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    Thanks - this is super clear and the page number reference is very helpful if I need to explain it to my gaming group!
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    in M3e every distances are calaculated horizontally! you add the building height to the distance minus the size of the target who is lower! So example: Nino is on top of a size 3 tower Francisco is 6'' horizontally from Nino you then add 3'' to the distance between them and substract Francisco's Size of 2. So the 2 models are 7'' apart from each other and not in range for A Por El! p.13 of the rulebook second paragraph of measuring!
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    Seems like the sale isn't for you. That's perfectly fine. Metal for smaller runs is much easier to do and cost efficient. Plastic is expensive for a reason. Hence that $35 you were upset about. Nope. Not dealing with a European hub - it's a complete and utter shit show each and every time we've looked into it. We would love to accommodate, and we don't make a dime extra on the shipping, but it is what it is, and sadly, not likely to change. Will it cost sales/interest? Absolutely. Waldo - if you don't care for him, don't pick him up, he is not a requirement for the game. That's not negative response to your feedback in the least - as with anything, if its not to your liking its understandable. You can either purchase him, or get him completely free. Or ignore it altogether. Sometimes we do stuff just for fun - because we can. Wild Ones shouldn't have been on that list. Copy paste, thank you for pointing that out.
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    Meanwhile congrats on finishing First in Faction, @Bzerk_Rampage!
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    Ten Thunders vs Outcasts Asami Tanaka vs. Parker Barrows Flank Deployment, Malifood Scenario Three: Christmas Caroling Scheme Pool: Assassinate, Search the Ruins, Harness the Leyline, power Ritual, Deliver a Message Ten Thunders: Power Ritual and Assassinate Outcasts: Search the Ruins and Harness the Leylines Ten Thunders: Asami with Trained Ninja Amanjaku Ama No Zako Akaname Minako Rei with Silent Protector Yasunori Low River Monk Vs. Outcasts: Parker Barrows Doc Mitchell Mad Dog Brackett Sue Bandido Woukou Raider The Midnight Stalker Dead Outlaw Flank Deployment - the map includes four 4x4 buildings placed evenly along the centerline. The strategy is to interact with each of these buildings and do a TN 10+turn# WP duel. If successful, the interacting model gains 1-5 sugar cookies depending on level of success. At the end of turn, the model with the greatest number of cookies from each crew needs to pass a TN 14 WP duel or the model eats a cookie. VPs are gained from strat by: having at least 8 cookies collected throughout the crew at the end of any turn, having at least 11 by end of game, having more than the opposing player having collected cookies from each of the four houses. A player could have a model use cookies as a bonus action to heal 1-3 points depending on the number of cookies eaten. Turn 1: Yasunori fishes for cards and pulls 3-13’s, a 12, and an 11 off of a 6-card pull from Revel in Chaos. The Low River Monk heals him back to full. The Akaname throws up a scrap marker for Minako to use to summon with and then it drops a scheme marker for Asami to use for healing. Minako summons a Katashiro, then she mistakenly moves forward to get ready to sing for cookies. Mad Dog comes forward and blows up her cover and then pelts her with shotgun blasts. He surprises himself when he takes five damage from out of nowhere (Minako’s Karmic Fate). Ama No Zako comes forward on a flank and has Minako run around the building into cover. Sue comes forward and misses Minako (getting the Karmic Fate upgrade). Asami summons a Jorogumo. Asami uses her reaching tendrils to get the Jorogumo up the board right in the midst of Parker’s crew. And then she fails in an attempt to get the Low River Monk up the board to support Ama and Minako. So that great hand was spent keeping Minako alive and summoning a Jorogumo. The woukou raider walks up into base contact with a building, then Parker starts wailing on the Jorogumo, allowing the raider to interact with the building getting cookies. The Jorogumo survives the hail of bullets. The Jorogumo wails on the Dead Outlaw and gets it down to one health; however, due to poor positioning of Asami, she cannot stop the Jorogumo fading out with the third flicker, she could’ve prevented at the beginning of its activation. Turn 2: Ten Thunder’s hand is trash with high card of 8 of masks which is enough to summon a Tengu or Akaname, but the 8 is needed elsewhere. Sue kills Minako injuring himself, but he shrugs it off and moves forward into where the Jorogumo had been thrown to. Ama No Zako charges in killing the Dead Outlaw and engages Mad Dog. She swings at Mad Dog and misses. Mad Dog then swings and shoots with triggers, causing Burning +2 and Injured +4 to Ama, getting her down to 4 wounds. Amanjaku is engaged by the Midnight Stalker after he interacts with a building, but Amanjaku manages to flip a tome for the purification trigger to end the injured condition on Ama and remove a flicker. He then fails his second attempt, so the Burning stays. The Bandido charges and kills the Katashiro and lays down a scheme marker in preparation for Harness the Leylines. Yasunori attempts the card draw again, but fails so takes two movement actions towards a corner to prepare to engage Parker and/or lay down a scheme marker for Power Ritual on turn 3. Doc Mitchell moves up and heals Mad Dog. Asami does a reaching tendrils attack on Sue, throwing him into engagement with Ama No Zako. Then she does another on Doc Mitchell, pulling him forward so she can hit him using the Rip and Tear Trigger which allows her to do two points of damage. She then attempts another melee attack and fails. Parker comes forward and tries three shots at Asami, but with Cover, the attacks miss. The Akaname burps up some scrap and eats it for poison, then takes a move action up the board, preparing a charge action next turn. The Woukou Raider interacts with building to gain more cookies and moves up to the centerline. End of Turn 2, Outlaws score 1 strategy point for 8 cookies. No points for TT. Turn 3: Ama bites Mad Dog and heals (though should’ve bit Sue - for a chance to summon Wanyudo, but I forgot about the Karmic Fate Upgrade, DOH!) with the Drink Blood trigger twice, but after stones only gets two health back. Mad Dog takes two swings to put Ama down for good. The Low River Monk moves up the board and heals Amanjaku for 3. Doc Mitchell fails the first disengagement but makes the second attempt. The Akaname charges Doc Mitchell and hits for one damage with the Infect Trigger, and then misses second attack, but catches Doc, Mad Dog, and Sue with its Horrific Odor. Sue was engaged by Akaname’s 2” melee, so he had to walk into engagement and then kills the Akaname. Asami targets Parker with her reaching tendrils attack and throws him back into position for the Yasunori to charge at. She then attempts to pull Doc Mitchell back into engagement, as she doesn’t have the cards needed to summon, but her attempts fail. The Midnight Stalker leaps out of engagement with Amanjaku, then walks over to some terrain and puts down a scheme marker for Search the Ruins. Yasunori finally takes his turn and attempts Revel in Chaos and gets a mask high enough to get the trigger. He takes 6 wounds for six cards and the Outcasts have to discard four at random, which were all weak. He then charges Parker and gets him down to just below half with all four attacks connecting (counting onslaught triggers), but Outcast stones for damage prevention. Parker attacks the Yasunori in turn but with cards in hand, all damage is prevented with the rider’s defensive trigger. Doc Mitchell dies do to Poison, and Sue and Mad Dog both take 1 point of poison damage, as well. End of Turn: TT 1 for Assassinate and Outcast 1 for Harness the Leylines, so Outcasts up 3-1. Turn 4: Parker attempts to pop Yasunori, but the damage is prevented again. Asami summons an Obsidian Oni, which is placed within range of two corpse markers, so no flicker is gained. She then targets the Oni with Reaching Tendrils and gets the Coordinated Attack trigger twice from masks in hand as the Oni is pushed into engagement with Sue and Mad Dog (Which is not how this trigger works. I goofed on this as the Coordinated Attack trigger is used when a friendly model is nearby the target of her Reaching Tendrils attack gets a melee attack. Oops. Now I got it.) During these triggered attacks, it uses flicker for a positive on attack against Mad Dog and hits getting Mad Dog down to HtK. The other attack hits Sue and gets her down to two left. Mad Dog activates and kills the Oni, and kills himself and Sue with the Oni’s Demise trigger. A Wanyudo should’ve been summoned at this point, but I forgot about the upgrade on Sue. The Yasunori finishes Parker with red joker damage off an attack from an Onslaught trigger, then Yasunori flies towards the corner to get ready to drop a scheme marker for Power Ritual. The Bandido and Woukou reapply scheme markers for Harness. End of Turn: TT 1 for Assassinate, Outcast get nothing. So 3-2 Outcasts. Game is called at this point, since nothing can be done to deny Power Ritual. TT were not going to be able to get 8 sugar cookies in a single round for strat. Outcasts were not going to attempt to get more cookies as Bandido and Woukou already had several, and TN of 15 would not put them in range of getting more when they could only achieve weak success and they were already at 3+ cookies a piece. Asami could deny one of the Outcast schemes but probably not both, so the game is decided. 4-3 Outcast win.
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    I played Ophelia all three rounds of a tourney a month or so ago. It was her standard crew plus the First Mate and a Bokor. I think Raphael is a good schemer with Agile, and he can take out most squishy enemy schemers without much difficulty. Using the kids first turn to get three of your models an extra 5 or 6 inches a great use of them. She's definitely a flexible master and crew, and can go into pretty much anything (like others have said). They do have some significant weaknesses though. If your opponent is also playing Gremlins, they basically lose both Flinch and Bigger they are. Any crew with a lot of lower/average attacks and smaller models really reduces their staying power.
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    I wouldn't change one bonus action for another, but would add a new action. Create Trap cannot be done when engaged.
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    I've said it before, keywords are nice for setting up thematic crews and start with a decent crew with clear synergies; but the entire faction roster should be considered for each game, and this is the prefect example. Agent47 copying that action is hand down the best summon hunter of the game, the exorcist has stat 5 and is a minion, the lone marshal one is in a bonus action and it's an enforcer, Vicent doesn't have IP but at least can stone and has stat 6, and the Charm Warder is also mele minion without the trigger (but at least this one may have stat 8 so cheating is easier) And this is also an example why I think Lucius works very well when the player has most of the faction. He is able to pick any model of the faction (especially minions) and take any tool needed to the next level either feeding it with actions putting it in a better model (Agent or Doppleganger)
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    I’d actually speculate that the inclusion of the card means they view it as an existing model, as Adrian wrote. The Faction Pack didn’t include cards for Agent 46 or things like Undercover Journalist or False Witness.
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    So my housemate is learning Raspy herself and we had a pretty savage game last night so what I'm going to say here is based on my knowledge from playing against her. Ice Pillars are key. Remember that they aren't just 30mm blockers, they are 30mm+1" Slow fields. As an opponent, Ice Pillars lock off huge parts of the board for me, or at least make them undesirable. I was having turns where half my units were one 1 AP. The Ice Golems Blizzard is terrifying if you can use an ice pillar for it. 50mm + 4" Aura of 2 damage Hazardous to non-December. That is a Massive part of the board and if he's already engaging something they can't just leave. Put him in a key position and hold that point. Blessed of December is a great model, bit expensive for a scheme runner, but it's nasty enough that in my match at least i would have to pull significant models i wanted elsewhere (Like my Master) to be confident of not just feeding it. Positioning on the Golem is really key. The thing is very slow so it getting held up for a turn can be the difference between me getting to a place on the board early, or never getting there at all. I wouldn't think plant explosives was a particularly good strategy for Raspy, while she holds dominion over huge swathes of the board she doesn't advance out of those areas easily. So that might have factored in. Definitely recommend two Silent ones. More Ice Pillars is horrible. Hopefully after a few more games you'll find you really do gel with how she works!
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    Great write up! A suggestion that was recently discussed in the TT forums. If you want that hard to cicle the hand, what about including the Emissary instead of Yasunori? The emissary may cicle her entire hand without getting damage and Ama with Dark Bargain may obey the Emissary to take that action again. You lose Yasunori who is a better beater than the Emissary, but you'll have a better hand and can summon a Jorogumo each turn. A detail that I'm not sure if I got right. Are you applying the damage of Minako Karma to the attack that add the upgrade? The first attack to Minako is "free" because the karmic ties triggers when it suffer damage and the Karmic upgrade is added after resolving (so after the damage is done). And another suggestion, with the Dark Bargain you may force the Anakame to take the bonus action twice, getting both Katashiros in turn 1 (consider also pushing first minako forward with Asami to gain a few inches if that fits in your activation order)
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    About the minions... there are great models in the 5-6 SS range; at 6SS models are usually very competent at what they do. They won't be able to stand a 10SS model on their own, but with the right support they function quite well. The 3 copy thing... I guess that's more a way to promote lists diversity, in general 1 or 2 models of one kind is the normal; but for some lists you may include 3. For the best 6SS minion from the faction (Aversion, BBS, Gigant, Stitched and Waldgeist) I'd propose the BBS, stitched would be close tho. Stitcheds are good, but it's not worth OOK imo and they have weaknessess that can be taken advantage of. My bet for the best 6SS model of the faction is Iggy. Nice list @Maniacal_cackle, let me suggest a name: "Faest and Furious" . The schemes that rely in an enemy in X position depends a lot on what the other player can do and his game plan. Considering the NVB masters, she is well suited for that kind of strategies if there isn't much denial/movement shenanigans in the other crew: Into thorns trigger is quite powerful reposition effect and the ability to double drop scheme or stone an scheme with an attack help a lot completing those. Plus she may have an staggered source with the the Waldgeists or the Emissary to make it saffer.
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    It seems to me that's really a minor problem. However, if you really badly need that single, you usually should be able to arrange enemy model position so that it don't suffers from Amina's aura (I mean let it end its charge move out of los from her).
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    He ignores cover, concealment and friendly fire, can shoot with stat 6 an doesn't need to gain extra range thanks to From the shadows and the reposition built-in. Squishy? 6 Wd and Armor +1. Are we looking at the same model? 😕
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    As for speed, I'm still learning about the crew (it may be my 4th crew), but if I was playing budget Titania I'd probably field something like: Titania/gorar Aeslin Hooded rider Rougarou Rougarou Bultungin 10 stones flex slots. That crew is pretty darn fast, and it has some markers to work with as well. The Bultungin seems like a great fit for fitting in an extra few interact actions (and throwing out one more marker). Not an optimised list (as I said, budget and only requires two purchases), but illustrative that they can be useful?
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    That's... Really fucking nuts. Holy shit. That's ridiculously efficient. Asami cheats a 13 and a stone for her model, I cheat a stone and maybe a card to kill it. And without her endless wall of summons to hide behind, she will find herself much more vulnerable. I'd forgotten that the crossbow has its own trigger that's not Execute, and that he doesn't have the option of discarding a card or as to prevent death.
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    @Cronex13, It's a bit of Necro but I'd try to include 1 Exorcist versus her. You may one-shot Jorogumos cheating a crow and Agent47 may copy the Sanctified Crossbow, make it stat 6, use Inhuman Psicology with it and also stonne the trigger... Asami won't like that and it'll make the game much easier to manage than try to bruteforce through 3 Summoned Jorogumos.
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    True. Honestly I think of the two as a package, I rarely take one without the other.
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    The +1 for all those out of activation shots doesn't exactly hurt either. You still need to hit to get the draw trigger.
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    Sorry if I wasn't clear. Solkan gives a good explanation, but to declare a trigger you must have the suit and you must meet special requirements in italics. But you can declare the trigger if you can't pay the cost. ( also in italics).
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    I would say to give sorrows a few attempts. I find having just 1 sorrow is not very useful but having 3 sorrows has worked really well for me. I often view them as tar pits to tangle up the stuff that I do not want my core crew (Pandora, Candy, Baby Kade and Teddy) to be dealing with until I have killed the current threat that I want to take out. I often find myself using lures or all the 2" pushes from Misery to suck something into my area of death. I often will have two of them as a pair to tank something coming into my core crew for a turn and send the third one to help or out to the other side to tangle with a scheme runner. Do not forgot they have the mask trigger built in to their attack to really the 1/2/4 is a 2/3/5 attack (assuming the enemy is stunned) and I usually just do a focus attack to help with the damage flip. I have caught my opponent off guard a few times with a very late turn sorrow attack after they used all their cards to keep their other models alive from the Baby Kade onslaught.
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    Unfortunately, the Crier cannot Obey a Bayou to interact the turn it is summoned. The Crier's obey trigger states: While the rulebook (P.32) says: That said, you can still summon models the turn before you need them, and get them into position.
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    I know some of this was brought up in the beta. But playing more games with the app, I think more Rule reference is needed in the Rules section of the app. Some of the catagories that I and others in my group think they are needed. Soulstone Use Terrain features. Timing chart.
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    Also the little table for calculating what modifiers an attack gets (6 for a straight, 11 for a plus, etc).
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    The above trick may also be used with a terracota copying Spiritual Alignment to avoid spending Shenlong AP doing it. Another option is finding an enemy easy to punch and cheat/stone onslaught triggers. 6 attacks = 6 chi. This is how a true man builds up chi!
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    I'm trying to think out of the "all-silurid" box and find a way to put my fluffy Juju on the table. I think something like this would work well in killy matchups.
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    I tried the Myranda list but didn't have all my models so I modified it and played two games. Had Myranda, a magically trained cerberus, Crocket and an arachnid swarm. Left me with a 2ss cache as well for a significant card advantage. Crocket didn't do much because I stupidly built the board with a big building that my vendetta targets choose to hide behind while crossing the center line in both games. He goes down fast and lacks mobility so I might have to reevaluate him for an enforcer that can actually kill something and get bombs down. The cerberus performed pretty well although both the opposing crews had terrifying which was bothersome. Myranda lasted very well so I didn't give up any points on assassinate. The arachnid sauntered over and plonked a bomb down in both games. The star of the show was the cerberus. I had Myranda move it up and walk along to give it the defense buff turn one, she applied camouflage to herself and held of the shapechange. Then the cerb could walk, get a bomb out and leap+attack an exposed enemy runner in both games due to luck with crows and opponents forgetting Myranda could move it (the free leap attacks on isolated models might not work in the long run). Won against Aionius and lost against some big TT ghost Oni thing. Ama No Sako perhaps?
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    Since some of my models are in the painting process, my two crews with more painted models are Kin and WizzBang. Ophelia is great in everything but Idols, due to the lack of healing. It's difficult for me to fit every Kin model I want so I usually alternate between 2 lists: FEF (Full Enforcer Force): The top of the notch of the Kin family. Ophelia, François, Raphael, Rami, Merris and even Pere if I'm facing bubble crews. I usually bring 1 healer if I manage to get the points for them (Bokor, but it also can be a Lightning Bug or Ross Jebsen if Gracie is coming). Gracie is a good choice to add some extra mobility and Gluttony if I'm facing heavy marker crews. CAB (Cousins Are Back): Ophelia, François, Raphael, Sammy and 2-3 LaCroix Riders and a healer (Bokor or Ross Jebsen). Lot's of card draw thanks to Sammy and the LaCroix Riders, as long as you manage to keep them alive. I've found that the effigy could be decent small addition if you plan to play in a small bubble.
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    Ulix is a fun master but there's a little struggle with him right now as there aren't a lot of models ready to go. Squealers have no models yet. Sow, Whisperers, Slop haulers, piglets are not out for M3E yet.
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    Well, you really have a complicated fight with Transmortis because they will use your scrap markers against you ... as long as you use the constructs on your team. Remember that Foundry also has members that although they use scrap markers, they don't generate it. Consider adding Neil Henry, Willie and Sparks to your team. This may affect mobility on the map, but in that case you can use Rail Workers so that, using their Pneumatic Toss, they move the miniatures you need to the action zone. Fortunately within the Ten Thunders we have very good Versatiles like Tanuki (the drunk raccoon that heals), Fuhatsu, Samurais and the Lone Swordsman who can reinforce your team, apart that the last two have great maneuverability. Be careful with Anna and Valedcitorian who can give you problems if you neglect them. If I help you, give me your Like 😝 .... just kidding, share the result of your match to see how it went P.D. : Do not forget to place explosives on Mei and any other attacker with Sparks. It's always fun to see how your rivals explode in each attack
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    Also watch for condition removal if you are hoping the poison will keep you alive
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    Tannen is a must have! I've found he is the model my opponents really hate and they really want to focus him! but with all the mobility we have (beckoners, Graves, Kitty, Huggy's obey) it's easy to protect him and keep opponent inside his auras of doom! ahah! It's really easy to mess with opponent placement and when a model his surrounded by Tannen, Lynch and a beckoner auras it's a nightmare for him! Silent Protector on a beckoner is really strong too! take the hit is golden and the challenge bonus action can be really strong! Also hard to kill is always nice! For me it fits because I like to keep one beckoner near the deathball (Lynch, Tannen, Graves, etc) so if a scary model threatens Lynch or Tannen (habitually Tannen since he's really squishy) beckoners can intercept the hit! Also if an opponent lure one of my important pieces away, she can lure it back to safety! For Lynch the teleporting huggy strat has already been said and it's really good! use a low tome on your own model and huggy is now in safety or threatening a new side of the table! For the first 2 turns I like to bundle up a lot of my models so that Lynch can give a lot of brilliance to my models and with this Huggy can heal for absurd amount! Also to help Lynch move a bit charge your own model with him if you only want to walk because you are not oblige to flip the cards for dmg after giving the 2 brilliance and more brilliance is always good Rig the deck is an awesome ability! The ability to cycle your hand with high cards and use those only when you need it is very strong. Also all the terrifying test and the low TN you want are pretty much auto-pass. Also you can cycle low cards with those TN. For example, in turn 1 habitually no one is close to Tannen so with rig the deck, I put a low card from my hand on top and use immediately his bonus to fail it and remove this low card from my hand Another use which is kind of expensive, is when you really need something to die. you can put a high card in front and a red joker after for the dmg flip! before doing that remember to check if enemy has serene countenance/manipulative/terrifying because this will mess with your plan! Honeypot is a really good and fun crew to play! You have a lot of options but we have a few weakness to remember. The crew has really good synergies between all his models but this lead to being really close to each other so blast and shockwaves can hurt a lot. We do not have long range threat. Our beaters are mostly melee or at 6'' with Lynch against someone with high brilliance. The only good schemer we have is Kitty. A good opponent will see that and will try to kill her fast. The healing is low if you stay in keyword so I like to add a tanuki (helps a lot against conditions and gives focused) or a low river monk against really killy crew (Nephilim, Mercenary, etc)
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    My basic Lynch roster is: Lynch with trained ninja Huggy with Silent Protector (if enemy has too much shooting) Gwen Kitty Tannen with Trained Ninja (if enemy has too much shooting, otherwise rather silent protector) Sun Quiang Beckoner Beckoner Cache 2-6 For first turn - Kitty pushes Beckoners where they need to go (+2" from Tannen for one Beckoner) and eat brilliance from one to push hersefl 5", then Beckoner lures the rest of the crew (Huggy is mobile enough to move by himself) using Reposition - first lures should touch the Kitty so free brilliance and extra 2" movement for one model per activation, then during activation of rest of the crew scatter according to plan. Eventualy through the activation i want to filter for two medium masks to focus spam from Sun Quiang and/or pushes from Lynch. From second turn i' ve always spammed brilliance from Beckoners on enemy and summon at least one model (usually the illuminated). You have a lot of mobility and ways to mess up with opponent's positioning (all models has their ways to move somehow the enemy), also you can pack a punch as you will spam brilliance a lot so Huggy will be always on positive flips, Gwen +2 dmg, Kitty's draw essence can be murderous with a lot of brilliance around. Kitty, Gwen and Sun Quiang have their ways to drop scheme markers near opponents models so it should help in some schemes. O, and there is quite healing. This roster has one major drawback - shockwaves - for first two turns you are rather clumped together and i feel that shockwaves are quite powertful if not slighty overpowered as they cancel stealth and have pretty high TN values to defend while low TN to cast. Also as we' ve lost the armor from whole crew we are not as tough as previous. For strategies: Reckoning - quite fun, but high amount of high quality that are so tempting to hire Henchmens may be risky (damm Perdita and enforcers spam - don't do that!) - use minons spam. Corrupted Idols - lure/reposition already activated enemy model to Idol than obey from Huggy aaaaand... smile! Access to lot of mobility, repostioning the enemy, healing, some summoning - what to not love? Plant exposives - Look up for Corrupted Idols. Turf war - I prefer some more shooty crew, but... look up for Corrupted Idols. Schemes - all are quite duable, with some difficulties for - Hold up Their Forces (many high cost models, Beckoners don't like to be engaged with enemy), Power Ritual (maybe no, but i hate that scheme), Outflank (you are rather bubble crew). I would rather pass on versatile models, we have a lot of good/freat henchmens, and for versatile mininons i've would point the McCabe.
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    So my advice is always, don't be afraid to shoot your own models with Lynch's gun to get the tomes trigger to place huggy. Why risk the miss? And depleted are perfect at taking a bullet for the team. ( Also applied to Gwen's draw out secrets trigger)
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    I'd say that more than anything, hinamtsu is vulnerable to hazardous terrain. Want to make a lot of attacks? Take a bunch of damage. Want to butterfly jump away? Take extra damage. Stones and armor don't help much against ping damage.
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    True and important, but I read it as a turn 5 [next turn after summoning] interact to deny the second point, as denying the first point and its single scheme marker requirement is next to impossible.
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    That is my understanding too. From GG0 "When a friendly model kills an enemy model, it can change one Strategy Marker in the same table quarter as the killed model from enemy to neutral, if possible (the Marker in the center is considered to be in every table quarter)." As it states that it's the model making the kill that flips the marker and insignificant is ignored I'd argue that it can't flip the marker.
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    Honestly this might be worth hiring Agent 46 into Marshal crews if your opponent declares a summoning master. Or Both 46 and an Exorcist into any guild crew. That’s the price of an upgrade, and I’d definitely pay 2 SS to one-shot an ice golem for a stone.
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    Deployment : Flank Strategy : Malifood Story Encounter 3: Christmas Carols It is the time of year when Holiday cheer fills everyone, and the sound of carolers, and gunfire fill the air. Keep your head down, and don’t eat all of the cookies. Players alternate placing 4 buildings (at least 4”x4”, Ht 2 or taller, Blocking, Impassable is recommended) on the centerline (no closer than 2” to another terrain piece or board edge). Models may perform a (1) Sing a Carol Interact Action when in base contact with any of those buildings and not engaged by an enemy model; Make a TN 10+turn number Wp Duel and consult the chart below. Fail: Out of Tune. No Sugar Cookie Marker gained. Succeed by 0-6: Pleasant Enough. Gain 1 Sugar Cookie Marker (to a maximum of 3). Succeed by 7+: Captured the Christmas Spirit. Gain 2 Sugar Cookie Markers (to a maximum of 5). Additionally: If the Black Joker is flipped: Horrible! Model suffers 2 damage. Negative flip for your crew when taking a (1) Sing a Carol action at this building until you receive a Sugar Cookie Marker at this building. If the Red Joker is flipped: Voice of an Angel! Gain 2 Sugar Sugar Cookie Markers (no maximum). Positive flip for your crew when taking a (1) Sing a Carol action at this building until you fail to receive a Sugar Cookie Marker at this building. Your crew may not (1) Sing a Carol with the same building more than once per turn. +1 VP to any Crew with at least 5 Sugar Cookie Markers at the end of any one turn +1 VP to any Crew with at least 10 Sugar Cookie Markers at the end of the game +1 VP for the Crew who gained a Sugar Cookie Marker from all 4 buildings by the end of the game +1 VP to the player with the most Sugar Cookie Markers at the end of the game Special Rules: A Little Taste of Home: As a Bonus Action, a model may discard up to 3 Sugar Cookie Markers to Heal that number of wounds. Tasty Tasty Cookies!: At the end of each turn, the model in each crew with the most Sugar Cookie Markers must succeed at a TN 14 Wp duel, or eat one of their Sugar Cookies, discarding 1 Sugar Cookie Marker and, if wounded, Heal 1 wound. If there is a tie for the most Sugar Cookie Markers, select the model with the lowest Wp. If there is still a tie, the controlling player chooses which model makes the test. Both players must make this test every turn. Sharing is Caring: If a model is killed or sacrificed while possessing a Sugar Cookie Marker, models within (2) may claim a Sugar Cookie Marker before the model is removed, starting with the closest model. If there is a tie in distance, it goes to the model with the greater Sz. If there is still a tie, flip for it (cheating is encouraged where cookies are involved). Schemes : Harness the Leyline Search the Ruins (Power Ritual) 1 (Assassinate) 2 Deliver a Message Opponent's declared leader : Parker Barrows My Leader & crew : 9 ss Asami with Trained Ninja Amanjaku Ama No Zako Akaname Minako Rei with Silent Protector Yasunori Low River Monk Score / MVP / Thoughts: 4-3 Loss. MVP was Yasunori. He got both points on Parker for Assassinate Turns 3 and 4. Then Turn 5 he was able to get a scheme marker in place for Power Ritual. Thoughts... I threw Minako into the middle when I meant to use her on the flank. I figured her Karmic Fate upgrade would help shield her from harm, but that was not the case. Mad Dog immediately moved to engage her even though I thought I hid her well enough behind a building. Other mistake is I used the Low River Monk to heal Yasunori after his card draw and to drop a scheme marker turn 2 for Power Ritual and then move into support. My plan was to use Asami to sling shot him up the board into position to support Ama and Minako as they worked on the left side, but I put Minako too central and too soon. I also activated Asami too late most turns and didn't have the cards to summon 2 of the 4 played turns, especially the first turn. A jorogumo should've come out earlier. The one I did summon soaked up Parker's first turn and was able to get the Dead Outlaw down to 1 health before flickering out. Next time will be better though. This was my third or fourth time playing Asami this edition.
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    Necropunks and Crooligans disagree lol Also I run 2-3 Stitched in a dreamer puppet list. Gamble is OP man XD
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    It depends on the role you want for that model. Only for schemes? Dolls for 3 SS are a good deal. For schemes but also able to stand his ground, sturdy and cheap? Sorrow. Need someone to wreck face? Carver/Teddy... Sending a doll to wreck face is going to go south, send Carver/Teddy to scheme is very ineficient. If the only thing that mattered were how powerful the models are, we would all play with Triple master plus rider. A sorrow is able to take similar costed models on, and he may make other scheme runners more ineficient stunning them. Why would you send a more expensive model to do a job that he can do for 5SS? Plus he brings a cheap Misery aura around. Aversion is a position control model. F Reminder reposition friendly models. Antipathy is like a poor's man disguised (a model charges, if it fails the TN13, it get pushed before making the attack) and increase the push of friendly Miseries. Terrorize push some other model back his entire Mv which is like draining an order; and Scatter for her may be a 6'' push (and the first 3'' have no TN). Taking in count several schemes rely in positioning and the other player may rely in having some models in range to help others, that's her role; mess all that up. I'm not sure how good they are, but they have a clear role.
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    Some initial thoughts: * $35 for a large fish... sounds legit. Or not. $35! I sometimes buy crew boxes for that kind of money. * What's up with all these metal miniatures? Are we back in the 90s? * Did you guys EVER give any thought to organizing a European hub (e.g. Wayland Games) to ship everything you're sending to Europe from? $35 for a fish becomes $60 for a European to own a fish. * I get you're trying to push this "Waldo" dude, but what makes you think we want him on our terrain or markers? I'm all for lil scatter terrain or markers -- great idea! But if you're making markers, why not Plant Explosive Markers, for instance, that we can actually use? * Do the limited crew boxes and Alt/Miss/Nightmare models now come with new cards? If so, does this mean you solved the issue of what you wanted to do with the Wild Ones box? Sorry to be so negative, but amidst all the joy that I am definitely feeling, there are a few very poignant points that I feel would benefit adressing. Thanks for your consideration.
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    If it's a video Battle Report, I like to be able to see crews, deployment and strategy, schemes. I want/need to hear why decisions are made... like in this deployment for this strategy vs. opposing crew, with this set of scheme pools, why are you hiring who you hired and what schemes are you going to go for, and... what do you think your opponent is choosing. I always get too caught up in creating a crew that I think that can outbeat the opposing crew, instead of thinking, what can I accomplish with this crew, and what will they be trying to accomplish. I'm like Lenny with a Bunny! And then I lose... Seeing a model of those considerations would be really helpful. Next, after a turn is over, I want to know what the player thinks of the past turn and what they need to get done the following turn. Another instance of modeling good player work. After the game, I want a run down of highlights, maybe detailing that moment where FATE stepped in and said, nope! ain't gonn' appen! for each of the teams. Also, what the player thinks needs to be considered for the future, like maybe choosing different schemes or refining their crews in a certain way and why they would make those considerations. Another instance of modeling problem-solving, instead of blaming their deck for poor choices that the deck's luck just punished. (Believe me, I've had my fair share of those, because I am not a good player at all). Trying to learn though and rely on seeing what is going on. Another thing with the video is having views of the action occurring, the flipping of the cards, and a good overhead view of the positioning of the crews, terrain, and markers. Sadly, there are times, when I just can't see the positioning of the crew very well, because the camera angle is poor, or the models are blending with map/terrain and it's tough to see which model it is. Probably too much to ask for, but I'd love an overhead view with highlights, so I know who is who. There's some decent Battle Reports out there, with The Third Floor having the best so far, imo. Can't wait to see the updates they make for the next stream in December. Hope this helps and thanks for asking.
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    I definitely agree that there are a lot of good, versatile options within 10T, and I can certainly build a crew that uses them. Unfortunately, avoiding Walking Forge and giving up (most of) Rail Walk means that I'm basically surrendering the Foundry keyword's signature action, which is a significant handicap. A lot of other Foundry abilities rely on Scrap markers as well; there are a few ways to hand out Stunned in the crew, which would handicap the Bonus Actions Von Schtook's people rely on to remove Scrap, but most of those also rely on removing Scrap markers. I guess what I'm saying is that when an opponent declares Von Schtook, they're basically saying, "You no longer benefit from having your keyword," which seems like a potential NPE. Maybe at some point the Foundry will get a model with a similar ability to the Ten Thunders Brother's "Protect Our Holdings", but for Scrap Markers. Although as I look at the 10T Brother, I notice that they have Diversion, which prevents enemies within 4" from declaring Bonus Actions. Pretty much all of Transmortis' actions that eat Scrap Markers are Bonus Actions. Hmmm...there's a possibility...
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    I've been playing it where they do not, for the reason you mentioned.
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    when you look at the discard section, they say this: Cards discarded after Flipping, Cheating Fate, or from the Conflict are not considered discarded by the player or any specific model for the purposes of game effects. Since they separate flipping and cards in the conflict, I'm pretty sure the cards flipped because of modifiers count as flip for Lynch aura! Also in the fate modifier sections they say this: For each Fate Modifier on a flip, one additional card is revealed (so a flip would reveal two cards, as would a flip). So the flip part is when you reveal the cards, not when you put one in the conflict!
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    In my mind they are more about getting your own models in place to spend their ap interacting or attacking, while also creating bubbles where your enemy can't interact for the low cost of a brilliance. I don't think I've ever used the beckoners lure on an enemy yet in M3E 🤔 I think of it as an action economy, if I can move a model before activating, while also hopefully creating a no interact zone for the enemy, it's great!
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