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    Because last month clearly wasn't ambitious enough... So basically it's Gorysche, Ophelia's crew box, Zipp, Margaret Belle (proxied), 6x Field Intel Corps (proxied), Sammy Lacroix, 4x Broken, 2x Rooster Riders... and a Townhouse. Ophelia's crew is already painted, but I've never been happy with the end result. So I'm going to try and fix that up somehow. The second "Rooster Rider" is actually an old War Rooster from one of Wyrds Easter sales. I don't intend to repaint it, but I do want to rebase the model to 40mm so I can use her as a Rider.
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    OK hi guys, time for me to get back onto the forums and tell you all about my new favorite crew! If you are into complex turns with a variety of options and no end to shenanigans that are bounce between busted and brilliant, this is the crew for you. So quick things that make this crew work how its supposed to, or at least how i play it. 1. Bayou Gremlins. They are meant to die. I repeat, they are meant to die. I will almost always summon 3 on turn 1 with Somer because they are effectively cards in the bank for future turns. 2. Pig Eating Grin. Nothing in the crew is more abusive than this ability. Summon 3 bayous into a beefy guy, use Make Me Proud to blow one up. It kills the other 2. Draw 3 cards, discard 3 cards. Georgy and Olaf Shoot that dude 3 times plus 2 damage from Make Me Proud. Very little lives through that, especially if you have Focus on G&O. 3. Obey Saturation. You have criers, Cranky and usually Brin who can all force Obeys for relatively little resources, especially as you should be drawing cards pretty regularly to fill your hand back up. Criers can force Bayous to interact or if you have the mask, make Brin Calculate again. Brin doesn't care about markers for Pull the Strings cause Bayous are gonna blow up any damn way. Cranky is less reliable but its there. 4. Mass focus. Sure G&O take 2 damage most of the time for this but you have a spit hog, you did summon a spit hog right? 5. Flexibility. This crew can turn on a dime thanks to the variety of models that Somer can churn out. Need movement: Banjo. Need control: crier. Need a tank: Good Ol Boy. Need disposable road blocks: Bayous. Weaknesses: 1. Somer wants to play midfield. You gotta play him cagey. Its ok though as usually there's so many bodies up the board they have to wade through the corpses of Bayous to get to him. 2. Blasts and Shockwaves. You really need to take 3-5 man groups with this crew where Somer and Lenny sort of make up the middle of a much larger fire team. Clumping everyone together is a good way to die quickly vs Sonnia or Raspy. Play smart and make your opponent have to choose where to apply pressure. 3. Specific cards. You gotta make sure you get the cards you need in hand. 7 SS is my minimum, Brin helps alleviate that some with Calculate and Reservoir. OoK models for this crew: Not many honestly, you really need to play a lot of Big Hat to get value. That being said, this is the only crew I auto take Brin. Calculate + Bayou Two card just gets absurd as you tear through your deck. Gluttony: You make so many corpses thanks to dead Bayous. Punish your opponent by pushing them into Corpses and taking damage. Emissary: This monster is just the best honestly. If you put a Ghillie suit on Lenny you can toss him up the board. Then he pushes 12. and suddenly he's threatening your opponent's support models. Rami: Sometimes you need models dead from very far away. Sammy: Just getting on this train, and haven't tried her too much yet but you can use ricochet triggers to give her fast and glowy plus draw MORE CARDS. Ranged injured is sweet for those Out of Activation attacks and turning enemy scheme markers into stuffed piglets that Somer can blow up from nearly anywhere on the board is real good. That's my quick run down of Somer. There's more, so much more to it but the bottom line is that his strengths are much greater than his weaknesses and in the hands of a player who can assess the board state mid game and make quick decisions to turn things around Big Hat is absolutely absurd.
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    Quick game the other day, to prepare for a tournament: Turf War Standard Deployment Me: Bandits Parker - Wanted Criminal Doc Mitchel Mad Dog Emissary Sue Convict Gunslinger Bandido Prospector 2ss Harness the Ley Line Deliver a Message Opponent: Marshals Lady Justice - LLC Scales The Judge Lone Marshall Effigy with the upgrade Exorcist - No prisioners Death Marshall Death Marshall 5ss Schemes: Harness the ley line Breakthrough I won 5-3, thanks to taking control of the objectives in the 2nd and 5th turn. It was carnage. I ended up with 4 miniature on the table (3 of them quite close to die) and she with 3 (full, or almost full life). Parker did almost nothing but die in turn 3. I positioned him very bad, so he was too far to get benefits from his free action but still too close to be in danger. My best was that Bandida that helped me to secure those 2 points from the Strategy. I was planning on using Sue to keep LJ busy for 1-2 turns, but she killed him in 1 activation (he already had some damage from the Lone Marshall). Mad Dog did a really good job killing stuff, killing even the Effigy at the beginning of the 2nd turn, thanks to blow it to hell. Was a nice game, for both of us. Some small mistakes on both sides, mines resulted in more dead models and hers prevented her to Score at least 1 point more from the Strategy. I'm starting to be a bit tired of this "jack-of-all-trades" list, so I'll be doing some new experiments with hiring soon
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    I've already painted ans just need to base 25ss of models (Pale Rider and 3 Metal Gamin), but the hope is to knock out my Gencon order which would be another 109 sometimes. Until they get in this friday I'll probably try to take out my Union Miners(15ss) and then my Ten Thunders Brothers(18ss) in that order. So if I get everything I want done I should be at 167ss at the end of the month, but we'll see if I can manage to swing that or not.
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    @Caedrus Hoping to do Euripides Box this month! That would be 45ss I believe. Gencon order should get in soon!
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    I think some of the best models to remove ice pillars are mindless zombies 😄
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    GT Round #1 I was really excited this round, as I got to play on the casino table, which was AMAZING!!! Plant Explosives -Breakthrough -Harness the Leyline -Hold Up -Assassinate -Vendetta This round was into Lucius, so I made sure to grab both Hooded Rider and Carver for Ruthless, in case he took some Manipulative models. Iggy came in for Arson as an anti-schemer, and a couple Sorrows to hop around and drop explosives. Pandora -Poltergeist [E] Hooded Rider Carver Iggy [E] Serena [E] Sorrow [E] Sorrow [E] Lucius -Scribe Agent 46 Black Blood Shaman Investigator Investigator Lawyer False Witness False Witness Turn 1 Summary False Witness makes some schemes to feed the Investigators, Shaman pops out two corpses, eats one for a bunch of focus to everyone. Scribe comes forward. Pandora pings it down for 2 damage, moves Carver up with Despair’s Influence. He hits Scribe with Breath of Fire, Scribe buries, but dies to fire at the end of the turn. A Lawyer is able to get up to Carver and hit him with Slow. Agent 46 is able to get onto a Sorrow for a point of damage. Turn 2 Summary False Witness (left), puts down three scheme markers and a no cheating aura. Rider pulls Pandora up and guns for the Shaman, misses both attacks. Shaman transforms into a Mature, shoves Rider aside and charges Pandora. Pandora stuns him, pushes him out of Black Blood range, and kills him by making him hit himself. Sorrow with Agent pops away to the safety of the Rider. Agent walks and drops a bomb. Investigator does basically nothing to Iggy. Iggy pops two scheme markers with Arson, doing 2 damage and burning to the False Witness (Witness dies to Life Leech, 2 damage, Misery (Burning), Burning). I love Iggy. Carver does something to the other False Witness, but misses the Breath of Fire on him (which would have removed a lot of scheme markers). As a result, he has enough to absorb False Claim and still score Leyline. Pandora: 2 VP (Plant Explosives, Hold Up) Lucius: 2 VP (Plant Explosives, Leyline) Turn 3 Summary Poltergeist charges in and kills an Investigator. This means that Agent basically cannot tough Iggy (manipulative) or Serena (disguised). Agent instead scoots back and drops a scheme marker. Rider takes Sorrow for a Ride, then walks and schemes. Investigator scoots and drops an Explosive. My Sorrow scoots and picks it up. Lawyer obeys my Sorrow to put it back down. Pandora/Carver get the stupid Lawyer to 1 HP. Sorrow schemes and plants Explosive. Iggy walks back and Arson’s Agent’s scheme marker. False Witness dies to fire. Pandora: 4 VP (Plant Explosives, Breakthrough) Lucius: 3 VP (Plant Explosives) Turn 4 Summary Poltergiest moves to protect Iggy from Agent 46. Lucius/Investigator kill my Sorrow and take his bomb. Investigator plants it in my deployment zone. Lawyer makes Rider charge Sorrow and spend all 8,347 tokens to add masks to the attack. Serena drops her bomb. Agent walks and hides a scheme marker behind some slot machines. Iggy goes Reckless and Arson’s the scheme marker again. Pandora pushes Carver, then he walks and picks up a Lucius Explosive. Game ends on time. Pandora: 6 VP (Plant Explosives, Breakthrough) Lucius: 3 VP Lessons Learned: Really really tough game. One mistake that leaps out is that I didn’t put my right side Sorrow where he could see Carver and leap out to safety. I have always been pretty iffy on Carver, but this game he had the high crow to Breath of Fire out a couple scheme markers, but my opponent was able to cheat higher, so that isn’t on Carver really. Iggy is so very good, nearly denying Leyline, side killing a False Witness, and cancelling out Breakthrough.
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    This weekend I was able to mosey on over to the NoVA Open Malifaux events. They were incredible events, with beautiful tables, well run tournaments (on time!), and fantastic opponents. My only regret was that I wasn’t able to get more time there. I cannot even begin to give enough credit to Owen and Casey for the work that they put into this event, how well they ran it, and how fun it was. Originally, I was hoping to get Euripides at Gencon and rep him all weekend, however the shipping was sadly delayed, so I decided instead to focus down on an old favorite whom I hadn’t used in a while...Pandora! I spent a ton of time on her in closed beta (and like to kid myself into thinking all my whining had a good impact on her rules), but I pretty much haven’t touched her in the year since. I ended up playing as a ringer in Round 1 of the warm-up tournament, which was fixed crew. I didn’t look much at the schemes and strategies, I just slapped together what I thought would be fairly reasonable all around crew for her: Pandora -Poltergeist Hooded Rider -Inhuman Reflexes Candy Iggy Sorrow Sorrow Reckoning -Harness Leyline -Dig Their Graves -Hold Up Their Forces -Power Ritual -Claim Jump Mei Feng -Forgeling Mechanical Rider Ferdinand Vogel Neil Henry Rail Worker Metal Giamen Turn 1 Summary Really, things just move around some. Some models get focus, Mech Rider lays a scheme marker, a lot of models lay scrap markers. Turn 2 Summary Pandora is able to pick off the Metal Gamin. Mechanical Rider brings up Neil Henry, who takes out the Poltergeist. Mei is fairly locked down, so she blasts at Pandora, Candy, and Serena with Breath of Fire a few times. Pandora and Candy reduce damage with soulstones, Serena does a bit of painkillers to help out Candy as well. Iggy blows up a scheme marker. Pandora: 2 VP (Reckoning, Claim Jump) Mei: 1 VP (Reckoning) Turn 3 Summary Pandora leads off, knocking the Emberling and Railworker down to 1 HP each, then finishing off the Rail Worker. Henry is able to get to one of the Sorrows. Hooded Rider fails both attacks on the Rail Worker (who is ultimately killed by a Sorrow). Mei Feng blasts Serena to death. Pandora: 3 VP (Reckoning) Mei: 2 VP (Reckoning) Turn 4 Summary He wins initiative; Ferdinand goes Beast Mode and comes into Pandora. Normally this wouldn’t be too big a deal, except he Red Jokers the damage flip and kills her in one shot (she was down to 6 Wds due to Breath of Fires). Obviously this is a bit of an issue for me. Hooded Rider tries to beat on Mei, misses all his swings. Mei scoots and schemes. Iggy and Candy beat on Neil ineffectually. Sorrow hops over to Ferdinand. Pandora: 4 VP (Hold Up) Mei: 4 VP (Reckoning, Dig Their Graves) Turn 5 Summary Things have gone fairly downhill. Hooded Rider uses his free action, smacks Ferdiand who stones away all the damage. Two more misses and he is done. Ferdinand goes human mode to heal up. Neil kills off Candy and Iggy. Mei and Rider scheme a bit. Pandora: 4 VP Mei: 6 VP (Leyline, Dig Their Graves) Lessons Learned: First game against Mei Feng, so that was a good learning experience. Matters were not helped by Hooded Rider going quiet for 3 turns in a row, but there were definitely things I needed to do better to help myself. Iggy, Poltergeist, and a Sorrow went on a side quest to nowhere (I feared he was going for Power Ritual with the Rider, but him not scheming in his deployment corner should have tipped me off that this was not the case). Going into turn 3 I could have used Diving Charge to kill off the Rail Worker and focused on hurting Mei more, which would have been much better than missing him twice with the greatsword. @Kolath
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    Hello all. I'm new to site and need help navigating (painting events etc) any advice/help would be great 👍
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    Just thought that it would be a fun idea for a thread. Here's my humble submission:
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    AND THEN THIS HAPPENED! You know what's really useful for a Youko project plog? If you've been following along, you probably know the answer. YES! FINALLY! Yesterday was Labor Day here in the States, which made it a big 3-day weekend filled with activities and family, AND there was no paint night last night, so I haven't cracked this bad mamma jamma open yet, but now I feel like I can finally get actually started. Dug this up while rearranging the basement, it will be...useful? Excessive? Both? Lots of horrible self-flagellating freehand punishment awaits!
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    Got some playtesting in with Lynch and a proxied Youko crew over the past few weeks. Love the feel, reeeaaallly needs Hinamatsu against killy crews. Still fiddling with lists, but Shadow Emissary is pretty funny in Qi and Gong.
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    If you want to pop down just to have a game in the afternoon am sure we can sort it.
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    I want a master who is just an incredibly wealthy person who is out for fame and money. My dream would be a support master who "pays really well" so his crew are willing to go above and beyond for "extra money". I think some variant of Obey on them would be cool, paying enemy models to work for you, etc.
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    Hoping to finish up the Lucius box I started last week, if my arm / shoulder calm down. If I can finish that, I have a kitted doppleganger + some touchups to changelings to work on.
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    Guild complete! I’ll have to get a group picture. Removing the pic above now that they have a boss. Frontier
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    I usually use knights as ritual holders. They're resilient enough to still be around when you need them to complete the ritual, and good beaters on they're own so you can still keep pressure on the opponent. As a bonus you can replace one with mold of the other.
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    My Miss Feasance will be the anti-Seamus. Ladies of the Night, time for revenge! If Emeline Bellrose (who will replace Sybelle) has stayed sane, why can't the Belles and Doxies? Sane in the sense that they think putting down an especially abusive John is a good deed. Size 1 for the Copycat Killer is a fact, I know, but I will use my spare Miss Ann Thrope (with some big Garden Shears) as a Proxy anyway.
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    When you find out half of your local meta are Arcanists:
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    Kyle actually gave us an update on this.
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    Ok @Davos this really sounds awesome. I looked at their Beta Card at home and was 😲😱🤩 I think I mistook them with another Model.. Have yet to find my way into the Outcast Stuff 😅 So I will definitely proxy them! Thank you for your time and explanation!
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    I recently took Molly for a spin against Asami in Corrupted Idols, with this crew: Molly, Necrotic Machine, Archie with GST, Dead Rider with GST, The Forgotten Marshall with Whisper, 2x Crooligan. Asami had Amanjuka, Ama-No-Zako, a Dawn Serpent and 2x Jorogumo both with the From The Shadows equivalent upgrade. I figured having plenty Soulstones (9) and GST on my big boys would be important in Idols, but post game I think that was a mistake. Given the way Fading and Gorgon's Influence works, and how she isn't hugely dependent on suits, Molly just doesn't seem Soulstone hungry imo. Personally I quite like The Forgotten Marshal, especially with Whisper. Despite not being able to Stone for suits, he can happily dig for a decent to summon with, or otherwise put a on top to threaten Critical Strike on his gun, with Whisper's free look. I especially like how frustrating he is to kill, because not only does he have HtW, and HtK and two different ways to heal himself, but Forgotten usually offer other healing options too. As an added bonus, he offers great utility with the Box to snatch up and abduct problem models that you don't want to deal with.
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    Unfortunately that was all of the GT that I was able to participate in, however I did sneak in a side game just for fun and more practice. Game #5 Corrupted Idols -Detonate Charges -Dig Their Graves -Hold Up -Outflank -Claim Jump I wanted to try a new way of tackling Corrupted Idols: take a small, elite crew, double up on Ancient Pact. Also Hinamatsu. My hope is that I will be able to win Initiative with enough bonuses and pass tokens that I can cheat in whichever suit I need to put all the Idols in one spot. Pandora -Ancient Pact -Poltergeist Hooded Rider -Ancient Pact Hinamatsu Angel Eyes Serena Bowman Aversion Wong -Olivia Pigapult Lightning Bug Lightning Bug Gatreaux Bokur Gatreaux Bokur Taxidermist -Inferiority Complex Sammy LaCroix Turn 1 Summary Pandora just burns all the pass tokens to wait out activations. Unfortunately every pass token is 2 Focus on his models thanks to the Bokurs...sigh. Eventually we get down to business. Aversion pushes Poltergeist up. Pigapult is Obey’d to launch a stuffed piglet at Angel Eyes and Hinamatsu. Pandora pushes the slow piggy back, Hinamatsu charges and kills it, Lures Angel Eyes forward. Rider pulls Pandora along, charges into Pigapult for 1 damage. Then Taxidermist rocks my world, putting 6 damage onto him (3 prevented with mask triggers!!!). Pandora pulls Sammy out of concealment, Angel Eyes shoots her. Serena walks twice and fails to heal Hinamatsu. Turn 2 Summary I have a hand full of awesome and initiative, so Hooded Rider gets busy taking care of the Taxidermist. Icing on the cake is Serena is able to heal him back to full also. Then he uses every available resource in his army to finally take down Hooded Rider. Hinamatsu is able to get in there and take out Sammy as well. Pigapult gets Obey’d to shoot at Hinamatsu, but I just keep top decking face cards and all the shots miss. Aversion pushes Angel Eyes up, she scores an Idol. Pandora: 1 VP (Corrupted Idols) Wong: 0 VP Game ends on time (my fault) Lessons Learned: Too short a game to glean much, I hope to get initiative the next turn to have Hinamatsu go in on the Pigapult (it has 6 Wds left, so I think it is reasonable to get it?). My goal to control initiative did seem to be working, but I started so outnumbered that I was getting 4 pass tokens on Turn 1. @Macdaddy353
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    GT Round #3 Turf War -Detonate Charges -Harness the Leyline -Power Ritual -Assassinate -Deliver a Message Pandora -Poltergeist Hooded Rider -Inhuman Reflexes Hinamatsu -Inhuman Reflexes Iggy Baby Kade Serena Bowman Yan Lo -Soul Porter Chiaki Samurai -Silent Protector Lone Swordsman Manos Sidir -Trained Ninja Turn 1 Summary A lot of moving around at first, importantly Chiaki gets a Black Joker on attaching Manos’s reliquary onto someone. Rider moves up and pulls Pandora up. Kade Lures Hinamatsu. Pandora and Hinamatsu go in on Sidir, the Samurai takes a LOT of hits for him. Turn 2 Summary Samurai and Sidir go down to Hinamatsu pretty quickly. This time Chiaki is able to put the Reliquary onto the Lone Swordsman. He goes in on Hinamatsu for pretty solid damage. Pandora: 1 VP (Turf War) Yan Lo: 1 VP (Turf War) Turn 3 Summary Basically it is a giant mess of the Swordsman not dying. Yan Lo rolls up and shoots Poltergeist to death, unflipping my marker. Manos leaps and runs to backfield. Kade flips his maker. Swordsman delivers a message. Pandora: 2 VP (Turf War) Yan Lo: 2 VP (Deliver a Message) Turn 4 Summary Remember how last turn it was a giant mess of the Swordsman not dying? This turn was a giant mess of the Swordsman not dying. Rider delivers a message to Yan Lo. Scheme markers get dropped. Manos flips a marker. Swordsman kills Iggy. Pandora: 3 VP (Deliver a Message) Yan Lo: 3 VP (Turf War) Turn 5 Summary I cheat fate to give him initiative (we both have 4 models, and having Pandora go last helps prevent rescoring Deliver a Message). Instead the Swordsman pops Serena twice and gets a trigger to get 2 pass tokens. I try to get scheme markers down for Detonate Charges, but he is able to pull the Swordsman away. Manos flips the center marker, Pandora cannot get far enough away and Yan Lo is able to scheme marker her. Pandora: 3 VP Yan Lo: 5 VP (Turf War, Deliver a Message) Lessons Learned: Ugh, that Lone Swordsman. Failing to kill him was the bane of my existence. Additionally, Iggy and Kade were used in a very limited manner in this game, which is 100% on my head. Also, my scheme choice was less than ideal. I need to come up with a better (read: efficient) schemer for her. I needed to move the Poltergeist out of that table quarter as well, that just gave a free marker flip.
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    GT Round #2: Reckoning -Search the Ruins -Dig Their Graves -Take Prisoner -Outflank -Claim Jump For this one, I wanted to go with a smaller crew of really hard to kill models, so that my opponent would have few opportunities to score Reckoning, thus Rider, Teddy, and Hinamatsu. Pandora -Poltergeist Hooded Rider Hinamatsu Serena Bowman Baby Kade Teddy Kaeris -Eternal Flame Arachnid Swarm -Soulstone Cache Arachnid Swarm -Soulstone Cache Soulstone Miner Soulstone Miner Arcane Emissary Turn 1 Summary I move up cautiously a bit. Kaeris is able to get a line on Hinamatsu and throw her up towards an Arachnid Swarm (and gain Injured from a pit). Swarm comes into base to base, gets 4 attacks with -2 to Hinamatsu’s defense and a positive twist to damage, dead Hinamatsu. The other one comes in, and merely puts 5 damage on Teddy. Turn 2 Summary He wins initiative, kills Teddy, moves onto Rider. Kaeris, Pandora, Poltergeist, and Serena all mess around in the middle. Importantly, Poltergeist is able to Stun and Misery push the Eternal Flame away from the Arachnid Swarm. Arcane Emissary comes in on Kade, Kade and Rider beat on it back (ineffectually really). Miners pop up in corners. Pandora: 1 VP (Take Prisoner, Arachnid Swarm) Kaeris: 2 VP (Reckoning, Outflank) Turn 3 Summary Everything is a mess. Pandora stuns the heck out of the Swarms, slows one of them. At the end of the turn she is down to 3 Wds. Iggy and Rider still can’t kill Emissary. Pandora: 1 VP Kaeris: 2 VP Turn 4 Summary Pandora is able to polish off one Arachnid and the Eternal Flame before Kaeris finishes her off (by blasting the Poltergeist until it and Pandora die). Rider finishes off the Emissary, then attacks the final Swarm. It eventually dies to the Rider's Hazardous Terrain aura. Pandora: 3 VP (Reckoning, Claim Jump) Kaeris: 3 VP (Reckoning) Turn 5 Summary Kaeris kills the Hooded Rider, Iggy fails horrible to really do anything of meaning to a Soulstone Miner. Pandora: 4 VP (Claim Jump) Kaeris: 4 VP (Outflank) Lessons Learned: This was my first experience against both Kaeris and the Arachnid Swarms, and it was fairly tilting, to say the least. I needed to be aware of their threats, and also the activation order for Poltergeist, to have him go after Kaeris to Telekinesis up those pesky markers. Knowing about the swarms going forward, I can put more emphasis on 2” melee with Inhuman Reflexes and stunning them. Matters were not helped with it taking Rider and Kade 3 turns to kill off the Arcane Emissary, sadly.
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    I'd appreciate it if you shared your feelings on the oils (and I guess Contrast™ while you're at it) Already placed an order at the LGS for Werewolf & pals box for 3e. That can't release soon enough.
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    I promise I will paint something from this batch this month Work's been crazy recently but I hope to actually test contrast paints and oilbrushers as I work on these.
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    First model for the crew is done! Raphael is one nasty looking fellow. Love his grin! Feels great to be painting gremlins again ^^
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    Assuming you were playing Outcast Daw against Raspy, you NEED to take either Drache Trooper or Mad Dog with you. They have Blow It to Hell as a Bonus action, which allows them to destroy/remove all destructible terrain within 4. He's insanely useful to denying Raspy's main ability. I personally would go with Drache, since he also has his Move or Burn tactical action (I think that's what its called...?) which removes Staggered and Slow from your models in a pulse. And lastly, he attacks Mv, so Daw's inherent reliance on Stagger worked well with him
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    Inferiority Complex + Wiskey Golem is incredible. Nimble combines relay well with stagger. Twelve Cups of Coffee + Gremlin Crier or Twelve Cups of Coffee on Hog Whisperer. Both are key support models who need there AP and have to keep up with fast crews. (I normally hire one crier with Coffee and send them down a flank with both skeeters, that little unit can normally handle a scheme by itself.) Rooster Riders + Inferiority Complex are solid to.
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    Our intent was to never deceive or mislead our community. We meant to provide you all with an honest update while simultaneously attempting to maintain a long relationship with one our manufacturers. This is just as frustrating for us. Not only do we have a reputation to uphold, but we love our community – you are all the reason why we are able to come in to work every day and make this stuff. I’m sorry that we were unable to tell you all sooner. I can't look up your order at the moment, so I'm not sure as to the reason for the delay on your second order. We have people taking care of orders today, so if you don't hear anything by Tuesday (Monday is a national holiday in the states), reach out to us. The order in which we receive an order is a factor, but not the only one. There are other factors that we have to consider, too, such as location, size, product type, shipping provider, and many, many more. Missing plastic on a sprue is an equally frustrating but separate issue, and I apologize if the opinion of the quality of our product has been lowered by those mishaps. There are a thousand different things that could have happened in each of those instances. Sadly, these things happen and are inevitable to happen from time to time - it does sound like you've hit the poorer side of the odds, so I understand your frustration. We actively try to reduce and remedy these issues in as many avenues we can. If something like that happens to you, just reach out to us and we will take care of it.
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    This month, I'll pledge Samael, Sonnia, Queeg, Miss Feasance, Marcus, Myranda, Proxy Jackalope and a proxy Copycat Killer. Time to get ambitious! My current Shelf of Shame! Caedrus.
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    A quick update. We are still chugging away at getting orders completed and shipped out as quickly as we are able. Unfortunately, even with the entire staff in the warehouse, it looks like we didn’t hit our mid-week estimate. We have a small team coming in tomorrow to wrap up anything that still needs doing and going back to double-check that everyone’s order updated properly. Unfortunately, some of the obstacles in front of us were not in our own control, and we are addressing them in the only way we know how. We aren't in the practice of publicly airing our dirty laundry, but we believe that you all deserve an honest answer. For the last decade, we have worked with the same production company to produce our books across all of our games. We have built up a strong relationship with them, and have never once doubted any of the information presented to us. We were affirmed on numerous occasions that the books would arrive at our warehouse while we were away at Gen Con, which is why we decided to sell the books early in the first place. Since then, we have been misled, and have experienced poor communication, which have led to unexplained delays. The comfort and familiarity that we had with our printing partner caused us to not question their intentions, instead, believe their delivery promises. Because of that, there has been a negative impact to our schedule and your trust, and we aim to remedy that. In order to get the orders into your hands as quickly as possible, we have decided to take an approach that may seem counter-intuitive at first. Some orders are going to be split up into several orders at no extra expense to our customers. This does mean that some of the products will be coming later than anticipated. If you have placed an order for a Faction Book or a product that we unexpectedly ran out of stock, those orders will be split up accordingly, with those products shipping out in another wave of orders as soon as they arrive. The books are currently en route (we have actually had a shipper confirm) and we expect them in our warehouse in about a week, with the others order coming in just about the same time. Because of this delay, we felt it was important to regroup and refocus as the delay has rippled down through every aspect of the company. To remedy the long-term impact that this has on our schedule, we will be bumping August releases to September, September to October, and so on. This allows our distributors and their retailers a chance to process the new inventory in a timely matter as well. The new street date is September 20th. With this, we felt it was only fair to extend the August retail receipt promotion. That now will run until the end of September. We know that this news is disappointing and for that, we apologize. It is the last thing we want to do to our community.
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    I'd like to thank Kimberly and Shannon for the updates on my orders. #ToysforusLivesforWyrd
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    Give Jorogumo McCabe Swords, don't instant drop him towards the Middle, rather take a Flank (Through against Zoraida it isbthe right decision). Asami(Flicker)/McCabe is almost as broken as Shenlong...
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    I'd like to see a very, very British gentleman's explorer crew. Very Boer War-esque (which fits the timeline), something very Henry Stanley & Dr Livingstone (I presume!). The Boers could be some Abyssinian Crowrunner guides or something cool!
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    @Kyle I understand the delays as unfortunate as they are. Have Wyrd considered releasing PDF codes for faction books to Gen Con pre-orders? I'm sure that access to the content digitally would certainly be seen as a welcome gesture for patience and support and go some way towards salving a large amount of the ill feeling.
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    Brutal Fate have in fact already reached retailers. If some, or indeed most, retailers have yet to get it that's due to distributors not ordering enough to fulfill demand. It only takes a single retailer to have it in stock to prove it has in fact been sent out... Wayland Games in the UK have 10+ in stock as of writing...
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    Yes. July releases did reach retailers. Any out of stock answers are distributors underestinating their orders for stores again. And as they said on this thread, the releases for August, September and October got bumped a month to compensate for the Gencon debaucle. They presumably didn't have time to pick for Auguat releases so we're on a one month delay now.
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    Ok, explanation time: @geer They're kinda the best model ever. To begin: Tools for the Job - great cycle card, replenish your high value cards to your hand. Then, bonus action (name i'm to lazy to check) lets you eat an enemy scheme marker within 2 for a card - insanely good denial tech, and can surprise your opponent to no end, but more on that in a moment. Their attacks are pretty average, but blasts (on the shotgun) and severe injury (on the melee) are nice if they happen. BUT...the main reason you bring the Scavenger is Weird Device which, for the cost of a 7, gives a friendly model Focus +1. And I'm sure you're thinking, "that's not that good, Tenuki are a soulstone cheaper and give out focus 237 different ways, all for 6s or less" BUT, the FOUR triggers of the scavenger are GOLD. On a ram, the target heals 2. On a Tome, draw a card. On a Crow, target suffers 2 damage and gains FAST. And lastly, the mask lets you place the Scav anywhere within range (8inches). So, yes, the Ram trigger is kinda niche, but useful when you need it. The Tome to draw a card is always nice, but the Crow and Mask are INSANE. The 8in place lets you jump around, setting up scheming, Strategy positioning, or counter-scheming (#eatthoseschememarkers), and you're opponent can't do anything to prevent it. Then, the crow trigger in essence create a model which is now FAST AND FOCUSED. Which is good for basically any midrange-on-up beater model in the game. And then becomes literally broken when done to Rusty Aylce, who has one of the best guns in the entire game (Sh 6, Range 12, 3/4/5, ignores H2W). Rusty becomes a walking gun turret, since Rapid Fire lets her Shoot 4 times, or 3 if you need to walk to get in position. And with a stat 6 gun, she'll hit most anything you aim at, even if they're in cover. And min 3 damage is crazy at range. Ok, end rant.
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    Ferdinand Vogel should seriously become a versatile model for Arcanists.
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    TT are really strong now for a multitude of reasons! -They don't have ''weak'' keyword! Every Masters in the faction can be played on a competitive settings and they each are very strong in what they aim to do (control, fast schemers, killy crew, tanky crew, etc.) -They have good defensive upgrades -They have a lot of strong versatile models that can easily patch the weak part of each keyword You make all of this together and you have a very good faction that can do well in every part of the game! Every playstyle is supported and they have strong and fun mechanics for all of their keyword! Also, they can counter-pick against a lot of Guild keyword/models because of all the options they get and their easy access to stealth models/upgrade.
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    Tbh, right now if they nerf the pale rider guild will go from probable wooden spoon to near certain wooden spoon. That being said, they could lose ride with me and it's probably still runnable.
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    So one of the original threads is here; LINK I'm also going to post the actual rules relevant to the discussion; P24: "Irreducible damage ignores damage reduction from all game effects." Hoffman's Temper Steel: ... "until the End Phase, its Armor Ability cannot be ignored." "Armor +2: Reduce all damage suffered by this model by +2." P3: "When a special rule explicitly contradicts the core rules, follow the special rule rather than the core rule." P3: "If two special rules directly contradict each other, rules that prevent something happening take precedent over rules which allow something to happen." My train of logic on the topic, which no one (to my knowledge) has yet rebutted; Armor is damage reduction, which is why it's in the scope of Irreducible damage to begin with. Armor literally only does one thing, so to state that it cannot be ignored can only mean it's damage reduction cannot be ignored. There is no other possible meaning of the Temper Steel ability. Either Irreducible damage is a core rule and Temper Steel is a special rule, so temper steel has precedence, or alternatively it is preventing something and so takes precedence. Either way Temper Steel wins. The argument that Irreducible damage is not ignoring Armor falls on the wording of Irreducible damage quoted above, which says; "Irreducible damage ignores damage reduction from all game effects." I actually think the rules are really clear on this subject, once people take the time to read them.
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    For the record there have been at least two previous threads about this topic, and I can't at the moment produce links to them. Even though Armor's only effect is to reduce damage, there is a difference between "ignores Armor" (which various effects explicitly say) and damage being "irreducible". Irreducible damage is NOT ignoring Armor. Irreducible damage is damage that Armor cannot reduce.
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    The United States Postal Service runs about as smoothly as any other part of the US government.
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    My problem with all this is you knew this was going on at the last update. The books which were supposed to have arrived hadn't, and there was no mention of that at that time. To be honest, feeling deceived at this point.
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