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    Posting this here, as it seems relevant. Here's what she looks like the flesh, so to speak.
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    In that case 2 sillies make a rule, because I'm pretty sure that's how it is.
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    I mean, compared to what? 2/4/5 damage track is pretty good (Ironsides is a base 2/3/5 for reference, Lady J a 3/4/5), it can easily get +1 and sometimes +2 with Crit Strike, with a to damage if they're at full health, and flipping off a base stat 7. With Analyze Weakness on card for those pesky Arm2 guys. She can reasonably dome someone with a 7 damage shot, often in spite of defensive tech. That kills a lot of 6-7 stone models outright. In this edition that's REALLY killy. She has comparable damage output to someone like Lady J or Nekima, but on a 12" stick.
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    She cannot affect strategy markers. Page 28 in the rulebook states that strategy markers cannot be affected by the effects of models.
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    I'm guessing you meant to say before finishing the duel/before resolving the action, but yes, it's essentially adds a cost to declare any trigge
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    The last post I wrote about the Dreamer was well received, and now that I've got a few more games finished off, I thought I'd share some more thoughts! In my last post, I put a lot of emphasis on the heavy hitters in the crew: henchmen and enforcers. One major downside of this is it makes a resource-intensive crew even hungrier for cards. Having lots of beaters is no good if you can't hit anything because your hand is empty! Sometimes it is okay, but a skilled opponent pressuring you when you're vulnerable in those first few turns can be difficult. And regardless of composition, you are already wanting at least two high cards per turn (one for your summon, one to force a willpower duel victory if necessary). So here I'll share some thoughts on tackling the problem of dealing with needing so many cards. Late game you have a stronger deck (even if you start with as little as three lucid dream models, you still thin your deck quite a bit by end of turn three). So the emphasis here will be on getting those cards early game. I don't know what the best approach is yet, but here's what I'm going to test out. Upgrades Slapping ancient pact on day dreams is an obvious way to get more cards per turn. Early game, they draw you cards. If they get killed later, it's okay, as your deck is hopefully starting to make up for it at that point. Not much to say on this, it's just the obvious first thing to check. Tinkering with Nightmare composition If the crew is card-hungry, one obvious answer is to include more models that can get lots done without using cards. Widow weaver and Bandersnatch can move around the board without having to cheat for disengage and their webs don't even use low cards. They definitely relieve some pressure by being able to do useful things without eating cards. Coppelius also does lots of useful scheme shenanigans if the matchup calls for it. Stitched together can guarantee high cards without having to use your control hand, and thus make them an invaluable tool for keeping your crew productive without relying on your control hand. And of course, they can do loads of damage, so are a good source of pressure that is not reliant on your hand. Including Insidious Madness is a good way to just spam willpower attacks, reducing your reliance on cheating to summon your extra summons. Overall I think I'm going to move from a default 0-1 stitched together in a crew to default 1-2. I also think that 4 henchmen/enforcers is too much for engagement-heavy encounters (reckoning, wedge deployment, flank deployment, corrupted idols potentially). So I'll limit myself to three in encounters where I think I'll be making loads of attacks instead of flipping markers. I'm not sure I'll always hire insidious madness, but it'll definitely be high on my list for a turn 1 summon, just to make future summons easier. Hiring out of keyword Hiring out of keyword models like Zoraida is another obvious option for addressing these issues, but I'm not quite ready to try it. I'd rather completely master the crew's own options for dealing with the problem before investigating the out of keyword options. Plus, Zoraida is a whopping 16 stones, and the crew already has trouble fitting everything in and relies on synergies immensely. That's it for now! It's not as in depth as the last one, but it is dealing with a very particular issue. I hope people find this useful as well, and I'll let you know how my testing of the different options goes! I would love to hear what others have been trying/their experiences with how it has gone.
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we introduced Waldo to the greatest piece of technology in the last 20 years that fits inside our pocket: the cell phone, simultaneously introducing him to the internet in the process, as well. We made sure to steer him clear of any comments sections so he didn’t pop a blood vessel, and instead showed him a 10 hour video of a fireplace. He’s on his 9th hour and hasn’t moved an inch. We’ll remember this the next time he wants to set our Wyrdscapes aflame (again). So while he’s been taken out of commission thanks to a looping holiday video, let’s take a look at the upcoming Malifaux Third Edition: Crew Builder app! In just a few weeks, we will be launching the app to both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store for the low cost of absolutely free. You won’t need to pay for cards or any additional functionality. Everyone who has either an Android or Apple device will be have full access to every feature and stat card on the app without having to pay a dime. And if you don’t have a mobile device, don’t worry. We’ll be coming out with a web version later this year. With the Crew Builder app, you’ll be able to build a Crew (duh), share your Crew with your friends, check out every Stat Card in the game, track games via either local or network connections, read the Wyrd news, listen to Breachside Broadcast as you’re playing, and more. After you’ve built your Crew and are ready to face an opponent, you’ll be able to generate Strategies and Schemes, keep track of your Crew information (everything from Health, Conditions, Tokens, Victory Points, and more) while also seeing your opponent’s tracked information, as well. You’ll also have access to Reference card information as you’re playing – just in case you want to read an Upgrade or a model’s card that you haven’t summoned that you might not have dished out just yet. This app originally started as a labor of love from one of our community members, DZ Liergaard. They’ve gone the extra mile in adding some polish and working with us directly to make the app the best it can be. There are a ton of great features in this app, and we can’t wait for our community to get their hands on it. If you can’t wait a few weeks and need to have the app now, we have more news: we are currently looking for beta testers to put the app to the test. If you are interested in helping us out with ironing out the last few wrinkles, sign up here. That’s it from us this week. We’ll have more news on the app soon!
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    There's really nothing like a good organization system to get things done! The keyword system has encouraged me to get to fully painted faster than anything before and it seems like a good opportunity to start a new thread of complete masters and their crews. Planning to post the complete crews here and go back and update the pics when new things are released: Witch Hunters Marshals Family Guard
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    Mox Boarding House at 13310 Bel-Red Rd in Bellevue,WA, will be hosting a 50ss Tournament on Saturday, August 24th. This will be a 3-round event, with Registration at 10am, and Round 1 starting at 11am. For more information, see the event calendar for Bellevue Mox at moxboardinghouse.com .Come on in, get some games in, and have some fun!
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    It has plenty of targets... it doesn't say Friendly or non-Master.
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    she got improved a lot during the beta before her change in the late beta she and her keyword were garbage! Now she's fun to play but I don't rate her as a top tier Guild master! More in the middle or low middle of the bunch!
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    The keyword was buffed a lot. It was severely underpowered early on. The devs made some cool changes that buffed their viability a lot late in the beta, including "a por el" and "family values".
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    Right, but if you choose to use it as a , then you can't use the action at all because you cant use actions while engaged. Gunfighter lets the Action be either or , not both at the same time.
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    More to the point, our little testing group made sure to use underwhelming master actions like that and report back that they were both working as they were written, and underwhelming. Finger on the Trigger was verified to be shut down by engaging Perdita (with incorporeal/flying models which ignored any screen between Perdita and the action, no less) and yet the action stayed unchanged.
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    Perdita is the answer to the problem of armor and shields, and not bad shooting + hero's gamble. Damador commands the marshals and heals. Soul Stone Cache: 5 [Masters] - Lady Justice, Leader + Lead-Lined Coat - Perdita Ortega [Henchmen] - The Judge [Enforcers] - Scales of Justice [Minions] - Death Marshal - Death Marshal - Domador De Cadaveres
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    You are correct on the black joker not coming up often, but remember who you're playing. You thin your deck, you're gonna go through it more often, thus see it more often. It's not like a must have though 😛 I do take it on daydreams like you said for some extra draw sometimes. Also, yes, not summoning 1 turn isn't the end of the world but it is a wasted master ap, and that never feels good. Hand isn't so much as an issue as you're playing a summoner, into reckoning. All of your summons are minions, so kinda squishy. Easy points for your opponent. Take everything I say with a grain of salt though, as I'm by no means an expert, just speaking from personal experience and you'll know your matches better than me
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    That's right. Perform Duel, then Declare trigger, discarding a card to do so
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    Wyrd will release a faq at some point. They decide what needs answering, but they certainly read these forums to look for ideas. This one is pretty obvious I think, you can't do whilst engaged. And the action lets her do a . Any ability that stops it counting as a will stop it being used with finger on the trigger. I'm away from my rule book but I think taking an action is the whole process. It's not a uselessly action, but it doesn't help if they want to charge at Perdita.
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    Counterspell's text: Rasputina's ice mirror: Page 12 of the digital book, rules for declaring triggers and paying costs: So it looks like you wait until you actually declare the trigger, which isn't until step E (and step D is determining the final duel totals, so you know the totals at that point, see page 10 of the digital book). EDIT: Technically Rasputina's ability and the counterspell might not be a 'cost', but the rest of the wording of those sections confirms the timing of the 'declare a trigger.' Both the abilities in question referencing declaring triggers, so I believe that'd be the appropriate time.
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    Just got a rulebook today. Though my local gamestore quit stocking Malifaux, they did order the rulebooks. When I went in to play tonight, much to my surprise, they had a stack of rulebooks. How they got them when no one else can is beyond me.
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    I for one really like the new Judge sculpt. Lady J on the other hand gives me a bit of the impression that she's at a birthday party getting frustrated as she's trying to hit a Pinata :} I wonder if we're going to see the version shown... i think 2 gencons ago? Together with ToS models?
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    Ten Scrip in the faq/errata pool on the words “summon a Malifaux Rat” being replaced by the equivalent of “remove one Blight Token on the Killed model to summon one Malifaux Rat”.
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    Object, like model, isn’t formally defined. Howver, object is the word the developers were brow beaten encouraged through positive feedback to use to refer to “stuff in the game”. So, for the record, “object” means whatever it is that the particular rule could apply to. “Objects cannot be dropped or placed” thus prohibits the dropping of markers, the placing of markers, the placing of models, and whatever other game elements those verbs could be applied to. In other words, the effects which say “instead of dropping a shockwave marker, center a shockwave” over an Ice Pillar Marker have a reason for using that approach.
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    This is my first major event as the official Henchman for the Santa Clara/San Jose area! Extremely excited to start running amazing events and furthering our awesome community! The majority of this event is using "borrowed" rules from the Tyrant Tournament event held at Gen Con this year, because it was such a fantastic event! Tournament Specifics: Malifaux 3E 50 SS TournamentEntry Fee: $15.00 - Covering Venue and Prize support Game Kastle Santa Clara (1350 Coleman Ave, Santa Clara CA)August 31, 2019Registration: 10:30-10:45 AM Tournament Rules: -There are no painting requirements, only that models are official Wyrd models and are fully assembled on correctly sized bases.-50 SS crews.-Fixed Faction: At Registration, declare Faction to the Event Organizer. You may only declare leaders from the Faction for the entire event.-You may declare a different Leader each round. Your declared Leader may not be a Henchman.-Dead Man's Hand models are not allowed for this event. Players are Responsible for: -Official M3E rulebook (this is the one exception, as stock is low all around and these are harder to come by / printed from official Wyrd sources is allowed).-Their crews. All models must be the official model from Wyrd games.-Official M3E Stat Cards for any models fielded during the event (printed from official Wyrd sources is allowed).-Gaming gear: Measuring tool, Fate Deck, any tokens/counters/markers.-Anything needed to record wounds, conditions, soul stones, VPs, etc (scrap paper, pencils, dry erase pens, etc). Prize Support: -Prizes will be in the form of Gift Cards (size of Gift Cards based on total attendance), as well as items of their choice from the community prize pool (lots of fun, limited models, plus tons of M2E models and crew boxes, as well as rulebooks, token sets, and Fate Decks) for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. We'll also be having a raffle for all attendees, winners getting items of their choice from the community prize pool (number of raffle winners based on total attendance). Further event information, including the Strats and Schemes for each Round, schedule, and more ,can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1620855681377800/ If you have questions, you are welcome to comment below, or PM me!
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    I'm ignoring the rest of your statement because it's getting obnoxious. And I'm going to address this. Hinamatsu is probably one of the /best/ choices to have as a henchman leader, full stop. Qi and Gong gives access to leverage and a lot of lure, as well as some pretty effective anti-schemers, and puppet is a huge keyword that gives access to all of the effigies. And Hinamatsu with 3 actions? Move 6 with a +2 on your charge. In melee Hina gets 4 melee attack actions with a 2/3/4 damage track and with the right luck (or cards in hand) You can literally double your attack action. Armor +2 is nothing to scoff at either. So you're actively incorrect about the henchman leader, which means you have plenty. Sure, it's not puppetmastery, but.... It's better than par.
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    It's already going out to stores. Based on what I've seen it hasn't been the entire order but in batches which makes me think Wyrd is spending more money for multiple smaller shipments as they get ready rather than a bulk shipment.
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    I don't know if "object" is ever defined, but by rule Shockwave markers are "dropped" and Impassable terrain prohibits dropping or creating on it. I understand your question is predicated on the idea that some class of thing may exist that does not fall within "object," especially since the term is undefined. And that gap in definition opens the window to the hypothetical entity evading the behavioral restriction. But in the absence of an "object" definition, I'd look at the behavior restrictions as examples of the kinds of things that are "objects." Namely, the rule is meant to cover anything dropped or created.
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    Malifaux players have form for twisting the rules in unexpected ways. It's why things like deliver a message has to have rules to stop you killing your own models to deny points, and so many actions are enemy only, because in the past players have used them in strange and unexpected ways ( pine box taxi springs to mind) so I look at the exact words carefully. I'd like an answer for this more for the effects on shielding than knowing if ashes can do +1 or +2 damage maximum.
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    Her new love story has impacted her training time!
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    And now we find the truth of why Lady Justice no longer has Ml7. I'm not sure I like the new judge, she does look a little to Ten thunder. I think you might need to angle the Justice pose forward to make it look like it works, it does seem a little under control in that render. Will certainly wait to see it in the flesh, but I think I prefer it over the M2E box.
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    I'm considering converting the malifaux child into a Newsies. Big Jake could make a decent frontiersman.
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    I'm not trying to be funny here, but I've seen several posts from you recently that have been unrelentingly negative. Now, I understand why some of the decisions and issues with the M3E launch have not been ideal and you are disappointed but the biggest killer of a game is unrelenting negativity. I don't know what you're like in person, but if you talk about Malifaux and Wyrd in your local area with even half the negativity you do on these forums, that is going to be just as big a contributor to the situation as the stock issues. Rules and cards are available for free download. Games can be played with M2E minis while waiting for M3E releases (and many are still available online, sometimes at great prices). The only reason for M3E to be a complete failure in your area is negative attitudes. The stock is coming, but some positivity and creativity is needed to keep the idea that the game is worth waiting for alive. If you succumb to the negativity in person, that isn't going to happen. I imagine the order is already in with the printers, but the first wave of Faction books was delayed due to circumstances outside Wyrd's hands. We're probably looking at a mid-September restock of books at the earliest in my (completely uninformed!) opinion.
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    I'm hoping an ex-lover, childhood friend.... some kind of emotional touchstone that Lynch just can't let go of because it's his fault she's dead. Give me pathos!
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    Just tie a bandanna around your eyes and start gluing stuff. That's what LJ would do.
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    Why not? Can't generate the enthusiasm to do so?
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    This is the part you are getting wrong. The rules on page 28 are pretty clear on this one: page 28 the marker dropped is friendly to the crew controlling the action.
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    I cut up my upgrade cards. They had round faction symbols on the back so I got some 30mm-ish rounds that my group could use for turf war markings as long as there was a true 30mm to place them atop. While I cut some model art out of M2e model cards with a fantasy of decorating terrain with ‘wanted’ posters, that probably won’t happen.
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    And a couple more as I'm working through that formerly nebulous pile of things labeled M&SU: Augmented Machina
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    Umm... you should qualify that "never" to specify "in plastic". Because in the 1st Ed metals, very few Totems WEREN'T sold separately. Only one I can think of that was, was LCB (for obvious reasons).
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    I can use it as 1'' , but it's still 12"
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    So.... it would be completly blocked from LoS to all height 1 models, therefore couldn't take a shot against them, and everything else height 2 or greater gets cover from all shots, yes? You know that's cinematically much cooler! Shots ricocheting off the marble, little guys crawling from stone to stone! I might get them to make more tombstone terrain.
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    If the terrain is height 1 it does nothing for size 2 or greater models.
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    It's 1 Chi, 1 Focus. Monks can gain Chi instead of Focus when they do the Concentrate action. But Risky Maneuvers doesn't do Concentrate. It just straight up gives you Focused +1, so you don't get a choice.
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    That doesn't look too bad, except I see a lot of Blocking terrain and not much else. I would fee good playing on it as I see lots of opportunity to hide if needed and still have open lanes for charging/shooting. Adding in some more Severe and Concealing terrain would be good to break things up a bit. Concealing is especially important in the this edition as it helps tone down ranged crews who can otherwise be a terror. If you don't want forests you can use things like small steam vents, chemical spills, etc. for small areas of concealing.
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    No-one would fault you for playing that as an Alt McTavish. Especially since on this model the rider is *actually* sitting on the damned gator!
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    Hmm...then if an Ability can go "into effect", it's implied that Abilities are game effects, in which case Killjoy's Demise is a game effect and the entire Demise game effect would be ignored due to the Bury rules.
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    It's in a different spot, but the text is there on the alt cards. For example, you can find Miss Deed's card to download here and the text "This model counts as Taelor in every way." is written in yellow at the bottom of the front side of the card. Teddy is an exception because the old alt was still named Teddy, so therefore the extra text is unnecessary. Miss Ery, another alt for Teddy, does have that text on its card. Hope that helps.
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    Except Killjoys Demise ability doesn't cause actions at all. I think Demise (Immortal) is a Bury effect, because part of the effect is to bury the model. As such if Killjoy is buried you can't use bury effects on him, so whilst buried he can't use his demise. I think you should ignore the whole effect, rather than just the part of the effect that buries the model. The fact that the effect does things before it buries him doesn't stop it being a bury effect, and as such you ignore the effect entirely Buried models cannot be Buried. If a Buried model would be Buried by a game effect, it ignores that game effect. I don't think you should progress through as much of the effect as you can until you reach a section which you can't do so you ignore from then on.
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    The rule literally says "when this model would drop a shockwave marker, it may instead"... It is explicitly telling you to not drop a marker. There seems to be some strange assumption happening that because these two rules are aesthetically similar they must have identical function, but I can't fathom why that must be the case. They have different wording that tells you to do different things, so they function differently.
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