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    Talking about burnout, I had a hard time to motivate myself this month, but this thread and all the photos in it made me sit down and paint. I am usually a very slow painter, so the slow progress can be disheartening, but I try to get at least 6 SS painted every month to fulfill my pledge. Nothing like a good deadline lol I am glad I got down to it, because Merris turned out to be one of my favourite Malifaux minis to paint. She's simple, but there's enough detail to keep her interesting. I bought her second hand with the flames already removed and I prefer her this way... not only because I totally suck at painting fire *cross my heart* I didn't even start working on my pledged Sammy, but one mini painted is still more than zero minis painted And here she is for 6 SS:
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    Sneaking in my actual pledge under the wire: Brewmaster. He doesn’t look as good as my stretch goal Shinobi because I don’t paint black as well as I paint purple 🙄 but at least he’s done. I’ll try to put up better pictures next month. @Caedrus that’s a total of 21SS for me this month.
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    Hey there! I didn't get to finish my models this month, the beach got the best of time (and now it seems I bathed in Chestnut wash). Apart from the monster hunter and the Steward y finished earlier this month, these are my models (the bases will have to wait until I return to Spain). So in the end, 15 SS for Basse, 10 SS for the frontiersmen, 6 for the monster hunter and 6 for the guild steward for a total of 37 SS, @Caedrus.
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    Just time to sneak in old Pere Ravage (7ss - love this model) which gives me a total of 11ss please @Caedrus!
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    @Caedrus I did a quick job on a steam arachnid swarm for 8ss
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    So many great looking models by everyone this month, it's really inspiring. When I have a rough day I like to paint to relax, but those are usually also fairly high anxiety days for me, which leads to me thinking I don't have enough time to make good progress. Doing this challenge has really helped with reminding myself that I don't have to feel like should finish a model in one sitting (and really shouldn't try for the sake of both myself and the paint job). Even 20 minutes is progress! I highly recommend that or a similar mantra for anyone feeling similar/blother forms of burnout. Thanks for the compliment, @Caedrus! As for my month, finished Dreamer and Serena for 20ss. (Also, I had 29ss in July so you don't have to go searching for that as you update the sheet) Please excuse their base edges, I'm waiting for a new bottle of black to come in for that. Coppelius is also getting pretty close, and a little more work on Chompy. Adventures in shadowy high contrast to come, on him.
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    Here's my August submission: The obedient Wretch (5 SS) and 2 Rat catchers (6 SS each) for a total of 17 SS The winged plague will have to wait... 😓
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    Hey guys. Some great work as always. @Caedrus For Aug I've completed 2x Shikome (14) and 5x Seishin (10) Total = 24
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    A lot to learn and cool minis to admire this month too. My personal preference go to: @Wintergloom Shikomes: the paint job on wings is so realistic and original. @Nikodemus Speders: a lesson in matter of semplicity. Anyway they look so cool. @Caedrus Pale Rider: the head of the horse looks liky popping out of a comix or a cartoon. Very original and well done.
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    This month, I'll pledge Samael, Sonnia, Queeg, Miss Feasance, Marcus, Myranda, Proxy Jackalope and a proxy Copycat Killer. Time to get ambitious! My current Shelf of Shame! Caedrus.
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    Greetings everyone! It’s coming towards the end of the month, so I thought I’d pop back in. If you haven’t yet sent me your totals for the month, please do so, and remember to put an @Caedrus in there so I see it! I’ll be updating the spreadsheet very soon. There are so many miniatures to talk about, but first I thought I’d respond to @Wintergloom on the topic of painting burnout. At this time, I’m on a painting-high (anything to avoid working on my doctoral thesis!), and I’m genuinely enjoying my painting. Like @Chou, it’s a great relaxant for me. However, having said that, I’ve suffered from burnout quite a few times. As @Nikodemus says, easy victories are a great rejuvenator. One thing I’d add to that, is that you are a genuinely excellent painter. With that in mind, not every miniature has to be excellent. I have so, so, so many unpainted miniatures that they fill a wardrobe. I’ll never paint them all, and I’ll certainly never paint them all well. So, some of them can be painted for fun. For me, that’s the big word. Fun. If it isn’t fun, then I’d say to any painter to do something that is fun. Change painting genres. Splash paint around for fun, or play with something else for a while (exactly as Nikodemus said). Or, if you’re like me, do something completely idiotic and just buy more miniatures. Now, onto the miniatures! @Purple Mist: Nice fountains. That bronze on the second one is absolutely gorgeous. Is that a 3D print? I have that Pasputina, and I’m too terrified to take it out of the packaging! @Nikodemus: Nice Komainu and mecharachnid, but that Sun Quiang is brilliant. The underpainted texture is pretty-damn-close to perfect. @Chou: That Guild Stewart is utterly Jack Nicholson. The smooth highlighting on the Guild Skull is spot-on, I reckon. @misterfinn: That super-colourful, super-contrasty gremlin is very, very impressive. I have to get better at highlighting purple. Yours is brilliant (both meanings of ‘brilliant’, in fact!). @Boomstick: The ‘All Grown Up’ Dreamer is supposed to be a bratty, belligerent adolescent. Yours portrays that beautifully. Kudos. @PetitDalek: I’ve never painted a gremlin. However, your orange Merris is making me think that I might have to move away from the traditional green. Loving the subtle wing reflections. @wobbly_goggy: I’ve never seen that Pistolero painted before. Good job – that kerchief really makes it. @Viruk: All three mercenaries are beautiful. My fave has to be Hans, however. Is the subtle texture on his cloak painted, or a serendipitous undercoat effect? Either way, I like it. The eyes on Hans are nice. They remind me of Archer’s night-vision goggles. @Stranglelove: I’ve never used a dirt-style base for Malifaux miniatures, but yours really enhance the style of the miniatures. Very, very clean paintwork. I reckon Ligeia is my favourite. That simple grey is beautifully elegant. @Franchute: I’m waiting to see the results on that Crooligan. Nice contrast between the dress and bear. @Wintergloom: Those Seishin are probably my personal minis-of-the-month. The purple and yellow contrast is gorgeous. I’m envious of your purple highlighting, and if you had a moment to write up your yellow recipe, I’d love to know it. The ‘coming from the floor’ effect with that pale turquoise is gorgeous. The far left and far right examples are rapturous. @Sol_Sorrowsong: The effect on your TOS minis is quite shiny. Are they an aquatic figure? I don’t know anything about TOS! @muraki: I didn’t think much of the new Lucius sculpts, before seeing these. They way you’ve painted them really does them justice, and emphasises the not-quite-human aspect. Kudos. @Diddick: I’m caught between your ‘gypsy Wretch’ and your sickening-green rat catcher that’s eye-to-eye with the rat as a favourite. The gypsy has smooth blues, and brilliantly done contrast. On the other hand, your rat catcher is creepy as hell. Love them all. I’m proud to be in such auspicious company. Well, that’s me for the month. I’ll see you in September. Caedrus.
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    Rushjob #1. Mecharachnid for another 6ss. Ready to skittle along with the Beastmaster.
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    Started on the new Lucius box this week. So that's 26 stones for Lucius+scribe+46
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    So a mate of mine made a good case for getting into Malifaux for the first time, with the new edition. My FLGS had some 2e boxes going cheap so I picked up the Bayou Bushwhackers and got to painting some redneck swamp gremlins. Still have to paint the rim of the base and add the water effects but I'm happy with the progress.
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    For the first time in Norway, Trondheim invites to Norway Open. We encourage out-of-town people to come, it is not a national championship without you! Where: Outland Trondheim, upstairs gaming room When: November 22nd - 24th 2019 What: 50ss tournament, four rounds. Schemes and strats will be given up front. Dead Man's Hand NOT allowed. Gaining Grounds will be used if Wyrd publishes them in time. We plan to have room for up to 32 people. Entry charge TBA, probably around 100 NOK. What else: We start the fun on Friday with casual games (probably Enforcer Brawl or something similar), but from Saturday morning 10 AM it goes DOWN! The current plan is two rounds on Saturday and another two on Sunday. There WILL be prizes! At this time, we have a crew box of your choosing in the pool (from golem.no). More will be added! Beers and burgers on Saturday night, most likely at Bror Bar (they have good food, a good selection of beer and rock n' roll) We will try to arrange sleepovers for out-of-towners Current sponsors are: golem.no Outland Trondheim We want more sponsors, please get in touch! For more info and updates, go to https://www.facebook.com/events/632988900559054/
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    @Caedrus thank you for the kind words. My total for the month is 41ss. Everybody in this thread continues to impress me with their skills and imagination. So glad I joined this community. ☺️
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    The shockwave and pulse are effects of a action, the same way the duel and damage flip are of a normal attack.
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    They are worth picking up at some point but not critical to playing the Tormented, Ive played many games without either. My Tormented list looks something like this usually Jack Daw + (either KI or GST) – 2 Lady Ligeia – 0 Montresor – 9 Jaakuna Ubume – 8 Hanged + GST – 10 Guilty – 5 Guilty – 5 Crooked man, Bone Pile or Nurse – 7/6/7 4/5 ss cache
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    It was almost a Syndicate or whatever they are called for the The Other Side. It was part of a campaign where there was three possible groups rising as Soulstone smugglers and influencers on the Other Side. The faction was going to be Marcus supporting his homeland by having his research and unique talents passed back through the breach so that followers in Egypt could make their own beastial monsters to aid Egypt's efforts. Sadly it lost, as I felt both it and the Council Syndicate were better ideas then the Sleepwalkers.
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    Yes. If you look at Detailed Timing, you'll notice that it shows If a trigger says Immediately, and it isn't a mistake like Willy's, then it happens before you determine the outcome, so it doesn't matter whether your side is winning or losing the duel. I think you may be getting off of Triggers and into other things. Examples of Immediately triggers: Ignition, on Elijah Borgmann's Call to the Burning Man Etheric Breakdown, on Leveticus's Unmaking and elsewhere. Which messes with the opponent. Buckshot Backfire, on Good Ol' Boy's Refurbished Shotgun The "Sand Worm?!?" trigger on Cornelius Basse's Caught in Quicksand. Which changes the action's effects. etc. For triggers, you basically just look at the first one or two words (after the italic restrictions and costs) and match that against the five trigger timings for when you have to read the words. Zoraida's Regret trigger, which goes "After resolving ... immediately..." is NOT an Immediately trigger. It's an "After resolving" trigger. Like you say, "immediately" buried in the effect text gets used to do strange things, but that's not really anything to do with when the trigger's effect block gets resolved.
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    Bob borrows $10 from you and promises to pay you back on Monday. You owe Tommy $10 and since you trust Bob to pay you on Monday, you tell Tommy you can pay him Monday. Monday rolls around and no money from Bob. You ask Bob again and he gets back to you on Tuesday and says sorry, he'll pay you on Friday. You are annoyed, but still trust Bob - you've known him a long time. You apologize to Tommy and tell him you'll have the money on Friday. When Friday rolls around Bob still doesn't pay you the $10. He says sorry again and shrugs his shoulders. He promises this time he'll pay you next Wednesday. Now you have to tell Tommy that you can't pay him yet again because you trusted Bob. Now Tommy's trust in you is damaged because of your trust in Bob. Are you dishonest in this case? Or are you relying on the truth from a trusted friend and being deceived. Now you've misinformed Tommy twice, but the only fault of yours was trusting someone that you had faith in and having that trust ruined. It doesn't make you deceptive. It makes you human. It sounds like the whole situation sucks, but at least Wyrd is trying to keep us informed. Would you have preferred for them to stay quiet until now without any updates? People were already pillorying them for slow communication. It sounds like in trying their best to keep us informed, they trusted the word of someone else who unfortunately took advantage of a long relationship.
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    So I just emailed, got an out of office reply. My order is: Euripides Box Dreamer Box Marcus Box Brine and Bones All faction books Core book I have not received one email regarding this order, other than when I checked two days ago finally and was told that it was being processed. Webstore status says unfulfilled. That is a $445 order that was placed 31 July. Does that fall into the 'clean up' category?
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    Oh I could see how I would have problems in a 50 vs them for sure. Her mechanics are better at choking out jack daw than jacks are on her. And she has tools to directly counter (bill for example). i didn’t score a scheme until end of turn 4 which helped stop leverage. A main reason I was able to kill youko was she took damage to move the strategy markers. I hardly touched her early which helped keep leverage shut off. Daw I can see winning still, but his weakness is if he gets spread out against her crew.
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    Wowza, just noticed Fuhatsu has a willpower of 3. Landing slows with 'one more question' from P&N or Molly should be super easy. Although if Molly is in range, I'd emphasise disturbing story. She could kill him in one activation if the stars aligned 😂 Anything with armour should learn to fear Molly. If Molly has a night terror with her, that's a double - to them trying to shoot her back as well.
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    My first team for Warcray. Guess thre's some sort of red over-saturation in the pic, I'll try to get best pics in next day. I got fun painting these minis and trying to replicate the official palette from GW for the Iron Golems. The overall points of the team is up 1000 points so more than sufficient to play Warcray games. It was also the chance to experiment with GSW washes a very interesting paint set.
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    I'm pretty sure there is no stat 8, and I don't recall any 7+... Talking about raw power probably Zoraida's Obey is the single best WP ability of the faction, specially considering the range might be 24'' for her when paired with swampfiends and the double mask trigger. For generating a lot of Wp duels Pandora is the queen, having both a long range Wp attack (Only stat 6 tho), as well as 2 aoe abilities based on WP (one as her free action) and terrifying 13. But If what you want is a way to get the summons out easily and you don't mind going OOK: Kade has a Lure with stat 7 and works well with Teddy (Lilitu is other option, but for the Dreamer I'd pick the baby). Candy has self-loathing (Wp range 10), Glimpse (Wp free action with range 8), a short range (4) pulse Wp ability, and in general a quite useful kit without being as expensive as Pandora. If you aren't worried for the range, the doppleganger may copy any non-master ability and make it stat 7; she could copy terrorize or twist reality for example and use it with a 7; she could even mimic her own lure and make it stat 7 in a pinch.
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    Yup, painted - I used a drubrush/stippling technique with bone white shade + some washes.
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    Hey. As promised, a brief report. The first day was really hard. First game was Corner Turf war against one the best native ressurectionists (Lev Valuev). My team: Lucius+scribe, Pale Rider, Sonnia+purifing Flame, Lawyer and G. Stewie. (Outflank, Harness the Ley Lines) His team: were Molly_totem, Archie, R. Necromancy, D.Rider, 2 crooligans and an affigy. (Outflank, dont rememeber what else). Final score was 8-3 for me. I was controlling the centre with Sonnia and was able to Obey Rider with Lawyer to bunch up with Necromancy for a juicy blasts and Witchling Thrall summon. Archie was securing the flank, so was not really a threat. Mollie wasted some AP to get away from firing range and was not really usefull this game. Lack of aggresion from the opponent was really nice. Second game was against one of the top neverborn Moscow players (Ivan Kopylov) and his Dreamer. Plant Explosives on Standart My team: Nellie+press, Pale Rider, Lone Marshal, Pathfinder, G. stewie, Allison Dade. (Breakthrough, Assasinate) Hist team: Dreamer+Chompy, Serena bowman, Insidious Madness x2, Stitched x2, 3 daydreams if i remember correctly. (Breathrough, incorrect Take Prisoner on P.Press) The game was hard and was primarily won by incorrect scheme choice by opponent. Dreamer is really good and hard to play against. I almost did a huge mistake of trying to do PaleRIder's Revel in Conflict near Dreamer itself. This almost cost me an assasinate point. End score was 7-5. Third game was against neverborn Nikolai Galeev (the winner) and his version of Dreamer in Corrupted Idols on Wedge. I took Nellie+Press, Sonnia+Flame, Pale Rider, G. Stewie, Pathfinder. (S.t.Ruins, +something else) He took Dreamer, Chompy, Nekima+upgrade, 3 stitched and Serena Bowman. (S.t.Ruins +something else) It was carnage and i think i lost at the choosing roster phase. Sonnia could do almost nothing of value against the stitched and Nellie alone could not tank all the damage from Nekima+Chompy and summoned alp. Game ended with only Sonnia (and probably Stewie?) standing on the table. Well deserved 2-5 for Dreamer. Nekima as a second master is really hard to counter in my experience. Day two: Fouth game against yet another neverborn in reckoning on standart: My team Sonnia+flame, 2 S.Spelcasters, Phiona Gage, Pale Rider, G.Stewie. Pathfinder. (breakthrough + delier a message on Nekima) His team was Pandora+poltergeist, Titania, Nekima (both with buterfly jump upgrades) and Serena bowman. (breaktrough + deliver a message on Sonnia). Score was something like 7-2 for me. I managed to kill Titania at the end of turn 2, but it was mostly luck and not an optimal play from my opponent. I am sure that if he were playing just a bit more thoughtfull i would lose big time. I had an expirience playing against this sort of list and it was brutaly hard. Fifth game was against outcast Dmitry Kevorkov in Corner Plant Explosives. My team: Lucius+scribe, Pale Rider, 2 changelings, Lawyer, Lady J + LLC, (Claim Jump on Lady J, S.t.Ruins) His team: Von Schill+box, Emissary, Prospector, Arik, Librarian, Engineer and a midnight stalker (Vendetta Arik-Paler R. S.t. Ruins). The game was really hard. Opponent is a an expirienced slow player. So the game was both challenging and frustrating (for constantly pressing him to play a bit faster). I removed almost all the terrain on my side to try and deny him S.t. Ruins, but midnight stalker with the mines upgrade did not really care. I think I had fair chance if the game lasted all 5 turns, but on turn 4 it was a 5-6 Loss for me. Probably something with anylyze weakness wouldve been more appropiate against the team (Arik with 5 shielded was impossible to kill), but no agent allowed meant it was going to be either Perdita insead of Lady J (Her Leap was really valuable, thought it already were partially countered by Ariks Graity Well) or Hoff (nope, not in this team). Match was practically bloodless (only P.Rider and coupe of opponent minions were dead). The combination of good play with simultaneous slow play pressure was driving me nuts (and still is). Last game was against outcast in standart Corrupted Idols. I took the same list from third game: Nellie+Press, Sonnia+Flame, Pale Rider, G. Stewie, Pathfinder. (S.t.Ruins + Hold Up) His was Leveticus+2 waifus, 3 Abominations, Rusty Alice, Ashes and Dust and midnight Stalker. (Vendetta Abomination - Pathfinder, +?) My first game against Leveticus. I was not expecting much, but in the end even with all the carnage it was brutally hard. I threatened 3 abominations early game to force them to combine early (Success) followed with the lucky kill first activation turn 2. Sonnia was a sight to behold, but Leveticus and Rusty Allice were wreaking carnage left and right also. Almost all of my resources were on the job of holding them down (Nellies distractions and stuns, Nellie and pathfinder slows, etc). In the end think i was lucky to survive. The brutality of Levi's crew was a nasty surprise. I think if opponent was a bit better it would have been an entirely different game for me (and a pretty sure loss). Score was 3-2 for me. My friend in forth place (Anton Maltsov) played one Basse game (lost) and rest exclusively with in keyword Lady J (4 wins and a draw). I'll try to nudge him into writing a report also. In the end i think guild is in an OK place for now, thought I am really struggling sometimes when i am searching for needed abilities for the game so my lists are really one sided. I need healing, focus and dispel? G. Stewie. Need RwM and late game carnage? Pale Rider. Need some Public Outcry baits or safe Disengagement for Key Models? Pathfinder. Thats why i am am often taking Sonnia with the totem (who is both excellent early game distraction/bait and an excellent scheme runner) as a second master for Nellie. Hope it was usefull.
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    I know its a bit off topic, but I already made a conversion of Agent 46 100% wyrd plastic and some minor sculpting. Here he is:
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    When you start talking about the timing of abilities and triggers, those five paragraphs in the Trigger Timing section define what the words "Immediately", "When resolving", "After killing", "After resolving" and "After succeeding" mean for triggers. Those five paragraphs do NOT define what those words mean when they appear in the body of actions, or in abilities. "After resolving an opposed duel" (which appears in abilities like Studied Opponent) is going to happen right after the "Perform Duels" step of the action, before you start resolving the effects.
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    Yeah, but Nekima is easier and faster to play while still bringing a lot.
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    Potato picture but I've finally got some on display now I'd get better, but can't get to the store before next month so here it is. A few left to do and I want to go back over the bases to make them a bit more uniform but 4 x 21ss = 84ss at tabletop level for the remaining skulkers now based I didn't get to last month. One more set of skulkers and krakinoi remaining for starter. Whew.
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    To me - "summoning" is not a playstyle in itself. You can only do the action once per turn. And other than making sure you have ways to unbury them (and even that isn't always what you want if you're hoping to use the cricket bat at maximum damage) the rest of the turn is not at all related to summoning or setting up for summoning. If you are trying to summon lots of little models, then you need to cause more unburying, but if you are only summoning 1 model a turn then you probably already have a decent chance to make the opponent fail a WP duel else where. And then, primarily focused on Summoning stitched for damage can lead to playing the game very differently to you being focused on Summoning Insidious madness for scheme running, or building a list that is relatively balanced, and summoning what is appropriate at the time to get the best results.
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    My congrats for your panting job: minis and bases look great. Honestly, if those are minis from the 3rd Edition I must say I do not see a great boost and that do not help my dedication to Malifaux. You already properly described oddities in the first figure. As regard the Pale Rider it looks like there was more sculpting attention to the horse than the rider...... May be we could rename this figure the blue Horse!
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    Kicking off the second of our (almost) monthly tournaments! Welcome to the frist Breach of the Month! Where: Outland Trondheim, upstairs gaming room When: Saturday October 19st, 10 AM What: 50ss tournament, three rounds. Schemes and strats will be given up front. Dead Man's Hand is allowed. Free entrance for everyone! What else: Most likely, there will be prizes! When the cards have been packed away, we head to Bror Bar for beers and burgers. For more info and updates, go to https://www.facebook.com/events/477150136175564/
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    Hi all, Managed to finish my pledge even while starting to teach high school this month! Next up: Parker Barrows & co.! Have a good week, all.
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    Depends on how bad you need those markers gone; you can remove all markers, discard a card and then get no card from the discard pile.
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    By demand from the meta, we will try to run tournaments every month! Welcome to the frist Breach of the Month! Where: Outland Trondheim, upstairs gaming room When: Saturday September 21st, 10 AM What: 50ss tournament, three rounds. Schemes and strats will be given up front. Dead Man's Hand is allowed. Free entrance for everyone! What else: Most likely, there will be prizes! When the cards have been packed away, we head to Bror Bar for beers and burgers. For more info and updates, go to https://www.facebook.com/events/379851836067268/
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    For Rogue Necromancy, I was thinking of getting the Alt Huggy and cutting it so that the tentacles & head are emerging from the base ala 40,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Something kind of like this:
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    TGIAGS on moon shinobi can be fun. Disguised with stealth makes them a pain to deal with. With drunken Kung Fu if they shoot the gun into friendly fire free to hit
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    War Pig with Complex. At 9ss War Pig can bully a large number of model, including some low cost henchmen. With Shove Aside and Reckless it can almost attack 4 times in an activation. Be ware that all non-summon upgrade would be discarded when replacing, so you have to hire a War Pig to attach the Complex upgrade. My another favorite pair, stealing from the Facebook group, is Zipp plus Coffee. Just run Zipp into middle of opponent's crew and those x3 will make them suffer. If you are placing him close enough to include enemy model into the concealment, then they are even troubled to target friendly with supporting action.
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    Yeah, I'm generally in agreement that Lazarus is reasonably balanced for his cost and has a solid role (durable ranged threat). It is just hard to justify taking him when Hannah and the Strongarm are so powerful that they are often auto-takes, and thus you rarely have the points left over for Lazarus.
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    This is my opinion, so feel free to ignore it. If you want to do well at events the most important thing is YOU know how your crew works and what bits can cover what roles. It's not the list that win games, its the tactics and ability to adapt to the game state that wins. And the best way to find that out is try and fail. And understand why it failed. To me, your flanking group looks fragile, and against Mei feng it costs her very little in tempo to engage and kill the group. ( most things will be able to ride the rails back to the middle quickly. ) I know if I was facing it I would dedicate a significant force to dealing with it, as its going to score the bulk of your points. Facing dashel I probably would try and avoid scheme marker schemes because I'm just handing him better summons. So it's unlikely you need to prevent breakthrough and search the ruins. But I may be wrong. And winning this game doesn't mean the tactic always will work, just like losing doesn't mean it's a bad tactic, it just might have not been right for this game.
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    This raises another question - do most immediately triggers resolve whether or not the action is successful then? With the current structure of the timing, it would appear that they resolve before the outcome is determined? EDIT: Reviewed beta files for Ressers, Neverborn, and Ten Thunders and found a total of six examples of 'immediately' triggers. Most of them included adidtional timing information, such as "After resolving... immediately." My impression is 'immediately' is a bit of a cheat for timing, essentially allowing stuff to occur immediately, even if other effects are waiting to resolve potentially? For example, Zoraida: There's no rules timing for "well, what do I do if I have another action to resolve that came from another trigger like onslaught." Immediately seems to imply to me "this breaks the normal timing pattern and applies ASAP. It's bizarre that there is a specific time for immediate triggers to resolve, but then most immediate triggers have other timing text to complicate matters...
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    I agree that relics is still a good choice for them. Being at full strength is very importantL Plus, when in glory, when they reinforce, the new fireteam(s) can make a action (which enables them to still act even though you've reinforced during their activation). Though I'd say that if you are playing a 2 commander game, having relics on the stormsiren & having her reinforce the Frenzy might be better (you get the action from the reinforcement, and then since the reinforcement was not during the Frenzy's activation, the newly arrived fireteam can still act in their activation)
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    My problem with all this is you knew this was going on at the last update. The books which were supposed to have arrived hadn't, and there was no mention of that at that time. To be honest, feeling deceived at this point.
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    Congratulations on your placing. Sounds like some tight games. I do have to say, from a purely personal perspective, that I really hope Gaining Grounds bans second masters outright. M3e's best design goal was prioritising theme crews and additional master hiring has always been a really wrong-headed, counter-productive move in that regard. It's really depressing to see that becoming the standard.
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