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    Just wanted to share the Karkinoi I just finished painting. Hopefully, if I neglect all sleep (Or give up my job) I'll have all my TOS models ready to go soon. My Malifaux meta is now officially resurrected, with fresh new blood joining in too. Hoping that getting some well painted TOS on the table might spark some Earthside addiction :} If anything else, I'd like to bring some renewed attention to how incredible the models for TOS are...
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    Hi everyone, sorry for vanishing. This was a weird month for me, and with everything going on in the world I had zero motivation to hobby. i managed to paint Perdita in the last days of the month for 15ss, but other than that it’ll be a mulligan for me. and here’s a picture of the completed Family keyword see you in July!
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    Hey Wyrdos! Waldo decided he’d try and become an inventor this week. He grabbed a bunch of random odds (scissors, yogurt lids) and ends (shoelaces, sticky notes) from everyone in the office. Then he stole the office microwave before anyone could stop him. We didn’t see him for a few (wonderfully) quiet days, but that was the calm before the storm. Waldo burst from his laboratory this afternoon chased by a furious machine (simultaneously cooking a chicken pot pie and destroying everything) that looked suspiciously like it was once a microwave. While we hide from Waldo’s creation (which he swears he has under control…), let’s show off another solitary inventor who is far more successful. This is Gibson DeWalt, a new member of the Explorer’s Society with some shady ties. It’s been a while since the inventor has used his light-bending technology, but now he’s been called out of retirement. DeWalt brings those pieces of tech to the battlefield. Take a look at his stat card: Pretty neat, right? If nothing else, it’s worth taking Gibson DeWalt so you can say all the cool names of his abilities while you use them. That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Stay tuned, as we’ll soon be revealing more exciting things that usually start happening around this time of the year.
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    Hey Wyrdos, Ever feel like things are just running too smoothly? Is your group of Fated hopelessly lost, unable to pick up on the most obvious clues you’ve so lovingly planted in your adventure? Need a way to incorporate that new One-Shot into your campaign? Well, we are pleased to announce that we have a most elegant solution for you. Enter Klaus Norwood, a Mimic investigator, spymaster, tea aficionado, and all-around morally gray character. Despite not having ears or eyes (or a nose, for that matter), Klaus is a fantastic observer. He can find out almost anything for anyone… assuming he’s fairly compensated for his efforts. While he might be a little expensive, there’s nobody quite like Klaus to save the day with a well-placed bit of blackmail. Of course, you can also hire one of the Mimic’s other personalities. Klaus seems to know people everywhere he goes, and that can open many doors, indeed. Check out this Augment if you’d like to learn more about our beloved Klaus and include him in your own Through the Breach campaigns! That’s all for this week Wyrdos. What would you ask Klaus if he came around? What are you expecting your Fated group to inquire about? Do you think Klaus is a snappy dresser? Let us know!
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    Is the vassal modul already available? Or do we have an idea of the maps already?
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    LOL, reminds me of the mimic investigator I had when I was the Fatemaster, they met the guy on the first day and did not find out he was a mimic till about 80-85% through the campaign. Last session right near the end when they had almost accomplished everything one of my players turned around and attacked him. Player stated he had been planning to kill him long time ago for manipulating them but had waited till they had gotten what they want. Rest of the party just sort of let him and the Mimic fight while they finished their stuff, player getting the mimic in the end. Hopefully this one does better than mine.
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    Malifaux has a certain Wild West vibe (duh!): ghost towns, great railroad building, pioneers, gold rush, badlands... After reading snippets of Earthside lore (mostly taken from Malifaux and older TTB books) I had an impression that in-game United States were weak and deplorable country, not a rising economical and naval power we know from real world history. I assumed that all the energy, manpower and resources that were spent on colonization of the Wild West in real world, in 'faux verse were redirected to both attempts of establishing settlement in Malifaux. There was another wild, promised land full of riches and dangers, one much more impactful for a history of my region than the Wild West. I am talking about Siberia. I assumed that, like in the Wild West scenario, most resources and manpower spent on development of Siberia were sent through the Breach instead. One of my players created a Fated character, who was a Polish activist with plans of politically unifying Polish convicts sent to Guild mines.
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    Not true? The highlighted portions are the only differences between GG0 and GG1 for HH
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    loved your models, really like the colour scheme! good job!
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    Disclaimer: Played less than ten games with Reva, so take this all with a grain of salt. Are you confident you can take him in an all out brawl? Do you know what master they have? My ideal scenario for this pool is taking claim jump if I can dominate the centre (or Leave your Mark). Then if you dominate the centre, the only way he can score points is coming to you or spreading his forces really thin for Spread Them out. This way you can force a "come to me or I win" scenario, which gives you a lot of control over the flow of the game. If you do go this route, Toshiro + Grave Golem are probably going to make a very solid team for holding the centre. Reva will be killing models while keeping a safe distance (especially with grave golem tanking front lines/thrown corpse candles into position). Another thing I like about grave golem is that it is not at all card hungry if you can give it focus, perfect in a shieldbearer crew (although I must confess I've not had a chance to try the combo yet). If you do want to go assassinate, make sure he has a master that isn't too good at running away or you have a lot of resources available to chasing them across the table and killing them. Many people will keep their master ridiculously safe in a scenario like this (for example, I'd take Molly + Toshiro and that is an incredibly hard nut to crack). For Wanyudo/Flesh Construct/Draugr, I'm not sure they are necessary. They are highly mobile, but this seems more like a 'take and hold territory' scenario than a win with scheme runners scenario.
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    Also worth noting GG0 and GG1 have different objectives for HH, so make sure you know which one you're playing before crafting a crew!
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    I consolidated the photos in this post. All painted in the past 5-6 weeks! Current state of the faction. Revenant, Redchapel, and Experimental predominately with some versatile added in. I have the ancestor/retainer on the painting table now as well as the rest of revenant (wanyudo, lampads)
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    Hinamatsu seems super solid in HH. Maybe something like: Widow weaver (leader) Bandersnatch Hinamatsu <any model> Could be good? Would be very solid for getting the bombs down and keeping the leader alive. Meanwhile Hinamatsu could Vendetta hard, and they might not be prepared for armor since she isn't the leader.
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    Had a fun time with Hayreddin, Lelu, Lilitu, and a Black Blood Shaman, but I don't know if it's any good.
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    Sonnia is the star of the crew! Opponent will probably do everything they can to kill her! (lots of traumas from last edition I think! 😉 ) She really like to get lots of focused and movement help! so the steward is a nice choice for the focused and the Pale Rider/Mounted Guard/Pathfinder/Investigator could help with her movement issue. Her best turns are when she's blasting 3 times with as much focused as possible! She is also deceptively strong in melee! If you think she will get charge later in the turn, activate smoldering soul and watch them take lots of burning and dmg! Also this goes well with counterspell! (I really wish there was no range with this ability! 😕 ) Always think about Smoldering Flame! It could ruin the day of many crew and support models, but it's really easy to forget and opponent won't think about it so you have to remember it! This could be a game changing ability! 😉 Sanctionned spellcasters are squishy but fast schemers when near a ss user. My prefered choice to bodyguard them is Samael! The Thralls are your heavy dmg dealer! They hit like a truck but aren't that tanky! So choose your engagement! They become very mobile when a Witchling Handler is near! The Purifying flame is an excellent schemer and you could also use him to suicide bomb the enemy crew if they bunch up! Give burning and dmg to a lot of model and this will set up Sonnia! Also he's very easy to resummon with Scorch the Soul! Stalkers aren't that good for hiring! When you manage to summon they are nice but I only hire one if I know I need more condition removal than the steward can give me!
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    (0) "Welcome to Malifaux!" 😛 Joke aside, you found one of the worst places to start. The Bayou Boss, along with Yan Lo's box, are notoriously hard to put together... In general, Wyrd make some of the best plastic crack out there, but the price to pay is that they seem to pay close to zero attention to how easy their stuff is to put together. This allows them to create crazy dynamic poses, but we pay for it with hours of frustration. A few survival tips for Wyrd plastic: 1. Always use the thinnest plastic cement you can get your hands on. I use Tamiya Lemonene cement, because it doesn't give me headaches, but I keep around a jar of regular Tamiya Extra Thin because the brush in that is fine and thus superior. 2. WIPE OFF THE BRUSH WHEN PAINTING ON THE CEMENT!!! You need cement on both pieces, but only a tiny amount. I also like to let the pieces dry ever so slightly. Too much cement and the tiny parts drown out. 3. Keep superglue ready as a backup. In Malifaux, bad things happen, and sometimes things will come loose. Most of the time a tiny drop of Tamiya cement will fix things, but sometimes the joint surface will become porous, and the new joint will be poor. Then a tiny drop of super glue, applied with an applicator like a toothpick, is your only solution. I use something called Super Attack, but any thin cyanoacrylate will do. Don't get the gel kind!! 4. Do as much of you sanding/scraping/filing with the pieces still on their sprues. Smaller parts are much harder to handle, but they still have mould lines... 5. Never, ever, EVER, use tweezers when putting the minis together, even though it will be tempting in order to grab a tiny moustache by a pair if tweezers rather than your sausage fingers. It seems like a great idea until you squeeze a little too hard and the moustache flies through the room and embeds itself in the wall on the other side of the room. Good luck getting it out again! 6. Similarly, do your assembly over a white box (avoid grey!!), and for all that is good in the world, NEVER ASSEMBLY WYRD MINIS OVER A CARPETED FLOOR! The Carpet God WILL claim his due... When all is said and done, you will adjust, and the payoff is well worth it. GW designs their models largely to be easy to assemble. The result is not bad (I have thousands of Citadel minis myself), but they tend to be unrealistically clumpy and with static poses (though there are notable exceptions). Wyrd minis are slender, well proportioned, realistic and with very dynamic poses, but much harder to assemble. Good luck!! 🙂
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    It's the "h" version and the maps, strategies and schemes are in the first post
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    So okay: Rasputina: Honestly, this saddens me, I would stay away from her unless you really dig the models. She is super weak - probably one of the three weakest masters in the game - and somehow manages to fuse this with a boring and frustrating playstyle for both. She is also not flexible at all. Tara: I have her, even though I dont play outcasts, because I love her so much. She got a big nerf and is not really that strong anymore, but she is super fun. But she is very hard and unforgiving, really feels like playing 3d chess. The only thing which makes me hesitate is that she is a very pool dependet master. I always recommend an allrounder for the first master so you dont get punished by having to play that master in bad schemes and pools. Dreamer: Well Dreamer....sigh... He is really really cool. Super unique, and very Malifaux. I actually also considerd him when starting. That being said, everybody does so. My local playgroup has 6 Dreamer Crews and other playgroups look similiar. So if Individuality is important to you, Dreamer is not gonna deliver. However, he is super strong. In my opinion he is actually OP and the strongest master in the game right now. He is also super versatile and can play everything, while still maintaining a unique playstyle. So yeah - on a lot of metrics is a really choice. He is also super simple to play - so in a lot of way he is the best beginner crew in malifaux. I just dont like what he seems to do to the malifaux hobby as a whole. What I would consider a little bit if I where you is that a big part of malifaux eventually is actually picking your crew according to the scheme/strat pool, for which you will probably want additional masters, most likely within the same faction. So I would also look a little how much you like the faction as a whole, but dont necessarily make this the number one argument.
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