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    Here are some photos of our WIP Malifaux gaming table made especially for Igrokon board games convention (it's like a Russian GenCon).
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    Our lasercut guy made us a wonderful wild west building, and finally we painted it!
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    Here's the first of the rotten belles for my Seamus crew. ..and some stills: Again, I really enjoyed painting this lady, quite fun to go with something completely new with the bright dress and interesting skin tones. Loving the Malifaux figures so far! More to come..
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    It's been a little over a month so I wanted to provide an update on my progress. When I first started really putting thought into my crew selection and what I would be able to do I lost my first five games horribly. I scored 1-2 points one one scheme and one to two points on the strategy. As time went on, however, I improved. I focused first on just the strategy and built my whole crew around it. When I finally had a game where I scored full points and denied my opponent full VP i tossed in a Strategy and 1 Scheme mentality. After repeating the process here I tossed on a 2 Scheme mentality and, happy to say, over the past 2 weeks I've scored 7 to 10 VP on each game I've played. I think I'm really starting to get a good mental association between the models in my faction (Neverborn), what they do, how they do it, who they do it with best, and when to bring one over the other. And It's not just me getting better, either. A lot of the players in my meta have been scoring more VP, denying more VP, stepping outside the "thematic crew box" crew lock mentality, and trying a lot of new things. Now for the really exciting part..... Over the past 2 years of playing Malifaux I've only ever had one or two other people go with me to tournaments. I reached out to my local group yesterday about a tournament in October (Shameless plug for @PeregrineFalcon's LFoDC 2016 on October 22nd) I was looking to attend and six other people want to go, as well; out of the six four have never gone to a tournament before for any game. Another huge thanks to our community as a whole for the feedback (which has all been helpful to not only myself but to the rest of my group, as well!).
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    So after much thinking I've decided to hang up my Guild badge after the UK Nationals. I have loved playing them this year, ever since Lady Justice carried me to my first Malifaux tournament win in January. They have taught me whole new ways of dealing damage. Few things are funnier than seeing enemy Henchmen running away from the Governor's Proxy because they know what's coming from Ama no Zako... The rarity factor has also been great. Over here there's Paul Butler (now 10T), Paul Campbell, Aaron Bailey and me playing Guild at a high level. Players just don't get much chance to prepare for us, especially my particular brand of "wtfaux" inspired weirdness! When the Guild are running well, they're an awesome damage dealing machine. I've won 4 tournaments this year and podiumed another twice, chiefly by going on tears and smashing the absolute living bejeezus out of whoever's in front of me. But that's ultimately all they do. There is no control game. Card draw happens to other people. They can struggle to pull a game back if things go wrong. The biggest damage dealers can fall over in the face of a stiff breeze, despite high wound counts. In order to become a better player and build on what I've accomplished, I feel like I need some more options. Particularly when it comes to shenanigans! I have no doubt I'll play Guild again. They are fun. But for 2016, I'll be playing with little green men...
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    I've been meaning to start a blog for a while, as I'm relatively new to Malifaux (starting to play pretty much dead on the launch of M2E, and only knowing the second edition rules) and I thought it would be good to get down some of my thoughts as a new player, and as one that has until now proven to be a bit of a rubbish one! Results spread to date: P W D L 23 2 1 20 So as you can see I'm not the best player in the world (and in fact may possibly make a fairly convincing claim to be the worst!) but I do love playing Malifaux. The experience of the game is what is important to me, and whether I win or lose is of negligible importance when compared to whether myself and my opponent enjoyed the game and the story told by the board was a fun and engaging one. So this brings me to my second point, and the reason why I have chosen now to start a blog post. I think I put my foot in it a little earlier this week when I posted to Twitter that I didn't want to play large tournaments. As it was during a conversation about the enjoyment of the gaming experience and referenced recent events at the UK GT, it came across that the GT was what had made me come to the decision to not play large tournaments. Although the discussion at hand was what led me to tweet, it isn't in any way connected to my decision. So, I thought I'd outline my gaming ethos in a blog post so it's clear to me, and to everyone I play. Anyone who has played me knows that I enjoy the game of Malifaux whether or not I win. I've sat across the table from at least two people and been smashed 10-1, and I would like to think that they would agree that I am a very gracious loser. Because if it was a good game, and some fun things happened (to my benefit or theirs) then I will have enjoyed the game as much as they did. I have only ever won two games, and both times, by some amazing fluke (and the fact that both times it was experienced players using a totally new master) I won by a good margin. And to be honest, neither of those games were ones that I would put in my top five enjoyable games. Why? Because I got the feeling that by the 4th round, it wasn't being that much fun for the opponent, and there wasn't a good board narrative. It was just sound flips and dead models, and that's not a story, it's just chess with fancier pieces. What's that got to do with me not playing large tournaments, you ask? Well, for one, I wouldn't say that my playstyle is at the level of a major tourney. I'm a little clumsy, and have been known to knock terrain whilst measuring. This could easily be seen in the high tension of a GT game as cheating. Also, I've on occasion forgotten to declare a trigger before the opponent cheated, another thing which could cause problems at GT level. I would like to think that people I play against would agree that I wouldn't ever try to do anything like this for my benefit though. In the past I've knocked a model when measuring, and because it was only just in range and it wasn't certain that I hadn't moved it the 0.5mm that it was in range, I've not taken actions. I've also argued a point of rule with an opponent where we were both arguing for the other's benefit. When winning isn't as important, it's easier to let go of stuff like that. I'm not so sure it's that easy at the top tables. Playing strangers though, in the third game of the day, when everyone is hot and tired, I can easily imagine that me playing slowly, or forgetting triggers, might be frustrating for the opponent. And it would also negatively affect my experience - as I said, I play for fun and a frustrated player is not fun to play against. I am dipping my feet in the tournament scene (I've got Elementary coming up on Sunday) and I had a great time at the last one I was at, but I play Malifaux to enjoy myself, and to me the idea of playing someone who is focussing on the VP and not the play experience I would find it difficult. Also, even though I don't mind getting beaten, losing six times in two days by strangers could probably get grating after a while. One thing that I am feeling very positive about is the increasing amount of non-standard tournaments that are being talked about, story encounters and campaigns. A game like Malifaux tends itself so well to these formats, having such a strong narrative and fleshed-out characters. I am looking forwards to signing up to these, and maybe once I've made a few more links in the wider community I'll feel a bit more comfortable about playing competetively, who knows. I'm not sure whether I've explained myself well, or whether this is a muddled stream of consciousness, but I do hope that it's clear that my reasons for not signing up for big tourneys is best described by the old breakup adage: 'It's not you, it's me.'
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    Well, last weekend was Elementary, a tournament put on at the North West Gaming Centre, home of Element Games and my gaming team, The EleMentals. It was a 28 player game, so the full 100pts were up for grabs and there were several players there competing for a Masters place, needing solid podium places to guarantee their spot. I arrived with Aidan (the TO) beforehand and along with lots of other early arrivers, helped set up the tables, before nipping off for a crafty bit of breakfast. I also downed a can of Monster, which proved to be a bad idea later on in the day, as I had unbeknownst to myself caught a rather nasty cold that chose around 3pm to knock me for six. Game 1 was Squatter's Rights against PanzerHarris, who had everything to play for. He was teetering on the edge of the Masters cutoff and a strong finish here could guarantee his place. The game was very amiable and I can thoroughly recommend Panzer as an opponent and as an all round good bloke. Even though the game was high stakes from his side of the table he even pointed out a potential action that I had missed that helped me get VP. That's sportsmanship. I made a very fatal error which cost me 3VP before we even deployed though. I was so focused on making sure that my team was optimised for the schemes I'd chosen I didn't even do a cursory comparison of the schemes to his crew. So I made possibly the largest pregame error it's possible to make in Malifaux - I took Assassinate against Leveticus, the master that can't be killed. I got full points for Breakthrough (It was close deployment so it wasn't hard to get enough scheme markers down) and so the game finished 8-5 to his Leveticus crew, a result that left me very happy indeed and bumped me up to the heady heights of table 9. We then stopped for lunch, which was edible. After lunch we voted for best painted, I put mine up purely because I've not done that before and it was nice to get some positive comments about my crew, even though I knew I wasn't going to stand a chance against some of the frankly amazing paint jobs people had on display. I personally didn't vote for the winning crew, as although it was VERY good for me the subtle paintjob of Praetoriian's Guild crew was by far the most impressive, although it lacked the bright 'pop' colours that draw the eye to a crew. The raffle was next and I was rather chuffed to win a £10 voucher for Element Games (which amused me as it was myself who made the vouchers). Game 2 was a corner deployment Turf War against Tapdancer1967, who I have met on other occasions but never played against before. It was nice to see that he was using Sonnia Criid, as I have been looking very interestedly at her crew of late as I think it would be a good start for expanding McMourning into Guild, and as a Master I do like her play style. The game was another close one, as usual with Turf War it was a bit of a battle of attrition in the middle as our big hitters circled the centre and took occasional swipes at one another. VP for Turf War was always on the cards, but finishing on turn 4 and missing out on my Assassinate due to a pesky Abuela getting in the way of Bete Noire's assault on Sonnia led to another loss, this one 9-6. So I dropped back down to Table 13 for Game 3, where I was playing Stake a Claim against Nick, who is Makrar on Twitter but I don't know what he's called on the forums. This was a Doctor-off, both of us bringing McMourning, Belles, Nurses, The Valedictorian and Flesh Constructs. We only differed in that he took Sebastian and 2 Necropunks and I took Bete Noire and some Guild Autopsies (I think I might have over-hired Bete, using her in all three games and only really getting the soulstone's worth out of her in one). By this point my cold had hit HARD, and the buzz from the energy drink I had for breakfast was mixing with the slight drowsiness of my stuffy head and making it hard to concentrate, so I probably wasn't the best opponent. Or rather I was, because I made some shocking strategic decisions which ultimately ended up with a Flesh Construct eating a paralysed McMourning, and my worst loss of the day, 8-4. I found it very hard to play against McMourning in a mirror match, as it meant that a lot of my (rather textbook) tactics were already countered de facto by being against the same crew. Also my Valedictorian went down very quickly after doing very little, and losing a fifth of the value of my crew so quickly put me on a back foot straight away. I also lost out on Claim markers as I got started on that far too late, by which point the Necropunks had already spread them far and wide and I was never going to keep up with my lack of fast objective runners. Poor crew selection on my part, that one. All in all it was a great day, three enjoyable games and well done to the podium placers who picked up some rather nice glass awards. The wooden spoon went to someone else, which is a definite improvement on my last tournament, so all I need to do now is up my goals and aim for at least one draw in the next one that I go do. And as for my feelings towards tournaments (after my last post explaining why I don't like them) I had a great time but I think that this is the optimum size for me, three games in a day is just right and gives enough time for a bit of socialising as well, and I really don't think I could manage a sub-2hr game, we only managed to get to turn 4 in any of the games that I played, although I don't think that the scores would have been much different if they had all run their course.
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    Not a Real Tale of a Malifaux Blogger Month 2, post 2 (Finally a Game!) For more information on Tale of a Malifaux Blogger (ToMB) event see: http://taleofmalifau...blogspot.co.uk/ So, as noted in my previous blogs for ToMB, I've been pretty busy and unable to make much progress in assembly, painting and getting games in. All that has changed ever so slightly. I finally got in a game! Yay me!. My daughter was home for Spring Break, back from college for a week, and she had previously promised to play a game with me as her Father's Day present. At the beginning of Spring Break she was busy with her friends and such and I was still pretty busy with work, so the big game kept getting postponed. Finally, however, on this past Saturday, her last night before heading back to college she came up to me and said she had time. I quickly grabbed my game table, a folding 3' x 3' table, my terrain (old cardboard ruins from Mordheim), my models and various gaming stuff (arsenal decks, measuring tape, fate decks, and tokens). I set up the board as a ruined town, with a two story building in the center and the other buildings of various levels surrounding it. This left various alleyways as firing lanes, but plenty of buildings to attempt to hiding behind as we advanced across the table. As this was going to be my daughter's first M2E game (4th or 5th Malifaux game overall), and this was a ToMB game, I thought it would make sense to essentially play a 26 soulstone starter box game. I also decided to skip upgrades and schemes for this game, so we only flipped for the shared strategy. We ended up with standard deployment and Turf War as the strategy. This meant we would be fighting over the central two story building mentioned above, which seems like a good fluffy way to start. Perhaps there were barrels of very good scotch laced with powdered soulstone. My crew was: Somer Teeth 2 Skeeters 4 Bayou Gremlins Warpig +1 Soulstone in Cache (5 total) My daughter has used Rasputina in all her games (selected initially by looking at all the old metal boxes I had side by side and picking the prettiest picture), so her crew was: Rasputina Wendigo Ice Golem 3 Ice Gamin +1 Soulstone in Cache (4 total) As noted above, no Upgrades for either of us and no Schemes. We both deployed in cover, behind ruined buildings. My forces were deployed with Somer and the Warpig in the center, with groups of two bayou gremlins and skeeters to the left and right of Somer. My daughter deployed her forces in the following order (from my left to right): Rasputina, 3 ice gamin in a line, Wendigo and Ice Golem. Turn 1, I won initiative and walked a Gremlin up twice towards the center building. My daughter countered by moving up the Wendigo and using magical extension to fire off a December's curse at the foolhardy Gremlin (I hadn't thought about the ranges involved and had left him in the open thinking I was far enough away, whoops). She won the duel barely, then flipped two Moderates on the negative damage flip. 4 Damage and first blood to my daughter. I spent my next two activations attempting to exact revenge (and remove the scary Devour ability), by moving up two more gremlins and taking pot shots. Unfortunately, my daughter had moved the Wendigo into cover of ruins before shooting my gremlin, so my negative flip shots missed. I then moved my Warpig up next to the center building, in cover, but not noticing the open door on the other side of the ruin. My daughter then moved up an Ice Gamin to gain line of sight, and on her next activation Rasputina moved up and launched a few December's curses through the open door and over the ruined cover into my Warpig. She managed only one hit, but flipped two severe damage flips on the negative damage flip. The double blasts were just long enough to get to the 2 gremlins that had shot at her Wendigo, and now I was down 3 Bayou Gremlins, had 5 wounds down on my Warpig and had done nothing to my opponent's force. Somer and the Skeeters had not activated yet, so Somer moved up and shot a Ice Gamin, I triggered Thinking Luck on the shot, got a moderate (so 4 + 1 blast) and put 3 damage on two separate Gamin. The Skeeters then both did double flight-enhanced walks and moved into melee with two of the gamin and the wendigo. Turn 2. I don't remember who won initiative here, or exact actions, but the following happened. The Skeeters failed to do any damage, but the one tying up the Gamin closest to Rasputina remained in combat so Rasputina could shoot the Warpig again. The other Skeeter survived two devour attempts only to be punched in the face by an Ice Gamin who scored a moderate damage result and killed it. The Gamin Somer shot was able to charge Somer and put a few wounds on Somer. The Warpig then ate that Ice Gamin (who blew up putting more wounds on Somer, but fed the Warpig, who healed up completely*. Somer shot the Ice Golem 3 times, putting the Golem on 1-2 wounds, and the Ice Golem walked around the intervening building and punched Somer in the face (taking him down to 4 wounds). We both had 2+ non-peon's within 6" of the Turf War marker and scored 1 vp. *We played that the Warpig ate his fill to heal completely, then the Gamin exploded to cause 2 wounds to the Warpig. Not sure if that was the correct order, but it never mattered this game. Turn 3. I won initiative, and with an Ice Golem in Somer's face (and enough melee power to kill both Somer and the Warpig, I think), I went first, with the Warpig. Sadly at this point I realized that the Warpig only had a 1" melee range, while the Ice Golem had a 2" melee range, so I needed to walk then attack, rather than Charge. I did so and managed to hit at kill the Golem. The Warpig healed to full again, but Somer took the explosion to the face and was down to 1 wound. My daughter then charged Somer with a nearby Ice Gamin. I had been using soulstones for earlier damage prevention, so I had only one left at this point. I probably should have used it for the defense flip, but I saved it for damage prevention, figuring on my higher Df saving me. My daughter promptly flipped the Red Joker on the attack and I therefore couldn't cheat the defense flip up. On the resulting straight damage flip, Somer took severe damage and therefore needed a Red Joker on the damage prevention to survive. He didn't flip the red and died... On the left side of the board, my Skeeter still had the Gamin tied up in combat (both sides failing to do much) and the Wendigo charged over from the right side to help, but failed to get a crow on either devour attempt. Having nothing to use for Ice Mirrors, and not wanting to shoot into combat, my Daughter moved Rasputina up closer to the fight, where she didn't need the Ice Mirrors, but was fairly safe from retaliation (a ruin building with a window). I had a gremlin on that side of the board, which tried firing into the Skeeter+Gamin+Wendigo combat, but failed to hit anything. We both had 2+ non-peon's within 6" of the Turf War marker and scored 1 vp. Turn 4. The Wendigo finally ate the Skeeter. The Warpig ate the Gamin that killed Somer Raspy attempted to Curse my last gremlin, getting only 1 weak damage hit in and leaving the Gremlin alive, but unable to reckless. The gremlin shot at the wendigo, failing. The Gamin charged the gremlin, killing it. I no longer had 2 models, much less 2 models in range of the Turf War marker, while my daughter did, so she went up 3vp to 2vp. Turn 5. The warpig walked around the corner and pigcharged the Wendigo, getting both it at the last Ice Gamin in melee. I managed one severe damage on the Wendigo, eating it whole. I think I might have forgotten the automatic trigger on it's attack this time (each previous time I had either the heal or slow triggers, so never stampeded). At this point it would not have made a difference as I was down 1vp and could not score anymore. The Gamin attempted to kill the Warpig in melee and failed and Rasputina's shots into the melee all missed their mark. The flip to continue playing was a 3, so the game ended. As noted above, I couldn't score anymore, so an extra turn would have been meaningless. Lessons learned: 1) I should have moved the Skeeter's up sooner to tie up my opponent's shooting. They eventually went down, but I could have save two of my Gremlins from an early death by doing this. 2) Choosing to shoot at an already activated model, rather than deal with pending threats was also a mistake and is related to the above. If I had tied up his remaining shooters (Ice Mirrors) earlier, I could have safely shot at the Wendigo later in the turn. 3) I didn't start making use of Bayou Two card until a few turns into the game. I'll need to work on remembering it. It did help keep my last Gremlin alive longer than expected and almost helped Somer survive a few really bad hands. There was enough cover (creating negative attack flips) that it wasn't able to help with shooting or damage much (I rarely managed a straight flip on damage), but on occasion it did. 4) Without upgrades the Skeeters couldn't do much, especially with the very early death of 3 gremlins. Somer's support abilities were also lost with their early loss. I still think I could have used those abilities (the automatic suit ability and the no triggers) much more effectively. I only ended up using the automatic suit ability to give Somer automatic Rams and automatic Thinking Luck, but it might have helped to have other triggers in effect for my Gremlins. 5) With the above in mind, I typically activated Somer last, as I might for another master, who wants his crew to set up the enemy for him (like Pandora waiting to activate until after the Sorrors are in place, or Rasputina waiting to activate until after the Ice Mirrors are in place and the Bite of Winter buff is up). Given that Somer supports his crew, I probably should have activated Somer first so he could buff the later activations of my Gremlins. 6) Hide from December's Curse, it's nasty. Moderate flips on negative damage flips happen more often than you might think... Side note, my daughter didn't use Bite of Winter and could have made better use of Focussing/Soulstones. I could have also used focussing and soulstones better. All in all, though, we both had fun. My daughter enjoyed the game and will be back for more. She does want to see me paint the models so that they are more pretty however, and also wondering if anyone would know what she was talking about if she asked random people on the street about Malifaux. Well, that's it for my second Month 2 blog. Hopefully next time there will be another game and/or some progress on assembly and painting.
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    Look, Mimics. Most of the crew sticks around Lucius, to empower Mr. Graves and Doppelganger to beat face and cripple the opponent's ability to hit back, while Vogel runs schemes and eats other runners. Candy (and the Terracotta Warrior by shunting damage) keeps the main group healthy, and acts as a layer of protection for the Lucius command bubble with her control abilities. Doppelganger will just need to stick close to The Scribe for defense. Terracotta Warrior and Mr. Tannen share the same slot now, but I think Terracotta Warrior has more utility for this build. Lucius - Surprisingly Loyal (1) - Deep Pockets (2) The Scribe (2) Candy (9) - Depression (1) Mr. Graves (8) - A Thousand Faces (1) Doppelganger (7) Ferdinand Vogel (8) Terracotta Warrior (6) Guild Lawyer (5) Edit: Left out The Scribe @tactician@Ludvig@H4ml3t@Vorschlag@CaerSidis
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    *This is just a fun "in-character" ledger detailing the acquisition of my Amalgamation Charter Enforcement crew. Guild Assets: March 2rd: Construction started on our "Brutal Emissary" after the required materials arrived from the various 3rd party manufacturing companies used to obscure the project's existance. Reviewed and modified the project plans to ensure the most efficient end product. The excess material will be put aside for future projects. March 4th: Our department funds for this month finally arrived. Repairs for our small unit of constructs, and my steam-harness, may now commence. March 5th: Lucius sent word that Ryle's "responsibilities" to the Guild had been fulfilled for the time being, and that he would be returned within the week. Not too much worse for the wear I hope. M&SU Assets: March 2rd: Received word from an M&SU associate that the survivor of another mine collapse in the northern hills requires extensive prosthesis, and is willing to work for ACE in exchange for access to our maintenance facilities and proprietary augmentations. Marcus, an associate of Victor's, will ensure her safe passage to the city if we supply him with a pack of the Guild's pure-bred hounds. I have already submitted the requisition order. @H4ml3t March 5th: The department's efficiency is top notch, but there are a few menial things that keep needing to be done. To solve this, I spoke to the local M&SU leader and politely implied my need for a Mobile Toolkit for the department. The man said it wouldn't take long for one to arrive at my office. March 6th: Miss Step was escorted into the department this afternoon. The M&SU engineers did there best with what was on hand, but she requires extensive augmentation to offer any assistance. Ramos intercepted her before Marcus brought her down from the foothills, and entrusted her with a copy of his Steamborg blueprints. A nice gesture, it won't be unappreciated.
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    Background: I am fond of technology. I get excited by using tools that make my life easier, more efficient or just plain pleasant. There is no turn-off like realizing that you are captive of such a tool. Mischief plays no part in this. Sure, it makes the feeling worse, but captivity is bad regardless of context. Just absolutely bad. Bad things happen Earth-side, too. Vendors lose interest, passwords get forgotten, databases fail catastrophically: all very improbable contingencies, but not impossible. Captivity stifles creativity by restricting its pool to a cabal. It is the equivalent of monopolist practice in the real economy and its effect is the equivalent of that other evil's effects: monoculture, discontent, decay from within. Thoughts: These points pertain to Logfaux. Players and organizers put a lot of time and effort into enriching the Logfaux database for their individual and the communal benefit. It is only fair that they have access to their data. But why stop there? They could have access to all the (anonymized) data! Logfaux users should be able to get the game data they have filtered for on the My Dashboard and Meta pages in a ubiquitous format, like CSV or XLS. Then they could import that data into other tools and do all sorts of data analysis. Who knows what they might come up with? Let's find out!
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    Hi! I spent some time in painting from may 2016. It is important for me because it was my first good paint untill I became a mother of some wonderful daughter. She is elleven month now, and I have some free time at night to my hobby. This is my new album here The LowRes Paint where I and my husband wont to represent our processes in painting minitures, making terrane, and many other things we want to do. I'a a main correrctor of russian language Malifaux Wikia, and I want to make it a strong platform of Malifaux not only in Russia, but all over the world. Thank you. Special thanks to Wyrd for Malifaux!
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    Having recently returned from BK-Faux (A decently sized event in New York City) with my metaphorical tail between my legs I've resolved to become a more competitive player of Malifaux. I've made the rounds through my LGS and found 4 or 5 players that like the idea of being more competitive as well, so we have decided to help each other get there. I've played Neverborn since 1.5 and, although I was very interested in foraying into Arcanists, have decided to stick with my favored faction of lovely ladies and terrifying monsters as I figure out if I have what it takes to go the distance! What do you think makes someone a more competitive player? What tips do you have for someone looking to turn their game up to 11 (from, admittedly, about 4)?
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    Well, I finally finished off my bases. I still need to do the rims, but I'll do that as part of finalising the model. After the achievement of getting the bases done, I figured I'd assemble a new toy: furthermore, I got 3 models painted (mostly). Daylight was running out so I still need to do the eyes. I'm thinking blues? The bark is done using about 6 layers of airbrushing. I am not 100% happy with the gradient variances, but hey they're waldgeists; I can only make them look *so* good. Current tally: 3 games 1 assembelled 3 painted 0 purchased
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    I've been meaning to update the blog for a little while but have found time today finally! 3 posts in 2 months isn't too bad really by my standard. Painting, I finished my first crew of this year! I'm aiming to get at least 5 done this year after the last 2 years paultry output. Yan Lo in all his glory Happy with the way the crew turned out. Izamu's eyes were my first proper attempt at OSL other than a couple of half-arsed ones, think I'll be trying it a bit more with other stuff. Next crew box I'll be doing is Salvage and Logistics, make a start on playing the Outcasts I've wanted to play for a while. I've made a start on other goals for this year too, I've entered 2 best painted contests at tournaments which is already half of what I did last year! I won both of them as well with the Yan Lo crew which I was pretty shocked about, other people not so much, but I'm always suprised if I win a best painted. Gaming wise I've tried out Yan Lo which I'll try more of, I think he's probably lacking in some respects as everyone says but think I might enjoy him. Only more games will tell. I've been trying to get Seamus to finally work for me after a few failed attempts since M2E started, but I think I've finally cracked him which pleases me immensely as he is one of my favourite masters in terms of fluff and style. Now I understand the way he plays a lot better, I really like his playstyle too as it's very thematic to his background and fun. I also feel it satisfies certain sets of strats and schemes that other Ressers struggle with so win:win Kirai has only seen table time lately at tournaments for me and I had a single game with Jack daw also, someone who I want plenty more with. Continuing with the getting along with my aims for the year, my competative game keeps getting better I think. In the LoEH I played with Ressers (Kirai/SeamusKirai) against (Lilith/Pandora/McCabe). First game was very close, I managed to take out Nekima before she could do too much damage and managed to just deny one point of turf war making a 10-9. 2nd game was cool, Nekima killing off a very wounded Pandora to gain melee master and wreak havoc. 3rd game I was on table 2 last round in contention for 2nd place of the tournament, timing called at a very in-opportune time for me and meant I ended up losing by a point. If it was called 30 seconds either way I would've won by a point minimum. Frustrating, but thems the breaks. Then I played in Ante up taking Ressers again (Seamus/Kirai/Seamus) against (Pandora/Kirai/Kaeris) a memorable moment in the first game was my copycat killer lobbing the head of a fully fit Nekima with a flourish and then dying to black blood!, it took some patient waiting and a bit of set up but well worth it! The Kirai-off was a very tactical tit for tat game but good fun. The last game would have been a lot closer if it wasn't for my awesome luck getting iniative just when I really needed it even though the odds were against me, making me able to heal up Seamus to full from 1 wound left, and able to still score Entourage. I ended up on 3 wins at the end of the tournament and taking out first place! as well as 1st for painting! That's pretty much my hobby since last post, hope to get another entry in soon after I complete more models or go to another tournament!
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    I’m writing this to try and figure something out. See, I love this game and have been playing for around 16 months now. For the first eight or so, I went Arcanists and had a middling to poor record though I will note that I thoroughly enjoyed playing Kaeris. So much so, that I bought bits from the Easter sale to get the alternate version of her. Then I moved onto Neverborn, playing them almost exclusively from June until the nationals (Okay, mostly Pandora. You probably could guess that from my avatar). And I had some success, getting a second place and a fourth place at some smaller events, and managing to get 19th at the 2015 nationals! Definitely pleased with that performance. Still, there’s only so many “Oh, you’re a Pandora player” I want to hear, so I figured I’d start someone new. When Mike revealed the pack for the 2016 nationals, I even thought I might take a stab at the fixed list approach, practise for most of the year with one master and see if I could equal or even beat my performance. Then, when I should’ve been working, I thought of some simple maths. Prepare to be stunned. There’s seven masters to a faction in Malifaux. The nationals consists of seven rounds. These numbers match! My mind is astonishing to behold, I know. Moving on, the idea is that I could play seven rounds using all seven masters for a faction at the nationals. It’s the only seven round event in the UK (that I know of), so the only chance I’d have to play this. Question is, do I want to? A part of me definitely wants to say yes. And part of me wants to say no. So in no random order, let’s throw down some thoughts. I’ll note down positive or negative, though it’ll likely be clear. variety is fun (and I will get bored of a single master until the nationals, definitely) - Positive I have the better part of two factions, mostly painted. There’s not going to be a tremendous amount of work getting the models to tabletop quality. - Positive I don’t all masters for any faction - negative (wallet speaking here, I don’t own Marcus. All those beasts if I go arcanist… yeouch) 7 rounds, 7 masters, 10 strats. I’ll need redundancy, knowing three strats confidently with each master (I want to do this well, not just turn up and play). This is a lot of work - negative I won’t learn any one master in depth - negative It’s different. - positive I’ll learn the faction as a whole better - positive No chance of a trophy. I know what I said about my placings, but it’d still be nice to dream - negative (albeit, minor one) Having to play as either Marcus or Lucius, neither of whom appeal - negative ….having to try out masters I wouldn’t otherwise and, just maybe, improve my game - positive Hmmm. The list is rather balanced if you just add things up, but writing it, I was struggling for the negatives more than anything else. That’s the deciding factor. I’ll do another post weighing up my two options as I’m not starting a new faction for this. And I may do some posts along the way, tracking my various failings. For now though my plan is to do Seven Masters for Seven Rounds.
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    So I've been eyeballing Malifaux for the better part of three years, buying a M2E rule book and the M&SU crew box. A baby and new career later and i've finally found the time to pursue the game! I've come from a war-gaming background and found Malifaux refreshing in game play and aesthetics. This past Friday I was able to play in Atlanta at the most excellent Giga-bites cafe' I'll be working towards a Henchmen position and growing a community in the Macon/Warner Robins area of Georgia So far I have finished my Ramos crew (speed painted, 2hrs) I'm now working on a Yan lo Ancestor crew and the Rail crew (who doesn't want Mei Feng Kung Fu'ing someone off Joss' head!) Ill be updating Regularly!!
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    So, I thought I'd do a kind of resolutions post, a look towards what I want to get done or achieved for the coming year. Or at least what I'll be doing hobby-wise in the very near future. I'll start with gaming, there's nothing too much with gaming for me. The main thing is to have fun and play as much as possible, the fun takes care of itself, so I'll try to attend more tournaments than 2015 which was 8 in total. Anything over that will be a win. I also would like to try out lots of new masters, probably in new factions. I'm a big Resser player, I just love the fluff and summoning mechanics so while I'll be looking to build back up my resser collection in plastics after selling pretty much the entire faction that was fully painted in metal, I'll be looking to expand to some new non-resser masters. I've always used Outcasts too in the form of Viks and Von Schill so trying out most of the other Outcasts and maybe further afield would be nice this year. I may even work in painting puppet wars stuff into trying some new masters for Malifaux. I would also like to continue to improve my competative game in tournaments, feel it's been improving over the last year or so, maybe a podium would be nice at some point, but this is all definetly not at the expense of fun. Painting and hobby-wise? Well, for a start I want to really up my crew painting this year. Over last year and 2014 I managed to paint a grand total of 1 new crew which is pretty pathetic for me. This wasn't helped by commission work and non-malifaux focused painting which took up most of the time, as well as dwindling painting time due to general life commitments. Think I'd like to end the year with at least 5 new crews/crew boxes painted altogether for Malifaux, maybe more. Also a fully painted Guildball team and more progress on my Puppet wars stuff is a goal I'd like to get done. Entering more 'best painted' competitions than last year will have to be a goal too, after only entering a shock 4/8 possibles it shouldn't be too hard. I'd also likè to beat the 25% win ratio on those from 2015, but wouldn't we all? The plan for the time being for painting? Currently trying to finish a Yan Lo crew, this'll be based the same style as the Kirai crew for a coherent interchange of models. Done these chaps for it so far, just need basing Yan, a Soul Porter, Izamu, Yin and the Emissary are pretty much what I need to finish to complete the crew, there's some other bits on the painting table too to finish at some point... After the Yan Lo crew I've got these two to do too From there? who knows? but I have my eye on a few bits....
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    I've decieded I'll start a blog on this here site, it seems to make sense being as most of my hobby focuses around Wyrd games. I also run a blog on Wordpress, so it'll be the same post as on here, if I like posting here more I might move over altogether, but will see for now. First up, a look back on my hobby for the past year seems to be a decent place to start..... I've been meaning to do a little look back on what I've been up to last year in both gaming and painting, as much as for myself as for the blog. It being a fair old while since my last post I thought I'd better. Thinking back to the start of 2015 gaming wise I was still playing a lot of Molly and got my highest placing of the year at the leauge of Extraordinary Henchman in January (6/30). I played in four tournaments from Jan to March, LoEH sat and sun, Vapnartak and Lemonentry, using Molly in 3 and Viks in 1. I then had a massive tournament hiatus not going to another one until September, playing a lot of Guildball in the time between as well as Malifaux. I sold most of my Resser collection in the spring and then learnt how to play Kirai, using her in tournaments for the rest of the year. Attending From the Shadows, Drunken Monkey, Into the Quarantine Zone and the UKGT 2015. Best result from these was probably the UKGT, finishing 32/88, winning 4/7 games. Favourite tournament of the year was the UKGT, it was an awesome weekend, as weekend events tend to be, 7 great games and the social side was amazing, not least because the of the awesome night out on the Saturday. I must say 2 day tournaments are by far my favourite because of the total immersion you enter into, but these are few and far between for me due to family commitments etc which makes them all the more special. So a total of 8 Malifaux tournaments in 2015 which is fairly low considering 2014 was 10. I have a feeling there'll be more for me this year. Non-malifaux and Guildball gaming consisted of family gaming, Puppet Wars (fricking love this game) a game of Dreadfleet and the usual board style games, Forbidden Island, Dobble, Takenoko, Small World, Ticket to Ride, Love Letter, Zombicide etc. Painting has been pretty lacklustre this year for me I think. The year started with me finishing of a 30K Worldeaters army commission Another Commission in the form of a high level Fisherman team for Guildball After this I decided I was giving up commision painting for several reasons so focused back on painting up my own models. I Painted up a couple of Puppets Also a full Puppet crew, in a week, to play Malifaux in the GT Did some Dreadfleet terrain and other bits (not finished) Painted and textured some boards to make a gaming table Made myself a paint rack Put together two Guildball teams, made a goal and painted one model Painted some random Malifaux models that needed finishing And pretty much finished painting the whole of my Kirai crew So actually looking at it like that I've just convinced myself I haven't been too unproductive with the painting/hobby in 2015, I just haven't painted many Malifaux crews I guess. Awards for painting in tournaments? Well, I entered into 4/8 best painted competitions of the tournaments I went to (really seems like more than that, actually shocked that it's that low!) Of the 4, I won best painted once with my Viks crew and placed 2nd in best painted trinity of models. 1/4 and 1 2nd place isn't bad at all, happy with that. Next up I think I'll write a post on what I'll be planning on doing in the coming year and my aims/goals for it, so until then! Bye
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    It's been almost two months since the TOMB3 has started, and I had a slow start. But I am getting up to steam now! Last week I played my first game (against Lucius) and I am finishing up my paintjobs on the Cerberus, Silurid and Jackalope. So this blog entree is about that. First some words about the test game. I played against Lucius, the guy playing him quite new to the master (as I am to Marcus). Due to time we didn't finish the game, but we both knew how it would end: total annihilation of the Guild forces. If there's one thing that stuck with me from that game, it's that the Sabertooth Cerberus is a beast! (pun intended). He mauled Dashel to death on his first attack after a leap, so had 1 AP left after doing what she should do. I love that cat, so she went higher on the painting list. I was running the list I posted in my previous blog entree, and got a good general feel for the crew. There's lots of things I could have done better. A couple of things I liked: Marcus with Pack Leader is awesome (so many free attacks its silly), Cerberus is hawt (ofc!) and with all the unimpeded forests are my friend. Didnt get a good feel for the Silurid, so will give that thing more tries, especially as I am quite proud of my painting job on it. So that brings me to my painting. I decided for this crew that everything should have an example picture or inspiration to give me ideas for the colour scheme. The Cerberus is obviously one of our cats, and turned out much better then I thought she would (after base coats it looked horrible). The Silurid is my pride of the crew so far. I really tried hard to paint it like a frog, including the yellow line across the flanks. I will have to paint the cat's rock, and then do the basing. Otherwise they are done. That brings me about halfway the basic crew, next up to paing will probably be Myranda or the Waldgeist. Want to save Marcus for last, and do a real dark (close to black) skin colour, as I think that's very pretty. I did notice that my phone isnt taking good pictures. When I finish the basic crew I will ask someone to make some good pictures for me so I can share them Still loving the naked molerat. I think it sees Marcus as it's queen
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    Hi all! On the Wyrd forums I found the TOMB 3 Rules and Signup thread. It inspired me - I have so much lying around. This is a great way of building up a new crew, sharing experiences, and getting some feedback about it all. So here's my blog for october! I am choosing to play Marcus! Why you would ask? Apart from him being a beast (pun intended) there's another story to that. Recently I really started painting my models. I made basic bases from greenstuff, and as I progressed I wanted to do better bases. My Google-Fu directed me towards Basius; awesome tools to make cool bases. There was a Basius kick-starter, I backed it, and am now awaiting my stuff. Of the three pads I backed, for one I choose the forest pad. I recently got back from vacation where we wandered through the forest almost every day, and really loved that idea for bases. And who live in the fores? Yes, beasts! So actually my desire to run Marcus was born in the availability of cool forest basing! I have the Marcus box for $50, leaving me $10 for this month. I will save that up. This month I want to put the models together, maybe start painting, but I am waiting for my forest basius to arrive before actually putting everything together. On my wishlist are: Molemen (although I read mixed reports about them), Silurids, Waldgeists, Rogue Necromancy. From my rezzers I already have some canine remains to reuse, which should be awesome as well. With this TOMB I am also setting a higher bar for painting the models. I am not a great painter, but am aspiring to get better at it. Doing a lot of rezzers lately I guess this will be a nice change. I will try to paint more neatly, use vibrant colours for all the beasts, and otherwise just make them awesome models. As for figuring out how/what I am going to play, I am revisiting some of the Marcus resources I have read and listened to the last couple of weeks, grouped together in this topic: http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/92826-m2e-marcus/Also looking forward to the excellent podcast Schemes and Stones doing a Marcus edition! Here's some inspiration I found for some models. For Cojo I am really liking the albino paintscheme that dgraz uses. The fiery paintstyle is nice as well! For the Rattler there's like millions of cool options. This snake is very vibrant, for example: The tiger might get a paintjob to look like our cats? Not sure how that will work out Anyways, so here it is: my start to TOMB!
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    By the time this gets published, the #wtfaux podcast will be a thing! This podcast won’t be me spouting opinions. I have Twitter for that, as I’m well aware that the only person who agrees with me is me. And even that’s only some of the time… No, this show will be about Malifaux events. I love these days out, flipping cards and having a laugh with good friends. The best part about them is that everyone talks to everyone and there is always interest in how things go from those who can’t make it, and that's what I want to share with the world. Each event will be an episode of itself. I’m hoping to convince at least one co-host to join me per episode, and that will probably be whoever is travelling in the same car. For that episode we’ll cover our games, what we played, who we took, and how we got on. There may be some deep tactical insight, but that depends very much on how things go on the day as I plan to do most, if not all, of the recording either travelling to and from events or at the event itself. Alongside the progress coverage I hope to mix in interviews as the day goes on. Funny stories, interesting crews, maybe a Master you don’t see very often. And hopefully some painting advice from those who’ve got particularly awesome-looking crews. As you’ve probably learned by now, this show will be reliant on me getting people to talk into a mic / voice recorder / phone and talk about Malifaux. That’s not normally a problem. We play a game that features zombie hookers, leaping mutant catfish, grannies in steam-powered wheelchairs and walking tributes to Johnny Cash. We should be talking about it because it’s awesome! I think what I’m trying to say is, please don’t be afraid to grab me if you have something you want to talk about! This is an ambitious idea but if it works, it will allow potentially anyone at an event to have their say over the airwaves. It doesn’t bother me what level you play, whether you consider yourself a ‘name’ (I hate all this 'celebrity' rubbish at the best of times!) or even if you just want to sing the praises of a particular model. If it’s interesting, I’ll quite cheerfully slap it in the ‘cast. The plan is to try the format out at a few events, put a few shows out and see if it works. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, oh well. It’s a gamble but not an overly expensive gamble so I’m happy to take the risk. So. Thanks for reading, and hopefully you’ll give us a listen once the shows hit the Internet!
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    The most important rule in Malifaux is to READ! READ the damn cards! Read them twice, its okay!
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    I've probably spent too long over the past week listerning to podcasts talking about hobby goals. I didn't really have any last year, and it made me think about formalising some for this year. (Fools Daily - Go give it a listern) And I've come up with a tough one, which is worthy of blogging on a semi regular basis. I want to use every Malifaux model I own in a game over 2015 Some starting information. I've been collecting pretty much since the begining, According to my collection tracker I currently own 408 figures. This is 1876 ss worth of figures. This is spread over all 7 factions, although the only faction I own everything (released) for is Arcanist (outcasts do very well, there are actually only 4 models in total I don't own an offical model for, which is lower than the 5 Arcanists I don't own)) Ideally I want to use each individual sculpt at least once, so as I own 3 Sabertooth Cerberus, I'll need to field them at least 3 times over the year. Likewise I have 3 Rasputina models (original, alternate sculpt and Transparent blue + I also have avatar) so I need to field her 3 times at least. Models summoned in game do count. I will only play them if they are at least minimumly painted. (Current total has 57% painted, and 83% undercoated, but several of those that are undercoated will have some paint on them, and so can be used) That 408 models does include Avatar sculpts. Since we currently don't have rules for them, they may get dropped from my list of playable models. I have 11 Avatars (counting the Colette avatar as 1 avatar, although it is in my model count as 3 models). I'm quite likely to buy more models over the year. Due to my low hobby/painting time models bought after Gencon may not count. My local games clubs meet on Tuesdays, so I'm most likely to update on wednesdays I might include battle reports for some of the games, but I'm unlikely to include reports for them all. Watch this space
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    Not a Real Tale of a Malifaux Blogger (ToMB) - Month 0 Intro So I have faction ADD and bought into every faction in this game, even the Not a Real Faction Gremlins, back when they were part of the Outcasts. I have a small Ophelia crew that consists of her starter box and a couple of Slop Haulers, that is actually my most self-painted Malifaux Crew. (I got a few painted crews when another local player unloaded his stuff). At the time I had started to pick up Somer's box and other related models with the intention to expand my Gremlins, but faction ADD took hold and I moved on. Those models have sat in their boxes/blisters since 1.5 without ever having taken the field in a game of Malifaux. With the start of the Tale of a Malifaux Blogger (ToMB) event (see more info at: http://taleofmalifauxbloggers.blogspot.co.uk/), I thought now would be a good time to look into starting up my Somer crew. I know the dollar limits on ToMB will cause issues with my crew expansion and game size, but those same limits might actually help me with painting and such. The local scene is fairly small, so players are still willing to get in smaller soulstone sized games, which should help my Somer Crew take shape those in smaller games. From my previous purchases in 1.5 I have the following: (All are metal figures) Somer Box ($37.50): Somer Teeth (Master), Warpig, 4 Bayou Gremlins 2x Giant Mosquito (two $8.50 blisters) Hog Whisperer & Piglet ($10.50 blister) 2x Slop Haulers ($14.00 blister of two) - partially painted as part of existing Ophelia crew (as a side note I actually got these as a trade for a Miss Pack nurse in the Ophelia box, back when I didn't think I would get faction ADD and never intended to pick up Ressers, oh how I regret that trade...) Egg Hauler & Rooster Rider (can't remember their costs, I have until later months to figure that out) 3x Stuffed Piglets ($10.00 blister of three) Naturally that all won't fit in the Month 1 budget, so for Month 1, I'll pare that down to: Somer Box($37.50) Arsenal Deck ($8.00) = needed for M2E cards Hog Whisper & Piglet ($10.50) Total: $56.00 ($4.00 in bank for Month 2) I know the Giant Mosquito totems are probably a good purchase, but the 1.5 Somer Box includes only ~21 soulstones worth of actual models (3 soulstones for each of 4 bayou gremlins, and ~9 soulstones for the Warpig), so to get up to a reasonable game size, I thought the ~9 soulstones in the Hog Whisperer + Piglet blister would be a better start than the 2 soulstone Giant Mosquito. I'll look to pick those totems up in Month 2. Additionally, I should have some important data on playing without the totems (whether they are auto-include or not) from Month 1, if I can actually get in any games. I also thought the Hog Whisperer would be good to take with the Warpig, since a Warpig that's been set off is probably not a good thing for my plans. Finally, I like the idea of pigs and might go with a pig themed list in the future. Anyway, the above list will give me: -Somer Teeth, my master, whose tricks and such I will need to learn -A big beatstick in the Warpig -A model that controls and supports my beatstick in the Hog Whisperer -A little melee model in the Piglet -and 4 utility/shooty/scheme models in the 4 Bayou Gremlins. These models total ~30 soulstones before additional cache or upgrades, and seems like a good amount to start with. No idea on how they will play on the board, but from a general Malifaux gaming standpoint, I've got a good number of scheme completion models, a beatstick for killing things and some support for the beatstick. Seems somewhat well rounded, but we'll see how that plays out on the field. As for initial "progress" or getting a head start on other gamers, all of these models for Month 1 are still new in box/blister. So I guess once I get home from this work-related roadtrip, I need to get my models out of their boxes and onto the hobbytable.
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    I have a million things I want to do in my life. Not exactly a million - in fact, probably a lot less. But I have a lot of ambitions, great and small. Developing my own indie video game is an ongoing project and one which could take years. But it's a path I'm on and if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other I will get to the destination. One of my other ambitions is to fully paint a Malifaux crew to a pro standard! I love the pictures you see of professionally finished pieces, subtle gradients and fine details. I can't do them though - not yet. I can do some things well, and sometimes accidentally do awesome things, but it's nearly always fluke! I have a bad combination of frugalness and impatience. I squirt a blob of paint into my tray and mix it with water. Then I do a tiny detail. Then I realise I have a WHOLE BLOB of paint mixed with water that's going to waste. It just stares at me. I stare back. Before you know it I've painted a load of other details in this one colour on my other models purely so I don't waste my 5 pence worth of paint. So if I ever post pictures of my models and there appears to be a common colour theme throughout different crews, now you know why. Another ambition I have is to write a novel. An amazing sci-fi/fantasy novel in the vein of those in the Black Library. But not for Warhammer. I'd love to write about Malifaux one day when I feel I know enough about the fluff to do it justice. I'm pimarily an artist and do a lot of digital painting (when I'm in 'digital art mode') and Malifaux has actually inspired me to design creatures and characters from parts of my imagination I never knew existed. It's such a rich world full of character it's hard not to want to be part of it somehow. As you can probably tell I get easily carried away. And that's why I have a million things on my 'to do' list. Now, for the rest of my evening shall I paint digitally, paint minis, fix coding bugs in my game, read a book, write a story, play some games, practice the Malifaux rules or do some exercise? I'll probably just sit here getting agitated because I can't do it all at once.
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    Well, it's a new year, a new site, let's get a blog started. That's always the plan right? Fresh start. Resolutions. Follow through...Wait, what's follow through? Last year, 2013, I had the lofty goal of getting all of my Wyrd models painted before Gencon. Although I have a lot of models (understatement), it was something I could have attained. Sit down, watch some television (marathon a show, ya mean), and paint up a slew of models. How hard could it possibly be? I did get a good start, courtesy of watching all five seasons of Babylon 5. I worked through a lot of the Ten Thunders and associated models (McCabe, Mei Feng, Misaki, Lynch), and even some Rezzers (Seamus and Molly with the Belles), but I was working assembly line style and eventually the whole thing came crashing to a halt. [M2E, I choose you...Then along came Summer and I started grinding away at Mechwarrior Online, instead.] All of the fire just went out of my painting, replaced by discussions of each week's rules updates...But that's all over now. One less excuse. Heck, my den is fairly organized, and I can actually sit down at my painting station to paint (at the cost of burying my prep station, but I can dig it out for messy work like basing if I need to). As it's three in the morning, eastern standard time, I think that this is as good as it gets for an introduction. WIPs to follow, eventually... P.s. Some quick notes: My name is Johnny. I live in the Akron, Ohio, area. I assemble the models for most of my friends. Our usual game day is on Sunday. I have a 4 x 4 table that we tend to play three or four player games on. Usual terrain is usually either Terraclips (Streets and Buildings x2 each with which to use) or Heroscape terrain (plus other odds and ends like a whole forest worth of pine trees I picked up from Dollar Tree around the holidays). If you really wanna speed up a game, measure by Heroscape hexes instead of inches. It's great for quick demos.
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    For the first time in Russia, in Moscow there was a International Tabletop Day! Thanks to Aleksey Zuykov (the biggest boardgames Youtuber in former USSR), who organized a celebration of 5 years of his channel and registered that event through the ITD! The event was in Geek Wars (Paveletskaya), and of course we can't miss the opportunity to acquaint people with the world of Malifaux There was 200-300 guest through the all day, and more than 30 people (actually I lost count as there was a LOT of people) who were interested in Malifaux, asked questions, listened to my stories about lore, played demo with me and my assistants and of course bought some Malifaux! Our community is growing! All hail the Guild! My favourine picture, with me and enthusiastic girl, I call it: "This is how people react to Malifaux!" My painted miniatures on parade There's A LOT of people And more images in album
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    Due to the lack of local Henchmen, and the attendant lack of organized play, I've decided to step in. I picked the starter Nephilim, with Candy, Doppleganger, and two Sorrows for my demo crews. Sure, I have Grimwell's asylum staff, but I don't use them in regular play-and I'd like to improve my game with the models I'm consistently fielding. It's also incentive to paint my Pandora crew. I suppose I can hope for 5ss Neverborn Mimics to be released in the future. Or for a dual faction Mimic Henchman.
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    In anticipation of tomorrow's miniatures delivery, which is the only thing happening, I'm up late working on a some crew lists. Backstab off of Conflux of Tyranny grabbed my interest, as no one seems to be paying attention to it. Here are my thoughts on the matter: We start Lucius with Mysterious Emissary and Conflux of Tyranny for Backstab. Backstab wants Lucius to activate late in the turn, and encourages draining your opponent's hand with it's trigger. Fortunately, that 10ss Emissary makes Changelings to help with that activation control, and it is my experience that Changelings are great hand sappers. Continuing with activation priority, let's bring in Candy with Depression and Fears Given Form to harrass models Lucius isn't focusing on, like scheme runners, which prompts/wails the opponent into activating the models we want. Following up for Depression's Melancholy, Doppleganger is always a favorite, and Mr. Tannen comes with a cheat tax (remember that Backstab Trigger), both with the ever useful Thousand Faces. Since we'll be keeping Mr. Tannen and numerous Changelings close at hand, we can improve their survivability with The Scribe and Useless Duplications on Lucius. With Lucius heading into the thick of it, and with all these Mimics running around Surprisingly Loyal finds use here. Speaking of survivability, a Guild Lawyer would help keep the heat off with Impassioned Defense. With 4ss left, that's a Changeling to start, or Secret Assets and 2ss extra. Suppose it depends. You could also trade out the Lawyer for a Performer to Lure and inspire a Changeling to Nature Reclaims All something in the face for more hand sapping. In either case, enjoy your Stabby Lucius.
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    On September 24-25 we organized a grand Malifaux presentation at Igrokon 2016, the largest board games convention in Russia. Together with Sergey Gybin (Ravenswood) and some volunteers we made demo games for more than 200 people. Everyone was really amazed by Malifaux and Through The Breach style, so after this huge event Russian Malifaux community will grow even faster than now! You can take a look at our booth at our image gallery. P.S. Teddy was a true star.
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    Last Saturday, July 30, 2016 Cardplace club (Mendeleyevskaya metro station) hosted the first Malifaux tournament "Welcome to Malifaux!", in Henchman Hardcore format (20 Soul Stones). The format turned to be very lively, active and all participants enjoyed it. And some of them were especially pleased, since they managed to finish the battle with prizes) To conclude: 1st place: Atwei and his Arkanists (S mall Mystery box + diploma) 2nd place: Toktogul who played for Outcasts (1 SS guilder + diploma) 3rd place: Bukr Jenkins , The Guild (Foil card + diploma) Let me once again congratulate the winners, and thank all the participants for a good game and warm and homely atmosphere! We look forward to seeing you at our next tournaments!
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    Extremely happy to say I wrapped up my rail crew today. Quick but effective, i'm hoping to attend a tournament in Atlanta at the end of the month. Declaring Arcanist, letting Mei Feng hop around crazy haha
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    I want to focus on Neverborn this year. I've dabbled in Guild and had a few games with Ressers but I finally settled on Neverborn. Such a cool backstory and a great range of models to boot. I painted up the Mother of Monsters box set about 18 months ago and since then, I have decided that I want to change the basing. I was originally going with sand + grass. This will now be black and white chequer bases. I'm not going to rebase this box set until I have at least gotten some other models painted and based. I have also, in stupidity, decided that I will paint the bases before I paint the models? WTF - why would I do that....???!!! As such, none of my models are actually attached to bases. I need to blu-tac them down in order to have a game. I detest doing this and hopefully it will make me paint more so I can get rid of the Blu-Tac. In keeping with my NYR, it is probably fitting to list the models that I have and the various states they are currently in: Masters: Lilith (painted and varnished, but I want to come back and highlight her up a bit more and She in need of rebasing) Pandora (undercoated white) Zoraida (on sprue) Dreamer + LCB (on sprue) Jakob Lynch (on sprue) Lucius (on sprue) Collodi (assembled) Henchmen: Barbaros (painted and varnished - in need of rebasing) Candy (Undercoated white) Bad Juju (assembeled) Lord Chompy Bits (on sprue) Nekima (assembled) Vasilisa (assembled) Widow Weaver (on sprue) Alternate Barbaros (on sprue) Wrath (assembled) Angel Eyes (assembled) Enforcers: Baby Kade (assembled) Coppelius (assembled ) Doppleganger (on sprue) Mr Graves (assembeled) Mr Tannen (on sprue) Miss Ery (assembled ) Tuco (on sprue) Lilith (on sprue) Lelu (on sprue) Iggy (on sprue) Mature Nephilim (assembled) Hooded Rider (assembled) Scion of Black Blood (assembled) Minions: 3x Sorrows (assembled and mostly painted) 3x Silurid (assembled) 6x Terror Tots (assembled, 3 finished and varnished) 3x Illuminated (on sprue) 2x Beckoners (on sprue) 2x Young Nephilim (assembled and half painted) 3x Depleted (on sprue) 3x Waldgiest (assembled) 3x Wicked Dolls (assembled) 3x Insidious Madnesses (on sprue) 2x Black Blood Shaman (on sprue) Mysterious Effigy (assembled) 2x Bloodwretch (assembled) Peons: 3x Alps (on sprue) Totems: Cherub (Painted and varnished, in need of rebasing) Poltergeist (assembled and half painted) Voodoo Doll (assembled) 3x Daydreams (on sprue) Hungering Darkness (on sprue) The Scribe (on sprue) Primordial Magic (assembled) 4x Marionettes (assembled) So there we have it. My first plan of attack is to get the bases done. Lets have a look at where these are now up to: 50mm: 1 - Complete 5 - Black squares done 40mm: 7 - Black Squares done 30mm: 24 - Complete This will raise the issue of what am I going to do to undercoat the models. I'll have to figure something out. I am hoping for inspiration while I paint up the white and painting the white is much harder than painting up the black. I'm going to aim to get that done today. I have finished off the black squares on the 50mm and 40mm bases today already so that will be a good amount done in one day for me if I can manage it.
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    Over the years I have had many new years resolutions. This year it was something along the lines of: Drink less beer Exercise more Eat Healthy Lose weight Lets be honest none of those are going to happen! How about some realistic targets: Paint more models than I buy Paint more models than I assemble Play more games that the sum of (models that I paint + assemble + buy). As with all new years resolutions, the best time to start them is tomorrow
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    The new year has begun, and I´ve been busy with #TOMB3! In this post I will show my painting progress, and rant on a bit on random topics that are Marcus related. First off I noticed that Marcus has another theme, besides from beasts. Namely butts! I think this is the crew for which I painted most butts. Second, it;s lovely how much painting variation there is in this crew. Everything is so unlike the others, so I had lots of experience painting. Trees, frogs (silurids), hairy beasts, less hairy beasts, etc. I really like it. The model I am most proud of, is my Rattler. I think she turned out very pretty, and its the one model in my entire collection I spent most time on. The colour scheme is really striking! Another thing I really liked to paint where the silurids. I did them in a froggy painting style. As I painted the two seperate they have a bit other tone/colour, but I am growing fond of that! Then the Waldgeists. Really loved them too! Tried to paint glowing eyes, which didnt work out too well. I think they look really forresty Again I painted these in different tones; not every tree is the same colour after all! Another MVP is the Cerberus. In game she is THE beast of the pack. There hasn't been a game so far where the opponent wasn't suprised at how good it is. I love her, and also because she is painted in the colour and pattern of one of our cats! I did my best painting the eyes, and after doing that for this model I vowed to (at least try to) paint all the eyes on my models from now on. It gives so much character! Well, for me those where the highlights of painting this crew so far. Now onto the models I had less fun painting. Molemen: I really like them ingame, and they are little ugly models. Just as I like them, as I want them to look like naked molerats. Who are ugly as well. Think these turned out quite nice! Painting Marcus I wanted to do a really dark skintone. I couldnt get a foto showing it well, as I feel the picture somehow turned out too dark. Still I think it could use more highlights, but I couldnt get them right. After trying for some days I thought I might as well keep him like this. Painting dark skin is hard! The Jackalope is a funny little model! I googled some nice inspiration, and think I got an original painting scheme which looks pretty. He;s a funny thing. One game he killed a Death Marshall on the charge on turn one Myranda is a bit of a bland model imo. She has nothing interesting going on. Just a squatting lady in an ugly robe. Rushed the paintjob a bit on her. Ingame she is amazing though! (unless turned into Cojo, then she dies the same turn or the turn after). Then the Blessed and Cojo. They are the same category for me: unfun to paint. I found that this style of model (furry but bulky) is something I don't like to paint, nor am I any good at it. I am really eager to try out the Blessed in game. She should be amazing! Cojo on the other hand... I don't like his paintjob, the chest on the model isn't right this way and there's an ugly blotch at the backside. But I am going to paint other stuff first before I might repaint him. Trying him out a few times in the games now I feel like I will almost never field him anyway. So there's lots of pictures! Lots of fun to paint, and learned a lot, improving my painting schemes. For the games I played: I tried to make the other limited upgrade work for Marcus. You know, the one that doesn't give +3Wk of +2dg. Well, every game (5+) I wished I had taken the other upgrade, sadly. But even then I won! Some things I learned include: don't engage a librarian with Marcus. That thing strips all suits, and that makes it really hard for him to get away/be really effective. Marcus also is quite squishy, so I used a lot of soulstones for damage prevention with him. Cojo seems plain bad, and the Cerberus is insanely good. The entire crew is fast, which is a nice switch from Ressers as well! In a week I will attend a tournament here where I want to try out my Marcus, so we'll see how he does in a competative environment Comments and feedback are more then welcome! I want to learn to paint better, mostly, and have a Rogue Necromancy and last of the molemen, silurids and waldgeists primed up. Also a Dawn Serpent to round up the beasts. I feel my Marcus pool is quite complete then. Thanks for reading!
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    So my first event of the year was at the Grid, a games store in Doncaster. It was their first ever Malifaux tournament and I have to say I left very impressed. Organisation was excellent, there was a bar doing hot food and all the cold Pepsi Max I could drink, plenty of tables with some great terrain on, and some space to chill out between games. I will be back! The tournament itself was my first with the Guild. I was a bit embarrassed by the fact I didn't have a single model that was actually painted - it's a matter of pride normally that my crews are done and finished - but I was hell-bent on getting the Guild to the table so pushed ahead. For my Master I used Lady Justice all day. To me she's the epitome of the Guild theory that if it's dead, it can't cause you any problems. There is basically a 14" bubble around her (5" walk, 7" charge, 2" range on her sword) that nobody should go near lightly, because she hits like a train and will survive most counter-attacks. With that said, there is a lot of finesse involved in making sure she's in the right place at the right time, and with ready access to buffs that make her life easier and longer. These game reports won't be the most in depth ever - it was a while ago now, and unfortunately most of the crew choices and scheme selection have been lost somewhere in the addled mess that is my mind - but I can remember the key points from my perspective. My first game was a great fella called Brad, using Outcasts led by von Schill. To be fair to Brad I'm not sure the draw could have been less kind to him - this was his third or fourth game of Malifaux ever against someone who's at a tournament most weekends, and I know Outcasts and von Schill inside and out. The strategy was Turf War, which in theory is normally von Schill's strongest as he can hand out his Legend To Live Up To buff to the Freikorps to keep them in the fight. A Master like Justice on the other side of the table can flip that on its head - you know exactly where von Schill will be, and whilst he's not easy to take out, a melee Master with their mind set on assassinating him can put him down. And so the game proved. I used 2 Hunters to drag Freikorps models out of position and apply Slow to stop them getting back to where they needed to be. This cleared the lane for Justice to come in from the flank, kill a Strongarm Suit in turn 2 and then leave von Schill, healing all burned, on his Hard to Kill by the end of turn 3. 10-4 win all told. After the game we had a good long chat, and an impromptu training session on the virtues of Oathkeeper and how the Strongarm and von Schill can charge over anything in their path. It seemed to work - Brad finished the event with a win and a draw and crews laden with Oathkeepers - which made me feel a lot better about the end result! I try to help out newer players as much as I can - I don't pretend to be the world's greatest teacher but I've seen most of what the tournament scene can throw at you. If there's anything I know that can help, I'll gladly pass it on. Next up was a match against Mike Taylor on table 2, Lady Justice vs a Neverborn-flavoured Jakob Lynch in Reckoning. The last time Mike and I played, he hurled Misaki into the middle of my Leveticus crew, was unlucky to flip a Black Joker on a horror duel with her next turn, and duly given a 10-0 working over. Safe to say he was keen to avenge that particular couple of hours! The board itself was a swamp board covered in severe terrain that would slow movement, with some decking and walkways. It looked awesome, but if we weren't careful, there wasn't going to be a lot of movement. Thankfully the Guild has plentiful access to Unimpeded. Lady Justice carried the relevant upgrades, I took a Death Marshal, there were 2 Watchers on the table, and Pale Rider appeared too. None of those 5 models were in the least bit bothered by the terrain! I also had two Henchmen, the Judge and Francisco Ortega, who combined to catapult Justice 10" up the board turn 1 before she'd activated, and resulted in Hungering Darkness being dead turn 2 and Lynch on one wound as she was there so fast. The continued threat of Justice also forced Mike to bring models across to deal with her and the two Henchmen, meaning he couldn't do what he needed to do in terms of schemes. In the meantime Pale Rider earned 6 VPs in 2 activations; scheme marker, 0 action for scheme marker, move, Plant Evidence achieved. Scheme marker, 0 action for scheme marker, move, Breakthrough achieved. 7-3 win to the Guild. So last game was up on the lofty heights of table 1, playing Squatters Rights against Mark Elwood. We were both sufficiently far ahead on VP differential that the winner would almost certainly win the tournament, something that would put Mark at the top of the pile as the UK number 1 and give me my first ever podium. Safe to say, we both had a fair bit riding on this one! Mark declared Neverborn, and I was 95% sure that meant summoning Dreamer. So I took a crew with as many activations as I could, with the intention of spreading out, flipping markers and making the most of the Distract scheme. Whilst Mark's reputation preceded him as a Dreamer player, mine probably preceded me as an over-aggressive nutter who would go all out for the kills. I was pretty sure the last thing he was going to expect from me was a scheme that meant I couldn't kill models in order to score! Justice took the field with Judge, Pale Rider, 3 Guild Hounds, 2 Watchers (going for unannounced Breakthrough) and an Austringer. That gave me a ridiculous reach across the board, and very little trouble getting models up to the Squat markers early and flipping them over. The game itself was one of the most tight and tactical games I've ever played in. There was a lot of bait-and-switch going on with Guild Hounds, pulling them in and out with Judge and the Austringer to maximise enemy Distracts and minimise it ending up on my own models, as Mark played the same game with Insidious Madness and Daydreams. Flying Watchers managed to avoid the attention of Coppelius and Stitched Together. Justice annihilated a Silurid early doors, then kept Dreamer's mobility down by acting as a Chompy deterrent - when Mark wanted to use Chompy to move Dreamer around, Justice went in and splattered the big fella around a wide area, which penned him back in a thin corridor in Mark's half of the table. Pale Rider didn't accomplish a huge amount, but the threat of him meant Mark couldn't risk moving a Nekima / Doppelgänger tag team off the flank. If he had done, the Rider had a clear route to the backfield for scheme markers, and his shotgun has a 12" range and gets nastier as the game goes on. When the dust settled I got a 9-8 win, which meant I placed first! Have to be honest, I was more than a bit happy - this was my 23rd Malifaux event and my previous best placing was 4th which I'd hit 5 times. To finally get on the podium, never mind take the event out, felt amazing. The keys to the victory from my perspective were the unexpected speed of the Guild. They're often categorised as being slow and unwieldy but the crews I was taking were anything but. Hunters, Guild Hounds, Watchers and pushes meant I had no issue getting around. Running rings around a Neverborn crew on a swamp table was a particular highlight! Lady Justice herself was also a very pleasant surprise. I knew the big sword had the capacity to hurt people, and regularly taking swings with a 6/7/9 damage track (Critical Strike - Ram built in, SoulStone for a Ram, cheat a Ram, +3 damage) certainly lived up to billing in that respect! I always took the Last Stand upgrade which gave her Unimpeded, and that in combination with Blindfighter (she doesn't need line of sight to charge) meant there were very few places on any board for the opposing crew to hide from her. Having 'clicked' with Justice very quickly (the tournament comprised my 3rd, 4th and 5th games ever with Guild!) I decided to stick with her in the League of Extraordinary Henchmen event two weeks later...
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    My first list creation going to 50 points! What can possibly go wrong?
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    6 Month update Well, here I am, 6 months into the challenge. Its going pretty well on the whole. My Current collection is 1962ss, 414 models. I’ve played 30 games and that has used 57% of my collection. My CMON/Micro art bases arrived last week, so I can finally get around to basing the last few models I need to base, meaning Dreamer, Kirai and the Gremlin Faction become playable soon. (well for a given degree of playable) So a look at the numbers Collection of 414 models (47 Masters) totalling 1962 ss I’ve still got to use 197 models (24 masters) totalling 842 ss Arcanist:- From my 101 models (15 masters) at 464ss, I’ve got 77 models (13 masters) at 364ss to go Guild:- 62 models (9 Masters) at 279ss, 19 models (3 masters) at 82ss to go Ressers:- 73 Models (8 Masters) at 296ss, 20 models (3 masters) at 72ss to go Neverborn 74 models (9 masters) at 355ss, 22 models (2 masters) at 69ss to go Outcast 75 models (8 masters) at 317 ss, 17 models (2 masters) at 69 ss to go Ten thunders:-56 models (7 Masters) at 261ss, 23 Models (2 masters) at 113 ss to go Gremlin:-21 models (3 masters) at 86 ss, 18 models (2 masters) at 74ss to go I have deliberately left the Arcanist faction so far, since I know I’ve got 2 2day tournements to go to that I want to do well at, and the plan has always been to play Arcanists at them. (5 round and 7 round) Guild is left with Sonnia, Lucius and McCabe, because in the game I played with him, he didn’t dismount, so I have got to get him off the horse. I’ve got to use 3 lawyers and 3 guild guard still. Resurectionists have Kirai, and a lot of her crew to go, so its possible I’d use most of what I have left in 1 game with her. I also have 2 Seamus games to get in. Neverborn Have Dreamer and Lucius. The 2 young Nephlim are probably the hardest to fit in to a list, (Having failed to grow any tots when I tried) but I can probably knock most of the list off when I play Dreamer if I go for the summoning upgrade. Outcast have Misaki and Leveticus to go. I’ve left Leveticus till near the end as he is a good one for picking up odds and ends for his lists. Ten thunders have Misaki and McCabe. Minion wise they are probably going to be one of the strangest to finish. I’ve got 3 Oiran and 3 Torkage to go, as well as 2 archers and 2 Ten thunders Brothers. I expect Misaki will be used here picking up a lot of those. Gremlins have Wong and Sommer, and once I’ve based my figures, I’ll probably get a Sommer game and remove a decent amount of the list in 1 go. When I put it that way, it doesn’t sound like a lot left. Maybe I can afford to buy more stuff. I’ve not bought a huge amount this year so far, but that is more due to them not releasing things I don’t have. I’m waiting for Ironsides to hit my local shop, and will be picking up at least the Dark Carnival at Gencon. (Plus most of Shifting loyalties, the 2 player starter set, and I’m sure there is other things that will tempt me. I want to do the 3 headed list with Sow, Rogue necromancy and as many Cerberus as I can fit in, so I’ll need a sow…) Hobbywise I’ve managed to paint a lot of my figures, to at least a block colour stage. Not well enough to count as finished but painted well enough to play with. I haven’t done much on Board building (but have bought a 3” square rubber mat, and 18 1foot square terrain tiles, so I should hopefully have something sorted. In my first 2 tournaments of the year I did pretty well, 2nd in Dover whilst being Undefeated, and then second in the taelorn doubles, but last month I went to the Summer showdown and did rubbish (by my standards). I lost 3 and won 1. And it was with Neverborn, who I have done fine with before. It might be that the playing everything has dulled my edge. (or the Curse of the Marshall) Over all I’ve won 12 out of the 30 games (3 of the loses were in 3 way games). I probably would have won nearer 20 normally, but would have used a much smaller pool of models. Report wise, Work has got hectic, and most of my report writing is normally in the morning whilst I’m avoiding going into the Lab because other people aren’t here yet, so its fallen by the wayside. I hope to get more reports written up, and some discussion on some of the figures.
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    And So It Begins So, having got the Translucent Dreamer Crew for Christmas it was obvious what my first painted model will be. That's right, Lord Chompy Bits! Before knowing that I was getting this set I really thought that the translucent version of this crew was slightly pointless, as I thought that all models would look a lot nicer if they were all painted. In fairness I thought this until I picked up the paintbrush. I decided to try and make Chompy looking like he was twisting in & out of reality. Overall, I think it turned out okay, not great but okay. I realised it was A LOT harder to get a gradual blend from translucent to painted, so instead decided to give it a more sudden change between reality and not. The model is still missing a base though as I am waiting for some resin bases to come through the post. I have also painted my Miss Ery model, to go with my Dreamer Crew. At first I was not really a fan of this model but after painting it I am chuffed with it. I tihnk it has come out quite nicely, and I really liked how the bright colours have contrasted against the the grey. Anyway enough of me rambling on. Ill let you see for yourselves. Lord Chompy Bits Miss Ery So that's 2 model down, only another 43 to go! Thanks for reading!
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    I’ve started this blog to discuss the mechanics and rules of the campaign that myself and my fellow Transcredible minions will be playing over the coming weeks. Ideally, I’ll post something on here each week following the campaign update on the thread in the forums. I’ve chosen to separate this out from the main thread to avoid too much digression from the cool and fun bits of our escapades and because I’m incredibly vain and enjoy my own work immeasurably. The idea for the campaign was born from my inability to enjoy a game without asking ‘Why?’ Why are these two forces fighting? What’s at stake? How did they get to this point? What will happen next? This probably comes from my background in RPG’s and obsession with narrative. I struggle to not want to devise some sort of story about any game I play and Malifaux is no exception. If anything Malifaux’s ongoing storyline and idea of strategies, schemes and encounters actively encourages some sort of structured play, at least to my mind. I’d read a couple of other campaign ideas on the forum and Justin’s article in the Wyrd Chronicles and wanted to bring a number of those elements together to form a more cohesive whole. I also wanted to update those ideas to be more in keeping with M2E’s design ethic of less complex but still deep. Quite the challenge. My idea is the campaign will play like a game of Malifaux, but done on a larger scale and with a far simpler ruleset. Each player takes control of two masters who form a conspiracy to achieve a number of plot objectives within Malifaux, while simultaneously trying to stop the other players from achieving theirs. At its simplest, the players move their masters around a map of Malifaux and perform actions using AP, just like M2E. The map is split into Neighbourhoods and Locations. Neighbourhoods are the large named areas on the Malifaux map; you know the ones; Quarantine Zone, Little Kingdom, Slums, etc. Locations are the named and numbered places within those Neighbourhoods; Governor’s Mansion, The Star Theatre, etc. Moving from one Neighbourhood to an adjacent Neighbourhood costs 1 AP and moving from a Neighbourhood to a Location within it costs 1 AP. Players achieve their objectives by moving a master into a pre-determined location and taking a 2 AP Interact action. If they perform this action without interruption from another player, they score one their plot objectives. The first player to score all of their plot objectives wins the campaign. Pretty simple really. Of course, the fun begins when we start to add in various wrinkles. The first of these is, of course, the other players. Whenever two or more players occupy the same Neighbourhood or location, they must choose whether they wish to avoid or encounter the others. If both players choose to choose to avoid, nothing happens and they may continue on their way. If both players choose to encounter they play a game of Malifaux using the standard encounters. If one chooses avoid and the other chooses encounter, they both perform a standard flip, with the player whose card has a greater value choosing whether they avoid or encounter. Finally, if a player is performing an Interact action to score a plot objective they may try to avoid any other players in the same location, in fact they must play the story encounter detailed in their plot and only score the plot objective if they win the resulting encounter. To make things slightly easier, Locations can only hold up to two masters at any given time, while Neighbourhoods can hold an infinite number. Each player has a unique set of plot objectives, drawn from the Story Encounters in the M2E Rulebook and fitted together to form a narrative. Each plot objective must be assigned a specific Location and a player can only score a plot objective by occupying said Location when performing an Interact action. The locations available to each player are drawn from a communal pool generated in a similar fashion to the scheme pool in a standard encounter. Thus, each player will be visiting roughly the same locations, but not necessarily in the same order. Each player gets 100 Soulstones to hire a pool of models to help their chosen Masters complete their plot objectives. Whenever an encounter is played, player’s only have access to models, upgrades and Soulstones in their pool. Following each encounter, players will determine if any of their casualties have injuries and their severity, they will also get the opportunity to earn more Soulstones to expand their Conspiracy and purchase event cards that give them advantages during subsequent campaign turns. That’s it more or less. My plan is to examine each phase of the campaign in more detail as the weeks go by and finally post a completed set of rules and resources for folks to download if they so choose. Next week I’ll look at Plot Objectives and the Location Pool. Cheers,
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    Where It All Began I've been collecting Malifaux since back in Feb 2012, with my first crews all being Resurrectionists; starting with Kirai then moving onto Nicodem & finally Yan Lo. I loved Ressurectionists, being able to possibly finish the game with more models than you started off with really appealed to me. Then the M2E Beta hit..... At this point I decided to not play Ressers anymore, deciding that I would prefer to learn new masters than having to relearn old ones. My first box set was Lynch, which was VERY nasty during the Beta to say the least!! Cutting a long story short, Lynch was the start of my Journey with the Neverborn, rapidly gaining a large collection of models, both new plastics and old metals. So rapidly, that a lot of my models are only basecoated. So this is where this thread comes in..... My New Years Resolution is to get ALL my Neverborn fully painted. According to my Model Tracker it appears that out of the 62 models I own, only 18 of them are painted, leaving 44 models which need to be completed. So lets get started shall we!!!!
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    Hello, My shop does a lot of miniatures gaming and we're interested in supporting Malifaux. If you're in South East Missouri and want to play come on over to Geek's Game Galaxy at 2016 North Westwood Blvd Poplar Bluff MO 63901, or give us a call at 573-686-2223.
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    The second dual faction Master, The Brewmaster, unknown in Malifaux until he and his Tri Chi (in Greek letters it is XXX, why did I not notice this before?) Gremlins came over the mountains with Shine that exceeded even Somers. So powerful is his Shine that he could take over the Bayou if he was interested, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. What is he here for? Abilities Brewmaster, the shiny new master in the Gremlin faction is a cool master to play because he and his “base” crew are so counter intuitive. Brewmaster is all about control, even more so than Zorida. His defense of 5 keeps him in the fight and he has an Ophelia-esque willpower of 6. Brewmaster is a Ht 2 master and as such devour has to be set up against him. Brewmaster must be part mountain goat as well with a respectable walk of 5 and charge of 6. Now onto the cool things Brewmaster brings to the table, Intoxication, that causes enemy models to reduce their Wp stat by the amount of Poison they have, up to a maximum of -3. This is a great ability since there are many ways to get Poison going in his crew. One of the best abilities is his Another Round, which allows ANY model to take the On The House action a 1/2/3 heal and Poison +1. This is a 3-inch bubble around Brewmaster and you would think that allowing any model to get a free heal would be bad, but as we will see, often enough, they don’t stand a chance. The last thing on the front of Brewmaster’s card is his trigger on defense, You’re Drunk Go Home; it requires a mask and a tome so you have to stone to get it since he has no built in suits onto any of his stats. This trigger is powerful, after an attack action fails; the attacker is placed into its deployment zone. Actions Onto the Brewmaster’s attack actions the first one is Ml 7 (making Brewmaster the strongest Gremlin in melee) and does no damage just gives out Poison +2, even when used as a disengaging strike. On a Crow, you will give out the Swill +1 condition (yes they stack); giving the unlucky recipient of the attack negative flips to all duels and flips. His second action is Hangover, giving out the Swill condition at a 12-inch range on a Ca of 7 with no gun icon so no randomization as well as being able to use it in melee! His last (1) action is an Obey, really, we all should be familiar with this but for those Obey virgins here is the explanation. Obey is a Ca 7, TN 14 Mask attack that lets you target a non-leader enemy model and force it to do a (1) action of your choosing. If you use the obey to force a model to attack, then that model cannot be Obeyed again on the same turn. Note that Brewmaster does not have the Mask built into either his cast, so you need a Mask in hand or a Soul Stone to make this action happen. Brewmaster has two (0) actions the first one being One For The Road, a Ca 7 that gives out Poison +2 and gives Brewmaster a 6” push towards that model. His last action, and only tactical action, is his (0) Drinking Contest. Drinking Contest is the bread and butter action on the Brewmaster’s’ card. Until the end of the turn, enemy models within 3-inches must succeed on a Wp 12 duel or take the On The House action instead. This combined with Wesley can lower a models Wp by a maximum of 4 and then force them to either spend cards cheating the duel or heal and gain more Poison, thus keeping the Wp low for the Brewmaster and his crew to be able to tee off on the model. Upgrades Binge This Upgrade give Brewmaster another attack action at Ca 7 with no randomization and able to use it in engagement range. The great thing about this is that your opponent must discard a card and depending on what the suit of the card is, determines the effects of the spell. On a Mask, you get a (1) AP action that you control. Basically, another Obey except this one is not restricted by the attack clause. On a Tome, the target gains the Inebriated condition and loses all suits printed on its Ml, Df, Wp, Ca and Sh for the rest of the game! On a Crow, the target gains the Paralyzed condition On a Ram, the target suffers 4 damage As you can see, since this can target any model, it can be an effective way to rid your opponent of cards since the only cards that have no effect are the Jokers. Also, remember that this is a (1) action, so Wesley can use his Magical Extension and you can drop 4 cards from your opponents hand per turn. Hold Their Hair Back This gives Brewmaster as attack action that swaps the Poison +3 on a model for Paralyze. Again, he has a Ca of 7 with a 10-inch range but the resist is defense instead of willpower. This is important to remember since almost all of the Brewmaster’s attacks target Wp. The key to this is to spread poison about and then hit up to 3 enemy models with Paralyze, possibly 4 with Wesley. This is a lot easier to say than to do since the opponent won’t just let you poison their models willy-nilly! Running Tab This gives the Brewmaster the Pay Up (1) action that allows him to discard all scheme markers within 4-inches and heal an amount of damage equal to the scheme makers discarded. While this can be a good ability in a scheme marker heavy scheme pool the real reason to take it is for the Kegger ability that allows Brewmaster to hire any Tri-Chi models regardless of its faction. This one upgrade allows Brewmaster to hire his entire crew even when declared as Ten Thunder since he is the only dual faction model and everyone else is just Gremlin. The Good Stuff This upgrade gives Brewmaster a Ml 5 attack that does 1/2/4 damage but gets a positive to the attack and damage if the target has poison. This gives Brewmaster a reliable way to put out damage but at the cost of spreading the poison around. Overall Overall, the Brewmaster is all about controlling the opponent whether through giving them negative flips, through Poison, and through his (0) action of Drinking Contest. What Brewmaster brings to the table is the ability to not only support his crew, but also the ability to interrupt the enemies plans with his Obeys, and Binge. Park Brewmaster in one spot and just start flinging the Shine around. Let the Shinobi do the heavy lifting of damage and objective taking, they are great at both. Fingers is a model that really fits in well, being able to target models and give them Poison +3 on one attack is a nice setup to Paralyze the model with Brewmaster. Don’t forget about the Whiskey Golem! His presence in the crew as an escort for Wesley and the Brewmaster works well with their Wp dropping auras and will help to keep him on the field as well. Keeping him within 6-inches of Brewmaster means that any model that attacks the Golem and has the Poison condition is forced to pass a Wp 15 duel at negatives to their Wp for the Poison, or gain more poison and end its activation. Brewmaster and his crew can be a tough nut to crack, but they are also a tough crew to get the hang of. Most people are concerned with the damage dealing potential of a model, and as we have seen, the crew actually doesn’t do a ton of damage. The play style is so different from the Kin and even Zorida; in fact, I don’t think that there is another crew that plays this way. So if you want a refreshing change of pace and a ton of fun alcoholic references then pick up Brewmaster, guaranteed to have fun no matter what!
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    Chris King, Podcaster, and highest ranked Gremlin player (as of this writing) in the UK has joined the Black Bayou to offer his insights as he learns and grows with our favorite Swamp Hag, Zorida. Be sure to keep up with all the antics at Chasing Bacon -Kris Hello you. Yes you the poor person who’s got so bored they’re looking at this post. I really would recommend looking at other posts on this blog (shhh don’t tell anyone but I’m not the normal blogger!) So Kris invited me to make a post, I said what on, he said why not Zorida seeing as your starting to see what she does.Problem with this is I’ve had two games with her and as expected hasn’t given me a fantastic knowledge of how she works. So I came up with a solution, I would invade Kris’ blog every so often with updates on my learnings of Zorida, so that I can learn her and help you learn how to use her too. I’ve also suggested this to the rest of the community under the hashtag BaseStepBlogging (I know a certain group of people will know what a base step is, and it’s not the gremlin crowd) or BSB. So I’ll start with this post know talking about my findings so far and then update whenever I discover new stuff, this could be from a game or those times when I might randomly wake up at 3am thinking about Malifaux. So that’s what’s gonna be happening and I must now change from rambling leonconstruct into the far more sensible lemonconstruct (sneaking in Chasing Bacon references, o and a small bit of shameless self-promotion) So I’m gonna have a few different thinks to discuss. First Zorida herself. She’s like a nut. Her defensive traits make her hard to get through to. They’re about making you miss or persuading you not to bother targeting her., but once you’re through the shell her wounds will disappear faster than uberspoons right hand (sorry mate, best I could come up with). The scary think that happens once she joins the gremlin faction is she gains access to an upgrade witch (pun most defiantly intended) gives her a healing flip. This means those nice juicy wounds you finally got to all come right back up. Obey is a key action of Z’s card. To me it has four roles. Moving own crew into positions-such like engaging opponents models to stop them doing things, moving up to squatter rights markers etc., Giving Z any action she wants-you want Z to be a melee beast, take a melee monster and have Z obey it for more attacks, to me it’s like Z is making those attacks, but better J, Moving opponents-this is very useful in m2e, where positioning is important and you can just muck that up for opponents, Fun-this would be like making opponent’s models do fun things, like beat up their friends/jump off buildings etc. So next bit, Zorida goes no-where without her lovely doll. (actually maybe a few places….) To me Zorida alone doesn’t synergise with any models specially well, others may disagree, but to me I’ve found no evidence as to why I would take a silurid over a rooster rider or two bayou gremlins, but through in the voodoo doll and suddenly there’s a long list. Nurse, Sammy, Merris, Pigapult, Hex bag (Zorida’s upgrade-not a model but goes in this list) sure there’s others-basically anything giving out a condition. Though I’m not sure on getting the most out of this both games I’ve played this has been good fun messing about with. So that’s where I’m up to. So far, my games seem to end up with Zorida speeding about turn 4/5 to actually get me some Vps, so my aim is getting the rest of my crew to work without Zorida’s aid so that I can concentrate on working on her voodoo doll shenanigans, which I feel is the best bit. Hopefully me continuing to update you on my findings is gonna work. While typing I’ve been chatting to some folks on twitter and they seem to be in about 20 minds about how this would work. So goodbye and keep chasing that bacon: P Chris PS: #ShenaniGranny #ItsAThing
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    I'm lucky in many ways. Very lucky. The story of how I got together with my now-fiancée is strange and hinged a lot on luck. I think I drew a red joker with her! It would have been very easy for us to never have gotten together, but fate was on my side. Either that Or I spent all my soulstones to cheat fate. Anyway, she's awesome because she's a geek like me. She plays more xbox than me, takes over my PC and steals Skyrim for weeks on end and now she's showing an interest in cosplaying. She automatically defaulted to 'Anya Stroud' and 'Femshep' but I keep trying to navigate her towards Malifaux characters as I believe their designs and aesthetics are better than most other things out there. It's a hard sell though, as miniatures are the one thing she hasn't gotten into - yet! She even plays Magic: The Gathering with me for gods sake and has her own deck. But she loves strong female characters and Mallifaux has a lot of them. So, any suggestions? What would people like to see me attempt to transform my fiancée into? She might just tell me to get lost because she's gonna be an Elder Scrolls Elf but you nover know! We need to win her over to the miniature side!
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    We pick up with the Captain in this chapter as she prepares to evaluate and break in her new crew. They are a fresh batch straight from the academy on their first tour in Malifaux. The Captain had requisitioned this squad to help with all of the strange on goings on that have been popping up lately, namely one case that she has yet to solve. Let me know what you think of the characters so far, and if there is anything I can change. As always feel free to submit characters to be included in the story. We have one player submitted character appearing in Chapter 3 so far, so stay tuned. Now, I hope you enjoy Chapter 2, leave your comments below or leave them in the forum post under the same name. As always, The Grue _______________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 2: Hard Choices, Easy Answers Vivian looked out over the foyer at the new recruits that were assembled there. From her perch from the second story walk way she could look out over the room and amidst the throng of Guild members that were busy heading to their various meetings and going about their duties on this level she could view the recruits below without attracting attention to herself. She wanted the chance to observe them before going down to meet them to see what she was about to get herself into. She disliked new recruits, bright young faces fresh off of the train and straight from the academy without any real experience under their belts. New recruits were untested, sloppy, and in a land where a half-second could mean the difference between whether or not the corpse in the dirt was yours or your enemy’s there was little room for a wavering resolve. She had planned to make them wait; see how they would react to a break in the normal organization of the routine they were normally accustomed to. To be honest to herself though, the liquor and pipeweed had helped in her tardiness but the desired effect had been achieved none-the-less. They had been ordered into the foyer in formation and instructed to remain so until otherwise ordered, but the time that has passed had begun to take its toll. She could see a few already starting to fidget about themselves, shaking their stiff muscles loose and relaxing their posture to accommodate their long standing. To their credit however, none had broken rank and they still retained the formation they had formed when they were brought in; Sergeant Dashel had trained this bunch, their file had stated, and Dashel was not one to disappoint. His methods, at times, were seen by some as harsh and perhaps a bit cruel but his trainees had the highest life expectancy of all of the new squads to come through the Breach. “How many will you lose this time Vivian?” She didn’t turn at the sudden comment, even though she hated being addressed by her first name, for she knew who the voice belonged to, and even more so, she knew how many rungs below the voice’s owner she was on the political ladder of the Guild. The Guild Lawyer, Jericho, stepped up beside her and made a small gesture to the men and women assembled below them. She could feel his eyes upon her; feel his penetrating glare from underneath the ornate mask all of the lawyers for some reason seemed to adorn themselves with when they took up office. She did not dislike the Lawyers of the Guild, they served their purpose, did their part, but for some reason she always felt more vulnerable with one of them around; the experience was always the same, the feeling as if one was being weighed and measured, tallied and accounted for in ways she did not wish to understand or be read into. “Your patrol expenses are beginning to grow into numbers not easily overlooked by those who hold the purse strings. You seem to expend Guild resources faster than the ink can dry on the paperwork required to requisition you the replacements.” His voice was smooth, smooth as a piece of imported silk would be if it was wrapped around a coil of rusty barbed wire and dipped in mechanical grease. It was as if his words would splash against her body as he spoke, sticking to her at first then burrowing deep into her skin and taking up root as the conversation went on; the longer he spoke uninterrupted the deeper his words would sink into her, wriggling their way below her defenses and sinking into her psyche. The worst part of it all is that the longer she listened, the longer he – or for that matter any Lawyer – went on, the more the lot of it made sense, the more her displeasure lessened, and the more attractive his position seemed. She had seen the staunchest of opponents oppose them in court, holding fast to their beliefs at first, only to be reduced to nothing more than an oozing mass of agreement and pacification on the well-stained floorboards of the Guild courthouses. “The job gets done Counsel Jericho. Have you a complaint with my method of executing my orders?” She had said this with a little more emotion than she had wanted to convey but not enough to care about trying to reconcile her position. The one thing she hated more than any other was when someone tried to say she was not fulfilling her duties correctly, followed closely by anyone or anything getting in the way of her doing her job. “You misjudge my intent. Your success rate has always trumped the costs associated with your endeavors; I only wished to remind you to make sure that it stays as such. The Guild always turns a profit, Vivian, and as long as you continue to do so you have nothing to fear from me, or any other.” She could almost hear his teeth grinding together as his face split into a devishly wide grin. She heard the threat that had lain within, as a well-oiled trap that could withstand the tests of time waiting patiently for its prey to stride into it. She dismissed the notion, for she had other thoughts on her mind. She wanted to test the mettle of her new guardsmen, and knew of a way that even Jericho would approve of. She finally turned to him, not surprised that his gaze was still locked on her. “How many guilty verdicts have you pocketed so far this week Counsel Jericho?” “Thirty-seven, but it is only Tuesday, and the week is still young, and the populace still ever so reckless and drunk with their perceived freedoms.” “How many have not yet met the executioner?” His smile, wide as though it already seemed, only grew wider and he began to wring his hands together greedily. “How many do you require? The courts are still in session if you need me to go and gather more.” “I think I could make my point with six, but I need thirteen, if you feel inclined to spare them” He turned and looked over the guardsmen gathered below. “You may need more with this lot; those on their first tour in Malifaux, however well trained, always seem to not be fully ready to accept the realities they will face.” “Bring them up and we shall see.” He slunk off at once, disappearing from her sight soon after down a side passage. She pulled a tarnished pocket watch from inside of her lapel and with a quick glance at it she pocketed it again and set off for the stairs, she had made them wait long enough, time to go and welcome them to Malifaux. She made it half of the way down the stairs before one of the guardsmen noticed her and took stock of her uniform’s adornments. He snapped to attention, the others quickly following suit, even those who seemed to not know the reason why, their training taking over. She crisscrossed her hands behind her back and slowly walked in front of them, raising her voice loud enough to be heard. “My name is Captain Griswalde, and you will address me as such, or Captain or Sir, and until the time comes that you are deemed unfit for duty you will remain under my charge, and by unfit for duty what I really mean is dead. Make no mistake; you will most likely not die in the soft embrace of old age. You will most likely not leave this world in a peaceful manner. Everything outside of this building that is not wearing a Guild uniform is a potential threat and should be treated as such. If you are lucky you will be shot, stabbed, clubbed, slashed and will bleed out in the dirt and muck. If you are not of the lucky sort your end will not be as merciful, will not be that pleasant. You have been trained to avoid this, trained to deny this and if by the powers that be I have been graced with good fortune you will not leave this world alone and your corpses will fall upon the bodies of the Guild’s enemies, and not on top of those standing to your left and right. I will do my best to keep you standing and make sure you make it back in one piece, but I will not accept failure. The job gets done, the mission accomplished. We will complete the tasks we have been assigned or we will die trying. By standing here before you, you can plainly see that I have yet to renege on that promise. There may come a time, when the chips are down, the bodies piled high, that you may think to yourself that you would be better off breaking ranks and attempting to save your own sorry backside so let me make myself perfectly clear. If any of you ever decide that you do not wish to follow an order given, if you attempt to run and abandon the mission, you will immediately be deemed unfit for duty. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?” She did not have to wait long for a resounding, “Yes Captain” to rebound back to her from the nine assembled guardsmen. She nodded and turned around. “Follow me; we have an internal matter to attend to before we depart.” She led them through the double doors in front of her that would lead them into the large assembly hall that sat in the middle of the building. It was mainly used for large gatherings, and for when units needed a place to assemble and brief their teams before heading out onto the streets of Malifaux. It was a rectangular room with a slightly raised dais on one end. The dais stretched from one end of the room to the other on one of the shorter sides of the room, it was raised a mere three feet from the normal level of the room and normally housed a podium that stood in the center, though today the podium was not in its place and was set to the rear of the dais and out of the way. The dais was made of wooden planks and set with iron rings along its length that you could fasten a chain to and when they entered the room she could see twelve dirty and kneeling men and women chained at the neck by a length of chain to those iron rings. They had burlap sacks over their heads and they were all silent. Standing behind them was Counsel Jericho, his face a wide smile. He watched them approach, standing there hunched over wringing his hands incessantly. Vivian instructed the guardsmen to fan out and stand before the dais while she ascended the steps off to the side and strode up to the middle standing with half of the prisoners on either side of her. Jericho slinked up to her side and let his gaze wash over the new recruits, lingering on each long enough to appraise them before moving onto the next. When he was done he spoke, turning his head to her as he spoke. “The twelve as you requested,” he pulled a tightly bound stack of papers from a deep pocket on his coat and held them out to her. “If you could just sign them into your possession” She took the quill from his hand, its tip already soaked in black ink and she signed the document, initialed the one below it, signed another below that, then took out a small stamp from her own pocket, rubbed the remaining ink from the quill onto it and stamped each page over her signature. The lawyer, a creature of habit and order, took the pages from her and looked them over then once again before he folded them and replaced them into the pocket from whence they came faster than it took her to sign them. “Everything seems to be in order, proceed.” She turned back to her guardsmen and strode to one end of the dais in front of one of the kneeling prisoners. She stood with the kneeling man on her left and the guardsmen to her right. He was a stocky well-built man, and his clothes suggested he was an indentured miner. He reeked of filth and the marks on his body that she could see told her that he had been tortured for information. “Every man and women you see before you is an enemy of the Guild. They have been caught breaking our laws, tried, found guilty and imprisoned here awaiting their final fate. The courts have judged them and sentenced them to death.” She raised her right arm and pointed to the guardsman closest to her. “You, what is your name guardsman?” “Captain, my name is Guardsman Kenneth, sir” his voice was strong and confident. She pointed to the man kneeling beside her. “What are this man’s crimes?” He looked up at her for a moment, seemingly at a loss before responding. “I do not know sir” She replied quickly barely letting him finish his sentence. “Is he innocent of the charges brought against him?” He looked to the man, then back to her confused. He paused for a moment, and then opened his mouth as if to speak. She didn’t give him the chance as she reached down with her left hand, pulled her collier from its holster, leveled it at the kneeling man’s head and pulled the trigger. The bark of her pistol was loud and short. The bullet tore through the bag and buried itself in the man’s head. The man slumped over backwards and a few startled cries escaped from the other prisoners. To their credit, and most likely in no small part to Dashel’s training regimen, none of the guardsmen flinched at the sound of the sudden shot. They did however, especially the guardsman she had been addressing, stare with surprise at the man as he fell over and blood began to pool around his head. She waited a moment before speaking. “The answer is ‘No’; he was convicted by the Guild courts and was found guilty. His sentence was death. It is not for us to question the court’s verdict. We do our job; we get it done, by any means necessary. We bring in those breaking the law and let the courts sort it out. Anyone, or anything that is not one of us is most likely against us, and until proven otherwise we treat it as a hostile element. The Neverborn and Goblins are easy enough to discern and should be dealt with on sight, but it will not always be that easy. There are elements out there, men and women, that would like nothing more than to bury a knife in your back or unload a load of lead into your gut, and that is if you’re lucky. There are reports of Neverborn walking around in the skins of humans; they may look normal, like they are just an average citizen but wait until your back is turned, your guard lowered and they will be leaving you to bleed out on the street faster than you can say ‘well they looked normal to me’. There was a guardsman on my squad when I first got here that let his guard down one night. He was going home after his shift and last anyone saw of him he was walking off with a lady on his arm. We found his head on our doorstep in the morning. I lost all respect for him that day. It is simple, stay alert, stay alive.” She walked to the next prisoner in line and stood before him like the last. She pointed down to him and looked at Jericho as she spoke. “Counsel Jericho, what were this man’s crimes?” Jericho stepped forward, smiling as he did, as he spoke, almost hissing his words as if they put a bad taste in his mouth. “This man was found to have ties with the Union and was involved in the shootout at the quarry that took the lives of three of our Guild Guards that were patrolling the area.” She looked back to her guardsman with a scowl on her face as she furrowed her brow. “These ‘Union’ members are trying to upheave us from our position of power and cause unrest and disorder amongst the citizens. They are nothing but mobsters and thugs, who will kill anyone who gets in their way.” She pulled the hammer back on her collier and aimed it at the man’s head and pulled the trigger. The man rocked backwards then tipped over sideways falling to the floor. She walked over to the next prisoner, a woman in threadbare clothing, whose skin was an unnatural greyish color. She pointed at the woman and looked to Jericho who seemed to brighten at the chance to speak. “This woman was found practicing the dark arts; she seduced, murdered then raised numerous men. When the guardsman that were sent after her did not return the Death Marshals were sent in. They were confronted by the reanimated corpses of the men she murdered along with the missing guardsmen. The Marshals put those poor men to rest and captured this vile Resurrectionist and after questioning her they discovered that she had found restricted material in a quarantine zone and had been using it to dire effect.” The woman began to sob and pleaded through her burlap sack. “Please, don’t do this. I didn’t know what I was doing, I found something when I was out scavenging and it spoke to me. It made me do those vile things, I was not myself, you must believe me! I have a family back Earthside, they are counting on the money I send to survive!” Her sobs became too much and her words became a stream of mumbles and incoherent sentences. Vivian walked up to her and stood beside her. Her face had a solemn look as she looked out to the guardsman, some staring at the woman, some at her. “You will sometimes hear stories such as this; criminals will say anything when they are cornered and facing their end. You may feel bad, feel guilty in doing what needs to be done. Maybe you will be faced with a pretty woman claiming no knowledge of what she was doing, maybe a small child that seems lost will come up to you during your night time patrols seeking its lost parents, maybe you will end up looking at a dead comrade brought back to life and you will be faced with a hard choice. When you are faced with those choices, I want you to know there is always an easy answer; it is you or them, completing the mission or failing and possibly dying and letting those who depend on you die because you couldn’t muster up the nerve to do what needs to be done. I have seen a baby, yes a baby, pull a knife on a guardsman so fast that he didn’t even know he was done for until he saw his own blood splash on the pavement before him. I was on patrol investigating a disturbance at a home when I saw an overgrown teddy bear bite the legs out from under the guardsman I was with because he didn’t think the little boy that came out of the alleyway was a threat. He was pulled apart and strewn over the cobblestones so quickly that by the time I heard him scream it was too late.” She stepped behind the woman and put a hand on her shoulder. She used her free hand to slide her axe from its strapping. The wooden handle was well worn and smooth in her grasp. The heft of the metal head was reassuring, the tug of its weight felt comfortable, familiar. She raised the axe high above her head and focused on a spot on the woman’s head before bringing the axe down in one fluid motion. The resounding “thunk” of the axe as it cleaved into the woman’s skull sent vibrations down Vivian’s arm and into her shoulder. Warm blood splashed onto Vivian’s face. She pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped it away before replacing the handkerchief back into her pocket. The woman spasmed and twitched though she remained kneeling, held upright by whatever was left of her willpower. She tried to bring her hands up to the axe but it had sunk too deep and must’ve affected her motor control because she fumbled and missed entirely. Vivian put a boot between the woman’s shoulder blades and pushed hard against her tipping the woman over onto to her face where she twitched sporadically. A small wheezing laugh escaped Jericho’s throat at the site of it and Vivian swore he nearly clapped his hands. She ignored him and reached down to grab her axe. At first the axe would not budge so Vivian had to put her foot on the woman’s neck so that she could gain some leverage. The axe came free with a “squilck” sound and she wiped it clean on the woman’s tattered clothes before replacing it in its strapping. She looked up to her guardsmen, to the horror that crept onto their faces. They had been trained, and well, but she doubted that any of them had seen any death so far in their lives that wasn’t of natural causes. They needed to learn, needed to experience it so they did not hesitate in the field, so they didn’t freeze up when faced with the gore of killing someone up close. She let her gaze linger over each of the nine before her, gauging their reaction to what had just transpired. They seemed a little shocked but no worse for wear so she spoke to them firmly. “One thing we have found is that when dealing with Resurrectionist types, it is usually a good thing to aim for the head and cause as much trauma that you can. It makes it harder for them to reanimate fully functioning monstrosities, but be warned it does not mean that it is impossible, just harder than normal. Step up now and I want each of you to stand before one of the prisoners.” She watched the file up onto the dais and fan out so that there was one guardsman in front of each kneeling prisoner. She waited for them to be in place before she gave her orders. “These men and women before you have decided to go against all that the Guild stands for, all that we have done to promote peace and prosperity in this place. They wish for chaos and disorder, they would have us be free to murder each other and violate our bodies in our death. We are forced to do what must be done to protect our way of life, to protect the citizens of Malifaux from the creeping corruption of darkness and evil where no others will. We may be forced to deal with the hard choices, but let it be known that we know how to deal with those so intent on destroying everything we have worked for and everything we hold dear.” She took one last look at each of the guardsmen and tried to ignore the frantic wheezing of Jericho behind her. “This is the choice you have to make to serve me, the Guild, and the greater good of Malifaux. Now, what is your answer?” ____________________________________________________________________________________
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