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    Plans this month went somewhat awry when work called...then called again...then called again....no free time cut in massively to my plans for this month's Shikome...but here in th meantime for 7SS is Izamu - no longer lurking half made in the corner of a box but fully Ressurected and ready to join last month's Goryo...apologies if the photos are a trifle large...technology very far down my list of things I understand
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    Here are my models for June. This is the Widow Weaver (8SS) and 3x Will o' Wisps (3SS x 3 = 9SS) for a total of 17SS Due to the recent earthquake in Japan and some personal reasons, these will likely be my only models for this month. It is far off of what I wanted to get done this month, but still within my pledge, so there may be a silver lining. Happy painting all!
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    18 ss for Juy - Voodoo Doll and Lilith (15ss for masters as far as I remember) More pics on my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/06/voodoo-doll.html http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/06/my-take-on-lilith.html
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    New to Malifaux, looking for some pointers on ways to improve my painting. Cheers
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    McCabe will be shocked when his horse splits in half and runs in two separate directions.
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    Soooo sorry for being late ! Here is my production for the month of june, I hope you'll like it Brewmaster : 15 Fingers : 10 Moon shinobi *2 : 10 Apprentice Wesley : 4 Fermented river monks x2 : 10 Akaaname x3 : 12 Crime boss : 8 Mindless Zombie : 2 Monk of low river : 4 Tanuki (wanted to show it at Testosterone (you'll see why ), but I had already showed it here...) : 5 Tavern from Tabletop World : 5 For a total of : 85
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    Caedrus, reporting in. @Franchute: I report 12SS of painting this month. Well, it's been a month of not getting much done, so my four Guild Hounds are it for this month. I did manage to get the airbrush out, for some preparatory work for July - jump over to that thread if you're so inclined. So many lovely models! @Phinn - a pity you won't be involved, that's a delightful Miss Ery! Please post her when she's done! Caedrus, out.
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    Remembering that this player already has Sonnia, Lucius & Hoffman. So the choice of next Master is between McCabe or Nellie. So though Lucius is cool he already has this master hence why we are suggesting adding Nellie’s crew box to the mix.
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    I am rather skilled at building models and often get roped into help build or put right models, that said this box is still daunting. I could easily sell it on and make a profit, all in the box and on the sprue but that would sort of be chickening out. That said the wife said I should keep it (she is a Malifaux addict so I bet she has her eye on something and will use this a leverage to get it).
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    Desperate times call for desperate measures. Only memes can help us, brothers.
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    Better pictures of Bishop, as promised: and some updated shots of my TTB model from last month (with improved pants):
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    Unfortunately I will not be able to finish Miss Ery today. I like the model very much and would like to do it justice I would say that I am at 65 % at the moment. Here is a WIP picture (this part is the least painted one): As I said, I want the patches to have children's motifs with a twist if possible. Here, as you can see, one of the ducks has tentacles instead of a beak The green patch at the top of Miss Ery's head has little hearts and one of them is anatomicaly correct (with aorta, vena cava superior etc.). The one around the eye is more simple to not steal attention away from the eye itself Two patches are still blank, but I think I have an idea for one of them already When I finish the model I will post some pictures Sadly, this is the third time I wasn't able to finish my pledge for the month, which means... this is a goodbye as well. I am looking forward to seeing your works and will continue to creep here I am also already looking forward to MPC 2019 Up until then I would like to finish the models that are unpainted/half-painted and when MPC 2019 comes I would like to purchase a Crew Box and work on that If it is going to be another Neverborn master or a master from a new faction I do not know yet. Those are my plans at the moment
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    Lucius is a great master now but you will need to take a look at his errata cards as he and his totem have changed quite a bit. Still think Nellie is a stronger box to start out with though.
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    Just got my hands on the box last night due to the fact that its owner could not face the prospect of building it. Guess it is my problem now LoL.
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    I would recommend Nellie over McCabe purely on due to Phiona and Reporters are darn handy models to have. That said McCabe is rather fun to play and though the other models in his box are not the best they are still fun to through on the table.
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    I did it. I managed to finish a necropunk (5 ss) before leaving for my trip: I'll thus finish the month at 29ss.
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    Happy Monday Wyrdos! We have an awesome new Monday Preview for you showing off the Undercover Agents. What are they here for? What is their purpose? Time for more speculation!
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    Hey everyone! I've finished tabulating the final results of the Obsidian Gate worldwide event! All in all, we had pretty even representation in the event, with the Guild performing very well despite only having a single character. This is most likely a combination of Karlheinz being a sniper (snipers are cool) and a member of a readily identifiable Malifaux faction. In the end, though, the King's Empire claimed victory, much of it on the shoulders of Dr. John Watson, who was a huge hit among players and among one of the most popular characters in the event (followed by a Zesiro Selassia, Abel Negasi, Nakazawa Sadao, and Karlheinz Benewitz, all of whom were more or less tied in playtime). As a result, the King's Empire will be receiving a new adjunct in the form of Dr. John Watson! Thanks to everyone who played in the adventure! We hope that you enjoyed your games as well as a glimpse at what we've got coming up for The Other Side.
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    In adition to tony, i post last week, the captain (can't post it before i used it for Testosterone painting chalenge ^^) So iron side 155SS + Captain 9SS = 24SS for june ^^
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    Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 36 is now live! Break on through to The Other Side. Comparing Malifaux & The Other Side: An in-depth look at the differences and similarities in our two miniatures games! Storming Into the Breach – Starting the Other Side: Interested in The Other Side but don’t know which Allegiance to pick or what you want in your Company? Let’s give you a hand. Little Star: A mother and daughter down on their luck as a mysterious light appears over London. Painted Model Gallery: A close-up look of some of The Other Side’s fully painted models. The Other Side – Battle Report: The Cult of the Burning Man and the King’s Empire duke it out in a play-by-play breakdown of The Other Side. Lost at Sea – The Other Side Scenario: An Abyssinian destroyer gets bombarded by an unknown enemy. Can you survive the Hordes? You can find the latest issue of Chronicles for the low cost of FREE on DriveThruRPG!
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    All very true, I was thinking about the models with the Reporters & Phiona being good models regardless of master. I sort of find Dashel rather lacking (maybe I just need more Guild Guard) and cannot fine a place for him in my lists.
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    I am with Becky you should build and paint it, it will look awesome after you have done it just look at the Dark Caravel .
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    Well I was not thinking tournament lists but something you drop on the table on a game night to mess with people. Though it is hard to disagree with everything you said. I am however going to look into that Terracotta/Thralls combination (why not give people another reason to hate me LoL).
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    Here are the images of my 155ss from this month... Hopefully this works??? Wow that's a painful way to get images uploaded. Will goo and put these in my painting blog now in case this doesn't work