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    Here is Slenderman I had finished some time ago, I might be wrong but I think that this mini fits Malifaux climate the best from whole KD:M range.
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    Might be time for a progress update! I attended a Tournament last week (3 wins and second place... yay!), so i had some motivation to finish out my Wizz-bang Keyword. So here's what I've painted this month; Festive Wong. Not part of my initial pledge, but i needed a Christmas- themed model for the Christmas themed tournament! Gautraeux Bokor. Just two more of these guys to go... 2x Flying Piglets. These used to be Night Terrors for my Dreamer crew (back in 1st ed when he could take them). But with a bit more converting they're back in the Bayou. The First Mate. Nothing more to say really - I'm just glad i finally finished him! My Bayou Smuggler - Pigsey. Another conversion because i couldn't buy the proper models at my LGS. It was a late night, mad scientist-like project, but i think he turned out well! Some fog banks for my Malifaux table. I don't know if i should even count these toward the challenge - it feels like cheating! I've just got three more models I'm hoping to finish before the end of the year - the Lucky Emissary and two more Bokor. Then it's on to 2010!
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    @Caedrus I apologize, I initially posted in the November thread. A Moon shanobi for 6, putting me at 9ss:
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    Nerfs: Waldweist, Rattler, Lilitu and Bultungin: Some of these are decent but people think they aren’t good, others are plain bad but some people still use them. Bad models should be bad so they meet the expectation of the players and we have legit pick when we want to be sure there is no way we can win a game. These should be nerfed until compared with them Blootwretchs look totally legit models; and then they should get nerfed a bit more (some players really play anything, we must be sure they are trully unplayable junk). Angel Eyes (also maybe Tuco): Angel is performing way above the curve (in his keyword). Also is rumored that a new and totally overpowered Half-Blood keyword will be given to the Explorators society with broken synergies that will make even Blootwretchs looks fine. This meta warping event will make that any playable Half-Blood could single-handely dominate the game when played in that crew! A nerf today could save Malifaux tomorrow. Hayreddin and Savages: These dudes deal unavoidable damage in area with Tactical actions! That’s a totally broken and NPE mechanic! Who do they think they are? Stitcheds? Nerf bat these guys until they wish they never left RES/their mountains. Buffs: Zoraida and Stitcheds: These 2 are disappointing players left and right. They read about them in the forums and then go to a game versus them expecting being stomped. When they win that game, those players don’t understand anything. Meeting expectations is important so these 2 models should be buffed until playing versus them is a miserable experience; every bit of possible counterplay should be removed and their SS cost reduced so there is no reason for not including them in every NVB crew. Also Stitched deals unavoidable damage with a Tactical action! That’s an awesome mechanic! Hooded Rider and Fae Keyword: These 2 were late to their respective “let’s get free buffs for being riders/undead” parties: Hooded rider 5 suits should deal irreducible damage, deal slow, poison and also all allies in the area should get shielded+2, among other buffs; all Fae undead should get +1 or +2 Wds for no real reason. Educate Nephilims: They could dominate the entire world with using some tools like Armor, Weapons, Necromancy and with tactics more complex than running towards an enemy and bleed all over them. Make them kidnap the “Vons” (Von Schill and Von Schootk) and turn them into Half-Blood so they can teach Nephs how to modern warfare and necro like true pros (and then Nerf these 2 into oblivion for being Half-Bloods of course). Go to that prision and use all the rhetoric learned from Schtook to talk Lilith into reason, add her to the ranks again with the promise that she will rule earth when they conquer it.
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    Caedrus, checking in! Well, as Christmas approaches, and I am unsure just how much painting I am going to get done, I finished off at least one mini! Behold, Lord Chompy Bits! I shall check back in soon with an end-of-month wrap-up, but until then, have a great festive period! Caedrus.
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    A Moon shanobi for 6, putting me at 9ss:
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    Back to the original discussion, yes. Hannah with Tara is bonkers. You get an extra card. You get an extra heal/bury (copying Karina) or an extra Leap (copying Tara). You get an extra "not-built-in-but-as-if-tome" Burying attack. You get Counterspell. You get a 2/4/6 who, in this case, can *only* get to 4/6/8 (damn you Arik). When I think Tara lists, I always put in two beaters: one is Cthulhu aka The Nothing Beast and the other one is a free spot for... I don't know: Hannah, Arik, MDB if there is tons of Armor, Zipp as a second master, whoever. But Hannah is top there.
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    Nice metal chompy @Caedrus... But don't you think a stouter more corpulent chompy would be nice... If only wyrd made one
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    Hi All, I've been deliberately quiet on this thread, as I wanted to let people consider and discuss the proposals, but also to give people a chance to put forward their own ideas. I'll respond now (just because I am planning the January Challenge thread). Rmember, this is just Caedrus' opinion! Buy-Back My opinion is that @Shock & Awe and @Rathnard have come up with a good solution. To that end, I propose the following for the 2020 Challenge intro text: "Everyone has good months and bad months. To encourage people to continue to paint, we will be trying out a new rule this year: the Buy-Back. In the past, if you have used your two mulligans, you’re out of the Challenge! However, in 2020, you can buy your way back into the challenge. All you have to do is to undertake your normal pledge and paint for the month, AND undertake the pledge and paint from one of the months you mulliganed. E.g.: Sarah is painting at Enforcer level (6SS/month), and she’s needed to mulligan for the third time. When the next month comes around, Sarah announces that for the month, she’ll paint 12SS. If she does so, she’s back in the Challenge! At such a time, it might be worthwhile considering dropping down a category, but that’s up to Sarah!" What do people think of this? Terrain Disclaimer: I am biased on this topic. On one hand, I absolutely love good terrain, and I am personally guilty of not getting into it as much as I would like! As @Wintergloom very rightly states, there are varying qualities of terrain painting. On the other hand, I think that people should feel encouraged to have terrain, and not feel under pressure to meet a standard, as @lusciousmccabe said. Would something like this work (citing visual examples such as the ones Wintergloom found (thank you! 😊) Scatter Piece (5SS): A modest piece of terrain, or a small number of scattered terrain pieces. These are the spray-can and dry-brush pieces. Focus Piece (10SS): A terrain piece that represents a focal point of pride in a terrain board. These pieces require a decent amount of construction and painting. Centre Piece (20SS): A terrain piece that is a significant centrepiece to the terrain. A handmade forest, a mausoleum, or a train engine. Masterpiece (50SS): A gorgeous, unique terrain piece that makes people wonder if you get out much. War and Peace (100SS): A complete, themed terrain board. Opinions are very welcome here, folks! Does anyone else have any thoughts about how the Challenge can be improved? All views are welcome! Caedrus.
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    Yup. According to the Detailed Timing Chart, "During the End Phase" is the second half of Step A. Scoring is Step B.
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    *Incomprehensible snarling* I'll feed you to the tots, I will!
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    I say let the Stitched keep the ability to cheat that variable flip, but make it more interesting for everyone involved. Reorder the events in Gamble Your Life to That would be a gamble. Optionally, if that's not a big enough gamble, add another trigger with "When resolving, this action ignores armor." It's a buff and a nerf.
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    On plant explosives, you have 3 problems to solve : _ placing your explosives _ defend your explosives _ retrieve your opponent's explosives The first part is usually not a problem. You either need a fast model, or a model that can drop bombs on turn 3/4/5 and survive. The second part is harder : high cost models that can survive use their AP on combat action, and are often in the thick of a brawl. They will not spend AP dropping bombs. I do not like at all the option to run and drop as many bombs as possible with low cost fast models. They can drop bomb on turn 1, but turn 2 they die and opponent retrieve their bomb before scoring. The best option I have found is Grimwell with 2 bombs. Nellie or LJ can both be really good. LJ will kill models until turn 3-4 and then will drop her bombs easily with leap. The 3rd part can be done either by killing models in melee before they drop their bombs, or by collecting dropped bombs. First option is natural for guild players, no discussion here Two field reporters hidden in your half on turn 2 near scheme markers are efficient retrievers. They can walk 11" and interact. Undercover reporter is extremely strong in this strat. He can pop on a minion that just dropped a bomb and retrieve it on the same turn. With deadly pursuit and Follow a lead, you just have to drop a scheme with another model not too far and he will able to drop the bomb next turn. That's really the best guild model on this strat in my opinion. Just be careful if the opponent do not use minion.
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    Aging the bell...... It's till WIP: I'm using GSW washes to age the bronze of the bell. The bell looks glossy because I just added some more black wash. As a last step I wanna add some oxide blue effect. Till thinking about possible techniques to employ: dry pigments against AGW NIHILAKH OXIDE.
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    Type 1 Terrain examples Type 2 Terrain examples Type 3 Terrain examples Type 4 Terrain examples
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    So I was having a think about terrain costing. I think the main problem we’re having is that it’s based solely on size as opposed to detail or the amount of work put in. With that in mind I’ve come up with a possible new costing system. Type 1 Terrain – Worth 5ss Includes smaller scatter terrain such as crates, fences, carts (can keep 5ss per 50mm as a rough guide). Also larger pieces that are simple or have been painted to a basic level i.e one coat and a bit of drybrushing. Type 2 Terrain – Worth 10ss Includes small houses and buildings with a bit more detail. Several colours used and a few layers. Type 3 Terrain- Worth 15ss Includes large scale buildings or smaller terrain with lots of detail. Terrain painted with advanced techniques and many layers Type 4 Terrain – Worth 20ss Large and highly detailed terrain. Could be sets containing several pieces. Advanced painting techniques including highlighting and weathering The idea is to self-assess the terrain your painting using a combination of factors such as size, detail, time spent painting and technique. For example, I painted some large ruins before which I sprayed grey, ink washed and gave a light grey dry brush to finish. Although they were large pieces, I might call them type 1 and claim 5ss for each one as they were super quick and easy to do. Or you might paint a small bookshelf and call it type 3 because it took you hours painting all the individual books and detail. Let me know what you guys think and I’ll post some examples in a post below
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    Glad to know it's working for you I should had explained myself better, I meant using reposition with a Wicked attack (so outside of his activation); which also make easier to get the trigger with a not so high card because the other player will be at .
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    You know, I was so focused on getting the Vendetta point by getting the Captain alone and then to half wounds and then making sure The Hag survived, that I didn't leave her around near enough to use her Unnerving Presence. If Vendetta hadn't been in the pool, I definitely would have focused more on Toni. I think she's totally worth it, though, because Toni and the Captain have defensive triggers. And her Diving Charge is great for the pounce when you need it. Good to use to get in on Gunsmiths as well. I like her a lot.
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    Thanks so much for answers. Jumped on board the Malifaux train before Adepticon this year and started learning 2e, but put them down and waited for 3e. Love new cards, but gotta shake off what little I gained from 2e cards outta my head. Cheers
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    Won the Renegade Open tournament while taking Toni 2/3 rounds. The second round with Ramos I'm confident I could have won with her too. She seems to do all right against Ressers.
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    More than any other crew I've played or seen, Rasputina can suffer from random failure-to-launch, because she and her crew are extremely resource-hungry and have very little way to recoup those resources. When it works it's because you drained more of your opponent's resources than you spent, but sometimes that can just fail to happen because you bricked a few simple duels and he topdecked a few more moderates than expected. Raspy, conservatively, will lay claim to 3-4 cards from your hand plus 1-2 Soulstones during her activation. Her actions all rely on triggers to be good, none of which are built in, and require you to pitch a card to use them through pillars, which you want to do because she's slow and squishy. So you're allocating probably 6 stones a game, plus over half your hand each turn, to her personally. Now the rest of the crew gets to fight over the remains, and they all want a piece because the crew either has spikey damage tracks, need suits or moderate TNs for their abilities or good triggers, or you took a Golem and he wants to Flurry. The crew can generate a SS every once in a while, but lacks card draw mechanics entirely, and their base stats and front of card abilities are good-but-not-great. So how do we mitigate this? I have some ideas, but I'm not sure yet which are fully worth it or in what combination. -Soulstone Miner. This guy is even more auto-take with Raspy than usual, because he requires very little resource input and gives you back those precious SS that she eats like candy. -Mech Rider. Another one I'm reasonably sure about. It helps Raspy move, and in later turns can refill your hand with it's attack trigger if needed. -Essence of Power. Expensive for his stats taken OOK, but he improves Raspy's efficiency greatly. -Cassandra. She can copy Raspy's Ice Pillar action, making her a good early game pillar dropper, then she turns into a low maintenence schemer/counter schemer later in the game. -Double Silent One. More pillars, more heals, low resource investment since they don't have great triggers and just need easy simple duels. -Arcane Emissary. His anti-cheat aura doubles down on Raspy's gameplan of taxing the opponent's resources.
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    I'm going to play Guild in a tournament next Saturday in Western Massachusetts. It's probably also going to be embarrassing.
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    We had 6 players for a while. It may slow things down if people aren't paying attention during the game. But if everyone follow the game table contract and actual participates when they show up, it is fine. Just keep your players off their phones.
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    In my expirience the effect of spray varnish is highly influenced by temperature, the time you dedicate to shake the bottle and..... luck(?). I got more constant and reproducible results with airbrush, although I admit it's expensive. But, if you are looking to use it constantly it make reasonable to think abouth buying all you need, included dedicated paints.
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    I've used one. Keep 'em back, flip Turf Markers on my side of the table, litter the area with scheme markers so they can teleport to do some counter scheming. Cheap activation doing some boring but necessary Interacts. But they often get dropped for seemingly better options in the 6 or less ss range. I haven't looked over NB selection but I can easily believe you've got better options. It isn't useless but... let's say the claim that Chimera are a tad overpriced/underperforming before adding Mutations may certainly apply with Molemen. As is on the base card they're a bit too fragile for my taste.
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    I've been a bit busy lately, what with running a tournament and having a child, but I'll be getting back to my model breakdowns soon. I've had a lot of good fortune with games lately, and am feeling more positive about Toni that I have been for a long time. Also! I recorded an episode with Craig Shipman (Third Floor Wars) so look forward to that coming out in the coming weeks.
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