by manually putting Chi +1 on each model. If instead all models with Enlightenment could start with the Chi +0 condition at the start of the game it would be very convient. Similarly, if models with Power Converter (Hoff crew) could all start with Power +0, and all of Lynch's models, or models in a game with Lynch, could start with Brilliance +0 (or +X if they are Succumbed), or even if all models on both crews in a game where Kaeris is a leader could start with Burning +0. I get that its probably real complicated to implement, but it was a cool idea so I figured Id post it here
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    Request : would it be feasible to get the app to move forward a turn when "reset activations" is pressed?
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    TFW and S&S had really good episodes about getting better at malifaux. Listen to each of them twice. take their advice. They aren't guild specific, but they are correct.
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    I would like to point out that Zoraida was already kind of nerfed before the UK nationals.
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    TT are not dominating uk tourneys though. They have won 2 since 3e release. Outcasts have also won 2 and arcanists have won 5. The other factions have 1 each. So 2 out of 13 so far. Yep totally broken and need nerfing
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    I would be very surprised if they went heavy on errata this early into new edition. We will likely see new schemes and strategies, but what kind of scheme or strategy would favor models that are not good at killing, surviving or moving? I have a family strategy for you right here: Don't play family.
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    Am I the only one focusing on his Fermented River Style, and the crazy damage potential he has? Combined with the “free” 6-inch push through models, and the follow-up hit.
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    yeah! I feel Monks in general are more of a support crew for Shenlong! he is the dragon's chosen after all! wandering river are awesome but mostly do schemes and LRM are very good healer! Also Charm Warder are nice counterpick vs certain crew! Apart from those 3, I don't think the rest of the keyword is worth it. The problem with Chi is mainly on Shenlong being able to do what he wants and having stat 7-8 on most duels is really strong. Maybe put a cap on the nnumber of chi a model could have? this won't nerf the rest of the keyword and will turn down Shenlong because he will have to gain more chi spread out during the game instead of hoarding a lot of it turn 1 and be done with chi generation after?
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    Am I wrong in thinking this is primarily a Shenlong issue rather than a Monk issue? Apparently the 1st place Shenlong player hired almost entirely out of keyword. If Chi is nerfed rather than Shenlong without those other Monks getting a look at then the rest of the keyword might become really bad.
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    I still think shenlong can be beaten I honestly believe that people are just missing something, notnl sure what yet. Where I've been saying 31 masters i think these results have cemented that i am going to focus more on guild now
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    I wouldn't make that argument for any other box (that I aware right now). Most boxes include models from 1 keyword or from 1 faction; those models could fit more or less my playstyle, but these are models I may use in a game. This game is "organized" in a Faction vs Faction style (it is nice being able to start to play with one master only tho) and the boxes are expected to be organized like that. It's like if in Warhammer fantasy a player is forced to buy a big box of goblins to get a high elf commander for example. In the first mate case one of the best henchmans of the crew is hidden behind a 50 bucks "paywall" for a NVB player that doesn't care about Bayou/Outcasts. It's not about being "tribal", it's about having a budget; not everyone want or can collect more than one faction. In my case, I do like Zoraida; but that Master is very low in my purchase list right now for the First Mate. It's annoying having to buy Zipp to get access to one of his best models, (tho this case is a M2E sprue issue as far as I know) and I can buy a lot of NVB miniatures with those 50 bucks.
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    I honestly think Wyrd has a right to gently pressure their sales. They're still a business and they've built us a great game. Splitting a purchase or re-selling models you don't use on the secondary market is an option for sure, but I also feel like part of the joy of the game is that they've obviously built very intentional bridges across the factions with what seems to present as a major and a minor faction for each master. I've started in Guild and I've been enjoying dreaming of getting into Arcanists, Neverborn, or Explorers next as I look at connected models.
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    The Search the Ruins change is frustrating, because some models and upgrades become nerfed. E.g. Freikorps's Land Mines were almost exclusively used for this scheme.
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    What I've run into with lucius is that his crew hates getting punched in the face. It just can't handle any sort of aggression. Is anyone else having this experience?
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    Agent 46 mimicking a gun is scary. I've wanted to use him to copy pale riders gun, and take lots of stones to proc the trigger a bunch and stagger the entire enemy while doing tons of damage. Then when they get close, pale rider can make everyone charge and get you lots of cards. Mimicking that gun could also make investigators scary. +2 damage and stat 7 against an injured enemy feels like something serious.
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