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    Played a tournament on Saturday, I only won the round I used Zipp. I went in with a plan to use X master in this scenario, Y master in that scenario, and Z master in the other scenario, because I ALWAYS use Zipp, like 4 out of 5 times I use Zipp, so I've been trying to force myself to use other masters. What I remember about the terrain set up on tables I lost at, each time I said to myself "Man, Zipp would be great here," but I didn't use Zipp. I have 5 different Leaders in outcast besides Zipp, and I've used the rest of them almost never because Zipp is almost always a better option in a given scenerio. So, I learned not to be so in my head about it. If Infamous is the best choice, go for it. If the rest of them collect dust until M4E and I'm still having good games, then I'm still enjoying the game.
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    This would require changing the rules so that being edge to edge with terrain counts as being in terrain, which pretty much breaks impassable terrain.
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    I was digging through the files on my phone and found this piece I commissioned in May. I realized I posted it to A Wyrd Place when I got it, but never here. In the off-chance you're not on the facebook group or just missed the post, here's the artwork. I wanted to give Toni a more 'presidential' look as the new leader of the Miners and Steamfitters Union
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    Hey Wyrdos, We are excited to announce that both the German and Polish translations of the Malifaux Third Edition Core Rulebook are now available! You can find the German translated rules here and the Polish translated rules here. Don’t worry if you forget the links. You’ll be able to find these translated rules in the Resources section on the Malifaux page. Spanish, Russian, and Italian translations will be made available as soon as they are ready! As always, if you have any difficulties downloading the rules (or even find a typo), make sure to reach out to us via our Contact page so we can get it all sorted out.
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    You could take both Deliver & Assasinate against Viktoria!
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    Its recorded. Just up to Craig to work through his backlog!
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    I've seen extremely often, even in tournaments, that people don't measure model movement in severe terrain even remotely correctly. Especially when the model is leaving severe terrain (as then you should be measuring from the back of the base when you normally always measure from the front). And in general it's very frustrating when people measure shooting ranges to millimeter accuracy and then move models with nowhere near as much accuracy. A tape measure hovering four inches over the model is such a different thing compared to a proper measuring widget placed into base contact with the mini. Now, that said, I do agree that errata isn't the correct way to go about implementing a change such as this one but I would very, very much welcome it when M3.5 hits in 2022 Though I must admit that I doubt it would somehow break the balance of M3e if it was implemented without other errata. It would naturally affect models but the overall balance of M3e is nowhere near that level where this would somehow upset it one bit.
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    I think you've missed the intent of the suggestion, its not that models will be made better or worse by it, the purpose is to make measuring easier.
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    You want to set yourself up, then roll? McMourning: you spend the first turn or two poisoning the crap out of all your own models, then let slip the dogs of war! Okay, it's a chihuahua, but still....!
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    What's there to add? Marke83 is right Because Malifaux does often have more terrain that reduces movement, the static reduction is more accurate. Simpler = more accurate when you are working with eyesight and hand dexterity. (And by extention, tape measure is about the worst tool to measure movement in a game like this.)
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    You seemed to have missed the point here. The distance between model and severe terrain is almost never divided evenly, even in half-inches. (btw 0,5" IS annoying enough). At least when I do positioning, I want to do it in a way that benefits me and the model in question - in relation to enemy positioning. As said, gun/spell/melee ranges are static, so I very much care whether my Rusty Alyce is 12" away from the enemy or not. This means I'm not actively seeking to place my models in even distances from severe terrain - rather I want to find a good position and the severe terrain just happens to be X" away. Now, if I need to move to severe terrain, I'm also often not trying to even out the inches to handle severe terrain better, but trying to find a good position. Say a model with mv 5 is 3,4" away from severe terrain. You have 3,4" normal movement, when the base touches the terrain, then the rest is 0,8". That doesn't even get your base (approx 1,25" for 30mm) completely to terrain, so next action/activation you have similar problems if you want to move out.
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    In My meta the people dont play NVB because the arc Marcus is better and the rougarous, and the ARC beasts are better than the NVB beasts
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    I've not played either this edition, so take this with a pinch of salt. I would pick sommer when I want lots of models and my crew in a few places, and probably a degree of durability. I would pick Ulix when I was more interested in "firing" off pig missiles and leave them to do their thing. That said the pig mechanic is more of a grow mechanic than a summon mechanic (at least to my mind). I guess it depends on how you build the crew
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    mmm... Malifaux is a very dinamic game; there is no style that spend most of the game Haka Dancing and then suddenly you win, but there are probably some mechanics related that he may enjoy: Summoners: They bring extra models to the table, so each turn they gain more power. Scaling masters: Weak early game, but they gain more power than the average master each turn (usually summoners, but not always) Masters that use conditions/tokens to deal damage: Less straightforward and require set up, but it hurts when the set up is done. Keywords that rely in inner synergies and complex interactions: Individually not the most powerful models, but when all is working together it's an opressive machine. Keywords/Factions relying in conditions: Buffs for your models or debuff theirs. For what you said, the top 3 masters in these factions for that: Thunders: Asami (summoner), Yan-Lo (Scaling master, minor summoning) and Lynch (inner synergies and damage through tokens). Outcast: Tara (summoner and inner synergies), Jack Daw (inner synergies, conditions), and Hamelin (inner synergies and damage through tokens). Resers: Jack Daw, Yan-Lo, and a few summoners (Kirai is the standard summoner of the faction tho). Neverborn: Dreamer (Summoner and scaling master), Pandora (inner synergies, conditions), Marcus (buff through upgrades) Arcanists: Marcus, Ironsides (inner synergies)m Sandeep (summoner and inner synergies) Those are the more fitting with what you say; the strongest scalling masters are in my opinion Yan-Lo and Dreamer (but that means they are also weaker than average early in the game and have some other disadvantages). It's also worth to note Riders who are powerful models with an scaling mechanic, those are in RES, NVB, ARC and GUI (the Guild one is the one with the most powerful pulse attack, but there are few strong scaling mechanics in that faction). Another point are the non-master summoners, not as powerful as the master summoners but they can still add an extra scaling mechanic to any crew; those are in RES (Toshiro, forgotten marshal and all the zombie summoners: Asura, Mortimer, Rider, Emissary...), NVB (Widow Weaver, Vasilisa), TT (Minako). I've agruped it by factions because the game encourages to play masters from the same faction (versatile pool, out of keyword hires...); so I'd consider both the masters he likes and if there are also other masters in that faction he enjoys. I'd say RES has a higher number of these mechanics, and they have also Yan-Lo; so I think that faction is the best match for him. But any of the above would work as long as he likes the faction. Hope it helps!
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    @Kaiser Senpai Made some adjustments to the https://www.heroforge.com/ model I was exploring. I too wanted to see a President Ironsides sculpture. 😜 I used your commission for the touch up inspiration.
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    Yes I have decided. I have talked and thought about this a lot, and it's not perfect either if you want to nitpick. It is indeed the guild ball model, but it works very well. It might be that I haven't considered everything (and probably I haven't), but those mentioned issues have come up. The amount of lost inches can be even 1", if that'd work better for malifaux. That's not set in stone. But the current system isn't very entertaining in my opinion. The cases where you move even inches seem rare. Many times terrain ends up being 3,65" inches away or similar.. players just shrug and compromise. Gun's ranges, melee ranges, buffs, debuffs, spell ranges - very rarely any compromises there, at least when it comes to tournaments. I personally am fine with everything, and a very casual player actually, but I also think certain tightness and clarity helps everyone. I think M3E has achieved that, but I also think severe terrain movement is needlessly complicated in practice to an otherwise well flowing game. The only good thing I have come up with is moving the model accurately in severe terrain is indeed a difficult experience - akin to moving in a rough terrain in real life. Not sure the roleplaying aspect has a lot of weight though.
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    I played the following list in a Corrupted Idols game against MYSELF! In four years I had never attempted a full game with myself until this weekend. myg0t (Bayou) Size: 50 - Pool: 0 Leader: Zoraida 2 Hires: Grootslang Rooster Rider 2 Will o' the Wisp 2 Two Gremlins in a Ghillie Suit Old Cranky Gautraeux Bokor 3 Bayou Gator 3 Twelve Cups of Coffee McTavish References: Voodoo Doll Wanga Mojo Curse Adze Played against Titania, Baby Kade, The Rider, Tuco and two Black Blood Shamen. I wish I had Twelve Cups of Coffee on the Rooster instead of the Gator. I forgot to summon the Voodoo Doll one round and reallllly missed having Widow Weaver that you get a Neverborn Zoraida. I wanted to live the dream by holding something down with Old Cranky’s cane and getting a McTavish shot at it... never happened but a Sz 3 Will O’ the Wisp did shoot a sidearm THREE TIMES over a Ht 2 building at the two shamen (which never did turn into mature nephilim) never died, and gave McTavish a free melee attack with its trigger Coordinated Attack so that was nice. Figured I’d need to hoard masks for a situational Bokor obey... but had so many masks in hand turns 2 and 3 that I wish I brought a gremlin crier also (big hat for cranky), or a second Bokor. Grootslang isn’t as great without doppelgänger or a Changeling unfortunately... and I think the next models I am buying are The bushwhackers.
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    SLOW GROW ROUND 1 - 13 JAN TO 26 JAN RED GAME: "HIGH NOON AT BAD THINGS CORRAL" The sun beats hot on your shoulders as you twist through the streets of the Quarantine Zone. Ahead, four dark shapes emerge from an alley - your ambush has failed, now it all comes down to who has the fastest trigger! Deployment: Wedge Strategy: Plant Explosives Schemes: Assassinate / Vendetta Special Rule: VP may be scored on Turn 1 (NB you may still only score 4 VP from the Strat and 2 from each scheme) - yes, this is Henchman Hardcore without the time limit. BLACK GAME: "RAIDERS OF THE CURSED ARK" You found it! Only problem is, you didn't find it first. After weeks of meticulous planning and investigation it all comes down to who can loot those powerful artifacts the quickest... Shut your eyes - don't look at them no matter what happens! Deployment: Flank Strategy: Cursed Idols Schemes: Dig Their Graves / Search The Ruins Special Rule: Idol markers may be used as friendly scheme markers or corpse markers for the purposes of schemes. Each marker may only be used as one or the other and only for one scheme per turn. If a marker would be removed it is not, instead the opponent may place the marker within 3" after VP scoring is complete, if both players would place the same marker at the same time it does not move.
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    Here is my contribution for this month: M2E Student of conflict for 4 SS. Face is completely and utterly botched beyond redemption, but I can't stand starting all over again from base coat.
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    Another 3 of my Abyssinia, contrast paints again, pretty quick but it suits me for ready for the table. The Aethermatic Blue is definitely a two coat paint, one coat is just barely noticeable. (3 x 5 = 15)
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    That's because you were given a post hoc rationalization rather than the reason. Here's the real reason that you can push through an engagement range but can't Walk through one: The developers made the distinction in the interest of creating tactical situations. The same reason a model can't use Interact while engaged normally. (Compare Chatty and Don't Mind Me, or the Scheme specific interaction in Don't Mind Me.). How come a model can't take Interact to drop a scheme marker if that's supposed to be the most important thing for most of the game? Tactical complications. In M2E, the situation was even more convoluted, where the restriction on Walk was that it couldn't leave engagement range that it started in. (Walk could be used out of engagement if you didn't start the movement engaged; and you could break engagement if you could break lines sight without leaving range.). That got changed to 'Walk can't leave any engagement range.' and Charge ended up with the same result it had before: If you can manage it, you can charge through engagement range. That's harder to do now because the distance for charges has reduced (M2E charge ranges were usually about 2 or 3 inches further than the model's Mv, I think.) At this point, I think the real reason Charge gets away with it is a combination of the 'once per turn' limitation, and a dislike of the idea of melee screens. I mean, occasionally you're going to want to charge past one model to get to another one. Disclaimer: "Reasonable" for game mechanics is a matter of having been conditioned to accept that way of doing things. Some things may be easier to get conditioned towards than others, but there's a whole lot of arbitrary choices being used.
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    It would make me play the game a little different, but there are models in all factions that have anti demise stuff, so getting used to facing counters is good. So I wouldn't avoid them on the off chance they might then decided to hire models to stop my demise stuff.
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    Finished! Charm Warder, which fulfils my Jan pledge
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    So I'm a bit behind on this, but here's what I'm planning to work on for January; Basically the last three models to round out my Wong connection, two gribblies as tests for my new Gibbering Hordes company and the ECB Black Ops for my Cult of the Burning Man. I'm not convinced I'll get them all finished, but so long as i hit 31SS for my Tyrant pledge then it's all good.
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    I have been experimenting with a more Mech-Ma style of list with lots of armour and using crow Initiative flips to add shielded +2 to both my Mechanized Porkchop and Whiskey Golem - making them next to impossible to bring down. So far it has been extremely tough for my opponents to handle especially as your opponent doesn't expect much armour with Mah. I also bring Cooper along to help heal the constructs, summon Whiskey Gamin and to "turtle up" in her barrel giving another model with armour and shielded
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    You’re of course free to discuss whatever... But what’s the point of this? This isn’t a rules development forum, the beta testing is long past and the rules have all been printed and models have been finalized - now we’re just waiting for Stock to actually go on shelves. My point is; rather than ‘whinge’ and demand erratas and FAQs to ‘fix’ your models, why not just play the game and focus on discussing how to utilize the tools, you have available? - The game isn’t broken. Sure a few masters might be a little easier than others, but every one of them is capable of giving you a good game.
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    Hehe, I also play Colette and Hinamatsu (even sometimes Collodi). I really love to play Coryphee with Colette as a "dancing queen" spinning around hardly fighting any melee at all but also using coryphee aggressively in a puppet crew.
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    Unfortunately, the Crier cannot Obey a Bayou to interact the turn it is summoned. The Crier's obey trigger states: While the rulebook (P.32) says: That said, you can still summon models the turn before you need them, and get them into position.
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    oooh boy well first of all I don't wanna give up all my secrets as I'll be discussing Somer on 3rd Floor Wars next month but lets just start off saying that Somer is THE most complex master in the Bayou. He's got a lot going on, which leads to him being incredibly versatile but also hard to get the gears turning properly. So in general what I'm looking for with a somer pool is: Do I need to have a large amount of board control? He's great at Turf War, Reckoning and decent at Plant Explosives if you build him correctly. Scheme wise: Search, Leylines, Hold up Forces, Take Prisoner, Detonate Charges, Claim Jump are all schemes I regularly take with him and the secret to most of it is summon diversity. So the most important model in a Somer crew is the humble Bayou Gremlin These slippery bastards are multiple use 1) They are speed bumps. Drop one in a spot it takes up space and is begging to be killed. 2) After they kill it, you can draw, discard and then shoot whatever killed it with one of your other models. 3) They are a card investment. Say turn 1 you summon 3 Bayous, that's 3 cards you will be getting back in a later turn. Need a card? blow one up with Somer. 1 AP to do 2 damage and draw a card? Thanks. I will almost never summon just 1 model. Its much more efficient to grab a bayou and the model you are summoning in. You are effectlively trading a card for another card. Following that you have Criers. Criers make the crew work. Their built in Bully and only needing a 7 to Obey plus a trigger that lets Bayous interact means that you can summon models into position and have the Crier make a marker or flip a strategy that gets you surprise vectors. Good Ol' Boy: Need a model that won't die easily and hits back fairly hard? Go for a good ol' boy. He's your go to Hold Up their forces on a juicy enforcer or hench. Banjos: Somer crews are slow! Nah just bring 2 Banjos and your whole crew gets 4 extra inches of move per turn. Plus condition removal Lenny: Essential for 2 things. Toss is amazeballs. Need Somer closer? Toss. Need a good ol' boy tying up a beater? Toss. Someone messing up your claim jump? Toss. Georgy and Olaf: Pulse focus, good gun that can shoot out of combat. He's your primary set up for Pig Eatin' Grin. Big Brain Brin: Of all the crews in the Bayou that want to see Brin, Somer is the most Brin loving. Bayou Two Card lets you cycle your deck so hard that it doubles the effectiveness of Calculate. Plus, you always have easy Protect targets for Brin making him extremely tanky. Test Subjects: So they have a dumb ability. It makes it so you have to damage to kill them. No executes. ANNDDD they don't die when you target them with Make Me Proud Boys. They are a node to toss into a group and nuke for 2 unresisted damage in a 2 inch pulse. Pigapult and Sparks: Its ugly, real ugly, but you can load up bayous with Bombs and toss them out with Pigapult, putting a huge drain on your opponent and punishing anyone who bunches up. Added in Make Me Proud if they survive the initial punch and well its a bit dumb. TLDR: Somer has an amazing tool box and is a very board control master. Try to force your opponent to kill your models, especially Bayous, or just kill them yourself and enjoy cycling cards like no one's business.
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    'Hard Throw' is an action trigger. And rules pdf page 12 tells us this about action triggers: Accuracy modifier is a game effect, so yes it will potentially give the trigger a positive, negative, or straight flip.
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    There was a third floor wars podcast a while back about the... Nova tournament, I think? In it, some of the players have a disagreement about a measuring issue and it turns into a bit of a scene. They both calm down and realise the answer is clean play. People should be conscious of trying to measure reasonably, and erring on the side of caution (if I am sloppy with moving through severe terrain and then find myself just within attack distance afterwards, I'll tell my opponent and often count myself as out of range for that movement. If I wasn't being precise, I can't claim that being precisely 8" away is valid). As a result, I find myself now being more careful with measuring everything (using proxy markers) in practice games. I was super sloppy last tournament, and am improving as I play more. You could try to boil down the rules to something super simple, but I think that robs Malifaux of what makes it so special: all these niche interactions. I love that if I attack a butterfly jump model in severe terrain it still escapes me, unless I use a 2" engagement range for example. This came up in a recent game, where I specifically decided to use my Dead Rider against the First Mate once it landed in severe terrain, as it made its butterfly jump ineffective.
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    I'd like Freikorps Scout to get Sniper back.
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    Isn't it move 0.5" into the terrain?
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    You hire one of them as a leader. You can then hire the other one for free. This second one is a master but not a leader.
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    I have a very "show must go on" attitude towards running my campaigns. As long as at least two players show up, I will run game that evening. I design all of my encounters so that they can be scaled to whatever PCs are present, and I try to have a means to explain PCs coming and going (or just handwave it). For Through the Breach, I additionally write all stories involving Destiny Steps to be modular and time-independent so that I'm not derailed by a particular player's absence.
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    Butterfly jump needs a cost, be it a trigger with a suit, a discard or something...
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    I finally gotta write about this; I would really like if severe terrain mv reduction would be -2 mv static. It would apply if a model moves through/touches severe terrain at any point during the move. It could even be -3 for models mv 7 and above if universal -2 seems is too little. The current system is inaccurate and interrupting the flow of the game. (Also a relic from older wargames, and doesn't belong in modern games imo) In addition, most models move 5", which causes half-inch issues or even worse when part of the movement is in normal terrain. How do you measure those situations? I mean sure you CAN, but it really is an extra hassle especially during tournament games. We're planning to do local-errata about this, but I'm sure people will disagree because somehow change is always bad, even if there's no downsides. -2 (or -3 if you wanna nitpick) simulates difficult terrain well enough and brings accuracy and flow to the game.
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    A charge action will let you leave an engagement, it's just you can't normally declare a charge while you are engaged. ( by which I mean you can't even walk through an engagement, but you could charge through one).
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    I agree that relying on an app stinks - I bought a backup battery for my last tournament and still had battery issues. But to me the bigger reason to be conservative with power-errata is that people spend so much time and money on a crew, and it is very easy to nerf a crew into unplayability (at a competitive level). Given that will already be happening via Gaining Grounds and meta shifts, power-level errata seems dangerous if used unnecessarily. The cost of replacing cards is trivial compared to the cost of replacing models or crews.
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    I am all in on errata. It seems silly to think that they got a game with this many models exactly right the first time. I personally would like to see cards go the way of the dinosaur. And switch to the app exclusively. That way everyone has the latest errata at tourneys, and Wyrd has a platform to pull game data from for balancing.
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    As long as Juju is within range for her to draw the Los from it that should be fine. If you need someone else's eyes you're worse off.
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