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    Hoffman’s card never had enough space. Triggers were moved from the torch to the fists. (I can only guess that ‘someone’ used the torch and a lot of power tokens and made sniper-Hoffman happen.)
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    So have not made as much headway on Papa and Nino as i had wanted last weekend BUT i intend to finish them both off asap to leave me time to prime the 30 or so minis for my next few projects heres Papa's progress (or lack of)
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    Anyone else trying hard to resist making a “When I was your age” post? You young’uns ever hear of Chaos Dwarves? 😃
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    Sic 'em was just a typo so that will be fixed, it is: :A friendly Pig within 8" and LoS of the target may be Pushed into base contact with it. Yes, Bomb's Away is an Attack - Old Majors Ate Everyones Food is empty as the Ability was renamed but didn't get filled in correctly, but it will be fixed, it is: Go Hog Wild: Other friendly Pigs that start their Activation within 6 receive a + to their duels and damage flips until the end of their Activation. - Mc Tavish lost his first name, yes this is true. Some people are so cool, they don't need a first name. - Ill omens is a plus+2 right now. - This is actually a typo and will be rectified to +1, but it does allow for stacking. - Wongs Fzzzap is more of a consistency thing, but if more beta players think a shorter version is better, we will look into it.
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    Finished Rogue Necromancy tonight, a lot of fun to paint
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    Does anyone have any idea when the board for the streets and drains and the others will be out?
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    I did play with two of these and it was in fact insane. I said so in the battle report too.
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    Thanks for changing the name format. So much easier to grab and pop into a folder now.
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    Engagement does not go both ways. By default you can't interact while engaged. Schemes that require you to interact with an enemy model give permission to do it(like Deliver a message). Why would it need to say a healing flip heals a model? Rules for cheating fate are defined on page 9, and apply to all flips.
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    Not so much the simple duel, but that it doesn’t need to target anything, or often even need line of sight. A lot of the new defensive tech and/or conditions mess with opposed duels or happen when a model is targeted. Shockwaves ignore both of these. You as attacker lose control over what happens once you launch a shockwave—and sometimes the defender’s deck will thwart every shockwave you throw—but you didn’t have to suffer negative flips to hit, or pass a terrifying check, or take an ill effect from targeting the enemy...There are some masters of layered defenses that seem impossible to harm, until you lob several models’ worth of grenades into their ranks.
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    @Caedrus it was roughly the following (all vallejo game colour) base: night blue shade" hexen lichen highlights: electric blue followed by glacier blue and eventually a touch of ivory in it. all pretty much glazes apart from the base
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    When providing a Battle Report, we highly encourage you to use this FORM! It'll be worth knowing the type of information that we're looking for before playing a game, so here are some things to jot down as you're playing an Open Beta Encounter: Strategy Scheme List Total Time Played, Rounds Played Final Score Player 1's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. Player 2's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. Any additional feedback and information from the game, as provided in the form. However, if you prefer to have the battle reports in a public space where they can be discussed, you are welcome to post them in this subforum, as well. Just please make sure to at least cover the information that we are requesting from 1-7. Thanks!
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    Even as Neverborn player I think this seems strong. Flipping an 11 beats a RJ on the initiative. At the very least I would say it shouldn't stack. I used this as an auto include during beta and the +2 is boss. +4 is just rude. I mean go NB and all but looking at game balance where initiative is clutch on some turns, a face card puts it out of reach for our opponents. Again. Go Neverborn? 😀
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    Yesterday, we experienced some issues with exporting our files into cards, which is where a lot of the weird mistakes came from (missing text, wrong text, hanging text, letters instead of icons, etc.). The exporting process takes a considerable amount of time and essentially locks down one of our PCs for a while. We're making adjustments to how we export files today, and have a beefier machine that's taking care of it for us while we can focus on balance adjustments. Later today, we will be making a hotfix to all of the files, as well as clean up any typos that have been found in the meantime. So, if you haven't printed anything yet, hold on for a little bit. If you already printed everything, all I can do is apologize and let you know that we will not be making a habit out of creating new files on a daily basis. For the most part, the majority of the files remained unchanged. Thanks for understanding!
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    There are way better options to get corpse markers. Like Mortimer. So no its nit worth taking them. The only crew for them is with asura. Because then they are a bit useful scheme wise
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    How I played it in closed beta is Hoffman gives guardian fast amongst other things. Then guardian tossed Hoffman and runs after him =P then turn 2 you are close enough to do stuff without hoffman being miles behind
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    Midnight Stalker losing Infamous and keeping Showboating is not a typo or a mistake.
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    Shenlong have meaningless Dragon's Influece. Perhaps a wrong copypaste from closed beta Chiaki's fleute summons an Abomination, which is a typo definately. In Misaki's Lightning Stirike trigger does'n mentioned that shadow markers are concealing as everywhere else. In Bill's Naginata missed word "push" Desper's Don't mind me doesn't have a text.
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    Caedrus, checking in with a quick WIP update! I did a base for Mr Hodgepodge... I did some airbrush basecoating for a few from my shelf of shame... Messed around with Killjoy... ...and experimented with using an airbrush to start off NMM effects. I was quite pleased with the results! I have no idea what I shall actually finish this month, but I've started lots! That counts, right? ...right? So, so many beautiful lots of painting around. Gorgeous stuff. Caedrus.
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    Finished my pledge model. Looks... pretty much the same as when I started. So I tried to got started on this guy as well. Colours aren't sitting together like how I imagined, probably shouldn't have gone for full saturation on everything, but it'll be fun to see how it turns out.
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    Caedrus, checking in. Here's my mid-month WIP of Mr Hodgepodge. Still lots to go! I hope you're having a great month! Caedrus.
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    well heres an attempt to link my imgur image. Santiago finished and just requiring basing
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    Hey painting crew! Here is my WIP of my Lynch proxy. Still in the early stages but I think he’s starting to gain a personality. I’d love some thoughts and comments as I progress.
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    A preliminary WIP of a Rotten Belle: I hope I can finish the "Getting ready for 3rd Edition" achievement before M3E drops. It may arrive sooner than later given the recent announcement! 😱