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    Hey guys, hope everyone is well, some fantastic work this month as always. I was working on the Insidious Madness earlier this month but ran out of the purple I was using. So while I was waiting for my order to arrive I painted up a pair of Witchling Thralls I also started work on a Grave Golem and built a load of terrain which I'll photograph later. Purple has arrived so I'll probably jump back onto the Nightmare keyword. But seeing as I'm at home for the next few weeks I should be able to get all of my pledge done
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    Amanjaku made it into march! Must be the season of the ONI... i spent quite a lot with OSL on his face, and is hard to apreciate in the regular pics, so i took a close up And a March group bonus pic so far
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    It is with regret that I have to announce that the Welsh GT has been postponed, Firestorm Games will not be open to public during these dates due to the current situation. Do not worry I am exploring new dates with Firestorm and as soon as these have been confirmed you will be the first to know. Those that have already purchased a tickets will be offered to either exchange their ticket for the new date or receive a refund. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Stay safe and healthy my fellow Weirdos Luke.
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    Stitcheds needs some testing; now fiendish gamble substitute cheating fate, so he may flip and then use the removed card instead of having to use the removed card right away; also they can heal now and unbury other nightmares. However now they are worse versus those Manipulative/Serene coutenance and the like and the other player may cheat Gamble your life, so they better have really good cards removed from game or a really good hand before using that. They are different now, I need to test them. The IR worries me a bit, no other faction got his main defensive upgrade nerfed and NVB doesn't have a lot of other options to defend important models. I hope they tested this one well or it's going to be a rough year... But yeah, I also expected some minor buffs to some models, Bultungin and Bloodwretch in particular.
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    It’s been a while, I got kicked by the photobucket, so I’m starting a new thread with my stuff. First up is my ongoing project of undead pirates... Arrrh!
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    I've picked up Reva recently and really been enjoying the crew. I'm still learning my way around the crew, but thought I'd share my thoughts on the fundamentals. What is the crew trying to do? At its core, Reva's crew is about a few things. Reva is one of the (ranged) beaters of the faction. Alongside Vincent, this means the crew has a fantastic threat range. Position control. Generating positive flips for card advantage. Reva is a min 3 beater, making her have one of the strongest attacks on a master in the faction. Throw in the triple actions, ~18" threat range for the triple attack, and the myriad of positive flips (channelled flames, focus spam from blasphemous ritual, etc), and she just threatens some very strong beats. Vincent and some burning rounds out the rest of the damage. Backing this up is position control. The crew fits into a few categories. You've got the highly mobile stuff like Reva, Waynudo, and Lampads. These ensure you have a model where you need it to be. Then you've got the shieldbearers, locking things down and bashing them around. Ashigaru from Toshiro can help lock things down, and Lampads are one of my favourites for bogging things down while the rest of my crew gets into position. EDIT: Oh, and corpse candles! Nothing more frustrating than a 1-cost model engaging your opponent's and forcing them to use disengage or an action (and then they get a pyre marker on them for killing it). Finally you've got the 'turrets.' Vincent and some versatiles can basically move into an area and control it. Anything that goes near Vincent (or carrion emissary, grave golem, etc) risks taking quite a bit of damage. Worse, Vincent himself is extremely difficult to kill, so once he claims territory he is hard to dethrone. This ability to really control the positioning of the battlefield makes a huge difference to the crew's survivability. Reva is pretty squishy (despite the positive flips to defense), but if opponent's can't reach her to hit her, she's doing well. Cards? The crew doesn't have many cards. Instead, it generates card advantage by spamming positive flips. Sadly, this means you have to be extremely picky with cheating. I typically hope to cheat three cards: 2 high flips and one high target number. Hoping for any more than that is going to end up in disappointment, so I keep my expectations low. This leaves potentially 3 cards for discards, meaning the crew usually has plenty to feed Vincent and Lampads. It does mean having to let a few TN duels fail. So a key element of this crew is knowing when to accept a hit, when to accept a miss, and when to fail a target number. Bizarrely, though, I find myself saving cards for cheating defensively almost as often as offensively. Possibly because there's so many positives to offensive attacks, and this crew can be so grindy (Reva's min three attacks really add up, so drawing out the game is something I want to do). Maybe it's because I'm playing against an alpha-striker a lot at the moment, and defensive cheating blunts alpha strikes. The Switch As a positioning based crew, you need to be really good at 'the switch' with Reva. At one moment, you'll be jostling for position. At the next moment, it'll be an all out brawl between your models. Typically this is going to happen at the transition between turns 1 and 2, or between 2 and 3. Sometimes it'll happen at both of those turns with the jostling back and forth. You need to hit the switch with a few factors going for you: You're going to lose initiative (you just generate too many pass tokens and can't afford to cheat initiative). So you need to have multiple points on the board where you're creating a rough situation for the opponent (like threatening to kill a model). They can't deal with every problem in a single activation. You need pressure everywhere. Their really key/strong models will ideally be tied up. This is one of my favourite uses of Lampads and Toshiro's Ashigaru. The more the enemy is tied up and having to grind through your models (especially with 2" engage on Ashigaru), the longer Reva is munching through their crew with min 3 attacks. Your key pieces need to be protected in some way (usually by distance for Reva, and by distance + tankiness for Vincent). Your sacrificial pieces (lampads, ashigaru, grave golem, etc) are what you're wanting to tie up the enemy with to protect your key beaters (Reva + Vincent/Emissary/Asura/whatever). Thoughts? What do you all think? How am I doing grasping the fundamentals? What do you disagree with, and what would you add to this? Really enjoying this crew, it is very challenging to play but starting to feel pretty potent! So keen to hear more thoughts on it to build upon previous discussions.
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    Started on a Pandora Box for this month
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    That's why he said Marcus as a secondary for her, as in hiring a second master.
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    It seems to me that Toshiro would be nuts which Gokudo. From Toshiro and Risky manouver they should have easy focus stacking and a bonus twist from both Toshiro and a Relic they should be hyper competent for 5ss minions. And if they die you can bring out ashigaru.
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    It's really hard to answer that question since metas/opponents can be so different xD My main faction is neverborn, which often lives and dies based on positioning, so that helps me play more carefully. I will say, my usual weekly games, are against an aggressive opponent, so I suppose it's helped me learn to respect ranges on alot of things, also a reason why I take Ashigaru. Take a hit, armor 1, anti charge, hard to kill, 2 in melee...it's hard to deal with that without a good amount of ap. Perhaps give a sample match you remember struggling with, and perhaps I or someone else can give ya a bit of advice
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    The more I think about it, the more I like someone's idea of taking cremation off Draugr and slapping it on Lampads, and then making it a bonus action. Then Lampads can have a turn where they're just torching corpses and moving the flames around, or a turn where they can be using their bonus to zip around the board. Both useful modes, makes cremation more relevant and efficient, makes thematic sense, and shifts a bit more utility onto the Lampad.
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    Hopefully the buff round will tap them.
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    I dont think its overly heavy handed personally. I think the reason they dropped the regen is because there is already GST if you want that. If I can essentially get that for free just by ripping it off Manos why would I ever pay 2 stones for it? Thats what I think their thought process was at least. My go to list for Yan Lo has been this Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Yan Lo Totem(s): Soul Porter Hires: Manos, The Risen Chiaki, The Beacon Yin, The Penangalan Izamu The Armor Gokudo Gokudo 2
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    Just wanted to clarify, Yin is a she. As are all Penangalan (though Malifaux appears to only have the one).
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    I agree, although I never got to play with the demise Eternal version Manos has shined for me in every game. It could be a meta thing as we have several TT players but his anti demise aura has been a thorn in people's sides. Even if that wasnt coming into play hes surprisingly sturdy, super mobile and still hits pretty hard. Yin has been a great utility piece for me. He can tarpit fairly well, but has overall been a better schemer/antischemer for me. His upgrade is also usually the first one I rip off and give to a Gokudo before it runs off to score me points. Izamu is just a big scary beater and I love him for it. Its been weird because usually if I have a big beater like that I have trouble using them because I'm afraid of them dying before I get use out of them. Izamu honestly hasn't killed much for me yet but has soaked up so much AP from my opponent that its swung games in my favor. In terms of Yan Los exponential play style, I do agree that turn 1 for him can be a little lack luster. I however dont feel he has to wait until turns 4 and 5 to do anything. By turn 2 his defenses are on par with many other masters and if you need him to start getting involved he can. By turn 3 he has reached critical mass and if your opponent hasn't put serious effort into killing him by this point they might as well leave him to do what he wants. I have committed Yan Lo turn 2 by out maneuvering my opponent and forcing them to activate models that could threaten him early before I send him in. I'm not trying to say that Yan Lo is the end all be all, but he and his crew are just so solid at every aspect of the game that I'd easily take him to every tournament. Maybe thats his role? I usually like to have 3 masters I can play at a tournament so having 2 masters that are hyper specialized for scheming or killing and then having Yan Lo as my solid pick for matchups I'm not sure about or if the pool is well rounded.
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    First of all, our subforum is and always was (as far as I can remember) the least active. It could sometimes go without any activity for week or more. [Side note: This has changed to some degree after Maniacal Cackle joined the game, as (s)he posts a lot (which I greatly appreciate).] So if we do not discuss a master it doesn't mean he does not see any play. I would even say that very often the opposite is the case: once everyone knows what's the meta, underperforming crews get more attention than top tier crews (like now happens with Reva). Speaking of Yan Lo specifically, I think he might be underrepresented among RES players (if he really is, I don't know if that's true) due to the lack of Gokudos (some people are reluctant to go Mindless Zombie route and proxies are not always a way to go for them), the fact that many players don't own him yet (he was really bad for the most part of 2ed) and the fact that almost every RES keyword is competetively viable, so no one attracts much more attention than others. Anyway, I am happy that you've joined Yan Lo Bros. He's among my favs since wave 5 of 2ed and his new design is like he should have been from the beginning!
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    Wow! I really like what you all did here in this challenging and weird month! Hope all of you and your loved ones are well! I finally found some time and motivation to grap my brushes and here is my first entry for March: The Forgotten Marshall. I am aiming for Archie, next - although I really dislike big models. Cross your fingers for me. Already kind of screwed up the first layers on the skin.
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    Here’s my march pledge done! 2 x katashiro And since I have an unusual amount time bc of the quarantine I began with Amanjaku, and Ama No Zako is primed and ready, so i might begin her too 😬
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    Easter. No real sense in running something and then doing something again in a couple of weeks.
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    Yes, there will be a physical pack that will be filled with the Gaining Grounds Season One Strats and Schemes, as well as every standard M3E errata card. We'll have more details about it soon.
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    If you can't find a way to take advantage of out of activation movement, then yes you are right there is nothing positive for Pandora. If, on the other hand, you can enjoy moving auras about the table, then I think that there is something positive. It might not be as good for survival as butterfly jump, but scamper is probably more annoying to the enemy over all if on the right model
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    My pledge for March is now complete. I present to you one Ruffian and Malifaux's goodest girl, Luna. Considering I don't plan on leaving the house a lot for the foreseeable future I may still add something to this but for now, here we are: Ruffian - 5ss Luna - 2ss Total - 7ss
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    That's what makes it so terrifying. Imagine going about your business, turning around, and one of the MFers snuck up behind you and stole your hot chocolate. I mean, do you call him on it? Pretend you didn't see him? Pull out your great sword, slay him, and mock Nekima? Would be a tense situation.
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    Minako Rei done. And with her the Karmic Debt box in its entirety. Ended up ditching the freehand idea. I did doodle something on the mini. And a lot more on some paper. Couldn't figure out anything I was really happy with. Oh well. Kill your darlings and all that. Might compensate with my next mini. I think I could do one more for March..
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    The extinct fauna of Malifaux was revived with Titania's return and Nythera's magic. That's why T-Rex is a Fae.
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    Finally calling these two guys done. I have painted them for more than a month, 15 minutes to half an hour every now and then as family duties permit 🙂. What to say.. Starting to gain some understanding of the contrast paints, looong way to go with nmm.. But I like them. Freehanding the cloak was very difficult, my hands were shaking from anxiety to finish the model, and my brush is all but new..😅 @Caedrus 24 stones this month. One lawyer and steward waiting for brush and April. Then I will continue to some guard.. Executioners are already ordered, and Dashel box is next on the list while waiting for Alan and witnesses special order. I will likely have to skip the changelings and doppelganger as I tend to have a substantially younger audience watching me paint and play than is suitable for the sculpts.. 😁
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    Crazy times, I hope you're all staying safe and healthy wherever you are! I was a bit underwhelmed when I started with the Gigants, some elements on these minis look really bad like the spikes on this one's back. undeterred, I continued and worked on one of them to get a feel for them. Here's my first attempt at their skin. Still a lot of work with details but I think I'm getting somewhere.
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    Thanks! Big wheel is certainly... let's say expressive. Fun to paint. Skin was 'just' some thin brush strokes for highlights and some purple glazes for colour and shadows. Simple process. But credit to the unnamed sculptor it's a nice face to paint _____________ Day 1 progress on Miss Rei: Worked on skin, white shirt and hair. Hair especially is going to get some more attention tomorrow. That or I'll learn to love it overnight. Sometimes that happens I've got a little freehanding idea I want to try on the pants. If it works I'll keep the green. If not, I'll switch to yellow pants.
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    Great to see so much being done in the first third already! Strong showing, fellow painters👍 @Antinea Striking magic effect. I dig, very much. _______ Wanyudo done. Went for a rather cool colour scheme. I think it suits the model. Most chuffed for the wooden wheel itself. Even though it's the least eye catching bit of the whole thing. Oh and here's close up of one of the faces: Not like you can see those eyes at any realistic downward facing angle when playing. Oh well. That leaves just Minako to go for March. I'm excited. I've got no idea on how to paint her yet
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    Lilith before things went south. This mini was really fun to paint and I am happy with the result. It counts as Mysterious emissary which makes it 10SS.
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    So yesterday was a very productive day (especially since I didn't go to work) so I got to finish the Carrion Emissary: Not gonn lie to you, using the airbrush for the clothes and drybrushing the wings really sped up the process!
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    Well, I mean... They can still reasonably easily set up a guaranteed 3/4/5 damage track (outside of flipping the black joker) against most models (wp 5 or lower), and have good odds against everything else. If hitting a model you might miss... Don't use an ability called "gamble your life." I wish my six cost models could do that in Ressers. Stitched were the main model I advocated for a nerf for pre errata, they definitely needed it (though for a long time I argued they were fine).
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    What's a Bloodwretch?
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    Tanuki done! Fairly quick one to start the month with. Few lazy evenings worth of paint for this furball. Can't even remember when's the last time I drybrushed a model this heavily. Had trouble deciding on a colour scheme at first. Ended up not really using coloursNot quite black 'n white but... black 'n sepia perhaps? Planning on a darker, shadow marker inspired look for Katahiro. Hopefully with Wanyudo and Minako I'll get back to using some colours. Here's hoping everyone else is also off to a good start for March
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    GG1 is here! Let's check the relevant changes for NVB: Errata: Stitched Together Fiendish Gamble is in replace of Cheating Fate instead of flipping a card. Gamble Your Life is now an Attack Action resisted by Wp, with TN increased from 10 to 13. Gamble Your Life stat reduced from 6 to 6. Text of Gamble Your Life changed to: “Enemy only. If this Action fails, this model suffers the effects as though the defending model was taking this Action targeting this model. Target suffers 3/4/5 damage.” Df reduced from 6 to 5. The First Mate Gained Beast Characteristic. Carry the Loot Removed. Anchor stat reduced from 6 to 6. Zoraida Eyes in the Night distance reduced from 12" to a 12. Mv reduced from 5 to 4. Cost increased by 1. Voodoo Effigy Ability Timing changed from Start of Activation to End of Activation. Order Initiate Cost decreased by 1. Agent 46 Inhuman Physiology changed from Ability to a Bonus () Action that lasts until the End Phase. Inhuman reflexes Butterfly Jump replaced with Scamper. Errata Rules: Pg 12. Actions Generated by Triggers Callout – Paragraph 2 Change the text of the paragraph to: “Actions generated by Triggers (and any subsequent Actions generated) cannot declare Triggers, and like other generated Actions, they do not count against a model’s Action limit.” Big hit to Marcus. Pg 34. Damage Timing – Paragraph 1 Change the text of the first paragraph to the following text: “When a model suffers damage, it follows the timing structure below. If any model suffers damage as a result of an effect generated during this timing structure, the damage timing for that model is resolved after completely resolving all (6) steps of the initial damage timing, in the order in which the damage was generated. If multiple models suffer damage at the same time (such as from a Shockwave or B), resolve the damage timing of each model completely one at a time.” This will probably affect more things I don't identify right now, but Nephilims hitted by area damage in range of Hayreddin will have a harder time healing. Pg 32. Replace The Rules and Steps for replacing models were adjusted to the following: If any original model(s) had Activated, all new models are treated as having Activated; otherwise, new models are considered not to have Activated. If this Replace occurred during an original model’s Activation, one new model may instead continue that Activation using any remaining Actions. Coryphee + Vasilisa combo is not legal. Relevant FAQs: 12. Can Once per Activation effects occur outside an Activation, such as during the Start or End Phases? a) No. Effects that are restricted to Once per Activation can only be used during a model’s Activation, i.e. Steps C.1 – C.4 of the Activation phase (pg. 21). Mysery not working with Tangled Threads. 6. Does the Stat of an Action include any Fate modifiers or suits printed next to the numerical value? a) No. The Stat of an Action only ever refers to the numerical value listed in the Stat section. If a model takes a Action and has a specific Stat for that Action, it will still include any modifiers or suits added to that Action’s duel provided by the Action. 1. Stealth – If a model is drawing LoS through another object to target a model with Stealth (via another Ability such as Zoraida’s Eyes in the Night), does the initial model taking the Action need to be within 6" of the target? a) No. Only the object from which LoS is dr awn needs to be within 6" of th e targeted model with Stealth. 4. Cruel Disappointment – If a model would suffer damage from the Red Joker (Severe +1), does it still reduce the damage to Moderate? a) Yes. The model would only suffer Moderate damage. Although the Red Joker deals an amount of damage equal to Severe +1, it counts as dealing Severe damage for the purposes of any rules which reference damage categories. 6. Blade Rush – Is damage from Blade Rush treated as damage from the Charge Action? a) No. The damage from Blade Rush is generated by the Ability as a result of taking the Action, not the Action itself. 1. Nekima – Can Nekima Push and take a y Action as a result of a friendly Nephilim model being killed within range of her Enraged By Insolence Action? a) No. “Another” always refers to “not the model from which this t ext is written” except in those instances where the model in which “Another” is written would not always be a legal subject of the sentence, such as “Another Scrap Marker”, or “Another enemy model”. In such cases, “Another” will never refer to the previous legal subject. Good to know how to read "Another", on the other hand this isn't a good day for Nekima... 3. Euripides – Are the Ice Pillar Markers generated by the Frozen Domain Trigger counted as an “Ice Pillar Created this way” for the purposes of the Rune-Etched Ice Action’s effect? a) Yes. This Trigger is being used ot alter the effect of the Action, thus the second Ice Pillar Marker is Created before the p effect of Rune-Etched Ice is resolved. It was implied, but it's good to see it explicit as the timing doesn't match. Some personal notes: Dreamer got Stitcheds nerfed; but at least he get something in return; now they can heal and unbury other nightmares with the Wp duel and can decide to use Fiendish Gamble after flipping; this needs testing to see well the changes but they will be now much worse in a crew without LD for sure. Nekima got a pretty big nerf as she is by far the most reliant master on the defense and mobility of IR and she also loses the extra charges and some healing potential with the damage changes. Zoraida got some minor nerfs herself (but now it's easier summon the Vodoo doll tho), the first mate's damage got hit (but now he may get mutations tho) and stitcheds nerf also hit her closely. Lucius got the Agent nerfed, this affects more his sniper crew build because now IP and Mimic can't be used together; also the IR change also hurts him as now minions will be harder to keep alive; probably it's safer going double BBS than Mature with IR now. Marcus got hit by the charge trigger nerf, which is worse in NVB than in ARC. I don't like these changes as they manage to leave the strongest ARC combo (Attuned cats) more or less the same while weakening the Marcus' NVB strongest points (IR+Hunter's Call and our non-Adaptive evolution beasts; so less oportunities to use Marcus AP to cicle mutations instead of using Hunter's Call). On the bright side, Initiates could be worth a go now... Euripides is also afected by the IR change, as he relies on it to keep his minions beaters alive more than other keywords. Imo the worse change for the faction is the IR one by far, as it affects all masters and weaken the main defensive upgrade in a generally glassy faction without easy access to defensive tech like shielded or take the hit; and this one will affect more to those keywords relying on minions as the Henchmans/Masters can just get a few extra SS and call it a day. I hope this one won't be too much. This is an overall nerf to the faction; but in general the whole Errata is more all about nerfs than buffs and BS like Devastation or Drunken Kung Fu has been also nerfed; so we'll see.
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    I'm really looking forward to seeing this model and hoping it isn't too big. I'm generally not a fan of the really large models, although I recognize some people like them that way. It's primarily because they're difficult to carry to tournaments. If he's good enough I'll probably use him anyway, but I would prefer it if he weren't much larger than your typical rider.
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    Unfortunately, even if the Malisaurus Rex has the beast key word, Marcus won't be able to take it. Looking at the box it's faction is The Explorer's Society only, not Explorer's/Neverborn.
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    This is an important distinction, especially if you've seen other war-games like Warmachine/Hordes where 'once per activation' means 'once during that unit/model's activation'. (Or like in various versions of 40k, where 'the assault phase' for rules means 'that player's assault phase' unless you want silly rules interactions...) In the Malifaux rules, sentences like this: use 'an Activation' to mean 'any model's Activation'. The distinction is pretty much that Malifaux, unlike the other games, doesn't require the reader to imply a distinction. One of the things which the FAQ entry is addressing is the interaction of things like Arcane Shield (During the Start Phase, this model gains Shielded +1) and Pandora's Misery (a 'Once per Activation' ability which in Pandora's case reacts to an enemy model gaining any Condition). 'Once per Activation' means that Pandora's Misery can be used once per each model's activation (enemy models, in Pandora's case). There are lots of other abilities that depend on this, like Primal Domain, Pretty Illusions, Wonder Weasel, etc.
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    If he places during anyone's activation he gets to attack. If he places outside of anyone's activation then he doesn't get the attack. It has to be an activation, it doesn't have to be his activation.
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    Very true, but since they aren't out yet, I've been using Ashigaru. I would probably go back and forth on them depending on if I felt I needed more defense or aggression, but man, Ashigaru are just silly for 5ss in that crew. That being said, I think Gokudo will be better most of the time because of the synergy with bringing back a key piece and the huge scheming potential. I'm just too in love with Ashigaru to use proxies right now 😛
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    I think the new "No Prisoners" has some cool interactions but it also seems that Wyrd have replaced an ability that was a bit niche and situational with an ability that is... even more niche and situational. Honestly, I prefer the old version. I always thought the biggest problem with upgrades in Guild is the lack of minions where it is worthwhile taking them. A lot of our minions go down to a sneeze and the enforcers didn't have much use for clockwork grenade. The only ones I would take "No Prisoners" on were the Hunter, Death Marshal Recruiter and Mounted Guard. Even this really depended on the Crew choice, Scheme pool and opponent whether I would take the models, never mind the upgrade. My favourite use was to give a little more manoeuverability to a pair of Hunters in a Hoffman crew then throw them up the board with a Guardian. Lots of fun. This is still possible but the change to the upgrade has really nerfed this option (the clockwork grenade + free move and ranged attack did a lot to hunt down scheme runners and trigger Assassin). I've tried out "Catch me" but it feels like it ends up being something you have to build your list and game plan around. The biggest issue is still the lack of good minions to use this on but the requirement of being within 2" of the upgraded model can make it difficult to use more than once a game, you use a lot of activations trying to get in the positions to use it and in a lot of situations I could have just charged with the affected model anyway. The most success I've had so far was on Reichart where he could kill the model he engaged then charge to attack another before getting dragged back towards the upgraded Austringer by Bernadette. It helps a LOT that Frontier has a lot of small movements and forward deployment from Home on the Range to get in position. But if you're not careful what happens is you give an enemy model a "friendly fire" shield (you used Catch me on your first shot... and now your on a negative flip. Or you waited until your second then missed and wasted the opportunity. I've been using focus a lot on the model with this upgrade, but then it is possible to kill the target so how can you place into base contact when it is already dead?) or move a model into a vulnerable position before passing activation.
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    I guess is how different both factions are; in RES no one will give you a medal for being sturdy; but TT has way more glassy models so a crew as tough as this one stand out.
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    Defenses cut? I’d say with her Mood Swings, Dark Thoughts ability and Terrifying 13, she’s pretty well defended. Putting IR on her was just an unnecessary bloat. I wouldn’t say, whether Samurai are gamebreaking, but paying 11 stone (that’s a rider or an Emissary) for an 8 wound minion do demand, that it can have some effect on the game, and it’s not as if its anywhere near unkillable - even if you need to send a melee beater to do so. The only upgrade I ever consider for Woe is Eldritch Might into condition heavy crews, such as McMourning and Kaeris. You’ll see, that the positives you were wishing for Pandora are in the nerfs to our opposition.
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    It's way worse than that. The other player has the edge as the attack stats are usually higer than defensive stats, plus they still deal damage with a tie, no need to gain for 1. Also things like Focused or to duels will reduce even more the chance to get Scamper or force the NVB player to cheat a card 2 or 3 higher than the flipped by the attacker to trigger it. As said before, now the upgrade has a very high probability to do nothing if the other player set it up properly. And that's the big problem, how unreliable it is. A recent example about the opinion of players about unreliable things; in the RES forums are now talking about the new Archie after removing the suit from leap and how he is going to be replaced for more reliable pieces for that role because unreliable models aren't competitive. Same case with this new upgrade, with the difference NVB doesn't have other reliable defensive tech to chose from.
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    Those bonus actions aren't particularly useful as they're outside the 6" bubble when that free movment happens, meaning that you will still be getting charged and attacked twice. Coupled with the fact that you're going to 90% of the time take a hit when your opponent cheats unless they've flipped poorly, and that's the difference between life and death for a lot of our models who have no defensive tech at all. Also this doubles down on our one main weakness: Ranged weapons. Any guns or long ranged spells, we're going to have to sit there and take it. Sometimes I'm pretty sure the designers forget that they have a lot of guns in this game.
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    It is when, A, the model is still above the curse for suitability for 6ss models(especially when it just got a bump in it's survivability thanks to gamble being a wp duel), and B, the sitations where you're going to be failing a gamble action are exactly the same, You flip a black joker, or they flip a red joker. Slight decrease because a BJ now means you're getting damaged, slight increase because a RJ is no longer an auto win for your opponent depending on stats and your flip. I don't think you've really thought about all the implications of it being an attack action now beyond the point of it can no longer just ignore the vast majority of defensive tech. Having a severe in hand and removed ensures a minimum of 6 damage now(up from 5), as well as there being the impact of your opponent absolutely knowing that you can just cheat in a removed card that they know is going to beat their cheat, so why bother? But, they have to cheat high enough to keep you at a negative on this min 3 6ss model. Now with it being a Wp duel they can both heal themselves, heal other models in the keyword, and pop out summons. Also stat 6 vs Wp means they will on average have a 2 card advantage over their targets, so a 12 can beat a 13 now. And now focus can actually boost their damage, making it more likely to not need to cheat damage for severe.
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    Does the Stat of an Action include any Fate modifiers or suits printed next to the numerical value? a) No. The Stat of an Action only ever refers to the numerical value listed in the Stat section. If a model takes a Action and has a specific Stat for that Action, it will still include any modifiers or suits added to that Action’s duel provided by the Action. The doppleganger mimics an action and has a stat of 7 for the action. According to this answer the action will still include any modifiers or suits added to that actions duel provided by the action, so if the action mimicked was 5, the doppleganger will take it at 7 because she replaces the actions stat of 5 with her stat of 7, but the action still includes the modifiers and suits provided by the action
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    Do I read correct that it is now confirmed, that mimic retains any built-in positives and suits. Some light in the darkness of playing Marcus and Lucius.. I think Marcus really did not need the nerf.☹️
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    It's now an attack action, so everything applies to it now (also things like Chi and accuracy). The good thing is you may also cheat it and Fiendish Gamble let you cheat now, you may risk to flip and only cheat your removed 12 or 13 if your flip is lower or if the other player cheats (which will pressure his hand), and that also make Fiendish Gamble a better defensive ability, however that 1 less Df point hurts. They are also better versus low Wp models (and worse versus high WP ones)... They have lost some punch, but the Fiendish Gamble change is bigger than it looks and they can unbury and heal, so it's hard to evaluate them right now.
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    The inhuman reflexes was really necessary. Stitched are going to be still useful due to their ability to bring back cards. They're going to stop being an autoinclude and people will consider summon other minions. Were they hit too hard with the nerf? Time and playing will tell. From the crews I play, I miss a buff on the Bultungin.
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