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    Let's see if I can answer a few questions. Yes, the goal is to have all distributors sorted in advance so that they can get the product to retailers by the 28th of June, or as close as possible to that. Naturally, any number of things can go to shit between here and there, but we're looking good unless something pops up. Overseas and outside the US distributors get their product sent out first, then the US - that being said, each distributor outside the US picks its own manner in which to ship product and we are not responsible for any delays on their part (awaiting other orders from manufacturers so that it can all go on one boat for a cheaper price, etc, etc). Then of course if customs decides to get cute or weather decides to wreck a port or some other stuff. Outside of stuff like that, we're looking good. Not everything is being resculpted - not even close. We will be updating/redoing crew boxes as time goes on, some sooner than others, particularly if there is a large change to their box layout as at the end of the day, time to cut/repackage/touch everything and the chance for screwup kinda outweighs just getting a new mold done. Some boxes will be getting a whole makeover. Others will have bits and pieces of it. People keep tossing about the idea that these molds are wearing out and thus the reason for XYZ - lemme tell you - we would have to sell a LOOOOOOT more before these things blow out. We will be updating our Upcoming Releases, Retailer section and a few other things here over the next week to get additional information out, advertising images, etc. Rules and cards will be released online for free. You can download them and print for your own purposes. They are not and will not be allowed to be tied into custom programs/apps - online or offline - nor for other folks to exploit direct sales from (printing cards out and selling them). They'll be some language letting you know what you can and can't do - we're pretty easy with it, but as with anything, some folks will happily ignore for their own wants/sake. Drivethrurpg and Wargamesvault will have the cards available as a print on demand service and you'll have the option of picking up one card, whole factions, by keyword - etc. We'll try to make it as simple as possible. When the translations are available as well (hopefully at launch or shortly thereafter), these will also be placed online for POD. They are actively seeking a printer/partner in Europe and beyond, so if you have suggestions for them (contact them, not me) feel free, otherwise yes, all orders from there will be printed and shipped from the US. Special orders, either directly from us, or from your retailer through distribution is available both inside the US and outside. That being said, it is only for boxes that have been combined or changed up in a manner that say only a single new miniature has been placed within a box (we'll use Alphonse for instance) and the only way you could get it would be to purchase the box all over again. We're not interested in jacking over our customers like that - but we're also not going to go in and allow this for each and every model in the line as that's frankly entirely too much work and ultimately self-defeating. Also why there is a time limit on this. If you're going to want a Wanyudo for your Reva, you'll need to purchase the box - we'll not be breaking that one up. Small rulebook - we keep getting asked about it, so very likely we'll take a serious look at it after the launch. Wouldn't be overly difficult to manage.
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    THE END IS NIGH!!! In all seriousness, as the Beta has drawn to a close and we are prepping for release, we are going to be adjusting the forums accordingly. With that, the Open Beta Forum will be closing and everything within it hidden from the world. The forums will close when we get back to the office after Memorial Day on Tuesday, May 28. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue your discussions of Malifaux in the appropriate forums and subforums. Again, we want to thank everyone for participating in the Open Beta as it truly has made M3E a much better game and we couldn't have done it without all of your feedback and support.
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    Hey Wyrdos, Are you a store owner? Do you want to know M3E's release schedule (or release date)? There's a ton of info in the latest Retailer Newsletter for you to sink your teeth into! You can find out M3E's release date and much, much more by following this link: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/4/29/wyrd-retailer-newsletter-launch-plans Enjoy!
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    What's up Wyrdos? I came in this morning to find that we've run out of coffee pods and Waldo's acting like civilization as we know it has ended. He's flying around with some of my color-shift paint sprayed on his mouth while spouting off nonsense like "I drink, I sleep, I drink again!" and has submitted a proposal that all office personnel issues be solved via Thunderdome. It would solve some problems… Aaaaanyway, I suspect he took one look at this week's feature of Georgy and Olaf and thought they were on to something. Georgy and Olaf are some of the newest additions to the Big Hat Keyword, and this two-in-one beat down duo shows that teamwork really does make the dream work. The Ability Piggyback Ride exemplifies that Georgy is head and shoulders above his competition by being able to take Projectile Actions while engaged. Demise (I’m Done With This) allows Georgy to live, die, and live again, albeit as a Bayou Gremlin (but don’t tell Olaf that). The hits keep coming from Georgy and Olaf with Staggering Punch's Trigger, Quick Shot, allowing for a free Projectile Action, even if there’s someone in their face. If Olaf’s brass knuckles don’t leave a mark, that combo definitely will. The Action's second Trigger, Separated from the Pack, allows for another Melee Attack if your target has no other enemy models near it, which is exactly how Georgy prefers to be positioned - far enough away from the rest of the Gremlins so he can declare that he’s top hat. The aptly named "Who Runs Gremlin-Town?!" allows Georgy and Olaf to bolster your Crew's Minions, but don't let Som'er (or whoever your Crew Leader is) catch sight of the pair when they’re shouting out this Bonus Action. The last thing Georgy and Olaf want is their hat shot off by a boozed-up Gremlin with a toothy grin (or toothless, depending on who’s asking) thinking someone other than Lenny is trying to take control over the Bayou. This week, in addition to checking out what the model will look like on the table, we also have another mobile wallpaper for you! Check it out below!
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    @Caedrus finished my Tengu & Manos for a total of 4+9= 13 stones. I bought this guy used, already assembled. Wasn't cleaned very well and I don't like cleaning Wyrd minis after they're built. Too delicate. His posing also makes some areas a bit clumsy to paint, under the helmet and such. For these reasons I mainly focused on parts you can see. He's got hair and eyes painted but not to a standard I usually prefer. Not like you can ever see his face Idea was to paint white cloth but after "finishing" it once I went back and did some thin washes on the sleeves to get a bit more interest there. They were a bit too monotone for my taste. Not sure I can call it white anymore. Looks nice though, that's important. Compositionally, I'm not very fond of my work here. I like how I painted all the individual parts but that pink magical bird just doesn't fit in with the rest. Doesn't ruin it for me but eh, could've done better. But sometimes I get urges. I open up that bottle of Fluorescent magenta from and it's going on a model even if it has no business being thereI'm sure some of you know that feeling. Can't wait to get my Yan Lo box built & painted so I can field this guy. Excited! All told a very cool mini and I'm happy I did it. Was fun.
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    Managed to get a full unit of Warped done over Easter weekend
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    Quick update, Nix has his very own way of spreading the plague...
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    Well, so here I am ! Sorry I didn't give you much stuff to see during the whole month, I've mostly be busy upgrading my board made of 30x30 (12"x12") parts. The Zeppelin is brand new (or if we can say new for a wreckage) (Won't say i've build a board, since I've mostly done some upgrade, even if it has been a lot of work), around 20 parts like the ones in photos, and every piece of scenery I own that has grass on it. , I'll count for something like 30 or 40 for the whole if you're ok with it @Caedrus. Also, I've started painting my Cult of the Burning man ! You can find a few models I'm quite proud to show you, I hope you'll like ! 6 models, so 30Ss if I'm correct. And there is the last one, a Bayou smuggler (base will be done with a bunch of other models later). 6Ss. So Terrain : 30Ss Tos : 30 Ss Bayou Smuggler : 6Ss. for a total of 66Ss.
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    Hello! I haven't been very active here this month but I have done my due diligence. Apart from Kirai below I've also got a second Onryo painted, picture to follow when I get around to take one. (Thought I had but apparently not.) I'll probably go back and redo her eyes as I was working in poor light and for some reason, an unsteady hand. The shears are my first attempt at NMM, so I'll likely practice and get back to that as well. If anyone has a good YouTube tutorial on NMM, that'd be swell. Cheers!
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    Caedrus, checking in! So, as expected, it's been a crazily busy month. So much so, in fact, that it's likely that I will only get one miniature painted. Fortunately, it turned out nicely, in my opinion. I gave myself a few objectives ion this miniature: To do better wet blending (mostly on the skin tones); Use a paint colour I've never used before (Scalecolor's SC-30, Red Leather). It's rather nice; and finally To paint the entire miniature with a Size 2 brush or larger. I did that! Every single bit of this miniature is painted with a Rosemary & Co. Series 33, Size 3. It had a pretty damn good tip on it! Anyway, here's my 9SS for the month. My Executioner! I wanted to do a dark figure, so that the eye would be drawn to his inexplicably-pristine weapons. I was pleased with how almost everything turned out. Literally, the only other thing I've achieved this month, painting-wise, is to go crazy with the airbrush to start on a few Guild-repaints, some flesh tone experiments, a green-stuff cushion, and to work on my proxy Hungering Darkness. Behold! These will all be finished soon...ish. I look forward to seeing what else this month brings, because what I've seen so far is magnificent! Keep putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo did something very stupid. He checked social media for the first time. We found him muttering “Ermagerd” repeatedly while trying to figure out how to share the 10-hour yulelog video. Luckily, we got to him before he found his way to a comments section. He’s still recovering, but I doubt that he’ll ever be the same again. Due to high demand, this week we are showing off who will be inside the Burning Bridges box! For some, all it took was a glance to the sky. For others, a few pages in a book. There are those who might not even have any direct correlation or revelation to the man-shaped star that suddenly floated above London that one fateful night. Those who are weak and wanting have been more welcoming to his beauty, embracing how his divine presence has warped their very being. Some stared in wonder for days as his reach broadened, heat rising. But at one capacity or another, the Burning Man has touched all who exist beneath its brightly burning flames. Unfortunately for some who wished to welcome the Burning Man into their hearts, he had chosen another path. Rather than give Elijah Borgmann the power he sought, the Burning Man instead burned his flesh and gave him inspiration. Once an Earthside anarchist who caused a lion’s share of problems for the Guild, he believed that he could cause no more harm to London than the rest of the Burning Man’s loyal followers could, so he gathered his likeminded radicals, branded in fire, and took them to Malifaux. It wasn’t long until he and his ideals found their way to Anasalea Kaeris and the Arcanists. Together, Elijah, the Firebranded, and the flaming angel herself will bring anything associated with the Guild to ash and ruin. The M3E Burning Bridges box will be available at launch! Just make sure to wear oven mitts before grabbing one of these off the shelves. If you’re looking to add more fuel to the fire, download any one of these bright and beautiful mobile wallpapers!
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    Speak of the devil, or "Oni" , Katanaka Crime Boss (8ss) is done!: Just in time for tomorrow's games. You can imagine that twisting rightside banner did not want to cooperate with my freehand attempts. Took a bit of brush acrobatics to even doodle something in there. So yeah, on both sides of both banners I wrote (or attempted) the kanji for "Oni". Figured it might be her title, nickname, or something of that sort. She's not to be messed with. Freehand is very basic, but again, time constraints. I do want to figure out something a little nicer for Yan Lo and Chiaki. @Purple Mist thanks! In fairness most of my free time has gone towards painting her. So while it's only been a few days, it's been quite intensive few days. There's nothing like a looming deadline to keep the brush wet. And in a fun bit of trivia, colour scheme took considerable amount of inspiration from classic Finnish oatmeal packaging: Ditched her actual dress. When people think about "Elovena girl", many only remember blue, white & blonde
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    Nix is done! Honestly is my least favourite mini form Hamelin's box, and probably my least favourite malifaux mini so far... Even though, I painted him with love and tried to add some background to the character with the base, also it gave me a chance to practice painting black.
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    We are making efforts in as many ways as we can to reduce the odds of our players from having to repurchase something that they don't need while simultaneously reducing analysis paralysis for new players getting into the game and building a Crew for the first time. Combining older models with new ones paired with the option for special ordering specific models for a given time was the best solution to this tricky problem. If any of our previous messages have been unclear about how we are going about doing this, then I hope to alleviate confusion or frustration. We will be doing special orders for new models that have been combined with older models and/or boxes. These special orders will be made available through your local retailer or through us directly for the first year. At one point, Alphonse being added to the Wong Core Box was used as an example, but I could see the inverse of a Fire Golem being included with Elijah and friends being confusing. Hopefully that clears things up!
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    Wanted to rush another Wyrd pledge in before I get stuck in with that BMG commission for a week. So here's an Ashigaru: I got myself way too wound up about having to paint armour. It's not been my preferred thing to paint lately. Saturday was mostly coming to terms with thatSunday repainted what little I had done and powered through to what you see here. Tossed some paint on. I think it turned out ok. Pretty happy, now that it's behind me. Lots of washes on this one. And with that, Yan Lo box has been started!
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    With one hour to spare I present you my first gremlin: Francois Lacroix for 7 SS 😅 I didn't paint much this month, I need to catch up with the thread to see your creations.
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    @Caedrus So this month i finished my Twisted Horrors (9x5=45). I ended up sticking with the original scheme i came up with, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. I've still got that Breachling i was planning to paint, so we'll see if i can get him done over the next few days.
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    One more for the month - Raving Madman
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    WIP Did freehand on front of his skirt. Backside blossoms are still wip. Need to add a few stripes to his sleeves (wife's idea) and finish painting rest of the mini. Coming along at a decent pace. And once the freehand+white is done, there's only small bits left. Or so I tell myself
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    Lots of great stuff here again, for now just a quick update from me. More here: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/05/marcus-x3.html My 45ss for this month.
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    AT LAST! After almost two years the Dark Carnival of Mr. Cooper is finished! More photos as always in our blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.com/2019/05/malifaux-monday-99-dark-carnival.html
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    At this point, I've done enough Arena Rex that I should probably just dedicate a single thread to collecting them. So here we go.
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    @Nikodemus you're on fire with painting! I hope your tournament went well. It was a tournament wasnt it? The one for which you needed an extra crime boss? I am slowly entering the month. I've been trying rolls from greenstuffworld for the base of the mage I was supposed to paint last month. It's been my first time with such rolls. Yesterday I painted it. Here it is:
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    Hi there! here's my pledge for April: * Ryle: 10 SS * Abuela Ortega: 5 SS * The scribe: 2 SS. Two photos for him since I take crappy pictures and wasn't able to get at the same time the suit and the mask. * Lucius: 15 SS * Nino Ortega: 7 SS For a total of 39 SS
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    @Caedrus I know I said I would finish that mage, but I impulsively decided to fast paint a couple of constructs. Here a porkchop for 6ss, putting me at 20ss: A rail golem should also be coming in the next days. I want to add a couple of OSL and finish the base first.
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    Hello, For the pleasure of Mr C. Hoffman I completed the couple of Warden I pledged for this month: value ss 12, so far. I also completed my 3rd party Poltergeist, that I named "The Spirit of the Lagoon" but I'm not happy with the pictures I got ,so I need to catch out better shots tomorrow. Bad news as regard my scenic basements that I was unable to complete because of an unpredictable delay in the delivery of the paints I bought on line for them.
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    @Caedrus cashing in my chips. Looking at them all pictured together it was a very bright month for me... must be because summers coming 3x Bunraku 18, Carrion Effigy 4, Hodgepodge Effigy 4, Crooked Man 7, Kentauroi 8, 2x Exorcists 12, 9x Warped 45, Raving Madman 5 Total for April = 103 stones
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    Keeping up with the metal month I painted part of the avatar to get an alternate lady J. So that puts me up to 60 points for the month, which may end up being my limit (which isn't all that bad point wise at least).
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    Quick paintjob on these three for a buddy just to get them on the table, nothing fancy but they bring my total to 65 ss this month.
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    So I've been hearing more talk about folks being confused about how Dimensional Instability works, and since it's basically the most complicated rule in the game (there's a reason it has five FAQ entries lol) I figured I'd summarize everything here for anyone who's feeling confused about it. I'll throw in some tips and tricks throughout too to help you all think with portals. To start, let's go over the actual wording of this ability, nicely colour-coded to split it up into its three parts: Dimensional Instability: During Scouting, place three 50mm Portal Markers on the board in any location at least 8" from any other Markers and not in your opponent's deployment zone. When a Cult of the Burning Man Fireteam in this Company comes into (or starts in) base contact with a friendly Portal Marker, you may place its unit in base contact with any other friendly Portal Marker. Fireteams that move in this way may not use any remaining movement that was granted by the Order, and cannot use the Dimensional Instability rule again during this Activation. The First Sentence This part's simple: when you're setting up the board, you get to put down your Portal Markers in the Scouting step, specifically in step C. Company Abilities (after any fixed position Objective Markers go down and before Objective Markers that you and your opponent choose the locations of go down). The Second Sentence This part's a bit more complicated, as it needs you to really understand how place effects work, so let's start this off by going over the important bits about places and Portal Markers from the rulebook and FAQ: Place: Place effects are a special form of movement in The Other Side. When an object is placed, it is picked up and placed in a specific location, as determined by the text of the effect creating the place. If the place has a range, the object must be entirely inside the place range. If an object does not fit in a location, it cannot be placed and does not move. When an object is placed, it counts as having moved. A Fireteam may not be placed on top of another Fireteam. 27. If a Fireteam uses the Dimensional Instability Ability to leave the engagement range of an enemy Fireteam, does it suffer a Hit for disengaging? a. No. 29. What does “starts in” refer to on the Dimensional Instability Ability? a. “Starts in” refers to a unit starting its Activation in base contact with a Portal 30. Can a Fireteam use the Dimensional Instability Ability from any instance of base contact with a Portal, such as Tears in Reality or a unit of Stalking Portals moving into base contact with them? a. Yes. 31. Can a Cult of the Burning Man Fireteam use the Dimensional Instability Ability during deployment if it is deployed in base contact with a Portal? a. No. With all of that in mind, let’s review what's going on. Let's say that some single-Fireteam unit such as a Breachling wants to go through a Portal Marker, but they’re not in base contact. The Breachling can move over to the Portal Marker and use Dimensional Instability as soon as it comes into base contact, or the Portal Marker can itself be moved over to the Breachling for the same effect. Really all that matters is that base contact is achieved, how the base contact happens does not (even if the movement was caused by an enemy effect, such as Siren’s Call!), although you can’t use Dimensional Instability during deployment. As soon as the base contact happens, the Breachling can place into base contact with another friendly Portal Marker of its choice. If the unit is already in base contact with the Portal Marker when it activates, then it can just use Dimensional Instability right away without having to do anything else. Okay, let's say instead of a Breachling it's our lovely Titan the Goryshche who wants to use Dimensional Instability. The Cult Titans are a bit of a special case, since they can move through non-Titan Fireteams (though they still can't end their movement overlapping another Fireteam), and because of that they have an extra FAQ just for them: 26. Can a Cult of the Burning Man Titan use the Dimensional Instability Ability while its base is overlapping another non-Titan Fireteam’s base? a. Yes. However, when placed, its base cannot overlap any other Fireteam bases. So if the Goryshche wants to go through a Portal Marker that an enemy non-Titan is standing on top of (partially or fully), Goryshche can just walk on top of the enemy and use Dimensional Instability even if where it came into base contact with the Portal Marker wouldn’t be a legal place to stop moving. It's a bit niche, but this makes Goryshche and Horomatangi a lot harder to stop from getting where they want to be. So that's us covered when there's only one Fireteam to deal with, but how does being a Squad change things? Well, there's a bit more from the rulebook and FAQ on that: Interaction with Squads: When a Fireteam from a Squad is affected by a place effect, every Fireteam in the Squad is placed unless the effect specifically states otherwise (such as by saying “one Fireteam” or “only the targeted Fireteam”). When multiple Fireteams are placed at once, as many Fireteams as possible must be placed in the indicated position. Any Fireteams that cannot fit are then placed in base contact with one of the Fireteams that was able to fit in the indicated position, in a position determined by the Fireteams’ controller. Placed Fireteams must end the place effect in Formation, as usual. 3. When placing a unit, is every Fireteam considered to be placed at once or are they placed one at a time? a. Every Fireteam is considered to be placed at once and must be done in a way so that as many Fireteams follow the initial placement effect as possible. What does that all mean? Well, there’s a few big things. First, all of the Fireteams must place into base contact with the same Portal Marker, no matter how far away they all were (sorry ECB Black Ops). Second, only one of the Fireteams in the unit needs to be touching the Portal Marker. But, third, you need to place as many of the Fireteams into base contact with the Portal Marker as possible when you’re placing them. Any Fireteams that absolutely can’t touch the Portal Marker are instead placed into base contact with one of their Squad-mates who did manage to get into base contact with the Portal Marker. Because of all of this, if your landing spot is a bit tight you can still conga-line your units in a weird way to make it work. Let's say you have three Fireteams in the unit and only one of them can touch the Portal Marker. If only one of the remaining two can touch that first Fireteam, then the third Fireteam can be placed in base contact with the second one. You just have to place them all as legally as possible, but the downside to this flexibility is that if you can't work it so all three fit in some way or another then NONE of them are placed. In general though, conga-lining your Squads is something you can intentionally work to your advantage: if you have a friendly model place itself by your second Portal Marker in such a way that a Squad that lands there would legally have to conga-line which can give you a bit more distance if you set it up right. The Third Sentence This is another section that gets a lot of questions, specifically about how using movement that wasn't from an Order affects things. To help explain this, let's go over one last FAQ: 28. If a Fireteam moves through a Portal using the Dimensional Instability Ability from an effect other than one generated by an Order, can it still resolve movement generated from an Order during the same Activation? a. No. So there are two things to keep in mind here: first, if the movement you used to trigger Dimensional Instability was from an Order, as per Dimensional Instability's blurb you cannot use any remaining movement from the Order after placing. Second, if you trigger Dimensional Instability either by starting in base contact with the Portal Marker or by using non-Order movement during your activation to get there, you still do not get to use any movement from your Order for the rest of the activation. However, that is only true of movement that's from an Order – if you have other ways of getting movement, such as from Goryshche’s Splitting Tails, you absolutely can still use that movement after placing! Also, if you used Dimensional Instability outside of your unit’s activation, such as something moving you outside your activation into base contact with the Portal Marker, when your unit activates then it can use any movement from its Order (as long as you don’t do Dimensional Instability again). This is one of the big reasons why Adeodatos’ Twisting Paths and the Doomseekers’ Translocation Ritual are super handy for moving folks around in unexpected ways, as they give you a lot of extra movement if you play them right. Alrighty, and that's that! I hope that helped make a little more sense out of the most complex (and confusing) ability in the game. If anyone has any more questions about how things work, or have any tips and tricks you want to point out, please post them below and I'll happily edit this to add them in!
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    @muraki Candyland Taelors World could use more pink minis👍 @Franchute That firespot on subtle osl too. @lusciousmccabe Great to see you followed through and succeeded on that freehand. Graphics are hard! Loving the limited palette. @Viruk Skilful display. You are an inspiration👍 @Diddick Good results for quick painting. They're easy on the eyes Chiaki is done! Name of the game was limited palette and extreme highlights. Oh and cursing at myself for deciding to go with the flame base. Should've left that off. Oh well. If I ever get a second Chiaki I'll know to do the right thing. All told a very fun project though. I really enjoyed indulging in some excesses with this one. @Caedrus this concludes my initial pledge of 37ss (Yan Lo, Soul Porter, Chiaki, Ashigaru, Crime Boss). Will try to finish the crew box (+2 Ashigaru) for Wednesday's introductory 50ss game. Will try to finish one other model to qualify for the "50ss painted in a month" painting achievement. Probably a quick male Domadore for a friend.
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    The stolen are done! And with them plus Nix, my May pledge of 11 SS I painted them pretty fast and tried to give them a very pale skin tone. Added some green glow to the bases to match the rats and Nix, and in the eyes to make them creepier (and avoid painting very detailed eyes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
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    @Caedrus I finally managed to finish a fire gamin for 4ss, putting me at 10ss for the month: By the way I'm really looking forward to your death marshall 😉
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    Caedrus, checking in! @Scatterbrain: So sorry to have you withdraw. I liked your work, very much. There's always next year. I sincerely hope your health improves. So, just a quick update here. This is where I'm up to on my modified Recruiter. I notice now that I sculpted the clavicles too far down the chest, and on a slightly odd angle. The hat is also sitting a bit high on the head. And the gun broke off, and needs a repair. However, I'm actually not too displeased, as I wasn't a fan of the beardy-weirdy original sculpt anyway. It'll do! I hope you're having a great May! Caedrus.
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    I've done some work on one of the gamins:
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    Yan Lo done. Half of his box done! Early in the paintjob I debated between gold and non-metallic paint to use for freehand. Opted for gold. If there's something I've realised on multiple occasions, this one included, is to never do freehand with metallics. Some people can probably do it, but I can't. Hopefully I remember it a bit longer this time around. That aside I'm quite happy with what I managed to do. Skin in particular. Will gladly play this until Wyrd releases that alt Yan Lo they've been teasing
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    @Caedrus Cheeky subtle freehand. Nice! That's always fun, playing with inks. Very nice piece overall. Beautiful. ___ Soul Porter is finished! Took longer than I expected. There's a lot of different things to paint on this model. Was my first time painting scratches on his hat. They're sculpted on of course, so all I did was trace what was there. But I don't think it would be that hard to do the same on smooth surfaces. Hardest thing will probably be figuring out how many scratches and where to put them. Cool learning experience. I didn't have any idea how to do the lanterns well. Took some paints and inks ranging from dark brown to white and just played around. Lots of back 'n forth. Fun process. I'm not particularly proud of the end result but they're done and they look ok. Arguably should've added some OSL on figure itself but I'm just not fond of that technique. Overall a cool little mini with potential to introduce new concepts to budding painters. Was fun.
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    This is the current state of the rail golem I mentioned. @Caedrus These 11 stones would make me finish the month at 31 ss. The question is should I add smoke stains on the top of these pipes?
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    And here's the Onryo. @Caedrus, this puts me at 20 for the month. Thanks!
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    Moon's done. Working on the second one. This month's going to be down to the wire if I get in at all.
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    Nah, beta established that Beach Party Raspy would be relaxing in a bikini while everyone else (Kaeris included) exposed to Raspy’s idea of ‘balmy bikini weather’ would still be wrapped up in seven layers of coats. ...It’s Beach Party Von Schill that I worry about. “Half man. Half machine. Zero shirts.”
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    Caedrus, checking in! I think it's time for a quick WIP and update! First of all, I bought a cheapo mini photography lightbox, and I've been trying it out for this update! Here we go! My Wendigo is finally finished. I also think I've qualified for the Painting Achievement of "All your base are belong to us!", with this base taking quite a bit longer than the miniature itself. I was pleased with this guy. Mostly airbrush on the miniature, and the base being a combination of flight stand and spikes of blister-pack-plastic, coated with Vallejo Still Water, and Atelier Heavy Gel (Gloss), and a cracking base using Vallejo Crackle Medium and some P3 Turquoise Ink. Whew! Next up, my Witchling Handler! This lady had such a happy look about her, she inspired me to use her red-and-purple colour scheme for my Witch Hunters. Prototype successful! I was pleased with her NMM sword and brasswork, I was very pleased that I had finally achieved a super-saturated red and super-saturated purple, and I liked the hat sheen (an idea stolen from Serpentarium and the astonishing @Ringil). I may have also messed about with some freehand... What's next? This lady. There's going to be a lot of paint needed to cover my dodgy sculpting skills. Wish me luck! @Nikodemus: Beautiful, beautiful Crime Boss. Loving that Ashigaru armour, as well. @Rathnard: I think that I'm biased when it comes to terrain. I'm a sucker for a beautifully made board with gorgeous terrain, so if people make it, they deserve the points, I reckon! @Purple Mist: I would never, ever have thought to use that metallic chartreuse. It's just perfect. Best of luck on those scenery pieces! @Wintergloom: You've got a huge month ahead. Best of luck at the tournament! @Boomstick: That's a lady with a big gun. Looking forward to that one. @Diddick: Your sculpting skills exceed my own 😊. @Franchute: The Oxfordian mage. Love it. Love the burned-wood effect, love the rich, dark robes. @Chou: Your Samael's face tones are just exquisite. Stern, pale. Gorgeous. Wow. I'm lucky to be in such company. I'm loving watching ALL the Painting-Challenge painters work! Keep putting pigment to plastic (or resin, or metal...) Caedrus.
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    The Faceless is a neat game with some really interesting miniatures. The player token is a compass, and all of the miniatures have magnets in them to manipulate what direction the compass points. When the players move, they have to follow the compass direction. It is a really neat game, and most of the minis are little double sided dioramas (they have one side that’s a poor child about to be abducted by a monster, and the other side is the creepy little chimera that he turns them into). Anyway, here are the minis I painted:
  44. 10 points
    @Caedrus I finished the Emberling for 3 stones. This puts me at 14 ss so far this month: My formerly Doom Ward Oxfordian Mage has been in the following state for about a year. Hopefully I'll finish him by the end of the month:
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    Sweet flames. ___ Yan Lo box finished. Did the base decoration as 4th Ashigaru. Minion (3) I know. Might use it for terrain or in story encounters: And here's a bad pic of tomorrow's list. Starter + Izamu + Manos:
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    http://m3e.nazwa.pl/ I created a simple app to generate encounter, save chosen schemes and track scored points. There is also easy access to description of chosen deployment, strategy and schemes. The rules section contains few rules that I check often in RB. Requests for expanding functionality (I plan to add track of played games with scores and chosen schemes/strategies and possibility to add masters/lists/comments) and rules section are welcome. Website is still in development, so any information about problems and not easy to use solutions will be very useful. Have a nice games ;).
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    April showers are being followed by...well, May showers, in my neck of the woods, so good painting weather continues I'll be doing some more Thunders odds and ends this month, mostly to make sure I'm set for MuseOn Con (which I highly recommend if you're within traveling distance from Iowa). Wanyudo, another Toakage, a Thunder Brother, an Izamu for a friend, and converting Cherri Bomb into a Samurai/Fuhatsu to fit with last month's Team RWBY Misaki. I don't have exact numbers on me at the moment, but I think that's 38ss. (Also, @Caedrus I realized upon seeing you have me as an Unknown for April that I hadn't given a monthly today between my two waves of completions last month. All told it was 45ss).
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    So for May I pledge muchos TOS. We have our first London tourney on the 15th of June and I'd like to get as much of my company done as possible. Unfortunately May is gonna be pretty busy for me so I don't know how much that will be, but I still have left to do Adeodatos, Fenton, ECB Black Ops, Doomseekers, Stalking Portals, 2x Raving Madmen, Immolated Rhino and 2x (proxy) breachlings... hmm where to start
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    I failed. BUT... not in the way you would think I simply used bit too much varnish so the model is currently shiny. From my experience - the same happend with Iggy - it will be OK in a month or two. I also moved and will have to figure out how to take photos since I no longer have my Poor Man's Lighbox available. Until I take proper photos, here is a single out of focus, overlit picture of my second - and oh so shiny - Malifaux Rat
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    So, I have a confession... I despise painting eyes. I delay doing it. I make mistakes and have to repaint the face. It never looks the way I want it. But I know I have to do it because otherwise minis don't look finished. Here's Kirai and Francis: Not great, but that's the best I can do without angrily chucking something. @Caedrus My total for the month is: 57ss Thanks!
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