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    How does "towards and away" work in 3e. There seems to be some confusion going around my local group. The ruling seems to indicate a push towards (or away) must be continuously moving toward the center of the models base. Does this mean that as long as my push towards is constantly moving closer to the center ( though not directly towards it ) that it is a valid push?
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    You can break it down into three bullet points, true for both Towards and Away: 1. The move must take the model as close (or as far, in the case of Away) from the center of the target as possible. This means directly towards/away in most cases. UNLESS: 2. The path is blocked by an impassable object, then the model will move around it by the shortest possible path. UNLESS: 3: Moving around an object would result in the model moving in the opposite of the direction it's trying to go at any point, in which case the move stops immediately.
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    Glad to hear you've had success with our lovely pile of dirt. I've given it similar praise for the same reasons. It's easy to overlook it since it lacks a lot of interesting functions compared to the other expensive models, but it's durability is pretty insane if all you want to do is hold the center of the board.
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    I tried out a grave golem on turf war + claim jump, and it was very solid. I had a grave digger + another model with Grave Spirit's touch, so they could pulse focus every turn if I didn't need the corpse markers. The grave golem secured the centre so easily that Philip and the Nanny scored two points for claim jump with ease. Grave golem is a very good zone control tool, and highly recommend to anyone facing a scenario where you just have to control a part of the board. It sucks at chasing enemies and can be ignored, so it really only is good when you can force enemies to come to it (or punish them for not doing so, like scoring claim jump). Plus I love my new sculpt for it. I'll post some pics once it is painted
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    I also tried a shockwave heavy game with 2 thralls with no prisonners and it wasn't that good! My opponent got lucky for sure on one turn when he flipped just high enough for 4 models in range of one shockwave but I've found they don't do enough dmg for a low TN that opponent have good ways to avoid when he really need it. So most of the time my opponent just didn't care about the few dmg or when he wanted to protect the important pieces he just cheated his moderate. Also after getting hit by one on 4 models he just spaced out his models and it was really hard to target more than 1-2 models! 😕 THe Thralls have been way more threatening for me as melee monsters instead of shockwave flingers!
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    Back when I played in M2e the New England Tournament Organizers did a great thing. Instead of prize support being reserved for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best Paint, and Best Sportsmanship the Malifaux tournaments used raffle tickets so everyone had a chance to get a prize. The major benefit of this was that Players stuck around. Yeah, you might not place, but you still had the chance to walk home with something. Malifaux at conventions had the least number of drops than any other system. And for Malifaux tournaments on Saturdays I almost never saw a drop. So how did you get raffle tickets? 1. You showed up. 2. Each Round - You have a fully painted crew. 3. If you win your round. 4. 1st place gets 3 tickets, 2nd place gets 2 tickets, and 3rd gets 1 ticket. In addition to a trophy. 5. Each player writes the name of their favorite opponent of the day onto a raffle ticket. 6. Best Painted gets 3 tickets and a special prize or trophy. Then pick a ticket from the bucket and allow each person called to pick from the prize pool. I hope this inspires TOs to utilize the raffle format. TL:DR. Raffle off your prize support to everyone in the tournament. Save trophies and special prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Best Painted. You’ll maintain player retention and reduce drops.
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    The old group in Portland used to do this too. I really prefer it to just first, second, third. You can create fun ways to allow players to earn more raffle tickets too. They used to do Beerlifaux about once a month and any drink you purchased from the store (yes, they served beer, but anything counted) you would get another raffle ticket. Helped support the store and create good will for the event. They also worked out a 20% discount for Malifaux items if you participated (there was a small entrance fee though).
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    If it's supposed to only place that one fireteam then IMO the action really really needs to be rephrased to follow the same wording as in the core rulebook exemples. So something like "Place only this fireteam anywhere on the table" (you don't even need the part about staying in formation since the rulebook states in the "formation" section that a squad must remain in formation at all times)
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    I'm not so convinced that is how the interaction would work. I don't think walking dead kills the model. Walking Dead says that if it was removed, it is killed. I don't think Walking Dead does the "killing, I believe Walking Dead causes the action that would remove it to kill instead. I think this needs an official ruling to avoid any confusion at events in the future.
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