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    Don't worry, Chompy is still around.
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    It seems like I've seen a handful of players that have been asking about whether they should get into Malifaux now or wait until M3E. Without having any special insight into what M3E has in store, I thought that these guidelines might help to protect the investment of people that were just starting to buy into Malifaux. There's obviously no guarantees on which models are "safe" M3E purchases but the goal is to minimize the number of models that a player may pickup that are orphaned once M3E rolls around. Take a look at the list of masters for M3E. Avoid the masters that aren't listed, and make sure the master is still in the faction that you are buying them for. Some dual faction models (Lynch, McCabe, McMourning) are losing one of their factions in M3E, plan your buying around the faction that they are staying in. Focus your purchases on models that seem like they go with the theme of the master you want to play them with. Those are the models that will likely end up with the master's keyword. Avoid buying models to bring into M2E crews using the mercenary rules. It's been announced that they are going away. Some masters have big hiring pools that allow them to bring in out of faction models. Marcus is an example of this. He can hire Beast models from any faction. Try to limit your purchases to models that they'd be able to hire without the special rule. Effigies, Emissaries, and Riders will be safe purchases since its been announced that they will have the Versatile keyword and are able to be hired without penalty in any crew that matches their faction. Avoid summoner models that have big summoning pools. It looks like there might be a lot of changes in regards to summoning. Is there anything I'm off-base on here or have forgotten to mention?
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    Not sure what you mean by this as the best way to play nico was to always commit to the summoning. There were other ways to run with him but they definitely weren't as competitive as fully embracing his summoning. I'm sure there are other ways to run him with his changes but with only a month of practice before gencon, there really wasn't enough time to experiment with other variations to see what else could be competitive. I had a couple of options I was tinkering with in my head but I'd rather play something i know in a tournament than flip to something unknown on the fly. While Love Thy Master works best with punks/kentauroi/students, it isn't exclusive. If they have poison, you can use a shikome, if you need to do some pushes for quick positioning, belles and doxies are still good or if you want a scheme runner you can summon a necropunk at one wound, chain activate him, heal 2 wounds and run him into a safe position for scoring next round. The biggest thing that you have to be wary about is Love thy Master applies to all models summoned within 6 inches of nico. San Deep can summon Banasuva next to nico, attack nico and then chain into Banasuva to swing at him to turn him into mush.
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    Dampening Field. My favorite debuff.
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    I'd hope for more dynamic posing in general. For every amazing action-oriented model, there's someone just standing around. Consider stock Ototo vs. new Ototo. Stock Ototo = amazing pose. The change in Raspy is perfect—she's a badass, confident spell-slinger who's stood up to a tyrant and lived to tell the tale. Now, instead of posing demurely, she's got awesome ice boots and is ready to leap into the fray. Sometimes, static poses work. The girl Crooligan looks perfectly creepy, and the subtle head-tilt that fence post Crooligan's got is such a nice touch. Reva's pose is also spot-on, reflecting how she calmly oversees the battlefield from afar. The Shieldbearers are another good example. You've got one who's perfect—the ginger—dashing into battle and ready to defend Reva with her life. The other two, however, look like they're caught in the middle of a daydream. Re: Marcus and Myranda, I love them both. Myranda looks *so* good, and Marcus getting younger fits his whole mythos.
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    I wrote the name of different Spanish politicians on the base to know who is who. Another guy on AWP wrote his ex-girlfriend names xD. But I agree with you, some new piglets sculpts could be good.
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    That's a solid solution, I actually gave my Piglets names and distinctive paintjobs. Dem's Pets, after all. That's Goldie, Moo and Rambo from left to right. : ) https://imgur.com/96TW95Y
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    I tried Parker in two games and so far I'm pretty satisfied with him. Won both of them, one against a pretty competitive Asami list (testing the new Katashiros... she can put a lot of pressure). I have the feeling that Parker is not that bad master as people think, but his main problem is that you have to play with a lot of choices in mind (his skills, starting upgrades and the ones you can switch to), and it is very easy to forget things at key moments. I will definitely try him in the next tournament I assist in a couple weeks, and post here the results.
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    On last weekend I participate in Tirant Cup in Omsk. 2 days, 5 rounds, 20 members. 3 of 5 games I played Parker - 2 wins, 1 tie (I does very stupid things in that game). 2 of 5 games I take Leveticus - 1 win, 1 - fail (total disluck). Take 6 place. I win with Parker against top Russian Outcast (he take Tara). I'm not take 1 place only because I make some serious mistakes and two totaly failed activations in 5 round: Desolation Engine with + on hit and + on damage, 4 AP and two pulses doesn't kill Ama No Zako. And Leveticus with ++ on damage flip on melee attack, can't hit severe damage (no cards in hand). Parker is cool, if you can't win with him - it's just about your player's skill. Sorry for bad english.
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    Christ 10T brothers are amazing... But anyway, yes, some izamu will drop, but it takes a concerted effort and it really should. Due to table presence abd action number, a 10ss model should be better than 2 of a 5ss model since having 2 models brings inherent benefits. And hell, if I swap izamu for nothing beasts, suddenly things are a lot more grim for the bros or if instead of using one of the best 5ss models use something more midtier. My worry and what the point if this whole exercise is about is that what keeps the izamu brigade in check (and some would say too much) is activation control. Currentle, 5 bros activate and keep away, once all the elites activate, the other 5 swamp 1 and hace decent odds of taking one down. But with pass tokens that advantage is suddenly truncated, you cannot ensure first boood anymore without exposing through activation control. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, but it does make me weary that elite crews will get a lot out of not worrying about activation control since it's one of the big selling points of bringing more chaff and the might have the potential to table more number based crews in turns 2 and 3 simply because the non elite crew can't really keep the elites in check. I have seen crews get decimated just because a very killy model managed to get into possition, hell the viks were a problem for a time since they could use the rat engine to ensure first strike, deal a massive blow and god forbid the also won initiative. Of course this is just spitballing, it's more of "another thing to keep eyes on during beta". Maybe the reduced damage and melee ranges through the board will be enough to make this a non issue. I mean, we have very little information still, though looking at Cojo, he doesn't seem to be as scary as current 10ss models, so for all I know the problem could end up being the opposite where chaff is just better because elites got defanged too much like MuMantai is saying.
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    Not sure I understand this "or" business. (6ss cache) Molly - forgotten life, take back the night Archie - hulking leap, decaying aura Rogue necromancy - my little helper Rogue necromancy - my little helper Kentauroi ALL THE FUN
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    I assure you, I am way too focused on M3E to even consider the possibility of a 4th edition, let alone to start planning model lists for it.
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    As a huge fan of Collodi as a character/ concept since it came out I was a little bummed. More-so because it kinda spoiled that something bad probably happens to it. Euripides sounds pretty freaking awesome, though. And all the Master shifts aside I like the sounds of everything else. I was a bit iffy on the card Sizes but Tarot sized cards for Malifaux is pretty thematic as a friend pointed out to me and I have little trouble transporting similar sized cards for Star Wars Armada. I'm very curious to see what Nekima does with the Nephalim throne. She's not been the most explored or interesting character in the fluff because she only does the one thing (try and kill Lilith) but now that she doesn't have to do it anymore it'll be cool to see what she's like.
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    Once again I am doing a pop-culture inspired crew, going with a Parker Barrows Firefly/Serenity crew. I have figured out the entire crew/cast with the exception of one character: Shepard Book. So, I need some ideas from people for Outcast or mercenaries that could fit in for the good Shepard. Keep flyin'
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    Hello Wyrdos, It is with some sadness, and some excitement, that today I announce that I am leaving Wyrd. My last day will be April 20th. Wyrd has been an amazing home to me and given me so many opportunities. I moved to Georgia to work at the company, and I don't regret a moment of it. I've gotten to work with some amazing people, and I've gotten to work on some great projects. I've learned a lot and grown as a designer, and I couldn't have done that if Wyrd didn't give me the freedom to try new things. And the reality is that Wyrd is so much more than a bunch of people sitting in an office in Georgia -- it also includes an amazing community of players, fans, and supporters worldwide. You've all helped me along my journey, and I appreciate that immensely. That is why there is some sadness at this crossroads. It'll be sad to leave my coworkers and my community. It will be sad to leave these games. I've been involved in Malifaux since 2009. Over the years my involvement has only grown to the point we're at today. As my wife said: it's the end of en era. But all eras end, and they pave the way for something new. I see bright things in the future for Wyrd. I'm leaving a great team of designers, and a whole host of people passionate about the games and projects of Wyrd, both internally and externally. I have every confidence in the future of these games, and this company, that I love. That's why this transition provides some excitement, too. There's always something exciting about the next horizon, sure, but I'm also excited to be able to play our games as a player again. I'm excited to be able to just be another face in the crowd of our community, and to be able to be genuinely surprised and excited for the new ideas that the Wyrd team is cooking up. As you can see, even though I'm leaving, I won't really be gone. There's too much to look forward to coming out of Wyrd for me to ever really give it up. Thank you all for the opportunities, the jokes, and the patience. Thank you, Wyrd, for everything you've done for me. I hope to see you all across the gaming table someday soon. Sincerely, Aaron
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    Personally I quite like the use of snipers - they are not auto picks and heavily rely on the board being to some extent open but I find they are a good early way to put some pressure on weaker models that may function as a cog in a larger machine. I used 10 thunders in a tournament the weekend just past and the Katanaka sniper really made it hard work for my opponent to keep out in open sections of the field for fear of attacking the weaker models in his crew for a more powerful model to finish off. Similarly I have used the Freikorp trapper in a Nellie list and Nino gets some play when with the family (spotter mainly for but again the option to put out some good damage early). As said previously these are by no means 'must takes' but do add some versatility to a crew. That said soon enough with m3e I will have to move on my merry band of Nellie mercs.
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    I do not see any big issue here. I think we all known how varied does Wyrd have control about the S&S, given that how different the method to generate S&S had been changed from GG17(1*always + 2*suited + 2*numbered) to GG18(1*paired + 4*numbered). It is more than easy to go back to generate from Fate Deck, if any necessary, or any other brand new methods that we could never imagine by releasing a new GG.
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    "If the model does not physically fit in the specified location, do x" You need a specified location for that statement to possibly be true. Because there is no bayou gremlin in play, you don't have a specified location. You don't even get to the "not fit into" part. It would be like being asked to park a car next to your dog's sense of humor. Your problem is *not* that the car is too big...
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    Welcome to Malifaux! Upgrades and crews often change but I'd say you can't go wrong adding Wade in on Francisco and the upgrade that gives Sonnia access to the flame walls. Hermanos des armas also makes Francisco able to pull friends towards him (could go o any family model), Sonnia usually likes to have a couple of pushes to either get her close enough to attack or pull her out of trouble. Your crew looks like it will handle killing qell but might suffer from being a bit slow and weak in the interactions department. There may be certain pools that are a lot harder than others for this list in particular but you could ask your opponents to pick schemes that aren't too heavy on the interaction after they have seen your crew and then write them down so you remember them. Playing a similar scheme pool several games in a row will let you learn how the all important VP are gained and if you already have a large play group they could take turns playing you with that same pool so they don't get bored of it but you get to practice.
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    Hamelin and as many condition immune models as possible. "Poison? What's that?"
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    A lot of people are worried about losing their favourite Master, which is understandable. But, as I think has been pointed out, when waiting for Book 2 of M2E, many of us had a ton of minis we couldn't use at all. I expect you'd counter this by saying 'yeah but our models are out of the game!' - but they're getting rules. The Masters who have disappeared are getting rules. And they will be as balanced as the continuing masters. This has been stated very clearly by Mason/admin people. So what's the issue? Your Master isn't tournament legal... how many of you are honestly, regularly going to large, strict tournaments? Proxies and unpainted models have not been tournament legal in M2E, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. In any sort of community event the Henchman/TO decides. And presumably you'll know them. Maybe it's your friend. And I am pretty sure they will say 'dead' Masters are OK to play. Because they are gamers too, because they want their events to be fun, because they want everyone to enjoy the game. I am a Henchman, and I will for sure be allowing 'dead' masters, as we have a bunch of them in my community (which is small). But I also allow unpainted minis, and when people forget to pack a particular toy, I have allowed proxies(as we make it clear to everyone what it is). Because I am not a monster, I am a person, playing with people. I therefore suggest to everyone who has worries about not being able to use Lilith/Nico/Ramos etc that you check in with your local Henchman/gaming store and see what their stance is/will be on you using them at their events. Going forward, your master may not be in M4E! But that could be in another 6 years. Or maybe they'll be back. Perhaps there'll be a new Global Campaign in which you can win the release (in story and in a physical sense) of one of the 'dead' masters. Perhaps that would motivate people to play the campaign? And in 6 or so years, who can honestly say they won't have expanded their collection and so will miss a master if they really are gone forever (in 6 years time, after playing them with dead rules and using other masters in the intervening period)? (I appreciate people may have non-master models out of faction now, which may end up being utterly useless) but we don't know the combinations/key words which will be available so it doesn't mean you won't be able to use them in thematic crews.)