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    Hello Wyrdos!! I'm Brett your new friendly neighborhood Hobby Assistant here at Wyrd Miniatures. I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and tell you a little about me and why I'm here at Wyrd. I have been in gaming since I was a kid starting with Monopoly (I'm extremely cutthroat and will have you begging for a welfare check in no time). I have been a part of several gaming communities from Miniature War gaming to TCGs. I used to run tourneys for several games such as Raw Deal (WWE TCG), Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Heroclix, Privateer Press and of course Malifaux as far back as 1st Edition. I look forward to helping our beloved Henchman provide a fun and rewarding casual and Tournament environment for all Wyrdos current and future. Your support and the support of the community is my main priority here at Wyrd and I look forward to seeing you online and in person soon.
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    Caedrus, reporting in! Well, what a month! So many gorgeous works. Where to start? @PetitDalek: You’ve done a great job on your facial reconstruction surgery! For me, though, I love the gentle orange and red tones in the Ophelia’s skin (and nice, shiny hair, too!). @Wintergloom: I do love your style. I think that my favourite bit of your style is the contrast between the desaturated and the saturated (like the turquoise highlights), and your gentle contrast work with fabrics. Just lovely brushwork. @Phinn: I’m awaiting the Rat of May! Looking forward to the character you’ve put into this rodent! @Kimberly: Pamela Poovey doesn’t have red hair! @Franchute: Gorgeous, mischievous gamin! For me, the thing that really sets these models is the hint OSL on the skulls on the base. Very smooth. I also love the peeking-eye on the riotbreaker. @Viruk: I’m terribly envious, of your cohesion in the Marcus set, the gorgeous paintwork (love the face in the Marcus treestump), and that you get to play with some early releases. Wyrd chose a good painter to showcase their models. You’ll do them tremendous justice. @Rathnard: I think that good scenery and terrain is the most underappreciated part of the hobby. You’ve created some beautiful models, and just as beautiful a place to play! Kudos! @Stranglelove: There’s so much to love on your (huge) efforts this month! I think Jaakuna is my favourite (the zombie just breaching the swamp is wonderfully horrifying!). The Kirai set is magnificent. @Nikodemus: That domador is a very kind gift! My fave this month has to be Chiaki, though. A fantastic desaturated paintjob. @bedjy: That is a serious production line you’ve got going on. @muraki: Big Jake’s flesh tones are super smooth. Nice. @Diddick: The Stolen are super-creep with the glowing eyes. Nice basework, too. As previously said, huzzah for ghost poopy! @lusciousmccabe: Lovely Vodel / Beast. I love the smashed-base versions. I’ve updated the Spreadsheet for the moment, and I’d love for you to have a look, let me know if there are any errors, and/or let know your total at the end of the month! For those yet to finalise their SS count for the month ( @Aa7, @bedjy, @Boomstick, @Burnin' Coal, @Chou, @khilin, @LordZombie, @Maxooo, @misterfinn, @Phinn, @Polar43, @Primate, @prof_bycid, @Sol_Sorrowsong, @Stranglelove, @Thedeadclaw, and @wobbly_goggy), please let me know your count, preferably with an "@Caedrus". So, this month has been ridiculously busy for me, but I found the time to do a little bit of late-night painting. First off, the disappointment! I’ve been working away at two Death Marshalls, only to find that I have misplaced their Pine Boxes! So, until I find them, they’re on hold! Here’s one for preview purposes! Next up, a quick-ish Insidious Madness. It’s an eBay rescue, and I decided to see how creepy it would be if I painted it in flesh tones. As it turns out, fairly creepy. I was torn between doing it with a slimy coat of liquid water, to create a nasty appearance, or keeping it dry. Any thoughts? Also, the mouth-arm thing that is opening/tearing – should I add some drool? I’m thinking yes. 5SS for this guy. Next up, a proxy! I’ve never been a big fan of either Hungering Darkness, neither the Spermapillar, nor the Hipposquid. So, I decided to paint up this guy. He’s huge, he’s tentacle-y, he’s my Hungering Darkness! Now, as a bonus shot, because I was messing about (amateurishly) with Photoshop: Finally, my last miniature of the Month of May is my Recruiter, for 7SS. So, I was pleased about the NMM metal (I’m getting slowly better), and the OSL lighting. The cloak-dress (which used a base colour of ScaleColor Red Leather) also turned out nicely. I was a little less pleased with my sculpting; the head is a little far back, the clavicles too prominent and low, the hat too far back and too high. With my 3SS Wendigo, and my 7SS Witchling Handler, that brings me to 22SS for the month! Whew! I hope life is a little more under control for June! If you’re still to submit, I’d love to see your work! Caedrus.
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    Here is my production for the month of May ! I am quite proud of my production, things are going on quite fast with ToS Warped x7 : 3x7 = 35Ss ECB Black Ops : 3x5 = 15Ss Doomseekers : 3x5 = 15 Ss Adeodatos : 15Ss For a total of 80 Ss !!
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    So here are both Marcus crews that I've painted as part of this challenge this year. I'd like to share with you what I'm currently working on but those are some minis that will be released by Wyrd later in the year so this will have to wait. I can only telly you that you're in for loads of good plastic crack @Rathnard - nice and playable (at least in Malifaux, no idea about ToS) terrain @Stranglelove - solid work all around, I like the choice of colors and suitably gritty look on these @Nikodemus - I like the way bright colors contrast with black here, makes me want to paint this model too Manos and Izamu look cool too but Chiaki is the star here - her robes look truly amazing. @prof_bycid - I like the skin tone and the base is coming along nicely. @Franchute - don't think I've seen this model painted before and now all future paintjobs will be judged against yours, great work there! Fire Gamin looks very nice too although I'd probably add a touch of dark red in the recesses and a light touch up of white on the most protruding elements. Looks very nice though (but I still like the previous one you've shown more). @bedjy - can't wait to see more, looking awesome already. @muraki - good work on the skin tone and those bright additions work really well. @Diddick - your style really works well for these models and the bases are excellent too (radioactive poo FTW!) @lusciousmccabe - LOVE the moon on the cloak, brilliant idea and very well executed. @Caedrus - looks great already, now keep up the good work, plenty of time left till the end of this month! @Wintergloom - Looks very nice though I'd add some dark red to the recessed and a little white on the edges of the fire effect. @Chou - that's one of my favorite M2E models, red works really well here
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we found Waldo eating all of our upcoming Faction books for Malifaux Third Edition. Before we had him spit it all out and rearrange the pages so that they could be shipped out (and rip out his impish horns as recompense), we needed to know why. With a confetti-filled burp, he responded that he was hungry for static poses. In order to cool off, we’re doing something a little special and revealing the one page from the upcoming Ten Thunders Faction book that he didn't eat, the Torakage! Next week, we’ll be diving into a designer’s perspective on some upcoming M3E content!
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    Some really impressive painting this month guys, and nice to see some completed crews. @Caedrus for may I've completed Fenton Brahms (15), 5x ECB Black Ops (25) and a Raving Madman (5) Total for May = 45
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    @bedjy I really like how you painted the face of this photograph. On my side, I'm suffering procrastination issues with the third fire gamin. To calm myself I decided to have a little snack with this riotbreaker. I still have to add some more still water to the base and maybe highlight a bit more some metallic parts: @Caedrus this adds 6 stones to my total, putting me at 20 ss.
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    Lots of great stuff here again, for now just a quick update from me. More here: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/05/marcus-x3.html My 45ss for this month.
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    So I've painted some stuff; 3x Yokai (15SS), a breachling (10SS) and the first terrain piece I've painted in years (area = 21x 50mm bases = 105SS) for 130SS. I've still got a forest, building, Asami and Totem to go, so we'll see how much of that i get done before the end of the week!
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    Finally got a chance to admire the lovely pledges thus far. Great work, all! Here is my finished pledge: Kirai Class of 2019!! Total May SS count: ...to be calculated later And here's a bonus Bushido model I finished in anticipation of 2nd Edition:
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    Hey Wyrdos, While we were at a convention last week, it would seem that Waldo found a camera and took pictures of some of our upcoming Malifaux Third Edition models (maybe you’ve seen the photos floating around online?). While we don’t know exactly what ended up happening with that camera, Waldo did express to us that with two slices of bread, anything can become a sandwich. This week, the Undercover Reporter takes a step out of his hiding place and reveals himself! At the request of Nellie Cochrane, the Undercover Reporter manages to squeeze into the most precarious of hiding places in order to get the latest scoop on any potential wrongdoings happening in Malifaux. Whether he’s chasing a story or in a deadly pursuit, this reporter rarely horses around. Most recently, though, he found himself in a bit of a pickle – or a barrel, possibly filled with pickles, but we’ll have to wait for his next report to find out. On the table, the Undercover Reporter will provide your Journalist Crew with some quick and hidden maneuverability with his Undercover Ability, which allows him to Unbury in base contact with any enemy Minion. A barrel unexpectedly showing would understandably scare and frighten anyone, which is probably why that enemy Minion must then be placed back into their Deployment Zone. This, combined with his Deadly Pursuit Ability (which allows him to Push up to 4” during the End Phase) and Follow a Lead Bonus Action (which allows him to move up to 6” after discarding a Scheme Marker) really lets this barrel roll around the table. Not only is he mobile, but he’s also sneaky, staying so well hidden that he can’t be the target of Charge Actions. In addition, his wooden drum must be made out of reinforced steel, as the Undercover Reporter can also gain Shielded +2 during the Start Phase (must be cramped in there, though, because he’ll also gain Staggered). If the situation ever gets too hot to handle, the Undercover Agent will do whatever it takes to make sure his identity remains a secret by burning it all down to the ground with the Arson Action, setting a nearby Scheme Marker aflame and damaging any nearby enemies in the process. To further add to the chaos, his Confusion in the Ranks Bonus Action can also make a Minion take the Interact Action, even if our dear reporter is still deep undercover. We’d better let him get back to his hiding spot. When he’s in plain view, he grows a tad paranoid, and that Hidden Blade becomes a little less hidden. We’ll just turn the blind eye to check out his mobile wallpaper!
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    Sweet flames. ___ Yan Lo box finished. Did the base decoration as 4th Ashigaru. Minion (3) I know. Might use it for terrain or in story encounters: And here's a bad pic of tomorrow's list. Starter + Izamu + Manos:
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    @muraki Candyland Taelors World could use more pink minis👍 @Franchute That firespot on subtle osl too. @lusciousmccabe Great to see you followed through and succeeded on that freehand. Graphics are hard! Loving the limited palette. @Viruk Skilful display. You are an inspiration👍 @Diddick Good results for quick painting. They're easy on the eyes Chiaki is done! Name of the game was limited palette and extreme highlights. Oh and cursing at myself for deciding to go with the flame base. Should've left that off. Oh well. If I ever get a second Chiaki I'll know to do the right thing. All told a very fun project though. I really enjoyed indulging in some excesses with this one. @Caedrus this concludes my initial pledge of 37ss (Yan Lo, Soul Porter, Chiaki, Ashigaru, Crime Boss). Will try to finish the crew box (+2 Ashigaru) for Wednesday's introductory 50ss game. Will try to finish one other model to qualify for the "50ss painted in a month" painting achievement. Probably a quick male Domadore for a friend.
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    The stolen are done! And with them plus Nix, my May pledge of 11 SS I painted them pretty fast and tried to give them a very pale skin tone. Added some green glow to the bases to match the rats and Nix, and in the eyes to make them creepier (and avoid painting very detailed eyes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
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    Latigo Pistolero (5ss) done! Well this was unexpected. Felt like painting a figure quickly. This guy seemed like fun. Decent amount of skin, simple figure, lots of character. Picked a few paints I haven't used a lot lately (AP Wolf Grey for pants, AP Warlock Purple for shirt). Then went to town. Hour 'n a half later I had this. For additional fun I used my filbert brush instead of my typical rounds (I did use my standard metallics brushes for metallics though). Forced me to keep it simple with the details and highlights. Really happy with how he turned out.
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    So I've been hearing more talk about folks being confused about how Dimensional Instability works, and since it's basically the most complicated rule in the game (there's a reason it has five FAQ entries lol) I figured I'd summarize everything here for anyone who's feeling confused about it. I'll throw in some tips and tricks throughout too to help you all think with portals. To start, let's go over the actual wording of this ability, nicely colour-coded to split it up into its three parts: Dimensional Instability: During Scouting, place three 50mm Portal Markers on the board in any location at least 8" from any other Markers and not in your opponent's deployment zone. When a Cult of the Burning Man Fireteam in this Company comes into (or starts in) base contact with a friendly Portal Marker, you may place its unit in base contact with any other friendly Portal Marker. Fireteams that move in this way may not use any remaining movement that was granted by the Order, and cannot use the Dimensional Instability rule again during this Activation. The First Sentence This part's simple: when you're setting up the board, you get to put down your Portal Markers in the Scouting step, specifically in step C. Company Abilities (after any fixed position Objective Markers go down and before Objective Markers that you and your opponent choose the locations of go down). The Second Sentence This part's a bit more complicated, as it needs you to really understand how place effects work, so let's start this off by going over the important bits about places and Portal Markers from the rulebook and FAQ: Place: Place effects are a special form of movement in The Other Side. When an object is placed, it is picked up and placed in a specific location, as determined by the text of the effect creating the place. If the place has a range, the object must be entirely inside the place range. If an object does not fit in a location, it cannot be placed and does not move. When an object is placed, it counts as having moved. A Fireteam may not be placed on top of another Fireteam. 27. If a Fireteam uses the Dimensional Instability Ability to leave the engagement range of an enemy Fireteam, does it suffer a Hit for disengaging? a. No. 29. What does “starts in” refer to on the Dimensional Instability Ability? a. “Starts in” refers to a unit starting its Activation in base contact with a Portal 30. Can a Fireteam use the Dimensional Instability Ability from any instance of base contact with a Portal, such as Tears in Reality or a unit of Stalking Portals moving into base contact with them? a. Yes. 31. Can a Cult of the Burning Man Fireteam use the Dimensional Instability Ability during deployment if it is deployed in base contact with a Portal? a. No. With all of that in mind, let’s review what's going on. Let's say that some single-Fireteam unit such as a Breachling wants to go through a Portal Marker, but they’re not in base contact. The Breachling can move over to the Portal Marker and use Dimensional Instability as soon as it comes into base contact, or the Portal Marker can itself be moved over to the Breachling for the same effect. Really all that matters is that base contact is achieved, how the base contact happens does not (even if the movement was caused by an enemy effect, such as Siren’s Call!), although you can’t use Dimensional Instability during deployment. As soon as the base contact happens, the Breachling can place into base contact with another friendly Portal Marker of its choice. If the unit is already in base contact with the Portal Marker when it activates, then it can just use Dimensional Instability right away without having to do anything else. Okay, let's say instead of a Breachling it's our lovely Titan the Goryshche who wants to use Dimensional Instability. The Cult Titans are a bit of a special case, since they can move through non-Titan Fireteams (though they still can't end their movement overlapping another Fireteam), and because of that they have an extra FAQ just for them: 26. Can a Cult of the Burning Man Titan use the Dimensional Instability Ability while its base is overlapping another non-Titan Fireteam’s base? a. Yes. However, when placed, its base cannot overlap any other Fireteam bases. So if the Goryshche wants to go through a Portal Marker that an enemy non-Titan is standing on top of (partially or fully), Goryshche can just walk on top of the enemy and use Dimensional Instability even if where it came into base contact with the Portal Marker wouldn’t be a legal place to stop moving. It's a bit niche, but this makes Goryshche and Horomatangi a lot harder to stop from getting where they want to be. So that's us covered when there's only one Fireteam to deal with, but how does being a Squad change things? Well, there's a bit more from the rulebook and FAQ on that: Interaction with Squads: When a Fireteam from a Squad is affected by a place effect, every Fireteam in the Squad is placed unless the effect specifically states otherwise (such as by saying “one Fireteam” or “only the targeted Fireteam”). When multiple Fireteams are placed at once, as many Fireteams as possible must be placed in the indicated position. Any Fireteams that cannot fit are then placed in base contact with one of the Fireteams that was able to fit in the indicated position, in a position determined by the Fireteams’ controller. Placed Fireteams must end the place effect in Formation, as usual. 3. When placing a unit, is every Fireteam considered to be placed at once or are they placed one at a time? a. Every Fireteam is considered to be placed at once and must be done in a way so that as many Fireteams follow the initial placement effect as possible. What does that all mean? Well, there’s a few big things. First, all of the Fireteams must place into base contact with the same Portal Marker, no matter how far away they all were (sorry ECB Black Ops). Second, only one of the Fireteams in the unit needs to be touching the Portal Marker. But, third, you need to place as many of the Fireteams into base contact with the Portal Marker as possible when you’re placing them. Any Fireteams that absolutely can’t touch the Portal Marker are instead placed into base contact with one of their Squad-mates who did manage to get into base contact with the Portal Marker. Because of all of this, if your landing spot is a bit tight you can still conga-line your units in a weird way to make it work. Let's say you have three Fireteams in the unit and only one of them can touch the Portal Marker. If only one of the remaining two can touch that first Fireteam, then the third Fireteam can be placed in base contact with the second one. You just have to place them all as legally as possible, but the downside to this flexibility is that if you can't work it so all three fit in some way or another then NONE of them are placed. In general though, conga-lining your Squads is something you can intentionally work to your advantage: if you have a friendly model place itself by your second Portal Marker in such a way that a Squad that lands there would legally have to conga-line which can give you a bit more distance if you set it up right. The Third Sentence This is another section that gets a lot of questions, specifically about how using movement that wasn't from an Order affects things. To help explain this, let's go over one last FAQ: 28. If a Fireteam moves through a Portal using the Dimensional Instability Ability from an effect other than one generated by an Order, can it still resolve movement generated from an Order during the same Activation? a. No. So there are two things to keep in mind here: first, if the movement you used to trigger Dimensional Instability was from an Order, as per Dimensional Instability's blurb you cannot use any remaining movement from the Order after placing. Second, if you trigger Dimensional Instability either by starting in base contact with the Portal Marker or by using non-Order movement during your activation to get there, you still do not get to use any movement from your Order for the rest of the activation. However, that is only true of movement that's from an Order – if you have other ways of getting movement, such as from Goryshche’s Splitting Tails, you absolutely can still use that movement after placing! Also, if you used Dimensional Instability outside of your unit’s activation, such as something moving you outside your activation into base contact with the Portal Marker, when your unit activates then it can use any movement from its Order (as long as you don’t do Dimensional Instability again). This is one of the big reasons why Adeodatos’ Twisting Paths and the Doomseekers’ Translocation Ritual are super handy for moving folks around in unexpected ways, as they give you a lot of extra movement if you play them right. Alrighty, and that's that! I hope that helped make a little more sense out of the most complex (and confusing) ability in the game. If anyone has any more questions about how things work, or have any tips and tricks you want to point out, please post them below and I'll happily edit this to add them in!
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    My May submission! 2 Coryphees!!! I also made a 50mm base so they can dance together!!!
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    Did Wyrd hire you for a commission? I'm so happy for you! If the minis you are painting are as nice as this blue cat, I cant wait to see them! I quickly finished the third gamin yesterday: And a group picture with the other two: @Caedrus this puts me at 24ss. @Viruk thanks for the comments on the gamins. About the dark red: are you refering to the skin parts? Or do you recommend to put some dark red in the red parts of the flames too? I did put some white in the heart of the flames though: should I highlight the body parts as well? Maybe the white will be more visible once I add the dark res as you recommend.
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    hey guys ! Things are going pretty well right here, I've already painted 9 ToS models and Adeodatos. I'm also into the industry of base-making right now, so it slowed my production by much... But once it'll be done !... Everything will be faster
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    @Caedrus I finally managed to finish a fire gamin for 4ss, putting me at 10ss for the month: By the way I'm really looking forward to your death marshall 😉
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    Caedrus, checking in! @Scatterbrain: So sorry to have you withdraw. I liked your work, very much. There's always next year. I sincerely hope your health improves. So, just a quick update here. This is where I'm up to on my modified Recruiter. I notice now that I sculpted the clavicles too far down the chest, and on a slightly odd angle. The hat is also sitting a bit high on the head. And the gun broke off, and needs a repair. However, I'm actually not too displeased, as I wasn't a fan of the beardy-weirdy original sculpt anyway. It'll do! I hope you're having a great May! Caedrus.
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    Hello, I just completed the Riotbreaker for 6 ss. Basically, I used a couple of shifting colour: MARTIAN GREEN amd DARK BLUE. Both of them shift from their primary shade (green and blue respectively) to purple. So, this time, the secondary colour (purple) is the linking element in the model. MARTIAN GREEN was used for the robot plates, while DARK BLUE for the railgun. The shield was "highlighted" adding some silver to MARTIAN GREEN keepinh the native properties of MARTIAL GREEN, but getting a lighter and more brillian shade. Models was finished with silver metal and brass on exposed mechanical components. The feet of the robot has been worked with pigments to get a dirty effect. The purple shift is more visible on the large plate surface of the shield (top and bottom): P.S.: @Franchute hope I successed getting you the reflex of the Purple Mists surrounding my world @muraki, I'm impressed by the clean and very effective palette you used with your Vanessa. Congrats.
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    @Caedrus I finished a second fire gamin. I'm at 14 stones so far this month:
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    Ufff it has been a long time since I posted here... Moved to Spain and unfortunatly there is no Malifaux community here where i’m at So i made myself a henchman and am trying to get people in. With the moving and not playing Malifaux I stoped for sometime. But i’m trying to come back i ser that my previous photos links are broken Well I have been painting a couple more things. Here they are: ill share more afterwards
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    Phinn: "I accept, your challenge." Diddick: "But I didn't challenge y..." Phinn: "Yet I accept!" The colourful clothes... I wanted to Hamelin be true to his original inspiration, The Pied Piper, who is usually depicted very colourful. Luring children and all, you know Half of his pants, sleeve, colar and coat will have purple and yellow diamonds and the other half is going to be in very dark purple. It's almost black actually, but I wanted to bring the colours closer together. For the same reason the shadow of the yellow colour is done by mixing purple in it I do not like to post WIP pictures because... I have to force myself not to add arrows with "Do not worry, this is not finished!" everywhere Hamelin's face was probably the first WIP photo I have ever posted now that I think about it. Here is another one though, ilustrating what I was talking about P.S. Do not worry, the pipes aren't finished The will probably be NMM dark gold.
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    @Caedrus I finished the firestarter for 7ss. I actually still need to improve the base but it wont be dry until tomorrow anyway. I'll post a better pic once it is dry. This means I finish the month at 31 stones.
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    @Caedrus Time for an end of month update! I made some good progress over the past week, having completed the last pieces of Asami's crew, as well as the second terrain piece; Asami (15) Amanjaku (3) 3x Yokai (15) Breachling (10) Camp Terrain (105) Jungle Terrain (65) TOTAL for this month: 213 SS The only piece i didn't finish was the house. That'll roll over into next month, which probably won't be quite as productive (I've also got some 40k to paint for a friend)!
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    Thanks for the reminder @Caedrus, end of the month snuck up on me a bit. I did get these two finished in time to use them at MuseOn Con, which was a great time and I highly recommend it in the future. Cherri Bomb ended up making a wonderful Samurai as Coco for my RWBY crew for 9ss (adding a magnetized 50mm base covered in spent she'll casings to use her as Fuhatsu as well), and this Torakage will be helping as Renn for 6ss for a total of 15ss. Everyone, your models are looking wonderful! @bedjy, your Cult is inspiring me to try a few things when I get around to mine!
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    May Malifaux Rat is finished I wanted to try OSL - the rat is supposed to be sneaking through the darkness of sewers, lit only by a light of a torch in a distance. Proper photos will follow soon... ish. And as a bonus photo... Hamelin WIP @Caedrus, this brings me to another 2 SS
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    Hello, Here's the second part of my pledge: Alt. Barbaros, 10ss. @Caedrus with this one the overall pledge value for the month is 165 thaks to the mess of terrain components I already posted. Good luck to everybody for the conclusion of own pledge and big congrats to the many ones that already presented gorgeus painted models.
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    Last minute mini. Literally went to pack up my desk to move and thought "well crap!" Alt Guild Sergeant. Not the best, but done. Sorry for the silence, packing and prepping for a move has eaten my life!
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    Finally finished this Vanessa. Maybe it's cause I didn't build the model, but I hated painting this one. Just seemed there were a ton of things that didnt work right, so just calling it done and wait for the m3e version. That puts me at 18 so far.
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    Started playing with some new paints i picked up so took a break and did 2 quick sorrows for 10 to start off the month. @Caedrus The painting spreadsheet has me at 5 for May, I'm actually at 23.
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    @Caedrus Thanks for caring! Another busy month trying to finish my Master's Degree. I managed to get some centipede dudes done, albeit in rather boring earthtones. Base needs work still, but here they are. Krakinoi 40mm x3 for 21points this month. Picture is a bit potato... Can't get the yellow out of my basement lights.
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    Great job everyone, this thread is a real motivation! @Viruk, it's very cool that you get to paint new models, I cannot wait to see them. I did better than last month. I finished BEFORE the last night of the month I enjoy painting Gremlins, they are small and the green skin is fun. The only problem was Ophelia's face, she has no sculpted nose and basically no sculpted eyes, so I had to improvise.
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    Quick one for a friend: Domador de Cadavere (7ss). Now I just need to varnish and get it down to the LGS. @Caedrus That makes my month's total 51ss: Yan Lo (15ss), Chiaki (6ss), 3xAshigaru (3x5=15ss), Crime Boss (8ss) and Domadore (7ss). Unrelated to this thread, wife informed me I should start doing some of those boardgames. She has fond memories of us playing Battlelore 2e back before I started painting minis. That's compelling
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    Moon boys finally finished bar the varnishing. Might take some better pics later to show how I tried to match their bases. @Franchute Fiery gamin looks great. Well worth the wait!
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    Caedrus, now with a working WIP! This is going to be an "I'll be lucky to get much more than this done!" kind of month. Caedrus.
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    "Hey! People of Wyrd Forums!" I cried. "Excuse me, coming through. Step aside!" "I said, make room. Make room! Since here comes a poem just for @Wintergloom." "I would have never guessed that me, a humble clown, could make you sad, break your heart and let you down. Believe me, for that I am truly sorry, but do not fret, my friend, and do not worry. Its like my mama said, there is always next time, plenty of opportunities in life to rhyme. Not that these announcements matter, but from a scratch, once again and better. People of Wyrd Forums, listen and hear that, I pledge Hamelin, master of all things rat."
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    I think it has been clear I have committment issues 😊 The other day I quickly painted Colette's totems instead of working on the fire golem I pledged, or even the Kaeris model I mentioned. I guess I needed to feel the satisfaction of finishing a model. @Caedrus I have three mechanical doves for 6ss so far:
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    Hello there! My pledge for june will be Hamelin himself for 15 SS. I intend to try a diferent lighting for him. My idea is adding a pretty high OSL from the base... let's see how successful I'll be 🤞
  42. 8 points
    To start this month, finally buckling down and finishing Izamu for my Resser friend, and getting Jack Daw's translucent box done for him as a birthday gift. Have some interesting ideas on how to make them...interesting.
  43. 8 points
    Hi there! Here are my models for May: * Sonia Criid (15 SS), Samael Hopkins (9 SS) and Purifying flame (2 SS) * 3 x The Changeling: 12 SS (4 X 3 SS) For a total of 38 SS
  44. 8 points
    @Caedrus Wow! some great models this month. The recruiter is awesome, especially the OSL and the resculpt into a female looks great. Love the proxy Huggy, much better than the original imo. Slime on the mouth of the insidious madness would be great, my only other suggestion would be to define the mask a bit from the skin as I think thats a key feature of the model. Impressive work! @bedjy Really nice to have someone painting cult at the same time as me, it's giving me inspiration to push on through mine. Love the basing and great idea to get it all done first as it does get tedious. Your ECB and Doomseekers are my favourite and I'm loving the overall burning/orangey theme. Great Work @Phinn I'm enjoying your monthly rat and the dim OSL looks great. Can't wait to see Hamelin as that face looks sinister @Franchute Your Gamin are beautiful, really smooth transitions and nice tones and I love the brassy metal on the Riot Breaker. Great job! @Purple Mist Really nice colour transition from blue to purple on the wings and the greeny tone of the armour looks great and provides a nice contrast @PetitDalek The skin of your Ophelia is really nice. I like the added brown tones to give it better definition. Basing is great @Viruk Your Marcus crews are just Wow! Lovely basing, lovely colour schemes. Fantastic work! @Rathnard This a really cool and unique piece of terrain. Love it! @Stranglelove Great to see another fully painted crew. Big fan of your swampy bases too @Nikodemus The finished Yan Lo crew looks awesome. I really love the way you've done Chiaki @Diddick Those stolen look nice and creepy. Great job @lusciousmccabe Love the moonlight theme on Ferdinand and the beast. Great freehand work on the coats! @Kimberly Well done on getting a mini done whilst moving house, moving is stressful @khilin Nice work on the the multi basing, wish I'd done that with mine
  45. 8 points
    Finished another Merc, this time Big Jake.
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    I was holding off posting in this thread until I had a chance to sit down and try running deck simulations. Disclaimer: This was a "I haven't tried Python before" exercise. With the basic test unit of "Perform Lucid Dreams on a randomly ordered full deck of cards X times, and then calculate the average value of the deck and the discard pile", and then repeat 100,000 times to calculate best, worst, and average results for the batch... These are quick and dirty results, but the averages seem to be pretty stable... For X=8: Best result: 7.956521739130435 Worst result: 6.956521739130435 Average 7.551597391304261 For X=12: Best result: 8.380952380952381 Worst result: 7.238095238095238 Average 7.9054040476186564 For X=16: Best result: 8.894736842105264 Worst result: 7.605263157894737 Average 8.333307894736052 For X=20: Best result: 9.352941176470589 Worst result: 7.852941176470588 Average 8.73068382352992 Bigger disclaimer: 52 factorial is a big number compared to 100,000 trials. And the difference between best result and worst result is probably the best indicator of how jarring the results are going to be at that many iterations.
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    @Caedrus great OSL! She'll be pretty when finished. ___ After a few days of lazy work on Chiaki I pulled myself together and did the white. Still need to put some freehand on. Contemplating a few options. Will push some shadows and highlights here 'n there by the end. But for now it's in a good place waiting for freehand. Going for a somewhat harsher look on the white. Strong shadows. Stark, visible brush strokes up close. I quite fancy that painterly look. Will be fun to see how this turns out. Also testing out an art store heavy body Titanium White for this project. Been seeing those recommended a lot. Decided to give it a shot. So far so good. Haven't used enough to really compare with minibrand whites. Rest of the bits are just placeholder. Thinking black ribbons and tanned skin. Two weeks to go. Should be able to break 50ss this month
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    While the conversation has been a bit belligerent, it has (mostly) been civil and on-topic enough to pass muster. It has also accumulated quite a lot of good advice on how to combat Titania effectively, which other players may find useful. We're monitoring the discussion. But if you think a thread has run its course, the best approach is to simply stop posting in it.
  49. 7 points
    Well, it's already June in a good chunk of the world, so, I hope you all like fingertips.
  50. 7 points
    Here is the 100th and the last episode of the Malifaux Mondays. It was a long project but any good things will end one day. But you know, if something old was ended when something new would begins. More photos as always in our blog https://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.com/2019/05/malifaux-monday-100-and-last-nightmare.html
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