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    The latest update is now available! And with that, we’re excited to announce that this will be the last update before we get ready to launch Malifaux Third Edition. We will be keeping the Open Beta forums available for a time to help catch grammar issues and other minor mistakes, but there will not be any more overhauls done to Crews or models. We will be still making some slight adjustments in the background before we hit the print button, but these changes will be a matter of changing a stat number here or there, and not rewriting or restructuring how a Keyword works as we have done in the last few weeks. We want to thank everyone who has participated in the Open Beta for providing us with mountains of feedback. If it wasn’t for your criticisms, ideas, contributions, and debates, Malifaux Third Edition wouldn’t be in the state it’s in today. This community is so staggeringly amazing, and it was a humbling experience to have collaborated alongside all of you during this edition's development. So, what does the future entail? Well, on our side of things, it’s time for us to get working on the final product. As for our community, once we have the printable versions of the cards made for all of our models and upgrades, we will be making them and the rules available for free on our website. For now, we encourage you to use the beta files to get some games in, as you won’t see major changes between now and then. In the next few weeks, we’ll be providing you all with the roadmap of Malifaux Third Edition’s future. Some of you in the Closed Beta probably already have an idea or two of what that might look like, but we’ve intentionally not talked about some of those topics in an attempt to not shake the focus of the Open Beta. Additionally, we will be launching another playtest soon and implore everyone who enjoyed the Open Beta process to join up with us again, as we’ll need as much help as we can get to make sure that Gaining Grounds Season One is the best it can be. Thanks again!
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    Hi When the open beta came out, I was missing a good overview of which models had specific keywords, and which models had specific abilities. So I set out to build a digital tool that could help me with this. I shared it with my Danish Malifaux community, and they all asked for various upgrades (like crew-builder, printing, sharing, cross device usage etc.). So it grew. A lot. Now that it's a month old, I feel like the international community should know about it also. So here you go: https://m3e.hong-crewet.dk Some if it's main features: * Filters and Sorting. * Crew-Builder (where you can even ignore building-rules, if you want to test some house rule or other crazy ideas) * Print in M2E og M3E card styles. You print your crew, but combine with the ability to ignore crew-building rules, you can print any combination of models. * Works offline. You can even install it on your phones desktop. * Save your Crews, Filter/List options Setups and list of Owned/Painted/Favourites to the cloud so that you can use them across any number of devices. * Share your crew. Either threw a link that opens the tool with your crew, or copy/paste the formatted text to anywhere. I hope you like it. Thanks.
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    Dual masters will show up in both books, as well as Faction Decks. Dead Mans Hand models will be available via Faction Decks as well as downloadable online. And no, most of yall who have been tossing out prices are still considerably off. Yes, eventually they will all become available as PDF books. Only the core rulebook and stat cards are being translated. Fluff and the like is not. If you're concerned about the translations, take a look at the free TOS rules/translations and go from there. We learned our lessons there and worked with professionals instead of enthusiasts or quite bluntly, folks talking out their asses and not delivering. For those hoppin' and hollerin' about the number of books and being forced to purchase and that this is an outright money grab - well, you are entitled to your opinion of course. That being said, the rules, and cards, in multiple languages, are going to be available 100% free. You don't need to spend a dime in the least if you don't wish in order to transition to M3E. Lastly, if we had crammed everything into one book, that would have been spendy - not to mention heavy enough to bludgeon someone to death with.
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    Hah .... no. They aren't all going to be gold gilded lay flat hard-back books. Doesn't even get close to that price. We've not announced prices as of yet, that'll come here shortly as we finish up a few things. That being said, rules, cards, etc - all released for free online. No one has to spend a dime on any of it if they don't care to. Now if you want nicer books, professionally printed stat cards that are coated, additional background, etc - you have other options available.
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    Miracles happen, I finished my pledge early I present to you my Asura Roten made from V1 Molly:
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    This is it, the end. *sigh*. Please look through this thoroughly for typos, errors, and anything out of place. Changelog Alphabetized Keywords Arcanists Blessed of December: +1 Cost Fire Golem: Flame Tornado- reworked so friendly models can choose to take Burning Amina Naidu: -1 Df Shasta Vidiya: Know the Warrior: clarifies which model needs Focused Chimera: Adaptive Evolution discards the Upgrade after resolving the Action Sabertooth Cerberus: -1 Stat on Leap Moleman: Tunneling does not require LoS Hoarcat: gained Stealth. Gunsmith: -1 Health, -2 Stat on Target Practice Sandeep: Command The Elements- +1 Stat +2 TN, Elemental Visions requires LoS Soulstone Miner: -2 Wp Wildfire: Smoldering Heart is Drop Willie: Here Hold this is a Mv duel. Bayou Sparks: Scrapyard Mines – includes Vice-Versa wording, Pack with explosives +2 TN Pere: Critical Mass Adjusted Stuffed Piglet: Critical Mass Adjusted. Trixiebelle: gained Don’t Mine Me & Didn’t Need to See That Trigger. Bayou Gator: gained Stealth. Burt: +1 Stat on Pepperbox, gained Blast Resistant +2, All in the Reflexes is After resolving. LaCroix Raider: Looted Supplies is Aura 1. Earl Burns: Looted Supplies is Aura 1. Pig: Delicious Bacon is a may War Pig: +1 Health Guild Abuela: lost Meemaw’s Approval Field Reporter: Humiliation -“either” removed Family: A Por El- Equal or Less Queeg: name changed to Taggart Queeg Nellie: Slow News Day now gives Stunned and Distracted, Reveal Source replaced with Twisting Their Ideals, CTB…B reworked, gained COnvusions Trigger, Scooped replaced with Public Outcry. Newsie: +2 range on Read All About It and Thrown Newspaper, gained Innocent Bystander Allison Dade; gained Surge Trigger, now a Henchperson. Orderly: gained Constriction Lone Marshal: gained Pull Back Trigger Journalist: Slander is any Scheme Marker Domador: gained Vile Reclamation Perdita: Finger on the Trigger timing changed, replaced Analyze Weakness Trigger with Family Values Family: Tactical Planning replaced with Family Values Papa Loco, gained Family Values Trigger and Blow it to Hell Action, Use this replaced with Evasive, Here Hold this is a Mv duel. Nino: +t on Attack, gained Spotter Peacekeeper: gained Hard to Wound: Sonnia: now uses an Upgrade to Summon. Ryle (DMH): +1 Cost Elite: Following Orders is now based on Cost. Lawyer: gained Authority of the Court Neverborn Pandora: Fears Given Form- Reworded Woe: self-Loathing reworked. Nephilim: Meat for Young reverted, Grow reworked Angel Eyes: +M on Claws Bandersnatch: If a Bandersnatch is in you, other friendly models in base contact can take (Melee) Actions targeting it (at a Negative Twist). Thoon: Frozen Trophy is Once per Turn. Zoraida: -1 Cost, Reading the Cards is Leader only. Lyssa: Lost The Old Ways Outcasts Aionus: Fleeting Moments – Removed “this model”, -(CROW) on Stutter Time, + (CROW) on Sever Timeline Jack Daw: -gained Ghost of Malifaux, Punishment & Drawn to Betrayal ignoring other models when moving. Guilty: Reworked Demise, gained Guilty as Charged, Upgrade gives Tormented Keyword Dead Outlaw: gained Curesed Bullets, Too Greedy to Die reworked as a bonus Action. Viktoria Chambers: Dragon’s Bite reworded to Push 6” towards the target. Johan: Now Versatile Scavenger: Timeslip renamed, Weird Device -2 TN, Bonus now +2 Abomination: gained Hard to Wound. Convict Gunslinger: gained Drop it! Desolation Engine: gained Terrifying (12), -1 Health Resurrectionists Reva: +1 Health Flesh Construct: +1 Health Draugr: +1 Df Molly: Lost Knowledge no longer allows the opponent to draw Transmortis: Studied Opponent now draws cards instead of +1 Stat. Von Schtook: +2 Health, (changed upgrade name) Bete: +1 Health Crooked Man: Gained Depths of Malifaux. Drowned: Gained Depths of Malifaux, Riptide Markers deal damage. Hanged: Upgrade gives Tormented Keyword Restless Spirit: Funeral Pyre replaced with Strength From The Grave. Asura Roten: -1 TN on Zombie Apocalypse. Bone Pile: Heals 1/2/3 and italics mentions cant be engaged (instead of projectile Action) Mcmouring: Rancid Transplant is Poison +2. Nicodem (DMH): Reanimator doesn't attach upgrades to mindless models, lost Trigger, gained Zombie Hoard Trigger Yin: gained Grasp with Viscera Trigger Forgotten Marshal: now uses an Upgrade to Summon. Ten Thunders Qi & Gong: Leverage now happens before performing the duel Kang: Hot Coals +1 Stat OhagaruL gained Puncture, Dismember replaced with Tear Limb From Limb Tengu: -1 Health, -1 Cost, +1 Wp Kitty: +1 Stat on (Melee Action) Brilliance Saturation accounts for base contact. Thunder Archer: -1 Stat on Target Practice Komainu: now Minion (2) Wastral: Looted Supplies is (Aura) 1. Lynch: now uses an Upgrade to Summon. TTBrother: Emergency Surgery replaced with Dance of the Heavens Terracotta Warrior: +1 Df. Obsidian Statue: Reconsititue Fragments lost Stat & TN, gained Flameborne and Fore in Fire Trigger, +1 Stat on Ring of Fire. Kaimatachi: get kill credit for Dust Devil Kills., Into the Vortex is Enemy only, Talons have +M Stat Multiple Factions Protection: Now "After this model is targeted by an enemy Attack Action" Insignificant: Reworked Wording to adjust for card size. Arcane Reservoir: Changed to “one or more models” Pilfer: Adjusted wording. Reparations: name changed to “Debt of Gratitude” Core Rules 29. Assist Requires LoS 29. Distracted Typo Fixed 29. “Full” removed from Poison 18. Ignoring Terrain you are standing on for LoS is no longer a may 35. Applying Fate Modifiers comes directly after declaring Soulstone use 29. Focused is now before performing instead of before flipping 8/33. Irreducible clarified to ignore damage reduction from game effects 24/27. Damage Reduction from Soulstones cannot be cheated. 32. Summoned Models cannot take the Interact Action the Turn they are Summoned. 32. Step 4 of Replace clarifies any effects that chose or targeted the original model. 42. Leaders are now Hired (at Cost 0). 28. Clarification that if an Impassible Marker would ever be dropped it is always treated as Created instead (for those pesky odd abilities) 45. Corrupted Idols now can't be placed overlapping Impassible terrain or models 37. Objects cannot be placed overlapping Impassible Terrain. New Files: OB_3.22.19_Arcanists_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Arcanists_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Bayou_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Bayou_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_DMH_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_DMH_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Guild_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Guild_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Neverborn_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Neverborn_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Outcasts_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Outcasts_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Resurrectionist_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Resurrectionist_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Ten_Thunders_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Ten_Thunders_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_M3E_Rulebook.pdf OB_3.22.19_Cards.zip
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    Unfortunately, I come as the bearer of bad news in that our update is being pushed until sometime tomorrow so that I can make sure everything is done that needs to be done.
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    Similar to a certain factory in the Pixar Multiverse, our office is actually powered by the screams of frustrated hobbyists working on putting together our Malifaux Kits.
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    Hey everyone, We are still reading feedback and battle reports. You have spoken, and we're listening. We are taking some extra time to address some of the corner-case models and Crews that we've heard since this announcement as "definitely not ready." This is very much not an update for things that are nice to have, but rather, an update to address models that are considered never worth putting on the table. Expect a stealth update that covers only a few models, and another update of similar size in two weeks. But then... we're done! Definitely this time! Seriously! I mean it!
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we found Waldo cleaning. Yes, cleaning. We couldn’t believe it either. As it turns out, when no one is around to watch the stuff you set on fire burn to ash, it isn’t nearly as much fun. With us at GAMA last week showing off some of the fantastic stuff we have in store for 2019, Waldo was driven to absolute boredom - to the extent that he resorted to cleaning up the place. But now that we’re back, he wanted to see some of the new stuff that we’re planning on for the future of Malifaux (before he sets it all on fire, of course). The beta for Malifaux Third Edition is coming to a close (finally!). As we’re wrapping up stats and abilities on some of your favorite models, we figured it would be a great time to show you what else will be coming alongside the release of Malifaux Third Edition. So, in addition to new boxes, sculpts, models, cards, rules, and ways to play, we are also releasing new Malifaux books. That’s right, books, as in plural. Many, many books. So many books that we might be building a book fort in the offices. One book per Faction will be hitting store shelves either at Malifaux Third Edition’s launch or shortly thereafter (we’ll be staggering book releases a tad, but don’t worry – all of the information you’ll need to play will be immediately available). Across all of the books, we’ll be covering new characters, art, bios, and stories (so many stories!). These stories will push the lore and world in new and exciting (sometimes scary) directions, further expanding what we’ve grown familiar. Dig deep enough into them and you’re sure to find a secret or seven along the way. Some are more obvious than others. So, this week, Waldo wanted to reveal just what those books will look like. Here are the covers of all seven Faction books! Above all else, though, the most important book to own is the rulebook, which will be available immediately upon Third Edition’s launch, either on our website for free or on store shelves in print. So that’s eight books in total! Now, with all of this “launch” and “release” talk, you might be wondering when. Well, wonder no more, because Malifaux Third Edition will be available… Next week, we’ll be at Adepticon, so Waldo will be too occupied keeping the office from setting itself on fire, so we’ll be giving him another week off. Once we get back, we’ll have more awesome stuff to show off and talk about! See you then.
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    So here's more WIP...but first, a micro-rant. It really bugs me that most sculptors out there are unwilling/unable to sculpt muscles on strong women. I mean, look at this awesome photo of the Gina Carano/Cris Cyborg Strikeforce weigh-in from 2009: Different builds, same weight class. Both of them look like they could swing a Relic Hammer at Stat 7 for 3/4/6 damage though, right? Because they have MUSCLES. It takes some serious core to swing a hammer that big. So since the Miss Deed sculpt looks more or less like a cylinder with a belly button hole poked in it, I figured I'd try to fix it with paint. The first try ended up in the Simple Green. The second try looks a lot better: My attempts at freehand in the past have been frustrating but I'm pleased with this. Trompe l'oeil is somehow easier to paint for me than patterns or designs or whatever. Now to paint the other 90% of the model...
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    Caedrus, checking in with a very quick update! So, this month (and the next two 😖) will be super-busy, so my efforts will drop dramatically. Having said that, I finished a vulture: and I've made some progress on my December Acolytes, as well as my Beastman for my '12-month Beastman personal challenge'. Finally, you had all better say hello to Percy. He drinks my paint water. He's not what you'd call a smart cat. Great painting again this month, folks! When I get a chance, I'll swing by and leave feedback. Until then, pat your cat (or goat), and put pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
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    So I want to take a moment and address this specifically and why she won't be adjusted in this way. Hard to Kill is a very useful ability that is the third most common ability in the game showing up on 59 models/Upgrades. In the past, we have used this ability as a game-design crutch of "this model dies too fast" so we put HTK on it and called it good. We don't see this as the best Approach for Reva, as she is a master who has several options to burst heal herself or her crew, (Final Veil, Embrace the Flame, Feed on Greef) and plays a very mid-line gameplay, hiding behind her own crew and using her Pyres to block for her. In this state, we feel that Hard to Kill combined with her burst and Passive Healing (Final Veil) could result in a NPE for her opponent as well as pushing a very tanky gameplay style that we do not intend for Reva.
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    Couldn't sleep last night so kept myself busy painting Cherry Bomb. Added the finishing touches today and that brings me to a total of 26 ss for this month.
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    @muraki - did you get this crew on ebay? I think I saw it there a while ago. The paintjob is nice and clean but TBH I don't really like the miniatures themselves... @PetitDalek - Terrain looks sweet, almost as nice as the cat. I love your take on Asura. The composition is well arranged, and the paintjob is just superb. @Caedrus - very nice job on the vulture, the feathers look great. And your cat looks cute @Boomstick - interesting color choices and they work really well, especially on Adze. @wobbly_goggy - maybe a quick paintjob but nice and clean nonetheless. And have fun working on the fire golem, great mini! @Diddick - great brushwork there. I like how the bright cold color of blade contrasts with dark scheme. And your assistant looks like a very helpful one. @prof_bycid - I like the swampy feel here. @Purple Mist - my cat has a similar "helmet" black fur pattern @Chou - very nice and clean paintjob, this is actually one of my favorite minis from 2ed @Athiko - reminds me of what my workspace used to look like @OctaBit - nice to see more ToS stuff here, especially when it's nicely painted @Franchute - great job on the skin tone. Super smooth! @Nikodemus - I bet painting the Jorogumo is a tough challenge as you probably need to constantly switch your hold to reach all the areas there. @lusciousmccabe - I like your take on Sonnia, much brighter and without the classic fiery look but it works really well. This month has been quite difficult for me as I had to have one of my cats put down this Monday. Tough loss as he used to be my most loyal painting companion Added to that I'm taking antibiotics for the second time in a month... Nevertheless, I did manage to finish my pledge (Cojo and Jackalope ) x2 which brings me to 16 ss More pics and some thoughts on painting the models as always on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/03/rumble-in-jungle.html
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    Under the wire at the death ! Fenton Brahms will come next month....for this month here from the Other Side are five of The Broken @Caedrus - five 30mm bases
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    Here is my contribution for the month. Unfortunately, I was waylaid by strep throat and didn't finish the full unit. Maybe one TOS fireteam is worth half, @Caedrus? For a total of 4 stones (rounding up). Next month is gonna be the big one. Need to finish the rest of the Portals, Adeodatos, and then base the entire company before Adepticon. Wishing everyone good health and good painting. Everything I've seen in this thread has been wicked and inspiring.
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    @Caedrus here's my final minis for the month total 40ss. Was hoping to finish Jaakuna and the Crooked men too but I got the flu and instead spent all weekend in bed feeling sorry for myself, on the side I have a bunch of half done minis for next month Also... Jaakuna and the Crooked Men is a great name for a band!
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    Hey all, Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone for making this beta fun in the face of all the tedium that playing to test instead of playing for fun can be, and for the spirited debate and exchange of ideas, a lot of which were incorporated into the game in both the closed and open betas! I know we didn't get everything perfect, but I think it's safe to say we did a very good job overall, and M3E will be a solid, fun game (even moreso once we've all switched gears from a testing mentality to a playing mentality). So here's to us, and of course, here's to the wonderful design team! Three cheers for Matt and Kyle!
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    @Viruk thanks a lot. Here it goes. Ryle for 10ss:
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    So I was psyched to paint some Marcus stuff at the beginning of the month, then my boyfriend played with Marcus and didn't like him much, so now I'm just trying to get through the month / the models I have pinned, ha. Here's what I got so far: Marcus: Myranda / The Jackalope Order Initiates: The group so far: So thats 49 stones for the month so far. I'll see if I can get the Rattler / Cojo / some amount of vogel / crocket done.
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    Leaked image of Ironsides and Kaeris dispute:
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we found Waldo rummaging through the M3E rulebook. At first, we got excited because we thought he was trying to learn the game, but as it turns out, the amount of ink each visual example requires makes the pages an impish delicacy. Maybe our Henchmen are brave enough to teach him how to play, but we’re not. We like our hands right where they are, thank you very much. Before he ate all of the pages, we couldn’t help but notice the stealth reveal of a Master’s new look in one of those examples. We figured that showing off what the rest of her art looks like is probably the right thing to do. So let’s take a look at the Ten Thunders’ new Oyabun, Misaki! When building a Misaki Crew, players will be focusing on dancing in the dark by utilizing stealth and movement Abilities that make Last Blossom models hard to see and hard to hit. The combination of Misaki’s Into Shadow and From Shadow Abilities allow her to hide from her opponent by Burying while simultaneously placing Destructible Concealing Shadow Markers on the table that (generally) only the other members of her Crew have the experience to see through. Other Last Blossom models are going to be utilizing those Shadow Markers in special ways, too. For example, not only can Ototo drop them, but if he’s also in line of sight of Misaki, he can create a pulse to hand out Slow (from his Action, The Storm is Coming), which will help to keep the enemies he wants nearby to stick around for a while. In addition, Minako Rei can summon Katashiro by discarding Shadow Markers (with her Create Katashiro Action), Yamaziko can draw cards and Pass Tokens on her Unworthy of Her Attention Trigger, Torakage can teleport to Shadow Markers and turn them into Scheme Markers (with the Ninja Vanish Action), and the Thunder Archers can bring the pain by handing out more damage to models that are lingering too close to those Shadow Markers (via their Shadow Pin Trigger). And that’s just the beginning of the synergies involved with Misaki and her Last Blossom Crew. To celebrate her new rank as Oyabun, we’ll be providing a wallpaper of Misaki Katanaka’s glorious new look, too! Next week, we’re letting Waldo rest a bit while we’re in Reno, visiting the fine folks at GAMA. Hopefully the office isn’t burned to the ground before we get back.
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    Hey there! I've finished Papa Loco (not picture, sorry) and almost finished Santiago, so halfway there!
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    Now the M3E Open Beta has released its final update, I've updated my cheatsheet for you. https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2019/03/01/m3e-open-beta-3-1-cheatsheet/
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    @Caedrus Claiming Big Jake for 5SS. I'm my own harshest critic, and I always have something to say...except for this model. It was a joy to paint and I'm unreservedly pleased with how it came out. It's based to match my other Mercs, but at some point I'd like to do a proper US Southwest desert-style display base for it. Thanks to @Nikodemus and @Butch for their skin tone input on my WIP. I'm glad to see so many finished models in this thread! I'll endeavor to participate more in conversations this next month. Keep up the good work, everyone.
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    End of February is fast approaching! I had technical troubles in the middle of the photoshoot, so think of this as PART 1. I did actually finish one of my two pledged minis I've admired the dark and gritty painting style with visible brush strokes for a while and came up with an idea for a Mali crew that would be a great testing subject - Reva. Revenants walking in the misty countryside, a feeble lantern light in the distance, an echoing clippity-clop-clippity-clop sound of tiny pony feet... I want to avoid gore, so I made alternative mindless zombies skeletons from a bunch of old bits. There's no discrimination: we get a nephilim, a mounted guard, a gremlin, Yan Lo and a guy shot by Vincent. I also bought a metal Molly to make an Asura proxy. She got a fancy base made from my old pendant stuck in half a litre of wood glue. Asura/Molly is still WIP. I'd love colour suggestion for the top of her dress and some dark skin tips, because I am kinda stuck.
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    I'll see what we can do. I'm still up to my eyeballs in finishing these books - but yeah - shouldn't be difficult.
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    The rules and stat cards will be translated into seven languages, which will be available for free on our website, just as we did with The Other Side. We already have translation partners that are ready to work with us once the rules are considered final. There is no reason to begin translations earlier than that, as the rules have been changing on a weekly basis, and having our partners keep up to date on every change would make the process more difficult than it needs to be. The translated versions of the rules and stat cards will become available as soon as they are ready.
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    Finished off Sonnia. Pretty minimal change since that last wip. Overall I'm quite happy with her. Could have done more work on some areas but felt this was a good stopping point. And a group shot of her with her whacky witchlings. Edit: hope these pictures aren't crazy big or small. My computer's broken so I'm working solely from my phone.
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    Please excuse poor photo quality. I couldn't borrow my girlfriend's superior phone as she was out, and I can never get lighting done well, plus I don't have much space to take photos ANYWAY I am fairly pleased, he looks a bit better IRL, and def less blurry. The metal brazier type bits were unbelievably tedious and precise to paint. BUT... that's 9SS extra and 17 for the month, hurrah!
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    Got my new scale 75 paints in. So I thought I'd try them out. They're different than I thought they'd be and it's going to take some practice to get used to them. Overall I think it turned out well. Although I'm not particularly happy with how I highlighted the arm. Still fine enough for now. Still need to do the flames, but I'll get to that soon. Also progress pic of the first Warped. I'll probably go with the flow mouth/eyes idea. Seemed like pretty solid plan. I might also do some blue on the spikes all over the body.
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we didn’t find Waldo at all. Instead, we found a note in the break room fridge taped to some burnt leftovers that simply stated: “Due to the meaty-oak’er food in this here est-blabbish-mint, I have died. And in the afterlife, I joined a gang. Be back soon. Smooches. – W.” So while Waldo is gone learning how to cook from a group of miscreants, we were inspired by his new aspirations to reveal a new model in Malifaux Third Edition: the Gokudo! The Gokudo are a group of criminals and assassins that work exclusively for Yan Lo, under one of his false identities, Wei Lu. Unbeknownst to the Gokudo themselves, they are descendants to those who swore fealty to Wei Lu centuries earlier, and those oaths are what permanently bind them to the sorcerer’s magic, both in life and in death. On the table, Yan Lo can use the Gokudo as conduits to bring back his ancient allies that have fallen in battle. With the Ancient Bloodline Ability, these Ancestors come back even more powerful while simultaneously allowing the Gokudo to haunt and torment their opponents, even in the afterlife. While they’re in play, these subservient vessels are difficult to deal with, as their Hard to Kill and Face in the Crowd Abilities both make them difficult to take down without taking the appropriate measures first. In addition to being a pain to take out, the Gokudo can also assist Yan Lo in keeping a steady hand of cards with their Know the Warrior Ability, which allows them to draw a card if they Cheat Fate while having Focused. Their Bonus Action, Risky Maneuver, makes sure that they can get that much needed Focused without having to use up one of their Actions to Concentrate, which always helps, too. In addition to being difficult to remove from the game, the Gokudo also pack a punch (quite literally) with their Staggering Punch Action. If there’s an enemy that’s either difficult to see or hard to reach, the Gokudo can also toss a Shuriken their way. On both Attack Actions, the Gokudo have the Marked by the Ancestors Trigger. When a Target gains the Adversary (Ancestor) Condition, all models with the Ancestor Keyword receive a + to opposed duels against that Target until the End Phase, which is a great way to ensure that your Crew hits their enemies where it counts. In Waldo’s note that he left behind, he left behind a little treat: a mobile wallpaper!
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    My cats enjoy lying in the middle of my workspace and are never too happy when I move them from it OK, here my final pledge for this month. I will paint two Cojos and two Jackalopes. Both will feature bright fur so batch painting should be more efficient here. And here's a quick PRO TIP regarding bases. Typically fitting standard models is not an issue as they have flat soles of their shoes (especially the humans of Malifaux). However, sometimes it gets more complicated, and Cojo is a good example. It's not easy to fit him into a 50 mm base, and it gets worse when it's a resin one with some terrain on top of it already. I solve this problem by adding small pieces of GS to where I want the model to stand (obviously that takes some dry-fitting to find the best position). Once the GS is in place, I put some water on it and gently press the model from above. After a few seconds I take it away. The indentation serves as a perfect guideline for later work. Since it doesn't look too good at this stage, I wait for it to dry and add a second layer of GS with some texture. If your sculpting skills are (like mine) very low, you can always add some static grass there to mask it. After that it's just a matter of pinning the model and you have a perfect fit that makes it look like the base was designed to go with your miniature.
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    App is updated with the final Beta edit. I'm still working on the last few feedback items, as I was travelling for work this week. It's been a pleasure helping you all out. Hopefully the app will survive past the beta and will be of some use when the official game is out :).
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    23:51 I'm done! Give me 5 I take a picture and stuff. edit: here it goes. @Caedrus Samael Hopkins for 8ss:
  39. 12 points
    well, they are not as pretty as halfway through due to my response to time constraints being "wash everything.....repeatedly", BUT im not unhappy with the result. Completed at 11:45 on 28/02/19 here in oz
  40. 12 points
    @Polar43 - wood looks great, keep it up and make a push, one more day @Purple Mist - Now the mount has extra magical feel to it, great looking base too. @Stranglelove - I like the way orange body of the human form works with orangish highlights on the portal. Nice work there! @prof_bycid - good work there. I can suggest glazing/washing the eye with light brown ink as it seems to be standing out too much in contrast now. @emiba - nice work on Vincent too, I like the pattern on his pants. @muraki - I really like the cartoonish style @khilin - really solid paintjob. You may try to give some more depth to her skin by washing it down with skin tone and then picking out the highlights. @Thedeadclaw - now that's what I call a productive month! As for my pledge, I managed to finish two Saboteurs for a total of 18ss this month. I've been ill and needed to take antibiotics so progress was much slower than I'd have preferred. As such, Cherry Bomb will be part of my March pledge. As always, more detailed pics can be found on my blog. http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/02/orange-saboteurs.html Great work everyone and see you all in March
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    I'm back! I've seen so much great work around here in the last weeks. This might be one of the best months in terms of paint quality I've seen in this challenge. I'm sad my contribution has been null. @Viruk Thanks a lot for trying to resurrect me by the way. I havent done much. Part of it was holidays, but it was also because my wife gave me a nintendo as a present and Zelda has destroyed the little time I typically dedicate to painting. @Viruk I really love how your avatar turned. It really feels like ice and gems. @Scatterbrain I'm jealous This is the little amount of paint I managed to put on Samael during February. Let's cross fingers I'll be able to finish him: @Athiko Your Jack Daw crew is amazing. I love the contrasts and the general look of the crew. @Burnin' Coal I still love your style and I am still impressed by the discrete increase in productivity. @Caedrus This NMM is amazing. You said you started with an airbrush. Did you finish the metallic parts with a simple brush? If so, how did you do so that it doesnt break the smooth highlights? @PetitDalek I really like the use of red and green for the yellow dress. I am really looking forward seeing the end result! @Phinn Hahaha I dont really understand your solution to paint more to be honest If these rats look as amazing as the rest of your models, that would be something at least. It would be great to see the final result of this cyclop. He looks really cool.
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    That's the plan/hope. We're aiming for Thursday.
  43. 11 points
    Well, here's an update on my month: finished Talos as Killjoy (though his knife didn't show well in the pictures, in person it looks like obsidian) for 10ss, 2 Silurids at 6ss each, the Adze for 7ss, and the Wil o' the Wisp for 4ss (though I'm debating about going over it's wing veins with the dark grey of it's body to make them pop more, but not sure it I hate myself that much or if it would throw off the glow look. Very much open to thoughts and suggestions.) So far for the month that puts me at 33ss, and following it up with a WIP of two Akanme I wasn't intending to start on yet, but they were just staring at me...
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    M3E will use a very similar plastic to the M2E plastic and will require assembly similar to M2E.
  45. 11 points
    Jaakuna Ubume in a yellow dress More pictures in blog as usual: https://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.com/2019/03/malifaux-monday-96-jaakuna-ubume.html
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    Caedrus, checking in! I realised that I hadn't uploaded my final pictures of the minis for February. Pathfinder. Messing around with multi-source, multi-strength OSL. I'll call that 'somewhat successful'. Peacekeeper. I'm putting this waaaay up there in my top-ten, most painful miniatures. The joints all needed to be pinned, through tiny articulations. The sculpt is silly (the arms, literally, prohibit the other arm moving), and it manages to be both busy and boring. So, not my favourite. It's done now. @Thedeadclaw: Now that's what I call prolific! @Purple Mist: I love those colours. The photos are excellent, but I think real life would be even better! Here's a link to James Wappel using them on a dragon, if you haven't seen it! @Viruk: As always, gorgeous models. The fact you can paint like that with sleep deprivation just makes me jealous! @Scatterbrain: Enjoy that avatar model! @PetitDalek: I always have little mental back stories for my models. I'm glad I'm not alone in this! Those scenery pieces are delightful. Loving the ducks! @Primate: If you use Reaper paints, they have layering paint triads, which can be a really useful method. @Scatterbrain: I've started using GW's Druchii Violet washes on my brass. It (in my super-humble opinion) makes it look gorgeous, if you're up for an experiment! @Boomstick: I'd never think to use purple and fluorescent green together. You make it look really effective. Kudos! @prof_bycid: I'll be re-basing my Hoarcats to do the same as you, I think. Two-per-base just works better. @Chou: I'm envious of your subtle shadowing skills. Gorgeous. The railworker pants are very nice. Realistically done. @misterfinn: That is, easily, the best Jake I've seen. You've used a super-limited palette, but with such range. I could never do high-contrast shadowing like that. The saturated leather tones are just beautiful. 👍 @Polar43: You were still finished before me! They make an awesome whiskey set. Really cohesive. I reckon you should base them in pools of pseudo-whiskey! Wow. What a month. As prolific as I've seen, and some jaw-dropping models. I'm staggered by the amazing paintwork. Here's to March! Caedrus.
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    Hi there! Here are my (crappy) pictures for February, this month I completed my pledge, yessss! First of all, the Emissary (10 SS). Thanks for the kind comments regarding the bone! I did it with Kislev Flesh as the base colour, then Pallid Wych Flesh for the lights with some white for the final touches, and a little bit of Tuskgor fur added to the Kislev Flesh for the shadows (all GW colours). For the cage I tried to paint it as if it was something like lead, ugly to see, wasted after countless uses, contrary to the rest of metal but I don't think I got the effect (however it looks better in hand). Then the Forgeling for 2 SS. I don't like the model and I just painted it to have all the Mei Feng starter painted, especially now that totems are free. He doesn't like me either. For 5 SS each I painted three rail workers, these guys hit the gym every single day because they are ripped!! Baldie here didn't miss the chance to get in Towelhead's picture. Towelhead in all his glory (which isn't that much). So I painted a total of 27 SS, hope you like it!
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    Finished a couple of proxies for Nellie 2 stolen modded to be newsies, and a ToS model to be an undercover reporter. Luckily I'm past my pledge, cause I have no idea how to SS these models. Newsies: Undercover Reporter complete with barrels to hide in: The full Nellie group now:
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    Hello, down here my progress wijt the Mech. Rider: I used two different colorshift paints for this mini: Dark Blue for the mech horse and Borealis Green for the rider. Colour shifting is very evident with the mech horse because of the large surfaces involved and guess because of airbrushing painting. With the rider, I had to paint it all with brushes and the metal colourshift areas I painted are very small, so the light shifting effect is not remarked but I could it change from green to blue because of different lighting angles and different light sources. I'm sorry for @Caedrus but at present all my attempt to produce a video and transfer it from my cell to PC failed. Working the 3 componets (horse, rider and base) was earier for reason of painting but I'm meeting some troubles not to assemble it...... Have till to improve the overall figure and then stick it to the base.
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    First off, fantastic work! Gorgeous. I don't paint too much dark skin but my method has been starting with a midtone of my choice. Dark shadows with whatever. For highlights I mix in more caucasian skintone to my midtone. For extreme highlights, if you want to go that way, add (off)white to midtone+caucasian mix. I find the caucasian mix to be key. Here's my results, though I'm afraid none have Molly's body shape (well defined muscles make skin so easy):
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