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    Painted "lava" effects on the joints of Joro's feet. Felt they needed some pizzazz. And with that, the spider parts are almost done. Just a few "belly gems" to do.
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    Just played a game yesterday with the transmortis crew, loved the changes to studied opponent. Didnt happen every activation but happened enough to help me kill what I needed to. 8 soulstones kept the valedictorian alive the first 2 turns against a grootslange,bad juju and the first mate, along with zoriadas obeys on those 3. She killed bad juju, and an adze. Getting me 2 summons (sinew, for the tasty obeys on my Victorian for more attacks, great model, needs stones to live though)
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    I mean, at the very least the complaint about Perdita is valid. I do like where Guild has generally ended up and I think they are good, but balance for 3e did a number on Perdita. Family Values really isn't the buff she needed. I also still think it's early to have the factions rankings all worked out. That'll take some time.
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    More details to follow, but letting you know that the English GT will be held at Dark Sphere Shepherds Bush (West London) this year on the 21st and 22nd September. I will get more details up as soon as possible - just wanted to give you all the date for your diary.
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    I'm not super adept at Dita, but I'd try something like: #1 Dita + LLC (5SS) Nephilim Abuela Nino + Expert Marksman Loco + Expert Marksman (assuming I didn't fuck something up and it works ) Santiago Steward Effigy + Effigy of Fate #2 Dita (2SS) Nephilim Abuela Nino + Expert Marksman Loco + Expert Marksman Santiago Steward Judge I generally think most 4-5 SS minions are shit and will rarely be taken (unless they have HtW/Armor/etc)
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    Hi guys, I haven't been very vocal this month as beta testing and organizing an escalation league to bring new players has eaten up most of my time. (And being in constant pain has eaten much of my mental energy.) This has also made me change my pledge to Ikiryo and an Onryo (as that's what I've been painting for the league). They're not done but I think I'll manage before the end of the month. I apologize for not offering up any opinions or specific praise at this moment but I just don't have the mental fortitude at the moment. I'm really impressed with everyone's progress though, it's very inspirational and motivating! Edit: Aaaand l just realized that Ikyrio is 0 points in M2E... FML. 😝 Maybe I'll have time to paint up a Seishin...
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    It does not require LoS
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    Which was two days after their post.
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    Hey everyone, Here is a file containing the cards that were missed in the update on Friday so that you can look them over. OB_3.25.19_Hotfix.pdf
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    Caedrus, reporting in! So, I managed to complete my vulture (posted earlier), and my Acolytes, as promised. They're not my best, and not my worst. The snow effect is a bit meh, but the cloaks are very pleasing indeed. So, 24SS painted this month. Remember, everyone, March is crunch time! If you've Mulliganed twice, then March is the month where you have to start! I'll return soon with an end of month update. Next month, sadly, it'll be back to red paint for me... Caedrus.
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    But it's worth noting that Judge doesn't suffer +2 damage but 2 damage, so if you are on 3 Wds and flip 2x you get 2 dmg (go to HtK) and then die.
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    maybe Information Network trigger could be on backroom dealing instead (so that it's built in) action instead ? Blackmail definitly could be stat 7. Or let it 6 with We Own You trigger built-in. If you want space on her card to do whatever thing, just remove the No Witness trigger.
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