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    Caedrus, reporting in with a Work in Progress report! The Monster Hunters are complete! Apologies for the harsh lighting. It isn't showing them at their best. The female Hunter's shotgun is about to be glued in. The bases, also, will have a touch of work done. With this, I only have an Ortega to go in my Family list (or at least that's what I'm telling myself, because I'm afraid to open my Santana, Alt Perdita, and Alt Francisco) With the Family complete, I'll go back and touch up the whole lot, so that their theme is unified and identifiable. Then, to continue on my Shelf of Shame! I hope you're having an awesome February! Caedrus.
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    Awesome some other side updates :),Any news possible on when the two player starter might be along
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    Heya Breachers! Last week I asked about unusual settings you like for TTB, and @Raines228 had this to say: You can see the rest of the comment here. Now, if you’re anything like me, an adventure is always better with minions… I mean friends! Subordinate characters in TTB are useful and take many forms. Let’s take a closer look at subordinate characters and the unique forms they can take. There are a multitude of Pursuits that gain or affect subordinate characters. Criminal, Graverobber, and Tinkerer are each Corebook Pursuits that utilize subordinate characters in different ways. From the Criminal gaining thugs that work for her, a Graverobber having the ability to raise zombies, and Tinkerers improving and using their constructs, the subordinate characters found in the 2e Corebook can do a great deal for Fated. Under Quarantine has the Pursuits of Bully, Medium, Necromancer, and Revivalist that utilize subordinate characters in interesting ways. Above the Law, as you would expect, has several Pursuits that command other people and constructs. Commander, Magewright, Propagandist, and the Witchling Handler each approach using subordinate characters in different ways; Commanders excel at directing soldiers, Magewright imbues constructs, Propagandists use their propaganda to recruit another to their cause, and Witchling Handlers use those captured by the Witch Hunters to aid them in combat. Into the Bayou have multiple options, from Big Hats to Taxidermists and Swineherders that recruit gremlins and hogs to help. Sometimes, subordinate characters are more than just bodies that do what you tell them to do. Both Under Quarantine and Into the Bayou include Grimoires and other items that happen to also be subordinate characters. Stan is a zombie that only functions for the Fated who it serves as a subordinate character. Into the Bayou has Old Stuffins, a taxidermied gator grimoire that has fickle loyalty to the Fated it serves. The Urn of the Ancestor is a piece of equipment that allows the owner to bring forth an ancestor spirit as a subordinate character. Sometimes you just want to have an extra set of hands for a goal, or an useful body for shielding. But sometimes a subordinate character can be useful in other ways. As a distraction while the Fated enter a building unseen, or bait to lure out a hidden killer if your group is morally flexible. A subordinate construct may perform labor such as digging or tearing down defenses. Subordinate gamin may serve as spies or patrols for an area. What ways has your group used subordinate characters for in games?
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    The crew runs like a well-oiled machine. The card draw is insane, and the speed even more so. A really powerful crew. If I should say anything negative, it seems a little too straightforward. But maybe its different on the other side of the board.
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    You could have saved a card. Whilst the suit of the person with initative decides the placement, the person with the highest number decides the person who has initiative, so you could have chosen von sctook anyway.
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    Wow, brutal!! I want to buy this crew even more now xD
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    His totem has a tome trigger on his already nasty poison vial attack, allowing him to drop a scheme marker. An insignificant model with an 8” shockwave capable of dropping scheme markers. Its SO good.
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    On Your Heels is enemy only, I believe. Sorry for all the rules comments xD
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    Game ended now, thanks for all your responses. It was a tight loss 4 - 6. Shtook took 3 idol points, 1 from Ley Lines and two from Breakthrough. Pandora took 2 Idol points, 2 from Outflank and 0 from Breakthrough. A good tight game.
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo decided to go on a diet: the seafood diet. He sees food and eats it! This Waldo’s Weekly opener is brought to you by Matt’s 4th-grade math teacher. So while we figure out how to write jokes again, let’s take a look at some new content for The Other Side! The Fields of Glory document is The Other Side’s yearly competitive update. Not only does it provide event organizers with beneficial information on how to improve their event and new ways to make it more enjoyable for a player, but it also includes new ways to play. This year’s Fields of Glory introduces four new Operations to The Other Side. Let’s take a look at the game types you’ll be able to play: Rocket Party: Ever wish you could play soccer with explosives? Well, now you can! Your objective is to launch the rocket (errr… Objective Marker) beyond the opposite side of the field (or in game terms, the opponent’s Deployment Zone) to blow it up. What’s better than setting off a fireworks display? Setting off a fireworks display in your neighbor’s yard (and getting points for it)! Trench Warfare: Imagine whack-a-mole in No Man’s Land and you’ve got yourself Trench Warfare. Place Objective Markers on your side of the table, destroy those on your opponent’s side, and see who’s left standing by the end of it! Slaughter Field: If you aim to do the most destruction in a game of the Other Side, then this one’s for you. It’s a bit of team deathmatch meets king of the hill, where each table quarter is your hill to die on. Get your points or die trying! Explosive Ordinances: This Operation takes how Objective Markers work and spins it on its head. Rather than fight or claim them on the battlefield, players will be packing them up alongside their units and traveling with them. Drop them off in the opponent’s side of the table and watch them panic! And you can download the Fields of Glory document by clicking this link or by visiting The Other Side’s resource section. Which Operation will you be playing first? Let us know.
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    Do you seek for a golden bullet? If so: No, that doesn't exist. Both masters have tools that work well against the other, imho that's a game that comes, even more so than others, down to player skill and details during play. Schtook is an allround master and depending on how your opponent plays him, you'll have to react differently. Idols at least is his worst strategy. The schemes are juicy for him though. Transmortis often can drop scheme markers "along the way" while they do other stuff, so imho you'll need Iggy for anti-scheming. Pandora's anti-condition and anti-trigger game is essential against him, as @Ogid already said. Transmortis' damage track is only middle of the road, without fast/focused and triggers it's nothing to write home about. While Schtook certainly is no Molly, he can draw quite a few cards each turn, so Woe won't be at its best in terms of hand pressure. Not much you can do about that, just try not to disperse your duels with them over many activations if you can. Also spread your models out as far as it's sensible for you, Transmortis loves bubbling crews. Everything else has already been said as far as I can see.
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    Transmortis has few weaknesses, but the anti-condition play hurts him. Their models rely a lot in fast and focused to deal damage; woe is able to control that while also gaining to duels. Also Mood swings may force a model to activate before is buffed or before Schtook may remove the nasty conditions from Pandora's crew and Carver may remove Focused and get min 4 damage which is good versus H2W+Armor (and he also has Ruthless!). All that plus making hard for him the summoning should be enough. In a direct clash Pandora has tools to make him sweat, but Schtook outmaneouver Pandora hard; not sure how you can deal with Necropunks scheming in your backyard without Sorrows and Iggy... maybe Luring them with Lyssas into the bubble? Also as Woe may hug each other sometimes, be careful with Anna exploding Zombies. The problem is his summoning mechanic and anti-armor restricts the models that are safe to play versus him... Teddy with IR could be good (even if killable when focused heavily), but Kade is a big no-no in this game; Teddy can still be included, but with the SS tax. A Rougarou may hit for 6 damage with Focused + Puncture or Flay (and a Doppleganger could copy that); but those are killable 8SS model even with IR, a big no-no versus him. BBS could be great for the Focused pulse, but again a killable 6SS model so not wise. The rider is another solid model, but Including him versus so many stuns may be risky. Hinamatsu spamming attacks/getting Armor piercing triggers may be a good model, but she is vulnerable to Analyze Weakness (and so many attack may also give him card draw...), maybe with IR she could perform well... Posible ofensive models are Wrath with Focused stonning for Puncture may get 4 or 5 damage consistently, so he with IR may be a safer bet if you want to have something aside from carver to bruteforce the armor + H2W. Another posible OOK pick could be Killjoy, he doesn't die, just get buried and min 3 damage with a posible Onslaught trigger is also good. Serena having Twist Reality, a heal, Eternal and condition removal may also be a good pick. It doesn't looks easy, specially in that pool with so many movement schemes; but Pandora seems to be able to handle his agresion and tricks... 1 Lyssa with AP for the card draw and initiative may pay off. You can't outrun him, need your synergies and Lyssas/dolls aren't reliable scheme runners so I'd say go for Harness + Ruins and control Idol placement with few models and 2 APs (and with a crew not vulnerable to his alpha strike). You'll give up most of the map and make easy for him to score some schemes, but if you get most idols, full harness and at least 1 point of search the ruins you should be able to get ahead in points and force him to fight you. Good luck!
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    I'm not sure about hiring a ruffian solely as a mobility boost. I think because he's the cheapest in faction Ruthless he's an interesting tech choice. My main concern comes from him just not having any offensive punch to back it up. If he had a Collier I could see it. 12 inch range would be exceptional. But 8? He can get fast easy in keyword but he's also really soft. Desper is not as squishy as you think. Yeah Def 5 is average. But if your opponent can't remove him in one turn he's liable to get away. He plays great into terrain. He also has the grappling hook to further accent his mobility. I've used it on McCabe before to pull Depser a staggering distance in one turn. The key is that he has butterfly jump plus on Masks. I just wish it was after resolving instead of as a win. Dual Master stuff really isn't our meta in my area and I don't particularly enjoy it. But I agree on Asami being aces with McCabe. Lucas as a solo leader emphasizes flexibility over just disruption I think. Definitely a nice breakdown of how you're using him. Appreciate the reply!
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    I backed these. I haven't found much else already on the market. I think you can still do late pledges. You can get a 3x5 index card holder if you don't mind the cards being on their sides.
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    I've played 2 games in the past days. I haven't touched Big Hat since the launch of M3E (I've played them a lot in the beta, both closed and open). Some impressions I've had so far: The crew is probably the most card hungry in the whole game, and by far. A lot of abilities that need to discard cards, so Big Brain Brin is almost mandatory for the Arcane Reservoir. Even if BBB is a really must pick, calculate the possibilities is not as good as in other crews, since with Big Hat you'll be going through your whole deck almost every turn from turn 2, due to all the activations and the ability to cheat from the top of the deck. So take advantage of his Sharp Wit and Sober Up in enemy models, specially if they're close to Gremlin Crier (you'll put them in a to Wp). Reckoning is a really no-go for Big Hat, unless you're willing to give your enemy 4 points. The crew doesn't have enough firepower to be really efficient in Reckoning. There are schemes that are going to be almost impossible (Outflank) due to the bubble playstyle, so pick wisely. There are some models that have almost nothing to do during their activations, some examples could be the Banjonistas or Old Cranky. Out beater is Lenny, but you don't want to send it to fight other beaters, since he's the key to keep everyone alive. The other models that can put some damage are Georgy&Olaf, Som'er and the Good Ol' Boys, but they really need some support for Bayou Bash, so make sure you keep them all at least with a +1 before attacking. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to even activate the Bayou Gremlins, so they won't get the high cards in their flips that could be used for the models that actually need them. Old Cranky is overcosted with his current profile. That action you'll be using it 3 turns only, due to lack of corpses in range in turn 1 and 2 (since he's slow and you don't wan't to bring him to the front). Equality of Fate would be way better on him. He's also too squishy, and his Obey is really situational since it requires the . It would be better if he had something like "Command the Bayou" (Listen to Granpa!) and become something like the "Command the Elements" of Sandeep. If he gained Arcane Reservoir, it will reduce the need of having BBB. Your opponent can really control you activation just by killing the small models that provide you the +1 bonus for Bayou Bash. For example, if you were planning on activating a Good Ol' Boy that is close to other 2 Big Hat models, your opponent could kill 1 or 2, or just move your Good Ol' Boy to make him not a viable activation (you don't want to attack with Stat 4), so a good opponent would try to deny you like that. Don't send you beater after the enemy beaters, the Big Hat ones are worse. Just try to keep the enemy beaters busy killing your smaller models, while you eliminate their support models and go for the points.
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    Me Leveticus - Servents and 6 stones Waif Waif Rusty Ashes Emissary Marlena Scavenger Opponent Kirai - Whispers and 6 stones Ikiryo Archie Datsue Ba Shikome Shikome Lost Love Seishin Seishin Idols - Standard Deployment Deliver, Detonate, Search, Power Ritual and Dig I choose Dig and Search and my opponent choose Search and Power Ritual. It ended with a 5 -5 draw where I scored 2 for Idols, 2 for Search and 1 for dig and my opponent scored 3 for idols and 2 for search. I used Rusty and Leve to put pressure on Kirai early to keep her summon count down, one turn she had no cards in hand to actually summon anything. Scavenger was great in just giving out Focused and jumping around interacting. Emissary is a bit expensive but the added movement and regen is not to be underestimated. His free move is also nice since you can stack scheme markers which makes it easier to score. Datsue Ba was mostly just annoying but never a threat, once she got close to Leve I managed to kill her with one attack.
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    Zipp in outcasts is downright unfair, I love him very much and have used him in very high profile matches to great success. Outcasts can take adavantage of every trick in the zipp back in a way bayou really cant. IMHO Zipp main obstacle is his lack of genuine killer models outside of mancha roja who has the problem of being size 3 in a crew where being size 2 is a godsend. Outcasts provide Zipp with a lot of high octane size 2 killer models that can take full advantage of the things the captain brings to the table. What does the captain bring to the table? What is the trump card of the nefarious pirate? The IRON SKEETERS. Iron skeeters in outcasts are the best utility model in the game, since they provide outcasts with a scheme runner that can also offer true keyword independent support and is easy to use and abuse. Outcasts have a wealth of murder machimes that have one glaring flaw, utter and complete lack of mobility. Lets look at johan for example, he is a one man wrecking ball, that moves slower than dirt, well not any more, with iron skeeter taxi and smokescreen agency johan can reach the frontlines mostly unscated and deliver ungodly ammounts of pain to anybody, which is great. We are talking about giving johan a reusable 7 inches boost in mobility here, something that according to malifaux is worth at least 2 soulstones. And that is without considering how utterly broken skeeters are as scheme runners. Look at bishop, another murder machine with a huge issue called 0" engagement range accompanied with average mobility, with an iron skeeter that stops being a problem. As bishops suddenly gets a 12" charge range that can bring 3 attacks to anything you need murdered. Granted, you have to pay 10 points for him but he is amazing once you can get him into melee in a fast and safe way. Another murder machine is the midnight stalker, who can easily reach the opponent half of the board on turn one and be a permanent thorn on your oponnents side from then on with 3 ap and leap for a murder machine that is also a scheme runner. The last and most important model i see zipp having a great ammount of sinergy with is Rusty Alice, a murder machine on his own right that can and should become godlike with zipp. See ideally ale should be played as an executioner turret, using his 3 pseudo ap on removing targets from the boards and nothing else. This means alyce should never ever waste actions in moving, and that you should have an Iron skeeter taxi and smokescreen agency parked around her from turn 1 to take her to wherever she needs to be, particularly if you find any birds nest like location in the map(an elevated piece of terrain with a little line of sights restrictions). Park Alyce there with a hand stacked of ravens and under certain circunstances it could be GG. This is where alyce fits better in zipps crew than in even her own. Zipp and all of his crew have showboating. Which means you can provide alyce with 3 ravens and a discarding for shoot card without actually taxing your hand in any serious way. This obvioulsy means that alyce should be the last model to activate in a crew, but if you pull the 3 raven offensive off you are talking about probably removing 3 models a turn(a third of most crews a turn) and you could realistically pull that off once or twice per game. Which is bananas, combined with every other murder machine you have we are talking about tabling your oponent while having spare turns to score unoposed. Also Zipp himself is no slouch either in combat, i have used him to great succes as a solo piece in a parker barrows crew once, He broke my oponents center almost by himself while also scoring claim jump. And this is the great part, with Zipp you can focus on murdering AND scheming at the same time without being less effective in either one as a result. Since Zipp has acces for free to Earl Burns, the most broken scheme runner in the game when next to an iron skeeter. The idea of having 3 3 AP models roaming the board from turn 2 onwards, plus a murder machine in the backfield taking potshots with regenerating hand and flying is just psichologically breaking to your oponent as well demoralizing him wins you games for sure. Bayou cannot provide him with this tools for the jobs. Overall I approach outcast zipp in the same way Al Davis(RIP) thought about football"We dont focus on getting first downs, we focus on scoring touchdowns with the vertical pass". With zipp I dont focus on scoring one or two schemes. I focus on utterly dominating the battlefield by applying high octane pression and aggression first with bishop, alyce and the stalker to murder my enemy and while they are getting massacred burns goes sillently scoring schems without nobody noticing the pesky totem. And the best part is, Zipp is not really a centerpiece in this crew, he is more of a free 3 AP model you get. As much as this sound super megalomaniacal, i do think outcast Zipp is the best master in the faction and one of the best in the game, that is super straightforward and fun to play. With Zipp you enter the "No flips just fists" portion of malifaux in a way that is very taxing to counter for an opponent.
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    I really like your style. And it's nice to see a cooler Kaeris for a change. Are you going to carry that theme over to the elementals or will they be traditional fire?
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    I don't think you are making a good point here. A lot of crews sacrifice something they like to gain some bonuses. Foundry loves Scrap and yet almost all models can destroy them (and their mobility) to get temporary bonuses . And Adversary is an extremely good Condition to put on someone. I don't know if you ever faced a Kirai but if she put that on someone she wants dead he is dead
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    Quellers are mostly pretty awful though, and can only drop Scheme Markers at range by removing the Burning that the rest of the crew really likes (and Sonnia needs to summon the Witchlings). Spellcasters are affected by Severe Terrain (Stalkers are not, so another Scheme running option would be welcome. Especially whe Stalkers are more expensive than the Spellcasters. The Stalkers could really do with a bonus action. It doesn't have to be Scheme-related, but I do think that would help.
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    I guess if you need anti-scheming with Zipp and she doesn't die. The Scavenger can also hand out fast and focused, and is some pretty nice anti-scheming as well. I like the Analyze Weakness idea. Maybe that and Stealth? Outcasts aren't too big on Stealth, at least one Stealth model would be nice, and it's a good way to at least force them to get out of position when they kill her. For the Convict Gunslinger, I know Parker doesn't need much help, but with the state they're in I don't think they're a model that would be brought often. I think Ruthless and like 1-2 more wounds would at least make them worth considering. Or make them Versatile and Ruthless, that would probably be enough that some crews would bring them every now and then.
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    Analyse Weakness on the Student of Conflict would be awesome! One of the biggest complaints I keep hearing about the Viks is that they just bounce off so many things. Also, analysing things for weaknesses makes a whole lot of sense seeing as she's a "Student" of Conflict.
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    With "A Bunch of anti-armor" You mean the Ronin and the SoC? Because while the Ronin are an awesome piece for the crew, you don't want them facing a model like Gracie, a Golem or the Peacekeeper. And having the SoC as anti-armor tech, with her laughable attack , damage and defenses is simply ridiculous. In my experience, Mercenaries struggle with models relying on armor, and Analyze Weakness could return some of the old killy flavour they had.
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    Broadly, I say yes that’s fine to have summon fodder, if not too much of it—but rarely are they as costly as 5ss, which might be the sticking point. Witch hunters/witchlings have one of the few valuable 4ss hires though, so it’s not as much of a loss as it might otherwise be. Go ask Ressers about their experiences with summon fodder, I suppose.
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    No, token removal isn't a thing. (Yet? Hopefully never.) This was a conscious decision by the designers as a core feature of M3E. Tokens are a really straightforward way to track unique crew mechanics, but that quickly starts to fall apart if you allow the opponent to mess with them. Allowing removal potentially gives a hard counter to an entire theme's core mechanic, which becomes extremely difficult to balance. Using tokens was an easy way to avoid M2E's situation where there were a ton of rules that amounted to "Condition X cannot be removed under these specific circumstances" to ensure that crews functioned as intended. That problem still exists to a certain extent for crews whose mechanics revolve around specific conditions instead of using tokens. Generally this is balanced out by the fact that conditions have their own built-in mechanics that don't require special mechanics to turn on, giving those crews ways to get those conditions out there easily, and/or having ways of punishing enemy models when those conditions are removed. It's much easier to balance a small number of condition-based themes that take condition removal into account, and use tokens when you want to track a resource but don't want to have to worry about enemy interference.
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    I think she will she Half Blood too. In this way they can "recycle" 4 models already tested. And we already know she has the Black Blood. I think they will create an Asylum master too (the Versatile Keyword in Guild)
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    How can we seriously be arguing about if Hired Soldier and Wanted Criminal are good when other factions have upgrades that gives them Arcane Reservoir, Butterfly Jump, Ruthless, Shuts down free actions and shut down defensive triggers? I think it's pretty obvious that Outcast is one of the factions that got the least useful upgrades. I only ever find myself using Servants and that is also only on a few models.
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    A 4ss model that's bad at scheme running? Winged Plagues are too squishy to be used as missiles or scheme runners and their "payload" is a single blight, not really worth 4ss.
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    Winged Plagues - actually, I've never seen them in play even in M2E and it's still the same now. Too squishy for scheme running. Especially now, when your best scheme runners are Masters and other sturdy models. Also, please give them Nightmare cat models - the guys are too ugly. Maybe that's why they are unpopular)
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