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    Finally got a chance to admire the lovely pledges thus far. Great work, all! Here is my finished pledge: Kirai Class of 2019!! Total May SS count: ...to be calculated later And here's a bonus Bushido model I finished in anticipation of 2nd Edition:
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    So I've painted some stuff; 3x Yokai (15SS), a breachling (10SS) and the first terrain piece I've painted in years (area = 21x 50mm bases = 105SS) for 130SS. I've still got a forest, building, Asami and Totem to go, so we'll see how much of that i get done before the end of the week!
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    Quick one for a friend: Domador de Cadavere (7ss). Now I just need to varnish and get it down to the LGS. @Caedrus That makes my month's total 51ss: Yan Lo (15ss), Chiaki (6ss), 3xAshigaru (3x5=15ss), Crime Boss (8ss) and Domadore (7ss). Unrelated to this thread, wife informed me I should start doing some of those boardgames. She has fond memories of us playing Battlelore 2e back before I started painting minis. That's compelling
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    My May model is Neil Henry. Looked at the calendar and then ran to the garage to grab my primer tonight. I have some base colors down and the base done, so this is a first pledge photo and a WIP photo all in one. Painting for four miniature games really keeps you hopping! Anyone else out there painting for this many or more? Egad, this is a great time to be a tabletop war gamer. Cheers, all.
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    @bedjy I really like how you painted the face of this photograph. On my side, I'm suffering procrastination issues with the third fire gamin. To calm myself I decided to have a little snack with this riotbreaker. I still have to add some more still water to the base and maybe highlight a bit more some metallic parts: @Caedrus this adds 6 stones to my total, putting me at 20 ss.
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    I dunno, the ones I've seen from Wave 5 on tables have IMO been good but I have seen a somewhat limited selection as well (no Domadores, for example, that might be a prime candidate for too bulky details). I don't think that the new DMs are better or worse than the original M2e versions (I have a soft spot for the original metal ones as they were the first things I bought from Wyrd long before Malifaux even existed). The lanky one dragging the coffin looks to me like it'd be the best plastic DM. The surfer is indeed silly but still less annoying than the giant version. There I agree and I hope that the new faction won't just be a "lazy steampunk amalgam of Guild and Arcanists" faction. That said, I think that the quality of the sculpts themselves is really good - there's lots of interesting detail, the poses are fine and even the billowing cloaks aren't the "Guild billowing cloak clone"-type. I think that these are on par with Wave 1-2 stuff easily. I think that they are fine and are on par with what we've seen before. They are not Wyrd's greatest minis ever but a solid entry, IMO. But really, I think that my point is that I find that the quality is on the same level as before but there's more details and less blank and Wyrd is IMO on the right track climbing away from Wave 3 style. Individual minis vary but that's how it is and I don't see any noticeable drop in quality between Wave 5 and M3e. YMMV and that's fine as well.
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    hey guys ! Things are going pretty well right here, I've already painted 9 ToS models and Adeodatos. I'm also into the industry of base-making right now, so it slowed my production by much... But once it'll be done !... Everything will be faster
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    I have it on the best authority, just ask any of my friends, that Latigo will pay for the wall. It's a gunna be huge, beautiful. I make the best walls... - Attributed to the late Governor General
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    Finished another Merc, this time Big Jake.
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    It gets a little messy because there end up being a few different categories of "Alt" figures: Really old metal Miss Pack nurse Really old metal Dead Justice Really old metal Care Bears Puppet Wars Teddys The old (all metal except Hoffman) Avatar models Through The Breach Kickstarter exclusive Hanna Winter Wonderland alternate Rasputina crew The "Malifaux Vintage" set of alternate figures for the seven selected masters Som'er Teeth Jones McMourning Sonnia Misaki Rasputina Hamlin Pandora The "Miss" series Miss Step (Howard Langston) Miss Terious (Death Marshal) Miss Fire (Willy) Miss Ery (the Teddy) Miss Ann Thrope (Alt Ruffian) Miss Deed (Alt Taelor) The "Wild Ones" crew box The "Dark Carnival" alt-crew box and separate alt-Coryphee Duet box "Dr. Dufrense" Alt-McMourning Alt Lazarus Alt Titania Alt Perdita (I might be confusing this one with the Alt Santana...) Alt Santana Ortega (alt for Santiago Ortega) Alt Fransisco Ortega Alt Rafkin Alt Reva Alt Firestarter Alt Witching Handler The "Black Joker"n (Amerlia Bahory) alt-Nicodem lady The "Victorian Lady" (Emioline Bellerose) alt- Madame Sybelle He-Kome Ross Jebsen Alt Viktorias (easter set) Alt Katana Sniper Alt Monster Hunter Alt Joss The "Unicorn Vomit and Pixie Farts" alt Gremlin box (Ulix, boars, Penelope, Old Major) Alt Bishop Alt Barbaros The "Curiosity Killed the Cat" alt Hamlin box, with associated Cat Princess and Cat Herders boxes War Rabbit "Bearly Together" alt Stitched Together and then there's the "regular production" alternate models: Rogue Necromancy Lenny Hungering Darkness Ototo Vanessa Nekima Graves and Tannen The Tortoise and Hare boxed set (alternates for Izamu the Armor and Blessed of December) There are a few other alternate master models from 1st edition not on this list. And I think the Kentauroi had a packaging failure where there was supposed to be an alt-figure but it ended up getting packaged into the regular packaging. Edit *a few hours later*: And I still forgot the alt Performer. And probably on this list should be the translucent Tara box, but it's more of an honorable mention alt box because I think the only thing that changes aside from the material is the size of the Nightmare Beast model. So, the PS list: Alt Performer Alt Bayou Gremlin Alt Swine Cursed Translucent Nightmare Beast in the translucent Tara box Nightmare Whiskey Golem Hanging Trees There's another list a person could make of "models that have been produced in alternate color or translucent plastic". I fear that that's too much work trying to track down all of the small runs that have made it into sales or mystery boxes. Apparently there's more back in the metal era. I have no idea what was what back then, and I've already edited this post a half dozen times adding plastic models that I forgot about.
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    "See You Later" ..... Alligator. God I love this F'N game! Both of you are probably right on all counts. Seeing as there is nothing new for 3rd with Tri-Chi, you could pick up all their stuff pre 3rd release and just be ready: Closing Time, Whiskey Golem, Backdraft, Akaname, Fermented River Monks, Tanuki. Then, delve into the rest of The Bayou after the new book drops to see what else you want to add.
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    Your intuition is wrong. This isn’t TOS (where the rules specify that the opposing player flips if your models suffer a hit). The two players flipping for Gamble Your Life isn’t even a duel (the duel mechanics require stats), so there isn’t even an accuracy modifier on the damage flip. So, yeah, the Stitched inflicts that damage flip, flips the card for the damage flip, and gets to cheat it regardless of whether it is suffering its own damage.
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    In manufacturing of this scale, it usually doesn't, as while fixed costs might increase, efficiencies often counteract or surpass that. It's like how you might find a television that cost the same today as what you paid 10 years ago, but it's got a larger flatter screen, and better resolution. However, that doesn't take into account other costs, that WILL affect pricing. Shipping is a key factor that's been steadily increasing well above the cost of inflation. Both on the freight end (China to Wyrd HQ), and on the distribution end. It's not uncommon for a publisher to eat some or all of the shipping costs for distribution. There's also an uncertainty when it comes to other factors, like the current erratic tariffs. Wyrd have to make plans to be able to absorb those costs if they are in place long term, or increase again. Don't want this to go too political, but contrary to claims by certain politicians, tariffs are paid by the importer, not the government of the originating country.
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    This is something I hope gets provided by Wyrd with the new release. A lot of people are used to the way certain models have been for a while. And if it's a big change that's easy to spot (like when Nellie or Toni got a complete overhaul), that's one thing. But when it's a subtle change (like the addition or removal of Projectile from a weapon that always didn't/did have it), it can slip through the cracks. While I can't remember the model, I know it was an issue locally, that a Master during the M2E Beta worked a certain way, but on open release, worked slightly different, and it was played incorrectly for several months before someone new said "Hey, does that really work that way?". Would rather avoid that, with a Final Closed Beta to Retail Release Changelog.
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    Im not saying Aionus is all powerful and crazy. I'm against the mechanic that you can easily gain more pass tokens than your summons give away. It kind of work against the general idea. Half the time Aionus is doing other things and the summons just eat enemy FAST conditions instead but if you really want initiative for the next important turn, he will just make 4 pass tokens automatically.
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