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    33 soulstones + 21 more for three Order Initiates brings me a total of 54 ss for October
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    Caedrus, reporting in! I knew this month was going to be a big one. So many life pressures stopping me from putting pigment to plastic! However, I found the time to get this one model done, at least. And hey, who knows? I might find some more time in the next week. Like many of you, I have a stealth project underway... For the moment, though, here's 9SS of Toshiro, the Japanese Undead Pirate. Yar! I had quite a bit of fun with this model. He's my colour / basing / thematic testbed for an upcoming Brine and Bones experiment. So, a slightly more cutlass-ey sword, a piratey bandanna, and a harpoon through the chest completes the model. I went with a fresher-undead look for this guy, rather than the hard-core rotting effects. Most of all, I had fun playing around with a little bit of freehand. It could have been neater, but I'm honestly pleased with the results. Have a great rest of October, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've all done, because what I've seen so far this month ( @Wintergloom, @PetitDalek, @Viruk) is jaw-dropping! Caedrus.
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    Claiming a Freikorps Engineer for 6SS Nothin' fancy, just painted it like my other one 😁 Those Scale 75 metallics make it hard to get decent pictures without the full fancy camera setup - they're so shiny!
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    Hey Wyrdos, After a long day of being at the Harvest Festival, we made the mistake of suggesting that we carve Jack-o-Lanterns to Waldo. Rather than ask us what the term meant, he decided to take the initiative by running around town and stealing lamps and lightbulbs from our neighbors. By the end of it, the beaming expression on his face was the only thing that reminded us of what we were supposed to be doing with the pumpkins in the first place. So while we walk around in the dark and profusely apologize to those around us, let’s take a look at this Halloween’s special Operation for the Other Side: Carving Day! The Carver has decided that Malifaux is too small a world for him to celebrate and has taken the light jaunt through the Breach to spread his love of the season (with blood, mayhem, and terror, of course). When playing Carving Day, we’re introducing a Neutral rule to the game, where Carver plays both sides of the battle. Each player will have the opportunity to take control of the Carver, sending his pumpkin spice-laden shears into their opponents at their whim. But be warned! The Carver has a fickle sense of justice, and can turn his back on those who befriended him in order to spread his special brand of celebration (bloodshed) far and wide. For those who are looking to try out the Carver and his Carving Day Operation, you can find all of the rules in this downloadable PDF, or by taking a look at the rules and the Carver’s card above. Before we go, though, the Carver wants to remind you that there is still time to submit your entry for the Rotten Harvest painting competition. If you don’t have a Carver yet, what better way is there to get your hands on one than by winning Wyrd store credit?
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo thought he’d give us a hand with rearranging the office. Because it was his first time with setting up a room, we gave him some suggestions. Before we were able to explain that what we said were just guidelines and not absolutes, he threw 40% of the desks to the side and burned the rest of the furniture to ash. So while we try to figure out how to get all of our employees to work off a single computer, let’s take a look at the latest news in the world of Malifaux! If you found yourself enjoying the Malifaux Crew Builder mobile app but wished you had a similar resource to tinker and theorycraft with on your home PC, then this week’s announcement is for you. We are happy to announce that the Malifaux Crew Builder app that you have enjoyed is now available in a web version. As long as you have an internet connection, you can have access to all of the fantastic features available in the mobile version. View stat cards, build Crews, and track games with the click of a mouse button. Sign in with the same account that you used on the mobile version to gain access to your previously built Crews, favorited models, and more. The web app is a great alternative for those who don’t have a mobile device or prefer to track gameplay on their laptop. Building that crazy Crew list that you’ve been meaning to test out at your next game has never been easier. You can visit the Malifaux Crew Builder web app by clicking this link. Make sure to bookmark it! If you forget, don’t worry about it; you’ll always be able to find the link in Malifaux’s resource section. We can’t wait to see those wild ideas hit the table! Speaking of hitting the table… we found a strange envelope on the design room’s testing table the other day and couldn’t make much sense of it ourselves. There was no return address or stamp - only the trademarked word: “Soon.” The whole thing smelled like damp moss, old blood, and burnt oil. In it, there was only a compass and a piece of parchment paper. Maybe you could all help us out and figure out what it means. That’s it from us. We’re going to run some tests on the envelope to see if we can figure out where it came from. Actually, there is one last thing! Make sure to vote for your favorite painted model in the Rotten Harvest contest! You can find the poll and gallery here.
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    Bitch, please. It is always throne time. —Avatar Nicodem
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    Faction books have been release. Core rulebook has been printed, along with other stuff, and is currently on the water.
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    Hello All! So, with two months (and two beastmen) left in my odyssey of painting, here's my October beastman. I have started my next-to-last model already, but for October, I decided to have a bit of fun. This is a painting style I call "Ebony and Ivory". For this miniature, I have chosen one base colour for each section, but I have only used two other colours for highlighting and shading: Vallejo 'Black Grey' ('Ebony'), and Vallejo 'Ivory' ('Ivory', obviously!). The idea here is that the the ebony will darken and desaturate the colours, whereas the Ivory will provide a unifying highlight colour, representing a singular source of light. Does it work? Hmm. Maybe. It looks, to me, like a call-shaded Borderlands character. If you like the look, give it a try. For me, I like a little more variation in hue, so I think I'll classify this one as "Maybe, for a special project". Have a great November, and get ready for another beastman, soon! Caedrus.
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    Yes I actually do. I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed.
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    Hello everyone. I hope you are looking forward to a great weekend's gaming and socialising. So just a few things to ensure the weekend is as good as possible. I shall be at the venue from around 2pm on Friday, so any help with set up would be appreciated as we start with an empty room. You are welcome to play games until 7:30pm. We will then be heading to the local Wetherspoons for socialising. On Saturday the venue will be open for registration from 8:00am. Please arrive promptly and we'll get you registered as quickly as we can. If you can preregister at bag-o-tools beforehand that will help. If you cannot make it or will arrive after 8:45am please let me know asap on 07905 694294 or on Messenger. We need to start promptly at 9:00am. There are no food or drink facilities on site except for a water fountain. However there is a Sainsbury's opposite the venue which has a café if you need breakfast, and obviously can provide your provisions during the day. At the end of the day we need to be off site by 8:00pm. However the site is secure and you can leave your items and car here overnight. On Saturday I look forward to seeing which characters you will come as - judging at lunch time. On Sunday morning please arrive promptly so we can again start on time. At the end of the day your help with packing & clean up is appreciated as we will only present prizes and draw charity raffle when the venue is clear. Let's have a great weekend.
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    That list was specifically to play against Nekima, loading both with power tokens turn 1 to go stomp things. I prefer to have a guardian to toss things around for scheming normally, the extra 10" of movement helps hoff and co deploy more efficiently.
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    So the Plague crew is one that likes the long game. It takes time to build up the Blight that this crew revolves around. Summoning is a thing but if you spend all your actions trying to create the M2E rat engine, I am sorry, but you are wasting actions as there is little to no benefit. Rats are more of a side effect of what this crew does. They will be on the table and you will be able to do some tricks with them, but the Plague strategy is not based around them. This crew is one that rewards forward planning. Do not try to alpha strike or score early unless the opponent made a mistake you can capitalize on. If you rush this crew, you will lose. This crew is a generalist crew, more so than any other crew in the faction other than maybe the Freikorps. Unfortunately, Hamelin has no fancy flashy gimmick that gets people going "oh that was cool." Playing the Plague crew means you care about those small details no one notices. The combination of small pushes, those extra two stacks of blight setting up the one-shot kill, the sudden suprise damage or unexpected scheme. This crew is not straight forward nor easy to master. It is taking time to learn its little nuances even for someone who has heavily played him both in M2E and M3E. Hamelin plays for the win, not for the death of an entire crew. Deployments where Hamelin shines are Corners, Flank, and Wedge. These are prove the chance for his high mobility to shine (even if unconventional). Strats are pretty flexible with Hamelin. Corrupted Idols can be a bit of challenge due to a lack of healing, but using Rat Kings and Rat Catchers, you can do rather well here. Rat Catchers can still interact when engaged giving them the ability to tie up enemies while still being able to move the markers. Reckoning can be rough if you play carelessly as even the "suicide" abilities of this crew count toward the strategy. You must play more of a shell game, possibly adding in Pride for a heavier defense. Pick your kill targets carefully and don't offer up too many free kills. Hamelin's Lure is your best friend here. Plant Explosives is probably Hamelin's best strat as he can send his vermin quite a distance. His mobility is the strength here. Turf War is another strong one as the crew is one who can actually control the center of the board rather well. Schemes that work well in Hamelin are as follows: Detonate Charges: Winged Plague make this super easy as a late activation. Outflank: Again, Winged Plague can fill this role rather well for cheap. Power Ritual: Again, Winged Plague and the ability to push them around help this a lot. Claim Jump: Nix is easy to get into the center and keep alive if you crew bubbles up correctly. Vendetta: relatively easy if you can lure in the target and use the Wretch as the Vendetta model. Just know, they will gun for her and she will be hard to fully protect adequately. Rat Catchers can be a good option too if adequately protected and possibly have Soldier for Hire. Also Plague does not have many good options for opponents to pick. Deliver a Message: Do not take it, but this is a good choice to pick the crew for as Nix can keep them from being able to do it. Schemes that I think are not so good to choose with Hamelin: Breakthrough: While the crew is mobile, it usually cannot move enough on its own fast enough to drop enough markers. It causes the crew to over extend a bit much. Take Prisoner: Plague models are too fragile to do this reliably, but using Hamelin to Lure them in "might" work, but in my experiences it is not the easiest option. Hold Up Their Forces: Again, too fragile to try and just sit next to models. But this is even harder than Take Prisoner. Overall, A very flexible crew. The overall effect is the opponent doesn't normally understand whats going on until its too late. The crew has strength in mobility, flexibility and disruption. The weaknesses are durability and having no real "beater" in the crew for explosive early game damage. Many people haven't really grasped him yet because of all the subtleties of the crew but I honestly believe Plague will have his day as 3rd edition continues to grow! Models I like to add in and reasoning: Ashes & Dust: a great flexible beater that can both scheme and kill, possibly even summon other minions! Prospector: A great addition if you are trying to defend against Breakthrough. Benny preforms a similar function but Prospectors are more cost effective. Pride: This is my go-to defensive model in all my crews and he doubles down in Plague. He can shut down cheating which can spell death for any model stuck in the blight bubble. Midnight Stalker: This is the one model than can make many "ok" schemes quite doable. Not a bad scheme runner killer either. Hodgepodge Effigy: I like this model more than the Emissary due to cost and purpose. I do not thing the Emissary adds much to the Hamelin crew but cheap targeted healing is useful. I never take the Effigy upgrade. ** As a warning, Hamelin can have a hard time into Ten Thunders due to charm warders and some very bad matchups (Shen Long). Just be warned they have many tools to cause Hamelin problems. Ok this has been my overview of the Keyword! If you have any opinions or points of discussion please share! I will also be sharing my games going forward to help explain how the crew works in practice.
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    Pg. 28: "If a Marker is Created, it is treated as Dropped, with the following additional rules described below..." Pg. 28 "When a model Drops a Marker, it is friendly to the Crew controlling the model that Dropped it."
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    Howard normally, it's quite useful to be able to toss a Joss bomb/hoffman/hunter/watcher to where you need them turns 1&2. But in killy pools where the opponent is coming in at some stage, a fast Howard using tokens to declare execute (or crit strike) adds a lot of pressure to your opponents hand and stones. Not many games require three beaters or even generate enough power tokens to make use of them.
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    @hemgath I created a form-fillable pdf character sheet from your pictures. I hope you don't mind. If you do, I will not share it anymore. At the moment, however, it can be downloaded from here.
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    Ulix is very card-hungry and at least one Bokor is a must-have option. Brin or Zoraida can make your chances even better. I build my Ulix lists to provide heavy card draw and usualy have no problems with growing one piglet into a War Pig and one into a Boar turn 1 (and summon 2-3 extra piglets to grow turn 2). Their concept is closely connected to Ulix's story from the Bayou book: they are not just "steampunked" - they carry Aethervoxes to make their squealing deadly loud!
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    Third Floor Wars were kind enough to have me and the other players who made the English GT podium on this week's show to talk about the event; Link: https://thirdfloorwars.com/malifaux-path-to-podium-english-gt/ I came second, just missing out on first by 2VP diff. Thought I'd share the lists I used and played against that weekend in case anyone was interested. Any questions please just ask. Round One: Standard, Plant Explosives Dig Their Graves, Hold Up Their Forces, Take Prisoner, Deliver a Message, Claim Jump My Aracnists: Kearis, Eternal Flame, Carlos, The Firestarter, Iggy, Fire Golem, Blessed of December, Soulstone Miner (+MT), and cache 2. Stef’s Thunders: Mai Feng, Forgeling, Metal Golem, Neil Henry, Mechanized Porkchop, Survivor, Torkage, Tanuki, and cache 8. My Schemes: Dig Graves (2), Take Prisoner - Metal Golem (1) Opponent’s Schemes: Deliver a Message (1), Take Prisoner - Fire Golem (1) Win: 5-3 Thoughts: I happened to practice this the week before vs TT Mai, my takeaway is; I don’t like Mei in explosives. Round Two: Wedge, Corrupted Idols Harness the Ley Line, Search the Ruins, Hold Up Their Forces, Assassinate, Vendetta My Aracnists; Sandeep, Banasuva, Kandara, Miss Step, Carlos, Fire Gamin, Wind Gamin, Soulstone Miner (+MT), and cache 4. Rich’s Outcasts; Zipp, Earl, First Mate, Rusty Alice, Merris, Iron Skeeter, Prospector x2, Student of Conflict, and cache 1. My Schemes; Vendetta - Miner on Skeeter (1), Hold up their forces (2) Rich’s Schemes; Search the ruins (1), Hold up their forces (2) Win; 5-4 Thoughts: Key to the game was tech-ing in Howard who could keep Zipp from causing too much trouble. Round Three: Flank, Turf War Detonate Charges, Harness the Ley Line, Search the Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Deliver a Message My Arcanists; Kaeris, Eternal Flame, Carlos, The Firestarter, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+Diesel Engine), Iggy, Wind Gamin, Soulstone Miner (+MT), and cache 4. Grant’s Ressers; Seamus (+ Whisper), Copycat Killer, Archie, Carrion Emissary, Bete Noire, Manos The Risen, Gravedigger, and cache 4. My Schemes; Search the Ruins (2), Dig their Graves (1) Grant’s Schemes; Dig Their Graves (2), Deliver a message (1) Win; 5-4. Thoughts: I'd never played against Seamus before, going forward I'd definitely look to tech in something with Take the Hit. DAY TWO Round Four; Flank, Reckoning Detonate Charges, Take Prisoner, Power Ritual, Outflank, Vendetta My Arcanists; Kaeris, Eternal Flame, Iggy, Fire Golem, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+ Diesel Engine), December Acolyte (+MT), 2x Soulstone Miner, cache 2. Matt’s Arcanists; Hoffman, Mechanical Attendant, Howard (+ SS cache), Joss (+ Diesel Engine), Warden, Medical Automation, 2x Soulstone Miner (+MT), cache 3. My Schemes; Power Ritual (1), Outflank (0) Matt’s Schemes; Power Ritual (1), Outflank (1) Win; 4-2 Thoughts: Game turned on an activation order choice. Acolyte was of limited use. Round Five; Standard - Turf War Breakthrough, Harness the Ley Line, Hold Up Their Forces, Power Ritual, Assassinate. My Arcanists: Sendeep (+MT), Banasuva, Carlos, Kandara, 2x Ice Gamin, 2x Soulstone Miner, Steam Arachnid Swarm (+ MT), and cache 1. Jamie’s Rassers; Prof. Von Schtook (+ Whisper), Research Assistant, Anna Lovelace, The Valedictorian, Sloth, 2x Undergraduate, Bone Pile, and cache 1. My Schemes; Hold Up Their Forces (1), Breakthrough (1). Jamie’s Schemes; Power Ritual (1), Breakthrough (1). Draw; 3-3 Thoughts: Ice was the right choice for flavour. Never take a Fire Golem vs Von Schtook. Round Six; Corner – Plant Explosives Breakthrough, Dig Their Graves, Outflank, Assassinate, Claim Jump My Arcanists; Sandeep, Banasuva, Kandara, Wind Gamin, Fire Gamin, Fire Gamin, Carlos Vasquez, Blessed of December, Soulstone Miner (+ MT), and cache 2. Cleezy’s Ressers; Molly Squidpiddge, Necrotic Machine, Rogue Necromancy, Archie, The Forgotten Marshal (+ Whisper), 2x Crooligan, Dead Rider, and cache 3. My Schemes; Dig Their Graves (2), Outflank (2). Cleezy’s Schemes; Dig Their Graves (0), Outflank (1). Win; 6-2 Thoughts: Mobile beats fighty in corner explosives, hands down.
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    Actually, that might even be a decent use of controlling opponent's interact action. Make them drop the explosive in base contact with you and pick it up immediately.
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    Nicodem is Dead Man Hand model. Seamus too lazy now to summon. Basically, only McMourning, Kirai and Von Shtook summon nowadays, each one in the own way.
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    Hello! We are starting a slow grow league the next Saturday on Buenos Aires, Argentina. We will be playing one round every two weeks, starting as a Henchman Hardcore, and ending with a 50ss game, during four matches. If you want to take part, you will need to contact me either on facebook or by this page, and will be part of the games. Participants will face each other on any local club they arrange and then report the results of the match on facebook or our Whatsapp group. We are waiting for you!
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    Hmm @Wintergloom I'm not that far from 500 either! I think I'll try and round out the year with 500 stones too (which is probably doable with all the Xmas gifts I was planning on painting).
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    As a wise man once told me, you only have to win your attack duel when you have focus. Unless your opponent has hard to wound (in which case you can stone in a ram in advance for puncture), this will always put you on a straight flip, allowing you to cheat in that moderate/severe damage against a key target. And then you still have 2-3 attacks left to go depending on how close the target was to Valley. With so many opposed flips, you should get a card out of studied opponent. Its all about target selection. If your opponent over extends a squishy model that is 6/5 stones go and murder it, summon an undergrad or a necropunk. If they throw out something more expensive that you can kill with 2 weaks and a moderate/severe go for it, summon a student. Having been on the receiving end of this I can tell you that it hurts, suddenly having Valley drop into your deployment zone and just remove a model on turn 1 and summon a student of viscera in it's place, then have the undergrads come to party and start playing whack-a-mole with your crew.
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    Also massive props to the game designers! The Gaining Grounds really addresses a number of issues and ambiguities that have come up in the game. The terrain advice at first glance looks stellar and really clarifies what a balanced game looks like. And of course, the game balance updates are minor but address some really important issues (obey, terrain markers in schemes, etc). Well done, Wyrd team!
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    not that much since app launched! Beta models are now legit and TOs should let you play them! Except if you dislike using proxies
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    My understanding of the timing is that the black blood would resolve in step 5. the healing from the ignoring black blood would also resolve then, and so the healing from the twinned souls would resolve then. At that point Lilitu isn't on 0 wounds, so isn't killed so there is no need to go to step 6. I also think that if a model is fully healthy it doesn't heal, so you can still kill the twins under this situation, its just a little harder. (Focus on killing 1 as it can't heal with twinned souls if the other is on full health)
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    Who else finds it annoying that the app finds word health on literally every card?
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    Make it 3 month ago but never take the time to make multpile version... It's a Full Character Sheet for the second edition... ith all detail i can put on it ^^ and you can use paperclip for bullet, date and wounds 1/ A3 full color: You can print it's in your printer local shop in full color and A3 recto verso with this files (for have a nice 4 page sheet fold in the middle) 2/ Single A4 color version here: 3/ Black & White and no background single A4 version for those who don't wan't spend to many ink
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    From my POV it is simply the actual Markers that were removed are then dropped. Scheme Markers do not change between friendly & unfriendly.
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    Thanks for posting the question buddy. I can see why u would see them as fragile I found that its overlapping defensive ability in the first few turns to limit that damage coming in. So for instance making sure the scribe stays in a useful position to keep his betrayal aura in play. False witnesses with there tell no lies aura. Almost just making all the choices a bad choice to come in on them. With combination of putting out negative flips I found that they can keep going for a frustrating amount of the time. But the main way I found to keep models alive us that I strip the resources out of my opponents crew with the ability in the crew and keep my resources up with follow orders. But I can see why u would struggle to keep them up. They cant take a solid hit to many times. A very surgical crew, they whittle your resources and remove key pieces in my experience definitely not a smash you in your face turn 1 crew. Hope this helps or at least answers the questions 😂
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    And its not even the same idea. The ten thunders brothers action actually changes the range of the action, it doesn't treat it as a different range. You could look at the "sniper "ability that does do that, but I can't think of any time that there would be a difference in outcome in the use of sniper regardless of which way this went. There are similar "unexpected consequences" on my (and your) reading of the rule, such as Bulletproof no longer working against it. (based on other people who have posted this question else where as well as in this thread) I don't think its game breaking either way. Until Myrra posted this version I was completely sure of my reading. This reading does work and doesn't break the game. Its less intuitive to me, but that could be because I was sure it worked the other way.
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    Tried Parker for the first time since release (and outcasts for that matter). Corner, Corrupted Idols with Detonate, Harness, Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, and Vendetta. I took: Parker + 3ss Doc Sue Mad Dog Emissary Raider 2x Banditos My opponent had: Youko + 6SS Chio (?) Hinimatsu Emissary Dawn Serpent Bunraku 2x Geisha Parker ended up winning 6-3. I would have missed one on the strategy on one on Search. We didn't actually play out turn 5 but estimated what would happen, but at that time he was down to the Dawn Serpent, Bunraku, his totem, and one Geisha, two of which would have been easily eliminated at the beginning of the turn. I probably could have gotten the first search point in turn 4 and therefore scored the second if I had remembered Parker's ability to have other models take an interact when he damages. Run & Gun offers great efficiency. On several occasions I didn't have to make the choice of move or shoot. Perhaps more accurately, with the bandit crew you're able to take a few free shots while doing other things. The emissary is as awesome with Mad Dog as advertised. The ability to push him 3" is even more valuable than dropping the scheme marker. It's a lot of points, but I don't know if I'll be able to leave home without it. The wokou raider didn't do anything. She was steamrolled by a dawn serpent in turn 2. That's just not a very good matchup for the raider. I'll try one again, but not sold yet. It's a fun crew. I'm going to try out a prospector, Pride, and gunslingers in a rotation with the raider, second bandito, and Sue to see what I like. I'm also considering the Malifaux Child as a cheap activation in some formats.
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    To be honest I answered without checking the card... but I misremembered it, it does have the "Enemy XXX" restriction lol. I change my answer, it can't be used, the enemy XXX is applied to everything there, not only the first one imo.
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    this is the list I've heard he used in every game: Shenlong 7 cache 2 Students Low River Monk 4 Ototo 11 Minako 8 Kitty Dumont 10 Yasunori 10 lots of movement Shenanigans with Kitty Dumont and Students and fast models with Shen and Yas lots of beaters with Shenlong, Ototo, Yas lots of scheme running potential with Katashiro and Kitty healing with LRM and Shen (if desperate for some healing) lots of SS for suits, cards and dmg prevention This is a really good and well thought out list!
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    Hi, Here are some I have found: Court of Two Guild
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    Good point! Emissary Hazardous terrain and blasts with Zoraida is an smart move indeed... It multiplies the danger of an obey because a charge procs 2 actions, which will proc the Hazardous terrain twice (one in the charge and the second one in the attack itself); and then Zoraida may obey the emissary to blast those 2 stacked enemy models, giving both Staggered or Slow with the right trigger and creating even more Hazardous terrain around... And if you want that the other player really hate you make sure to use the Emissary's Grasping Tentacles while they are slowed or staggered in the severe terrain XDD. Talking about NPE lol.
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    I'm sorry but that's not legal. The revelation trigger has "non-master" as a condition, She doesn't stop being a master for not being the leader. That's why this combo is so good with Henchman leaders, they get 3 AP per activation (for being the leader) and are a legal target of that ability; getting 2 free extra AP. There are other ways to pull this off without needing a Henchman leader, a Duet would be able to do again the split/join shenanigan for also another 2 free AP or models with Reckless/Flurry will also see their extra actions amplified for example.
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    Because the attack at the end of the charge was not generated by a trigger, but instead was generated by an action. There has been some debate over it but I think its clearly not generated by a trigger, just as the onslaught attack is not generated by a charge.
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    one list I really want to try is a gunline mimic heavy list! Using either Melissa KORE or a Rifleman for lots of 14'' long range shooting! Also this gives a lot of execute trigger with the rifleman! don't know if it's good yet but I really want to try it soon!
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    I've got to wait two weeks before I get the Ten Thunders book. Just because I don't think it's actually explained anywhere how to do spoiler tags, it's just [ Spoiler ]This is s a spoiler[/ spoiler ] without the spaces. If you're not sure you got it right, the preview option will show it as a block of text without the "Reveal hidden contents" that you'll see in the actual post.
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    Still! Let Us know how it goes! I like to hear about the unconventional crews
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    No, the Special Orders program has not kicked off yet, but it will be soon (I know, everyone's favorite word)! Don't worry, you haven't missed it!
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    Dead Rider is good most of the time though you won't hire always. Yan Lo is good next since Manos is a solid piece in keyword for that master. The good doctor is also strong, though I don't have many games with him.
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    I mean... All of them. But you have a good selection. I do support owning all the supplement books as they have new rules/pursuits and a bunch of information on the world. I am preparing my group for Night in Rottenburg which is a fun one that ties into Under Quarantine well.
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    Terrifying 12, HtW and 10 Wd, not sure how that guy killed it in a single activation, but it should be 3-6 damage to Neil only for attacking it.
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    mmm... I think the pact in Euripides is a bit overkill, the big guy has Intuition; 2SS for +1 initiative and maybe negating a joker isn't worth it imo... with those 2SS you could almost afford a doll for the second Eldritch upgrade if the other player usually go heavy in condition play. It's a tricky situation... I think Crooligans will win in a straight fight with the Bultungins if the Molly player has less cards; however Bultungins have the mobility advantage. But Archie can also hunt them down easily and be used to teleport Crooligans, so to field them you'd need to scare or kill Archie first. That's why I suggested my "trainwreck" () strategy, if you can't outrun them, then scare them from using their mobility. Haha, no worries about the Rougarous, that was theroryfaux. He seem to fit but I'm not sure how good it would work in a real game, maybe the rider would had been enough. Don't get me wrong, she is great; but I think she doesn't shine in this one. Her ranged attack is only useful versus these 2 models, however a focused hit from a Euripides, Geryon or even a Gigant would also work quite well versus these, the trigger is great but it's hard to do as she is an enforcer and the attack is only stat 5. Models like Thoon and Serena got you in a difficult position imo, you didn't have the firepower to threaten them or kill their models fast. Your opponent was even luckier with this because as he included Sloth and the Effigy, he had a ton of healing and was able to tie you while the crooligans and Archie run around scoring. mmm good point about the Terrifying and Old Ways... Very interesting report anyway, ty again for sharing!
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    You've clearly not been following SFG and Guild ball then.
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