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    So I am quite new to the forums, so I decided to make myself a hobby thread of some of the Malifaux models which I have painted. I am still quite new to the game only really starting to get into it a year ago, but have been quite hooked. First is my latest and main crew, Asami. I love painting these models... but am so happy I never have to do anything like Ama no Zako ever again. These were all done mainly with contrast paints which I just love for Malifaux models and then highlighted afterwards. The spiders were the biggest pain in the ass... so many legs! Then we have the MVO (very important oni) Ama no Zako herself. She is my designated Archie killer as my friend usually play Molly, so she deserved a fancy paint job. Then we have my two versatile models that I most often take with her... though after the FAQ I don't really see me taking Yasunori that often... which is a shame. Still have a lot to get for this crew, but this is what I got so far. Later I will post my other models.
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    Finaly some time to paint again! Don't know if I'm already out of the challenge, but here is my first model of. August, hope you enjoy! :
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    Good news everyone! After some success and growing interest of the community on my bayou gremlins painting topic I decided to share my progress on LJ and her butt-hurting department with ya all. So LJ are coming to punish ressers and undead things. I’ll upload all my progress on painting marshal keyword and will appreciate your support folks!
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    First and IMHO the best of my sweet death marshals girls finished. Really happy how it turns out. No OSL effect cuz of my laziness and extremely busy schedule (and it matches the Scales😎)
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    Hot and unpleasant outside so I painted only during late night hours this month, here's what came out of it. 64ss worth of fire
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    I got a couple of models painted - and a shipment of new toys 😊
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    Things I've painted pic dump
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    Wyrd had mentioned they would like to make a thing namely alt master, the same character with totally different stat card and play style, as a replacement for the 2E master upgrades. This topic came up again between friends and me recently. We have made some fun and crazy idea of alt some of our favorite master and would like to share with you. Also we want to read if someone has any good idea too. Lady Justice, the Blade of Shadow The lost of the Judge has severely impact Lady Justice's mind and hence she was corroded by the necro magic. She lost part of her physical strength in return of more control of her necro magic. Incorporeal The Sword of Other World: Lady Justice may draw LoS and range for her actions from friendly Undeads within 12". Lady Justice must deal 1 damage to that Undead in order to declare trigger Life Leech Shadow Blade Rg 2" / Stat 7 / Rst Wp / Deals 2/4/5 damage. This attack ignores Hard to Wound, Armor and Incorporeal. Critical Strike Glimpse the Void Relife: After killed a Living/Undead, summons a Undead Marshal/Zombie minion with equal or lower cost of the target in base contact of the target. Colette, the Phantom Colette is tired to be ignore because of her resistance trigger. So she learnt the illusion magic and decide to fight at the front line. Colette has a new totem call Illusion, which is basically share same abilities and actions with Colette, but with Wp 0 and 1 wound only. Illusion cannot be hired. Df/Wp()Smoke and Mirror: Summon an Illusion into base contact, place Colette anywhere within 6". Agile Diving Charge Balance Blade stat 6 Coordinate Attack Illusion Strike Rg 6" / Stat 6 / TN 10 / Increase the TN of the Shockwave by +1 for every Illusion within 3 of the Shockwave maker (max +5). Shockwave 2, Wp 10, damage 2 and Distracted +1. Mirror Image Rg 6" / Stat 6 / TN 12 Summon an Illusion within range. Ulix, Ravage Rider Ulix found that he cannot grow any pigs suddenly. So he rides on a War Pig and start a travel founding and solving the problem. Stampede Frenzied Charge Trample Make Way Giant Tusks Rg 1" / Stat 6 / Rst Df / This action must declare trigger if able. Deal 3/5/6 damage Puncture Rampage Armor Piercing Reposition Emergency Food Rg 3 / Stat 6 / TN 10 Kill any friendly Pigs within range, for each killed model, resolve one of the following effect: (each effect can be chosen once) Gains one suit until the end phase Gains to all duels until the end phase Heals 1/2/3 Push up to 5" in any direction
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    Thanks Cranky. Those go waaay back, trying to remember... I think, I just heavily diluted some green and brown notes, closed my eyes and lathered them on with a big brush. When it comes to colour, I’d recommend you, rather than follow a recipe, try working with what you got, make your own blends. The colours on the internet is a twisted compromise between the lighting, the background, retouching, the camera, the screen you’re looking at vs the screen it was edited on and your OS before the paint itself. So what you see can differ quite a bit from whats on my shelf. Rather than try to explain, I’ll direct you to a guy, who is my current inspiration. He’s got some great tutorials on colour theory etc, but check out, what he does with Just the three primaries+Black and White :
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    If was corner and symbols. Schemes were Research Mission, breakthrough, martyrs, vendetta and leave mark. I took vendetta (valedictorian) and martyrs (Angel eyes, changeling) his List was : New Prof. Von Schtook Crew (Resurrectionist) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Prof. Von Schtook The Whisper Totem(s): Research Assistant Hires: Anna Lovelace The Valedictorian Killer Instinct Carrion Emissary Necropunk Necropunk 2 There was a huge distance between our crews. The lawyers stood in the backrow and were quite protected By distance and friendly models/terrain first turn. I Managed to reduce the valedictorians LP with Angel eyes (-6 LP) first turn and my opponent played more and more defensive. Even though bc I got his assistend and one necropunk killed early game... he was def. Surprised by the bbs angel lawyer combo. Even though his placement was good my angel eyes or agent always got a good angle to shoot...
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    So... Kin keyword instead of horsemen?
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    I'm a big fan of Francois, but if the table has a lot if concealing terrain, or you want to save more stones for Zoraida, Raphael is a good option. If you feel lucky, make him fast with Zoraida twice - it will drop him down to half health and switch on his Grit. Raphael's long-range gun with [+] to attack and damage flips can be deadly. And with Htk he has a good chance to live long enough to get healing from bokor. Another beater that works well with Zoraida is Lenny. He is a perfect target for Obey, because he has +1 to all duels outside of his activation. And don't forget about Alphonse. High damage track, 2" engagement range, easy access to nice triggers and damage reduction. P.S. If you don't want to win the game, but want to have fun, take Lenny in Ghillie Suit, Alphonse and make them play dumb tennis with the Emissary, tossing it to each other through enemy models.
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    I love how they looked at pine box, and how it wasn't being used at all competitivel last edition, and were like "what if this was much worse and more prevalent".
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    OK, so pledge for this month is done. I finished my M2E Viktorias. Or more likely, I reached a point where the more I was trying to fix thing the more I was botching others, so better to stop before they were irremediably beyond any hope. Now, I'm on a good path to finish Alison Dade, and M2E Taelor.
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    A assembled Dark Debts boc minis, not without troubles beeing assembling instructions uncompleted. Hope to have time to go after painting soon.
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    Baby Kade done. I should also have my poltergeist done soon if the base ever shows up 🙄
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    Some Crooligans. That's the Forgotten finished
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    hi there! some slow updates on the terrain piece, is a slow process, mostly bc of lack of practice, and not knowing the materials, but i have to say, that working with the extruded polystyrene is a pleasure, is kinda hard to carve the big holes and stuff, bc i don't know how to make it look neat , but for the small details is truly amazing how easy is to give shape. There's going to be a small piece right above the sewer bit to place more minis. Planning the whole thing was the hardest bit so far, the bases of my minis are very different one of the other and i'm trying to put them in the piece in a way that the 26 mini bases blend with the surroundings. I might end up changing the color of the ground in 2 stolen, but other than that the bases will stay the way they are.
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    I would say that his playstyle is different to Von Schill and Marcus. His crew seem to typically want to pass the upgrades amongst themselves, so there is more a case of him getting them out there, and then them being used, where as Vonschill has to keep giving new stuff out as they get used up. I don't know how competitive he is, but some one in the UK used him as explorers faction to win a tournament, so that was just using keyword models . TT have a range of strong versatile models. I'm not sure which ones I would recommend if you're just starting with him, it probably depends a lot on how you want to play, Id look for Minions initially for use with the upgrade, so Samurai and Ten Thunders Brothers look a good start.
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    The Judge is now finished.
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    Now the Judge got the cloak he deserves. Really find the best mixture for me.
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    Hey there, hi there, ho there, Another year with the Wyrd year-long painting challenge, another year I'll chronicle everything else I do alongside it. For the monthly challenge thread see this for January and this for February. There's still time to join in. It's a neat little project Here's my 2019 'side' thread if someone fancies a look. What to expect this year? At least one Wyrd mini every month at leastLot more quick 'n dirty boardgame stuff this year. Made a new year's resolution to paint up most of my Battlelore 2nd edition boardgame, including all expansions. That's over 200 minis total, though I'd done maybe 60-70 in the past few years. Minis themselves are decent-for-the-time boardgame plastic from early 2010's. ie. fairly crappy. Quick, simple paintjobs. Plain bases. That's the plan for this project. Hopefully I can squeeze in some fun singles every now and then from other manufacturers too. Enough rambling. Wot I Painted in January: Starting with Battlelore 2e, I finished up my undead army: Skeleton Archers Banshee - Let me just say that conceptually I really dig this mini. Having the banshee physically enslaved like that, it just seems more interesting than the usual "wailing all by my lonesome" banshees I've seen. Barrow Wyrm 6 out of 24 Citadel Guard done. With undead finished, I'll be focusing on "good guy humans" next. Doing all 24 in February. ____ And finally something a little nicer, as seen on the January challenge thread, my Yasunori: ____ 21 minis done. That's all folks, till next month
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    Some progress on m3e marshals. The scheme is really close to the box art, but with my variation of colours. So my plan is to finish this gorgeous girls and start painting m2e version of the Judge.
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    Fun with primaries :
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    Of course, as everyone knows, they work best together.
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    When i play vassal i like to have 2 or 3 of the m3e app browser pages open at the same time to see the score, opponents crew and mine. However a week ago my browser didnt allowed me to open the page at all anymore. tried both google chrome, firefox and explorer. it worked once but after i signed in and tried to open it up again later it wont pass the "loading screen" it has before all the menu comes up. I can somehow work around this by reset my browser settings to default settings and then i can open the page again and sign in to my user in the m3e app but same problem again after when i try to open it again the next day. need to reset my browser settings again and sign in again. edit: my google chrome version is 84.0.4147.125 my main browser
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    This surprises me as I would have said that Sandeep was the first master that joined the Arcanists rather than joined the M&SU. ( Initial 3 of Marcus, Rasputina and Ramos, only Ramos was M&SU, Colette joined and was both a strong spell caster and an important front for the Smuggling activities of M&SU. Kaeris joined as the M&SU enforcer. Mei joined to be part of the workers, although less miner, but still steamfitter as she worked on the rail side of the organisation. Inronsides became the enforcer for M&SU as Kaeris did more Magical stuff). I certainly used to joke at the beginning of M2e that it wasn't the arcanist faction it was the M&SU faction. So whilst I can see story reason why you don't have Kaeris as Duel faction, and Ironsides isn't really a mage so isn't really an arcanist, I see no links between Sandeep and M&SU. Colette is perfect choice in Story, and Flavour to be duel faction. She wants to stick with powerful mages, but is also a good link with the M&SU smuggling. Right back to her First edition card she had special M&SU hiring rules, and she is a master of illusion, so maintaining links to both organisations as they separate should not have been too hard. And most of her income comes from M&SU either in the form of her smuggling, or in the form of the common workers visiting the Star. Other than that I like Solkans breakdown
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