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    Hrmmm ... I wonder what these are? And because I'm slightly bored today, every 25 likes to this post gets you some additional inane information about the pair.
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    Hey all, Along with this month's FAQ, we see a few fairly important erratas. They are as follows: Leveticus has had his Cache dropped to 1. The Channel Ability on Leveticus has been rewritten to allow him to gain Focus once per Activation at the cost of 2 damage. The Malifaux Rat has had the Hamelin's Pets Ability added, which states that it may only be hired into Crews led by a Nihilist and that, if it is summoned into a Crew which is not led by a Nihilist, then it may not Activate on the Turn it was summoned. These cards are already available for purchase through print on demand with Wargame Vault: https://www.wargamevault.com/browse/pub/5162/Wyrd-Miniatures?site=wgv Also our resources page has been updated with the July FAQ, which comes with free PDF downloads of all cards with errata: http://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-faq-errata I'll address the Malifaux Rat errata first. Most of you have probably heard of the dreaded "Rat Engine." This was a tactic which Outcast players used to get excessive Activations using Malifaux Rats and, once their opponent had no more models left to Activate, they attacked their opponent with Killjoy, Viktoria, Leveticus, or any other number of high-impact models which greatly benefited from attacking while the opponent had no models available to respond. After careful consideration, viewing event results, and trying it out ourselves, we determined that this tactic was both too powerful and simply not fun for the opponent. The changes to the Malifaux Rat will prevent the Crews which were using this tactic from getting an excessive number of Activations. It is worth noting that while similar "out-activation" tactics are still available to Hamelin, he was tested and designed around the notion that he would be able to maintain more Activations than his opponent. The "Rat Engine" was effective with Leveticus and Viktoria because, not only were they able to assault their opponent with Killjoy without opposition, they also had a very potent Master in terms of raw damage with which to back it up. Hamelin is less high-impact in terms of damage output, and was very much designed with the Malifaux Rats in mind. As such, we believe that out-Activation tactics are still balanced (and fun) for his Crew to use. While we are hesitant to restrict the availability of models to certain Masters, we are confident that this change is the best one for the game. It will allow Outcast players to come up with more interesting, varied lists and prevent their opponents the pain of being obliterated by the Rat Engine. We did not make this change lightly, and restricting models to certain Crews or Masters will only be done in the most extreme circumstances: this just happened to be such a circumstance. Additionally, Malifaux Rats are still available to every Outcast Crew through the use of summoning due to other models in the Faction. This is a big change, but the whole of the game will be better for it. Now, on to Leveticus. For years we have all heard rumblings that Leveticus was too powerful, and after a careful consideration of the data and feedback, Wyrd agrees. Leveticus is a Master who was excellent at dealing damage, nearly impossible to kill, highly mobile, and had excellent options in terms of Crew. A few of those things are expected on a Master, but all of it combined was simply too much. We have chosen to reduce the amount of damage which Leveticus is capable of by limiting his Channel Ability to once per Turn and making it grant the Focused Condition. His Cache was also dropped by 1. This will greatly limit the amount of damage he is able to deal since he can no longer rely on positive flips to avoid cheating, get around cover, or increase his damage for every Attack. We chose to limit his damage because one of the aspects at which he was excellent needed to be toned down in order to balance him. Reducing his survivability would go against his well-established theme of being undying, so that was ruled out. Limiting his Crew options would not be respectful of the real-money purchases of Outcast players, so that was ruled out as well. Limiting his mobility was an option, but likely would not have done enough on its own and would have necessitated further, radical, change and we wanted to keep the model as close to its core concept as possible. As such, reducing his damage-dealing capabilities was the best solution, and Channel was the most obvious target. Leveticus is still the wily old scavenger we all know and love. He still eternally dies and comes back. He still fields abominations and necromancies from multiple Factions, and he will still stalk the board removing your opponent's weaker pieces. His role on the battlefield will just change slightly. You may find that, after the errata, it is better to have Leveticus finish off already damaged models (which he is excellent at, due to the wide array of defensive abilities he still ignores) rather than having him deal the bulk of the damage. In fact, you may even find that activating him later in the Turn is more advantageous as he can pick off weakened targets. I feel that this is actually even more thematic to his role as a scavenger. I hope that Leveticus players see this errata as an opportunity to explore the wide range of possibilities which Leveticus still offers. He is no longer locked into the role of damage-dealer, and you may even find that his play is more interesting and dynamic. Although such a change often comes with cries of "Doom!" from both sides (whether you think Leveticus is now useless garbage or this errata changed nothing and he is still the most broken thing ever) I strongly suspect that Leveticus will remain one of the better Masters in the game. He simply will no longer be the "obvious best option," and instead become another strong choice for his Faction. All of the changes (both Rats and Leveticus) went through careful planning and testing. I am confident that they are for the betterment of the game as a whole. I hope you like the changes and you are able to keep enjoying the amazing Malifaux universe as we continue to attempt to perfect the balance of the game we all know and love.
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    And because I get bored occasionally ... if I get 200+ likes (making y'all work for it this time!), I'll share the renders and close up pics of those two down in the lower corner.
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    Hey all, I have had an amazing time working and volunteering with Wyrd and their many projects over the years. It is a company I really love and I'm proud of the work I've done with them. However, I am leaving to seek other exciting opportunities. I want all of you to know that I am still on very good terms with Wyrd and all of its staff. Very few people get to live the dream of making games for a living, so I definitely owe thanks to Nathan, Eric, Casey, and Vickey for allowing me the opportunity to spend time with this amazing company. Thanks, guys! Aaron, Mason, and Lindsey are all great people and great designers, and I really look forward to where they take Wyrd in the future. I'll miss all of you (I'll even forgive Mason for being a vulture). And myself and anyone else who enjoys actually being able to find Wyrd products at their store owes a big thanks to Kelly, Karen and all of the warehouse team who work so hard behind the scenes to make it all happen. Companies are nothing but a group of people with some common goals, and Wyrd has and always will be one of the best because it has some of the best people I've met. I also have to say thank you to our wonderful players and community. On the whole, the Malifaux community is one of the most open, supporting gaming communities I've ever seen. You are the reason Wyrd keeps going, and it is always exciting to get on the forums and see people talking about the things we've made, or even just chatting and making friends. Gaming is all about community, and Wyrd has an amazing one thanks to all of you. I won't be disappearing forever. After a few month hiatus from the forums (I've been eating, breathing, and sleeping Malifaux for the past few years - I need a break!) I fully intend to keep on posting, participating, and playing the game. I started out as an enthusiastic customer and being able to experience Malifaux again as a player who can just relax and enjoy the game is one of the things I'm most looking forward to. Aaron will be taking over lead Malifaux design. He has already designed many of the models you know and love (including Reva and her crew in the most recent book - which is the new Crew which has me the most personally excited to play) so the game is in competent hands. I look forward to seeing what he and the team come up with!
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    The Importance of Community - One of the things that I love about tabletop gaming is the way it brings people together. You sit down, sometimes with a friend, sometimes with a stranger, and play a game. Everyone is there for the same reason and shares the same passion: having fun through games. The tabletop community is a bit unique in the way it uses the social contract - an unspoken agreement between people - to try to promote everyone having fun. The tabletop community is one of the few places you might be invited to spend a few hours with random strangers. The way this makes it unique is one of the biggest draws to me, which is why I wanted to take a moment to talk about Wyrd's pursuit of an inclusive and accepting community. As a company, Wyrd believes that everyone should be comfortable playing our games and discussing them online. We are made up of a diverse community from around the world, all with different beliefs, values, and ideas. We think this diversity strengthens our games and community, and therefore our company. It is because of this that we do not tolerate or condone any behavior that harasses, makes uncomfortable, insults, or otherwise diminishes another person. We don't tolerate it within our company, and we don't tolerate it within our community. We don't believe in words without actions, though. Our forum rules are intended to ensure users can be comfortable within the community. Our Code of Conduct for our Henchmen ensures that they understand the standards of behavior we expect from them. And if you, as a community member, see behavior that harasses another person, we hope that you'll step up and help to make your local community better. If there is a problem with a Henchman, please let us know immediately so steps can be taken to enforce our Code of Conduct. Be aware that we will not comment publicly on specific issues or reports, but all incidents are reviewed internally to determine the appropriate course of action. It is also important that, as a community, we do not dismiss the opinions or experiences of others. Part of an inclusive community means that we need to be able to discuss issues without reducing things to anecdotal evidence or personal attacks. We don't all need to agree, but it's unacceptable to shout someone down or marginalize their experience. We know that there are issues of discrimination in tabletop gaming, whether they be overt, implied, or coming from a place of ignorance. Understanding that there is an issue, even if it is not in your local community, is an important step on the path of creating a better global community. Wyrd is aware of the issues in gaming and has taken, and will continue to take, the steps that are appropriate and necessary to combat discrimination and harassment. We are all here for the joy of gaming, and Wyrd stands with those who want everyone to have a place at the table. Please find a link to our forum rules below, as well as our Code of Conduct. This thread will be locked and pinned as a reminder that it is an important issue, and one that we stand behind. Code of Conduct
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    Howdy folks, As you know, from time to time we run a 'sale' (though arguably it isn't really that as we don't discount anything), where we have offered special edition items as well as pre-sales on early releases. While good for us, and great for the rabid fan, it can sometimes not be so great for local game stores. Now I could spin back and forth with numbers and point out 'it really isn't that much of our overall line', which it isn't, but at the end of the day, there are some stores that are genuinely affected by the sales. We care a lot about our community and our stores, so we're trying to eliminate a fair portion of that going forward. To that end, we will no longer be doing pre-sales of any sort during EASTER and BLACK FRIDAY sales. We will continue to offer our special edition miniatures, colored sprues, and other incentives such as posters, t-shirts, and other items. We just won't release models early during these sales. 'What about Gencon?' I hear you asking - welp - that will be staying the same, though we'll be limiting our releases (we've done so the last two years actually, though we've just not advertised it, so nothing will change). Every year, we try to do more and more to support our amazing community, which includes distributors, retailers, and players. We've stayed committed to our LGS promotions for brick and mortar stores, and we feel that cutting back on pre-sales is the next step we can take to truly support our community. We will also be making some expansions to the Henchman program in an attempt to better support our ever growing base of players. Thank you to everyone who supports us and takes an interest in our games. We look forward to working with you for years to come. Sincerely, Wyrd
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    Wyrdos! Hello! It is time to reveal the January 2017 Malifaux Errata! As I mentioned when I took over Malifaux, the plan is to move away from a bimonthly FAQ and Errata. Instead, we will continue the bimonthly FAQ (in order to address clarity issues), but the Errata is moving to (at most) twice a year. These updates will be in January and in July. The January Errata is where we will be looking at overall gameplay and trying to make any adjustments we feel are necessary to the health of the game. You can see that in this Errata document. I do not expect this file to be this large again. The July Errata is intended for emergency repairs, in case something major comes up in the meta that is an extremely negative impact on the game. By shifting to this schedule, we feel that players can more easily know when to look for Errata (once or twice a year is much easier than every other month) and it gives us more time to examine any changes we need to make. Our errata cards will always be available as a free PDF download and updated on Wargame Vault for print on demand. Our models will continue to come with the old cards until we do a new print run of the model(s) in question, at which point that card will be updated as well. With that explained, let me dive into a little of the happenings... -- As I said, the January Errata is intended to look at long-term game health. It is not exclusively focused on balance; it has a more holistic view of the game. Take, for example, the Tara changes. Most of these changes make her Crew easier to understand for newer players, syncing her hiring options with the way rules that came after she was written work. It is simple changes like these, along with minor balance adjustments, that are the focus of this update. After six months of playtesting and a lot of discussions, I am very happy with where these changes ended up. -- The changes you see below will go into effect January 1st, 2017. They are being provided to you now in case there are any typos or to identify any lack of clarity in the cards. These changes will not be adjusted in any way that affects game balance. No models will be added to this list and none will be taken away. Thank you, and enjoy! General Clarity Changes (minor gameplay impact) Tara: Clarified Stutter Time per FAQ, gained Infiltration (Void). Void Wretch: Gained the Void Characteristic. Scion of the Void: Gained the Void Characteristic, lost the now redundant Followers of the Void. Death Marshal: Gained the Void Characteristic. Dead of Winter: The now redundant The Darlings has been replaced with The World is Empty. Brewmaster: Drinking Contest reworded for clarity and to work better with Sensei Yu. Black Blood Shaman: Changed the Black Blood Condition given by the Blood Infusion trigger to the Black Blood Ability. Nerfs! Francisco Ortega: El Mayor is now a Condition that ends when Francisco activates or leaves play. Papa Loco: Hold This is now a Condition that ends when Papa Loco activates or leaves play. Guild Austringers: Lost enhanced raptor range while focused. Colette: Prompt is now once per turn per model. Lenny: No longer gives +Rams to Masters. Rooster Riders: No longer Reckless. Rotten Belles: Casting of Lure reduced by 1, Wounds reduced by 1. Daydreams: Lucid Dreaming rewritten to only apply to one Cast. Buffs! Nothing Beast: Became a Henchman, gained the Void Characteristic. Guardian: Reduced to 7ss cost. Upped minimum damage on the sword to 2. Lucius: The Austringers sent Lucius a fruit basket with a nice card, and now he doesn't hate them as much. Gained +Mask to Defense (Re: Surprisingly Loyal upgrade). Devil's Deal reduced to 2 damage. Elite Training works on Melee attack and Horror flips of Minions, Mimics, and Guardsmen. Commanding Presence works on all friendly models, range reduced to 12”, TN dropped. Governor's Authority lasts until this model's next Activation. Guild Intelligence made a (0), lost its TN, and now works with all friendly models. TN of Issue Command lowered, Triggers changed around. The Scribe: Became a Minion. Insignificant changed to The Secretary's Eyes and Ears. Butler now affects all friendly models. Governor's Authority lasts until this model's next Activation. Removed Flurry, gained "Do You Have An Appointment?" Action. Ironsides: Gained a Tome to her Defense. Misaki: Deadly Dance changed to a (0) Action, now lasts until the start of Misaki's next activation. Downburst reworded slightly, TN of Defense duel increased. Rolling Thunder Trigger added. Montresor: The Choking Death now triggers when models activate, instead of at the end of the turn. Gained +2 Wounds. String 'em Up weak damage increased by +1. Union Miners: Improvised Weapon gained +1 Range. Modified Welder increased to Burning +2. False Claim only discards a Scheme Marker if both are still in play, instead of one Marker no matter what; restriction on only being able to be used when they can Interact changed to only being able to be used when unengaged. File: January Errata.pdf
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    I'm not going to be mean like Aaron there ... yes, all of them and a load more will be available at Gencon. For those of you asking where the list is, pricing, etc, you'll get that Wednesday in the newsletter.
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    Hey everyone, GenCon has come and gone! A lot of our year is the build-up to GenCon, which means that you've now seen most of what we're able to show! As such, Monday Previews are going to become fewer and further between, at least for awhile. We'll keep the news coming, though, as there are plenty of things happening around Wyrd. For now, I just have one "preview" for you -- we have commissioned the creation of a Malifaux App! If everything goes well, we are hoping for a release by the end of the year. I can't promise that, but we think it can be done. For now, though, just know that it's entering development!
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    Hey everyone, In light of the current and completely understandable frustrations regarding the fulfillment process of Gen Con orders, we felt that it was necessary to shine a light on a few things, such as what makes this year so different, some of the challenges we are currently facing, and the steps we are taking to alleviate some of the dissatisfaction. Before we can get started with that, though, the first thing worth understanding is the size of our team. While we consider it a compliment to the assumptions made of Wyrd’s size in comparison to our competitors (to us, it means that we are able to accomplish big things with our games with the fantastic – if tiny - crew that we have), it can also lead to miscommunication and expectation issues within our community. But the fact of the matter is that we operate as a lean team, and up to this point, it’s worked relatively well for us. Recently, though, the workload in the warehouse has been overwhelming. Previously, the same numbers of employees were capable of handling the flow of products without a hiccup. With only having a handful of individuals building, pulling, and packing our products during the hype storm of M3E, it has been a difficult challenge to overcome. More on that in a bit. While we wish everyone in the office was like Viktoria Chambers and had a clone of themselves to tackle twice the work, we aren't in Malifaux, and even in our reality, bad things can still happen. Because of the size of our team, it might start to make sense as to why we don’t start fulfilling orders while we are at Gen Con. It’s because we can’t be in two places at once; we need just about everyone we have at the big convention to help run all aspects of the show. This means that there is nobody in the office to address customer service issues, let alone process, pull, or ship orders. But immediately after we get back from Indianapolis, we start tackling those projects once again. Secondly, it’s important to note our work schedule, which is unique in comparison to a lot of other companies. Both the warehouse and office staff teams are scheduled to work Monday through Thursday (10 hour shifts). For most of the year, this is largely unimportant, but with the influx of orders this year, losing a business day for processing has become a challenge in and of itself. To remedy this, all of our staff has been coming in the last few Fridays (and some have even been helping out on the weekends) to clear the backlog. Additionally, one of the things that have caused an issue is that our normal carriers (USPS, FedEx, and FedEx Express) do not come on Fridays as it’s not a normal business day for us. While FedEx can normally get in here on a Friday if we ask, it’s not always guaranteed that they can or that they will be able to take a full load. No matter how many special requests we put in, USPS will simply not come on Friday, which can cause frustration for those of you who see a shipping update late day Thursday, but then it doesn’t move till the following week. This leads us to the next part of an often misunderstood term: “two day shipping.” We aren’t, and never will be, Amazon. “Two day shipping” does not mean that you will receive an order within two days of making the order. The term “two day shipping” is in reference to after the order has been made and is in the Postal Service’s hands, ready for delivery. This also normally accounts for business days, which may stretch the two days into four. Once the orders are complete and boxed, we process our labels in batches. You are getting the shipping and tracking information as we are making the labels for your orders that are ready to ship. That information is passed along to the carriers at that time, and we have to trust that they are going to pick them up as soon as possible. Besides running a lean team and depending on our shipping carriers to take the order the rest of the way, like with any business, there are always those random little issues that pop up. Some examples include an employee’s illness, or running out of boxes to put orders in and having to wait the next day to receive more, or a simple miscommunication issue somewhere down the line. Sadly, these have all happened during this Gen Con season. Normally, these little hiccups are immediately addressed and no one needs to become aware of them, but when every other issue is heightened, it makes every little mistake or road block that much more glaring. Next, it only seems appropriate to talk about distribution, which normally helps us gauge general interest and expectations of sales. Because of the lull between M2E’s fifth book and M3E’s launch, distributors were rightfully hesitant to order product in bulk. To us, this meant that local game stores weren’t putting in pre-orders to match their own expectations. Of course, we know now that definitely wasn’t the case. We’re working on alleviating this issue simultaneously, but this isn’t a problem that can be fixed overnight, either. Reprints take a considerable amount of time, and we are working getting them to our retailers as quickly as we are able. This is relevant to the Gen Con web sale issue as well as the big picture, as one might be able to see that all months of planning were based on a certain set of numbers that were skewed by hesitance, leading us to miscalculate the hype. In short, we have been completely overwhelmed by the success of the game. This year’s Gen Con web sale alone has had over three times the number of orders than any previous year. This week, we have doubled our warehouse workforce, and have already seen a considerable increase in productivity. There’s still a lot of work for us to do, and we certainly aren’t out of the weeds just yet, but we are on the right track and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. So what does this mean for your order? We ask that you wait it out a little while longer. With the work that the team is scheduled to do over the next several days (including the weekend) and the pace they are currently working at, we believe that we will wrap up all of the orders by the middle of next week. If this is unacceptable, reach out to us and let us know. We will do our best to work with you on your request. This letter is not meant to be a list of excuses. We know that we have fallen short of your expectations, and we are doing everything in our power to remedy these problems. We will spend the following months working with our service suppliers and our employees to review our processes to better meet the needs during our high-volume times. From everyone here at Wyrd, thank you for your patience and understanding.
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    Hey Wyrdos, We have always loved good art. Art can tell a story and inspire a player. We've worked with many talented artists over the years, but we've never had a full time artist in house. Well, the times they are a-changin'. It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Alyssa, our new artist. Alyssa came on board last week and has bent her brush to the task of creating amazing art for our games. We are so excited to have her and share her art with our community. Alyssa comes on board after doing some freelance work for us (if you've seen some of the art for Bayou Bash or the new special edition Titania art on the newsletter), moving down from Michigan. She is a gamer herself, and she's excited about all the possibilities and styles she can bring to Wyrd. We asked her to do a bit of a visual introduction of herself, so behold! A Wyrd self-portrait: Here she is working: And here is her work:
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    Hello Wyrdos, It is with some sadness, and some excitement, that today I announce that I am leaving Wyrd. My last day will be April 20th. Wyrd has been an amazing home to me and given me so many opportunities. I moved to Georgia to work at the company, and I don't regret a moment of it. I've gotten to work with some amazing people, and I've gotten to work on some great projects. I've learned a lot and grown as a designer, and I couldn't have done that if Wyrd didn't give me the freedom to try new things. And the reality is that Wyrd is so much more than a bunch of people sitting in an office in Georgia -- it also includes an amazing community of players, fans, and supporters worldwide. You've all helped me along my journey, and I appreciate that immensely. That is why there is some sadness at this crossroads. It'll be sad to leave my coworkers and my community. It will be sad to leave these games. I've been involved in Malifaux since 2009. Over the years my involvement has only grown to the point we're at today. As my wife said: it's the end of en era. But all eras end, and they pave the way for something new. I see bright things in the future for Wyrd. I'm leaving a great team of designers, and a whole host of people passionate about the games and projects of Wyrd, both internally and externally. I have every confidence in the future of these games, and this company, that I love. That's why this transition provides some excitement, too. There's always something exciting about the next horizon, sure, but I'm also excited to be able to play our games as a player again. I'm excited to be able to just be another face in the crowd of our community, and to be able to be genuinely surprised and excited for the new ideas that the Wyrd team is cooking up. As you can see, even though I'm leaving, I won't really be gone. There's too much to look forward to coming out of Wyrd for me to ever really give it up. Thank you all for the opportunities, the jokes, and the patience. Thank you, Wyrd, for everything you've done for me. I hope to see you all across the gaming table someday soon. Sincerely, Aaron
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    Hey everyone! As some of you may have noticed, the Mounted Guards that we released at GenCon are at a different scale than our other miniatures. This was an unintentional mistake on our part, and if you purchased one of these sets, you have our apologies for not living up to the high standards you've come to expect from our company. In order to correct this mistake, we've pulled the Mounted Guards from our production schedule in order to get them resized to the proper scale. When the new and improved Mounted Guards return, they'll be properly sized and ready to take the fight to the Guild's enemies! If you purchased the Mounted Guards, then we will be taking steps to rectify our mistake and make it up to you. Please use the "Contact" button on our website and select the "Damaged / Mispacked Product" option to report your improperly scaled Mounted Guards, and once the correctly-sized Mounted Guards arrive, we will replace your product free of charge. Once again, your have our apologies for our mistake and our thanks for your patience as we sort this out. Our fans are the best, and we feel terrible for having let you down like this.
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    Hey everyone, I just want to make a few quick comments about errata. First, I think it's important to say that no errata will please everyone. Social media and the forum are in a near-constant state of arguing about tier lists and what is good and worth taking. Podcasts debate it for hours at a time. What I see at US tournaments is different than what I saw at the UK Nationals, but the level of play seemed about the same. I think the saying is "different strokes for different folks." As such, you can expect that any nerf will be claimed as not needed, a good move, and not enough. We all have opinions on what's correct (myself included), and it's helpful to consider that what dominates or is terrible in your area or experience may not be so for others. The errata, on the whole, is focused on moving the game toward a more balanced state. Second, it's worth noting that no errata is going to fix everything. This is the biggest errata Malifaux has ever gotten, and there are numerous claims that it isn't going far enough. There are still imbalanced models, and some of these models may still be imbalanced. I am aware of that. That said, I do think that this errata is putting things in a better place. By limiting the errata's size (and again, this was a big errata), we have the chance to see how things stand while still improving the game overall. Additionally, particularly large erratas will cause an overall sense of confusion about the game state, and they'd create even more consternation based on my first point. Suffice it to say: no, I do not think the game is perfectly balanced after this, but I do think it is better. Third and finally, I'd like to mention that the cost changes were a targeted strike as I mentioned in the initial post. We've had errata with more rules changes, and we will again in the future. At this point in the game's life, it seemed to me that a number of cost changes were the correct course of action, as well as focusing changes mostly on older models. It's not because they are easier or because there aren't other ways to fix the models. It's because cost adjustments like this can help correctly dial in the points costs of models, which can help us avoid things like power creep. I write all that by way of letting people have some idea of what I'm thinking and how I view errata. I expect there to be praise and criticism any time I touch the game (and the times that I don't). That's all fair enough, and your commentary helps me see how I can further improve the game in the future. I appreciate people leaving their feedback, so I thought I'd leave some of my own. I apologize to those of you who were negatively impacted by the errata. Hopefully you'll find things you like in it, and I'd appreciate it if you'd continue to leave constructive feedback so that hopefully next time you're the ones who are happy with it (and everyone else can suffer! Mwhahahaha!). Thanks all!
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    I'm making this thread to address the topic of sexism in gaming in a way that allows for some discussion. As I'm sure everyone can understand, this is a very thorny issue. I'm going to post here to address some of it, but with two caveats: I am not going to address any incidents in particular. I don't feel that this would be productive to either side of the debate, and I think it's a debate worth having. By removing it from any specifics, I think it's an easier discussion for everyone to have. I am going to be moderating this thread with an iron fist. If you post here, understand that I may take action on it even if it doesn't directly violate forum rules. The purpose of this is to ensure that people can post if they want to without worrying about further issues. The first thing I'd like to do is to point everyone to read this thread if they have not already. It encapsulates much of the issue for us. As some of you may know, there were numerous accusations recently thrown our way. While I don't want to discuss them, I want to say that Wyrd has a firm stance on harassment and discrimination: it isn't tolerated. We outright condemn anyone who engages in such despicable acts. There is no reason to ever treat another person in such a manner. We have no knowledge of our employees engaging in any of this behavior, and if we did they would be swiftly and unequivocally terminated. If applicable, we'd turn information about that behavior over to the authorities. We are not, I repeat, we are not engaging in any harassment of any individuals, and we are not ignoring issues of sexism in gaming. This cannot be stated strongly enough. To be clear: we don't want want bigoted or violent (whether verbal or physical) behavior in our employees or our community. This is why our Henchmen have a code of conduct. I'd like to take a moment to thank those individuals who have come to our defense, but I'd like to make it clear that questioning other people's integrity is not beneficial. Regardless of the veracity of accusations leveled at us, everyone should be aware that discriminatory practices (including sexism and racism) exist in gaming. The gaming community, as a whole, relies on brave individuals to come forward so that there can be dialogue on the subject. That dialogue begins to shut down if it turns into a witch hunt, be it toward the people voicing an issue or those defending against that concern. Additionally, I'd like to say that claims that "I've never seen it" or "it's not all communities" are not beneficial to the discussion. This is anecdotal at best (as expressed by Nathan in his thread on community), and, at worst, it minimizes the experiences that others are having. I believe that these sort of statements often come from a place of trying to express solidarity (i.e. "You would be welcome here!"), but they approach it the wrong way. Despicable behavior exists in the gaming world, whether you see it or not. Again, thank you to those who believe in us and defend us. Wyrd supports equal opportunity gaming and everyone having a safe place to play. If anyone experiences harassment within our community, please please reach out to us and let us know. The second (and last) thing I'd like to deal with is our specific addressing of some sexism concerns. When we were testing the new models for Shifting Loyalties, there were two issues that were brought to our attention: the name of one of our characters, and the names of Lust's abilities. The name of the first character had some unintentional phonetic similarities that made a player uncomfortable. As soon as the issue was raised we immediately changed the character's name. For Lust, one of our Crossroads Seven models, we asked a member of our community who had brought similar issues to our attention before to help us with the names on the abilities and actions. A character named Lust can obviously tread a line, so we reached out for help. In this vein, last year we started making our Henchmen sign a code of conduct to help us ensure that they are the welcoming organizers we want them to be. At GAMA, I reminded stores again to report any problem Henchmen to us. I believe that we do promote a positive and accepting community, but there is always more that can be done. We appreciate that we're all in one big gaming world, and it takes all of us to make it better. I'd like to reiterate this point. Wyrd will do what it can to continue to promote equality and civility in gaming, but we also rely on all of you to help. Our sphere of influence is only so large. If you see any questionable behavior in your community, you need to speak up. It is only in silence that the behavior thrives. So speak up when you see it, report it to your LGS, and, if they are a Henchman for us let us know. We all need to do our part. I'm just going to close out by repeating a couple of things: Harassments and threats are not okay, and would never be tolerated by our employees or Henchmen. We condemn all those who engage in such behaviors. Dismissing victims of discrimination and saying you don't see it in your community can feel dismissive, it is more beneficial to acknowledge there is a problem (even if it isn't in your community). Wyrd will continue to try to promote an inclusive community with the tools at its disposal. Every gamer should do the same. This thread will be watched closely, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Thanks, and happy gaming.
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    Hello there New Players and Old Players alike! I've noticed this coming up in a lot of different threads on different forums and in game store discussions and thought it could use some additional discussion and reference: TERRAIN IS A BIG DEAL IN MALIFAUX The amount, placement and type of terrain will affect your game. And not in a small way either. Now most people will realize quite quickly that if they use a traditional Warmahordes board of 2 trees and a small hillock Masters like Perdita get muchmuch stronger as their shooting attacks dont have to worry about pesky LoS or Cover, so we have to cover the board in a lot more stuff to make things fair. Great guide Shine, seeya next time. But wait, picture the following scenario: Edonil and Mako are having a game. Edonil wants to try out his Seamus crew and Mako just finished building an entire Western town-themed board so they decide to play on that. The board has a moderate density of cool looking buildings and they start their game. Since each building has the blocking trait because of its solid walls Edonil has an easy time using Seamus' Back Alley action, which allows him to move massive distances when out of LoS, and snipes out large portions of Mako's crew, costing him the game. Both agree that Seamus felt a bit Overpowered and wonder how he got through Playtesting like this. However, in this scenario the board density might be fine but the terrain type is not. This board is nearly 100% terrain with the "Blocking" type. And while it looks awesome it gives Masters like Seamus a huge advantage and Masters like Perdita a huge disadvantage. Think of it another way, a board full of buildings is going to wind up as fair as a board full of rivers. Great for one type of crew (ones that can shoot over water) but less good for the type of crew that needs to Oregon Trail right over the river. This is Your crew on the Unbalanced Board Ok, so how do we handle this? Well locally we use a rough rule of thirds. For density squish all your terrain into 1/3 of the board. Fill that third right up. That terrain should look like this: 1/3 of the terrain should be blocking. Buildings, walls, Piles of crates, etc. 1/3 of the terrain should be obscuring. Vegetation, Walls with holes in them, an area of Mysterious Fog, etc 1/3 of the terrain should be Difficult. Rivers or water, uneven or rough flooring, snow, mud, blood, disco flooring, etc Then we want to spread that terrain out from the third we've bundled it into. This is an area that requires a bit more finese and less quick and easy to remember rules. I spread it out and make it look like a cohesive board then consult my opponent to make changes or perhaps notice things like the inacessible sniper's nest I accidently made for models with "From the Shadows" (an ability that lets models set up outside their deployment zone, like in the clocktower that would take 3 turns to get into normally). More experience with different models will help you in figuring out placement and what to avoid. In general though you want to have a roughly even dispersement of terrain types (So as not to start the melee walking master behind three rivers). Experience will help with figuring out the benefits of specific terrain setups So lets go back to Mako and Edonil. In their game they were missing a lot of the terrain types, but Mako still wants to use the board he worked so hard on. Well, he still can. Look closely at your terrain elements. Mako's Saloon has windows so he and Edonil both agree that it will be Obscuring to shoot through the windows of it and angle it so that the blocking wall wouldn't be blocking Mako's LoS to Seamus from most angles. They say that the main "roads" between the buildings have become muddy from over use and are difficult open terrain. The abandoned church has enough holes in the walls that its considered Obscuring now and the floors inside are going to be difficult as well. Their next game finds Seamus having a lot more trouble Back Alleying and Mako able to more accurately predict where Seamus is going to try to go and how to counter him. Mako still loses, but the game is much more enjoyable. This is a rough guideline of what to do for terrain. You can most certainly have more or less terrain, change the percents, but this guide will help you in experiencing Crews and Masters in a setting they were designed for, giving more meaning to how you set up your crew initially and just generally ensuring a more balanced and fun gameplay setting.
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    Hello Wyrdos, Attached is Gaining Grounds 2017! This document is intended for all your 2017 organized tournament play. It builds off of what GG16 gave to us and provides some new Schemes for old hats. Below are some core changes: General clean-up as errors were noticed The Carver is now a legal Killjoy proxy Round time limits have been increased by 15 minutes (to 2 hours) Calling Time rules have been adjusted. Organizers are encouraged to give players plenty of warning before Calling Time. The Ringer rules have been updated, but work essentially the same as has been done The 2017 Rotation is (obviously) new The Schemes are updated. This includes: Schemes moving location Schemes being removed Schemes being added For full details, please consult the document. This will be effective January 1st, and it will be uploaded to our website at that time. The GG17 Strategies and Schemes deck will also be available on Wargame Vault shortly. Thank you! Gaining Grounds 2017 (Final).pdf
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week we've had to explain to Waldo just exactly what social distancing is and despite our best efforts, he's just not getting it ... we're tempted to show just exactly 'what' we shook out of the keyboards after he was done with them, but our lawyers have advised against it. A few of the fellas are still disinfecting. So, while we quarantine the little bugger for a couple of weeks, we thought we would present you with a bit of fun for those of you who are locked up in self isolation and provide you with a good ol' fashion coloring contest! Snippy, whom we'll introduce in the near future, has done a fun piece which she calls 'Plague Boi'. We think it's rather apt. Details for the coloring contest is such: Contest runs from now till the end of day April 15th. Entries must be submitted in this forum thread - simply attach your colored piece for your submission. Naturally, you need an account. There are two categories, digital and ... erm ... not digital. Paint with a computer, tablet, crayons, markers, watercolor ... whatever. Everyone who participates will receive a $10 gift certificate for the Wyrd web-store along with a random puppet miniature upon its use. One winner from each category, as chosen by the Wyrd staff, will receive a $50 gift certificate for the Wyrd web-store and handful of puppets (that's rather vague, but well, that's what you get!). Have fun. Be safe. Stay sane.
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    Wyrdscapes is our new terrain line coming this year. Featuring detailed, high-quality plastic, the Wyrdscapes line will allow players to build beautiful, customizable tables. The buildings have interchangeable floors, allowing you to build different looking buildings, all of which will stack on top of each other (well, it's hard to stack on the roof pieces, but you get the idea). The table itself is made up of smaller tiles you can spin and put in different locations. And last but not least, different elements of smaller terrain can fill in the final details. We are very excited to have this project in the pipeline! Share your thoughts below!
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    As promised. These are prints of course, making a few adjustments (not so much clothes eating of the backside...), but there ya go.
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    Just because type of day ... Yup, that's plastic, just like our miniatures.
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we took Waldo shopping. To make him feel comfortable in this digital age, we decided to take him somewhere closer to his own comfort level: a desolate ruin where the people fight for scraps and attention called a “mall.” After the umpteenth request, like “can I help you” and “do you need a hand with that” and “don’t eat that” and “please stop burning the merchandise,” Waldo just about got his fill. That was until we stumbled into the food court. We’ve never seen Waldo more excited. So while we try to drag him away from the pretzel stand, let’s go over the next big thing for Malifaux Third Edition! You might remember our announcement a while back about the Malifaux Third Edition app and its beta. Well, thanks to our incredible testing community who found bugs and suggested features, we (well, mainly our dev and fellow community member, DZ) managed to put something together that we’re quite proud of. Today, we’re announcing that the Malifaux Crew Builder app is now available on mobile devices! Here are some of the exciting features that you can expect with the Malifaux Crew Builder: Read all of the latest Wyrd news, such as this very announcement! Listen to Breachside Broadcast as you’re playing. View all of Malifaux Third Edition’s game cards (which includes Stat Cards and Upgrades). Reference information on Deployments, Strategies and Schemes, Conditions, General Actions, and the Core Rules. Build Crews for games of all types and sizes. Share those Crews with your friends via QR Codes or direct links. Start and join games, both locally and via a network. Track game information such as Victory Points, Health, and Conditions. Create an account and use that account to sign in on multiple devices, giving you access to the Crews you built. And much more! Did I mention that the app is 100% free? Every card, feature, and update is available at absolutely no cost to you. Don’t have a mobile device? Don’t worry! In the near future, we will also be providing a web version that can be accessed on any PC, which will include the same major functionality as the mobile version (hardware capabilities permitting). Don’t have a PC or a mobile device? How are you even reading this? You can download the app on the Google Play Store right now, and will be available on Apple devices very soon (it's going through approval as you read this). EDIT: the app is now also available on Apple's App Store, too!
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    Introduction Resurrectionists (or Ressers if you don't like typing/saying big words) are the faction associated most closely with Undead and summoning. Likely that's why you came to this forum, because you want to play with those kinds of models. This guide is aimed at taking you, the novice, through the interesting choices ahead - which Master to start with, what models to buy to support them, and why. As with everything in Malifaux, there are no absolutely right answers. This guide is one person's opinion, based on trial and error (because this guide didn't exist until I wrote it). Take it or leave it. I'm not the best player in the world, not even the best player in my local game store. However, all the information here is reasonably well researched and checked by smarter people than me, and will no doubt evolve over time. If you notice any errors (rather than you just disagree with my opinion) please let me know via PM! If you disagree with my opinion, great! Leave some comments and let's make this a really good guide for all beginning Resurrectionists. What Ressers Do Well Survival. That's the name of the game, people. Ressers are more likely to have models on the board at the end of the game compared to any other faction. That's because we bring more models on to the battlefield through summoning, bring them back to life or heal them effectively, or just have tough models to bring down in the first place. While we won't always win the activation control battle against other factions (seems like most factions have good summoners and cheap minions), we're certainly in the running vs anyone else. The key abilities in this area are Hard to Wound (and it's nasty big brother Impossible to Wound) and Incorporeal, with a smattering of Hard to Kill and Armor. Make sure you know how all those abilities work! Poison. Killing with conditions is a fun way to work around a lot of interesting situations that can arise in Malifaux. At the time of writing, 21 models have the Infect trigger on at least one of their attacks, which gives Poison +1 for each after SUCCEEDING (not after damaging). 15 of those models have the built into the attack. In addition, we have models that will heal from Poison and others that get extra bonuses against already Poisoned enemies. Poison, and particularly the Infect trigger, is an excellent way for us to get around Armor, Hard to Kill, Hard to Wound and many other damage reducing abilities. Summoning. Every Master in the faction has some way to summon models, although some have very roundabout ways of doing it. With the right cards, it's not unusual to double your number of starting models (in theory even triple!). In addition, we have some general upgrades that allow summoning (available to any Leader and specific Henchmen). And on top of all that, we have a half-dozen different models that summon something as a trigger or in addition to another effect. Half of those are 1 AP zombies, but every activation helps in that important battle for control, and anything that happens incidentally is a very efficient use of AP. Three of those incidental summoning models are usable across many different crew builds (and in case you're wondering, those are the Carrion Emissary, Anna Lovelace and Datsue Ba all of whom are very Soulstone efficient for what they can do). There are a bunch of other things we do well, but probably other factions do just as well or better. On that note, let's talk about what Ressers suck at. What Ressers Do Poorly Speed. We have a few fast models (or ones that push/teleport), but they are noteworthy because they are the exception rather than the norm. Many models are only Wk4, and Cg6 is also a common upper bound. Don't expect to be super maneuverable as a rule. We also have a lot of commonly seen models that have bigger (50mm and 40mm) bases, so we can easily gum up a section of the board. One key problem that newer players often have (including yours truly!) is positioning models correctly, and that problem is exacerbated by a combination of slow movement and summoning. Hit Really Hard. Again, we have a few models that do this well, but it's not our bread and butter (I'm looking at you, Guild!). Killing is usually combination of multiple attacks or from one or two key models, rather than something we take for granted. Thankfully, killing is not key to winning in this game. Long Ranged Attacks. We're not the faction of snipers, or even of pistoliers. We're an up close and personal faction - we don't kill you until you can smell the rot. The ranged attacks we do have tend to either be short range (12" is long range in Ressers) or do something other than damage (the infamous 18" range on the Rotting Belle Lure attack is a good example). If you want to make something dead as a Resser player, expect to get up nice and close first. Look Pretty. Virtually everything in the Resser range is ugly, psychotic, dead or some combination of the three. And that's how we like it. The Masters Summon Nicodem Kirai Molly Aggro Reva Seamus McMourning Mixed Yan Lo Tara I've grouped the Masters (somewhat arbitrarily) into three buckets. I've chosen these three to help you figure out what your second Master should be. I'm assuming you've already chosen your first, but if you haven't, see the section below on your first Master. Assuming you've already got someone in one of the buckets, choose a Master from one of the other buckets as a complementary second Master. The Summon bucket is for the three Masters who have a 1 AP action on their card that allows them to summon a minion of some sort onto the battlefield and then provide a range of buffs to help them along. These Masters typically have crews that help provide resources to enable that, e.g. drawing extra cards, putting down more corpse markers etc. Often your starting crew is balanced between making your summoning more effective and winning the game on their own. Usually they don't take models who are dedicated scheme runners because those tend to be summoned instead. Crew builds with these Masters tend to vary less from scheme pool to scheme pool because many of the tools to win are (again) summoned during play. The Aggro bucket is for the Masters who primarily attack directly, and for whom summoning is a more limited or secondary action. Each of these Masters have a way of dealing a lot of damage directly, combined with special movement tricks to help them get where they need to be. Their crews tend to be built in a way to support their style of attack in some way, as well as to score points. As I mentioned earlier, hitting hard is not a key strong point, but these are the Masters who are most likely to be able to do so. The Mixed bucket contains the two Masters whom I consider to be not an obvious fit in either bucket. Tara doesn't summon directly (her Totem does) and Yan Lo only summons back key models that have already died. Both Masters can get quite aggressive, but not in a straightforward way. Both of these Masters have unique playstyles not only in the faction, but in the Malifaux game as a whole. Your First Resser Master In order of preference, I'd recommend this: Seamus McMourning (Reva - not yet released) Yan Lo Nicodem Molly Kirai Tara Why this order? It's a combination of how reusable the models in the boxed set are with other Resser crews and how complicated the Master is to use. Tara is a pretty complex Master to use, with a bunch of mechanics around burying that are fairly unique, and her models are only usable with her as they are all Outcasts who come into Ressers with Infiltration. Kirai is probably the most complex of the summoners, and her boxed set includes models that either must be summoned or just wouldn't make a starting crew anyway, so that's why she's down there. The Masters in the bottom half of the pile are going to require you to purchase a lot more additional models to be used as summons. Seamus, on the other hand, is a pretty easy to use Master, his crews can quite happily include all the models in his boxed set and be very effective, and you'll likely use all those models (not counting Totem obviously) in other crews. McMourning takes a bit more awareness of auras and positioning, but has a pretty straightforward play style, and a crew box that has a lot of utility models in it. The middle of the table is probably the most arbitrary part. I'd use this part of the guide as a way to help you choose between two or three that you already had your eye on - pick the one closer to the top. Ultimately, I urge people to pick the Master they are excited to assemble and paint because every single one is good in its own way. Top Tools Before talking too much about the crews for the various masters, I want to first talk about three models that you will likely end up using a lot over the course of your games as a Resser player - the Rotten Belle, the Nurse and the Carrion Emissary. That's because they fit into virtually any crew and offer a toolbox of options to go in that crew. If you find you don't like using Nurses or Belles, there are plenty of other options in the 4-5SS range - Necropunks/Crooligans for scheme running and Ashigaru to help hold points, to name a few of my favorites - so don't feel like you're being locked in to anything: that's just not how Malifaux works :-) Rotten Belles come with Seamus, and Nurses come with McMourning. Both boxes give you a bunch of other useful models so if you're not too budget constrained that's a good way to go. Otherwise, they both come separately in their own boxes, just like the Carrion Emissary. Anyway, here's the info on these Top Tools: Rotten Belle Probably the quintessential Resser minion, the Rotten Belle is 5SS and gives you a lot for that cheap cost. While the low Df/Wp might seem like a big weakness, having Hard to Wound and a high number of wounds means they are incredibly survivable. They also have Wk 5 which helps make them good for schemes. They have a very long range Lure (18") that is among the highest Ca values in the game, and with the right suit will force your opponent to discard a card. They also will give out Slow - it's a little trickier to have it go off, but gives just as much utility. Consider that you're trading 1 AP from a 5SS model for 1 Master AP or 1 Henchman AP. You can use their Pounce attack to Lure and enemy scheme runner away from wherever it wants to be scoring and into attack range, then take an attack all for 1 AP - with the right trigger, you'll even keep them from walking away. Finally, they even have Companion so can Chain Activate when you need them to. As a beginner, I advice ignoring this ability to start - knowing when to use takes time, and it's better just to not think about it until you have your head around all the other things going on in the game. Nurse Another 5SS minion, the Nurse is a great toolbox for accomplishing a lot of different objectives. She's got a higher Df and a trigger to push up to 4" whether she's attacked vs Df or Wp, and with Wd 6 she is survivable enough to require a significant investment of resources in order to kill. She has two other abilities, both of which are important to how she functions. The first allows her to discard a card at the start of her action to add the suit to her duel total, and the second is Accomplice, allowing a model within 6" to activate as a Chain Activation after she's done. These are both important because they tie in with her primary attack action, Take Your Meds. Take Your Meds is Ca that you have to declare a Trigger for. Each trigger gives a paired set of bonus and penalty, allowing you to use each one on both your models and your opponent's. Briefly, they are paralyze/heal all wounds, +2 Ml damage/only declare Ml actions, Wk +2/only declare Walk and Interact, and to all duels/Armor +2. All of these can be used to help you strongly influence an area of the board. A simple example is that you discard a card to give you the right suit, then you Paralyze one of your opponent's models that's already at full Wounds (trading 1AP for 2 or 3AP), or you can use the same trigger to heal one of your slow, summoned models. Being only able to declare Ml actions is a lot like being paralyzed if you aren't in range of something, so that can also be effective if you want to buff your own model with the extra damage for 1AP and then pseudo-paralyze with the other AP. Just make sure they have no movement tricks in their crew! You'll see a lot of crews below I've included a Nurse and/or a Rotten Belle (or two). If you don't have these models, they are worth getting because of their sheer utility for virtually any scheme pool. Carrion Emissary The Carrion Emissary is arguably the best of all the Emissaries, even without its Master-specific upgrades, and it's so good with particular Masters that it makes the cut into multiple starter lists. Briefly, it's an Enforcer with a stat line of mostly 6s, it can fly and has Hard to Kill but no other real defenses (it has a limited self heal) - this means it often works better with crews who can heal it (but as you just read, Nurses can heal everyone!). It also gives all your minions within 6" +1 Wk, which is really good for a faction not known for being fast. Where it starts to shine more is on the back of its card. It has one Ca attack that is both ranged and :melee, but only 6" and 1" respectively. However, it does min damage 3 and can blast, as well as having a bunch of useful triggers. The Emissary also has a zero action that you will likely use a lot, Shards of Kythera. This lays down two blast markers that count as Ht 4 impassable, blocking terrain. They disappear at the end of the turn and out pops a Mindless Zombie. The zombie is good for a lot of reasons - it's another activation, it's very easy to hit (so you can blast off it!) and it counts as a corpse marker for anything you want to use a corpse marker for. It even leaves a corpse marker when it dies. Just don't expect to ever hit anything with it! The Emissary for 1AP can turn corpse markers into scheme markers at range, and later in the game if you've score VP from the strategy you can summon any non-totem Resser Undead model up to 6SS. Those are currently all Minions (Crooligan, Guild Autopsy, Canine Remains, Ashigaru, Crooked Man, Necropunk, Rotten Belle, Dead Doxy, Flesh Construct, The Drowned) and the earliest you'll be summoning is turn 4, so you're likely to only get 3AP out of the summon - choose wisely! Mostly, you will move, attack and drop Shard markers with this guy, helping to prevent charge/firing lanes while you maneuver your forces into position. Malifaux, as other authors have stated multiple times, is primarily a game about movement. The Emissary has lots of flexibility in its movement, gives more movement to your other models and helps prevent your opponent from moving into areas you want to control. I'll talk more about Master-specific Emissary actions below, where I've included it into the beginner list for a given Master. Starting Crews and Tactics I've provided some starting crews for each Master below. This is to try to answer the question that is often asked "OK, I've got Master X, now what do I do to get to a good crew at 50SS". By no means is this a silver bullet for winning all your games! I've aimed at creating lists that use a good amount of models from the boxed sets (I've stuck to at least 4 and more if warranted), and supplemented those with models that both fit into a good list and are as easy as possible to learn. In addition, I've tried to avoid models that can only be purchased in some other crew box. I've also leaned on only suggesting upgrades that are either essential, easy to use (or both!). Each list leaves a few stones for upgrades or personal tweaks based on your model collection. You're only beginning, so it's a good idea to avoid upgrades that provide extra actions unless strictly needed. I give a quick walk through on how to use the crew and what types of situations they excel in. Again, apply a healthy dash of salt to this all - I'm not an expert in every model, crew, scheme and strategy, but this should at least help get you started. Seamus Seamus, Sinister Reputation, Red Chapel Killer - 6 Soulstone cache Copycat Killer Madame Sybelle, Bleeding Tongue The Hanged Yin the Penangalan Rotten Belle x2 Nurse Purchases: The Hanged, Yin I've listed Seamus as the easiest Master to use, primarily because you usually do the same three things in each of his activations, and the only things that vary are the order and what (0) action you take. Seamus will focus, Back Alley (teleport) and shoot his .50 Flintlock. Then the Copycat Killer does pretty much the same thing. Seamus' upgrades are to enable the rest of the crew to function very effectively. Sinister Reputation gives a Wp reducing bubble and everyone else has some kind of Wp-based attack, which consequently will heal Seamus when your opponent fails a duel. His zero action will either be to summon a Belle or to enable him to teleport while still in line of sight. Madame Sybelle, The Hanged and Yin all have ranged attacks against Wp and (importantly) are Terrifying All 12 or more, just like Seamus. You'll quickly get into the habit of telling your opponents to take these checks (and usually at -2 Wp!). Yin's Gnawing Fears can put models on a flip for Wp duels, and then The Hanged will take off half their wounds! Madame Sybelle can force people to target her, even if the action is out of range - combined with Yin's Gnawing Fears, this can very effectively lock down a model for most of two turns. Yin is great at taking and holding a point on her own, although vulnerable against anything with built in flips. Using Whispers From Beyond with The Hanged will take off half of any model's wounds - great for big beaters - and prevent them from healing the rest of the game. Hanged also remove most immunity to Horror duels within a 4" The Belles are durable scheme runners who can hand out Slow or Lure other models away from where they want to be (or both!). These are a common faction toolbox model, so you'll end up using them a bunch. The Nurse works to help burn cards from your opponent's hand even more - they'll generally try to avoid having their key models paralyzed. She can also rescue Seamus if he gets stuck in combat: He's Ml 7 with a trigger to attack again, but min damage 1. Hitting him with Hallucinogens means an unsuspecting assailant can be staring down the barrel of 6 min damage 3 attacks at Ml7! Upgrades to consider include Not Too Banged Up on Sybelle for extra walk on Rotten Belle Lures, and Unnerving Aura on Yin, forcing people to take damage if they stay too close to her. What do I use the Red Joker for? Seamus damage is the obvious one, because it's 12 which kills virtually everything in the game that doesn't have some form of reduction. Copycat Killer is a hefty 11, so he's the obvious second choice. Some possible next steps Swap out Datsue Ba for a Hanged. The Hanged is a better choice in Collect the Bounty and is much simpler to use (if not in range, move and then Whisper, otherwise Whisper!) whereas Datsue Ba (+ Spirit Whispers) takes a bit more practice to get used to, and requires some extra models that she summons from a trigger. Build Seamus with Bag o' Tools. This means you're not getting as much mileage out of the passive Wp duels really draining the hand, but Seamus is able to effective in combat on his own. This one works better when you need Seamus more in the thick of things (I never play this build, but that's my preference). Add in the Carrion Emissary. You'll find that the Emissary will be targeted a lot because it doesn't have Terrifying, but it does heal when things nearby fail Wp duels if you use Seamus' specific Conflux. Combined with Madame Sybelle, your Belles will be Wk 7! Good if you have to get them to key points on the board. McMourning McMourning, Moonlighting, Plastic Surgery - 6 Soulstone cache Zombie Chihuahua Sebastian, Transfusion Carrion Emissary, Conflux of Forbidden Knowledge Rafkin Nurse Rotten Belle x2 Carrion Effigy Purchases: Carrion Effigy, Rafkin, Mindless Zombie You can maybe trade for: Rafkin, because there's a limited edition alternate, Mindless Zombie because people don't always use all five in the box To briefly touch on the auras in this crew: McMourning and Sebastian both have Catalyst which will cause models to take Poison damage when they activate, not just at the end of turn (this doesn't stack). In addition, Sebastian's Induction aura means that a model taking 1 poison damage actually takes 3. Rafkin's My Own Concoction aura works inversely, meaning that any regular attacks against a model already poisoned results in them taking 1 extra damage. So, you'll want to Lure the key model into the bubbles, dealing sufficient damage with attacks to allow McMourning to Expunge and summon a Flesh Construct. The Zombie Chihuahua is a cheap activation who can also Expunge (without the summoning, obviously!) to finish off a model in a different area of the board. Being only Ht 1, he can be quite easy to protect, and the Expunge is a (0) action so you can walk out, Expunge and then go hide. The Carrion Effigy helps eliminate those pesky immunities to Poison - it can really help against things with complete Condition immunity like Lenny or Ashes and Dust. Absent the need for that, he's a solid scheme runner who is not easily killed. The Nurse will help with overall board control, and healing your Wounded models in a pinch. Rafkin is very squishy, having no real defenses to speak of, so you need to protect him. Only bring him into combat if you have a high degree of confidence that he will kill what he's facing. He has a zero action that does min damage 1, which can sometimes be helpful in finishing off that Hard to Kill model before it activates ... however, you're better off just making sure the same model is inside a Catalyst aura instead. A simple tactic you'll be able to employ is to drop the Shards of Kythera with your Emissary on turn one, and at the end of the turn summon a Mindless Zombie. In turn 2, you can use the Emissary's and/or Rafkin's blasts to blast off the Df 2 Zombie and lay down a bunch of poison on your opponent's models. Depending on how they've placed, you could easily give half your opponent's crew Poison +1 before you've engaged with them. The Emissary is a good way to help protect your more vulnerable models - the Shards can help prevent charges and Hard to Kill gives it an opportunity to be healed by a Nurse (or Rafkin). Importantly, it gets to all attacks against poisoned models which means you're much more likely to hit the trigger you want on its main attack. What do I use the Red Joker for? McMourning's Surgical Implements will 8 damage + 1 Poison (or 9 damage if Rafkin is nearby, and 2 Poison if you flip/cheat a or stone for it), which is enough to kill most things, especially if you Expunge straight after to turn them into a Flesh Construct. Some possible next steps Rogue Necromancy. This happy critter can easily fit in where the Emissary is, if you want a more aggressive list, but it also likes to have Belles draw things to it (because it's pretty slow, even with Stalk). It's Ml7 with infect built-in and min damage 3, so if it's near Rafkin, that's min damage 4 + 1 Poison, and with a built-in plus flip to attack and damage, you're likely hitting 6 damage pretty easily. It just dies really easily to high min damage models, so be wary. Shikome get 1AP charges against things that are poisoned, have triggers to ignore armor and also have built-in poison trigger in melee. Good choices for Collect the Bounty because they are hard hitting Minions. Embalmed. Guild Autopsy and Flesh Construct both come with Poison +5, so summoning them (Autopsy can be summoned with Spare Parts) or hiring them enables Sebastian to use Transfusion (or any other model you put it on) to quickly put 5 Poison on another model to enable an early Expunge for instance. Or the Carrion Emissary can more easily blast off them because they are both low Df and it would get flips to the attack. Reva Reva, Guises of Death - 6 Soulstone cache Vincent St. Clair, Deal With Death Carrion Emissary, Carrion Conflux Bete Noire Shieldbearer Rotten Belle Nurse Crooligan Purchases: Bete Noire, Crooligan (or possibly trade) I'll start this miniscule section with a caveat: Reva is not yet available for general release and so she's not had the test of time that the rest of the Masters have had, so this is effectively a placeholder. I'll expand this area as she starts to see more play time (including by me!). Reva is arguably easier to use than McMourning, but I pushed her down the list a little, again due to newness. The idea behind this list is that Bete Noire can take advantage of the ranged killing of Reva and Vincent to pop out down the board and wreak havoc. The Carrion Emissary and Reva can create remote corpse markers through Mindless Zombies and Corpse Candles, so that Reva can attack through those markers. The Crooligan is a gambit to encourage an early attack and thereby pull Bete out early, but a second Shieldbearer works in that spot too (thus saving the money on Crooligans). Something to note is that From the Shadows can be a bit of a trap. I recommend only deploying within 6-9" of your deployment zone until you have a very strong grasp of how to use the ability. Much further forward than that and you're probably over extending and will lose the model. With a 4SS Crooligan who "turns into" Bete Noire, that's not the end of the world, but you don't want to lose Vincent that early. His upgrade is more for the push out of combat than the deployment tricks anyway. What do I use the Red Joker for? All the 6+SS models have a good enough damage spread to use the Joker with, and the Shieldbearer can give itself damage flips in order to make the cheat easier. Possible next steps will have to wait for now! Yan Lo Yan Lo, Fortify The Spirit, Brutal Khakkhara, Reliquary - 6 Soulstone cache Soul Porter Izamu The Armor Carrion Emissary, Ancestral Conflux Chiaki The Neice, Pull of the Grave Ashigaru Rotten Belle Nurse Purchases: Izamu The Armor Maybe you can trade for: Izamu, because Genbu was released in the Tortoise and the Hare box, sometimes people want the Hare for their Arcanists but not Genbu, or they replaced their Izamu with the Genbu. Yan Lo is a bit like playing two different Masters. He gets stronger as he generates Chi (either from discarding cards or from models dying nearby), and he can spend his Chi to do a lot of things, primarily adding it to all his Ca values and attaching more upgrades. Those upgrades in turn give him more things he can do with his Chi - this is why he's not high up the list of easy Masters to play! Astute readers will notice that this is the only master who gets all three upgrades in the starter list. There are very specific reasons for this. The Khakkhara gives Yan Lo a Ml range of 2" rather than 1", so you can engage more models when you need to (typically late game), as well as getting a much better damage track (3/4/5 vs 2/3/4) - the Emissary gives him Ml 6. Fortify the Spirit gives him a trigger to add his Chi to any Df or Wp duel (but it needs a suit) - the value of this is more that having it will mean your opponent is less likely to TRY targeting Yan Lo because attacking an effective stat of 8 is often not worth it. Finally, the Reliquary allows Yan Lo to resurrect any Ancestor onto half wounds - Izamu, the Emissary (who gets Ancestor from his conflux) and Chiaki are the Ancestors in this starting list. There are a few key interactions in this crew that you will get mileage out of. The obvious ones are that the Soul Porter can give any Ancestor an extra move, especially useful for the Wk 4 Izamu to get into the key position. The Porter is also Incorporeal, Wk 6 so he can easily keep up with everyone else, and has a 3" engagement range - he's probably my favorite totem in Ressers, and learning how to use him well will seriously improve your Yan Lo game. I rarely sacrifice him for the extra Chi - he provides too much other value. The Carrion Emissary shines in this crew more than any other, in my humble opinion. The simple reason is that it gets Fast ever time a model within 6" attaches an upgrade, so usually 3 times per game thanks to Yan Lo. Make sure you have Yan Lo within 6" of him when you're going to attach an upgrade in order to get the bonus - it can also give Yan Lo +1 Wk for his activation as an added bonus. Using the Emissary's Shards of Kythera action turn 1 will summon a mindless Zombie - Yan Lo (or anyone else) can then kill the Zombie in turn 2 to gain two Chi - one off the Revitalize trigger and one from Focus Chi. Note that Harvest Chi only works when enemies are being killed, so killing your own Zombie won't get you more Chi! In general, Chiaki can be used with her upgrade to hand out Slow and as a scheme runner. She has a zero action which is great for taking out opposing scheme runners by making them Insignificant - with the right suit it can even generate Chi for her, which she adds to her Ca just like Yan Lo. She can then hand out her Chi to other Ancestors to make their Ca better. In this case, it's either Yan Lo or the Emissary - giving Izamu a bonus to Ca only affects his self-heal and in Yan Lo crews you shouldn't really need to use that as Yan Lo has a very effective heal himself. Full heals from the Nurse also Paralyze their victim, but Paralyzed is a condition that can easily be removed by Chiaki. This is particularly useful on Yan Lo, who cannot heal himself. The upgrades he attaches to himself will (in total) give him 9 possible actions to take and give him Impossible to Wound and Incorporeal. I've taken attacks from an entire crew with a fully powered-up Yan Lo and have him survived to tell the tale, albeit only on one wound ("Helloooooooo, Nurse!"). However, he needs to have a full +3 Chi in order to really pull this off. You also don't need to attach Bone Ascendant every game, but you'll know you'll need it - it's very useful in situations where a lot of enemies are comparatively bunched up and you can hit them all at once, and it's definitely the time when you want to have the Brutal Khakkhara. Generally turns 1, 2 and 3 are spent getting ready and turns 4 and 5 are where Yan Lo really shines - resurrecting the big guys who might have died, handing out Armor +2 (so good on the Emissary!) and even getting stuck in and attacking himself. Don't overextend him in those early turns and you should do fine. The Ashigaru is useful to hold a point and keep enemy models out of engagement range of Yan Lo or anyone else you want - their 1 AP charge is often effective against scheme runners, and their 1 AP Brace deters pretty much everyone from charging. The Rotten Belle can easily be a second Ashigaru, but the value in having the Belle is to pull key models into Yan Lo's lightning dance range, allowing him to teleport in more safely, and place the enemy model into range of Izamu, the (fast) Emissary or both! Yan Lo has a lot of tricks, but he's hard to use and it's easy to get disheartened with him. That's why he's mid-pack for beginners. What do I use the Red Joker for? Izamu or Carrion Emissary damage are the primary targets. The crew is pretty consistent and with a low variance on numbers so there's really not too many obvious choices. Some possible next steps Using other Ancestors. Yin the Penangalan is a natural fit with this crew, and between Yin (especially with Unnerving Aura) and Izamu, you can Lightning Dance something into a whole world of pain. Toshiro is the other Ancestor, and he can summon 5SS minions off corpse and scrap markers: however, he's a little trickier to use and protect, which is why he didn't make the beginner list. Just don't take ALL the ancestors at once! Three is a reasonable max, not counting Yan Lo. Anna Lovelace. Lightning Dance and Lures are great ways to get models where you need them, but everyone knows that Malifaux is all about extra movement shenanigans, and Anna helps shut down those of your opponent. With a massive 8" that stops anyone from placing or pushing into, you can have a much higher degree of confidence that things will stay where you put them. She can also shoot into combat without randomizing, meaning she can partake in your "kill zone" between Izamu and whomever else. Finally, if she's able to hit moderate or severe on her casting attack, she can summon a zombie or a seishin, which makes for easy meat for Yan Lo to get some emergency Chi if he needs to. No Ancestors. At which point, you can obviously drop the Reliquary. Yan Lo is a Master who can support pretty much any crew (because who doesn't want Armor +2 and healing?) so you can just pick your favorite models and slap them on the table with Yan Lo (and I frequently do). He's also great to add in a model that you want to test with, for exactly the same reason. Sure, it won't have the world's best synergy, but it's probably the most forgiving way to be able to test something out. I'd still recommend the Soul Porter tho, but this is the one place where you might consider the Grave Spirit - woohoo Armor +4! Nicodem Nicodem, Undertaker, Maniacal Laugh - 6SS Cache Vulture Mortimer, Corpse Bloat Carrion Emissary, Carrion Conflux Bete Noire Crooligan Crooligan Nurse Purchases: Crooligans, Bete Noire (The Hanged, The Drowned, Mindless Zombies) Nicodem is the most flexible summoner in the game. He has access to a whopping 17 different Minions, meaning he has a tool at his disposal for pretty much any situation. However, as a beginner choosing between so many possible summons is pretty intimidating! I'm going to assume you already have Rotten Belles, so you can probably get by with just getting a box of The Hanged and a box of The Drowned. Combined with Crooligans, Rotten Belles and the Punk Zombies you get in the boxed set, these minions will give you a lot of flexibility to deal with most scheme pools and opponents. The Hanged are arguably the most feared Minion in the game (for good reason!) and can easily swing games on their own. The Drowned are tough minions who can hold points and drop Scheme Markers when they die. Punk Zombies are solid all-round combat minions, and I've already written a whole section on Belles (see Top Tools above in case you skipped!). Crooligans are excellent scheme runners, and surprisingly survivable. So, what about the other 12 models he can summon? They all do something similar to the five minions I've already talked about, but will do it marginally better or worse, depending on the opponent and situation. These five summons are very solid for all situations and are great for getting started. Once you've got a good handle on how the crew plays and what/when to summon, you'll be able to cast a critical eye at other possible options and buy them as appropriate. Now, how does this crew work? Nicodem has a 6" to give to Df and Ml for any Undead. This can stack with the Conflux on the Emissary, which is a 4" to give to friendly Minion Attack duels. However, the stack isn't necessary - think more that the Emissary and Nicodem give you two focal points for your models so that you can do more things. If they happen to converge then great! A 6" bubble + 4" bubble + 30mm base means they can be ~11" apart and still have a model get both benefits. Just be aware that The Hanged generally wants to be near the Emissary more than Nicodem, because it's using a Ca attack. When you draw your hand each turn, you're going to need to mentally set aside the cards you're going to summon with. If you get a 13 of any suit, turn it into The Hanged (unless you have two on the board already, in which case try to hold on to it to summon The Hanged later). You'll need to spend a Soulstone for the unless you're lucky enough to draw the 13 in that suit. Beyond the Hanged, you'll need an 11 for Punk Zombies, 10 for Drowned, 9 for a Belle and 8 for a Crooligan. You only have six or seven stones, so ideally keep your 9+ for summoning. Keeping a 10 in hand is also good for saving Bete Noir, so if she's out or likely to come out in a turn, keep that 10. Aim to summon at least once per turn, but don't burn too many resources in summoning. You can use up corpse markers to get +1 Ca, but only do that if it's necessary and efficient - everything to do with summoning is some kind of resource trade off. e.g. if I have the 12 of Tomes, I could burn a corpse marker and Soulstone to summon The Hanged, or I could just burn the Soulstone to summon a Punk Zombie - unless I really need The Hanged, the Punk Zombie is likely a better choice. If I have two 12s and one is the 12 of , then maybe burning that Corpse Marker *IS* a good idea because then I can summon two of The Hanged. The summoning action Re-animator has a Range of 10" but you're going to want to keep to 6" where possible (or within 6" of the Vulture), so that the summoned model comes in immune to Slow. However, you can also move Nicodem or the Vulture to be closer to that model before it activates because Slow is a Condition, and once you become immune to that Condition you immediately lose it (BRB page 39, in case you need to show someone later). Muwahahahah, which turns corpse markers into Zombies, is something you want to do when you have a few corpse markers nearby - it only needs a 7 of any suit. Once you use a Zombie within 6" for summoning, don't forget to draw a card from Undertaker's I Can Use That ability. Activate your Zombie before killing it, remembering that it's Immune to Slow inside the Nicodem/Vulture bubble. Nicodem also likes to give out Fast - he only needs a four to do it, so it's likely you'll be able to just flip it off the top of the deck, but worth remembering that a 4 or 5 in your hand still has a use. Don't forget it's ANY friendly Undead model so while it's primarily for your summons, it's also good for Bete Noir. Finally he can group heal on an 8, and potentially damage enemies at the same time with a :blast. The Crooligans serve two purposes in this crew. Firstly, they can be deployed From the Shadows which gives you some extra flexibility in where you place them. This can enable much deeper, early game scheme marker placement (great for Leave Your Mark among others). Secondly, when you place them relatively close to the opponent's crew, your opponent needs to make the choice about whether to kill the Crooligan (and risk having Bete Noire pop out) or leave the Crooligan alone and let you run the schemes you want. Mortimer can make corpse markers for you, either up close and personal against an enemy with his Dismember trigger on his shovel attack (or even against your own model if you happen to have a very low in hand), or just by popping out his spleen with Corpse Bloat. He can also make use of Corpse Markers that have been freshly created near the enemy (e.g. because they killed your Crooligan or because the Emissary just had some Shards there) to throw a stink bomb - Unforgiving Stench from Corpse Bloat. The Vulture can also help with placing Corpse Markers where you want them. Don't forget about Mortimer's Chatty aura: stopping people from interacting is a simple but effective game changer. What do I use the Red Joker for? Summoning The Hanged. Some possible next steps Other Beaters. There are a number of Undead models that you can't summon that are good for Nicodem crews. Izamu The Armor and Datsue Ba are both possibilities and Killjoy as a (somewhat dangerous) Mercenary can all benefit from Nicodem's flips. Adding in Necrotic King upgrade to Nicodem can potentially make all the Undead things even nastier, giving them to damage as well. Once you get the Transmortis set, the Valedictorian really likes flips, especially to damage, and Nicodem is able to keep a Rogue Necromancy healthy enough to keep it's built in to attack and damage for most of the game. Other Summons. Here's my suggested order for all the boxes of things you could possibly summon. The Hanged, The Drowned, Necropunks, Shikome, University of Transmortis, Guild Autopsies, Dead Doxies. Draugr haven't been released yet, and I'm assuming you already have Crooligans and both Seamus and McMourning boxes so you've got Rotten Belles, Canine Remains and a Flesh Construct (and your Nurses!) - otherwise buy Rotten Belles first (maybe second after Hanged), Flesh Construct after the University box and Canine Remains toward the end. Ashigaru I wouldn't buy seperately, but get them from Yan Lo's box (you'll also get Chiaki who is a good model). If you don't want Yan Lo (why not?!), I'd buy the Ashigaru last because they compete with BOTH Rotten Belles and Necropunks as 5SS summons. Molly Molly Squidpiddge, Forgotten Life, Tear of The Gorgon - 7 Soulstone cache The Valedictorian Madame Sybelle, Bleeding Tongue Philip and the Nanny, Haunting Cries, Take Back The Night Nurse Rotten Belle Crooligan Purchases: Seamus' crew box, University of Transmortis (The Drowned, Punk Zombies) Molly's unique trait is that she summons Belles (like Seamus) but also either Spirits (like Kirai) or Horrors (unique to Molly, but similar to Nicodem). This choice is determined by a 1SS Limited upgrade that she will bring that also gives her a zero action to make either Spirits or Horrors take a 1 AP action. I've written the list for Horror Molly for a few reasons, partially because being effective with it requires less purchases and also because it's more unique than the Spirit version, where the list of summons is virtually the same as Kirai's. Tear of the Gorgon gives the ability to take two zero actions, one of which grants Molly Terrifying. In this build (much like Seamus' above) the key models are all Terrifying or Manipulative apart from Molly, so I consider it worthwhile to give her the upgrade so that if your opponent wants to target a key model, it is potentially burning resources to do so. It can also really help in a clutch time in the game, allowing you to give out both an extra AP AND Reactivate. The Valedictorian comes in the University of Transmortis box, which I think is a must-buy for Horror Molly. It gives her access to a toolkit of Students which make for great summons vs particular model types, as well as each having a zero to remove Triggers (very annoying for a lot of models who rely on built-in triggers to accomplish certain effects). Read through each one and it's pretty clear when you're going to summon each. Keep your Rams for giving the Valedictorian to damage flips and hand out 5 or 6 damage with regularity! Sybelle can use her Call Belle action to move Molly around, preserving your Master AP for summoning and other fun activities. Arguably, Molly is not as much about summoning as she is about denial. Using her Whispered Secret action puts an enemy model in for all duels - without being able to cheat vs attacks, it's very easy to get to cheating range for damage. Revelation is her Ca attack that does medium damage but will hand out Slow or Paralyzed (more denial) and give you some minor benefit on most suit triggers. The Drowned and Punk Zombies I talk about in Nicodem above, and they fill a similar role here, but with some added benefits due to how Molly summons. Her boxed set comes with Crooligans for scheme running, and you can even summon her totem on a 6+ of . The totem has a lot of good synergy with the crew so don't be afraid to summon it back if it dies. It can move a lot of models at once with its (0) action Brethren. This can be great to bring a Punk Zombie or Student into Flurry range. Note that it has a 1/1/6 damage track and built in Infect - with Ml 5, opponents actually have to defend against this because cheating in Severe for 6 from a Peon is hilarious! It can also be summoned 10" away to help make the Brethren action even more useful. Molly's summon mechanic is unique - she summons a minion within 6" and it immediately takes an amount of damage equal to its wounds, preventing 1 for each enemy within 3". Those enemies all then take a TN 15 Wp Duel or take 1 damage. She also gives Black Blood to Horrors and Belles within 6" - this can lead to an interesting tactic nicknamed the Punk Zombie Bomb. Summon a Punk Zombie near at least two enemies (so that it retains Hard to Kill). Each of those enemies will take 1 damage from the summon action (The Ones Left Behind). If you have another model inside the Black Blood aura (e.g. the Valedictorian), then you can use Molly's (0) Whispers of Future Flesh to have the Punk Zombie take Slice & Dice (which does 3 to all models within 3). This will wound the Valedictorian, forcing out another 1 damage due to Black Blood. So for the cost of summoning the Punk Zombie and a zero action, you've potentially done 5 damage to at least 2 models, or burned through a lot of their good cards to prevent it. The Punk Zombie can then chain activate due to Molly's Accomplice and either Slice & Dice again if there are enough good targets, or just attack directly. (Thanks to Adam from Cheated Fates Radio for that tip!) Given that the model suffers damage equal to its wounds, you can summon a Drowned away from any enemy models and it will come onto the table and then immediately die and leave a scheme marker. You can also summon something in a couple of models on just one wound and have a Nurse completely heal them as a chain activation. This crew more than any other will use all the you draw - low crows will get discarded by the Nurse (1-5) for heal/paralyze, Rotten Belles can use middling crows for Lure to force your opponent to discard a card (4-8), Molly will use all the high crows for summoning (6-13) and the Necrotic Machine wants a 7 or 8 for Brethren. Philip and the Nanny allows you to turn scheme markers into cards, so you can easily turn Crooligan or other AP into cards with their ability. They also have a 10" with the Take Back the Night upgrade so that any Spirit or Horror you have that kills a model within the aura gets to draw a card (once per turn, per model). Philip can also be moved very effectively by other models. Luring with a Belle gives Philip an 8" walk, and if you take the optional Not Too Banged Up upgrade on Sybelle, it goes to 10"! Great for that late game Undercover Entourage, or other scheme running. What do I use the Red Joker for? Most of the models in this crew have weak damage 2 and severe 5 (6 for Valedictorian) so take your pick! You may also want to use it for Molly's Whispered Secret to get past Wp 7 (losing that duel would require them to use their Red Joker too, so not a bad trade) Possible Next Steps More Horrors. Dead Doxies, Guild Autopsies and the new Draugr all have interesting potential roles to play in a Horror Molly crew. In addition, Yin, the Rogue Necromancy and Killjoy also have the Horror characteristic and so can be targeted with Molly's Whispers of Future Flesh to give them a 1 AP action - with Killjoy that could even be a charge! More Spirits. Then there's the whole Spirit build for Molly. See Kirai for some info on what that might look like, but it's a whole different way to play the same Master. 7 different boxed sets of Spirits to consider, plus you'd want to change up your main beater to Izamu (or maybe even Datsue Ba). Kirai Kirai, Unforgiven - 7 Soulstone cache Lost Love Datsue Ba, Spirit Whispers, My Little Helper Izamu the Armor, Wronged Spirits Flesh Construct Rotten Belle Nurse Carrion Effigy Purchases: Izamu the Armor, McMourning box (Flesh Construct + Nurse), Datsue Ba, Carrion Effigy (The Hanged, Shikome, The Drowned, Gaki) Ah, Kirai. The reason that so many players hate facing Ressers. She is an incredibly powerful model and there are a lot of synergies with her crew, but like many things that are very powerful, it requires a lot of coordination to use correctly. This build is the build that I eventually settled on as the combination of simplest to use in order to learn how best to use her. But she's still tricky and you'll likely lose to an equally skilled player a lot in the early stages of learning how to use her. Kirai summons Spirits, including her own special spirit, Ikiryo. If a friendly model within 6" Malevolence of Kirai or Lost Love takes damage from an enemy attack action, you can discard a card or stone to summon Ikiryo in base contact with the enemy model. Ikiryo can then attack (she's quite the beatstick) and sacrifice herself ready to be summoned again - she's Immune to Slow and Paralyzed. Anything she's summoned into base contact with gains Adversary, so all Spirits get to attack it, including Ikiryo herself. Preventing multiple ranged attacks is a key function for Ikiryo. Kirai's main summoning action damages her own models and the spirit itself, equal to half the summoned model's wounds. The Flesh Construct is there to provide 13+ wounds worth of summoning - it heals itself and can easily be 'refreshed' by the Nurse. Other than having spirits ripped out of him, his main job is as a bit of a bodyguard for Kirai. Lost Love works to extend your Malevolence aura and LoS for summoning Ikiryo. The Rotten Belle can lure things closer for being attacked, or even function as a secondary summoning battery. Datsue Ba is the workhorse of this crew. She can move other Spirits for a zero, or summon a Seishin (Kirai can sac these to get casting bonuses, or put damage on them as a Df trigger, so you often want one or two within 2" of Kirai). Her attacks ignore armor, but the really key thing about her is her Weigh Sins action. You can either cast this (needs a 9 or higher to go off) or hit it as a trigger on her Ml attack. This action has a 1/2/6 damage spread, so it's unlikely to kill something without cheating. However, it can plink off that last damage on a Hard to Kill model and has a built in trigger to summon a Gaki when you kill something - that can upgrade to an Onryo with a (which is why Izamu carries the 0SS upgrade for buffing Onryo). Kirai can use her Swirling Spirits action to help move spirits around, and often this is Izamu who is quite slow and on a big base. However, placing him 12" away and ideally within 3" of something you want to kill is amazing! Do that and live the dream of having the Nurse give him Hallucinogens (+2 Ml damage!) and watch your opponent weep as they suffer 3 Min damage 5 attacks with built in flips to damage! She also has a Ca attack that doesn't randomize in combat and does min damage 3 with the Unforgiven upgrade - another good way to spend your AP when the summoning options are low due to what's in your hand. So, what are you summoning? Your go to models are of course The Hanged and the The Drowned, but you'll also get mileage out of Shikome (both for attacking and scheme running) and Goryo (not released yet, but they fill a similar attack role to Punk Zombies). The cheaper minions (Onryo, Gaki) are best summoned from Datsue Ba's attacks, but if you need a minion somewhere and you've only got an 8 or 9 of then do it! Night Terrors (the 3SS insignificant minion) are good for Interference and Extraction, when you need bodies to count for the scheme. They are fast moving and survivable (with Incorporeal and Hard to Kill). But primarily you'll summon the top 4 minions. Again, like with Nicodem, you have the option to increase your Ca value, this time by sacrificing a Seishin - only do this if you really must in order to score points, because keeping the Seishin around is usually a better idea (for Kirai's Df/Wp trigger for instance). What do I use the Red Joker for? Datsue Ba damage on Weigh Sins is awesome - 7 damage kills many models and turns them into one of yours. This is a swing of 4 AP, which can't be overstated! Also, a Red Joker also can be used to summon a Hanged, so pick which you need more :-) Possible Next Steps Kirai Upgrades. This list only gives her one upgrade. She has multiple others to choose from, all of which give her different actions and abilities that end up creating a more powerful but trickier Master to use. Experiment and see what works for you. The Lovelace Sisters. Combining Anna Lovelace and Hannah gives you a lot more card draw which results in more summons. Both of these models can be protected by Malevolence and give you a lot of control possibilities. However, as a pair they are 20SS base and again they take some finesse to use correctly. Tara Tara, Knowledge of Eternity, Obliteration Symbiote - 7 Soulstone cache Karina, The Faces Of Oblivion Scion of the Void The Nothing Beast, Void Shield Rotten Belle Nurse Void Wretch x2 Purchases: Anna Lovelace, Scion of the Void A big caveat for this section: if you're starting out with Ressers, you probably shouldn't start with Tara. Her boxed set is only usable by her in-faction, which means if you buy a second master, you're literally starting from scratch. Subsequently, I'm assuming you're choosing Tara as a second or subsequent Master. Her mechanics revolve thematically around manipulating time and the void, so she and her crew give out Fast (and Slow) even to enemy models, bury/unbury them, and then get advantages when attacking those models (even while buried!). She also pitches cards and her Nothing Beast and Void Wretches want to have an empty hand in order to have a high Df, so I've avoided models that are going to want to cheat a lot. This crew wants Tara to activate first so that she can also activate last. Second will be Karina, who will use any high she has to summon Horrors - Punk Zombies and Drowned are the easy go-to models here, but Crooligans or Guild Autopsies are available on a lower card. Karina is an Enforcer so can't spend a stone, which is why it's only crows. Having her go second means you're getting rid of cards to keep the Nothing Beast and Void Wretch's Df as high as possible. If you can activate the Nurse third, you can pitch a card for her to have a suit, meaning you're likely on only 1 or 2 cards at this point (3 from Tara, hopefully 1 for Karina, potentially 1 for the Nurse). Going to zero this early in the turn is probably not what you want to do, but different triggers on the models in the crew will allow you to draw a card or two during the turn so it's not awful (you often need to keep at least one for Horror duels or to get you out of some kind of jam). You can bury models in this crew and unbury them using the Scion of the Void - that can be very helpful for positioning models exactly where you want them. Likewise, Obliteration Symbiote on Tara, particularly during her second activation in the turn, will allow you accomplish other fun shenanigans by unburying a previously buried enemy model and taking a full activation with them. Knowledge of Eternity gives Tara a Ca7 with a built in trigger to bury enemy models, so you should be able to pick and choose which model you want to use. Be aware that if the model you bury hasn't activated and then you unbury it, it will get to activate once your turn is done. What do I use the Red Joker for? Primarily you'll use it for the big damage spread on these models - the Scion or the Nothing Beast. However, if you think you're going to lose a living model (Nurse, Anna) near Karina in the turn you have it in hand, you can keep it to summon a Death Marshal. However, you'll maybe only do this once. Ever. So don't sweat it too much :-) Possible next steps Corpse bombing. If you take Tara with Spare Parts and put Corpse Bloat on a survivable model, you can often summon a Rogue Necromancy as early as Turn 2 (or Turn 1 if you get lucky), and again on turn 3 or 4. Summoning such a big model, especially with Fast, can really swing the game in your favor. All the Wretches. Void Wretches are excellent scheme runners, and very survivable. Using 3 (or more) for Interference, when combined with schemes like Leave Your Mark or Covert Breakthrough and all the bury mechanics in the crew can lead to a very difficult game for your opponent. Thanks! Thanks for reading through the guide, or even just the parts you did read! If you have any feedback, please leave it below. Thanks to Matt Beasley and Tom Weber for providing a lot of feedback as I wrote each crew list - neither of them play Ressers, so it was great to see how easy/difficult the list was for someone to understand and play. And thanks to the folks on the various Malifaux chat channels who have helped keep me sane while I wrote and provided ideas and feedback on the lists. Thanks also to the commenters in the thread below who have found some nits that I overlooked - these have now been picked!
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    We are excited to announce that we have welcomed some members to the Wyrd team. Below is a short bio/job description they have each written about themselves so you know who these new team members are! Kimberly I'm Kimberly! I'm the new Office Assistant here at Wyrd. 've been a part of the Malifaux community here in Georgia for a bit over a year, but have been a fan of the game for ages. Aaron says I'm the Evil Spirit of Wyrd, but don't listen to him; I'm really nice I promise! When I'm not haunti- err, taking care of the administrative needs of Wyrd, I knit, paint miniatures, play video games, and volunteer with a large parlor LARP (Live Action RolePlay) organization. I usually have brightly dyed hair, so I'm kinda hard to miss at tournaments. I also probably have the most fun losing that you'll ever see. My preferred faction is Neverborn (I main Dreamer), but Arcanists and Guild have been interesting me lately. I'm super stoked to be part of the Wyrd family, and everyone's been wonderful to get to know. I hope to help you all with your customer service needs however I can in the course of my duties at Wyrd. Kai Hey guys! My name is Kai, and I’m one of the new faces around here! I’ve taken over the job of Hobby Assistant and Henchman Wrangling. My wife and I moved from Charlotte, North Carolina with our dog, Leprechaun. I started playing Malifaux early in 1.5 with Ramos, but as soon as Storm of Shadows dropped I found my true love in the Ten Thunders. I enjoy playing casually and showing up to tournaments in the Southeast. I love miniature games and RPGs. I’ve been gaming since I was 8 years old when I stumbled upon my dad’s copy of Dungeons & Dragons. I also enjoy a few video games (Final Fantasy 14 is my kick right now). I also read a LOT of comic books. Feel free to chat with me about almost anything geeky, geek related, or geek adjacent! I look forward to working with our henchfolk and the community as a whole. (BONUS: Picture of my dog included, altered by Alyssa's awesome skills!)
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    We are pleased to announce two recent changes to the Wyrd people line-up. First, Mason is now the development lead for Through the Breach (replacing me). Mason has taken point on Through the Breach for awhile now, showing both willingness and capability. This announcement was inevitable, and I, personally, think Through the Breach is better off for it. So please take a moment to congratulate Mason! Second, we have hired a painter to join the team: Curtis, aka Omnicarbivore. Curtis is an amazing painter, having won the 2015 Iron Painter competition. He's completed a number of painting articles for us for the Wyrd Chronicles, and we're happy to have his skill and experience on the team. Today is his first day, so take a moment to give him a warm welcome! Wyrd is continuing to grow and change, and these are just two new steps in the right direction for us. Congratulations to both of you; I look forward to a great year ahead.
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    Just because everyone asks or is curious and ends up poking me about it, and I'm in a semi-informative mood at the moment. All Crossroads models are currently in tooling - of course CNY is upon us (grr), but it's done. I'm pleased overall. All Shifting Loyalties has been sculpted, and splits have begun on them at a very quick clip. We've also ponied up and negotiated on tooling and we're looking into doing slide cores, which is quite a bit more work and resource heavy, but will allow for less splits. We'll see where that goes, but I like the idea. We're now working full steam on some other projects, some of which y'all will see in the future. My informative mood was just spent. That is all.
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    Hello Wyrdos!! I'm Brett your new friendly neighborhood Hobby Assistant here at Wyrd Miniatures. I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and tell you a little about me and why I'm here at Wyrd. I have been in gaming since I was a kid starting with Monopoly (I'm extremely cutthroat and will have you begging for a welfare check in no time). I have been a part of several gaming communities from Miniature War gaming to TCGs. I used to run tourneys for several games such as Raw Deal (WWE TCG), Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Heroclix, Privateer Press and of course Malifaux as far back as 1st Edition. I look forward to helping our beloved Henchman provide a fun and rewarding casual and Tournament environment for all Wyrdos current and future. Your support and the support of the community is my main priority here at Wyrd and I look forward to seeing you online and in person soon.
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    Hello all, This January we have a big list of errata changes. This errata focused almost exclusively on Book 1 and Book 2, and it was mostly limited to cost changes. This was to try to bring some models more into rotation and lower other model's use, and it should hopefully provide more flexibility during list building. Here are the changes: Arcanists Ice Golem (Cost -1) Hoarcat Pride (Cost -1) The Captain (Cost -1) Slateridge Mauler (Cost -1) Razorspine Rattler (Cost -1) Cojo (Cost -2) Patron's Blessing (Cost -1) Gremlins Whiskey Golem (Cost -1) Moon Shinobi (Cost -1) Wild Boar (Cost -1) Survivor (Cost -1) Mancha Roja (Cost -1) Mechanized Porkchop (Cost -1) Bayou Bushwhackers (Cost -1) Rafael LaCroix (Cost -1) Burt Jebsen (Cost +1) McTavish (Cost +1) Francois LaCroix (Cost +1) Running Tab (Cost -1) Guild Guild Guard (Cost -1) Captain Dashel (Cost -1) Samael Hopkins (Cost -1) The Judge (Cost -1) The Lone Marshal (Cost -1) Guild Lawyer (Cost -1) Witchling Handler (Cost -1) Pale Rider (Cost -2) Lead Lined Coat (Cost -1) Neverborn Baby Kade (Cost -1) Bad Juju (Cost -1) Beckoner (Cost -1) Lelu (Cost -1) Spawn Mother (Cost -1) Tuco (Cost -1) Bunraku (Cost -1) Vasilisa (Cost -1) Hooded Rider (Cost -2) Outcasts The Guilty (Cost -1) Taelor (Cost -1) Bishop (Cost -1) Desperate Mercenary (Cost -1) Freikorps Specialist (Cost -1) Hans (Cost -1) Johan (Cost +1) Freikorps Trapper (Cost +1) Ashes and Dust (Cost +1) Scramble (Cost -1) Resurrectionists Hayreddin (Cost -1) Shikome (Cost -1) Student of Steel (Cost -1) Student of Sinew (Cost -1) Student of Viscera (Cost -1) Dead Rider (Cost -2) Nurse (Cost +1) Sinister Reputation: Gains a 1" in addition to the on Live for Pain. Ten Thunders Ototo (Cost -1) Yamaziko (Cost -1) Fuhatsu (Cost -1) Dawn Serpent (Cost -1) Thunder Archer (Cost -1) Monk of High River (Cost -1) Terracotta Warriors (Cost +1) Yasunori (Cost +1) The Storm changes to: "When damaging an enemy model, this model may place all resulting Markers anywhere in 8" of this model and within Line of Sight. Markers placed in this way do not need to be touching each other." The cards will be up on Wargame Vault on Monday when I'm actually at work They are loaded into the app, which should be available to everyone soon (if it's not already). Images of the cards will go up on the errata section of the website this month (probably this week). Happy gaming!
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    Hi folks! Wanted to bring a few things up for M3E and where we're at on things as we go forward. BOOKS! In the past, we've been able to confidently expedite our books from our printers direct to us without much in the way of interference - not quite the case anymore! In this last month plus, we've dealt with a naval blockade (a first for us!), the ship that it was booked on being returned to port for a full inspection (also a first!), after it made its appearance here at port in the US an extended stay of near two weeks with customs (sadly, not a first, or last), not to mention all the hullabaloo from there to here. With imports being what they are at the moment, it just seems to be a bit of the new norm for us. Keeping the unexpected in mind we're adjusting out times and expectations on this end to avoid disappointment in the community. We would rather push back the street date of our books and be upfront about it than be silently hopeful and late. The good news is that this should only affect our Faction books. Our Core Rulebook and our other M3E products that we are releasing over the course of June through September should remain on schedule without any issues. PDF PROMOTION Speaking of books, we will be running a promotion to make up for this delay. From June 28th through December 15th, with the purchase of a physical copy of any new M3E core rulebook or Faction book, send in your proof of purchase and receive the PDF for free via DrivethruRPG. You'll need a free account set up there to download the PDF. We’ll have details on how to redeem the promotion will be linked on the forums and our webpage very soon. APPS The decision has been made for multiple reasons not to update the Bad Things Happen app to 3rd Edition, though it will still be available for those that continue to play 2E. We are currently working on a new application that will be available for IOS, Android, as well as web-based that will be provided to the community absolutely free. We expect the development to be completed within two to three months. We will be opening it for testing in the forums here in the near future. TRANSLATIONS We are pleased to see our International Community continue to grow and recognize the importance of translations. Due to the scope of the work (our translation studio was even a bit surprised), we will be staggering the release just a bit. The rules themselves will be released first, and for free, over the coming months in the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian. Due to the number of cards and rules on them, those will take just a touch longer, but also will be released for free to our overseas communities. Please bear with us as we work through this process - your communities are a priority for us. It just takes a bit of time to get it done right. If you have any concerns over the quality of the translations or layouts, please take a look at our TOS rules and cards which have already been provided. STORE PROMOS Everyone keeps asking, and yes, we're going to be bringing back store promos, starting in August and going forward. More information to follow on that.
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    We're excited to show off this week's Monday Preview, a look at all seven new crews! Click here to check out the backs: http://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2016/7/18/monday-preview-new-crews
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    I may have been so cruel as to not share whether these box sets would be at GenCon like Nathan, but did he share... this?!?!!? Yeah, that's right. Don't bite the hair that feeds you.
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    Wyrd has answered quite a few question for people about M3E in the Third Edition Threadnought. I thought it would be useful to pull these little nuggets of useful information into a post that's easier to refer to. I won't limit what I include in the post to answers that appear in that thread, but will only include information that I can link to a statement by a Wyrd representative. I've paraphrased the questions and have quoted relevant parts of the replies from Wyrd and then linked to the reply which may provide some additional detail that was not quoted. If you see anything that needs to be added, please add a comment to this thread with a link to the post. Q:When will the Beta start? A: "We likely won't be doing much with the Beta until after Gencon." A2: "The playtest isn't beginning until after next week." (Aug-9) Q: When is M3E releasing? A: "We're not announcing a public date at this time, as we want to ensure that we have the option of extending playtest if  needed. Our first priority is to ensure that M3E is fun and balanced, and some wiggle room will help us in that regard. So apologies that I can't give you a fixed date at this time!" Q: What's up with the missing masters (Ramos/Lilith/Collodi/Nico)? A:"All of these Masters (and their totems) will receive updated stat cards in M3E in a special "Dead Man's Hand" pack. By default, they will not be tournament legal (due to being absent in the story), but an option will exist to allow these "Dead Man's Hand" Masters to be played in tournaments that wish to allow it." Q: Are the Dead Man's Hand cards going to be balanced? A: "They will be balanced for competitive play." Q: What's up with thematic crews? A: "Without going into too much detail just yet, hiring within a Master's keyword will be affordable and will provide options that reinforce that Master's central theme. If you want to go outside a Master's keyword, you'll be able to do so within your faction, albeit at a minor penalty." Q: Will there be models that all masters in a faction can hire without penalty? A: "Most models will have keywords, but every faction also has some 'Versatile" models, such as the various Effigies and Emissaries. Versatile models can be hired within their faction without penalty." Q: Are mercs still going to be a thing? A: "Mercenaries in the M2E sense of the word are going away." Q: Will M3E still have upgrades? A: "In general, there will be fewer but more meaningful upgrades." Q: I didn't see Paralyze on the list of conditions, is gone from the game? A: "... Paralyze is gone." Q: What is the symbol in the text for the Stunned condition? A: "the symbol for Bonus Actions (essentially, your M2E (0) Actions)." Q: Will rules for Avatars be in M3E? A: "There are currently no plans to carry Avatars forward into 3rd edition." Q: Will the app be required to play M3E? A: "I just don't like the idea of making the app mandatory." Q: Are the Elevation rules going to change? A: “Elevation rules will indeed work differently than in M2E.” Q: Are model counts in crews going to change? A: “... I’d expect average model counts to come down slightly.“ Q: Will M3E have a new timing chart for duels? A: "Yup." Q: Can models have multiple key words? A: "Absolutely, though it doesn't happen all that often." Q: What is the penalty for hiring models that don't share a keyword with a crew's leader? A: "Hiring a model that does not share a keyword with your leader is at +1 Cost." Q: Do masters still get a Soulstone cache? How many Soulstones will a crew start with? A: "Cache is no longer a thing; you start with Soulstones equal to the amount you did not spend during hiring." Q: Does each crew get a master and totem for free and have 50SS to hire? A: "That is correct." [AWP] Q: Will promo models be getting updated cards? A: "Yes, all the way back to first edition." [AWP] Q: Will feedback on the new card size make you guys change your mind about it? A: “The new card size is here to stay. Bringing it up in the Beta won't really change that.” [AWP] Q: How does summoning interact with the new pass tokens. A: “When a model is Summoned, the opponent gains a Pass Token.” [AWP] Q: Are the rules for shooting into engagement going to be changing? A: "Yup." Q: Will cheating be permitted on negative flips? A: "Nope." Q: The Judge is going to be okay, right? A: "The Judge was totally killed." [AWP] signifies that the link is to A Wyrd Place Facebook post. Rules Reference Card:
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    Hello! We are pleased to announce the launch of Gaining Grounds 2018. A printer-friendly version is attached to this post, and you can download a copy here. You can also find a copy of the Schemes and Strategy deck on Wargame Vault. It comes in the standard size and a large size. These make a great resource for playing the game, allowing you to quickly reference the rules or deal out a game set up. 2018 saw numerous changes to the format, all intended to improve the experience of players. A quick reference of changes is included below: Language was added about the Bad Things Happen app on page 3. Slow Play no longer mentions a player's intent. A TO cannot rule on a player's intent, and therefore the rule is now focused on slow play that gains an advantage, regardless of intent. There is no longer an Always Scheme. All Strategies now include a Paired Scheme, which is "always" with that Strategy. These are determined by suit, and therefore may be used with Strategies prior to Gaining Grounds 2018, if desired. There are no longer suited Schemes. All non-Paired Schemes are now numeric, requiring players to flip more cards to determine their Schemes. This helps maintain more diversity in Scheme Pools, and it will make Scheme determination with the Strategies and Schemes deck even easier. There are some new Schemes. Gaining Grounds 2015 Strategies are used instead of M2E Core as the alternate Strategies for the Rotation (and are reprinted in the document for reference). I think 2018 will be a great year for organized play, and I'd like to thank everyone who took part in shaping this document. Have a great day! Gaining Grounds 2018 (Printer Friendly).pdf
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    Check out this week's Monday Preview!
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    This week's Monday Preview is a look at the 2016 Nightmare box! Click here for more details: http://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2016/7/11/monday-preview-the-wild-ones
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    Hello Wyrdos, GenCon has come and gone, and the Wyrd office is working on getting every order out the door as quickly as possible. As in previous years, we're taking some time to reflect back on the year and see what we can do better. We've been listening to the community, and we have a few changes coming down the line. First, we are going to be a bit more strict in our moderation practices. We've done a lot to try to make the community a more positive place, and we are going to continue to move in this direction. We feel that this change will be to everyone's benefit, as a more moderate tone makes it easier for beneficial discussions to take place. You can expect an update to the forum rules to be coming along in the next couple of days with more information. Second, in our effort to make this forum a better place, we are also going to focus more of our efforts here. More spoilers and insights from the Wyrd team will come here first, and we want to make the forum one of the first places you look for information or to talk to the Wyrd team. We want to engage with the community more, so you can expect to see us around a bit more often than in the past. Third, we are going to expand the Through the Breach subforum to have its own section like Malifaux. We are big fans of TTB here, and we want a place for others who enjoy the game to share their thoughts, adventures, and fan creations. Keep a look out for this to be added to the forum soon. Fourth, there are some upcoming changes to the Henchman program. We are looking at making the program conform more to what our Henchmen want from it, and we hope the changes will continue to grow and develop the community in a positive way. Current Henchman, you can expect to hear more from us as we begin this process. Thank you all for your patience and understanding this past year. We love that we have a truly supportive fan base, and we want to do everything we can to make our games and community the best we can for the players. Aaron
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    Good news, everyone! Here will be painted minis nor only by me but from other Serpentarium members too (Ringil, Yellow_One perhaps) Updates every Monday I hope Some previous episodes: Malufux Monday #5 : Rafkin and the Samurai http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2016/06/malifaux-monday.html Malifaux Monday #6: Mr. Tannen http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2016/06/malifaux-monday-again.html
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    Dual masters will show up in both books, as well as Faction Decks. Dead Mans Hand models will be available via Faction Decks as well as downloadable online. And no, most of yall who have been tossing out prices are still considerably off. Yes, eventually they will all become available as PDF books. Only the core rulebook and stat cards are being translated. Fluff and the like is not. If you're concerned about the translations, take a look at the free TOS rules/translations and go from there. We learned our lessons there and worked with professionals instead of enthusiasts or quite bluntly, folks talking out their asses and not delivering. For those hoppin' and hollerin' about the number of books and being forced to purchase and that this is an outright money grab - well, you are entitled to your opinion of course. That being said, the rules, and cards, in multiple languages, are going to be available 100% free. You don't need to spend a dime in the least if you don't wish in order to transition to M3E. Lastly, if we had crammed everything into one book, that would have been spendy - not to mention heavy enough to bludgeon someone to death with.
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    Hey Wyrdos, We’re thrilled to announce that on Wednesday, January 16th, we will be launching an OPEN BETA for Malifaux Third Edition! Many of you have gone through the grueling process of testing the game to get its rules and models to this point, and we couldn’t possibly thank you enough for that. Rest assured that the vast majority of that work will remain intact. The intent of the Open Beta is to get Malifaux Third Edition from where it is (a great spot) and bring it up one more level (to a fantastic spot). This means that our focus will be on polish. Clarity, grammar, theme, and fine tuning numbers are our targets this time around. There are still a few crews and models that need some final tweaks, so if you have more feedback, we’re still listening. We want to hear your thoughts on your favorite (and least favorite) characters before we officially launch Third Edition. So, for those who have been rigorously playtesting our game, now is your chance to share your thoughts and enthusiasm with the rest of the community. Those NDAs that you signed? Consider them lifted. Let us know where you think M3E stands and what you think it’ll take to bring it across the finish line. Henchmen, keep a close eye on the super-secret Henchmen forum in regards to running M3E events and tournaments. We’ll have some special announcements for you folks in the next few days. That’s it from us! We’ve got to hunker down and iron out those wrinkles before next Wednesday. We’ll have more info for you at that time. See you then!
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    Heh, before too much speculation goes on - he's talking crew, cards, tournament app, with some other goodies thrown in. Not a full on 'play Malifaux online' game. Though truth be known, we've been tossing that about as well ..
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    The Wyrd office gets pretty crazy from right before Thanksgiving right up until the end of the year. This is because we have the big Black Friday company birthday sale to prepare for, and then to process as we also get ready for year end. In all the rush and efforts, there are some errors that come through. The first, as was already announced, was the Widow Weaver. We saw that it was mistakenly added to the sale when it showed up on the first order we went to process. A couple of days later, we saw that Nekima had been improperly priced on the store. She was not meant to be $35, but rather to come in at $25. Unfortunately, while we recognized this error, Nathan had a family medical emergency and had to leave the office. We've finally all had a chance to discuss the issue and figure out how we were going to resolve it for the community, and the answer is via a refund of the difference. This refund will be processed similar to the Widow Weaver refund, which is a refund via PayPal of the difference the price reduction would make to your order. We'll be processing this starting in a few days, so refunds should begin to be coming to those who purchased soon. I, on behalf of the Wyrd team, would like to apologize for the error and again apologize for the delay in being able to address it. We want to do right by our customers and the community, and in our efforts to do as much as we can, we sometimes make an error of oversight. In this instance, it was difficult to address the issue right away because of a personal matter. We appreciate everyone bearing with us. We appreciate all of you, and will continue to always strive to improve our products and our processes while giving the most we possibly can to this wonderful community.
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    Heh. Lets see if I can remember the questions asked here. What is it made out of - same stuff our Malifaux miniatures are. HIPS. They will come on a sprue and you bust them out, put together and you're good to go. We've gone out of our way to get rid of fiddly bits and thin parts and everything is pretty beefy and thick. An no, you don't have to put each roof tile on individually. Tiles are 12"x12" and can be spun about and put together however you want and connected on the bottom so that they don't slide apart, etc. There is quite a bit that y'all haven't seen, or I should say all of it. Yes we have scatter terrain, barricades, etc. Yes there are more planned beyond this set. Yes many of the buildings are modular. You can stack multiple levels, etc and then pick and choose between some roof tops as well. It's not all interchangeable (particularly the large building), but we've tried to build in some back and forth customization. Pricing - haven't gotten that tacked down a 100% yet but we're working on it. We're not after an arm and a leg - maybe a small finger or big toe perhaps. Yes for some it will be a 'luxury' item, but then again, anything beyond the basic necessities is. You'll also be able to pick them up as kits and build upon them as you want, so there is no need to break the bank all at once if you want.
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    It has been a pretty amazing year, and the community helps so much with that. From playtesting to cracking jokes, you all make Wyrd a great place to work. Thank you for all your support this year, and I look forward to a great 2017 with you. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and stay Wyrd.
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    Hello, The March 2018 FAQ is now available! You can find it on the website or attached to this post: M2E FAQ & Errata (March 2018).pdf In this update, the formatting changed slightly so that each Faction section has its own numbering. This makes some of the updating easier on our end. In terms of content, the additions can be found below: Actions And Abilities in Multiple Factions #87-90 87. If a model has a Condition that was given to it by an enemy, and later becomes immune to Conditions from enemies, is that Condition removed? No. The granted immunity is only when the Condition is given to the model. 88. If an Ability states “within one or more models with this Ability,” does the effect/Ability stack? No. (3/1/18) 89. How do models with an Ability that lets them count as two models impact the different Strategies and Schemes (where it may be relevant)? For example, on Big Jake, the Tanuki, and Bone Pile. Models that count as two models do so, but the “second” model is not considered to have any Conditions, effects, etc on the first. If the model only counts when determining VP, such as Big Jake, it works slightly differently. (3/1/18) Below are Strategies where these Abilities are relevant. Ours - The model’s cost counts twice. Ply for Information - The Condition is only on one model. Public Executions - The Condition is only on one model. Headhunter - Models that count as two drop two Markers. Models that count as two for scoring drop one. Below are Schemes, so are only relevant to models that count as two for Schemes (such as the Bone Pile). Hold Up Their Forces - The model counts as two. Inescapable Trap - The model counts as two. Recover Evidence - The model may be selected twice for two Markers. Public Demonstration - The duplicated model is not also named, so it only counts once. 90. If a Marker is on the centerline, is it also considered to be on a certain half of the board? Yes. The Marker will also need to be on some half of the board, and it may be on both. (3/1/18) Gaining Grounds 2018 #1-4 1. Can a Supply Wagon Marker be removed via another Supply Wagon Marker? No. (3/1/18) 2. Do you need a Scheme Marker in the enemy deployment zone to score any points for Surround Them? No. (3/1/18) 3. In Inescapable Trap, do you need 2 or more enemy models within 3” of the same Scheme Marker? Yes. (3/1/18) 4. Do the Conditions from Ply for Information and Public Executions get removed even if no one scored? Yes. (3/1/18)
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    Hey Wyrdos! It's another Monday which means a brand new Monday Preview! Today we are showing off some pretty sweet art of the Guild's new Monster Hunter which will be coming out in the new Malifaux book! BUT WAIT, there's more! We have a video of the process our artist Alyssa used! Discuss away!
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    Over the weekend I went to Adepticon to compete in the masters, as I have for the last few years, the big difference being this year I drove away a winner, this is that story. This will not be a comprehensive play by play, activation by activation tournament report as I personally find those to be very boring, but also because as you will shortly see that would be a waste of our time. First I would like take a quick detour and tell you a story of my first day at Adepticon this year. I arrived at around 4pm local time after driving for ~10 hours which was just in time to see my brother win an enforcer brawl and get a really sweet medal. I decided I wanted one of those things so I signed up for Henchman Hardcore at 6pm, unfortunately I did not plan to play in the event so I didn't have an actual list or anything planned so we checked into our hotel room and built some lists. I settled on this: Dashel -Watch My Back -Badge of Office Rifleman Rifleman Warden (I wanted to play Queeg, but didn't have a suitable proxy c'est la vie) As we were leaving the room I wasn't confident in my pick so I audibled to this: Viktoria of Blood -Oathkeeper -Sisters in Fury Taelor -Oathkeeper Hodgepodge Effigy Malifaux Child So first round I get paired against Candy, Kade, Dopple, Waldgeist. After I deploy first my opponent deploys his whole crew in a pile ~12 inches from Viktoria without anything between them. I lose initiative and my opponent activates Kade and lures Viktoria toward him and passes to me. I activated the Malifaux child and went on to lose that game. For the rest of the weekend my brother and friends asked if I could smell toast. Good times. Anywho let's go to the main event I played Outcasts and it was one of these two lists every round. Viktoria of Ashes - 6 pool -Synchronized Slaying -Sisters in Spirit -Survivalist Viktoria of Blood -Mark of Shez'uul -Oathkeeper Student of Conflict Killjoy -Oathkeeper Nix -Infectious Melodies Obedient Wretch Malifaux Rat x4 -Or- Leveticus - 4 pool -Desolate Soul -Oathkeeper Hollow Waif x2 Ashes and Dust Killjoy -Oathkeeper Nix -Infectious Melodies Obedient Wretch Malifaux Rat x3 To those people who don't know what is going on here let me give you a quick education on how RatJoy works. 1) Activate a rat. They activate a model. Repeat three times. 2) Throw a rat at that pile of three rates with the obedient wretch maybe even throw another rat elsewhere, they activate a model. 3) Activate new slow rat he becomes a rat king. They activate a model. 4) Rat King becomes a Rat Catcher and a Rat. They activate a model. 5) Rat Catcher gives a rat reactivate on a 4. They activate a model. 6) Do stuff until your opponent is out of models, they may be already. 7) Infectious melodies gives your reactivating rat fast and you must sac at end of activation, that rat moves 20-25" up the board gets sacrificed and Killjoy pops out to charge w.e makes you most happy. Round 1 - Flank & Reconnoiter - Dan Johnson Nicodem Mortimer Emissary Belle Bete Crooliganx2 I played the aforementioned Viktoria list and took Neutralize the Leader and Convict Labor. I had heard Dan's name before, but did not know who he was. Apparently he is part of the Before we Begin Podcast, so check that out if you want to know more about Dan. Turn 1: He makes some corpse markers, moves them around with the vulture, turns those markers into mindless zombies and then summons a second belle and a flesh construct drawing cards from the zombies being sacrificed. I don't play Nicodem nearly ever so I thought the interaction was cool even if it is common knowledge. His Emissary walked toward the middle and put up the shard markers at the center of the board likely to stop the viks. Anyway by the time he was done activating models I had finished playing with my Rats. So a rat walked 5x, Killjoy showed up charged Nicodem still deep in his deployment zone and killed him in that activation(revealing Neutralize ofc), I think after all the ss prevents and onslaughts it was like 6 attacks. Bete popped out. The Viks did their patented slingshot Maneuver and Vik of blood put the emissary at H2K and damaged the Flesh construct. Turns 2-3: I remove the rest of his models from the board, there was very little he could do to stop it. He scored 1VP from Reconoitter and 2vp for Detonate as he lured me to his markers. I missed one point on Convict labor, mostly because I wasn't paying attention. Final Score: 9-3 Round 2 - Standard & Extraction - Nathan Miller Collette Miranda Willie December Acolyte x2 Silent one x2 Doves x3 I played the Leveticus list and took Hunting Party and Search the Ruins. Nathan is someone I have known for a while and you a liable to see him at the top tables of any event he is in. He was the highest finishing Arcanist player at Adepticon. Turn 1: My plan was to outactivate Nate and then send Killjoy at Miranda as I felt she was most likely to be problematic. Unfortunately he had other plans. Nate activated his guys moving them around for positioning and such while I played with rats trying to ensure their safety. Then the magic happened. Collette prompted Myranda giving her reactivate (this was when I realized I needed a new plan) and pushing her up the board. Then Myranda activated chain activated herself and charged Leveticus dealing 3 then pooped out a Cerebus in his face. He did this because I had ashes up towards 4 of his models and he wanted to stop any teleport shenanigans. Leveticus activated and tried his best to kill the cerebus engaging him but missed both channel attacks and hit with the non-channeled attack because reasons. Leve did a powerful 3 total damage and became a waif. Cerebus lept and swung at the waif dealing her 3, but alive. Killjoy came in and killed the Cerebus, but now he was in my deployment zone so that wasn't great. Turn 2: Nate spent alot of AP and attacks trying to kill Ashes and the core and after a reactivating armor ignoring Willie he was successful. Unfortunately due to some poor positioning he would not score extraction. Killjoy and Leveticus killed the doves that were going to score leave the mark via Practiced Production. Killjoy breaking oathkeeper to double walk and hit a dove might be the low point of the tournament for me, but it possibly denied Practiced Production as well as scoring hunting party. Turn 3: Due to the fact that I moved the marker toward me and removed his doves he had to actually come forward and try to fight in order to score any VP. Leveticus and friends stopped that from happening. Final Score: 10-0 Round 3 - Close & Collect the Bounty - Peter Sidaway from the UK Hamelin Johan Ashes and Dust Librarian Stolen Obedient Wretch Trapper Rats x2 I played the above Viktoria list taking Quick Murder on Ashes and Show of Force. Peter was a very friendly chap and a pleasure to play against, after our game we talked general strategy and such. Hopefully I get the opportunity to play him and other UK based players in the future. Turn 1: I obviously am in no way ever going to out activate Hamelin, but still need to get him to activate important models before springing Ratjoy on him. I would say there must have been 15 minutes of just both of us posturing and rat shenanigans. He makes the first error of moving Ashes and Dust away from his crew with a Hamelin lure and then activates the trapper while still having other rat-esque models left to activate. I spring Killjoy right in front of his whole crew with charge range on the trapper. Due to Ashes being unchargeable and Hamelin's no charge aura he might be the only model that Killjoy can feast upon on the table. In defense of this he has to walk Ashes back from the other side of the board and then charge Killjoy. Ashes obviously can basically never kill Killjoy in one activation, but he had to stop the trapper from dying and letting killjoy run amok in his backfield. Killjoy breaks Oathkeeper for fast and puts down Ashes(Quick Murder). The Ashen core is put nearly in base contact with Hamelin and the Dust Storm on his deployment edge. I slingshot the viks up remember it is close deployment so it's not all that far. Blood charges into the core, but not in LOS of Hamelin so as to avoid his no charge Aura. Vik of blood with Mark Of Shez'uul easily puts down the core. Peter moves the rest of his models about trying to inflict damage on Killjoy or Blood Vik, but neither really sticks. Turn 2: I win initiative and Vik of Ashes kills the Storm accomplices Vik of Blood and she kills Johan. Without anyway left to remove the 3 beaters now in his face Peter sees the writing on the wall and concedes the game. As I said before the game we talked about outcasts and list builds etc and he actually gave me a good idea which showed up in round 5. Final Score: 10-0 Round 4 - Corners & Reckoning - Ian Nelson Hamelin Aionus Trapper Hans w/ scout the field stolen Obedient wretch rats? I played the above Leveticus list with Show of Force & Convict Labor. I only took Leveticus because I believed that my opponent would have to be crazy to take Hamelin in Reckoning, I was wrong. So once again I was going to be outactivated no matter what I did and Killjoy is pretty bad against Hamelin regardless. Ian and I have chatted online before, but had not met in person. This was easily the hardest match of the tournament for me. Deployment: I am forced to deploy first and realize that his plan with Hans is to break scout the field and shoot an important model off the table immediately. Turn 1: I win initiative and decide to let Ian go first. I find out I was right about Hans only I was incorrect in the target. I planned on him trying to shoot a waif off the table to limit Leveticus so I hid them behind models, but he was always intending to shoot the Wretch and shoot her he did. So now that my RatJoy plan was shot to shit I had to improvise. For the rest of the turn I move to take the center of the table/SE corner and force him to stay back from Leveticus. Killjoy gets attacked and slowed by Aionus, but pops out near the trapper in the NE threatening a charge on turn 2. Ian has barely left his deployment zone at the end of turn 1. Turn 2: He wins initiative and runs the trapper away. I activate my remaining rats with infectious melodies so that they will die and not give away reckoning. We spend the rest of the turn Jockeying for position with him staying pretty huddled in his deployment zone of note I was not able to hide Nix from Hans so he shot off Nix's upgrade denying me Show of Force on turn 2. I did place about a million scheme markers on the center line though so I scored Convict Labor. Killjoy hovers around the Western board edge scaring away his models, again threatening a charge on the trapper. Turn 3: Again he wins initiative and runs the trapper away maybe taking a shot at leveticus which misses. I realize early on in this turn that I need to get killjoy into the center to score show of force while also keeping Aionus away from the center because he has 2 upgrades on him and would deny my Show of Force and score for him if he had it. So I do some careful premeasuring as I move Ashes up showing that Leveticus is in teleport and unload range on Aionus to demonstrate my intent. He takes the bait and Obeys Aionus away. Leveticus teleports to Ashes and kills two rats to score reckoning. Now Aionus is Ca expert not nimble so he has no way to get to the center. Ian uses infectious melodies on 2 separate rat catchers to get them to run to the center line and place markers unfortunately those rat catchers had to die for their effort. We both score Convict Labor I also score Show of Force and Reckoning. Turn 4: I actually won initiative so Leveticus activated and killed Hans and a stolen which gave me Reckoning on this turn. With nearly all of his offense crippled Ian would never score reckoning in this game. At the end of 5 turns the score was 8-3, but it went on for two more turns allowing me the full 10 Ian picked up 2 more points via Frame for Murder on the Trapper. Final Score: 10-5 Round 5 - Standard & Guard the Stash - Anthony Pazera Leveticus Waif x2 Aionus Ashes and Dust Librarian Rat x4 I took the Viktoria's as they are very capable of clearing out stash markers w/ Hunting Party and Convict Labor. Also after talking with Peter S from Round 3 I made these changes to the list: - Synchronized Slaying - Survivalist + Oathkeeper + Sisters in Fury Anthony was a very good player and said that he had only been playing for a year which I thought was very cool given that were were playing for 1st. I will say that I played an absolutely abysmal game and he played a very good game after turn 1. He hadn't seen RatJoy and wasn't familiar with the Viks threat range so you can't begrudge him not playing the first turn well. Whereas I put on a clinic on how not to play Malifaux after turn 1. Anyway the game. Turn 1: Anthony didn't take an obedient wretch so even with his own mini rat engine I had him out activated by a very significant margin. When he was done activating his models Ashes and Dust was hanging out about 5" from Aionus who attacked Killjoy, but missed. The Vik Slingshot was able to put Vik of Blood with +2 damage directly between Ashes and Aionus. After she was done spinning Aionus and Ashes were dead and Blood Vik was standing in the way of the reformation. Killjoy did his charge thing, but did no damage. At the end of turn 1 Anthony was down 26ss in models and things weren't looking great. He did claim set up on Killjoy for 2VP however. Turn 2: Anthony won initiative and tried to have the storm kill blood vik, but it didn't take. I then activated the blood vik and she killed both halves of Ashes. Leveticus moved and killed Vik of Ashes. I moved up scored for Hunting Party and for Guarding the stash. Turn 3-5: I would go through these, but honestly it was a comedy of errors on my part as I said while Anthony played extremely well taking advantage of my errors to try and creep back into the game. If he had not been so far behind I'm sure he would have won the game easily. I could try to blame fatigue or hunger, but Anthony was playing under the same conditions, so kudos to him. Final Score: 5-4 It was a well run tournament and all of my opponent were wonderful, so no complaints there. I really appreciate them showing some compassion and allowing me to win. Now it is time for serious talk directed at Wyrd and Justin: You need to fix the rat activation control or you will only see Outcasts winning tournaments as long as you allow it to exist. I know it sounds like hyperbole and please go ahead and doubt me, but I implore you to put it on the table. Actually try it out, you will see I am not wrong in this. The biggest problem is that it is literally free to do. A rat costs 2ss and 4 of them make an 8ss Rat King, which is just a great model. Then the Rat King can become a Rat Catcher and a rat, also 8ss, also a good model. You may be wondering why this matters, well 3 steam arachnids are 12ss and the swarm they make is 8ss. Four abominations are 16ss a desolation engine is 13ss. The point is you are not penalized for buying rat activations whereas you are for the other combination models. You would in fact be making the wrong choice if you hired a rat king instead of 4 rats. Activation control is important and we all know that. I wouldn't say it is the most important thing in Malifaux, but it certainly ranks. Let's look at the simplest guaranteed rat activation method 2 rats and a wretch: 1) wretch explodes into two rats 2) Rat 3) Rat 4) Rat 5) Rat becomes King 6) King becomes Catcher and rat 7) Rat 8) Catcher gives reactivate 9) Rat That is 9 activations for 8ss and you are left with 8ss left on the table one of which is an 8wd "armor+1" model with don't mind me. Outactivating your opponent by this much allows you to let them take their whole turn see what it is they are trying to do and counter it. You also don't need to do this all on turn 1, you can wait you can do some of it you can literally choose where and when you want to "go off". This isn't a oh it only affects turn 1 sort of deal, though even if it was I would advocate for a change. I understand that Wyrd does not want to do errata in general, but I honestly don't think they can wait on this. The meta cannot adapt as there is no part of this that any other faction can fight. My suggestions for Errata: 1) Make Rats and Obedient wretch unhireable except by hamelin: I think the hireable rats are the real problem, but in talking to other players at Adepticon they said that they see the obedient wretch being taken by itself in random lists to generate incremental advantage through the game. I can certainly see where they are coming from. 2) Change Tangled to say "If Hamelin is this crew's leader...": This prevents Rat Kings from Forming outside of Hamelin crews this immediately stops the appeal of rats. This would certainly make the rats a liability in Reckoning if nothing else. I do not think this goes far enough. 3) Make Rats Unhireable: This would stop all the issues except the slow burn of the obedient wretch. Hamelin may take a hit here, but honestly as a Hamelin player myself this would not be the end of the world. 4) Some combination of the above: I certainly don't know everything and trust Wyrd to do what is right at the end of the day.
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    I'm locking this thread. It is turning more hostile. And I want to say something. Note: You in the below is addressed to no one in particular. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I spend a lot of time reading the forum and other sources for information on how people feel about our products and games. There is a lot of negativity out there, and it's really a bummer (there is more positive, but that's not the point of this post). But I'm not talking about people who don't like our stuff. I'm talking about people who complain -- whether you complain about our stuff or the people complaining about our stuff. There is a difference between "I don't like this model," "I don't think this model fits in Malifaux," and "Get over it, Wyrd is awesome." The first one is fine. There will always be things you don't like. There are things I've written which I don't like, but I know other people will. You can't please everyone all the time. That said, feel free to share the sentiment. It is helpful to know what people like and don't. The second one is good and helpful. Sometimes, we are able to immediately incorporate feedback like this, sometimes we can't until later, and sometimes we won't incorporate it at all... but it's still good to get comments like this. I've said it many, many times in many places. We like criticism. Criticism helps us see mistakes or areas we can improve. The last one is just a waste of time, and the one that is leading me to lock this thread. If you cannot express your opinion for or against this company or its products respectfully, then threads are going to continue getting locked. This is actually directed more toward those who defend us - we want people to voice things. Let's not attack anyone for doing so. I've had to lock more and more Monday Previews recently. I am really happy there is so much passion in the community, but let's try to keep it focused and helpful. Thank you, everyone, who has taken the time to voice their like and excitement or their dislike and concerns. I read them. I appreciate them. But let's try to cut out the extra BS that crops up alongside some of it.
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