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    Replace No Prisoners with "You're the Reason I Drink", abilities include Drunken Kung Fu, Perverse Metabolism, and as a Minion only Ability, Foul Mouthed Motivation. It's the most balanced thing I can think of.
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    If Ten Thunders can have their Samurai WITH Trained Ninja I want Guild Hounds running around with Atomic Bombs strapped to them. We are the Guild! We have the resources!
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    You are right- I would up the minimum damage on all the guild masters by 1. I would give investigator's a three inch reach. I would give the pale rider armor.
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    Hello. Sooo.. A short introduction of myself: I started playing and painting miniatures back in the days of Hero Quest and Warhammer 40k second edition. After some 15 years of active playing, I have been quite inactive (family, work, even other hobbies..) Also I have had some issues with my shoulders / neck, which have somewhat limited my painting. Three years ago I found Malifaux, and bought some miniatures with no intent to play the game - I was planning to just use them for role playing and such. Anyway, I love the aesthetics a lot. And like the characterful rules a lot as well. I have played very casually, meaning like less than 20 games during that three years, but I like the game and hobby side a lot. Now for a few months I have had some time, health and energy to work on a few of my Swampfiends and some gaming terrain, so I thought I might post a few pictures here. I admit, this is my first time using Imgur, and I hope I got it right. I also have the Bokor, Adze, Lucky Emissary and Merris coming in the post to finish off the team. Unfortunately, Bad Things Happened to my Zoraida and her totem a long ago, when I used some parts of both for other projects as I was not intending to play her. So some kind of proxy for them as well as First Mate is coming. I doubt I will play her much anyway, as I have understood from the forum posts that she might provide somewhat negative play experiences. And as I play very rarely, I rather avoid that. I also have Lucius crew ordered, that should be more than enough to paint for the next year. I think I will try to motivate myself to get it painted by joining the monthly challenge. Hopefully casual updates will appear here also. At least I will be building more terrain whenever I get the money to buy some tufts and need an hour or two self-therapy session.. 😃 Cheers, Pastori
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    I've got it: give Fermented river style as an upgrade we can purchase for our masters.
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    And now to something completely different.... I'm reworking my hobby space. Great options for storage are coming from hobbyzone. As I want my paints not too far away I put them in front of the drawers in a way that I always have an opening to one of the drawer segments. Look from the inside: How it works:
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    I think this is a historic issue. If you look at the first 2 editions, then Neverborn were full of fast scheming models from their early releases (terror tots, Silurid s and Gupps have always been good models to move and scheme). This meant that the faction didn't gain too many extra models because these good options already existed. and this lack of gaining cheap fast models wasn't really obvious because neverborn already had some of the best cheap fast models. Now in the bright new M3 world, two of these have left the neverborn, and the third has been re-purposed to lose its speed(Basically tots lost the ability to take 2 walk actions for 1 action). Neverborn is probably not the worse faction at this (I think its still better than guild on the whole here) but it has dropped to a much lower level overall. I think part of it is countered by the generally higher speed in faction, and general reliance on to attack. The faction is likely to be able to get to a lot of the places you want to interact as it goes around fighting. Its not so good at running and hiding to avoid the fights and just scheme anymore to be topping that list.
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    My fellow Guildies...we are being reasonable again. Being reasonable is what got us into this mess in the first place!
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    I wouldn't nerf a thing unless guild has actually started winning things. I would bring lj down a point. Id put some card draw onto the neph. I would up the tn on innocent bystander to 14. I'd get rid of the increased tn on friendly scheme markers on Daschel. I'd get rid of mindless on the dogs, or make them immune to slow. Id give the queller a close up attack. I'd rework nurse hb and the orderlies to make them useful.
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    I play mostly Hofman, Lucius, Sonia and Dashel so i will write about them I am pretty much happy for hoffman as he is. He only need some reason to play him in guild instead arcanists. No prissoners heal 2 granade mv13 Rider ignores armor instead irreducible Steward is not in bad place but why the hell tanuki is better? +1 for Sonia tottaly disapointed with her. df5 or buid in tome for def. Move 5. MELE 6! Some survival tech for her crew as their themetic skills are pretty crappy compared to other keywords Dispatcher build in mask for trigger Rifleman give him back his SH6 Shouting orders should not require discard. Or ability on Taggard, dashel or dispatcher "when friendly guardsmen model in 6 discards card as cost of action or ability it may drew card" It would work great with patrols take hit and solve this crew card draw problem With Lucius i wish his Issue command has beter triggers Like in m2e and cut chengelling cancer obey loops, its super boring unfunny to play with and against. Make chengellings works like arc nodes for his skills or something instead
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    One picture each from the nine games we had in our three round event. Thanks to everyone who made it out!
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    Just started a league. Fixed and single masters, dead mans hand allowed. And I chose to explore Pandora Game 1 - Pandora vs Lucius (Guild) Flanked Deployment - Reckoning, Harness the Ley line, Assassinate, Take Prisoner, Dig their graves, Claim Jump. Pre-battle thoughts : I worried mostly for facing the combined ranged Ruthless-ness of Agent 46 and the Pale Rider, who’d negate my Terrifying and Manipulation complete. Combine this with the board being fairly open, with a couple of chokepoint bridges over a raging river. So I wanted speed and hard hitting models. For schemes I wavered between Take Prisoner, Assassinate and Dig their Graves, as I wouldn’t want to ‘waste’ actions on interact. I ended up choosing the latter two, thinking that Lucius is such a dominant piece, that I needed to put the pressure on him anyway. THE BATTLE My Crew ( Assassinate, Claim Jump ) : Pandore, Poltergeist, Candy (Claim Jump), Baby Kade, Carver, Hooded Rider, Serena Bowman, 6 Stones. Lucius Crew ( Harness the Ley Line, Dig their Graves ) : Lucius, The Scribe, Agent 46, Doppleganger, Guild Lawyer, Executioner, False Witness, Guild Rifleman, 4 Stones. T1 Looking across a raging river, and seeing all that firepower was demoralizing, I advanced my crew under cover of a big central rock, while he sent off his False Witness and the Doppleganger towards the same corner, while the brunt of his crew took aim and focused. My rider went opposite towards another bridge, focused and kept himself at bay. T2 The Hooded Rider had glimpsed too much insanity hanging with Dora and started out charging across the bridge into the main huddle. Sadly he was only able to strike once, and struck poorly, when he tried to decapitate the rifleman and splashed some damage into Lucius. Lucius quickly retaliated by ordering his executioner to tear the rider apart. On the other corner, the False Witness and Doppleganger started scheming wildly, making it abundantly clear, that here were a Ley Line, and they were trying to harness it - my Poltergeist giggled and took up position. My forces advanced steadily, but they were squeezing through a bottleneck and constantly got in each others way. But Candy ended up taking position on the centerpoint to score Claim Jump. Scoring 1 - 1 T3 Now things were starting to heat up, Agent 46 looked menacing towards my troops, and he and the rifleman took a few shots, that luckily weren’t that effectfull. The Witness and Doppleganger continued their grab for Harness, and learned just how much Telekinesis sucks. In a sour fit, the Doppleganger whistled cheekily dragging Serena into the muddy river. The Carver and Pandora tried to get to 46 but he just Stones away their damage and chucked cards for the Execute trigger, but expose themselves. And Block the way for the rest of the Crew. Candy and Serena were luckily able to fix my wounds through rigorous amounts of Goodies and Painkillers, when Serena got in a scrap with the murderous Doppleganger. Scoring 1 - 1 T4 Seeing that Agent 46 was too close for comfort, I brought the Poltergeist into the fray to deny him Ruthless, this gave the False Witness room to score Ley Lines. In return he took a couple of shots from the rifleman, but managed to survive. Finally Baby Kade were in position with a murderous hand, but it took two attempts to Lure in Agent 46, and when he got their he just wasn’t up to be executed. The disappointed Kade quickly called for Pandora to intervene and get in the way - now that she could bring her terrifying to bear. The scribe, then dragged the wounded Agent to safety, but not for long when the Carver chased him down, and sheared him to size. Meanwhile the executioner got whittled down to 2 wounds and started to retreat, while the Doppleganger only survived due to her being worth points in T5. Scoring 2 - 2 T5 Started with Serena focus-slapping the Doppleganger for full 6 points of damage, while the False Witness spread her lies. The poltergeist then hit Lucius, the Lawyer and the Rifleman with Telekinesis, managing to kill the Rifleman and getting killed in return. Lucius fought bravely by calling upon his hidden snipers, but there really wasn’t anything he could do, as I had plenty of stones to play with. Pandora gave Carver a Crow suit, and ensured that he could burn the False Witness along with a throng of scheme markers, denying the Ley Line, while Candy retreated to her Claim Jump skipping happily along. Scoring 4 - 2 It was a great game. My MVP would be Carver and the Poltergeist for their ability to deal with clustered scheme markers. It was sad, that the Rider got sacrificed so fast. But I think it did a good job of rattling up my opponent - but a smart player would have made sure to keep it alive for hunting Lucius. My opponent could have been a little more aggressive - of course, he had the luxury of staying at range, biding his time. But I was fearing Agent 46/Doppleganger grabbing a clockwork rifle, hammering away at my troops under orders from Lucius and a Lawyer, and I never really felt that onslaught. But it was a great and fun game, challenging for the both of us. - Next up will be a matchup with Perdita under the same conditions. So any ideas on how to approach her would be appreciated.
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    Did in 2e. I don't actually recall any M3e statement regarding Wyrd's stance on errata, though I may have simply missed or forgotten said statement. So technically we don't know how (if at all) 3e will be handled. That said I believe The Other Side was somewhat recently errata'd so I feel it's safe to say that Wyrd is still a pro-errata company and I remain hopeful they'll handle it with deliberation and grace
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    Here's an introduction series I put together for new players, you may find it useful: Essentially it goes: 2 minions doing claim jump + simplified plant explosives. 1 henchman + 2-3 minions doing corrupted idols + assassinate or search the ruins 1 master + totem + henchmen + 1-3 minions doing reckoning + a few possible schemes (take prisoner, breakthrough, harness the leyline from memory) A slightly larger crew doing turf war + 5 of the schemes from the previous games (so you don't get overwhelmed by options). It has worked well for our local group! And it is designed for everyone to be starting with only one core box.
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    It comes from the Serrated Teeth and Claws upgrade, so in general whoever has that upgrade wants to go early and it works well on the Jackalope because its a great piece to activate early and potentially leave in danger.
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    Probably shouldn't up my pledge with my building only half complete, but since it's December I just couldn't help from starting on this.
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    Tournament Results: 1. Igor Tereshchenko (outcasts) 9/+12/21 2. Roman Andreev (resurrectionists) 7/+11/20 3. Artem Lugovsky (ten thunders) 7/+11/16 4. Alexey Gordeev (bayou) 7/+6/10 5. Ilya Udovenko (resurrectionists) 7/+5/12 6. Mikhail Merenkov (arcanists) 6/+8/16 7. Arseny Nathillien (resurrectionists) 6/+5/16 8. Max Kurdo (neverborn) 6/-4/10 9. Dmitry Nesterov (neverborn) 4/+2/7 10. Vadim Bulgakov (outcasts) 4/-2/12 11. Alexander Demidov (guild) 4/-2/6 12. Ivan Chuvatin (neverborn) 3/0/13 13. Ilya Ustinov (resurrectionists) 3/0/8 14. Sergey Peje (neverborn) 3/-2/11 15. Ilya Gurin (ten thunders) 3/-4/6 16. Dmitry Kozlov (outcasts) 3/-5/6 17. Ivan Chekunov (guild) 3/-6/10 18. Ivan Markov (resurrectionists) 3/-8/6 19. Anfisa Shine (bayou) 1/-4/3 20. Yaroslav Kavalsky (neverborn) 0/-10/2 21. George Nesterov (resurrectionists) 0/-13/7 Thanks Wyrd for in-game balance)))
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    Almost everything that is blocking is also providing cover. It is honestly not the cover, it is the difference it trying to get around the table that is the hardest part with a more crowded table in my experience. Almost no leap, incorp or flying is really hurting us.
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    Strats and schemes have been added to the main post
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    @TeaCrusader: http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/ I have used mostly stuff from here, but yes, there are aquarium plastic plants as well😁. I happened to get some with a used aquarium we bought some time ago, and we prefer real plants for that. So got them essentially free. Unfortunately they appear to be rather expensive normally.
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    Sure, Zipp doesn't lack in mobility tricks but there's so many other things to position into (like Scheming, opposing models, avoiding certain opposing model threats, making use of friendly Auras and so on) not to mention the opponent messing with your careful placement. And using Gracie's AP to haul someone to the scene isn't necessarily more efficient unless Gracie really wants to go there anyways. But maybe you are just better at positioning in a way that makes it more efficient to use Mud Toss and I just need more practice - I mean, I most certainly do need more practice with Zipp crews! As for Free Loot - do your opponents drop lots of Scheme Markers against a Zipp crew? Because mine sure don't! I mean, there are probably pools where they need to and some crews which drop Schemes in order to function but both of those are sorta rare. (And it's actually a cool effect because denying Scheme Marker Schemes is a powerful thing, mind you)
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    No Prisoner needs a lift - it doesn't do anything useful. I have never seen anyone take it. Completely agree with above notes on Orderly and Heartsbane. Enslaved Nephilim might be the worst totem in the game (see the discussion where several people would rather want a pass token and a card from heroic gamble). Instead of a Obey that is way too hard to cast, it should have abilities that synergise with the rest of the keyword. Like triggering A Por El regardless of cost, triggering Grit on others. Spotter (or better yet, a "reversed" spotter where it can let other models benefit from auras regardless of range). Nino seems slightly overcosted - but not a full stone, so a little boost might be nice. +1 def or move? Frank never seems to deliver the punch that henchmen of a similar cost in other factions have. Pistoleros are a never take. They need to be able to actually do something useful. As several people mentioned, Into the Cage on Brutal Emissary should have an extra effect (or at least a built in trigger) to make it useful. I'd love it if Sonnia got Def 5. I'd also love a tome on her Def. Thalarian Queller could also need a lift. At this moment, I do not feel that he can do anything other models cannot do better. Being able to Counterspell at a greater distance springs to mind. A melee attack would be good. I didn't start the fire not reducing burning would be great. Samael seems lacking and overcosted, similar models in other factions do way more (i.e. Rusty Alice). Risk of Reason on Judge seems harsh now. Either let them keep the tomes or reduce the damage. I never played Dashel but that his summoning is nothing compared to other summoners is clear to me. Frontiermen are a never take to me. Austringers seem overcosted. And yeah - Pale Rider might be powerful right now, but if he gets a significant nerf, Guild is left with more or less nothing. To me, he feels like a crutch model, not something overpowered. It feels as if we are really lacking in clever tricks, ways to remove downsides, and movement capabilities compared to others, and this shows in tournament stats. If Guild is to be able to compete, they need a lift.
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    @lusciousmccabe Those MDF houses are THIRSTY. What works for me is a base coat of paint mixed with a bit of water and cheap wood glue. However, I use only brushes and I don't think it'd work with an airbrush. @emiba that's lovely! Yes, I imagine something like that with a bit more grey in it. Most people paint her very dark, but I like the white horse look. We seem to have similar tastes 👍 @Nikodemus It's fun to see Barbados in shiny flashy armour. Your NMM looks good, not an easy feat to paint all that metal. Kaeris and her crew will get bases later. The boxes are just a piece of scatter terrain to keep her standing as she isn't pinned. I might try to greenstuff some cobblestones or factory debris for the crew.
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    WW and Vasilisa summon from Scrap which is also often quite centrally placed (not to mention the extra mobility Vasilisa can give). But in general the whole idea that a Mv5 model (with no special movement restrictions) with a 6" range is somehow ungodly slow is kinda silly to me - it's average and Neverborn in general have quite a nice toolbox for extra maneuverability. As for the second point, Mah is a melee Master and in general is pretty good at removing stuff massive Armor notwithstanding. Offensive Summons, aside from the very high-end stuff like Jorogumo, are usually something I'm happy trying to remove with her if needed. Are you thinking of some specific 6SS Summoned model that would prove as difficult (or more difficult) to remove than a Stitched? I appreciate the quick lesson in how Mah works but I've played two tournaments with her (with no games lost) and numerous friendly games so feel like I have a pretty good handle on her. How many times have you used that advice to one-round a Stitched with Mah, out of interest? Because this kinda seems like theorycraft with infinite Stones available and a hand full of Kings and Queens that have no other use (against a crew with tons of Terrifying stuff, no less)? Df 6 coupled with deck pruning is a very powerful defensive ability in and of itself. I have also used Stitcheds with Collodi and Zoraida (have yet to use Dreamer in M3e) and their durability has always been a complete mystery to me and seemed totally unwarranted. I have to say that I find it a bit sad that a serious suggestion is dismissed out of hand as venting.
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    Melee Attack for Field Reporters, e.g. Frantic Flailing MV 5 for Sonnia build-in Tome for Interrogate on Investigators DF 6 for Samael Hopkins WP 6 for Jury Into the Cage same effect as pine Box (distracted +1)
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    First of all - huge thanks for doing this in non-magenta text! Much appreciated! Second, good stuff! Lots of good advice. I'll note some stuff I disagree or wish to comment on below and that might make it seem that I'm generally over critical towards the guide - don't take it that way! The guide is excellent and I appreciate the work you've put into it a lot! The criticisms are minor. I'm not at all convinced that Wong has the steepest or even arguably the steepest learning curve in the Bayou. I think that Somer is way more difficult to truly master and think that Wong is more comparable to Brewie. But of course that's very subjective. Thinking that Fzzzzap "always does damage" is actually a bit dangerous, I think. I mean, I thought so originally as well but in practice since Wong is the only one who can utilize enemy Glowy Tokens, them turning into damage requires that Wong keeps hitting them with his Shockwaves and that they eventually fail the test. If you can keep it up, they will eventually fail the test, naturally, but otherwise opponents stacked with Glowy Tokens tend to die from other causes thus "wasting" the potential damage or simply move into such a position that bombing them further is not worth it. Or Wong uses The Glow on them (though that's usually way better than damage so I dunno how much this one caounts). Or Wong dies. So yeah, I think that the thought that Fzzzzap is "always damage" is somewhat dangerous. Finally, you kinda touched on this but just to expand on the Mech Pork - having your models charge into each other and attacking with the positive to the flip makes it easy to miss and Rage is a very convenient way of generating Fast and Glowy. Just be sure to have a suitable low card to cheat with if you flip badly. Btw, I especially liked that you dealt with the trouble of being Sz 1 for Wong touched upon the base size stuff for, e.g., Mech Pork. I often don't see that stuff being mentioned even though it has a massive impact in actual games.
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    @psychogeek I think you forgot Assassinate in your initial post.
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    I've only played two hench hardcore crews, and the Wildfire crew I don't recommend because they schemed amazingly but folded like wet paper in combat. Bringing Carlos with performer backup like Ludvig did sounds more viable (I didn't own any at the time). The effigy > emissary combo was banned for the tournament or else I would've included it. However, I played a Kudra led list and it was very awesome. I only lost one game and it was when I didn't have a legal vendetta target and Ototo was the leader (that wasn't bloody happening 😂). It was quite balanced between scheming and killing, and let me flex depending on what the situation was. - Kudra, leader (2 bombs) - Shasta Vidiya Guard (1 bomb) - Soulstone miner (1 bomb) - Oxfordian Mage (1 bomb) Kudra was brilliant with 6 stats, onslaught and butterfly jump, super scary melee threat but also a solid schemer. Had to decide not to oneshot a master kind of situation. Miner was the vendetta model- popped up next to them and dealt damage, then re-buried and Kudra finished them off next turn for second point. Also helped offset low SS cache. Shasta was everyone's vendetta target save one game where it was the mage, but he provided a seriously needed second damage threat and his pushes were great. Oxy mage was the weakest point of the crew but it did come in handy- I'd probably try swapping it for a wind gamin next time though. It'd be weaker vs ranged crews (fortunate to only play melee henchmen & Samuel Hopkins who decided to go melee instead of ranged- for those wondering I DID warn him twice about her onslaught) and also a little weaker vs opponents with better melee damage tracks. But it was a super good all-round crew and also a blast to play! However, the cheapest SS of 6 means the chance for a non-legal vendetta target IS there.
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    I have had two games where I used it twice to kill an enemy master before it activated. So I think there are some scenarios where you gotta use the cards. But even then, one for flurry should be possible if you save cards. Just raises the question if it is worth it (for instance, sometimes at that point I just have severes left in hand).
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    Only a little bit of love for aversions here? I love em. Pandy, poltergeist and an aversion together are a real nuisance for the opponent with the geists aura and aversions ability dovetailing very nicely and adding another layer of protection for Pandy. My Flexi list usually looks like: Pandy Poltergeist Candy Aversion X 2 Kade Teddy Iggy There's enough movement and positioning ability, plenty of killy-ness, control and scheme running for me there before I start thinking of swapping in hinimatsu/doppelganger/rider.
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    I'd have a plan for pale rider when facing Perdita. Also be aware that perdita can oneshot a lot of woes with a ram (cheated or stones) and a severe. Poltergeist probably won't live long if it gets close to her.
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    Maybe if they had Looted Supplies / Loot their Coprses and the dame broken rifle as the Desperate Mercenaries (with the Drop it! trigger) would make them better. For 6ss, Unimpeded too. It really meets their fluff/miniature appealing.
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    I regularly take the Rider in Molly in order to get the taxi service- usually for the Necrotic Machine or Molly to speed them up and get the Machine in position to be my teleport anchor instead of having to use Molly, Archie, or the Rogue for the far anchor. I have played him in some Yan Lo crews as well; primarily in Reckoning and then it was in games where I could't proxy in Gokudo. Not that the Gokudo and Rider compete with each other just that in my crew without Gokudo I am closer to having the points for the Rider. Seamus crews are one of the other keywords were I pretty religiously take the Rider. They work together really well and he adds even more movement tricks to the crew on top of Doxies, a Nurse, etc. In Seamus crews I often have both the Rider and the Emissary though in most of my other keyword crews it is usually one or the other. In Albus I generally find the Emissary much more useful than the Rider and that he has better synergy with the rest of the crew. With Kirai I usually don't take either as I tend to stay a lot more in Keyword and don't often have the points for one than one out of Keyword model and it usually isn't the Rider or Emissary. In a McMourning crew I usually don't have room for either. There are matches where I might want the Rider but generally I get what I need from 2 x Kentauroi and can't afford the extra cost of the Rider. I don't play Jack or Reva so can't really comment on how useful or critical either is with them.
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    It feels like you're complaining that Misaki is still consistent with what she was doing two books ago. 😕 Two books ago, the Ten Thunders was a protection racket and they were actively courting the Tyrant who keeps Lynch as a pet. And they had Mei Feng running around as enforcer for the racket. Two books ago, Misaki was an enforcer for the racket. She gave herself a promotion, and continued running the racket the way it had always been run. If you're willing to accept that Misaki was telling the truth when she says "I have no issue with extortion, but the abuse of refugees who put their dream in a new world...” Expecting the Ten Thunders to give up extortion would be like expecting the Arcanists to give up profiting from soul stone smuggling. What Misaki and Mei Feng's encounter boiled down to was: Mei Feng was all set to be the heroic martyr when she lost. Misaki told her that was bs, not happening. And pointed out that if she tried to be the honorable heroic martyr and commit suicide, that wouldn't accomplish anything. Misaki gave Mei Feng what Mei Feng wanted--sending troops and supplies to the fight back home--while at the same time telling her that she doesn't get to go off and be a hero and instead has to run the shop here. Mei Feng was trying to be the honor bound hero to her people. To the point that she would rather have gotten killed after losing than lose than fight, gain concessions and get told to keep doing her job. 🤔 No, I can't fault Misaki for the end of that exchange.
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    Akaname are neither Living nor Undead so they actually dont drop any markers when they die. Same goes for all the Oni, if you ever play with or against Asami.
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    While Misaki's a lot "nicer" than Dad, she's still utterly ruthless, killing anyone even approaching a rival who doesn't bow down to her and running all sorts of things a crime syndicate would. One of the worst imo is the protection money rackets, exploiting an already used and abused population. The story of the Thunders brutally killing the sweet-maker on the holiday for not paying protection money is testament to that. Also, the fact that she tolerates Huggy and what goes on in the Honeypot is pretty horrible. Sure, she doesn't kill Mei, but she basically enslaves her to her will, blackmailing her against the lives of the Foundry. A fate Mei remarks as worse than death.
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    I find Wrath pretty good with Pandora.
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    When going after MDF scenics I'm used to emply some sealer that looks as a sort of resin layer. In theory that could reduce MDF thirst for paint. I wrote "in theory" because I never painted MDF without sealing it before so I cannot say how it all works without the sealer. Not secondary, you building is looking great so far.
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    Yes, please revert the aura of vengeance! I’m sorry I overused it in beta, ok?! I’ve learned to counter-hire more often, they don’t make every Guild list now.
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    Yeah, I'm starting to feel that, but focus helps. Hinamasu seems awesome for the pass token for mood swings though.
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    This may be well known, but I found myself a couple times today cheating in a low ram on the Pale Rider to get the defensive trigger and reduce damage when the flip was already going to be at a minus from Hard to Wound (Eg, he couldn’t cheat it anyway).
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    Concerning "don't really need", I present myself as evidence to the contrary. QED. 😤 Seriously, for me at least the issue was that the estimate I had was getting magnified by the perceived severity of the result. Sort of like if this was "Roll a D20 every time this action is taken. On a 1, kill this model." Although, admittedly, the other part of it is that I was looking for a toy sim problem to work on rather than a math problem. 🤷‍♀️
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    Huh. Episode 20 is Twisting Fates with The Coming Storm and Revelations! Episode 21 is Twisting Fates with Bearing the Burden and the first of the Avatar stories! I didn't think Twisting Fates was searchable, so I was skimming over the pages and ran into this on page 23: Malifaux Exploration Society is the name for the organization given in McCabe's story. I'm not finding the name Sir Arthur Mumbles in the PDFs.
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    Made some progress on a couple of models as I watched Toni take on Levi the other night.
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    First off, this isn't on paper anymore. I've fought it. I've also fought, using it. It's stupid. I'm not theorycrafting here. I've played into Ashigaru, I've played into Katashiro (A LOT), and I've played into Stitched. I'm not even some justifiably bitter guild player who's tired of losing into Neverborn. I'm actively deleting models with no effort in my own native faction and saying it's too strong. This is M3e. If your bar is "only OP if taken OOK", that doesn't hold up in a game design philosophy of Keywords. If I had a model overperforming within a keyword and only within a keyword, what would you use to assess that? As kind of a step back; if you genuinely believe these models to be on par with each other, why is it that the Stitched are able to generate 4 pages of debate about what needs changing, and also sparking similar debates in other threads, where Ashigaru, Katashiro, and even Minako Rei have not? Do you truly believe in your heart of hearts that this is all smoke and no fire?
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    I'd go with more complex crews than the above; after going through the basics I think players could handle 4 different models; but I'd explain to both players how both crews work so they may plan in advance. Some Henchman Hardcore crews around an idea/theme: Combat focused crews: Carver, Iggy, Serena, Sorrow, 1SS. (Fire Misery and good sustain) Carver, Candy, Kade, Sorrow. 0SS. (2 Executes + Discard card) LCB, Serena, Insidius, Insidius, 1SS (Terrifying, Wp attacks and Feed on Fear, tanky Nightmare) LCB, Teddy, Coppelius, Daydream, 0SS (Enforcers killy Nightmare) Aeslin, Rougarou, Knight, Knight, 0SS (Standard Fae). Aeslin, Killjoy, Waldgeist, Waldgeist. 0SS. (Killjoy again and again). Candy, Angel Eyes, Doppleganger, Sorrow. 0SS (Gunlinish crew, decent in close combat) Candy, Kade, Teddy, Sorrow. 0SS (Teddy+Kade synergy, Slow Misery, Candy+Execute and fast Teddy) Hayreddin, Lelu, Lilitu, BBS. 1SS (Black Blood Splash) Hinamatsu, Vasilisa, Stitched, Stitched. 1SS (Puppets NVB) Note: If you have them, one or both stitcheds may be swaped by Coryphees. Bad Juju, The First Mate, Serena, Effigy. 1SS (Hard as nails) Thoon, Geryon (IR), Cyclops, Lyssa. 0SS (Standard Savage) Combat, but shenanigan heavy/out of the faction: Thoon, Doppleganger, Cyclops, Lyssa. 2SS (Double Frozen Trophy crew with SS for triggers) Thoon, Wrath, Cyclops, Lyssa. 3SS (Bring it+sin crew, SS triggers and damage reduction) Hayreddin, Vasilisa, BBS, BBS. 1SS (Mature fast grow; pulling the strings for mature in turn 1) Hayreddin, Angel Eyes, BBS, Wicked Doll. 3SS (Easy Focused and Corpses using with adversary in friendly models, SS for triggers) Hinamatsu, Candy, Kabuki, Geisha. 0SS (Distraction aura, Wp attacks, Qui and Gong in NVB). Hinamatsu, Serena, Kunoichi, Coryphee. 1SS (Kunoichi Focused+1 Coryphee/Serena; Kunoichi min 3 or 4 if distracted+1/+2) Wrath, Envy, Pride, Doppleganger. 1SS (Crossroads double Gatling/pride song) Wrath, Envy, Sloth, Rougarou. 0SS (Crossroads fast wolf) Mobility based crews: WW, Bander, Coryphee, Coryphee. 3SS (Change Coryphees for Insidious if you don't have coryphees, then 1SS). WW, Bander, Coryphee Duet, Wicked Doll. 0SS (5 model crew version) Hayreddin, BBS, Young, Young. 1SS (BBS may be changed for another Young for a more agressive crew, then 0SS) Bad Juju, The First Mate, Silurid, Silurid. 0SS. Aeslin, Rougarou, Rougarou, Bultungin. 1SS. Now the hard part, figure out which ones could be fair matches!
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    You can smell blood lust rather quickly... or at least I can. I learned the game with Viktorias, but I never Alpha Striked, just completly outmanuvered people and getting my scheme points. After 15 years of 40k, I loved the change of winning by not killing and that's really what I do best. Once you smell the blood lust on an opponent, the kill first/score when tabled mentality, you leave them false hooks, run them in circles, and make them waste their time chasing and not scoreing or killing until it too late, then let yourself be killed to occupy them and now they're not counter scoring, next thing they know it's 5-1 and they can't win no matter what they kill and watch them deflate. Makes my heart soar!
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    I will say that I very rarely get much chance to use Free Loot in an Infamous crew because my opponents are too saavy to take marker schemes, but that is a huge strength in that I can usually pin down what schemes they did take by process of elmination. As for Toss in the Mud, its a nice gimme. When you get the chance to use it (Like on a Fire Golem) its golden, but its not something you constantly try to set up
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    Yep, and also customice your crew for your own style if that works for you; if a player really like to use Mood Swings several times a turn, then some extra card draw or pass token generation may help.
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