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    Just about every Condition which causes damage is the result of a model's action. As WWHSD has pointed out, there is also the confusion this would create where Conditions like Burning or Poison have stacked. The current OB rules make it simple, which is partly what the change to M3e is about. 1. If model A is Killed by model B's action, then model B has Killed model A, with all the consequences that flow from that. 2. Where some other cause results in model A being Killed, no other model can take credit/blame/points for Killing model A. 3. Where there's an exception, this is explicitly stated (for example, Blood Poisoning). I take your point, but I think the proposed change causes far more difficulties than it solves. In the examples you give for Ama No Zako, Mr Graves and Beckoners, it is not their action which causes the model to be Killed - it is the terrain/falling damage. Sure, there'd be no terrain/falling damage but for their action, but how far back do you want to trace the chain of causation? Where does it end?
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    I don't see any reason to change it. It worked fine in M2E and I don't see why it would be a problem in the new version. It seems like conditions and environmental damage don't give credit for kills because it's not always clear which model or crew would have been responsible for the kill. If a model has received a condition like Burning from several sources and then dies from Burning damage, which model gets credit for the kill? If Mr. Graves uses Lead the Way to move an enemy into Ama No Zako's aura and it dies, which model would get credit for the kill?
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    Caedrus, checking in! My January pledge is complete, now onto the stretch goals! I think I went a bit crazy with the orange, what with the hat, pants, rust, and Outcasts-edge base. The contrast on the hat is too much, but I like it anyway. Enjoy your January! Caedrus.
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    Hi guys, I've recently picked up Yan lo in Resser, but I will post here as the interaction involves all TT models. So the new summoning for Yan Lo is a 'replace'. Am I right in my understanding of the rules with an interaction like this: 1. A gokudo (new model) has Izamu's reliquiary, and has 1 hp. It has not activated yet. 2. Yan Lo uses 'rebuild corpus' with no flips or anything. 3. He replaces the gokudo with Izamu at 1 health, who first heals 3 from the Gokudo ability, then heals 5 from rebuild corpus. Then the player draws 2 cards. 4. Then you can summon a gokudo along a table edge, possibly for scheming purposes or behind your own lines for more rebuilding purposes. This interaction leaves you with a full health Izamu with no penalty to health or actions, it doesnt require a cardflip, it GIVES you card-draw, and you do not lose your minion. Seems a bit crazy to me.. Have anyone tested Yan Lo in closed beta? Cheers
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    Here are some more of my currznt production ! So if I count it right, that's 5Ss for the bigger tree and 10 for the smaller that is an alternate Montresor
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    Finished some wannabe spec ops for my Bane crew, Batman game. "Bird & Mercenaries". Bird's the bald dude. I took a little extra time in polishing that chrome dome of his My main gripe with this paintjob is the yellows. I rushed my yellow shading a bit and that meant it went on way too heavy. You can see this particularly well on the shoulders of the knife guy on the left. I also used a different wash on some of Bird's yellows, again due to time concerns. Not a fan of how it's different from the rest. Overall though I'm very happy with this set. With BMG especially I've been trying to consistently push for more value contrast in my painting. I've done thirteen figures for it so far (including Scarecrow from previous post) and I'm surprised at how consistently satisfied I am with them. This style isn't a new thing to me per se, but it was a lot more sporadic in my Malifaux painting, and a somewhat late revelation in general. I'm expecting to finish at least one more mini this month. It's for a painting challenge elsewhere and I'd like to try be a bit more "tryhard" with it. It's gonna get most of my attentions next week.
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    Been a while (again 🙄). I have been playing and painting Infinity again, which meant less Malifaux. But with the open beta, I'm looking to get back in. To start, a few models that were already mostly done that I finished up: Unsure if I'll even use Bete Noire, as she seems so belong to Seamus now, and I have no intention of playing him...
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    Hello, new painter, here. I got The Cult of the Burning Man as a Christmas Gift and have been painting them since January 1 for Adepticon. Finished painting the ECB Black OPs and the Warped (except for basing, which I'm dreading). Anyway, here is a BLOPS Fireteam: And here is a Warped Fireteam: I'm new to the Hobby Forum, so I'm not sure how to upload anymore with the forum's attachment limit.
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    Hi @Caedrus! i’d like to join the enforcer pledge (but hopefully I’ll do way more than this... :D) my Jan submission will be this Ashes And Dust I have half done since mid December. Also a skeak peek of my shelf of shame, all of them can be the next months submissions.
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    Hey everyone, Fly with me had a mistake in our database when we were transitioning over to the open beta, but fear not. In the next update it will be returned to its status as a action. These things are rare but they do happen and we are trying to find any more, so if something changed from the closed to open beta and it seems out of place please try and let us know so the change can be fixed. Thanks and sorry for the mistake.
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    I'm confused. Are people not reading the Hotfix 1.17 version? It changed from the 1.16 version. Necrotic Decay: This model may suffer up to 2 damage. When resolving, target suffers +1 damage per damage suffered when declaring this Trigger. I'm pretty sure that works the way it's supposed to with Marlena. The clause doesn't care that Levi prevented one, because Marlena suffered one, and the Trigger doesn't seem to give a damn if it's not on Levi.
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    All masters have 3 actions, even when they are not leaders. 2" push from Load Up is probably irrevelant, because at 8" Viks are already at max range for Schill's charge. Unless you won't take "Servant of Dark Powers", then it would be helpful.
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    There's been some confusion about models that don't exactly match with M2E models. There was a list in the Closed Beta I was part of, that had it, but it's gone now. So, I'll redo it. Not including the Masters that just got a surname added. They're listed in the order they appear in the PDF's. I'm including the new boxed sets stuff, as they didn't appear in a book, and so might seem new to some folk. ARCANISTS Order Initiate (new Marcus model) Elijah Borgmann (new Kaeris model) Firebranded (new Kaeris model) Fire Golem (Backdraft box, now Kaeris) Metal Golem (formerly named Rail Golem) Joshua Fitzsimmons (Backdraft box, now Toni) Showgirl (formerly named Performer) Mecharachnid (formerly Large Arachnid) Sabotuers (Backdraft Box, now Versatile) BAYOU Georgy and Olaf (new Somer model) Good Ol Boy (new Somer model) Spit Hog (new Somer model) LaCroix Raider (new Ophelia model) Squealer (new Ulix model) Popcorn Turner (Backdraft box, now Brewmaster) Cooper Jones (Backdraft box, now Brewmaster) Whiskey Gamin (Backdraft box, now Brewmaster) Test Subject (new Mah model) Alphonse LeBlanc (new Wong model) Olivia Bernard (formerly named The Lovely Assistant) GUILD Melissa KORE (new Hoffman model) Agent 46 (new Lucius model) Alan Reid (new Lucius model) Cornelius Basse (new Master) Jonathan Reichart (new Basse model) Frontiersman (new Basse model) Bernadette Basse (new Basse model) Trained Raptor (formerly Malifaux Raptor, Faction change) Guard Patrol (formerly named Guild Guardsman) The Dispatcher (new Dashel model) Undercover Reporter (new Nellie model) Newsie (new Nellie model) False Witness (new Nellie/Lucius model) Guild Steward (formerly named Guild Representative (closed beta), formerly named Governor's Proxy) NEVERBORN Autumn Knight (consolidation of all three Titania knights) Maurice (formerly the Scion of Black Blood) Blood Hunter (new Nekima model, don't get excited, it's a totem) Terror Tot (formerly named Juvenile Nephilim (closed beta), formerly named Terror Tot, may change again) The Carver (was a scenario only model, now a Dreamer/Pandora model) Euripides (new Master) Thoon (new Euripires model) Geryon (new Euripires model) Gigant (new Euripires model) Lyssa (new Euripires/Pandora model) Aversion (new Pandora model) OUTCASTS Scavenger (new Leveticus model) Arik Schoettmer (formerly named Strongarm Suit) Drache Trooper (formerly named Freikorps Specialist) Freikorps Scout (formerly named Freikorps Trapper) Viktoria Chambers (Both Viktorias use the same profile) Void Hunter (new Tara model) RESSURECTIONISTS Rabble Riser (formerly named Zombie Misfit (closed beta), formerly Punk Zombie) Mourner (Undying box, now Reva/Seamus) Dead Dandy (new Seamus model) Manos, the Risen (Undying box, now YanLo) Restless Spirit (formerly named Graveyard Spirit) Albus Von Schtook (new Master) Undergraduate (new Von Schtook model) Research Assistant (new Von Schtook model) Francis Kitchener (formerly named Lost Love) Grave Golem (Undying box, now Versatile) TEN THUNDERS Forgeling (formerly named Emberling) Kitty Dumont (new Lynch model) Minako Rei (Undying Box, now Misaki) Aspiring Student (formerly named Peasant) Katashiro (Undying Box, now Asami) Youko Hamasaki (new Master) Bill Algren (new Youko model) Kabuki Warrior (new Youko model) Kunoichi (formerly named Oiran) Geisha (new Youko model) Chiyo Hamasaki (new Youko model) Gokudo (new YanLo model) Wanyudo (Undying Box, now Versatile (and Reva)) Desper LaRaux (new McCabe model) Huckster (new McCabe model) Ruffian (formerly named Wastrel) Possible I've made some mistakes. If so, point them out. Also, if people aren't happy with the orders, feel free to do it your own danged self.
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    After finally receiving my package I was going to post some thoughts on the model quality, but thought I might as well add to this discussion rather than starting my own... I agree mostly with Burning Coal here, the cast quality is excellent. The minis are simply every bit as detailed as anything out there, except high-end hand cast resin. If anyone believed they were getting Forgeworld type minis here I don't think Wyrd is at fault. That said, there are huge gaps, and the minis are at times horribly put together. The plastic is really annoying to clean, especially when already put together, and if you want to get the most out of them you'd have to toss them in the freezer, take them apart and glue them, together again. This also means that in order to get the best results there is quite a bit more involved with getting the TOS minis to perfection compared to Malifaux minis. This is definitely annoying to me, as I'm a bit of a perfectionist. The upside is that you can get a whole army ready to play in an hour or less. I would have prefered the minis to come in parts, as that would actually save me time, but this was hardly something I didn't know when I pledged. The minis are in many ways an intermediary between high-end board game minis and miniature game minis. The gaps, flappyness and all imperfections still seem pretty good when compared to most board games. But yeah, they are not going to out of the box beat Malifaux minis, lovingly put together by an enthusiast. I like my TOS minis, but I still prefer Malifaux, miniatures-wise. I also think it's a smart move by Wyrd to marked a minis game to the board game crowd. CMON recently did something similar with A Song of Ice and Fire, which I also backed, and also like. For what it's worth I prefer the TOS minis to the ASOIAF minis in terms of quality, durability, detail and feel, but to each their own. TLDR; If you bought pre-assembled TOS minis and expected them to be already scraped and filed for a perfect fit, you should also expect a much, much higher price. They are quickly put together, sometime quite badly. That's what you get with pre-assembled minis. They are not bad quality, they are what was promised or better, but they are not resin cast, nor are they prepared for painting to a exhibition standard. But they are nice minis, nice sculpts, and they are table top ready.
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    This one's not a typo. An undead play on rabble-rouser.
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    Please, do try and abuse it, but every time I tried I failed. Gokudo are also very confused profiles, since they look like scheemers but they seem to want to stick close to ancestors to get the Reliquary, so they almost feel like a tax. Don't get me wrong, if things go yiur way it's huge, but it's been an "easier said than done" thing for me. I rather use Ashigaru that get summoned if I need an ancestor back. Also due to how it works it can become clunky to set up (if replaced model has already activated, you cannot activate with the ancestor that came back) and if the Reliquary is on another high value model you suddenly have to trip over yourself to move it on to a lower value model. But I ended at a point that I saw Reliquaries as consolation prices for losing an ancestor.
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    yes, that's how it works. It is scary on paper, but on the table you need right positioning and keep your Gokudos alive, which is not so easy to do. Experienced opponent won't let them just stay there.
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    Moving this thread to the Neverborn subforum. Any mention of Juvenile Nephilim should be back to Terror Tot (more like "Error Tot", amirite?), so we'll adjust that.
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    How much plasticard or similar material do you have? I don't have my Dreadnoughts handy, but I think the difference in scale would be less noticeable if the gunners were more hidden. I'd think that obscuring them from waist down would probably help.
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    Welcome to Malifaux Third Edition's Open Beta! Here is a simple guide on how this beta will be run and organized. If you're familiar with how we've run betas in the past, we've made a few adjustments to make sure that providing and receiving feedback is a little cleaner. There will still be Open Beta forums for general discussion and for more specific Faction-talk, but when it comes time to let us know your thoughts, we now have a few sheets to fill out. This way, there aren't a hundred different types of reports with varying focuses. Battle Reports When providing a Battle Report, please do so using this FORM! It'll be worth knowing the type of information that we're looking for before playing a game, so here are some things to jot down as you're playing an Open Beta Encounter: Strategy Scheme List Total Time Played, Rounds Played Final Score Player 1's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. Player 2's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. Any additional feedback and information from the game, as provided in the form. Update: We have also added a Battle Report subforum where you are welcome to publicly share and discuss battle reports. You are encouraged to use any formatting that you'd like, but please also make sure to cover 1-7 listed above, as well! Beta Focus Here's a short list of things that we're taking a close look at in the Open Beta: Timing in Core Rules. Strategies and Schemes. Model rules. Upgrade rules. Crew balancing. Grammar, punctuation, and consistency in wording. Here's what we are NOT touching: Stat card size. App-related stuff. Multiple Masters in a single Crew. Jokers. Dead Man's Hand's existence. Avatars (don't exist anymore) Gaining Grounds Ways to Give Feedback The Forum: This is a great way to provide general feedback and to communicate with other players about anything that may read as confusing. Please utilize the forums as a way to respectfully communicate with other playtesters about the beta. When you want to provide very specific and detailed feedback to the design team, please use one of the other methods. We definitely encourage you to discuss anything on the forums! If you want to talk about any specific Crews or models, their respective Faction sub-forums are the best route to take. General Feedback Form: If something stands out to you as a potential problem, please go to our General Feedback form. We encourage you to use this as an option as a way to avoid an echo chamber of feedback. We want to hear your opinions, without the noise of other opinions agreeing or disagreeing, so please use this form as a way to provide feedback on models and Crews. Questionnaire: Please fill out our Questionnaire that asks more specific questions. Answering these questions will help gauge various strengths and weaknesses of Crews and models. You are welcome to fill this out as often as you'd like, but we will only be making edits to the files on a weekly basis. Regardless of where or how you provide us with your feedback, please always remember to be respectful of those around you. There will often be differing opinions (which we encourage!), but it can be a fine line between constructive criticism and vitriol. Lastly... HAVE FUN!
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    p28, Killed paragraph 3 states: Killed models are always considered to be Killed by the model that generated the Action or Ability that Killed them (as well as by that model's Crew). If a model is Killed by another effect (such as a Condition or Hazardous Terrain), it is not considered to have been Killed by any player, model, or crew. I know players have argued back and forth about this one for some time. I'm hoping it can be resolved or clarified to end the arguments here since some of us want a change. If my Dawn Serpent uses Breath of Fire (an Attack Action) and gives an enemy model Burning +1, and that Burning Condition kills the enemy model in the next Turn, the current interpretation of the rules is that I, my Dawn Serpent, and my Ten Thunders crew get no credit for Killing that enemy model because it was "the condition" that Killed it and not my Dawn Serpent even though it was an Attack Action that initiated the condition. If my Ama No Zako uses Miasma of Boils and Flies (a Tactical Action) to create a 4" aura that is treated as Severe and Hazardous Terrain and an enemy model within that aura dies from the damage suffered from that Hazardous Terrain, the current interpretation of the rules is that I, my Ama No Zako, and my Ten Thunders crew get no credit for Killing that enemy model because it was "the terrain" that Killed it and not Ama No Zako even though the terrain wouldn't have existed without the Tactical Action of my model. Many players (and I) think that if a model is responsible for the Condition (Burning, Poison, et al) or the existence of the terrain that Kills an enemy model it seems contrary to reason and simply a strict interpretation of the rules intended to curtail the sportsmanship of the game and replace it with rulesmanship. I propose that this rule be reworded to not penalize players for using their models' Actions while still preventing players from taking credit for Kills that are not theirs. How about this: Killed models are always considered to be Killed by the model that generated the Action or Ability that Killed them. If a model is Killed by a Condition stemming from an enemy model's Action or damage caused by a terrain feature generated from an enemy model's Action, that model is considered to be killed by the enemy model that imposed the Condition or created the terrain. If a model is Killed by another effect, Condition, or Terrain feature that is part of the game board and not tied to another model's Actions, it is not considered to have been Killed by any player, model, or crew. As examples: Mr Graves is fighting an enemy model on a 4" high rooftop. The enemy model is already reduced to 1 health. Mr Graves uses his Lead the Way Attack to push the enemy model off the roof. The fall kills the enemy model, but one might argue it was the terrain feature (the height of the roof) that killed the model and not Mr Graves. The re-written rule would clarify that since Mr Graves' Attack Action directly led to the death, he gets credit for the Kill. It would be the same for a Beckoner that uses Lure to cause a model to walk off a roof and incur lethal damage. Players established that a certain space in the playing area is filled with toxic sludge and is considered Hazardous Terrain. If Mr Graves uses his Fence Post Attack to beat an enemy model to a pulp, reducing that model to 1 health, and then that model uses a Move action to enter that toxic sludge and die then Mr Graves would NOT get credit for the Kill. If, however, Mr Graves used Lead the Way to push that enemy model 4" into the toxic sludge and suffer the final point of damage, Mr Graves should be credited for the kill since (again) it was his Action that led directly to the enemy model's death. What do we think, players?
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    Fast > out of activation action. Obey requires a 9to go off. In my experience Lawyers have a big issue: without the mask from tools for the job, they are pretty much useless. You can give shielded 2 from the bonus but without a reliable obey they can give out slow in a 1" range. Furthermore: 9 and an action from a 6SS model vs 1 AP from a 4SS model. Doesn't really compare.
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    I do wish he retained a way to summon Banasuva however. With no built in defences other than Df5 and 7Wds, he's not exactly very survivable. With MV5 and a fairly average attack, I just don't really see what Bana brings to the list. If he wasn't free I doubt I'd ever hire him. He certainly seems to lack to table presence that he emitted in M2E as an ancient demon god thing. If he were summonable then that would at least help with some of those drawbacks
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    The M3e price of having Undead as a keyword. Most of the time it's alright. With more wounds and Hard to Wound, the model gets hit more often but it takes more hits to kill it. It's problematic when injured/distracted come into play. At that point it's just too easy to apply the conditions, and having a lot of wounds doesn't help one bit. Love the Defense increase on the Autumn Knights though. Targeting them now always comes with the looming risk of a parry.
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    DF 4 and 2 HP that cannot interact and place schemes? Nah, I think they're fine where they're at.