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    Dual masters will show up in both books, as well as Faction Decks. Dead Mans Hand models will be available via Faction Decks as well as downloadable online. And no, most of yall who have been tossing out prices are still considerably off. Yes, eventually they will all become available as PDF books. Only the core rulebook and stat cards are being translated. Fluff and the like is not. If you're concerned about the translations, take a look at the free TOS rules/translations and go from there. We learned our lessons there and worked with professionals instead of enthusiasts or quite bluntly, folks talking out their asses and not delivering. For those hoppin' and hollerin' about the number of books and being forced to purchase and that this is an outright money grab - well, you are entitled to your opinion of course. That being said, the rules, and cards, in multiple languages, are going to be available 100% free. You don't need to spend a dime in the least if you don't wish in order to transition to M3E. Lastly, if we had crammed everything into one book, that would have been spendy - not to mention heavy enough to bludgeon someone to death with.
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    Hey Wyrdos, We’re thrilled to announce that on Wednesday, January 16th, we will be launching an OPEN BETA for Malifaux Third Edition! Many of you have gone through the grueling process of testing the game to get its rules and models to this point, and we couldn’t possibly thank you enough for that. Rest assured that the vast majority of that work will remain intact. The intent of the Open Beta is to get Malifaux Third Edition from where it is (a great spot) and bring it up one more level (to a fantastic spot). This means that our focus will be on polish. Clarity, grammar, theme, and fine tuning numbers are our targets this time around. There are still a few crews and models that need some final tweaks, so if you have more feedback, we’re still listening. We want to hear your thoughts on your favorite (and least favorite) characters before we officially launch Third Edition. So, for those who have been rigorously playtesting our game, now is your chance to share your thoughts and enthusiasm with the rest of the community. Those NDAs that you signed? Consider them lifted. Let us know where you think M3E stands and what you think it’ll take to bring it across the finish line. Henchmen, keep a close eye on the super-secret Henchmen forum in regards to running M3E events and tournaments. We’ll have some special announcements for you folks in the next few days. That’s it from us! We’ve got to hunker down and iron out those wrinkles before next Wednesday. We’ll have more info for you at that time. See you then!
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    It's been far too long again without an update so here goes... Thankfully I did manage to get these guys all painted up for the Scottish GT and I'm pleased to say that the hard work paid off as I managed to walk away with the Best Painted award. Aside from that, the Scottish GT was probably the best tournament I've been to yet, very well run, great prize support and met a whole bunch of friendly people. Anyways, on with the update! So as mentioned the crew is finished for now. There are a lot of missing WIP shots that I should have but didn't take along the way. As the deadline fast approached I just got so focused on the painting that I forgot about pictures. But I have pictures now so herre is the crew in its painted state. (Apologies on the not so great photo, my new set up should be on its way soon) And I also got their display board sorted which looks like this (Again, not a great photo, sorry) So this was meant to be the crew done. I was gonna draw a line under these guys and move on to the next project ready for the UK nationals. But, being the usual sub par timekeeper I am I've not really left myself a whole lot of time to order a new crew, convert them up and get them painted. So now the plan is to reinforce Perdita and co with a few models and then go back over each member to add more detail and freehand etc. My latest order is on the way so over the next or so I'll be making a start on wave 2 for this crew and hopefully by the time Nationals rolls around I will have a better photography set up. Until then, all C&C welcome hd
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    Just because I'm sure there will be more posts like this (why fix this when X is still broken?) I'll make some brief comments here, and I hope I can explain it to your satisfaction. A Master (or any model) being too powerful is always going to be more detrimental to the game than a model being under powered. The heart of any game is choice. Players should feel like they have a wide range of choices, and that those choices matter in terms of winning the game. If a model is under powered, only one choice has been taken away (the choice of using the under powered model to achieve maximum effect). If a model is over powered, it takes away every single other choice other than itself. As such, over powered models will always be a bigger concern and be the targets for things like errata. This isn't to say that I think the models you mentioned are under powered (Yan Lo, in particular, I think is better than people give him credit for), simply explaining why "too powerful" is far more likely to be the target of errata than "not powerful enough." And we never know what the future holds, as new models and upgrades are released the meta changes certain models may come into favor again. As to your other point about other models you think are too powerful, balance exists on a spectrum. It will never be completely perfect. Since we can't cost models at fractions of Soulstones (and because we are not perfect) sometimes some models are slightly better or worse than others. If our goal was to make every single model perfectly and completely balanced, we would never leave playtest and the game would have no consistency. Instead the goal is to make sure that balance is as close as we can get it to perfect and that every model has a place in a game (whether it's just with a certain Master or when certain schemes, etc, are available is sometimes the case). Often times a slight lack of balance may be due to models existing on a spectrum (maybe one model is an obvious choice in a vacuum, but all of a sudden it has a lot of competition if you need a scheme runner). And other times it is simply due to your own personal opinion (we all have our favorites). Hope that helps explain things.
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    They're models, Nathan. /shakes head
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    I've seen a few Tacticas here and there, but for my personal favourite master I've seen only threads with questions and ideas. I've been playing this nightmarish killer since he's been in Beta. I've tried my hand with and against every Master out so far, with the single exception of Shenlong, with this terror of Malifaux and I've learned quite a bit from it. So why not share my knowledge of this horror-bound "demon?" I'm talking about the elusive boy known as The Dreamer, of course! I'm hoping that everyone can learn at least something from this but my main goal is to try to help people be unafraid to try the Dreamer and perhaps pick him up as a permanent addition to their repertoire. A quick overview before we get more specifics! The Dreamer's Strengths - Large board control - Powerful summons and summoning - Extreme flexibility - Resilient master - Awesome flavour! (Seriously, his flavour is what got me into Malifaux. Props to Wyrd!) The Dreamer's Weakness - Every move requires consideration - Requires a largeish model pool - Hard to master - If you fight something that ignores incorporeal and/or defensive triggers, resilience gone. Now then, if you're still interested about him, let's get learning! The Dreamer Himself First thing to note is that, like a select few other Masters in the game, The Dreamer is first and foremost a control piece. I don't mean he can't do damage, as that is certainly not the case. What I mean is that a great deal of your control over fate is through The Dreamer. Fransico can still cut people in half without his sister and a Belle still has a Ca 8 without Seamus, but you'll find that your entire army seems to be made of molasses and glass without the blond boy from Earthside alongside them. Stats With a Df of 4 and only Wd 6 The Dreamer seems really easy to kill, at the very least easy to hit. You'll find, thankfully, it's actually a gigantic pain to take him down. His Wp of 7 means that Ca attacks will have a harder time hitting him. His impressive Wk 7 will allow you to easily maneuver him or, turn 4 or 5, have an unstoppable objective runner for those last few points. He also has a few less-noticed abilities: In not having any characteristics such as living, undead or construct he will be dodging quite a few hate from the ever-present Guild. His Ht 1 means you better put him in a good spot for line of sight because he's not seeing over anything, but it makes it ever easier to hide him away if you must. And he has a rather low cache of 3, so in order to take the full cache of 7 or even 6 it will cost you a Wicked Doll, two Daydreams, or an Insidious Madness' worth of models. Front-card abilities Incorporeal The easiest of his abilities to understand. It gives him a deceptively higher Wd pool than at first glance and the ability to move wherever he is needed with that high Wk of 7. Its only weakness is Ca actions but, thankfully, Ca actions are more likely than MI or Sh attacks to hit Wp. (Beware of attacks from Masters that do have Ca vs Df; Sonnia Criid, Rasputina, McMourning, and Nicodem as examples.), so he can rely on his high Wp to stave them off. Safe In My Bed This defensive trigger is automatic on his Df and only needs a if you're afraid someone is going to hit through his Wp. This allows him to discard a card to toss a successful attack against him off onto a friendly Nightmare model within 3''. Keeping chaff nearby, such as a Daydream and an Alp, allows him to kill them off in a manner similar to Collodi to keep him from being hit, keeping a high-regen model like Teddy or the nephilim twins to tank the shots and simply heal them off, or keeping the horrid Stitched Together nearby make him neigh-unkillable without some foreplanning. (More on them later!) Just be mindful, you're unlikely to have more than 3 cards to ditch to this ability: It isn't endless. (Note: This uses his final duel total for the modifiers, so if he flips a 7 [for a total 11] against a 17, tossing it off onto a Df 5 model won't force a on them. They're hitting on the straight they would've hit him on. But the new model takes the effects as if it had been the original target, ignoring The Dreamer entirely. As an example, if The Dreamer has Poison 6 when McMourning tries to Expunge him and he throws off the attack onto an unpoisoned Teddy nearby, your enforcer remains unharmed and McMorning doesn't have to take a Terrifying duel.) Pleasant Dreams Now we're cooking with gas! Whenever a friendly model activates within 6'' of your master they heal 3. Note that this doesn't say friendly Nightmare models, so if you find yourself taking a merc they still benifit from his pleasant dreams. This makes a lot of his army far harder to kill, from the Hard to Kill, Reactivating monstrosities the Stitched Together, to the twin Nephilim Lelu and Lilitu, to giving Teddy Regenerate 5. Key placement of The Dreamer is important to your success: Maximize your healing without putting him out of position. Release Nightmares Ah, the unique bit of the Dreamer, his duality. Every time he uses a summon he gains the condition Waking +1 that lowers his Pleasant Dreams healing by 1. If he gets Waking +3 he's no longer having any pleasant dreams and one more wakes him up, pulling him off the board. Right before he goes, though, his friend Lord Chompy Bits gets summoned within 6'' of him. We'll discuss the big guy himself later on, but the important bits of this interaction is another big place where foreknowledge will come in handy. Controlling when to summon, when to hold off and when to go all out to get out Chompy is important when controlling his pleasant dreams. Lord Chompy Bits can nix himself the turn he comes out as a (0) action, allowing a double walk to re-position himself before bringing the Dreamer back out in position once more. Release Nightmares removes all conditions from The Dreamer, not just his Waking, so if you're really scared of being Burned, Blighted or Poisoned you can wake up just long enough to get rid of them. You can use this to hide him if Assassinate is really pressing down on you. Wake up from the dreamland of Malifaux and just stay awake until the death of Lord Chompy Bits forces you back to sleep, then do your best to hide again in one or two turns (depending on your choice of limited upgrades.) A Fun Game of Cards: How The Dreamer influences Fate. The best strength of The Dreamer is how much influence he holds over his friends. Lets break down these abilites, shall we? Twist Reality With a decent Sh 6 and a solid Rg 12 or 1 The Dreamer can hit quite a bit with this nifty skill. It has a weak damage profile of 1/2/4 but its the triggers where this skills strength lies. If you nick a you get the powerful Unhinge trigger, paralyzing the target if it's Wp is 4 or less. This includes your decreases to Wp, so if someone with Wp 5 is within range of your Daydreams or a Weaver Widow's web marker, they're a target as well. You'd be surprised to find how easy it is to paralyze someone when all you need to do is tie them, especially with some (Ototo comes to mind) having a naturally low Wp (therefore requiring no setup before throwing the trigger at them. You can also push all friendly Nightmares their walk towards the target on a so long as they're already within 6''. Not game-endingly powerful, but useful. It makes for a nice alpha-strike before or after setting up for a strong Surrounded by Nightmares shot. Tucked In A (0) that lowers his Waking condition by 1, and being his only (0) action, means that he can naturally drop it once every turn. Unless your goal is to max out on Waking, get Lord Chompy Bits, then pop The Dreamer back out on the Tyrant's activation, use this every turn to drop your Waking and increase the healing from your pleasant dreams. Daydreaming Requiring a 7 of any suit to go off, this useful skill is his only printed summoning ability. A success gets you a Daydream within 6'', getting a 7 or better gets you the optional trigger to get an Alp instead. It also causes the Waking +1 condition, as both of his summoning abilities do. With the relatively low card requirement, getting new Daydreams for their Disturbing Whispers or Alps to gum up the tracks and throw out Slow isn't hard to do. Empty Night And here it is. That ever-present control that you were told so much about. Requiring a 4 of any suit to go off, as it comes with the prerequisite , and a range of 6'' you'll need to position yourself carefully to use this skill to its full extent. This skill hits Minions and Nightmares, just as any theme master can. Each suit gets you a different trigger: Journey, the automatic trigger, gets you a 6'' push and a free MI attack. That's 2 free AP you just handed out, provided you make use of it. You can push Teddy into combat and give him a free swing, push a friendly Lilitu out of combat and still let her use her Whip, the mobility of your army is astounding with the use of this skill. Everyone within 6'' of a model of yours needs to fear being in combat before they even know what hit them. Frantic gets you fast on the targeted model. Useful to remove slow from whatever you just summoned, giving your beater an extra swing, a caster an extra go, or you can throw it on one of the nephilim twins and the other will get it for free. Without a specific goal in mind, Frantic is simply another Journey, but with a twist. Stitches heals 2 on the targeted model. With this trigger at your disposal, your enemy better learn to drop someone in one go or nothing's going to die. Teddy can have 1 wound, activate, and after a few stitches he's good as new Just a Dream lets you remove a single condition on the target. Useful if you're trying to end Slow but not Whispers in Blood, or Poison but not Defensive. The real use of this trigger is the option to immediately take this skill again when you get this trigger. If you've got the tomes or the luck, you can just keep ending conditions one after the other. Nix slow on all of your newly-summoned models with 1 AP. Another useful trick is if you've got no cards to throw away on this and you flip a tomes, choose this trigger and point at whatever model you want, then just flip again. It basically gives you a chance to simply re-flip your card for this skill. Using this in tandem with your summoning allows The Dreamer to appear like a conductor, leading the battle exactly where he wants it to be. A Tantrum or Playtime: The Dreamer's Other Upgrades Like all masters, The Dreamer has a set number of additional upgrades that can be purchased by only him and one extra that may be taken by him or a Nightmare. Like The Dreamer they span the spectrum of damage to utility. Lying Down to Sleep: New Nightmares or a game with Lord Chompy Bits? Before we get into his other upgrades, I'll ask the question which decides quite a bit of your list: Which limited upgrade do I take? Your choice is between using Lord Chompy Bits to do your killing or bring new friends to the party. Dreams of Pain - 5SS For a whopping 5 stones The Dreamer has access to a specific set of summoning: Nightmares. It's similar to most other "Choose a Model" summoning: You start with a 6 and need a 10 :mask plus the soulstone cost of your named model. Shorthand is just add 4 to the soulstone cost and know what you're going to need to flip, cheat, stone or use your Daydreams to hit. If you want a Stitched Together at 6SS you're going to need to flip a 10 , for example. (Ratty has lovingly created a card with the prerequisite cards needed to summon using The Dreamer here.) If you do use a second source to get that and you also sneak a in there, you'll get a trigger that nixes slow from the newly made model, too! Once again, things aren't as easy as they seem: Your summoned friends come in at 1 wound and you gain the Waking +1 condition each time you dream a new friend. Manage them carefully, activate smart and his Pleasant Dreams will have them back to normal in no time. Just be wary, it is possible to summon two new friends, have one activate safely and the other die to a stray bullet. Such is fate. If you manage yourself well and keep models alive, you're opponent will be crushed beneath an never stemming tide of Nightmares. At the very least, it'll give them something to play with while you quietly sweep up all the objectives and make out like a burglar with your full 10 VP. Dreams of Pain is a solid choice if you need on-the-fly flexibility and movement control, in addition to a stronger support presence. If you did decide to go this route, feel free to read up on the New Friends section later on about summoning and your other tactics! Restless Dreams - 1SS As a sharp counterpoint to the expensive alternative, for only 1SS you give Lord Chompy Bits a quite useful ability: Melee Expert. Since the Tyrant is only a Henchman, this gives him 3 AP to work with on his turn and you'll be surprised how far it goes. Restless Dreams also adds the stipulation onto his shooting attacks, either from his printed card or his upgrade Toss and Turn, that they all now grant Waking +1 (provided that Lord Chompy Bits hasn't activated already this round, as to inhibit the shenanigans of activating with him, burying him after 3 attacks, bringing back the Dreamer who shoots 4 times and brings him back out for a second activation.) This means that is is far easier to get out Lord Chompy bits, rather than relying on many summons or sacrificing a Daydream and, well, relying on many summons. Restless Dreams is a solid choice if you need flexibility in starting models and a powerful, yet resilient, killer. If this is the route you choose, please read up on Lord Chompy Bits entry below! Otherworldly - 2SS The true draw of this upgrade is it gives The Dreamer the ever-powerful ability Accomplice. No more will you summon a model at 1 Wd and then pass turn to allow it to die before your pleasant dreams could heal it. Now you can summon a Stitched Together and chain activate to it to allow it to heal above its Hard to Kill before passing it off to your opponent. This also allows for some very powerful alpha strikes. Combine this with a hard hitter like Teddy an Empty Night's Journey trigger for three casts to give Teddy 3 free attacks, then chain activate to him to allow two, three or even four more. Combine with the Nephilim twins to keep them very hardy if you get the first turn. Heal them and give them fast (since both of those are shared) then chain activate to Lilitu to take Whispers in Blood 2 or 3 times. This puts them both at almost full wounds (between your Stitches trigger, her regeneration, your pleasant dreams) and with a double or triple positive on defense flips. It also gives you the tactical action (1) Playtime which gives the condition Playtime to a friendly model within 6''. This allows you to draw a card whenever that model deals damage. Once again, this condition is shared between the Nephilim twins, so applying it once lets them both have it. If you're scared for your life or simply want better cards t o cheat with, you can spend one AP to give this to the twins and let them wail on someone, which they were probably going to do anyway. Tantrum - 2SS This skill offers The Dreamer ranged expert, giving him 1 AP that he can spend on Twist Reality or the attack action this skill gives him, Surrounded by Nightmares. Free AP is never a bad thing. Surrounded by Nightmares is a Ca 7 resisted on Wp at a Rg of 8. The targetted model suffers 1 damage for each Nightmare within 3'' and line of sight of it. While this may not seem like much, the killing potential this offers The Dreamer is significant. Your models are quite hardy while your master is alive, and if your concern is one tanky model, prepare for it to be shred to pieces. Use your Twist Reality to draw everyone towards them, and then you have a high Ca skill that they can't cheat to lower the damage from or force negatives on. Even if they tie you, you do full damage, which will catch many people's foreplanning of guard. Your Daydreams both add to the skill's damage and lower their Wp to allow for an easier hit. Combine this skill with the Weaver Widow and anything in your way will fall quickly. (This skill is also a Wp based attack and will trigger Smell Fear on Teddy, even if it does no damage. Keep this in mind if you have nothing to do with that ranged expert!) On Dreaming Wings - 2SS This upgrade can be taken by The Dreamer or one of his Nightmares, however it is Rare 1, so you can't take it on both. The upgraded model gets +1 Wk and grants Flight to all friendly Nightmare models within 6. While you can take this on The Dreamer to give him a stunning Wk 8, he can't use the Flight he is granted, and while you want to keep your models within 6'' of him for his pleasant dreams, you'll be surprised how often someone trying to move forward to hug the everloving daylights out of an enemy they lose the ability to fly just before they get to the enemies they have to fly over. Instead, I find this upgrade useful on one of two models: Teddy or Coppelius. Giving Teddy wings allows him to fly right where he needs to be and start hugging everyone, it also gives him a respectable Wk 6 to get there on his own. The Stitched Together and other slower models will have an easier time following him with his wings as well and he makes for a good front line friend. On Coppelius you have one of the most powerful objective runners in the game. If you have Breakthrough on the table, or you're playing corner or flank deployment, consider this upgrade on Coppelius. You've got a Wk 8 model that can fly, is terrifying, and can take on almost any other non-leader model in hand to hand, after a few eyes of course. He can drop Alp friends as he goes if he starts picking up stragglers, but in reality, since you've been summoning new friends you don't have to worry about the 10 SS you spent on him. While you're busy killing, distracting or playing with the enemy, Coppelius is making off like a theif with your other 6 VP. Tying it All Up like a New Shoe Alright, you understand all of his new skills. But how would you use these in conjunction? Individual character interactions, things that are specific to a model not just The Dreamer's skills, will be mentioned in the New Friends section, but how would our little friend work up his tactics and start being the maestro of his playing field? We'll go through a sample turn later as well, so let's do a quick outline: Use your Wk 7 to stay in position to heal, out of easy target range. Never stray too far from a few bullet-shields and always keep a model within 3''. With Empty Night alone you can do a lot on The Dreamer's turn: Save it for as long as you can, especially if you're planning on being very summon heavy or planning a powerful charge with Lord Chompy Bits. Never leave The Dreamer at Waking +3. Either aim to top-out and get Lord Chompy Bits or save your actions for another turn. Positioning is key. You should always be happy with where The Dreamer is standing. Scheme markers are powerful things. Even without shenanigans, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who can threaten objectives like The Dreamer. Stitches into a chain activate can save a lot of models from certain death. Always know when to let something die, never fight too hard to keep a summonable, even Lord Chompy Bits.
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    Hello, friends! I began to publish a series of my painting miniatures specifically for Word Games. In the coming days I will put some more work Detailed photos of work on my Facebook page (link below).
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    Hey everyone, I'm really excited to announce that this month we added two new team members to the Wyrd family! We are happy to have them on board, and if you want to take a moment to welcome them, all the better. First, we have @John.Cason, a graphic designer. John came over to us just about a month ago now, and has dived right in! The new Master boxes in all their 3D glory were done by him, and you'll see even more of his work at GenCon. Second, we have @Lindsey, our newest game developer. She's been volunteering and playtesting for a variety of other games, and she's bringing her passion and experience onto our team. She's starting today, and she's ready to be launched into GenCon in a trial by fire! Say hello, and if you're at GenCon, you can introduce yourselves there, too!
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    From time to time, I do things just because I want to and I'll share as they come up. Could be several times in a week, once a month, twice a year, depending on how the mood hits me, I can be a bit mercurial in that way. This time about, sharing some T-shirts that we've got coming up here soon (along with a full restock of the others). Have a few more we're working on as well, at least in the conceptual stage, but these I'll share. And if anyone has any wants or wishes or a witty little whatnot that they share and strikes my fancy, if we design a shirt about it, I'll send you a couple of them. Just saying 'add artwork of X' on it isn't going to cut it - just saying.
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    Make it 3 month ago but never take the time to make multpile version... It's a Full Character Sheet for the second edition... ith all detail i can put on it ^^ and you can use paperclip for bullet, date and wounds 1/ A3 full color: You can print it's in your printer local shop in full color and A3 recto verso with this files (for have a nice 4 page sheet fold in the middle) 2/ Single A4 color version here: 3/ Black & White and no background single A4 version for those who don't wan't spend to many ink
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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! Today we take a look at an upcoming Story Encounter & Adventure Box, The Undying. It contains thrills and chills for Through the Breach as well as some amazing new models for Malifaux. Let's take a look! The Undying details two forces that have come into contact with each other: the Resurrectionists and the Ten Thunders. Today, we'll be looking at the leader of the Resurrectionist forces, Manos the Risen, and his two Mourners. Manos is an immortal assassin who once belonged to the Order of Balance, a group of priests, warriors, and assassins who brought an end to those who had fallen from the kharmic wheel. The Order were mortal enemies of the Jiangshi, terrible sorcerers who fed on the souls of helpless peasants to extend their own, unnatural lives. The immortal sorcerers corrupted Manos and taught him how to feed on the souls of the fallen, and he used that knowledge to grant himself a perverse form of immortality. Bolstered with forbidden knowledge, he returned to the Order and murdered all of his former friends... all save for one, Minako Rei. After he takes an assignment, nothing - not even death - can stop Manos from completing his mission. On the table, he harvests the Chi of those who die around him and expends it to increase his own capabilities, becoming Fast, more resistant, or empowering his powerful Celestial Strike attack, which ignores Hard to Kill. Accompanying Manos are his Mourners. These undead women are defensive Belles; with Disguised and Manipulative, they're difficult to target, and their Funeral Shroud action prevents enemy models in their engagement range from targeting anyone not in base contact with them. The Mourners aren't entirely defensive, though. They also possess the Feed off Grief attack, a ranged attack that heals them if it kills the target. Better yet, the attack is resisted by Willpower. Perhaps it's time for Seamus to swing by the local cemetery to pick up some new friends!
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    Three months ago my entire malifaux collection was stolen out of my car. Today, we caught the guy. I got 90% of my stuff back, though most of what I lost was irreplaceable con swag, tournament prizes and the books. Thanks to everyone out there for helping me out when things were bad. I've got a lot of repair work ahead of me but I'm ready to go. GenCon, here I come!
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    This week's Monday Preview is a look at Reva, a new Master for Malifaux! Come on over to our webpage to check it out: http://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2016/5/23/monday-preview-reva Then, take the time to vote for which Faction you want revealed next week! The poll closes on Friday.
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    33 soulstones + 21 more for three Order Initiates brings me a total of 54 ss for October
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    Hey Wyrdos, We wanted to take a bit of time to discuss communication, both from us and from the community. We know the community has felt like Wyrd has been a bit silent. We have been, and we know that. The design team wears many hats – one such hat is for our community. Lately, our hats have put our focus on The Other Side’s release and making sure that Malifaux Third Edition is fun and exciting for years to come. Our games and worlds should grow alongside our community. We hear that you want more communication from us, and we are working on new ways of providing just that. You can expect to hear more on those plans in the near future. We also continue to have a variety of content such as Wallpaper Wednesday, Breachside Broadcast, painting competitions etc. that the community can enjoy. We appreciate the feedback we have received. Even if you don’t see immediate change, know that we are listening. If you are concerned that you aren’t being heard, you can contact us directly via the Contact Form (https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact). Any of the feedback we receive through there is heard and discussed with the relevant people. As we continue to work on our own communication, we ask that your feedback between each other, and to us, remains constructive. If you find yourself really upset about something, that Contact Form can be a great way to have your concerns directly heard. Additionally, we understand the community wants to engage with the designers, hear their thoughts, and see what’s happening behind closed doors on a regular basis. We would love to see more of that, too! Currently, the best way to do this is to engage in our beta program, which has applications that open periodically throughout the year. In our betas, you will directly interact with our design team on a daily basis. Make sure you take the opportunity to join the next beta and help shape the games you love. - The Wyrd Team
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    still some details to fix (hair, book, crown, face front, weapon and the (probably) red shoes, but Anna is almost done. I spent about 15 hours on her but I'm quite happy about the result. I have 3 day for start and finish a 2SS model to end succesfully my monthy projects! pant pa(i)nt!
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    The problem has been identified and is being fixed. I should have proofs in my hand within a few days, at which point Wargame Vault will begin fixing orders. Make sure that, if you had an error, you submit to them to make sure you get it fixed. I apologize again for the problems!
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    @Athiko - really like the use of blue on these, it adds a nice element of contrast to pale skin. @Chou - nice, clean paintjob on the family. And definitely get a LED-light whitebox, can't go wrong with it! @OctaBit - nice selection, the Warped are my favorites, really like these models! @bedjy - the fur on Tanuki looks excellent and the bright colors you've used work really well there. The diorama looks great too! @Phinn - that actually looks like a mini diorama, great job! @Kimberly - nice looking terrain you have there, I'm sure it will draw many looks at Adepticon @Caedrus - I think many Polish painters paint this very special kind of water with some extra % in it, this may be the key here! And you can add 24ss to my pledge this month :) And I really like your Acolytes, blue isn't easy to work with on larger flat surfaces but their cloaks look great here! @Nikodemus - nice highlights on red skin, like the contrast with black spider body. @Stranglelove - Rhino is my favorite here by far, great model and you've done it justice with excellent brushwork. @emiba - looking really good, two more day to finish so keep at it ;) @Franchute - the base looks great, as always, now just finish the mini :) @lusciousmccabe - both the base and mini look very good, nice and clean paintjob. @prof_bycid - love the vivid shades of green/yellow, they suit this model so well! @wobbly_goggy - sweet paintjob on the Fire Golem. Working all those flames up can be a daunting task (been there!) but you've made it shine ;) Once again, I'm more at home than I'd like to and currently going through third antibiotic cycle. The only good thing is I had a bit more time so I finished four more minis for extra 24ss. More pics on the blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/03/razorspine-rattlers.html
  20. 19 points
    My pledge for February is to finish the male Cyclops Here are some promised WIP pictures. The skin colour is going to be greenish blue with offwhite on belly, chin, inner thights and arms and buttocks. Knees, elbows and fingers are going to have red tint to make them visually more interesting and red mouth should draw attention toward the face Detail of the face. Still some work to do Chin, ears, ice "horns" etc. And here is how the ice on the whole miniature (and crew) is going to look like. The process is little bit time consuming but I feel like it is worth
  21. 19 points
    ...and so....my January pledge is complete....and for the first time ever in my history of Challenge attempts I'm posting hours before the deadline...not only that...for the first time ever I managed to paint way more than my pledge...quite simply I had more fun painting these TOS figures probably more than anything else I've ever done...so...I completed not only a Raving Madman and three of The Warped that I showed in my WIP but an ENTIRE fireteam !!.... @Caedrus True confession...sorry but I have no idea how many SS this works out at but am happy in the knowledge it's loads more than I pledged
  22. 19 points
    Wyrdos, As some of you may already know, Mason has decided to pursue his own endeavors. Here at Wyrd, we’re all thankful for the work that he’s contributed to our games over the years. Whether in lore or design, his involvement added unparalleled depth and nuance to our worlds, and we’re grateful for the impact he had upon Through the Breach, Malifaux, and The Other Side. We wish him the absolute best as he moves forward in his career. On a personal note, I learned a lot from Mason in the two years that I spent working with him. I’ll miss his insight and humor around the office, but I’m excited to see (and play!) the great things made by him in the future. Cheers to you, bud. Thanks for everything.
  23. 19 points
    Still didn't manage to get going on Barbaros so he's still waiting for his moment on the paint table....so....for April here I am with two Black Blood Shamans for a total of 14SS
  24. 19 points
  25. 19 points
    I'm happy to announce Divergent Paths, a new global event for Malifaux! http://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2016/8/25/divergent-paths-event This event will begin in mid-September; more details to follow!
  26. 19 points
    This week's Monday Preview is a look at Nellie Cochrane, a new Master for Malifaux! Come on over to our webpage to check it out: http://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2016/6/20/monday-preview-nellie-cochrane And stay tuned next week for the Gremlin reveal!
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo decided to show his appreciation for us by getting a meat lover’s pizza for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, some of us are either vegan, lactose intolerant, or can’t eat gluten, so he essentially bought an extra-large pizza for himself. At least it’s better than the last time he offered us lunch - nobody was interested in the leftover platter of fried shrimp tails (well, mostly nobody). So while Waldo is polishing off the last few slices, we thought it would be a good time to reveal a Squad in The Other Side’s upcoming Starter Box, the Guild’s Gatling Gunners! While the proverbial and omnipresent grip of the Guild is starting to show some cracks on Earth, the strength of their Gatling Gunners might obfuscate that truth. Whether you bring the Guild as a One Commander Company or use them as a Syndicate to complement another Allegiance in a Two Commander game, these gunmen will make sure your opponents will think twice before making a move in their line of sight. This unit is the definition of a gunline – and it’s a formidable one at that. These Guild soldiers can intimidate the enemy just by looking at the bullet casings blanketing their sandbags. There’s a pretty good chance they came from their Hail of Bullets Ability; the Gatling Gunners aren’t likely to move a lot during a game. When they focus their shots, they'll gain some extra oomph, hitting harder than they already do. The Gatling Gunners will be packaged with other Guild models, as well as Court of Two models, in the upcoming Starter Box for The Other Side. They will also be made available separately so you can add more to your Company. But wait! There’s more content for The Other Side to cover. Over the last few months, we took another look at the balance of the game and have made some adjustments. The August 2019 Errata and FAQ are now live on our website. You can find this information on the Resources section of The Other Side’s site. Here is a quick list of the models that are being adjusted: Kassa Okoye: While she’s still one of our favorite Commanders to put on the table, as it turns out, she might have been over-performing a bit, particularly with generating resources. We toned that down a bit while also made some of her Actions a little clearer in how they were originally meant to work. Kassa will still see plenty of play on the table now, but she won’t be filling up a player’s hand with a near-endless amount of cards by punching her own robots. Mechanized Infantry: We adjusted the Mechanized Infantry slightly because their AVs were stacking with each attack into unruly numbers without any drop-off, making them difficult to play against. While the feeling is still there, now they are only helping out their Fireteams when they go against the same target. Margaret Belle: This nimble spymaster once traversed the battlefield too easily with very little risk (and a whole lot of reward). Her Shadow Magic Ability has been adjusted a hair; while she can still move around the table considerably easier than most, players will now need to think twice about utilizing her resources to get where she needs to be. Artillery Team: Unfortunately, these cannoneers didn’t see a lot of play, so we gave them a little more firepower and a new meaningful Trigger on their Heavy Howitzer that impacts the game, even if they miss their shot. Now we believe that they are a worthwhile choice in just about any Garrison. Immolated Rhino: Some people (namely our playerbase) appear to be allergic to Cinnamon, so we addressed those allergies by making this escaped animal slightly less ferocious on the battlefield. While they’re still difficult to take down and can dish out plenty of damage, they’re much more manageable for the opponent this time around. The Frenzy: With the previous iteration (and the Relics of Ancient Malifaux Asset), the Frenzy acted more like underwater clerics than predators with jagged teeth and sharp claws. Now, along with their updated Shark Tooth Necklaces Asset, they are encouraged to follow the hyper-aggressive role that they were originally intended to fill. Devouring Eel: This pesky, hungry fish was a little too difficult to take out of commission thanks to its Regeneration Ability, so we toned that down a tad so it is more manageable for the opponent while still being a terrifying presence on the board. Gibbering Hordes (as a whole): Overall, we saw that this Allegiance was underperforming competitively and thanks to some funky wording, made the opponent gain points for just doing what they wanted to do (and have a nice meal). Expect to see the Hordes continuously come back into the battlefield as originally intended now, all the while still getting a quick snack to flip to Glory. In addition to these adjustments, we also added more questions to the FAQ and fixed some issues with some Stratagems and Assets, as well. To see a full list of changes (which includes all of the updates to the FAQ and Errata), head here, head to the TOS Resources section, or download below. TOS_ErrataCard_PDFs.zip You can also find all of The Other Side’s Errata cards (including those adjustments made in January) on WargameVault right now! That’s it from us. Next week, we’ll be talking more upcoming units for The Other Side!
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    Fighter from Kingdom Death. Tried to give her a bit of character by giving her a Kiss tattoo on her cleavage, which represents the round theme as well
  30. 17 points
    Caedrus, reporting in! I knew this month was going to be a big one. So many life pressures stopping me from putting pigment to plastic! However, I found the time to get this one model done, at least. And hey, who knows? I might find some more time in the next week. Like many of you, I have a stealth project underway... For the moment, though, here's 9SS of Toshiro, the Japanese Undead Pirate. Yar! I had quite a bit of fun with this model. He's my colour / basing / thematic testbed for an upcoming Brine and Bones experiment. So, a slightly more cutlass-ey sword, a piratey bandanna, and a harpoon through the chest completes the model. I went with a fresher-undead look for this guy, rather than the hard-core rotting effects. Most of all, I had fun playing around with a little bit of freehand. It could have been neater, but I'm honestly pleased with the results. Have a great rest of October, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've all done, because what I've seen so far this month ( @Wintergloom, @PetitDalek, @Viruk) is jaw-dropping! Caedrus.
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    Caedrus, reporting in with a WIP! My amateurish sculpting skills are evident in this Recruiter WIP: ...but I've been quite pleased with my Executioner. He's nearly finished, so here's a sneak peek! Comments and feedback is always welcome! I hope you're having a great April! Caedrus.
  32. 17 points
    Decided that this month was going to be about Mercs, so I started with the season specific viks to get ready for Easter. Trying to decide how many other viks I should paint... Think I have 4 versions ha.
  33. 17 points
  34. 17 points
    I finished painting the taxidermist for 7ss. I'll hopefully get another model or more done this month. The taxidermist had a few little conversions to have the frilly shirt and treasure map to match the pirate crew theme.
  35. 17 points
    Hi to all, my name is Nikolaj and I started collecting some 40k miniatures about a year ago (with 34 ). I loved painting those little guys at the beginning, but without having an option to play, I got bored by painting the same kind of figure over and over again. At the beginning of this year a fellow told me about Malifaux ... I really liked the style of the setting and the artworks, but was sceptical about the model-quality (I was told GW is producing the BEST plastic) ... I bought a test-model (Ryle) and I was really impressed about the quality itself but also about how well the style of the artwork was transfered to the model. Surprisingly two more fellows in my team also were interested in Malifaux, so I decided to sell the whole GW-Stuff and buy a bunch of malifaux boxes (The Kin, So´mer, Ulix, War-Pig, Haulers, Piglets and Gracie)... a lot of stuff to paint now ... I also had two games were recently. My gremlins (Kin only so far) were crushed... but it was damn fun. So here are my first painted gremlins. I start with Gracie (it´s the last model I painted) ... more pictures of some of the Kin will follow (have to take some pictures... and without a lightbox I am a little dependent on the weather)
  36. 17 points
    The base is scratch built from Model board and balsa wood.. the dress was sculpted using fimo soft..
  37. 17 points
    I feel that the entire document is weaker for this not having been named "Impromptu Flash Mob."
  38. 17 points
    what else to say, I made a deck with scheme card and card of strategy
  39. 16 points
    Managed to get Adeodatos done today. Wasn't the colours I was planning but I just went with what felt right at the time
  40. 16 points
    @Caedrus Claiming Bushwhacker #1 for 6SS. Could use some serious C&C on this, folks. It met all my goals: half the painting time I usually spend, higher contrast, less fiddly about the blends. Trying to differentiate skin, "camo", and base greens was a pain in the ass. There are some things I like and some things I don't. What works? What doesn't? Any places you see where I might be able to cut time, or where a few extra minutes would have made a big difference?
  41. 16 points
    So here's more WIP...but first, a micro-rant. It really bugs me that most sculptors out there are unwilling/unable to sculpt muscles on strong women. I mean, look at this awesome photo of the Gina Carano/Cris Cyborg Strikeforce weigh-in from 2009: Different builds, same weight class. Both of them look like they could swing a Relic Hammer at Stat 7 for 3/4/6 damage though, right? Because they have MUSCLES. It takes some serious core to swing a hammer that big. So since the Miss Deed sculpt looks more or less like a cylinder with a belly button hole poked in it, I figured I'd try to fix it with paint. The first try ended up in the Simple Green. The second try looks a lot better: My attempts at freehand in the past have been frustrating but I'm pleased with this. Trompe l'oeil is somehow easier to paint for me than patterns or designs or whatever. Now to paint the other 90% of the model...
  42. 16 points
    Caedrus, checking in with a very quick update! So, this month (and the next two 😖) will be super-busy, so my efforts will drop dramatically. Having said that, I finished a vulture: and I've made some progress on my December Acolytes, as well as my Beastman for my '12-month Beastman personal challenge'. Finally, you had all better say hello to Percy. He drinks my paint water. He's not what you'd call a smart cat. Great painting again this month, folks! When I get a chance, I'll swing by and leave feedback. Until then, pat your cat (or goat), and put pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
  43. 16 points
    Proud to submit my entry for Round 1: "Only YOU Can Start Forest Fires!" When I read the prompt the first thing that came to mind was a gremlin going nuts and working on burning down a forest all by himself. The scene is made of various components and sculpting with kneadatite. The Lightning Bug and Malifaux Raptor are from Wyrd's Malifaux range.
  44. 16 points
    Hey all, I recently updated the reputation options on the forum. Like is now a Puppet Teddy because why not. The main purpose, though, was I removed all potentially "negative" reactions like Confused and Sad. That said, I also added an "Agree" and a "Respectfully Disagree." I am hoping these will be useful for people who would like to express an opinion, particularly one that is disagreeing, without typing it out. I've seen it used to good effect on other boards, making it far easier to gauge overall reaction to a comment without scrolling through everything. I feel it'll be particularly helpful in playtesting efforts. Anyway, let me know any thoughts or comments.
  45. 16 points
    I finished Francois tonight for a total of 15 soulstones so far this month (the errata got me a bonus +1 for the increase to Francois :-P). Francois has a few conversions to fit the pirate crew. I had a lot of fun painting this model. I tried out some Scale 75 colors on the NMM and the black. 7 models to go for the Zipp crew to be "complete" for now...
  46. 16 points
    Jokers in. A game without risk is just a spreadsheet.
  47. 16 points
    Iggy Pup are here. Now all Wild Ones is done! More photos and a little "how I painted the fur" guide in Serpentarium's blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2017/05/malifaux-mondays-48-iggy-pup.html
  48. 16 points
    It's been ages since I painted any Malifaux models but recently I've painted some more models for my Leveticus crew. First up, Ashes & Dust; Then there's Lazarus; And finally a couple of Warmachine models as proxies for a Trapper and Librarian. I didn't feel like the official models had the right look for my idea of Leveticus's crew. Nearly forgot - not a new model but I also made a new base for Miss Step. I've got a few more Malifaux models in my painting queue - Guild McMourning crew and the Ortegas.
  49. 16 points
    I think people need to take a step back from blame language. This isn't really about who's to blame. Blaming Wyrd for the behavior of a few individuals is certainly ridiculous, but the argument about sexism in gaming isn't really about blame. What bigotry, ignorance, and cruelty people encounter in wargaming is not Wyrd's fault... but that doesn't mean that there's nothing to be said for the opportunity Wyrd has to try to push the paradigm in a different direction. So what's the problem with sexy models? There is no inherent problem with them. The fact that a model is sexy does not, in itself, constitute a problem. If Wyrd wants to make sexy models until the cows come home, they have that ability and that right. And doing so wouldn't, by default, make them a sexist company. The problem arises when a certain level of acceptance becomes prevalent within a culture to the point that something like sexism becomes ubiquitous. We can easily look to the income gap between men and women to see this in effect. Women make less than men for the same jobs. Is this any individual company's fault? No. I would go so far as to say that, in almost all cases, the manager responsible for making those pay decisions isn't consciously deciding to pay those women less. For him (and I'm defaulting to him, but it could just as easily be her), the things that he's been taught to value in business are things that are seen as more masculine. If a woman embodies those values, it is often off-putting, and if she doesn't she's not as qualified as her male counterparts... leading to things like inequal pay. Is that manager making that decision sexist? In many cases, probably not. It's more akin to an ignorance of the cultural norms that are creating a pervasive generalized sexism. So back to wargaming. Is Wyrd doing something wrong? No. It's not. But that also doesn't mean that it's doing something right. The fact is that wargaming is a male dominated hobby. It contains a certain history that makes it not only uninviting to women, but sometimes outright hostile to them. Culture is a very hard thing to change. As can be seen on this thread, for many there is no problem at all or it is not Wyrd's responsibility to do anything about it. I would argue that the purpose of bringing issues of sexism in gaming to light is to help try to push toward change. So while Wyrd continuing to create models as it does is not wrong, it is also not right. It just is, and that's perfectly fine. But sometimes, we can also strive for more than fine. A continuance of the status quo is not going to begin to change the status quo. The reason there are people out there who think it's okay to be terrible people is because they are on the extreme ends of a spectrum. And there will always be people at the extreme edges of a spectrum. Therefore, an attempt to eliminate ass-slapping rape-talking bigots cannot really be made with those people directly. Instead, the aim is to shift the center of the spectrum (i.e. the average wargaming) a little more to the inclusive side. As the average player becomes more accepting and inclusive, so too the extremes will begin to shift over time (and those that stay extreme will be marginalized to their basements instead of their LGS). And that's really what we're talking about here. Shifting the average place of the conversation so that the extremes of the spectrum are not so bad. Because there will always be assholes, but maybe we can stop them from being sexist assholes. Wyrd, as a company, has an opportunity to try to change some of the dialogue and social-acceptableness of certain things be showing what's important via their models and art depictions. Any individual Henchman can only influence their direct community, but Wyrd can influence everyone who plays Malifaux. And they can do this in subtle ways that hurt no one: including more diversity in general. This sends the message that diversity is the norm in very subtle, subliminal ways... and that shifts the spectrum. To me, that's what's being called for here. To ask a company that has done nothing wrong (and in fact has done many things right) to keep doing what they're doing and maybe take it a step further where they can. Wyrd has a fairly unique ability to shape the message and the conversation for a subsection of the wargaming community. And they can choose not to do that, and that is perfectly okay. But they can also try to take a step out there and do more than just be okay. They can try to be better and better, and they can try to be great (well, they are great, but great as it applies to inclusivity). As I said at the beginning, it's not about blame. It's not about what Wyrd did wrong (which is probably nothing) or those assholes around the world that makes things worse. It's about the chance to consciously shape a message that shifts a paradigm so assholes are assholes about losing and not about something like gender. That's my take on all this discussion, anyway. Thanks for reading.
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    My own project... No Shelter Here - Pandora Crew http://erebiminiatures.blogspot.cz/p/malifaux-pandora.html
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