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    Finished the new Molly sculpt and the new Rabble Risers
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    **SYSTEM START: run program “STANDARD_GREETING.vid” …initializing… … … … …initializing… ++HELLO WYRDOS ++waldo has temporarily transferred us to cyberspace. we don't have time to explain (it involved the sentient microwave from last week, a pouch of fruit snacks, and what we think was a small hadron collider he picked up from somewhere) ++luckily he trapped us in the computer that had this file on it. **OPEN file CODENAME: YANKI_PIRANHAS ERROR Data File Status: Download FAILURE. 23% complete ++uh oh. give us a second… 01001101 01100001 01101100 01101001 01100110 01100001 01110101 01111000 00111010 00100000 00110001 00111001 00111000 00111000 00001010 ++did you get that? no? sorry… one second… ERROR ... ERROR ... ///://\Reinitializing- ++Launch Protocol Gy0: ((Nightmare Box 2020)) ++there we go! just gotta type in the password so you can open up the file too… **ENTER password: Malifaux: 1988 **OPEN file MostAwesomeNightmareBoxEVER_2020.png **OPEN program ReturnTheWyrdTeamToTheOffice.lol …downloading… 97% complete… launching… Whew, that’s better! Now that we’re back, let’s take a look at the leader of the crew and boss of the infamous Yanki Piranhas gang: Gumdrop, a reimagined version of Mei Feng. She’s the same Foundry master you know and love, and brings an all-new style to her crew’s cards. Need more hardwired tech and gritty neo-futurism? Of course you do - who doesn’t? The other members of the Piranhas are slipping through time and tagging cyberpunk buildings right beside her: Mean Streak (who counts as Kang) King Crybaby, Mad Mop, and Tag Line (who count as Rail Workers) Spritz (who counts as a Forgeling) Remember, Malifaux: 1988 will be available on Wyrd’s webstore during our Gen Con sale. Ride the monorails and vent spray paint instead of steam, because the Yanki Piranhas are ready to roll! That’s all for now, Wyrdos, but keep checking back. In the coming weeks, we’ll be discussing other models available at Gen Con as well as what you can expect from Wyrd during the convention.
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    Hi there!!! I finished the Obsidian Oni for this month! This adds up to 7ss x3 = 21 SS Been super busy this month so i went quite fast with those guys, not my best work, but i'm pretty happy with the time/result ratio Bonus: Oni Family shot That's my crew so far, might (or might not) grow in the future ^^
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    @Caedrus My July pledge completed (48ss total) Thanks again to @Stranglelove for taking the pictures
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    Hey Wyrdos! Waldo decided he’d break out his summer look this week. We aren’t sure exactly why he thought an all-denim ensemble was a good idea, but our little imp refuses to take any constructive criticism on his choice of outfit. While Waldo struts around in his denim sunhat, denim arm warmers, and denim overalls with a denim handkerchief in his front pocket, we thought it would be a good time to show you another model that’s getting a new look! Meet Miss Guided, our Miss model for 2020! As an alt Fuhatsu, Miss Guided offers Ten Thunders players of all kinds the opportunity to give their usual madman a quick vacation. If you’re looking for a great model to paint (or just a bit less craziness with just as much Gatling gun), then Miss Guided is for you! She’s going to be available during Wyrd’s Gen Con sale, and will be included for free on all orders over $100. Read the spiffy image below for more details. Waldo’s now trying to make sandals out of denim, so that’ll have to be all for this week Wyrdos. Stay tuned, as we’ll be revealing more regarding Gen Con and all the Wyrd goodness that you can expect over that weekend!
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    If you miss it, it'll be available for viewing at a later date.
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    My humble pledge for this month - 3 Fire Gamin for a total of 12 SS.
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    Here's Brewmaster and co: On to Misaki! Hope everyone's having a good month. 🍺 Cheers
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    Hey Wyrdos! Wednesday has finally come again, and with it, news about Wyrd’s Gen Con events! Even Waldo is excited; he’s behaved himself all morning in anticipation for the announcements. Without further ado, here is what you can expect from us at Wyrd during Gen Con 2020: Thursday July 30 Gen Con Kick-Off! (3:00-3:45PM*, on YouTube) Come join in celebrating the first day of Gen Con! The Wyrd design team will be there to talk about our game lines (Malifaux, The Other Side, and Through the Breach) and share news (and maybe a preview or two…) about upcoming products. Malifaux Q&A with Third Floor Wars (4:00-6:00PM*, on YouTube) Hang out with the design team as they sit down with Craig Shipman, host of Third Floor Wars’ Tabletop Talk podcast, and discuss all things Malifaux. There’s going to be chances to win prizes! Waldo might even be able to convince us to answer a question or two from the community... Friday July 31 Malifaux Live Play with Third Floor Wars (4:00-8:00PM*, on YouTube) Get ready for a rumble, because the gents at Third Floor Wars are bringing in the beasts! Get an exclusive first look at how the Explorer’s Society Apex keyword plays. We’ll be sure to pull his crew aside and show them off properly so you can get a good look at their ferocious mugs up close. The Wyrd design team will also be there to make comments on gameplay, answering questions, and (of course) raffling off more prizes! Saturday August 1 Through the Breach Live Play with Dead Aussie Gamer (4:00-8:00PM*, on Twitch) Enter the ‘faux-verse with this awesome live play hosted by Fatemaster Dead Aussie Gamer and his ragtag group of Fated! They’ll be traversing through the Badlands on a specific mission for some very important people. Of course, Bad Things Happen in Malifaux, and the Fated might end up meeting dangerous enemies at the crossroads… The Wyrd design team will be there throughout the event too, so make sure to join us (prizes, of course, will be raffled off). Think that’s all? We will be showing off more great stuff during these times to whet your appetites for everything Wyrd. You’ll get to see upcoming sculpts, new artwork, and more before anyone else! And, if Waldo is to be believed, maybe even a painting video or two from Mr. Angel Giraldez himself… Remember, you’ll also be able to pick up new releases and our Nightmare Box, Malifaux 1988, during our Gen Con sale. Every $100 you spend also gets you a free a free Miss Guided, who can stand in as an alt Fuhatsu. That means $200+ gets you 2, $300+ gets you 3, and so on. The Gen Con sale runs July 29th - August 4th, so make sure you get your orders in! Where Do We Go? As Gen Con 2020 will be virtual, we will be posting links next Wednesday to guide you to Wyrd events as smoothly as possible. In the meantime, check out the content being produced by the awesome groups helping us this Gen Con: Check out Third Floor Wars on Youtube.com! Check out Dead Aussie Gamer on Twitch.tv We hope you’re excited for Gen Con, Wyrdos, and can’t wait to see you there! After you check out Third Floor Wars and Dead Aussie Gamer, why not pop by our forums and start speculating? What are you hoping to see? What are you most excited about? Let us know! *All times are given in Eastern Time, so make sure to set your clocks. You won’t want to miss a second of Wyrd’s Gen Con 2020!
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    Wasn't on my pledge list this month but I finally finished my Gaki. That completes the Urami keyword for me
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    Hey Wyrdos! This is a special Monday update packed full of information about Gen Con, our new releases, and more. We at Wyrd are putting on events for Gen Con 2020! We will be sending out a newsletter (and a Waldo’s Weekly, of course) that has a list of our planned events. We won’t spoil anything just yet - check back on Wednesday! As usual, we will have some new releases available for purchase in our online store during the Gen Con sale (July 29 - August 4), including some fancy new Fate Decks. Take a look at the complete list below: WYR23020 Guild Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23021 Resurrectionist Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23022 Arcanist Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23023 Neverborn Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23024 Outcast Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23025 Bayou Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23026 Ten Thunders Fate Deck $13.00 WYR23216 Ravenous $45.00 WYR23307 Primal Fury $48.00 WYR23314 Troubleshooters $38.00 WYR23318 Poisoned Storm $40.00 WYR23321 Arachnophobia $40.00 WYR23404 Things that Go Bump $30.00 WYR23408 Juvenile Deliquence $38.00 WYR23409 Lyssa $27.00 WYR23414 Brood Mates $18.00 WYR23505 Between the Ley Lines $28.00 WYR23517 Folsom Prison Blues $30.00 WYR23518 Dead Outlaws $24.00 WYR23520 Tainted Filth $35.00 WYR23609 Copycats $35.00 WYR23633 Terror in a Barrel $35.00 WYR23707 Jakob Lynch Core Box $60.00 WYR23722 Devoted Students $40.00 WYR23728 Ancestral Icons $45.00 WYR23729 Lords of War $45.00 *WYR23204 Kirai Core Box $55.00 *WYR23207 Honor Roll $50.00 *WYR23208 Study Group $50.00 *WYR23504 Von Schill Core Box $55.00 *WYR23507 Auxillary Forces $40.00 *WYR23608 Ophelia Core Box $55.00 *WYR23621 Mudlight Whispers $38.00 *WYR23622 War Pigs $45.00 *WYR23631 Squealers $35.00 *Availability subject to change Our limited-edition Nightmare Box (Foundry keyword), Malifaux 1988, will be available to pick up during that time as well. If you fancy neon colors, pompadours, and cool constructs, this crew is for you! Remember, our Miss model (alt Fuhatsu) is also available for free to anyone that places an order of $100 or more during the Gen Con sale (July 29 - August 4). WYR21403 Malifaux 1988 $75.00 Miss Guided (free with purchases of $100+) Given the current global situation, some of our releases have been changed or pushed back. If you’re curious about where something might be, read on. The Explorer’s Society is still out adventuring; we expect them to return in November, so keep your eyes peeled for more information about them closer to that time. Still looking for a specific model or box that isn’t on our Upcoming Releases page? The final releases for Malifaux 3E are also planned to be available for purchase later this year. Make sure to pick them up from your local game stores as they become available. That’s all for now, Wyrdos. Our Waldo’s Weekly will be chock-full of even more information to help you prepare for Wyrd’s Gen Con 2020, so meet us back here on Wednesday! And remember: the Gen Con sale is July 29 - August 4.
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    Hi everybody, I must congrat with all of you for your paintjob and achivements. Now, my pledge for the month: Hungering Darkness, 2nd Ed. Alt. Model @Caedrus, my model should be worth 7 ss.
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    Sorry for the total lack of interaction. Got some pretty sudden news early this month and been having to find a new apartment. Should be settled down again after August 8th, but things are a little wild. I still managed to do up Colette though! She's not finished, but she's tabletop ready and I don't have any spare time for the rest of the month, so here's my 15ss!
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    Hey there!! Sorry for the long time no posting, due to work had to travel and I'm finally back home! I did take some models with me and I've finished, and also have to post pictures from June models as I left before taking the pictures and couldn't upload them. @Caedrus I think I should spent both Mullligans (we had two, right?) because I didn't post June models and in July it's already the 24th and didn't post at the beginning of the month what I was going to paint (that's why I won't include the SS cost). In any case, here are the models I've painted during June and July: JUNE * Draugr: * Lampads: I went for something different for the fire... I'm not sure I like it. * Bonepiles: * Mortimer: * Gravedigger: I tried the OSL... it was really a mess, so went back to the model working on plain daylight. JULY * Miss Feasance: * Copycat Killer: since there is no alt. Copycat to go with Miss Feasance, I got this one * Alt. Nico, she will be my Lady Sybelle. I had to find something to work as a whip just to add some background. * Dead doxies * Rotten belles: * And finally, Yin, which took my photographic and painting skills to new depths.
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    Hi there! Just a quick WiP update, it has been a weird month and almost didn't have time to paint until yesterday, when i managed to put the base paint & some highlights on the obsidian onis. Is it possible that those guys have a particular tiny face even for malifaux standards??? 🤔 @Caedrus & @Nikodemus impressive NMM skills on the Talos & samurai 👏👏👏 In another painting related news, I'm finally getting myself an airbrush! Does any one have particular advice? or know good online resources to learn how to use it and more important, how to care for it? Thanks! ♥️
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    my home cemetery table is modular and all elements can change places
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    This week has been all over the place so I'll just post these pics of my final months submissions as I doubt I'll get better ones before the month ends. Finished a dashel + dispatcher for another 18. That makes 35 for the month @Caedrus.
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    Hey all! While we're all excited for the GenCon sale, here's this lovely piece of art from our talented Outcat friend Krig. Here we can see some colourful characters gathering around a campfire, which just happens to burn inside one of them, to have some beers and discuss how the M3E's been hard on some people.
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    And what a Teddy! ____ Samurai wip: I don't really have a plan going forward with this, but I'll have fun figuring it out.
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    As study season reaches it peak I get to spend weekends by myself, which means painting. Over the weekend I finished 2 false witnesses and a yamaziko for 17 stones. Which is enough for the month, but since I have another free weekend in store maybe I can dent some of my backlog, maybe dashel or Alan Reid.... Or maybe even terrain haha.
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    My pledge for this month: Tanuki. I need to get better at taking before photos but I always just get carried away painting before I remember to do it. These guys were so fun to paint, I'm pretty happy with how they came out, I was torn on what colour to go for with the pots but I think terracotta was the right decision - I think the green liquid provides a nice contrast to that. So that's 5ss x 3 = 15ss for this month. In terms of inspirational painters: 1. Angel Giraldez - I'm sure someone has already mentioned him. Although his skill level is way beyond anything I will ever be able to achieve, observing his colour composition and especially the contrast in his painting is incredibly useful. 2. Emil Nystorm - who you might be familiar with from the Squidmar channel, has a good range of videos, which I've found provide some great approaches to a variety of basic to advanced techniques. One of his videos is actually what convinced me to finally give NMM a real go. 3. Kingscorner Painting - not sure what the name of the artist/s is but they have some amazingly clean looking paintjobs up on their social media.
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    Here are three Thunder Archers to add to my Brewmaster pledge for July: I also painted up some 1.5 metal Malifaux minis for a game I'm developing. I won't count them because they were just a rush job for playtesting, just want to show off the OG sculpts: Hope everyone is having a good month and staying healthy! Can't wait for tomorrow's Gen Con sale; Mei Feng's Nightmare crew is a must-have. @Caedrus My total for this month is 101ss. Thanks!
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    July pledge is done. 12ss for these two bayou smugglers. I'll probably get back to them at sometime to add some highlight.
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    Slowly progressing on Carrion Emissary
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    @Caedrus Samurai for 9ss Struggled with the gun for a few days. Painted myself into a corner with it I feel. I left it for last and using such a limited set of colours elsewhere on the mini didn't leave me much choice. Finally ended up mixing my blue and dark grey basecolours and running with that. There's pink in the bullet tips on the ammobelt, but otherwise the gun is without pink bits. I considered adding some but I feel it works without any. Overall I quite dig this piece. Especially considering it's something of a comeback mini for me, hobbywise. This spring has been my worst painting slump in years. Enough of that though, here's the one and only (out of three) Samurai: Listened to a lot of "Space Ninjas from Hell" while painting this guy. Victorius isn't my favourite cheese metal band, but it's one of their better albums and the mood fit the model. Here's Super Sonic Samurai. ____ If I had to name one inspirational painter above all others, it'd have to be Roman Lappat / Massive Voodoo. What really gets to me is the attitude. The Philosophy. Whatever you want to call it. There's a lot of emotional painting there. Lots of happy painting. Paint your own thing and enjoy doing it. It gives me good hobby vibes. For the youtubes I've got a few regulars: Dr Faust's Painting Clinic - Unlike Caedrus I really enjoy it for the narration. Probably the best (for me) in painting youtube video business. He's an old soft spoken geek. It's a demeanour I find very appealing. Much as I enjoy the actual content of some younger, more 'hip' content producers, their delivery is often a bit too loud for my taste. Vince Venturella's Hobby Cheating - Probably the single most comprehensive free video tutorial resource online. At 249 episodes and counting you can find most things in there. It's good. Check it out. I'll end with a double feature of Trovarion and Kujo Painting. Good teachers with decent libraries of videos to check out. Kujo has memes if you like. Trovarion has a bit more deadpan approach to humour.
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    I stopped working on this about 3 years ago but a friend of mine started making his own table so I'm getting back into the game and need to finish this. Probably need to make a few more walk ways and then make some fog banks using Polyfil that will count as dense w/o movement penalty. I just started adding moss today and have alot more to do. Any and all feedback and criticism welcome!
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    Good news everyone! After some success and growing interest of the community on my bayou gremlins painting topic I decided to share my progress on LJ and her butt-hurting department with ya all. So LJ are coming to punish ressers and undead things. I’ll upload all my progress on painting marshal keyword and will appreciate your support folks!
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    Surprised there wasn't a thread. Some of what was shown off- ES versatile: With Fate Deck and Measuring Widget: The best:
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    Caedrus, reporting in! First up for this month, I completed the Ashes and Dust trio! I messed about with a new NMM Brass scheme. I like the colours, but I butchered some of the painting. I liked the contrast, and the temperature contrast, though. Secondly, a bigger project, the complex and vast Talos! Everything about this was time consuming. The subassemblies, losing two pieces, the purple-Soulstone base, and lots of glazing. The NMM isn't perfect, but I'm happy with the result. So, that's my July - sorry I haven't given much feedback, but it's been crazy busy! Looking forward to some simpler painting in August! Caedrus.
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    Caedrus, cutting it tight! With a minute to spare! Expect better photos soon, but for the moment, I got there! Caedrus.
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    I choose him nominally when I really want universal unimpeded, which is more of a map concern. And Neverborn Marcus has to let go of double-cat builds and accept that his true minions are the Order Initiates. By choosing Order Initiates, you solve many problems; you don't have to spend turn 1 scrambling to toss upgrades out; they already have at least 1, and they don't feel bad about ditching all their upgrades for + flips and suits, because they can just bonus action gain another one back at the end of their turn. This also means you provoke a lot more carefree card draw with Primal Domain. Additionally, they have a solid synergy with Inhuman Reflexes; they can charge through a target for 1 point with Blade Rush, and another 1 point with Stampede, and you've dealt 2 damage ignoring armor, incorporeal, black blood, etc. and you haven't even flipped a card yet. You can even order them to charge while engaged now. Sure, they lose an HP with stampede, but they have Tear Off a Bite (ditch upgrade if necessary!), Myranda, or Marcus's heal trigger to keep them healthy. That being said, they're not immortal, and they will die, but choosing which upgrade (Armor? Disguised and Stealth? Butterfly Jump?) will save them the most pain at the end of each activation is key to making them survive as long as possible. As for condition removal, just, hire Serena. Take the Eldritch Magic upgrade if Serena hurts your pride, but healing/removal combo with a splash of armor pen is just a dream boat for the otherwise condition removal and pen hungry Chimera crew. I still take a cat. They're fantastic side board scheme runners and function relatively well without Marcus glued to their junk. My response comes with caveats; I haven't tried to plumb the depths of Neverborn's beast repertoire yet, so I can't say what benefits in terms of model choice Neverborn Marcus has. I do know that having a relatively low model count with a pair of Ancient Pacts and Accomplice means that Marcus can use a new turn to absolutely change how a fight is going before the foe has a chance to respond, a unique advantage to the purple side of life. I like him a lot for Symbols of Authority and Corrupted Leylines. Pools with Assassinate in them are also delightful; much effort has been wasted by ditched attacks to a Jackalope. Vendetta works well for a Marcus crew, because of the high offensive potential of his keyword. He loathes terrifying, Von Schtook's Academic Superiority aura, and armor spam, so avoid those matchups where possible; don't pick him into Ressers or fighty pools with Arcanists/Guild (to avoid Hoffman). It might be instinct to avoid Jack Daw, but Jack actually hates Inhuman Reflexes Order Initiates, since they'll plink him to death whether they pass terror duels or not. The only real "total shut out" games are Schtook though. He takes Marcus's whole gimmick and tosses it into a trash can.
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    Each Faction Deck will have art that is appropriate to that Faction on every card, including the Jokers.
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    Well my work ate a lot of my time which means less painting for me, but fortunately I finished this grumpy dude.
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    Last night I finished these 10 Ice Pillar markers. Not sure how much these count for? (Silent One just for scale reference there).
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    This is my 3rd topic and its all about necromancers! I’ll upload my progress on ressurectionists slowly but surely. I started to paint the faction with the first miniature I bought for malifaux - Seamus the Red Chapel killer. Seamus is one of the best (in my opinion) when it comes to the model itself (just look at his nasty smile) and fluff. NOTE: I actually repaint Seamus as I didn't liked my previous result (painted last year). The old one looked like this: The new version felt faaaaar better, especially his face. Next coming are: - Carrion Emissary - Asura Roten - Mindless Zombies
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    Talos joins Tara! This guy would benefit from being painted in sub-assemblies, but I didn't, so I truly hate that guy in the cell. He deserves to be in there.
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    full gallery my most recent finished crew, mary bonnet +salty seadevil! this crew is so good to paint
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    Finished up some more terrain. Not that interesting, but it's been a slow month. Witch hunters for scale purposes only. That and investigating any connection between Arcanists and some mine accidents that are about to happen. I'd say they're both focus pieces, so 20SS @Caedrus. I've one more that might get finished this month, although it's functionality is a bit more... questionable. 😉
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    Woot! The first Gencon I'll actually be able to attend!
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    Used a freshly assembled Euripides crew for my first game of M3E last week after a 3.5 year break. During the game my opponent, also just back to Malifaux after years, attempted to draw LOS over an empty 30mm base, which was an Ice Pillar. When I pointed out that it was Ht 4 he said, "You really need to model those." I had already ordered the Litkos 😎
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    The game was Wedge into Symbols of Authority My crew was : Misaki, Shanghai, Ototo, Minako Rei, Wanyudo, Dawn Serpent, 2x Torakage, 4 stones my schemes : Breakthrough, Catch and Release Zipp brought : Zipp (12 Cups), Earl Burns, First Mate (2 g in a ghilliie), Manchester Roja, Iron Skeeter (2g in a ghillie), Iron Skeeter, Wrastler, 6 stones Breakthrough, Spread them out. - Amazing game. With two enormously fast crews its hard to recall. First two turns Zipp dumped pianos to block my approach on the left flank, while he and Burns raced to score a symbol in my corner in t3. Earl got left and helhed score a point of Breakthrough and Spread, while Zipp zipped back to block off Wanyudo from scoring the symbol in the far left corner. Misaki spent the first three turns fighting Mancha and a disguised Iron Skeeter, until finally she could fall back and save the final symbol in my right corner. Ototo didn’t do much, but was critical in his ability to dump Shadow Markers on his own, and managed to land the killing blow on Mancha Roja, when he finally got to use his Tetsubo. Minako Rei wasn’t impressive either, but the two Katashiro she summoned did wonders dumping scheme markers and removing pianos and scoring a symbol. She did however teach Mancha a lesson, when she took him for the 5 damage, he’d landed on her. The torakage were great, Mv7 and the ability to create shadow markers were crucial in allowing Misaki to go back and deny my opponent his fourth symbol, and the second points of Breakthrough and Spread. I was hoping to score catch and release, but only got the 1st point due to losing initiative and a red joker from the 1st Mate. Wanyudo didn’t do much either, although he did end up tying Zipp up. Which is a feat in itself, I guess. - In the end I scored 3 points for Symbols, 2 points for Breakthrough and 1 point for Catch and Release vs 3 Points for Symbols, 1 for Breakthrough and 1 for Spread them out. I find the Misaki crew very forgiving to play, Misaki being able to be all over the board. The speed with which you can reposition and adjust is amazing, I can only imagine how powerful it can be, once I get to understand and utilize the synergies properly.
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    (I'm posting this in non-pink because this is a wall of text! ) Okay, so before I go further I should probably make it clear that I LOVE The Other Side. I have painted Companies for 3/4 Allegiances (I’m still painting the 4th) and thoroughly enjoy it every time I play. TOS is one of my two favourite games, and I’d even go as far as saying that I prefer it to Wyrd’s flagship game – Malifaux. That said…the game has issues. And importantly, I see it driving away players who would otherwise be interested in playing TOS. This was most obvious in a tournament I ran. Of the 8 players, 4 of them were either new or had only played one game before today. Of those, two were on board for playing more, and one more had some reservations about playing it in the future (I didn’t get to talk to him in detail about that). But the last one… he had gone from excited about playing TOS in the morning, to completely disliking it after three games. I don’t blame that last player. He’d had some poor luck, but his complaints with the game rules were completely justified. In fact my talk with him is what motivated me to post this thread. Basically, I want TOS to thrive, but there’s aspects of the game that’s holding it back. What Needs Fixing. I think the biggest issues with the core TOS rules come down to aspects of the game that feel unfairly powerful, non-interactive or harshly punish players that aren’t prepared for it. This can be an issue for any player, but more importantly it seems to be something that’s actively driving away new players who try the game for themselves. Specifically, the two I’m thinking of are Hazardous terrain and the Area rule. Hazardous Hazardous terrain (including, by extension, severe terrain) is the kind of thing that can just cripple squads with little warning. One bad flip could wipe out a fireteam, and to make things worse it’s the opponent who controls (and cheats…) that hazardous flip. In a sense it feels very non-interactive. If you’re forced to move a squad through something Hazardous, you’re left to look on while your opponent gleefully flips, then cheat the damage flip to decimate your fireteams. You’re basically losing models before your opponent even takes a shot at you, which creates a very negative experience for the player who was only trying to move their units around. Area Area attacks have a similar issue to Hazardous. With the nature of the game as it is, it can be very hard not to bunch your squads up (especially if you’re trying to avoid rushing through Hazardous terrain). And when you do, any enemy Area attacks tend to do an excessive amount of damage to those units. Hell, just this afternoon I had a squad of Electrocutioners annihilate a full squad of Rifle Corps, Samantha Thrace and seriously damage Charles Edmonton. This was the second activation of turn 1, and it pretty much sealed the game for me. Now you could say that I was lucky (I was), that my opponent should have focused down the Electrocutioners first or that he shouldn’t have bunched up as much as he did (correct on both counts…at least IMO). But making that kind of mistake shouldn’t result in literally half his army getting wiped out. It should have hurt him, sure. But the power of Area attacks shouldn’t be such that you can wipe out an entire squad in one activation because your opponent was careless. The Fix So how would I fix this? Well, both the Hazardous and Area rules need to be toned down, and made much less punishing for the unsuspecting player. For Hazardous you could prevent your opponent cheating the flip, or limit the damage sustained to losing only one model (like area currently is). But I think players themselves need a way to mitigate damage from Hazardous terrain, albeit at a cost. Ideally I’d like to see players make the damage flip for their own units, and be able to cheat that flip (thus providing another use for low cards). They could also (or instead?) spend a tactics token to prevent taking damage, or you could remove the damage component altogether and give them a pinned or shaken token (opponents choice) if they fail the Hazardous flip. For the Area rule, one option could include preventing players from cheating the area flip, but it doesn’t help low-armour units that are already disproportionately hurt by the Area rule as it is. So instead, maybe a simple cap on the damage would help? For instance, change the Area rule to having the attack affect one additional Fireteam in LOS and 3”, with the player flipping damage at Strength 0 and only being able to remove one model from the second fireteam? Other Stuff IMO Hazardous and Area are the two biggest issues with TOS. But there’s certainly a few other things I’d like to see changed or improved. So here’s a list of random suggestions; #Releasethestarterbox TOS desperately needs something new. The fabled starter box, complete with Guild and Court of Two Allegiances has been hinted at for years now. I know it’s supposed to be finally arriving in Q4 of this year, but it can’t come soon enough. I know of at least 2-3 players who are interested in the game but not the current Allegiances. They’re waiting on Guild or the Court of Two to finally arrive before trying TOS for themselves. Crossover rules It honestly surprises me that Wyrd hasn’t yet done more to allow players to use Malifaux models for TOS, and visa versa. Sure, there’s something to be said for creativity, and allowing players to proxy things however they want (for instance, I have a Kings Empire company made entirely from Malifaux Guild minis). But I feel like packing unit cards for both systems with a select few units could go a long way in fostering interest across game systems. For instance Gupps could double as alt Egg Clutches in TOS, or Binh Nguyen could become an alt Datsuba in Malifaux. These kinds of things should be really easy to implement (at least relative to sculping new models…right?), and it seem like a simple way to generate more interest in, and attention toward, TOS. Immolated Rhino Even after the errata, it’s just too difficult to kill. Once it flips to Glory this thing is near-impossible to stop, especially if your opponent keeps stacking shaken tokens on it like they should. To be honest I’m not yet convinced that a near unkillable Rhino is all that bad, given its reduced murder potential post-errata. But I would certainly like to at least remove the anti-morale ability. On a tank like the Rhino, it just seems that little bit too unfair to deny half the tricks that would help deal with it in genuinely creative ways. Maybe the Devouring Eel should also be here, but I can’t comment on it because I’ve never seen it on the table. Noodle Wyrm Point for point, the Goryshche (Noodle Wyrm) isn’t as tough as the abovementioned rhino. But it’s still pretty damn tough! I’m undecided as to whether this is a big enough issue in TOS games. But if it needs addressing, I’d absolutely start and end with the Fast Regeneration Asset. The randomness of this asset is such that it often either does nothing, or makes the Noodle Wyrm all but invincible. Basically the asset is too random, even for the Cult, and thus it creates a negative experience for either the player using the Wyrm, or the opponent. At this point, my suggested change to Fast Regen would be for it to instead say that the Goryshche gains a reinforcement token every time it is forced to flip an asset (including Fast Regen itself. That should retain the Noodle Wyrm’s constant regeneration vibe, but make it a little more consistent and easier to kill… IF you put enough effort into stopping it! That’s it for now. In the meantime I’m curious to hear other peoples thoughts on TOS – what you like about the game and what you’d like to see changed or improved upon. Like I said above, TOS is one of my favourite games and I’d really love to see it’s player base expand!
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    Caedrus, reporting in!//imgur.com/3yUbnT4 Here's my Work in Progress of Talos, and the Ashes and Dust trio! https://imgur.com/3yUbnT4 The Talos is really, really time consuming, but I wanted to stretch and see how much I could get with a brass toned NMM. I may even get them all finished by the end of the month! Feedback is very, very welcome! Stay safe, stay well. Caedrus.
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    May: Bird, for Batman Miniatures Game. Commission piece for the "I do my own bases" client. And for the Monthly challenge I did a Wandering River Monk. For archival purposes this is a May-June double feature. Did 0 minis in June. Oh well. January: 21 minis February: 28 minis March: 17 minis April: 1 mini May: 2 minis June: 0 minis Total: 69 minis Stay tuned for July when I actually plan to paint again
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    Hi everyone, sorry for vanishing. This was a weird month for me, and with everything going on in the world I had zero motivation to hobby. i managed to paint Perdita in the last days of the month for 15ss, but other than that it’ll be a mulligan for me. and here’s a picture of the completed Family keyword see you in July!
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