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    Hey Wyrdos, We’re thrilled to announce that on Wednesday, January 16th, we will be launching an OPEN BETA for Malifaux Third Edition! Many of you have gone through the grueling process of testing the game to get its rules and models to this point, and we couldn’t possibly thank you enough for that. Rest assured that the vast majority of that work will remain intact. The intent of the Open Beta is to get Malifaux Third Edition from where it is (a great spot) and bring it up one more level (to a fantastic spot). This means that our focus will be on polish. Clarity, grammar, theme, and fine tuning numbers are our targets this time around. There are still a few crews and models that need some final tweaks, so if you have more feedback, we’re still listening. We want to hear your thoughts on your favorite (and least favorite) characters before we officially launch Third Edition. So, for those who have been rigorously playtesting our game, now is your chance to share your thoughts and enthusiasm with the rest of the community. Those NDAs that you signed? Consider them lifted. Let us know where you think M3E stands and what you think it’ll take to bring it across the finish line. Henchmen, keep a close eye on the super-secret Henchmen forum in regards to running M3E events and tournaments. We’ll have some special announcements for you folks in the next few days. That’s it from us! We’ve got to hunker down and iron out those wrinkles before next Wednesday. We’ll have more info for you at that time. See you then!
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    Wyrdos, As some of you may already know, Mason has decided to pursue his own endeavors. Here at Wyrd, we’re all thankful for the work that he’s contributed to our games over the years. Whether in lore or design, his involvement added unparalleled depth and nuance to our worlds, and we’re grateful for the impact he had upon Through the Breach, Malifaux, and The Other Side. We wish him the absolute best as he moves forward in his career. On a personal note, I learned a lot from Mason in the two years that I spent working with him. I’ll miss his insight and humor around the office, but I’m excited to see (and play!) the great things made by him in the future. Cheers to you, bud. Thanks for everything.
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    I hope Wyrd will rectify that silly mistake in the next standard employee contract.
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    already done this for january, I'm HOT (or are they ?) !
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    Thanks for such beautiful comment I plan to start entering contests next year (this year I've won Iron Painter so I treat it as good kickstarter :D) and I hope to use many Malifaux minis for dioramas. I really enjoy Wyrd style and diversity, miniatures are so well made and present different themes and poses, hey are just perfect. For now I plan to make diorama with one of the Smugglers (the one with aligator as his backpack) and maybe some gators lurking around him. Tbh I can't wait to get my Wyrd goodie bag from the contest, just to see what kind of minis I'll get and think about all the scenes and paintings I can create with them. Seriously, I love so much Wyrd's creations ------ I have some more of my paintings:
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    Greetings, fellow painters! So, as I was looking through my unopened / unpainted / incomplete collection, and I happened upon a project that I never quite started, despite all sorts of good plans to do so. I decided that 2019 was the time to ressurrect the idea. This year, alongside the hundreds of Malifaux miniatures to paint, I’m going to paint twelve miniatures. Nothing too exciting there. However, these twelve miniatures will all be the same miniature (a GW beastman), and I’ll be painting them in twelve different ways. https://i.imgur.com/ChGzfwm.jpg So, once a month, you’ll see a new version of the same beastman. To try to get a bit of comparability, I shall be using the closest possible versions of the same colour scheme each time. Obviously, different techniques need different colours. So, wish me luck on this little adventure. Hopefully, I can finish it, and even make it a worthwhile read. Caedrus!
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    Obsidian Oni (6ss) done! It looks "good enough" at arms length. Colour scheme rocks. No complaints if I ever end up playing itMetallics are as hard to photograph as ever. Didn't do anything too fancy with them, some ink glazes for shadows and stippled highlights + edge highlights where relevant. Will definitely stay away from stone/golem type models for the next few months
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    Starting off January with a bang! Didn't finish the rest of last month's WIP's on New Year's, but got them done tonight (same WIP picture as finishing picture from December) And then finished pictures of Manos, Asura, Mourners x2, Zombies x5 And then, for the rest of the month, working on the Bayou half of Backdraft and a Root beer Whiskey Golem.
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    In the end I went with purple gray and I'm quite happy with the result. Not only did I not need my Mulligan for the first month (yay!) but I even finished with 4 weeks to spare. It won't be a habit... I even think it might be my best model to date...
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    So, my pledge for January was going to be the Hodgepodge Effigy (4SS). It is part of my Shelf of Shame: But then, a package arrived just before Christmas. I won an auction, and for $40USD, I scored this: I could not believe my good fortune. So now, who knows what else I'll be painting! Have a great January, and 2019! Caedrus.
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    Hoping to finish at least two more before the end of 2018
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    I can’t speak for anyone else, but, you can strike my name off the list of ‘people who left and prove something is wrong.’ I loved Wyrd when I left. Still do. Just wanted to work on new things and make new contacts. They were doing just fine.
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    Business as normal. People come and go for various reasons. The sky has fallen every time someone leaves the company. Justin, Mack, Drew, Zee, David, Aaron, Kai, Mason ... it's been a few years (14). More will come, more will go.
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    Well ! At least on this very last month of the year, I'm not late ! Here is my painting count : Ototo : 9 Manos : 8 Ashigaru : 5 Bokor x2 : 12 So a "little" 34 Ss for this december count, but that's enough for me to be able to say I've achieved this year of Emissary pledge ! With something like : 542Ss painted on the whole year
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    @Purple Mist I like dark turquoise for the silurids. This is a great idea. I might steal it from you in the future if you dont mind I finished the Forgotten Marshall for 7 more soulstones, putting me at 14ss: @Boomstick @Viruk @bedjy @Chou @Rikk @Aa7 @PetitDalek @wobbly_goggy How are you doing this last month? How many soulstones have you managed to paint?
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    and a little more greenstuff.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/arabidnun/46484409741/in/dateposted-public/ and then some paint... https://www.flickr.com/photos/arabidnun/46433151922/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/arabidnun/46484404941/in/dateposted-public/
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    Dang, called out! Sign me up for Minion, as I can't promise the busy times here will allow me much painting but I bet I can at least get 1 model a month done.
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    I'll do a better quality photo of everything at the end of the month, but here's 2 Beckoners (6SS), Mr. Graves (8SS) and Mr. Tannen (6SS) for 26 more soulstones today, putting me at 44SS so far this month!
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    Finishing this Engineer (6 SS) for January:
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    Hey everyone Somewhat new to Malifaux, made a few purchases in 2012 but have moved about 5 times since and never got around to painting the Perdita and Lilith boxes I got and now cant find them. I got the Army Painter big box for Christmas and decided to jump back in and buy a faction box. To help stay on track Im signing up here at a minion level to keep me motivated to paint at least one model a month. First up for January...Mah Tucket which I guess since its a master will count as 15SS. Pictures incoming once I get the post on Jan 3rd. - Gertz
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    All right, all right, all right. Now Wyrdos, Waldo was complaining about the cold recently. To be fair, everywhere on Earth is colder than where he’s from, so there’s only so much we can do. After getting him a heated blanket, a space heater, an ugly sweater, a winter hat, socks, hocks (horn socks), and wing-warmers, he still complained about the temperature. Not everything can (or should) be set on fire, Waldo. So, to suggest things could always be worse, we’ll be talking about just how cold things can get. Today we're going to talk about one of the new Neverborn Masters, the ice cold Euripides. As you can see, Euripides has a fairly typical stat line, though he makes up for it with a whole lot of Health, which is appropriate for a Master on a 50mm base. His first Ability, The Old Ways, is actually the thematic Ability for the entirety of the Savage Crew. It allows them to flip cards from their Discard Pile instead of their Fate Deck. This is a powerful Ability, as it effectively allows a Savage model to get double use out of good cards, albeit at the cost of a bit of damage. Euripides also possesses Hard to Kill, which is another fairly common Ability that is shared by most of his Crew. It works in the same way as its M2E counterpart by giving Euripides a bit of protection against being killed by damage. Intuition is a nod to Euripides’ role as a shaman and seer, and it allows him to look at (and rearrange) the top three cards of his Fate Deck as soon as he Activates. This gives him a great degree of foresight in just how he should act on his Turn, especially when combined with The Old Ways, letting him play cards out of his discard pile in lieu of using cards from his deck. Future Sight is a defensive trigger that further builds upon Euripides’ precognitive abilities. While it doesn’t do anything in particular to protect him in the present, being able to knock Crow cards out of a Resurrectionist’s hand or to deny a Guild their high Rams can certainly have an impact on their future actions. Finally, Euripides has Entomb in Ice, a powerful Ability that allows him to transform Killed models into Ice Pillars, all while denying Markers to his opponent. In M3E, if a Marker doesn’t state what size it is, it defaults to 30mm, so our Ice Pillars are 30mm pieces of terrain that block line of sight and can’t be moved through. Their Destructible Trait means that a nearby model can use an action to destroy the Marker, which prevents them from permanently sealing away portions of the board (and thus allows us to use more of them). On the back of Euripides’ card, we see that he’s pretty good at pummeling people with his Huge Fists, which is appropriate for a giant such as himself. His Rake the Eyes trigger gives him a bit of control over his opponent’s Fate Deck, and the Sweeping Strike trigger allows him to deal Blast damage with a wide swing of doom. It’s worth noting that Sweeping Strike is only really effective against enemy models; in M3E, attacks made against friendly models don’t generate Blast Markers, which helps to keep models honest. No more attacking a low-defense friend to drop non-resistible damage on the enemies standing near him. Euripides’ Tactical Actions all revolve around Ice Pillars. First and foremost is Rune-Etched Ice, which creates Ice Pillar Markers and then forces nearby enemies to either leap out of the way or suffer some damage. His Triggers give him the option of summoning additional Pillars or forcing models further away from the Pillar, making them great at clearing an area. Glacial Shove, however, is where Euripides really comes into his own. It allows him to grab an Ice Pillar and throw it across the board like a bowling ball, damaging anyone too slow to move out of the way. Between the Ice Pillars that he’s creating with Entomb in Ice and the ones created by Rune-Etched Ice, this savage giant should have plenty of ammunition to chuck at his enemies. The final touch on this frozen package is Reflected Visage. By catching a glimpse of Euripides’ face in an Ice Pillar, all the models around it become Distracted, which gives them a on an opposed duel. Of course, if Euripides hits his Shattering Surprise trigger, the visage they see ends up being the real thing as he bursts forth from the Ice Pillar like a frozen Kool-Aid Man. Oooh yeah! Euripides brings a different to the Neverborn and Malifaux as a whole, and he’s already quite fun to toss onto the table (especially against Rasputina – so many Ice Pillars)! That’s it for Waldo’s Weekly in 2018! Waldo will be back January 9th, 2019. As it turns out, Waldo is actually a pretty big fan of the holidays, and he promises to be tame while we’re gone. Hopefully the office isn’t a pile of cinders come the new year.
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    So, it's January! Better get cranking if I'm supposed to finish... 😁 The skin needs another highlight or two but(t) I'm pleased with the progress so far.
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    Hello guys and gals! I painted these at the beginning of December, but forgot to post them as I travelled abroad afterwards. Three Terror Tots aka Juvenile Nephilims for 3x4 SS.
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    All done for 2018! For more pictures and some WIP shots where I go through the process, check out my blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/12/burning-bright.html Managed to add Kaeris and Eternal Flame + another Fire Golem I painted for a buddy. 54 SS in total after last month's mulligan. I say I've made up for November Happy painting everyone, all the best in New Year, and see you all in 2019!
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    Caedrus, reporting in for (probably) the final time this year! @Franchute: I have painted 20SS to date. I have painted 4 Mindless Zombies [8SS]; a Hollow Waif [5SS]; and 1 Freikorps Trapper [7SS]. Lots of interesting details on these metal mindless zombies. A few odd proportions, but lots of fun to paint. The anatomist in me is wondering why the small bowel is so far posterior...You're thinking about this too much, Caedrus. I had some fun trying sheer fabric over undead skin. Was it successful? You be the judge. Why is this (proxy) Mindless Zombie wearing lingerie? Who knows. I think I'll have to repaint that back metal plate. On the other hand, I liked messing around with this base. There's a camouflage-esque effect on the blue fabric near the greenery. I was messing around with glazing in a 'stealth effect'. Well, unless I get some Christmas free time (ha!), that is it for the year. 330 Points. I'll take that. My best to you all for the Christmas period. Keep putting pigment to plastic, and I dearly hope to see you all in next year's Challenge! Caedrus.