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    Well, it's done ! And I'm not even days-late posting 🙂 Here are my production for february : 12 - Coryphee Duet : a friend's conversion to make it as scarry as it deserves ! (fuuuusiooooon). He still has to make the base (not me). 3 - Depleted 5 - Fountain 15 -Crates, grains and vegetables (that's an estimation, since I don't have a clue how many points it should be worth 😃 ! ) for a total of 35 Ss
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    Painting fire is my cryptonite. Two gamins will be enough, Kaeris girl. 8 SS for February 😂
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    Leap Day Bonus Model!! Started and finished this guy today. Thought the OSL would make it quicker for some bizarre reason. Couldn't think of any way of doing Nico other than Reanimator themed though. Puts me up at 35 SS for the month I think @Caedrus? And of course I couldn't get in focus shots showing off the lighting because phone cameras don't like that sort of thing.
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    I finally came back from hollidays and could work on Red Skull from the same game:
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    Productive month :) Did the remaining 18 Citadel Guard and thus finished another unit type for Battlelore. Slowly getting there. As seen on the challenge thread, my monthly Wyrd for February was the Silent Knight. Killjoy alt, metal. Bit different style from 1e metals. This was a paintjob for a friend (traded a paintjob for his unpainted Killjoy). Quite a nice miniature. Bit bored by the paintjob but it was interesting to explore Wyrd's new take on metal. To balance out all that batch painting and boring colours, I took a few evenings to just have fun with this little lady from i-Kore (no really, she's quite small, 28mm twenty years ago wasn't quite what it is today). Gael Warrior of some sort I believe. Found her at the singles shelf at the LGS. Simpler sculpting from few decades back. Love love love. It's got its oddities sure, just compare her arm and head! Very fun paintjob. Didn't mean for her to be purple skinned but sometimes the brush takes me to strange places. Same evening I finished that Gael Warrior, I also did quick paintjob on these Razorwings from Battlelore. They're a singular "mercenary" unit in the game. Quick, spontaneous paintjob to clear more room for my desk. In the closing hours of February I finished Yeoman Archers for Battlelore. Did 5 of 15. ____ January: 21 minis February: 28 minis Total: 49 minis Sure that's only two "proper" paintjobs this month, but that's the theme for this year. At least until I finish the blue faction for Battlelore. I'm just glad I could sneak that i-Kore mini in between all this Battlelore and obligatory Wyrd painting. For next month's challenge I've pledged Minako Rei box and a Tanuki, so expect a bit less boardgame stuff for March. Happy March everyone. On and off the brush
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    Thanks again to @Stranglelove for helping with the pictures!
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    @Caedrus Firebranded completed in time. So that's a total of 18SS I'm not happy at all with my basing but didn't want to start them all over again. I'm still in learning phase, so will do better for the next ones.
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    Hello, Down here is my pledge for current month.: @Caedrus I thank you in advance for estimating the ss score.
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    Won't get the wheels done today, but did finish a (non wyrd model) I'll use for a proxy (I'm thinking a acolyte for the never to be a thing, beach party raspy) But since it's non wyrd looks like that's a 5er, so @Caedrus I'm at 25 for the month.
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    Hey there! These are some of my models for February, will update on Sunday (the two mindless zombies are painted but I didn't take pictures and I won't be home until then). * I didn't like the pose of Asura to include the two zombies with her, so she got her own base and her two zombies are now the mindless zombies. * The Bete Noire crazy lady. * Necropunk number 1 * Necropunk number 2 * Sloth: I painted him without checking the art, then after finishing saw it and then it was clear that his left arm was from another being and I went and painted it the same colour as his skin, losing the chance to make it devilish... oh well.
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    Here, I'll call it done. 11 Ss for my henchmen pledge, just the right amount. P.S: Thanks to everyone who gave me tips for the yellow last month. Waiting for each layer was a pain but it was worthwhile.
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    All valid points and my plan is to practice with one master until I know them and their crew inside and out. The only issue is my meta has been experimenting with a tournament rule where you can only play a master once. They are always 3 round tournaments so thats why I was asking about 3 masters.
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    Hoarcat is a nice scheme runner. 6" mv, manipulative and stealth means he is hard to go after and gets around the board quickly enough to get things done.
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    Yes i prefer an extra card every turn and shielded from magical training. I usually go with either natural camo or feathered wings on the cerberus armour on myranda and marcus, horns on the jackalope and haven't really worked out what im doing with vogel so either give him camo or wings as well. Try to keep myranda near marcus early on to help cycle cards and keep them both healed later i like to throw horns on marcus and charge him into the fray I didnt shapechange myranda once this weekend the +df aura and healing meant she and marcus both took a lot of attacks without dying.
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    My pledge is some of the Nico crew I started yesterday. Most likely the three zomboys sloppily indicated with arrows. Seems to make sense to batch paint them.
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    I was absent-minded today and neglected to get images of two of the four boards we used, but here's pictures I did get for two of 2/29's tables: Finally the desert board got a terrain reshuffle, and a few more of the palm tree forests got used. The players also fished out some cacti. Not super sure how they counted those (I was playing on another board), but probably concealing or blocking. I played on this board. For the central piece, only the pillars had any rules, they were blocking, impassible, ht 4. A little hard to see in this photo, but there were 5-6 scatter pieces we counted as height 1 or 2 depending on the piece, and destructible. A forest, mass grave (severe) and some buildings (the ruins with flat surfaces climbable) and two height 2 climbable blocking walls rounded out the terrain.
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    Hey there, hi there, ho there, Another year with the Wyrd year-long painting challenge, another year I'll chronicle everything else I do alongside it. For the monthly challenge thread see this for January and this for February. There's still time to join in. It's a neat little project Here's my 2019 'side' thread if someone fancies a look. What to expect this year? At least one Wyrd mini every month at leastLot more quick 'n dirty boardgame stuff this year. Made a new year's resolution to paint up most of my Battlelore 2nd edition boardgame, including all expansions. That's over 200 minis total, though I'd done maybe 60-70 in the past few years. Minis themselves are decent-for-the-time boardgame plastic from early 2010's. ie. fairly crappy. Quick, simple paintjobs. Plain bases. That's the plan for this project. Hopefully I can squeeze in some fun singles every now and then from other manufacturers too. Enough rambling. Wot I Painted in January: Starting with Battlelore 2e, I finished up my undead army: Skeleton Archers Banshee - Let me just say that conceptually I really dig this mini. Having the banshee physically enslaved like that, it just seems more interesting than the usual "wailing all by my lonesome" banshees I've seen. Barrow Wyrm 6 out of 24 Citadel Guard done. With undead finished, I'll be focusing on "good guy humans" next. Doing all 24 in February. ____ And finally something a little nicer, as seen on the January challenge thread, my Yasunori: ____ 21 minis done. That's all folks, till next month
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    Is that GW or Raging Heroes used for the bottom model? Smashing job as I've come to expect from you👍
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    Played 3 games today all with Marcus. Tied vs rasputina turf war game 1. Won vs titania cursed idols game 2. Won vs von schill reckoning game 3. Game 1 I killed a fair bit of his crew but hadn't read the 2nd point of deliver a message so let his ice dancer live and she tied it up at the end of the game. Game 2 titania killed crockett turn 1 but I managed to move the first two idols and hold my opponent off from moving any. Game 3 saw hannah one shot my Cerberus carrying magical training 9 damage!!! Managed to get a couple of reckoning points though + breakthrough. Myrandas healing and +df aura really stood out in both wins. Took the same crew in all three games. Marcus+vogel (Arcanists) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Marcus Totem(s): Jackalope Hires: Sabertooth Cerberus Magical Training Ferdinand Vogel Hoarcat Myranda Paul Crockett Blessed of December
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    Good days gaming today and big win from Cardiff! 8 wins 3 draws 4 losses.
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    @Jordon if you check the emissary in the app you can have old avatar as the emissary so if you manage to find one you can play it as the emissary!
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    One Shots are about designed to be about 2-3 hours in length. Sorry for the delay in replying!
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    I dont really believe that's the right answer. I dont even believe there's a versatile problem. It's just an answer no one mentioned yet so I thought I'd bring it up
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    mmm, Savages aren't a straightforward crew and it depends on the other crew and pool... I think you have some flexibility in the opening. I haven't got my Savages yet so maybe other player could give more curated info, but some extra ideas : Gigants: Shattering Shove may target friendly models; that may be used to send a model almost anywhere. Lyssa: Bring it is a lure with +2 to the movement, require an 8 so it's a bit expensive but if you may position a Lyssa forward (with Shattering Shove, a push or something like that), she may lure models forward (Ideally without getting hit) Taking in count the threat of Shattering Shove, maybe I'd start with a Cyclop to create the first pilars, that way you could wait a bit until comiting Euripides. That will force the other player to be cautious (because if a model advance too fast, a pilar can be created next to that activated model and then a Geryon/Thoon/Beater or even Euripides can the thrown there). Note: if you are going to send a Savage with Shattering shove, it's better if that model is made incorporeal first to reduce the damage from the Gigant. 2 Random examples of the things Savages could do the first turn with the Shattering Shove: Cyclops creates 2 pilars (using old ways, one near of him, a gigant and a Lyssa and other forward); Gigant attack Lyssa (cheat a low tome to get shattering shove) and put that Lyssa in the other one, then walks. Now that Lyssa may Bring it 2 expensive models (and then she will heal that point of damage from the Gigant thanks to the Pilar) Or send instead another Cyclop and you may drop the first 2 markers for Harness that first turn! When doing this, mind the Gigant may charge forward around 3'' and still be in range of the model (2'' base + 1'' range). You wait until the end of the turn to activate Euripides, Thoon and a Gigant. Previously you had set up a Pilar near of Thoon and gave him Incorporeal. Some pesky Scheme runner leap and double walk away from your team. Euripides activates and with some mix of walks and shattering surprise end dropping a pilar near of that scheme runner. A Gigant throw thoon into it, then thoon will try to bury/kill that one. Mind however Gigants rely in tomes for their shenanigans, you could not get the tomes you need to pull off some openings (a trick is including a doll to put adversary (Savage) in the model you are going to attack if you want to take the risk, include card draw/cicle or wait until you get a tome in the discard pile); however the other player doesn't know if you got the suits; he will have to be cautious anyway . Also mind you may use the old ways to reuse cards (double pilar with a Cyclop or double Focused shoulder rush with a Geryon for example). I think the closest thing to a tactica we have is this thread, there is interesting info about the crew there:
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    I did it! I finished them. So. Much. Fire. Pretty pleased. I don't thnk they quite stand out as much as I want but they do look nice and cohesive in the crew with the other models.
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    Hey guys some great work going on this month. Here's what I've been up to. Managed to get a lot more done than I thought I would Lord Chompy Bits and Coppelius Doppleganger and 3 Daydreams
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    Here's the finished Marlena Webster for 8ss @Barbercat where are those terrain buildings from?
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    My output for February: some grim-ish, dark-ish scatter terrain. We'll call it 4 pieces for 20 SS @Caedrus
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    Nice one @Nikodemus, I've just finished the same models, nice change to work with pewter for a while. 20ss for me this month As always, more pics on my blog. http://www.whatthefaux.net/2020/02/silent-knights.html
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    @Caedrus 10ss done. Finished my pledge a few days ago: Silent Knight, painted up for a buddy. Lots of washes and drybrushing on the wooden armour. Some quick layering on the rest. I imagine it'll get a purple painted base rim before too long now that it's out of my hands It's a neat mini. Lots of potential for some really moody paintjobs. I just went for an uninspired "roughly box art" paint scheme as was requested of me. As a result I wasn't very passioned with this. I like'em flamboyant. But not everything has to be a passion project. I'll gladly hack and be hacked by this thing in future matches. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to my painting desk and work on some electric blue hair to get all this drab out of my system
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    Thanks everyone for all the interesting advice ! It is indeed not easy to select a faction/master at first because there are so many possibilities. But, I think I have settled for a combo Sandeep + Colette for now and will see how things go afterwards. Neverborn and Ten Thunders are also factions that I will probably delve into at some point. Ressers look good on paper but I am not really keen on the models, so I will see. thanks again ! I will probably be back with further questions 😉 (notably rules questions about LOS as I found the rules about shadow a bit...arcane).
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    I’ll try and take some better pictures at some point but that’s Sidir done! I really had a lot of fun painting this model, but I’m excited to paint something with a bit less white 🙃 So that’s 9ss to complete my Enforcer pledge!
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    Hooded rider done! Unfortunately, it's really difficult to get good pictures of it. This is propably the closest to a Games Workshop model that Malifaux gets, so I decided to paint it in more of a GW style with brightly coloured armour. I think it ended up quite well.
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    I painted the Hodgepodge Emissary 🙂
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    Some new stuff for Lucius done! First, Agent 46. I think that the original model looks a bit boring, so I tried to build something a little bit different. Something that looks more like a gentleman than a soldier. Someone Lucius would send on a mission. I figured the mask and blades would make it pretty clear who it's supposed to be anyway. And then, Alan Reid. With this one, I wanted to get really close to the illustration. It looks so much like a Guild Investigator, so I didn't want anyone getting confused. There are only some small changes. A WIP of Alan. And finally a second Lawyer. I've had this model since I started Malifaux, but never got around to painting it.
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    I need to update my Ironsides Crew to 3. Edition... WIP These guys need some more glazes with midtones. But they are good enough for their first game.
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    So, after a long break while waiting for M3E I am now back to painting Malifaux. This model have been following Lady Justice around claiming to be her totem. It must be a trick, because he looks nothing like the Brutal Effigy. Maybe the new governor is behind this... I thought a bit about the colour of the robes. In the end I settled for beige/sand colour, since it would look impartial and allow the blood to show.
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    Qi & Gong Thoughts So, something I’ve been working on is a bit of a rundown on my thoughts on the Qi & Gong crew as I've had a couple of games with them and found them really fun. The keyword’s strengths are disruption, debuffing and melee power, and its weaknesses are a distinct lack of shooting damage (we only have Charm Warder's Jinx) and mobility (no Flight/places or the like). However these weaknesses are easily covered by the Ten Thunders Plethora of amazing Versatile models and it’s pretty well impossible to fit all the toys in a single list. First of all, let’s get into Leverage, the Keyword’s signature ability, this gives the opponent the choice of do they scheme early and give you lots of Pos flips or do they hold out and hope there’s enough time at the end (especially in early tournaments where you might not finish your games). I use these on my earlier activations to try and draw out my opponent’s cards which allows me to save my higher cards for my main models at the end of the turn. Model Thoughts Youko – Really, really wants her triggers so either bring a decent cache or reserve cards for her activation. Ideally, Youko wants to be within 6” of enemy models to get use of Calm Demeanour and Informants but doesn’t want to be engaged as she has a decided average melee attack for a master. For Her Exotic Umbrella-sword™ should really mostly be used as a last resort and sadly, the built-in trigger is almost never going to be able to be used (that 12” is huge!)… Defensively, she’s a bit on the average side as her main ability here is Serene Countenance which can be a trap as it encourages Focus which gives them a Pos flip to damage and with Df5, they’ll generally be able to bully their way to a straight damage flip making her 10wds disappear fast. To counter this, you’ll need to proactively apply the Distracted condition and use things like Challenge and Take the Hit to get out of dodge. For Informants, I’ve generally been playing the safe option and looking at the top card of my deck, but it could be interesting playing mind games with your opponent by looking at theirs! All her main actions target Wp, so get those distraction auras in there to put the opponent on Neg flips and watch them cry! Riddles in The Dark is fantastic, and I've shut down masters with this action (although at that time there was no Assist... 😊). Its 10” range, also makes it the safer choice. The card draw trigger is always appreciated too. Note the timing, I think this is the only trigger that gives a choice, draw Immediately if you have more cards then the opponent and draw After Resolving if you have less. Her big action and the one you want the suit for the trigger is Blackmail. Without the trigger, I've found most people are willing to give you Pass tokens. If this is the case, you’ll generally want to go earlyish with her so you can actually use them. However, you really want them discarding cards for Calm Demeanour which is why you need to get the trigger to make that choice much harder for the opponent. As you can only target each model once, choose your target order wisely. I’ll generally save the model I really want the trigger for until last to drain their hand first. Backroom Dealings is a fantastic Bonus action and with its high Stat of 7, you should be able to get it off by targeting someone with low Wp or in a Distraction aura. I usually use this action before the others so I can see what my opponent has which helps for target priority. Early game, try for the Crow Trigger and encourage scheming. This also makes Riddles much better Chiyo – The two ways I’ve been using her are to either run her up a flank to give pass tokens or scheme or keep her back a touch and then move in to apply Slow (try for Pilfer!), Biting Insults and to threaten scheme markers. Misinformation is amazing if you use it before Youko's Backroom Dealings' Risking it all trigger! I usually go for the latter option as that’s more fun, but it is also riskier and harder to pull off. Like Youko, all her attacks target Wp, however unlike Mum, she has a low stat so really wants those distraction auras to get any kind of consistency. Bill – I’m a big fan of Bill. He makes a fantastic bodyguard for Youko which she really needs with Challenge and Heroic Intervention (this is particularly good with the Crows trigger to disrupt their schemes or apply free damage, especially since it only needs a 5) while boosting her up to Df6 against Gun attacks (& a neg to damage). His Naginata has a solid damage output (I generally try for the Masks trigger to move difficult enemies away from Youko. Stoic Nod rounds him out with a bit of healing (and Focus with trigger) to friends. This is generally a last resort, but it has saved Youko before, so don’t overlook it! Kabuki Warriors (Beta version) – Fast with Mv6, Distraction aura, Lure, Greatsword, Combat finesse these guys are great (although mine always die to Olivia Bernard, seriously, she's a beast in melee!). A New Horizon can be game winning but should never be relied on as it needs the Tomes. This guy’s a great model to give an upgrade to; Trained Ninja too for protection (stealth and hide in Concealing terrain) and From the Shadows lets you double Lure your own models first turn and Silent protector lets him assist Bill in bodyguard duties with HtK, Challenge and Take the Hit (particularly good against Melee attacks as they can’t cheat against him!). Charm Warders – A mid-range damage piece that target Wp so really combo these guys up with Distraction Auras! Jinx is my preferred attack as it has good range and gives auto Injured, so I’ll generally try to activate them first to soften a model up for the rest of the crew to finish. And again, go for the Crow trigger to empty their hand! Chaos Theory is as the name implies, very chaotic, it can be absolutely amazing with them trashing high cards of the suit you choose (or just high cards in general) or pants with them trashing off suit low cards depending on luck. Their Chi mechanic gives them lots of options to ensure you get their actions off (I’ll generally use it for the first Jinx to get Injured out or for Chaos theory if it’ll turn a failure into a pass, to get the trigger off or I don’t have a low card to cheat). They also offer a lot of counter-tech with their Barrier and Lantern. Kunoichi – The only Qi & Gong model I haven't put them on the field yet (they were pretty boring up until towards the end of the beta and then I was playing other crews), but they look really solid. However even more than most of the Qi & Gong's finest, you really need to keep them safe as these Girls on the Avenue are as fragile as glass. Disguised, Bullet Proof and Nihilism ain’t gunna cut it if the opponent wants them dead (although it might take more than 1 activation if their only way of engaging is charging). They seem like they want to be in the second wave after Youko’s handed out mass distract so their Shuriken become 3/4/5 and Exotic weapons 4/5/6. I’ve got your back is helpful for a crew of fragile models. Geisha – Another fragile model. But offers the best Lure in the crew at Stat 6 (ties with Hina), and with a Tome, her Sharp Wit gives that sweet, sweet combo of Slow & Distracted to really nullify a model's activation (about the closest thing we have to Paralyse in this edition. She comes with her own Distraction aura, making Sharp Wit fairly easy to go off and get the triggers you need. Hinamatsu – This four-armed, five-bladed Puppet-daemon is just awesome and will generally be in every crew unless they declare Molly (Lethe’s Caress), Kirai (Vengeance), Nephilim (Black Blood) or lots of Terror as she goes for weight of attacks over high damage. She potentially get 6 in an activation between Flurry and Onslaught! In addition to this, her stat of 6+ makes hitting pretty easy. However, to balance this her damage track is only 2/3/4. Her other trigger is Armour Piercing which while niche, can be critical. Her speed is wonderful too. Mv 6 with Rush gives her a 9” threat range off the first Action or 15” if she charges on the second action. Defence-wise, she’s solid too rocking Armour 2 and a Bonus to give Distracted in a pulse. Wicked makes it hard for the opponent to disengage if they’re low on health. Bunraku – These guys are my go-to scheme runner in the keyword and I generally take one in every list as they’re just so flexible. Mv 6 and Risky Manoeuvre means they can get 9” and then use their Lure. They’re hard for flanking models to take out with Armour 1 and built-in Disappear. Their Brutal Blade, while only Stat 5, have decent damage and good triggers with the ever useful Crit Strike and the absolutely stunning Daze (see what I did there 😊). Versatile Models – In my opinion, the main Versatile models to consider are those those that cover the keyword’s weaknesses, I really like Fuhatsu (+ a Tanuki to give him Focus), or a Samurai to provide some serious firepower (and armour ignore with the Samurai) or the Effissary, Emissary or Dawn Serpent for Flight (and their all-round awesomeness) if the board/strats & Schemes require it. Sample Lists A General all-comers list: Youko – 4ss cache Chiyo – free Bill – 9 Kabuki warrior – 8 Hinamatsu – 9 Bunraku – 6 Fuhatsu – 9 Tanuki – 5 Youko, Bill, Chiyo, Kabuki generally group together on one flank, Fuhatsu and Tanuki cover the centre or where has the best lines of sight and Hina & Bunraku are lone wolves. The list I want to try next to really try and milk Distraction auras. Youko – 4ss cache Chiyo – free Bill – 9 Kabuki warrior – 8 Trained ninja – 2 2 Charm Warders - 14 Geisha – 4 Hinamatsu – 9 Thanks for reading if you made it this far!
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    Something non Wyrd I'd like to share. Another try at OSL:
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    Mulligan #1 in month two of the year. 🙄 FML. Third consecutive annual dropout is most likely on the horizon. 😒
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    Hey all! I’ve been going through the forums, and a recurring issue people are griping about is the number of versatile models in TT—I personally don’t play a lot of versatile models and still do well; but there’s no doubt that TT has a lot of good versatile options! I went through the factions and tallied up the number of versatile figures in each; obviously ignoring the riders, emmissaries, effigies, and band members. Below is my list. Arcanist: h: 1, e: 0, m: 5. Rider, band, emm/eff Bayou: h: 1 e: 4, m: 3, rider, band, emm/eff Guild: h: 1 e: 3 m:1, rider, band, emm/eff Neverborn: h: 2 e: 4 m: 2. Rider, band, emm/eff Outcast: h: 1 e: 4 m:1. Rider, band, emm/eff Resser: h: 2 e: 1 m: 3. Rider, band, emm/eff TT: h: 2 e: 3 m: 5. “Rider”*, band, emm/eff *TT doesn’t have an actual rider, it we love our Yasunori, alright.... So all factions have 1-2 vers henchman enforcers: range from 0 to 4 Minions: range from 1-5 TT is definitely on the high end here. Arcanists are high in minions, but low in the other two. Bayou, other than only having 1 hench, have higher end for both of the others. Guild have high enforcers, it are low in the other two. Neverborn are high end hench and enforcer, but lowish in minions. Outcasts are low in all but enforcers Ressers are good in everything other than enforcers So how to balance it out? We have three options really; 1) This is my preferred choice—but is obviously something beyond any of our powers; release new models for each faction to get them closer to the upper tiers (minions in particular, enforcers meh, and why not get everyone a 2nd henchman? Minions are the most important in my mind since they are the most versatile models (usually the cheapest and most job specific of models). We can tally up further what types of models each faction has, and what specific roles those versatile models fill—and then figure out what each faction needs. I’m not saying that every faction needs to have five minion options; but 3-5 should be standard, maybe even 4-5. If a faction has 4 enforcers, they can probably get by with only 3 minion choices in their versatile pool. Similarly, having 2 henchmen means they probably don’t need as many enforcers as some of the other factions. 2) I’m not as much a fan of this, but it still could be fun. Make some of the versatile options across the factions lose versatile in place of a keyword. We can even target masters that have smaller keywords to round out their playable pool. I’m not a fan of this for several reasons: the thematic feel is lost a little bit here by just shoehorning models into a keyword; the narrowing of a playing field as opposed to the broadening of one is always less inviting. I would rather have three new enemy models each game to face than lose three of my own. 3) I like this option more than the second one, but less than the first. Open some of the specific keyword models to get versatile too. An example might be guild guards (obviously any master in the guild should be able to call on the guards to support them). However, this becomes difficult territory as a lot of models rely heavily on their keyword abilities or other models of a keyword. So they would become less efficient (and probably never taken) as a versatile model. Now. As for Henchmen, I’m kind of okay with it being uneven, only because it’s all 1-2; and each master has at least one henchman. I’d love to get a second versatile henchman for each faction, but I can’t confirm that it’s necessary. Enforcers now are also a tricky area; where once they fit a role in between minions and henchmen on the power level, a lot of peon models got made enforcers, and a lot of enforcers got made minions in the transition from 2e to 3e. In other words, what it means to be an enforcer is a little bit more nebulous. I’d love to level the playing field in this category too; but it’s the most difficult as these models are the most varied and unique across the factions. As I kind of mentioned earlier; we don’t the exact same number of versatile models of each category, but enforcers are a good balance spot to counteract having few minions/henchmen compared to the other factions. So; how do people feel? Is this actually an issue for people, or are we just complaining about something cause that’s what humans do? I know in my local meta there isn’t a no issue with any faction being bonker broken compared to any other. There are definitely better keywords than others, and definitely better models compared to others. But is the number of versatiles itself part of the issue that people are feeling? Obviously, on the competitive level—having more options is always going to be better than not. Anyway. That’s what I got.
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    While this probably makes sense from a short-term marketing perspective (more products to sell, more to buy), it also means the game will suffer from the classic problem of power creep. If Ten Thunders has versatiles so powerful that everyone takes them, and you apply that same treatment to other factions... Then most keyword models start to become obsolete. Adding models to the game generally will crowd out at least some other models/crews/factions. One of the counter-intuitive principles of game design is that constraints are actually useful. If everyone could do everything, the game is not interesting. Limitations make for interesting gameplay decisions, list building decisions, etc.
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    I think this is the key problem. Why should both Ressers and TT have an inexpensive meatshield and a high cost beater to pull from? Ressers don't have a "Don't Mind Me" to work with. Neverborn doesn't have any leaps (though Zoraida can pick them up). Every faction has unique strengths and weaknesses (heck, even every keyword does). That's a key part of Malifaux in my mind.
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