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    @PetitDalek, here's the WIP shots of Reva.
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    Might do something else if the mood strikes me, but going to focus on alt Barbaros for this month: Grand figure to cap the year off. Still figuring out a colour scheme. Lime green and turquoise armour plates are from ways, ways back when I last considered painting him. Right now pink/purple/magenta armour and grey skin is high in my mind, but I'll let it simmer for a while.
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    Kaeris done for 15ss Even with my gf's far superior iPhone, photo still comes out washed out and scabby. And slightly out of focus. *sigh*
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    Made some progress on a couple of models as I watched Toni take on Levi the other night.
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    Had a few midweek distractions but here's last night's progress on Lilith's White Knight. Shoulder armour isn't quite that smooth irl, but nothing that'd bother you at arm's length. Still WIP of course. Good to see some horsework here. I've got a "rider" myself waiting for an inspiration. @PetitDalek so pretty. Doing a gaming base later?
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    So I did a little write-up on how I've been playing Marcus for a guy on FB and figured I'd post it on here as well for anyone who didn't see it on the Arcanists FB page. Tell me what y'all think. Maybe I should do an actual tactica with Marcus as writing this all down was pretty fun, unless there already is one and I've missed it? Can anyone do tacticas? Do I have to have it approved by moderators? I know 3rd floor wars did one already but writing one might be helpful to some people, eh? Anyways, so here are my experiences with Marcus. Granted I've only had about 10 games with him but over those 10 games, I've tried quite a few things out and determined some things that I think work best, at least for me and hopefully for you too. First, I'll start with my crew I have played most regularly: Marcus - 3 stones Jackalope Cerberus with Soulstone Cache Myranda Ferdinand Vogel The Scorpius Soulstone Miner with Magical Training Hoarcat Marcus is a middle tier master and his crew runs a very thin line of being good and getting slaughtered. To stay above that thin line, positioning and card draw is key. The nice thing is that this crew is very mobile and can strike from multiple vectors. About nine out of ten times, I have most of my models with Mutation upgrades within range to trigger Primal Domain because Cycling cards is one of the strongest ways to keep the crew going. Not to mention the bonuses that come with Adaptive Evolution that trigger the discarding/drawing effect. Saying this, I do like to send my Cerberus (with the Soulstone Cache upgrade and at least two Mutation upgrades) into the enemy backlines or hunting scheme runners as it's the easiest model to do so and to get Soulstones back upon their deaths. Also, remember, when the Cerberus dies, it gives you a Soulstone back due to the damaging timing sequence (step 6C page 34 of the Rulebook). The Scorpius is an interesting Frontliner/Flanker mostly due to it's Neurotoxins ability. Once an enemy model within 3 inches (from a 50mm base) has Poison, the model CANNOT USE SOULSTONES OR DECLARE TRIGGERS. At stat 7 with built-in Poison, this model is going to inflict Poison. This prevents damage reduction from soulstone use, defensive triggers, etc. Its huge. Not to mention the Scorpius can heal from Poisoned models and can draw cards from Poisoned models. Notice that I don't really have anything else that can inflict Poison though (although Myranda can, she will never be using her own melee attacks). This is mostly because Arcanists lack any other real ways to inflict Poison but this usually doesn't matter as most people won't bring Condition removal vs Marcus and the Assist action can't remove the Poison so the enemy model has to let it happen. In regards to Myranda, she is a very fluid model. If she is in Beast form and I need a Beast healed (most likely the Scorpius), I have her switch back, heal and then switch forms again to then Charge into an enemy. Her role is very fluid and as needed. I mostly like to change into Blessed of December for the free enemy push on the attack and the Deadly Pursuit to set up a next turn action but if needed, another Cerberus works too. Usually the field maneuvering is something Cojo can do but I think Cojo is overpriced and I don't like to run him often. Usually only bringing him into Plant Explosives games to throw enemy models with Explosives 10 inches back into their deployment zones. Now for the Hoarcat. This model is perfect for when the enemy inevitably targets Marcus and you have to use Marcus's Protected (Beast) ability. If you haven't activated the Hoarcat (which you shouldn't until last), when the Hoarcat becomes the new target, the enemy is at a negative because of the Manipulative. The Hoarcat also has built-in stealth so they can't target it from range farther than six inches and if the enemy is within 6 inches, they are already having to deal with the rest of the Beasts. If, for some reason, you need the Hoarcat to run off and do schemes, you then have Ferdinand with you. Ferdinand is a great model. Able to help Marcus survive with Shielded +2, non-projectile 8 inch range with trigger to draw cards or push friendly minions around and can place enemies at negatives on attacks. Oh, also, a huge ass Werewolf jumps out at any enemy who wants to come play which just so happens to be a Beast. As for some of you issues such as playing vs armor, it becomes a little difficult because you have to fit in a December Acolyte to get their Analyze Weakness ability or hope to trigger the Beast's Within Armor Piercing trigger. Or rely on Focus to achieve those good Moderate damage capabilities. I haven't played vs Dreamer but I've heard he is above the curve and is one of the top tier crews so Marcus, as a middle-tier crew, would struggle vs him. As for schemes and strats I usually play Marcus into, I try for either attacking, maneuvering, or middle field schemes (although deep schemes are doable with a Soulstone Miner). Claim jump is hard but doable, Search the Ruins, Outflank, stuff like that. Power Ritual requires you to basically take a model out of the action and with this crew, it's not a good idea although faking it early game is a good idea. As for strats, I personally like Plant Explosives and Turf War. Reckoning can be hard due to the Beasts having a rough time healing unless you're blowing all your Adaptive Evolution's on healing triggers and not more damage. Corrupted Idols is just too much damage. You basically have to get lucky (or your opponent real unlucky) but it's doable.
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    If Ten Thunders can have their Samurai WITH Trained Ninja I want Guild Hounds running around with Atomic Bombs strapped to them. We are the Guild! We have the resources!
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    On AP Saturation Hamelin's game is all about having a high volume of AP at their disposal with which to disrupt the opponent and accomplish their schemes. Not only are Hamelin's models cheaper than most other keywords, but Hamelin's Unclean Influence bonus action means that all of the Vermin in your Crew will be operating at 3 AP every turn. The Moldy Cheese action on Stolen and Rat Catchers can further grant Vermin Fast. Its rarely worthwhile to put Fast on Malifaux Rats for their own sake, but putting it on a Rat you intend to Swarm Together into a Rat King gives that Rat King fast without pitching a high card. The 8 or 10+ required to put Fast on a Winged Plague or Rat King directly is steep, but if it gives you a VP or sets up your tempo for later turns, it is worth it. This is also why Hamelin's crew moves as a bubble-a large bubble! (6" radius around Hamelin)-but a bubble. This is also part of why Hamelin isn't usually trying to score much on turn 2. Turn by Turn, Denying Value This is key to playing Hamelin. My sense is that Hamelin games are actually decided in turn 2, but you don't see the payoff until turn 3 or 4. You have to drag the other crew to your level, and make them has as bad of a turn 1-2 as you do. Turn 1. Your oppoment is going to have 5ish Pass Tokens, and they will have a choice. They can either let you outactivate them by a lot, or they can guarentee a initiative on turn 2. The enemy will broadly fall into one of tow categories: Buff and Alpha Strike; or Pure Positioning. A Pure Positioning Crew is probably going to claim an early Strategy Advantage and set themselves up to score and kill your models in t2. An Alpha Strike crew does the same, but spends resoueces buffing one model up before launching them in to your deployment zone. In both cases, you deny value through Unclean Influence combined with a high volume of models. If your opponent holds on to their pass tokens, then you will have the advantage of seeing where most of the opponent's crew is committing before moving your important pieces. If the opponent doesn't hold on to their pass tokens, then you still get to see where they placed their models before you reposition your Vermin with Unclean Influence. Expect the early t2 aggression. Place Malifaux Rats and Stolen in places where they take at least 1 AP from the opponent to get around. Take advantage of the 8" Charge Distance from Unclean Influence, or the extra AP by making sure the enemy is within move + charge range, but not the enemy's charge range. Based on what Schemes are available, predict what models are going to try and score what schemes in t2 and move your models to disrupt them. Rat Kings can single handedly stop most Marker based Schemes, and also eat most Scheme Runners. In the case of an Alpha Strike, save Benny and Hamelin. Everything else is expendable. Eat the model they committed to it: Hamelin should be able to do so in one activation. Smart Alpha Strike crews will use their pass tokens and commit the beater as late into the turn as possible. That is okay, Hamelin, a few Rats, and 1-2 Rat Kings can probably kill most things in a single activation. If it is an Alphastrike with a recursive model (i.e. Ikiryo) then your gameplan is to minimize the value from their attack by gaining what you lose. If Hamelin can produce 2-4 Malifaux Rats off of the his Infestation Trigger and Voracious Rats. If the Alpha Strike just killed a Rat King/Catcher, that is pretty close to a complete recovery, especially after factoring in Moldy Cheese. Turn 2 Your opponent will try to score and try to wreck havok on your models. If you set things up well on turn 1, holding key models out of threat ranges and using Stolen/Malifaux Rats to eat the opponent's AP by being in the way. You deny value by eating Scheme Markers and letting the opponent kill low value models. Let Malifaux Rats and Stolen die. Let Rat Kings be damaged, only to summon a Rat Catcher. Eat Scheme Markers as they are placed. Your goal is to hold on to Benny and Hamelin and to keep the opponent from getting a 2vp or greater lead. Things at this point are more directly Strategy and Scheme dependent. Eat your oppnent's markers, surround their models with Vermin, spread Blight everywhere. Try and force the fight towards the center of the board or another area where your models can break off and complete schemes in turns 3 and 4. Turns 3 and 4 Table them. I'm only slightly joking. Your goal is either to cripple the opponent souch that they can no longer score VP, and to score your Strategies and Schemes. If you reached here and aren't crippled, you should have such a huge board advantage that you can steamroll whatever they have left. Turn 5 Set your pieces up to score end of game vp while stopping the opponent from doing the same. It's straightforward. Notably, Hamelin is in a much better place to score vp on turn 5 than most masters due to the sheer number of AP he can get, even here. Remember that Rat Kongs are a Replace and not a Summon, and can score on tje turn they Tangle Together.
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    The worst part is he is using my own swarms (I had them for last edition Hoff) against me!
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    (con't from Page 1) Please be informed however, that McMourning was one of Malifaux's preeminent plastic surgeons. On no less than two occasions, intrepid bounty hunters delivered what they believed was the corpse of Douglas McMourning, only for autopsies to later reveal that the body was surgically altered to look almost exactly like the villainous doctor. The Guild has compiled a checklist of physical traits to look for when identifying the body. These include: Caucasian/European descent. Male. Red hair. Blue eyes. No tattoos. Faint smell of almonds. Multiple scalpel scars along the hands, arms, and left foot. Scar of a smiling face on his left buttock. Inexplicably complete set of fingers and toes. Unusually full set of teeth. Please be advised that any bodies brought to the Enclave that do not conform to these simple standards will not be eligible for the bounty.
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    I've got it: give Fermented river style as an upgrade we can purchase for our masters.
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    Ama no Zako doesn't copy, it makes the target take an action.... I know, semantics. But at 1 damage to the Emissary and a flicker to Ama, I wouldn't risk this too often. pretty much if you have that 28% chance of failure with your initial redrawing. Great concept though! Love everyone's contributions!
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    It's incredible how this type of comment pops out in every ShenLong topic xD
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    I won't talk about model choice, especially not across three factions. But I recommend what I did myself and what many other recommend for (re)starters of the game: if you want to limit your purchases, choose a single faction. The grass is always greener on the other side (or at least some models). There will always be additional options to buy in a game which allows to mix and match lists for each game. So the temptation to buy more stuff will always be bigger. Instead of 1-2 fixed lists in three factions you could fit a single factions with many playable option in your bag instead.
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    Regarding the original question... A lot of people seem to miss that charge doesn't require a target. You can charge and attack a stealth minion. You can move-charge to avoid Molly's Lethe's Caress, etc. I also missed when reading Lure for the first few times that you can lure your OWN models. The ability became so much better when I realised that. I think for many abilities, you know in the back of your mind you can use it on allies, but you never think to. Black Blood Shamans getting a trigger to drop corpse markers by stabbing their friends is another good example.
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    Not sure if people are interested in updates, but here's how it went for the first night! We had 5 new players and 3 experienced players floating around to help. The pool of plant explosives + claim jump worked really well. The players each had a target of reaching two victory points. Only 1 of the new players managed to reach that target initially as they were running around just fighting each other. BUT 4 of them enjoyed themselves so much they had rematches, and all four of those players got the two point target in the second attempt. It was good to see the growth in understanding of the game over the course of the night (I gave a few tips, but they largely figured it out themselves)! Some even got as high as four points, essentially the maximum for the match. We're having a second 'first' session on Sunday, so should have another 3-4 new people then as well.
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    It's been 24 hours and how have I just thought of KNIGHT RIDER!?
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    My confusion rose from the fact that you didn't seem to answer his question but rather some other question that was far, far looser in scope. But that said, I do 100% believe what you are saying now and communication is never easy and I for one have been guilty of similar many times in the past so fair enough. There's three Dreamer players around, one is a beginner, one is moderately experienced, and one is a superb player. All the Dreamer games seem to revolve strongly around GYL but that is naturally anecdotal. Oh, and I have never lost a game where I have used the Stitched. But that is even less of an indication of a greater trend than my other Stitched experiences. I'm not quite sure I called you dishonest but if I did, I sincerely apologize.
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    It says 'the range'. Why do you keep trying to make it plural and look for every distance specified by the effects of the action and its triggers? If someone says "The range of Toss is one inch", you say 'Yes, that's right.' If someone asks 'What's the range of Clockwork Grenade?' you say 'It's eight inches.' Seriously, when a Rifleman uses the Sniper ability, Ricochet doesn't become 'Choose another model within 13" of the target." because of the words "treat the Action as having +10" range."
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    Fire gamin can put a pyre marker over a model just by walking through one and ending near. It only takes burning from it, (unless Kaeris is the leader) so its a slow damage form. (There are several create Hazardous auras out there that bypass a lot of defensive tech, but most are on expensive models. Likewise there are quite a few things that create hazardous markers, but you've then got to get the model onto the marker).
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    I've played a few starter games with Pandora, and hot damn she seems neat! I thought I'd share some of my first impressions for each of the models I've purchased. Pandora - Poltergeist - Kade The primary bubble of the crew, these three need to stick together. Pandora Mood swings is one of the most powerful abilities in the crew. Winning initiative is a BIG deal in many games, and if you position Pandora correctly, you can just completely negate your opponent's initiative advantage no matter how high they cheat. Definitely worth getting Pandora into the action - as long as they can't penetrate her terrifying (which is what poltergeist is for). Kade Kade is a horrifying murder baby... As long as he is alive to keep stabbing. Without Mood Swings, Kade is going to die at the start of a turn and you'll get one less activation out of him. So he has to stay near Pandora and the geist. All three of his triggers on his knife are useful, with mask probably being the best overall for the knife. Execute is fantastic when you can set it up, but your opponent isn't going to make it easy. Rams is his best suit for his abilities overall - luring an enemy in with a rams trigger means you're going to be stabbing super hard (1 super attack + 2 more attacks from fast). Worth doing even if the enemy is in melee. Careful of relying on Pandora's suits - once the action starts, you'll have to activate Kade at the start of the turn or he'll die to a single model beating on him, manipulative or not. But remember you can cheat a decent rams to win most lure duels near a poltergeist. Poltergeist Poltergeist is there for his auras. Negating ruthless and giving a minus to willpower duels (include terrifying and lures) is epic. I suspect this is one of the best support totems in the game. I imagine anyone who plays Pandora more than once is going to learn to kill the Poltergeist ASAP, so be careful to get at least one solid turn at it before it is exposed. It is too fragile to keep alive forever, but whatever time you can gain is useful (as long as you're not keeping it so far from the action it does nothing useful). It also can scheme, so can be super useful for interacting on turn one (such as on turf war, or harness the leyline) and then is fast enough to run back into the action. This bubble also positions Kade solidly to be able to lure or where's teddy allies back into your main bubble if they decide to try to break it. EDIT: I forgot to mention his marker removal as well! Marker removal can be relatively rare, and this guy can remove anything! Extremely potent against marker-based crews. Teddy I have played with him once, but he adds so much to the crew. As a solid tank, Kade can lure him forward turn one, and then Teddy is available to countercharge anything that alpha-strikes Kade. After that, he can stay ahead of Kade by 10" - ready to be called back if needed. He can also pull models out with I've Got Your Back. Between him, Kade, and Pandora, models will be slingshotting all over the table. He is also excellent in that he requires no support to be effective (other than a bit of assistance turn 1 to advance up the board). So he can just lumber around beating on things while the rest of the crew (especially Kade) takes support from Poltergeist and Pandora. Candy Speaking of slingshotting, Candy is fully capable of rocketing herself around the table. So far I give her an early move with Kade turn one, then give her the last activation. I try to have her On Your Heels into a weak-ish spot for the enemy to tie them up. Particularly powerful if she can hit scheme runners, and just spam temper tantrums to bog them down. Since her beginning of activation stun also means they can't use triggers, she essentially will have armour two unless they send in reinforcements. And it is perfect if they do, as the rest of the crew needs some time to get into position to dominate the board. Candy helps buy the time. Sorrows For a short time, I thought Sorrows sucked. Thanks to someone on the forum talking about keeping them on the edge of battle, I now quite like them. I use them as scheme runners off to the side. Once battle breaks out, they can run in with their auras or support with their ranged stun. Or better yet, an opponent goes after them, as they look weak and isolated. The perfect time to swing the whole bubble around and kill whatever models went after the Sorrow. They are unfortunately destined to die, but they serve their purpose. Hooded rider This crew struggles to deal with severe terrain - all of its key pieces are vulnerable to it. The Hooded Rider immensely helps with that. On top of that, the positioning benefit it gives is going to be insanely useful to the crew. I haven't played a full 50 stones yet, but as soon as I do, Hooded Rider is going to be in every list I suspect. Overall Positioning always matters in Malifaux, but this crew seems particularly precise. You never want your models to stray past the point that you can't reach them with support abilities (with the biggest ones being lure, where's teddy, and I got your back). Pandora can help shift models 3 inches, but using a master's action to move someone three inches is hugely inefficient. Getting positioning right in the first place seems like one of the big challenges of playing Pandora. Managing conditions - making sure the right conditions aren't stunned so Candy can stun them with her aura, while other certain models ARE stunned so they can't use bonuses and triggers, and also juggling the benefit of having conditions on models vs. pulling it off with opportunistic to try to get another misery trigger... Is a lot to manage! Seems like a pretty high skill cap for a crew, but at the moment seems pretty manageable since I don't have Aversion/Lyssa. So the number of moving pieces isn't too crazy. I imagine it'll be hectic running the full array! Next up, I'm converting a crooligan into an iggy! Well, that's it for now! I hope some of these impressions are useful. Thanks to everyone who has shared insights so far.
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    This I think is one place where you seem almost blind. The stitched are hitting with a powerful damage track, on an attack the opponent can't cheat to defend against, and even if the result is a tie, the stitched is capable of cheating the damage flip. That's all very powerful stuff. How many models out there are likely to be able to do 10 damage in their activation. The stitched needs a small amount of luck (Tieing or winning a random card flip ) and 2 severs in hand. Tell me any other model that needs that little effort to be able to deal 10 damage. Sure, the stitched may hurt itself instead but that's not something the opponent has any control over, so from a counter play point of view you have to treat the model as able to deal 10 damage in its activation to something that is 6" away as long as it can see them. You also need to consider that the keyword has pushes so you can't just end your activation 7" away and be safe from the second gamble. DF 6, armour +1 and multiple ways to heal (granted not entirely in this models control) as well as downsides for the most common form of attack . Very few models can seriously consider killing this in 1 hit. It also comes with as many wounds as it costs. This is a very tanky model for its cost. It is also a relatively trivial summon for 2 different models, so killing it doesn't automatically deal with it as a problem. You also seem to think a range 6 attack is poor. It is not. Sure its a shorter range than most guns, but it doesn't contain any of the disadvantages of it being a action. It is a much longer range than any and its of a similar threat range to most models charge and . (Again without the downsides of having to actually move the model and the risk of terrain, or ways to protect or prevent it happening, although without the upsides of letting you move and do it). Go and look how many ways for a model to damage something 6" away from them that don't suffer all the downsides of . It is quite rare. In my mind the negative play aspect of the stitched is that there doesn't seem to be counter play to what it does. A single stitched activation with no support is capable of dealing 5-8 damage to one of my models with almost no counterplay. You appear focused on trying to change the model but without actually changing the model. Your Hans Example appears quite flawed as it assumes that Hans wins 2 duels when the stats are equal. That's a much lower chance than the stitched winning 2 gambles in a turn because of the ability of the stitched to cheat the cards in a normal duel. The chance of a blessed of December killing a stitched in 1 activation is pretty low. Its not impossible, but you are likely to need to get multiple hits and doing moderate or better damage on negative damage flips at least once. (Holding a high makes it a lot easier, but you need that to be higher than the highest card the stitched holds for your focus attack to let you do 7 damage)
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    The buff the Crossroads 7 need is being sold individually, so people don't have to spend $60 on one 30mm model.
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    I find in my NB games, with Marcus and Dreamer, to have no problems. Dreamer has so many pushes to get nightmares up the board, the web marker teleports, and summoning on something, killing it, and the new model can go scheme after if need be. Marcus, you have molemen and even cerberus who can become amazing schemers after they kill a model or two. But thats arcanist models brought in. I also think that while Savage will be another killing keyword, they have some very interesting movement and scheme marker potential.
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    Pizza is not included in the ticket price. Sorry will clarify.
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    This just really feels like the "All of my problems are nails, the only tools I need are hammers" analysis method.
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    Holy shit, massive facepalm. I've played him like five times and never noticed the attack pushes the target. 😂Can't wait to try him with his actual rules.
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    SwordFaux III - 50ss Tournament December 7, 2019 The Sword and Board 1193 Bloor Street West - Rear Toronto, ON M6H 1N4 http://www.theswordandboardtoronto.com/ (647) 350-7529 Registration begins at 11.00AM. First round starts at 11.30AM. $10 entry fee. Prizes : First Place: Mystery Box from Wyrd prize kit Participation: Players who complete all rounds and have not won another prize will be entered into a raffle draw for a Mystery box. Bonus raffle entry for players with fully painted models. Guilders for the first 8 players to register. Additional prizes including store credit TBA depending on turn out. Hobby: Open to all Players who complete the tournament. Points will be awarded each round based on all models used (including summons.) In the event of a tie, Winner will be determined randomly. 3 Points: GG Season Zero compliant (Fully painted & based, conforming proxies/conversions) 2 Points: Fully painted and based. 1 Point: Fully painted. Inaugural Malifaux 3rd Edition tournament. Event will be run using Wyrd’s Gaining Grounds Season Zero format with 50 soul stone crews. Fully painted crews are not required but encouraged. Rounds will be 2 hours in length. If a player chooses to use the M3E app instead of cards, the game state must still be clearly marked on the board (wounds/conditions/etc.) •Round 1 - Turf War, Flank Deployment •Round 2 - Corrupted Idols, Corner Deployment •Round 3 - Reckoning, Wedge Deployment Schemes will be announced at the beginning of each Round.
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    Plenty of manufactures already make markers for you to use. I don't think Wyrd needs to produce every little thing for use to play a game. I won't comment on the rest of your rant other then this really isn't the place for it.
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    Just in case, it also works with Disengaging Attacks. A model with Butterfly Jump will disengage even getting Severe Damage (-6 Mv).
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    Yeah, if there are two Unbury effects that both go off at the start of the activation, they both get resolved and it basically comes down to controller's choice. There's a bit of an argument whether 'when ____ activates' happens before 'start of activation', but Wyrd failed to make that distinction through 2nd edition, I don't think they managed to start during the beta. (There end up being three different phrases that appear to be chosen entirely based on where the rule is located in relation to the activating model.) Either way, Pine Boxing a Bone Pile isn't a death sentence because of Unearth.
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    For master i would probably go with lucius as lawyers shielded can save you from a lot of ping damage and agent 46 ruthless really can help against his terrifying and manipulative. Pale rider is a perfect counter to Candy. With a guaranteed trigger you can take her out with two moderates. Guild steward is another model I would consider for condition removal and focus, plus heal to mitigate ping damage. Regarding schemes, I would avoid dig as very few pandora models drop markers and you don't have a way to generate three. If you take harness be aware that both doppel and poltergeist can easily remove them. Polstergeist is surprisingly mobile so even if you send a witness to the opposite side of his bubble to lay it, he can get there fast. I would probably go for assassinate as you want to do something about pandora anyway and with a couple of ruthless models she dies quite fast. For my other scheme it would depend on his crew selection. Be aware that aversions are very good at securing claim jump thanks to their no resist 3" push. LLC times two could be a good idea as woes doesn't have a lot of armour ignoring and do have a lot of forces movement effects. Hope this helps
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    Heya Breachers, So this week Waldo learned about the tooth fairy. Long story short I came to after drinking some coffee to find two teeth missing and a hastily scribbled IOU from "da toof fairee." My jaw is still swollen. With this unsettling development, I haven't been able to make a proper Fatemaster Friday for this week. But, I want to announce the winner of the TTB/Horror mashup. All the submissions were great, and ultimately it was chosen by my own Wheel of Fate! @CaptianEinsteinAlucard, congratulations! Please PM me with your mailing address and drivethrurpg account's email. Once we have something on the way to you, I'll let you know! Thanks everyone for your contributions, they were a pleasure to read! To those who didn't win this time, don't worry there will be more TTB contests in the future!
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    Wow, thanks all for the replies didnt expect so many haha. Thanks for the tips as wll, Hoff is by far my favourite guild master so all the extra tips are really appreciated. Taking him to the last big event being Abreach in the North IV at the endo of the month and Im soloing Hoff so it should be entertaining! Thanks again folks!
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    It was discused a while ago. I think the general consensus is Shen can't reduce the damage... but it's not 100% clear. https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/146989-ignoring-armor-vs-irreducible-damage/
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    I will also be accepting CONSTRUCTIVE responses!
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    I ran Nellie into Sandeep for plant explosives. 5-4 win. My list:Round 3 Nellie (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Nellie Cochrane Lead-Lined Coat Totem(s): The Printing Press Hires: Undercover Reporter Phiona Gage False Witness Guild Steward Pale Rider Brutal Effigy Effigy of Fate His list: Sandeep, banasuva, kandara, miner with upgrade, 2 deisel engined swarms, a fire gamin and a wind gamin.
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    Best advice here - and don’t forget Molly’s old boyfriend Seamus. He can b****slap with the best of them, and he carries a big gun.
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    Melee Attack for Field Reporters, e.g. Frantic Flailing MV 5 for Sonnia build-in Tome for Interrogate on Investigators DF 6 for Samael Hopkins WP 6 for Jury Into the Cage same effect as pine Box (distracted +1)
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    What: Faux Moines and the Murder on the Ridley Express is a 50ss M3E Three Round Tournament. We will be using Gaining Grounds Season 0 rules and the 'Bans' variant. Where: Mayhem Comics and Games in Clive, IA (Des Moines) When: January 11th, starting at 10am Cost: $10 entry fee. Prizes will be given out to every attendee Extra: Prize selection will be based around overall winner, which is a combination of wins, placement, and painting scores. Tournament Packet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LqINYIAWf72RWv7qi1nL0MBIAxWNcUrcKDmfP6xOcI0/edit?usp=sharing
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    What if the 2/3/4 track had a trigger for swift action? You have to pass another simple duel, you by definition actually have to gamble something, and you had to get the suit in the first place. Armor hinders their damage more, but could still get quite a bit of raw damage with luck.
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    Swansea will be attending, at least 2 of us but hopefully round up some more. Luke
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    It doesn't work like it used to in M2E. Because M3E unified all of the timing into Simultaneous Effects. What happens when you resolve a pulse effect is "This group of models here are all subject to 'must take a TN 13 Wp duel or suffer 2 damage and gain Staggered.' In order to resolve that, you go to Simultaneous Effects and it's an 'Enemy models within range' pulse, you skip directly to section 2 and the non-Active player goes through their models in the order desired. The person generating the pulse doesn't choose the order in which those tests are performed.
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    She put the Grenade Belts on Freikorpsmann and took the damage to keep it after use, plus Hannah copying Lazarus. I'm not playing Qi and Gong again until I have the models, so we'll see if it happens again next year (or whenever Kabuki Warriors are released).
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    Enemy only - you can only declare this trigger against an enemy attack (no burying Moleman with your own models attacking it). Df - it is a trigger you can declare against defense attacks, but not willpower attacks. Mask - you need a mask in your final duel total to declare the trigger. However his defense stat is 4mask so you always add a mask to defense duels. This is the same as an attack with built in stats, except it is for defense. Hope that helps! Defensive triggers are like attack triggers, except you declare them only when attacked.
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    I'm surprised y'all value the extra Silent One so much - after the first turn six-Pillar set up, what are they spending AP on? The attack is lacklustre, and I've rarely had need of the heal. I can see maybe swapping one in in place of an Ice Dancer when her services are not required. Perhaps I'm just not meeting terrain destruction as much as you - if they are getting aggressively removed all game, saving Tina's AP can be worthwhile I guess.
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    Wanted to keep this thread going as more faction books are making their way through the community. Any exciting plot twists or cool stories to keep an eye out for?
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    It can be kind of solved going versatile heavy or OOK but her crew is slow, so movement heavy strategy or schemes aren't her cup of tea. Any other than those, she is all set.
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    Molly SquidpiddgeMake no mistake, although she lacks the killing potential of Seamus or the summoning might of Kirai, Molly is the centerpiece of her crew. Her defense spread is excellent against casual attempts at her life, but beg for Focused attacks. Df 5, Wp 6, Wd 10 is on the distinctly average side for a Rezzer master, and she relies on giving the opponent a negative flip to attack and damage to survive. With no other survival tactics or innate healing, Molly goes down quick against enemies that can gain a lot of Focused or that have an inherent +Twist to their duels. Killing Molly is an investment, and one that usually telegraphs intent in advance, but it is usually worth it for the opponent. Play her position appropriately in light of that. Lethe's Caress gives Molly a tremendous board presence just by existing. Anyone who attempts to walk or attack a second (or more) time in her LoS takes 2 damage with no resistance. Note that she doesn't have to see the first time the opponent performs an action, and that actions that create actions can potentially trigger it--a model that charges in and tries to attack twice still takes damage. True to Molly's personality, this is something that protects her entire crew. The Gorgon's Influence lets her draw cards until her hand matches the opponent's when she activates. This makes activation management and hand management completely different for Molly than it is for anyone else. Other Masters tend to want to hoard cards and use them as infrequently as the situation will allow, while Molly wanta to be using cards frwquently. This plays in to the Fading mechanic most of her crew has, which provides a special effect when that model discards a card. Molly still wants to spend her cards well, but she wants to be spending them. Offensively, she has Disturbing Story and One More Question. Disturbing Story is more of a threat than an action Molly will be taking often. If the opponent has 3 or fewer cards in their hand, a flat 3 irreducable damage per action is a compelling gun. In some situations you will even be aiming for tjat outcome. One More Question is more of a toolbox than an attack. It grants Slow, damaging only when the enemy model is engaged, but you are using this for the triggers. You can end conditions on the target, drop scheme markers in base combat with targets, and force the enemy to remove their scheme markers Support wise she can consume Corpse/Scrap/Scheme Markers (yours or your opponent's) to draw Cards. She can also spend an action to allow a Crooligan, Night Terror, or Rabble Riser to Reactivate. Her bonus action is used to push her crew forward and let them discard cards from Fading. It is useful, and keep in mind you choose whether to discard on a model by model basis. Largely it is helping a mobile crew be even more mobile. By and large you are going to want to have a gameplan for which way you want to use Molly each turn. Be mindful of her positioning and very aware of which of the opponent's models are a threat to her, since she will die quickly if focused on. 1. Use her to lay waste to markers and/or support Card Draw. You will want to either use Lost Knowledge if you can get into range, or focus on the Crow trigger of One More Question! against enemy models who are engaged. An effective 3/5/6 damage flip is nothing to sneeze at, but the amount of control this gives the opponent and the probable need for soulstones is too troublesome to rely on. On the other hand, it has unlimited range. 2. Use her to place Scheme Markers. This will usually be done through her Tomes trigger. Keep in mind she can shoot her own models, whose only downside is getting Slow, to place markers next to them. This makes some Schemes trivial. 3. Use her ro reactivate models. This lets you effectively gain 2ap for every one she spends. This is arguably the best generic use of her actions. Necrotic Machine, 4ss (free with Molly)Necrotic Machime is a versatile model whose primary purpose is setting up Molly's "The Gorgon's Influence." Armor +2 means that the enemy will consistently take 4 AP to kill it, although it really benefits from added healing. Primarily, it heals models with its bonus action and uses Strange Behavior to make sure that the opponent has cards in their hand. Remember that if you have an opponent take a Moderate or Severe card, your extra action can be another Strange Behavior. Be careful about filling your oponent's hands with good cards they need. Accomplice lets you immediately chain this into a Molly activation--she will replenish the card she spends anyways! Philip and the Nanny, 8ss So, I think Philip is designed to be an offensive disruption model that plugs some holes in Molly's defense. Near Philip, models are punished for gainimg Focused, which counters her prmary defense. Chatty is always an excellent surcharge added to Interactions. Offensively, Pram Ram is excellent if you get the Mask trigger. A 2/3/4 with an extra, seperately applied 1 damage and Poison is competitive, even before factoring the push and the fact that you might damage multiple models. One More Question isn't quite the toolbox it is on Molly, but it can threaten scheme markers and/or pass out Slow like crazy. Unfortunately, all of that is undermined by how fragile Philip is. Df 4, Wp 6, Wd 9 won't last long in a real fight. I think he is meant to yoyo in and out before people can really focus him, but it's a longshot. His triggers are important, and they aren't baked in, making him card/stone intensive. I don't know, I'm not sold, I'll have to put him on the table. Rogue Necromancy, 10ssRogue Necromancy is the Forgotten Keyword's designated beatstick. A Stat 6 with a positive twist, 3/4/5 dmg with some excellent triggers is an impressive offense. It's mobile, Hard to Wound, Hard to Kill, complicated regeneration, and has terrifying. The only bad part of this model is its Defense 4 and the fact that it doesn't really support other models. Unfortinately, Rogue Necromancy is competing with the Dead Rider. It can compete, but it is stiff competition. In slaughter, it may be worth taking both. Archie, 9ssArchie is arguably the biggest advantage of Forgotten. He is insanely mobile, hits like a truck, and is reasonably sturdy. That Df 4 and Wp 4 is his only real downside. Most Molly lists are probably going to begin with Archie. The Forgotten Marshel, 7ssFirst thing's first: you are taking The Whisperer if you take this model, so it is basically 9ss. He has a melee range Bury that targets Size as a defensive trait, but otherwise has an unremarkable offense and defense. That said, you take him because he can summon Forgotten Minions (so Crooligan, Night Terror, and Rabble Riser) with an 8+ of Crows. His biggest weakness is that he can't use Soulstones, so he can't buy his necessary suit in a pinch. He is relying on Molly's rediculess card draw to stay relevant. Now, she gas rediculess card draw, and he can go a turn or two without summoning, but it still isn't easy. That said, even unreliable summoning is still extremely strong, and in a Molly Crewe he should be seriously considered. Stay away from him on Slaughter, and use his summons aggressively in Turf War, keeping them off your controlled quarters. Half health minions are easy to destroy. Rabble Riser, 6ssAh, Nicodem's olđ Punk Zombies. They are amazing beatsticks in a Molly Crewe for one simple reason: she can make them reactivate. On their own they are decidedly average. With Molly it is almost worth taking two Punk Zombies over a Rogue Necromancy or a Dead Rider for the sheer amount of killing potential they bring to the field. Remember that Challenge can be used on your own models to force them to discard wantonly. The ideal Rabble Riser gets an alpha strike on a model more expensive than itself and kills it before dying horribly--and they will die when the enemy wants them gone. Night Terror, 5ssNight Terrors are defensive support models. They aren't sturdy, they don't hit hard. They are amazingly fast and they have two useful auras. The first one grants nearby models Concealment, a.k.a. protection from ranged attacks. The other one is activated as a bonus action and forces nearby models to discard a card if they want to cheat fate. I am considering putting Grave Spirit's Touch on these guys and seeing how survivable that makes them. They are fast, but Crooligans are by far the best objective runners. Their Speed helps them to redeploy in the most annoying position possible to the opponent. That said, Molly, some Rabble Risers, Archie, or a Rogue Necromancy supported by one of these guys is going to be very hard to put down. Crooligan, 4ssCrooligans are arguably Molly's most iconic model, and M3e has been kind to them. They are an excellent addition to her Crewe at all times, and most other models need to be balanced by "i could be taking 1 to 3 Crooligans here." They have an aweful amount of damage, with a minimum 1. They are just survivable enough to survive 2-3 AP worth of successful attacks, but no more. What makes them valuable is the fact they are cheap, the fact that they put immediate pressure on the enemy, and the fact that they can project their presence over the entire board. Placing Scheme Markers almost anywhere turn 1 forces the opponent to play the game in a more reactive fashion, where you get to direct the flow. Unless the enemy also has a bunch of cheap models, they are going to need to divide and commit far more stones to stop you. Crooligans also have By Your Side, allowing them to immediately project their limited force almost anywhere on the board. Think of your non-minion Forgotten Models as aircraft carriers and Crooligans as the planes. Any time an opponent wants to pick off one of your key models, they have to account for three Crooligans suddenly showing up. Minimum damage 1 is pathetic, but minimum damage 1 six times on top of an angry Archie/Rogue Necromancy is deadly to anything without Incorporeal. Throw on top of that the fact that they are Rezzer's only real non-master way to drop scheme markers in melee, they can steal Soulstones (situationally more useful than damage), and they have two different ways to gobble up enemy scheme markers without taking an action, and you have an excellent toolbox model for only 4ss. The only thing they won't do well is hold locations for you. Out of Keyword Models of Note(Surcharge included) Nurse, 7ssNurses are excellent support models in any Crew, and Molly is no exception. Healing, Condition removal, funky card draw, Focused/Shielding. They can even attack well with a 2/2/3 Poison 2 attack. Even in a Crew already heavy on the support, they are worth considering. Sloth, 7ssSloth can give Molly Fast. Molly can use that Fast to reactivate a model. He can also pass out Fast to most of tge other significant models in this crew, and they will thank him for it. Healing for 3 and punishing enemy healing is a strong bonus. Carrion Effigy, 4ssThis is largely a cheap source of healing as an action. Accomplice also allows it to force friendly Forgotten models to discard cards. Otherwise it is a cheap model with Armor 1 and Hard to Kill. The 2pt upgrade to allow it to turn into thw Carrion Emissary on turn 3, saving 4 stones, is definately worth considering, however. Carrion Emissary, 10ss (or 6)Did you look at the Rogue Necromancy and go, "That is good, but I want that firepower on a gun and also Mindless Zombies?" Then the Carrion Emissary is for you! It is, strickly speaking, worse at direct confrontation than the Rogue Necromancy. However, it makes almost your entire crew faster and it will summon one Mindless Zombie, along with some Blocking Terrain, every turn. That terrain is really good for granting Cover and blocking off charge lanes. Dead Rider, 11ssDead Rider is the third contender for that covetted 10+ss slot. It punches almost as hard as the Rogue Necromancy, but is far more survivable. Its coounting crows mechanic lets it pull off some big gamewinning plays. Usually, however, I would rather have the Rogue Necromancy for the Forgotten synergy, particylarly with Crooligans. Dead Rider is for if you have a specific purpose for Ride With Me, usually, or you need a piece to sit on a location and not move (so Turf War or Slaughter). Asura Roten, 8ssI am personally fond of Asura in general. Molly keeps her flush with cards, and Asura keeps Molly flush with Mindless Zombies. Mindless Zombies supported by a nearby Night Terror are comically hard to remove, and give the enemy little reward for succeeding. Molly can also convert the Mindless Zombies intoore cards in a pinch before or after the enemy kills them. Asura can also grant Rabble Risers a bonus action, allow Forgotten to Discard through accomplice, and heal Molly (as well as most of the rest of the Crew) through Decay. Remember that you can shoot your own models with Decay and blast damage on to the enemy. Alsp remember that Charging is once per activation, not turn, when controlling Punk Zombies. You should probably usually take her with The Whisperer. She uses lower cards than The Forgotten Marshel or Kirai, so they don't get in the way as much as one would think. Manos the Risen and Grave Golem, 10ss eachThese get an honorable mention for Corrupted Idols, where models with Regeneration shoot up in value. Kirai, 16ssIf you are going to dual master, this is probably where to do it. Molly supplies Kirai the cards she desperately needs, and Kirai in turn supplies Molly with the punch she desperately wants by summoming Ikiryo and other Urami. Always take her with The Whisperer upgrade.
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    Oh I have not been here for a while. I am still enjoying Malifaux. I painted Toni just a few days ago.
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