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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo decided to show his appreciation for us by getting a meat lover’s pizza for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, some of us are either vegan, lactose intolerant, or can’t eat gluten, so he essentially bought an extra-large pizza for himself. At least it’s better than the last time he offered us lunch - nobody was interested in the leftover platter of fried shrimp tails (well, mostly nobody). So while Waldo is polishing off the last few slices, we thought it would be a good time to reveal a Squad in The Other Side’s upcoming Starter Box, the Guild’s Gatling Gunners! While the proverbial and omnipresent grip of the Guild is starting to show some cracks on Earth, the strength of their Gatling Gunners might obfuscate that truth. Whether you bring the Guild as a One Commander Company or use them as a Syndicate to complement another Allegiance in a Two Commander game, these gunmen will make sure your opponents will think twice before making a move in their line of sight. This unit is the definition of a gunline – and it’s a formidable one at that. These Guild soldiers can intimidate the enemy just by looking at the bullet casings blanketing their sandbags. There’s a pretty good chance they came from their Hail of Bullets Ability; the Gatling Gunners aren’t likely to move a lot during a game. When they focus their shots, they'll gain some extra oomph, hitting harder than they already do. The Gatling Gunners will be packaged with other Guild models, as well as Court of Two models, in the upcoming Starter Box for The Other Side. They will also be made available separately so you can add more to your Company. But wait! There’s more content for The Other Side to cover. Over the last few months, we took another look at the balance of the game and have made some adjustments. The August 2019 Errata and FAQ are now live on our website. You can find this information on the Resources section of The Other Side’s site. Here is a quick list of the models that are being adjusted: Kassa Okoye: While she’s still one of our favorite Commanders to put on the table, as it turns out, she might have been over-performing a bit, particularly with generating resources. We toned that down a bit while also made some of her Actions a little clearer in how they were originally meant to work. Kassa will still see plenty of play on the table now, but she won’t be filling up a player’s hand with a near-endless amount of cards by punching her own robots. Mechanized Infantry: We adjusted the Mechanized Infantry slightly because their AVs were stacking with each attack into unruly numbers without any drop-off, making them difficult to play against. While the feeling is still there, now they are only helping out their Fireteams when they go against the same target. Margaret Belle: This nimble spymaster once traversed the battlefield too easily with very little risk (and a whole lot of reward). Her Shadow Magic Ability has been adjusted a hair; while she can still move around the table considerably easier than most, players will now need to think twice about utilizing her resources to get where she needs to be. Artillery Team: Unfortunately, these cannoneers didn’t see a lot of play, so we gave them a little more firepower and a new meaningful Trigger on their Heavy Howitzer that impacts the game, even if they miss their shot. Now we believe that they are a worthwhile choice in just about any Garrison. Immolated Rhino: Some people (namely our playerbase) appear to be allergic to Cinnamon, so we addressed those allergies by making this escaped animal slightly less ferocious on the battlefield. While they’re still difficult to take down and can dish out plenty of damage, they’re much more manageable for the opponent this time around. The Frenzy: With the previous iteration (and the Relics of Ancient Malifaux Asset), the Frenzy acted more like underwater clerics than predators with jagged teeth and sharp claws. Now, along with their updated Shark Tooth Necklaces Asset, they are encouraged to follow the hyper-aggressive role that they were originally intended to fill. Devouring Eel: This pesky, hungry fish was a little too difficult to take out of commission thanks to its Regeneration Ability, so we toned that down a tad so it is more manageable for the opponent while still being a terrifying presence on the board. Gibbering Hordes (as a whole): Overall, we saw that this Allegiance was underperforming competitively and thanks to some funky wording, made the opponent gain points for just doing what they wanted to do (and have a nice meal). Expect to see the Hordes continuously come back into the battlefield as originally intended now, all the while still getting a quick snack to flip to Glory. In addition to these adjustments, we also added more questions to the FAQ and fixed some issues with some Stratagems and Assets, as well. To see a full list of changes (which includes all of the updates to the FAQ and Errata), head here, head to the TOS Resources section, or download below. TOS_ErrataCard_PDFs.zip You can also find all of The Other Side’s Errata cards (including those adjustments made in January) on WargameVault right now! That’s it from us. Next week, we’ll be talking more upcoming units for The Other Side!
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    Here's my August submission: The obedient Wretch (5 SS) and 2 Rat catchers (6 SS each) for a total of 17 SS The winged plague will have to wait... 😓
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    Keeping chugging away at lucius' crew with a lawyer + dopple I also did a quick Joss for a friend
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    Last weekend I managed to take my Arcanists first at a local event charity event in aid of the British Heart Foundation, run by TO @balgor. Really fun event, well run and with great opponents. Thought I'd share the games a few thoughts on them. Happy to answer questions, and really interested in feedback on the format; Is this clear / useful? Round 1 – Corner Idols Vendetta, Claim Jump, Take Prisoner, Search the Ruins, Power Ritual. My crew: Sandeep, Banasuva, Kandara, Fire Gamin x 2, Wind Gamin, Carlos Vasquez, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+Magical Training), and Soulstone Miner, cache 3. Carl’s crew: Kirai, Ikiryo, Datsue Ba, Jaakuna Ubume, Lost Love, 2x Shikome (+ Grave Spirits Touch), 2x Seishin, cache 6. Game overview: Banasuva tossed Wind Gamin and Swarm out right to the first marker (8” from the right corner) then followed on foot. Everyone else broke left to cover the left ready for the second marker. Swarm and Wind Gamin, backed up by a summoned Wind Gamin were able to tie up Ikiryo without killing her, keeping the marker on the enemy side and grabbing the first Power Ritual point. Summoned fire golem went toe to toe with Kirai’s summoned Goryos while Carlos did both Search the Ruins VP. Another summoned Wind Gamin took the second Idol on the left corner. Shikome managed one search VP against me and one Power Ritual point. Event started late so a compressed round one ended turn three at 5-2 to me. Over five turns the game would probably slightly favour me form this point. Key moment: Swarm and Wind Gamin neutralising Ikiryo without killing it, so denying Kirai's ability to recycle it efficiently. Tactical Observations: Not having MT on the miner is well worth it when you can leverage the other abilities on the upgrade as well. Such as making the swarm less vulnerable. Round 2 – Wedge Reckoning Claim Jump, Hold Up Their Forces, Outflank, Harness the Ley Line, Detonate Charges. My crew: Kaeris (+Magical Training), Eternal Flame, Fire Golem, Amina Naidu, Iggy, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+Diesel Engine), Soulstone Miner (+Magical Training), cache 4. Mike’s Crew: Nekima, Blood Hunter, Hooded Rider, 2x Mature Nephilim (+ Eldrich Magic), 2x Bloodwetch, cache 5. Game overview: My crew turtled in Iggy and Amina’s auras, while sniping out with Kaeris and forcing opponent to come to me inefficiently. Very lucky on damage flips (hitting severe on at least four single negative flips, and an RJ on turn one with blasts attached). This let me get up one point on reckoning, while scoring both outflank (denying his) and a detonate. Also got to deny a point on Lay Line through my crew's scheme marker removal. Win 5-3. Key Moment: Swarm using it's other mask trigger to move a Mature off the Outflank position while scoring it itself for a 2VP swing. Tactical Observations: Amina continues to pays dividends as a tech choice against crews who need to charge you (see also Ulix) while providing a tool box of other stuff. Strong tech choices are a must in M3e IMHO. Round 3 – Flank Turf War Assassinate, Dig their Graves, Breakthrough, Deliver the Message, Vendetta. My Crew: Kaeris, Eternal Flame, Fire Golem, Carlos, The Firestarter, Iggy, Steam Arachnid Swarm, Soulstone Miner (+ Magical Training), cache 3. Radek’s Crew: Hamelin (+Servant of dark powers) 3x Stolen, Nix, Rusty Alice, The Midnight Stalker, Prospector, Prospector, Obedient Wretch, cache 5. Game overview: Board was dense enough that pyres could really interfere with my opponent’s movement. Was able to pressure Hamelin with burning early to keep my opponent off balance. Lack of speed on his side showed as my crew held up well to his attacks. I avoided taking breakthrough due to the prospectors and so was able to strand a high portion of my opponents points unable to effectively contribute. Scored full the Deliver Message and Vendetta (Miner on the Stalker), while denying my opponent’s second breakthrough point and all of their Vendetta (Nix on Golem). This combined with my speed and board control got me a point ahead on Turf War. Win 6-2. Key Moment: In turn two Kaeris was lured into Hamelin and hit with six blighted to set up a kill on her. The Firestarter was able to use Light Under Their Feet to push her 8" to safety. Tactical Observation: I expect I got ahead on scheme selection here, not having to run deep into my opponent’s lines made everything else more efficient. Definitely need to think twice about breakthrough and/or search when your opponent rocks prospectors.
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    Here is a little Agent 46 Paint action..
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    Hi All, I've updated the spreadsheet, here. Apologies for the delay, and please do let me know if I have made any errors! Thanks!
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    We don't have an ETA on an FAQ, but we are actively collecting data from the rules questions that pop up on here. There will be an FAQ, but we want to make sure it covers as many bases as it needs. I would not expect one immediately, but please do keep bringing up concerns about wording and clarifications. Sorry I can't give you a more narrow timetable at this time.
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    I mean, it starts out fairly innocuous. "I'm gonna get all of Guild (only 3 masters at the time and a few 'versatile'), and one Master of each of the other factions. Seamus, Ramos and Lilith." *sniff* "But Nurses are pretty good, and it's not THAT much more to get the McMourning box." *rubs nose* "Well, Molly's out now, and she fits in with Seamus, but she can do something more with Punk Zombies, and well, with the Undertaker box that'd finish the faction for me." *sniffs again* "Well, now I have Nico, what other Undead are out there I can summon?" *notices you staring at him disapprovingly* I CAN STOP ANY TIME I WANT!
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    Finished a couple more models. This time it's 2 investigators! I may actually finish Lucius' models this month as all I have left is a proxy for the time wizard Alan Reid and maybe a proxy false witness.
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    It might be a little unorthodox but I grabbed a generic house cat looking model from another range and have decided it will be the 'copyCAT killer'. I think it fits the theme of Miss Feasance decently well and will look kinda cool
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    Thanks all for the tips! Got a HH tommorow! Will let you all know how it goes!
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    Hi there! My pledge for September will be a quite ambitious one, as I'm moving from Casse's crew to Lady J for the UK Nationals. Here are the models: * Bernadette Casse: 2 SS (didn't like the idea of having him without his totem) * Lady J: 15 SS * Scales of justice: 2 SS * The judge: 10 * The jury; 8 * The lone marshall: 9 * Death Marshall x 2: 10 SS (5SS each) for a total of 56 SS... I'll leave the death marshalls for the end as they are the cheapest models besides the totem.
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    The LoS issues with Pandora are definitely a bit of a PITA, but you can definitely play around it. IMO positioning is way more important for her than many of the other NB masters; you have to be on your game to make sure she's not only safe but able to inflict maximum woe on your opponent (pun intended). She is definitely a control master and has always been, but against crews that bring heavy damage or lots of beaters, she and her crew are capable of inflicting a ton of damage. Candy's trigger to place in B2B with a model she attacks with Self Loathing has won me a couple games. Her ability to get up in their business early and stick around thanks to being able to stone and her built-in defensive trigger makes her way more tanky than you'd think. Once she's in there eating up AP (and cards), the rest of Pandora's crew can put the distraction to great use. I think using the Poltergeist to great effect is an art. Anyone who has played against Woe knows its a priority target and keeping it alive long enough to really affect the game is often a challenge. Positioning is also key with the geist, and I've used pushes and Lures to help him get into the right places at the right time.
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    My order just teleported from pre-shipment in GA to out for delivery in WA overnight. USPS may not have the best tracking but their research into wormhole travel is second to none.
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    Fabulous Friday Breachers! This week we continue our tour of Malifaux, specifically within Malifaux City. There was a prevailing theme to most of the answers for last week’s mail call, so let’s take a look at @The13Fates' answer for an idea on our next stop on the Malifaux Grand Tour! See the rest of the comment, and everyone else's here! The Quarantine Zone was established years before the Piper’s Plague, but the disease left in the wake of the Tyrant Plague’s awakening has imparted a lasting fear of any sickness and some good folk flee to the zone rather than take a bullet from the Guild. As a result, Resurrectionists, miscreants, and normally law abiding yet sick individuals and their families try to eke out a life within the makeshift neighborhoods of the Quarantine Zone. Each district can add a great deal of character to your campaign. Starting in the North most region of the zone, we have Powderburg, an open, dusty expanse of the city that was, until recently, home to Leopold Von Schill’s Freikorps. Powderburg is great for any adventure where you want to drive home how the ever changing political landscape of Malifaux impacts the day-to-day lives of its residents. With the Freikorps gone, surely some other powers want to stake a claim on Powderburg. Will your Fated Help them or hinder them? Moving on, our next stop is Strangerskeep, which is arguable the most haunted district with its looming spires and decrepit mansions. Quiet, haunting, and likely very lonely, Strangerskeep is a great place for Fatemasters to send their Fated on a hunt for some treasure rumored to be in one of the manors of the district. Rumor has it the area’s been getting eerily cold as of late, I wonder why that is? The Barrows is the safest district in the Quarantine Zone, and the residents are ruled over by Alexander Barrows and his wife Daphne. The Barrows is filled with architecture that are associated with all the Resurrectionist stereotypes and these stereotypes exist for good reason, as a large number of established and budding necromancers make this district their home. Use The Barrows in your campaign to show the haughty and refined side of the Quarantine Zone, or as a way for Resurrectionst Fated to mingle among their own kind! Just make sure you’re polite to the gentleman and lady of the district! Scapetown is an opportunist’s paradise, and as a result, it’s one of the most active districts in the Quarantine Zone! Perhaps this lively community is where your Fated make their homes or visit friends. Directly opposite from Scapetown is the deserted and putrid Gremlin’s Warf, where the Guild’s attempts at destroying the disease-ridden insect population has made the waters within the district toxic. Entrance into the Southern part of the zone is easy, so this dangerous area can be an in for Fated who don’t have any other means of entry. There is a great deal more to the Quarantine Zone than I’ve covered here but our Malifaux Grand Tour has a strict timetable to keep! For more exploration, Under Quarantine is a great resource for more information, and if you want a pre-made adventure within the zone, A Night in Rottenburg is a wonderful way to get your Fated in the middle of the dangers the Cold Street district has to offer. This Week's Mail call question is "What is your favorite aspect of the Quarantine Zone and why?"
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    My usual start with Mah is to deploy into a giant bubble and Horrible Holler three times to Pulse three Focus to most of the force. I use SS to make sure this happens if needed. Roosters are obviously the craziest. They are just completely bonkers. Mech Pork has good synergy with them as it can help them turn Frantic. Both benefit massively from Mah's Focus. Pumped full of Focus they are death incarnate and can kill almost anything (except for Yan Lo - I poured about fifty damage into Yan in three turns but that thing is unkillable unless you can ignore Demise abilities). Survivors are quite durable and versatile and can be very good for Schemes which require presence somewhere. Big Brain Brin is amazing. Trixie isn't bad but BBB kinda overshadows her and taking both seems like too much support. Sparks isn't bad but a bit situational. Analyze Weakness is sweet but puts a massive target on his head. SS Miners are absolutely crazy good. Durable, deadly (with the abundance of Focus), and superb Schemers for many situations. Plus, they produce Soul Stones. Bushwhackers aren't bad but don't take too many. I've always been happy with one, though.
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    I made quite a good progress at the beginning of the month, but then took a 2-week break. The weather forecast is not very good, so I hope to finish Merriss in the next few days. I decided for a non-green skin tone to bring a bit of variety to my kin crew. No idea how I'll paint the rocket yet.
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    Hey guys just wanted to plug our new Facebook and Youtube Channel: The Bayou Beatdown! This is gonna be a weekly show where we discuss Malifaux, the Bayou and how much Coffee you can give a Rooster before its heart explodes. Tune in Wednesdays nights at 9PM EST to check it out. If you missed it last night our first show had some tech difficulties and we had to struggle a bit but once we got rolling it was a great show. https://www.facebook.com/Bayou-Breakdown-103110694415700/
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    The more I play this game, the more I worry about the 'pay-to-win' problem. It seems like the more models you own, the better your chances in a tournament. True, you have to actually be proficient in all the models you play, but many of us in my area play 1-2 times a week. Plenty of time to get proficient with dozens of models (or even a hundred). I'm especially concerned as it feels like it is going to be very difficult to recruit new players. How is a new player going to feel when they own a single crew and face me with access to Dreamer, Zoraida, Nekima, Titania, and a bunch of counter pick models? If I'm able to have such a huge variety of choice, it feels pretty shit for new players, especially if I have counter pick leaders or models for their one crew. Don't get me wrong, I love Malifaux's diversity and options. I love the out of keyword and versatile systems. The pick-counterpick pregame dance is part of what makes Malifaux great. This has to stay part of the game. But at the same time, some players having access to an entire faction and some players having action to a fraction of a single keyword just feels so unbalanced to me. It feels a bit "the one with the largest wallet wins." Anyone else feel like this/think it is an issue? One possible solution (and I'm just spitballing here) is some kind of limit. I wonder if the game could use something like Magic the Gathering's sideboard. For example, what if in a tournament you could register 125 soulstones of models (plus two free masters/totems) and they were the only ones you could use all tournament. This way, you'd still be able to fit loads of counter picking and meta choices, but it'd mean someone starting the game would have a target for competitive play: 125 soulstones. It'd also be nice for those of us who want to play multiple factions, and could get 125 stones for a few different factions. This would also create some interesting choices (can I really fit this model in just because it smashes a master I hate? Yes, if I hate it enough!) Of course, it'd still favour larger collections, as metas shift over time, but the goal would be to mitigate the impact of owning the most models. What are people's thoughts? Mostly I'm interested in whether you think whether Malifaux has a pay-to-win problem. But thoughts on this 'sideboarding' solution are welcome as well!
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    Elsewhere on this forum someone posted a thread asking about collection sizes. I think that’s the first counter example. Unless you want to post the strats/schemes, and the pools of models available to each player at the time, trying to refute your claim is just a “Uh huh” “Nuh uh” game that won’t accomplish anything. Yes, if a player has exactly enough models to make exactly one crew they’re in a bad spot. But finding three leaders that you can say “This one handles these situations, that one handles those, and that one handles the others” is a good spot to be in. During M2E, I always thought the best advice for a new player was “Pick two master boxes to start.” Because they need to be able to make choices. And I think that remains true in this edition.
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    <modhat> <tips modhat to Ludvig> <BAMF!> </modhat>
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    The game is a case of play and counter play. Putting your sniper up on a high tower when there is Vendetta in the pool is a little like screaming "I hate you I'm going to kill you". And as such a smart opponent will try and move in such a way that they don't offer up the points. what you don't know is how much the rifleman there inconvenienced your opponent, so was giving value just by being there. Sometimes you would be better not giving them the higher ground but set them in a place that they can cover an area that they expect the target to get to. Its a lot less obvious that you are gunning for them if you're not standing on a tall building. You could also change the model that you use for vendetta. If you "always " choose a rifleman and you're playing the same people, then they will know that you "always " choose vendetta and the rifleman, they will start doing counter play based on this assumption. Not picking the scheme, or picking a different set of models to complete it will sometimes be easier. I have a plan for each model, and try and deploy them to cover their main function and their secondary function. If a model is slow (most of guild) then I need to make sure that their jobs are going to be realistic based on where the model will get to. You will need to adapt based on enemy crew, if you have an armoured model that you expect to hold a play for out flank, but they have anti armour then you might need to either change the plan, or re-enforce earlier. A lot of the time you can look at a board and guess where the action is likely to be. So in cursed idols, you can expect lots of models near the center line, where as in reckoning, you are more likely to have a large group heading towards you, but in Plant explosives it is much more likely they'll split up and you'll have lots of individual models to face. Make sure you aim to get the right models to the action place at the right time. If its going to be a big ruck in the middle, then you want your forces to arrive their around the same time, and to be supported by riflemen picking off their models.
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    I agree with Adran, 2 geisha could get enough lures, you might not even need that many as your opponent is probably also moving up the board. There's 4 schemes I can think of where lures are useful specifically for you. Detonate charges- its easier to do when you can get their activated guy in the right spot Dig their graves- lure them over, plant a scheme, and hit them with 1-2 beaters Take prisoner- the perfect lure scheme, just get a guy by himself. Choosing a low cost guy for this can let even a geisha hold him down. Vendetta- get your target near, hit them with other guys to get their health low enough, then hit them with the vendetta model to score. In youko, there's other dirty things you can do with lures. Getting a model into a geisha or kabuki warriors distraction aura will let you get away with a lot of youko's and chiyo's actions. You can lure models just in range of someone with 2" reach, getting them engaged in an awkward spot. Offensively you can lure people off of scheme positioning like outflank or claim jump. For turf war, lure a model into the zone where you want to kill it.
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    The unbury can be a lovely thing. A few games ago, my opponent had snuck one model through to my backfield for breakthrough. There was nothing I could really do to stop them from getting those points. So instead I went with it and started unburying everything of theirs I could, 3 other models I believe, in my deployment, away from any real effect on the rest of the game.
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    After making a fair hash of the M3e release I was hoping wyrd wouldn't slip into their old release schedule habits, but sadly ......
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    Money sent. Time to learn M3e the hard way 😁
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    Ended up using First Mate, Iron Skeeter, Gracie, Gator Gracie used ride with me to give the first mate a bump of extra speed turn one which realy gave me a lot of options. Won all 3 games and placed 1st overall! Thanks for all the tips and tricks!
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    The very definition of Climbable terrain in the Rulebook (p37) doesn't allow to walk through it:
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    I'd say if that's a risk to have one of your Vent Steam users make sure it's put up for the mass Concealment (or have someone with Diesel Engine), but even that's not going to totally protect you. It's part of why I always deploy in two separate groups, so if one gets wrecked they can hop over to the other side out of harm's way.
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    @Caedrus 40ss total for August Sidir (9) + Sun Quiang (7) + pair of Komainu (12) + pair of Mecharachnids (12). As for September, I've got an unfinished Order Initiate I didn't get done last month. Few half finished poorly built Saboteurs I want to get done for my arcs. That's a start. Few non-Wyrd commissions I really need to get out of the queue. And I'm kind of feeling like painting something that isn't a rushjob for my arcs. No idea yet if that'll be Wyrd gaming piece or just something for the display. Busy busy @Wintergloom starting out strong👍
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    Wow, that's amazing, I thought there were some terrain requirements for those 100, but I'll happily accept it, and hopefully I'll get to actually paint some models in September! I know! Surely, it can't be that my opponent played a better game?! 😝 Maybe playing more games is enough to break the curse.
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    I'd be careful of taking Dreamer in a Pandora crew. He is super card/stone hungry, and you will feel his two summon limit. His minions also feel lacklustre when you're not using their synergies.
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    I think a lot of people are missing the point I'm making. I'm aware she has supernatural senses and can move around without "seeing" she doesn't need vision etc. The necromancy gives her vision and special sight. She's still physically blind though, her actual eyes she was born with do not function like yours or mine because she is blind. What I want to know though is. What caused her eyes in her head that is attached to her brain to not work. I dont want to know that she can actually see, I dont want to know, she has supernatural echolocation. Did she get stabbed in the eyes in a fight, was she born blind, did she trip and land on a stick, someone throw acid on her as a young child cause she was pretty and they were a jealous step mum? (Also if it sounds rude or snarky it's not, just 0 context of voice over internetand I can't figure a better way to write this at 3am. Baby won't sleep)
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    I suppose it implies Seamus getting a RJ on dmg flip against an unactivated T1 Dead Rider without Fate Tokens. You know, that easy counter everyone can use...
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    Nah, my executioners like her to bits.
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    Thank you so much for the update! I (and some other I suspect) have been champing at the bit to get my order, but I know y'all are a small team working 4x10s. Just as my patience was giving way to worry, wondering if my order really went through, whether there were delays in production, fear that my order was on a truck broke down somewhere on I-85, you guys reach out and give us an honest breakdown of what's happening. I cannot express how much I appreciate that you do your best to keep us in the loop and let us know what's going on. Please pass my (our?) appreciate on through the rest of the team and keep in mind that our desire for the product and the significantly increased amount of orders is a testament to all you've done in making Malifaux in general, M3E in particular, and especially Nightmare Molly so exciting and desirable.
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    Concerning summoning, I have rather good experiences with Dashel: I like to take him, when there lots of schemes with scheme markers in the pool. (Search the ruins, breakthrough, power ritual, detonate charges and so on) And even not, in most games I managed to summon about 1-2 Executioners and 1-2 Mounted Guards. Until now, I build his crew around his keyword: Dashel and Queeg, both with LLC, Guild Steward, 2x Rifleman, Sergeant and a Guild Hound. First turn, Guild hound moves up to 10" (6 MV +1 from Sergeant + 3" push by Queeg) and drops a scheme marker. Guild Steward hands out focus, tries one time Dispel Magic with to hand out another focus and walks up to the dog to be within 6" to the scheme marker. Totem walks up the scheme marker and takes his tactical action to switch the scheme marker to enemy. Then Steward may draw a card. Hope to have 12 or 13 in my hand, Dashel can walk once or twice, and then summon an Executioner or Mounted guard. Focused Rifleman push 3", walk once, concentrate as a bonus action and shoot double focused (one for range, one for focus) on a nice target in LOS, hopefully killing a model. Sergeant and Queeg just move to keep up with the rest of the crew, maybe concentrate once. That's a nice first round with this crew and try to do the same on turn 2. Because I have 10SS with me, I can spend one for cards and one for the ram for summoning, if I don't have a high card with ram in my hand. From turn 3 on, the dog can serve as a fast scheme runner or just to tangle an enemy down for one round. Then, the enemy is within range so I can use "Drop It" on the Rifleman, Sergeant and Queeg (if necessary, spend a SS for the tome trigger). The Steward hands out focus and heals your key models or removes a condition. From my point of view(and in my local meta), I experienced Dashel's keyword as being very allround and flexible, because he has nearly(!) everything in his keyword you mostly need on the table: ruthless, fast scheme runners, (focused) Heavy Hitter or range attack, scheme marker removal, anti-armor, pushes for friendly models and with the Steward, condition removal and healing abilities. I like him a lot...😁
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    1 - correct. 2 - you absolutely can squeal out of melee. The only restriction on leaving melee is on the walk action.
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    This is a good question... Move towards is defined by moving something towards the center of that object... so it's either until the edge of your model is touching the center of the marker (if it's meassured from edge to center) or until the model is on top ot it (if it's meassured from center to center) It's not 100% defined so I'm not sure which is the right answer...
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    I know little about Sommer, but he is a summoner; so he will probably want to play supporting in the back... to make that work she would have to go too deep imo, she isn't that tough. Plus some of the draw from that crew is from insignificant dying, which is harder to take advantage of with her. I don't think it's worth it, but I don't have experience versus him; so I might be wrong here... If you want to take advantage of his hand I'd go for the Emissary, cheat for the trigger of Profecies and refill your own hand, another option would be the Charm Wader with his ignore demise (so no cards when they die), plus the exorcism trigger might be gold. Minako also draws 1 card when you have less with her bonus action Another option is investing in more shockwaves and area damage, they need to stay near to keep the bonuses; again the Emissary is a good pick... even the dawn serpent could be great, it's quite fast, has a dobule blast attack and his bonus will heal a ton versus that crew. A wanyudo would probably work well versus him, either hired or summoned by Minako. Any of the machineguns could be good too (Samurai/Fuhatsu/Sidir). Or even fight the fire with fire, second master Asami, summon an Obsidian Oni and send him with his aura active in the middle of his crew (Asami + Amanjaku + Minako could be dirty :P) Some of these options rely on burning, you could even pick 2 of these plus an obsidian statue XDD. IDK, you have a lot of options OOK versus that playstyle.
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    And here I am to bring in the work week with the results of our rematch!!! As a reminder: The Scenario Reckoning- Standard Deployment Take Prisoner Breakthrough Detonate Charges Outflank Hold Up Their Forces My Crew (3) Hamelin- SoDP 3X Stolen (2) Nix (1) The Nothing Beast- SoDP (1) Rat Catcher- S4H 6X Malifaux Rats Cache 8 My Wife's Crew (3) Mei Feng (1) Forgeling (1) Metal Golem (1) Sparks- Trained Ninja (1) Sun Quaing (1) Jorogumo (1) Metal Gamin Cache 7 Results This will just be a brief summary of the game that took place rather than a Turn by Turn summary as the others will be. It wasn't the most exciting to write about. I took Take Prisoner (SQ) and Outflank. She took Breakthrough and Outflank. Her crew divided into 3 groups (1 on each Flank, 1 in the middle). I deployed all of my crew midfield. This game took very long as cautious Walk-Concentrating took up the majority of the Activations from our models. The turning point of the game really came down to 1 Activation on the bottom Turn 2 where Hamelin was trying to Bleeding Disease a 7 Wound, 8 Blight, Jorogumo. Both my Wife and I misplayed Cheating Fate here. I had a hand of 13,13,12,10 and she had a hand of 13,12. I was lower on the initial flip for my first Bleeding Disease and cheated a 12 and she cheated her 13. On the next Bleeding Disease I again had the lower value, so I cheated the 13 and killed the spider. Instead of trying to bait out her high card I should have just bullied my way through both flips with my 13s as the Jorogumo was my biggest threat. Had she not also misplayed her hand, her Jorogumo could have lived and the game could have gone A LOT differently. With the spider gone I was free to start picking apart her crew. Hamelin activated first on Turn 3 and lured Mei Feng over to hit her with his Staff and killed the Metal Gamin. Mei Feng got angry and killed 4 Rats and my last 2 Stolen (the Jorogumo killed 1 before he died). This left Mei Feng at Blight 9 and Injured 5, so I could Bleeding Disease her easily to set up the kill for Turn 4. After her actiavation I formed a Rat King who killed her Forgeling. With only 4 models left, one of which was her Master almost guaranteed to die, my Wife conceded. All I had lost were my 3 Stolen and 7 Rats. Game would have likely ended 8-1. I would normally post my Takeaways now but time constraints prevent me from doing so. I will do so later this week. Hope you enjoyed reading. Shalom.
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    157 pages. Stories are the first 65 pages.
  44. 1 point
    They’ve got their own individual bullet points and bold headings. That’s about as much as they can put in the text to demark the distinct effects. And, no, you can’t turn “a soulstone” into “two soulstones” to draw multiple cards.
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    I usually use knights as ritual holders. They're resilient enough to still be around when you need them to complete the ritual, and good beaters on they're own so you can still keep pressure on the opponent. As a bonus you can replace one with mold of the other.
  46. 1 point
    He gets it with the upgrade that he also mentions 😉
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    After I discovered the M2e base change (too late for a few models unfortunately) I chucked the rest of them into a box, ordered the classic D&G bases in massive quantities, and never looked back. Give me the classic design any day. BTW, that "before Malifaux" base looks bigger than 30mm, how big is it actually and what were those used for? RPG minis?
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    I can't think of any Stat 8 attacks this edition for anyone. I can't think of any stat 7naturally
  49. 1 point
    That's fair. I should use my expendible grunts like the filthy dogs they are.
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    I agree there are different concerns between an RPG and a miniature game, but I'm not convinced that the differences are necessarily intentional. TTB had Malifaux as a starting point, but I suspect their systems develop more-or-less independently. Divergences that crop up are likely a result of their separate progression, rather than a clear "this is how it works in a skirmish game, here's how we'd want it in an RPG." I'm in favor of harmonized rules, insofar as it can meet TTB's goals, because it makes it simpler for people who play both, and it might help pull people from one to the other a bit more. Not that I think anyone has ever said they won't try TTB (or M3E) because they have some differences, but anything that makes it easier to play the games is good, imo.
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