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    Painted "lava" effects on the joints of Joro's feet. Felt they needed some pizzazz. And with that, the spider parts are almost done. Just a few "belly gems" to do.
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    I don't know about the book, but I've got a list I'm planning on dropping in the Arcanist forums on launch that should be helpful for everyone
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    So things are locked in now, but just as a thought what if McM's future alt card was focused less around doing lots of Poison to the enemy and instead around being a melee summoner? So he could have Dismember on melee, and instead of Twisted Genius give him something similar but lets him summon any Experimental Undead Minion whose Sz is equal to the # of nearby Corpses he discards?
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    I mean, at the very least the complaint about Perdita is valid. I do like where Guild has generally ended up and I think they are good, but balance for 3e did a number on Perdita. Family Values really isn't the buff she needed. I also still think it's early to have the factions rankings all worked out. That'll take some time.
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    Just played a game yesterday with the transmortis crew, loved the changes to studied opponent. Didnt happen every activation but happened enough to help me kill what I needed to. 8 soulstones kept the valedictorian alive the first 2 turns against a grootslange,bad juju and the first mate, along with zoriadas obeys on those 3. She killed bad juju, and an adze. Getting me 2 summons (sinew, for the tasty obeys on my Victorian for more attacks, great model, needs stones to live though)
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    Caedrus, reporting in! So, I managed to complete my vulture (posted earlier), and my Acolytes, as promised. They're not my best, and not my worst. The snow effect is a bit meh, but the cloaks are very pleasing indeed. So, 24SS painted this month. Remember, everyone, March is crunch time! If you've Mulliganed twice, then March is the month where you have to start! I'll return soon with an end of month update. Next month, sadly, it'll be back to red paint for me... Caedrus.
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    Dual masters will show up in both books, as well as Faction Decks. Dead Mans Hand models will be available via Faction Decks as well as downloadable online. And no, most of yall who have been tossing out prices are still considerably off. Yes, eventually they will all become available as PDF books. Only the core rulebook and stat cards are being translated. Fluff and the like is not. If you're concerned about the translations, take a look at the free TOS rules/translations and go from there. We learned our lessons there and worked with professionals instead of enthusiasts or quite bluntly, folks talking out their asses and not delivering. For those hoppin' and hollerin' about the number of books and being forced to purchase and that this is an outright money grab - well, you are entitled to your opinion of course. That being said, the rules, and cards, in multiple languages, are going to be available 100% free. You don't need to spend a dime in the least if you don't wish in order to transition to M3E. Lastly, if we had crammed everything into one book, that would have been spendy - not to mention heavy enough to bludgeon someone to death with.
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    Hah .... no. They aren't all going to be gold gilded lay flat hard-back books. Doesn't even get close to that price. We've not announced prices as of yet, that'll come here shortly as we finish up a few things. That being said, rules, cards, etc - all released for free online. No one has to spend a dime on any of it if they don't care to. Now if you want nicer books, professionally printed stat cards that are coated, additional background, etc - you have other options available.
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    Iron Painter is over! We cannot say thank you enough to everyone who participated in this Iron Painter. Seeing the excitement, camaraderie, hard work, and time everyone put into creating such spectacular pieces has made putting this year's competition together incredibly worthwhile. So, to all of those who painted, modeled, voted, and encouraged the painters: thank you! You have made this year's Iron Painter another spectacular competition! It's the moment we've all been waiting for since August (holy guacamole, time sure flies by) - the final results of Iron Painter 2018! As always, it is broken down by tier. Unfortunately, as you may notice one of our judges could not participate in the final round but the show must go on so here are your winners! Gold The Gold Tier winner will receive $500 cash and a goodie bag of miniatures! The Gold Tier winner is @rzaba! The Gold Tier runner-up will receive $300 cash and a goodie bag of miniatures! The Gold Tier runner-up is @ConqueringWyrm! The final scores for the Gold Matchup were Rzaba 22 (23/21) v ConqueringWyrm 17 (17/17). Congratulations to both of the final Gold contestants! Silver Each silver tier winner will receive $200 Cash and a goodie bag of miniatures! The silver tier winners are @Darklord, @Colour Charge, @Radamset , and @Whirler! Each silver tier runner-up will receive $100 Cash! The silver tier runner-ups are @icatsai, @LadyDraco, @Guslado, and @Nathillien! The final scores for the Silver Matchups were: Icatsai 16.5 (17/16) v Darklord 20 (19/21) LadyDraco 17 (16/18) v Colour Charge 19.5 (19/20) Radamset 15.5 (14/17) v Guslado 13 (12/14) Whirler 18 (17/19) v Nathillien 14 (14/14) Congratulations to all of our Silver contestants! Bronze Our Bronze finalists are @Zanna, @sleepwalker, @Natsugawa, @Ayvran, @FateWeaver, and @helldrad! They were each entered into the raffle 5 times (the raffle results are below). The Final Bronze matchups were: Zanna v ReservoirDog: Zanna Wins! Sleepwalker v Ynysley: Sleepwalker Wins! Corrgon v Natsugawa: Natsugawa Wins! Ayvran v Senya1987: Ayvran Wins! Fateweaver v Euclid: Fateweaver Wins! helldrad v Masskit: helldrad Wins! Congratulations to our Bronze finalists! I think I can... These are the people who completed every round and were eligible for the raffle alongside our bronze finalists. Each of the names below were entered into the raffle once. Congratulations to everyone who managed to finish every round of Iron Painter! AleveilInChains Arclight ArD Beergod cbtb11235813 Citames CMKeller89 Corrgon Darthslider domperignome Euclid Gos Malvain Marciosilva06 Masskit Necsandr PranicAttack prosefeorn ReservoirDog Senya1987 Stonewall78 Tsuki Vo1demra Ynysley Raffle Winners Each raffle winner will receive $50 store credit. Our raffle winners are @Stonewall78, @Zanna, @sleepwalker, @Reservoir Dog, @Tsuki, @FateWeaver, @Gos, @Ayvran, @Malvain, @CMKeller89! Everyone! Every participant will also receive a forum badge for making it all the way through the Iron Painter. Reminders Please remember that US-based participants may be required to fill out a 1099. All cash prizes will only be paid via check or Paypal. No other form of payment will be made. All payments are in USD.
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    So the midnight stalker has an ability to gain the master's keyword. Has anyone come up with useful combos for that ability? I'm kind of coming up blank.
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    Question: can Scion "target Buried models or draw range and LoS from friendly Obliteration Minions" always, or only while buried?
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    Black hole, end of days, cats and dogs living together.
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    Uhm, Assuming Jack has no LoS to him, the Dead Outlaw can push him.... backwards? Jack can’t use punishment on him because he’s either in LoS and eligible for punishment but not tormented, or out of LoS for the trigger, yet Tormented. I guess Montresor could obey him.
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    Depends on the situation. I went overboard in my first two games after the change, and beat them within an inch of their lives. Then the enemy master comes and does 1 damage to them and I'm 1 model down (Although +1 Hand Size) for pretty much the rest of the game. It's better if you use that as a turn 1 set-up or last resort tactic for when you really need it. Outside of upgrades and ook models, Tormented have no healing. Let's say you really need the Hanged to be somewhere, you can attach a horrible upgrade to the Guilty or hit it for 2 dmg + staggered to place in base contact with it but, if it helps score points, it's worth it. Most of the time, you still want to get the most value you can out of your 5 stones, so let the opponent put in the work to kill it. Their Share Guilt can get really annoying for your opponent. It's great that the Guilty upgrade is always relevant. Killing it with a small model implies the risk of you getting it back. Usually that means the Master will try to finish them, which is great because you're forcing that to happen, and you get the +1 hand size in the process. The crew is just a ton of fun right now. There are a lot of tricks you can pull off in a dire situation that requires you to damage your own guys (not only Guilty), but it's thematic and hard to predict. The crew has this... Masochistic way to adapt to situations now.
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    Okay that what I thought. Was trying to figure out if there was some trick to resummon it off your own guilty that I was missing. I really want to try this crew out tonight so just reading up on the options.
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    I really dislike : Exclusive Interview: When an enemy model within a2 takes the Interact Action, it is treated as a friendly model and the Action is controlled by this model. It makes Nellie immune to deliver a message (and possibly future gaining ground schemes) which I think is bad from a game design perspective (particularly for those who remember facing Hamelin in m2e with condition heavy scheme pools). I have no issue with her making the scheme difficult (Eg: When an enemy model within a2 takes the Interact Action, this model may discard a card to treat the enemy model as a friendly model and the Action is controlled by this model) but impossible is not great.
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    Most 4-5 SS minions are garbage unless they have nice defensive tech. With focus going between turns most models with stat 6 can get a severe 5-6 which just makes them go pop. Pistoleros with 3-4 Wds are like M2E Bayou Gremlins, just not summonable and with Df4 and no Squeel
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    Honestly at this stage your mind isn't going to be changed. Enjoy another faction, and I'll continue doing well with guild.
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    +1 I've played in Closed beta test, played a lot now... With skilled opponent playing for the Guild in Malifaux feels like trying to spit against wind - the same fun.
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    Hard to kill prevents health from reducing, it doesn't reduce damage, so it does stop irreducible.
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    Hi guys, I haven't been very vocal this month as beta testing and organizing an escalation league to bring new players has eaten up most of my time. (And being in constant pain has eaten much of my mental energy.) This has also made me change my pledge to Ikiryo and an Onryo (as that's what I've been painting for the league). They're not done but I think I'll manage before the end of the month. I apologize for not offering up any opinions or specific praise at this moment but I just don't have the mental fortitude at the moment. I'm really impressed with everyone's progress though, it's very inspirational and motivating! Edit: Aaaand l just realized that Ikyrio is 0 points in M2E... FML. 😝 Maybe I'll have time to paint up a Seishin...
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    In all my battles using Youko i found them pretty nice. True - the Youko had biggest impact most from her front card rather than back part with reducing opponent's hand size, providing with Charm Warder quite nice card draw (i have luck for getting high crows for starting hand), and Informants are great (even if Serene Countenance wasn't always enought to protect her from being close to the enemy models). I have to agree that the rest of her action was pretty the same every turn and every game - sometimes trying to discard cards from enemy hand (if i have high mask card), but usually trying to spam distraction with little of success, because my opponent doesn't like it and usually cheats to cancel it (but usually that made my opponent empty handed so it is good too). As for the exotic weapons - never used it, but it would be nice to have build-in trigger for We Own You so opponent would have bigger dilema what to do (even tweaking it, that trigger will happen if opponent doesn't discard any card, not one or less). Hinamatsu and Kabuki Warrior are nice beasts in melee, both have wonderful triggers for the lure and the second one is great carrier for upgrades (but then he is quite pricely). Kunoichi is nice too as a utility model. Bill is a little too unfocused in his role, would love getting stoic nod to bonus action, but it probably requires to many changes alongside all models. Charm Warder is made from paper without upgrades, pass tokens, healing, but even fighting against non summoner jynx with crows is wonderful, and chaos theory even more. Chiyo Hamasaki - never know how to use her beyond getting into enemy half to get two pass tokens and sometimes using Subterfuge and some range attacks. The low range are quite scaring me from using them, even taking into account that i like them. Would love getting +1mv to getting faster to the enemy half of board. - Geisha - usually get killed by shooting - if something has range weapon and LoS to her she is dead. The most struggling fact for me is that if i don't provoke my opponent with agressive discard to reveal scheme so i can gain pass tokens - mostly for defense, then crew is made from paper and die super fast without upgrades on Kabuki or/and Charm (quite rising their cost) and adding into the crew the Sun Quiang for healing. The second thing that struggles me is the poll for best keyword for each strategy - Youko crew get for: Reckoning - 0/29 votes, tuirf War 1/35 votes, Corrupted Idols 4/30 votes, Plant Explosices 3/34 votes (from poll i would say if i want to play at tournament then i should bring Misaki, Asami and Yan Lo and almost forgeting about the rest - Lynch, Youko or McCabe). Does this means that those crews miss something already and would see the board only for casual gaming an/or for fun by players like me? And well, those three crews (Lynch, Youko or McCabe) are my favourite from TT (because of them i'm thinking about changing my allegiance from neverborn to TT or at least splitting it equally) and i would say they are quite nice looking at and almost ready to print (but i'm gonna support all forms to buff them), but it leaves some weird/sad feelings how others sees those crews (at least imho McCabe has wonderful crew for Planting Explosives, Lynch for Reckoning and Corrupted Idols, but there are much better crew alternatives for them and i don't see any strat for Youko) and i don't want to seen them as free points at tournaments when playing against them.
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    @misterfinn Thanks for the kind words. I'll try to get a better picture of Mouse. I wasn't particularly proud of the paint job to be honest but I'll do it. Maybe there is a reason the picture is a bit out of focus For Ryle base, it is a simple recipe. I first painted the base in a dark green (GW Caliban green in particular). Then I pasted some tufts and sand here and there. Then I used @Viruk's mixture of GW Nurgle's Rot and Vallejo Still water. I may have put two or three coats (you have to wait each coat to dry before applying the next one, i.e. it is a simple recipe but it is not quick). Each coat has in proportion more still water than the previous one. Finally I put a pure coat of still water.
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    Can't wait to pay that $400 Aud for shipping those beautiful looking books. Also do we know if the dual faction masters/models are going to be in both books?
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    This got me thinking about an Addams Family project using wyrd minis Queeg as Gomez, Montresor as Lurch, Amelia Bathory as Morticia, cut off the side hair and Governors Proxy as Fester, Datsu Ba as Grandma, 1st ed Candy as Wednesday and not sure about Pugsley... Left hand of the flesh construct as Thing!!!
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    I imagine a fair few will, but probably the 'time skip' element will decide who takes precedent. Like the Dreamer being a teenager now for example. I would love to see Mei maybe get a new or just alternate sculpt since hers is very much flat if you dont look at her from the front but its probably not nearly as urgent as stuff like the inevitable frankenstein, stitched up and mutated Mortimer piloted by the soul of Nicodem (lets be honest well all know that soul stone is not just being used for fuel) or maybe give lady justice one since her current one is super tiny and her hair looks more like a fish hook than a dynamic motion frozen in time.
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    CR7 : Lust => Destructive Performance Foundry : Porkshop, Metal Golem, Mei Feng => Vent steam Neil Henri => Whirling Hammer Metal Golem => Off the Rails Honeypot : Gwyneth Maddox => Come Play at My Table Kitty Dumont => Draw Essence Last Blossom : Misaki => The Oyabun’s command Ototo => The Storm is comming Torakage => Ninja Vanish Thunder Archer => Target Practice Monks : Shenlong => Spiritual Alignment Fighting Styles => Revitalize Oni : Asami => A mother’s Love Ama no Zako => Miasma of Boils and Flies Ohaguro Bettari => Whispered Truths Yokai => Misery loves Company Tengu => A Song of Night and Day Qi & Gong : Youko => Information Network Bill => Stoic Nod/Heroic Intervention Ancestors : Yan Lo => Rebuild Corpus/Transcendence Izamu => Heroic Intervention Sun Quiang => Healing Energy Toshiro => Daimyo’s Gift Bone Ascendant => Reclaim Corpse Ash Ascendant => Storm of Ash Wastrels : McCabe => Scrounge for Relics/ "Careful, It’s Cursed" Huckster => False Claim/Secret Passage Keywordless : Fuhatsu => Scatter TT Brother => Emergency Surgery Dance of the Heavens The Lone Swordsman => Last Breath Conclustion : There is not a team where there is a Woooaaah effect. Sometimes it can be interesting, up to good. But the model also has 0 flexibility and Mold of the Other is just bad. Lower the TN by 1 and give it a symbol if you want it to be of any use ! I think it can be slightly interesting with Mei or Yan Lo, of little use with Youko, Misaki or McCabe. I will take one or two with CR7, sadly Mold of the Other cannot be used on Henchs'. Just like you! is so restrictive it's quite hard to be of any real use... Range 5, Tactical only, models more expensive (some totems had pretty cool actions to copy), -2 Stat (.... Really ??? We already only have access to tactical !) and once per Activation (could be : A model can only be targeted by this Action once per Activation.) Another problem is that the TW will not do anything of its life while not close to its "tactical friend", it's a very bad beater, a very poor scheme runner... Bonus questions : Can a TW use "A New Guardian" to give a Reliquary upgrade it does not possess ? Can a TW use an Action from the Upgrade of a model ? (I think yes)
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    So, hows your final thoughts of the Guild in the end? I kinda feel bad and sad with what we are left. My main issues are with Lady Justice another edition with bad Df trigger, Family with "Family Values" trigger, Phiona Gage "The Hero We Deserve". First of all I don't love the new Lady J, we got her faster what is good and maybe healthier but her defensive trigger is just bad, not enough Df to actually play around it. I think we could change it for something better, I hope devs will put one more change before the print. Family trigger is mostly on forgotten actions like Analyze Weakness and Sharp Wit (who putted it in there, every other Family has it on attack that they use quite a lot). Also wording is too problematic and complicated (it works kinda bad too). We could make it better (I've seen already a good idea here). And Phionas "The Hero We Deserve" is truly has to be within' 2" of friendly Scheme Marker? Except for "Exclusive Interview" (which is situational) this Crew does not put so many markers near enemy. Also it means we have to put 2 models into one enemy model to get simple . I don't think this is worth spending so many resources? What are your thoughts about this? Shall we boycott the devs until they fixed it? Waiting for feedback!
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    I usually used the Stealth and Camo mutation on my bigger more expensive models and wouldn't usually have them available for the Hoarcat. They really do seem like they need more damage, maybe get extra damage when attacking something at half wounds or below. That kind of fits in with the the rest of the stuff on their card.
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    Iduno. A few 3ss minions running around with mv 6, an ability to distract and force a discard when the enemy tries to disengage, then they act as a bb bomb with fly with me, bb pustule and bbs ritual knife (for additional corpses! Doesnt even need to do dmg!)
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    So I'm hearing 'Useful, but risky'. Ok, good to know there's nothing sneaky I'm missing.
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    Cant we do this already in the beta threads?
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    Yeah, a list of Keyword models by faction would be really helpful, even if they don't include the profiles or descriptions.
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    Overall I think TT are very strong, in no small part due to how many good versatile models we have: Tanuki, Emissary, Dawn Serpent, etc. For Crews: McCabe: I think while his hiring pool in theme is small, he is still very potent and has a tremendous amount of flexibility as a whole. The bladed artifact is easily the best one for the cost, however the others will have their uses here and there. The hucksters are terrific scheme runners as is Desper. McCabe himself is a gloriously sneaky beater and a great secondaryscheme runner when necessary. I think McCabe will compete and see lots of play with a lot of variety out of theme hires. Misaki: A fun beater with a method or a quality scheme runner in a pinch. This crew as a whole has a lot to love from Minako and her summons to Ototo being a beast that the opponent needs to worry about. Torakage are strong (FINALLY) and her other in-keyword hires are situational but have a place. Another master who benefits from having models such as Shadow Emissary or Tanuki in the crew. Yan-Lo: I think he is in a solid place. I have had a blast with every game I have had with him so far and really enjoy the avalanche mechanics of his upgrade build-up. I agree with @Razhem that Bone is way less useful in TT and split the soul will be missed but he can still play. There will be multiple ways to approach building this crew between ancestor heavy, minion-centric with Toshiro & komainu, or meeting somewhere in-between. Overall I love where this crew ended up. Mei-Feng: I think Mei is strong, especially in capable hands, but that she will have a steep learning curve. Once the turn 1 positioning game is mastered by her player, this crew is going to do some really fun and special things. While she is good in TT, the argument can be made that she is better in Arcanists due to the bells and whistles they get involving constructs. I don't play the other masters but did play against Lynch and Asami in OB and think they are looking good. SHenlong I have not paid any real attention to and Youko does not look strong on paper, mainly due to her seeming underwhelming but her crew has many things that appeal to me, especially Kabuki Warriors.
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    Both Pere and Stuffed Pigs demise only checks if it was killed and from an attack (for stuffed pigs) so I think it would count. As for Pere though if you wanted to self destruct him that way you should be using Breath of Fire instead of Flaming Baton as it does much more damage and you only lose out on distracted 1 (which after 2/3/4 +3 damage flip and then another 3 damage chances are you won't need that distracted on the target)
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    Honestly, I wouldn't bother trying to force Buffering to happen, I'd just be using Aionus to generate buckets of Pass Tokens early on for activation control, and bring along some ranged threats to make the opponent very careful about advancing out of their deployment zone. Which, honestly, remains a pretty dumb use of a 10 SS model. I remain disappointed in Aionus, since he is all about trying to make other models functional rather than actually being worthwhile himself. He feels like a tax on the crew, more than anything else. If he actually had something going for him in his own right - any sort of defensive ability, or a single decent attack (even just making one of his attack triggers built-in), he might be able to justify the 10 SS. Right now, not much to get excited about. The rest of her crew aren't in bad shape, though. I think they are solid even when you don't manage to get the Fast/Slow/Bury combos going, and are in a great place when you do. I think Aionus is a bit of a trap, since you then have 10 SS tied up in forcing those shenanigans to happen, rather than just being able to play to the board and take advantage of the effects when you have a good opportunity to do so.
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    Yeah, M3E seems very confused about what role hounds should have. They have a bunch of abilities that are about going into combat and disrupting the opponent (Hunting Partner, Annoying). But they typically die in one hit, and spending 3 SS to remove 1 enemy action is not a great deal. They are functional as fast but squishy scheme runners - but again, it just feels bad that half their abilities are useless: Pack Tactics: About staying together and attacking things, not something they are good at, and usually means they all die to a blast attack. Black Blood: Useful deterrent, or to set up black blood explosions. But, again, they die so fast it is hard to get much use out of it. Regen: On a 3 health model, basically useless. Hunting Partner: Again, with df 4 and 3 health, they aren't a distraction so much as a speed bump. Also, with 0" reach, they struggle to actually make use of it. Annoying: Arguably the worst ability in the game, as a conditional aura that takes an action to turn on. I've never managed to successfully use this in a game, and I've yet to see a battle report where it was relevant either. So... yeah, a 3 SS model isn't supposed to be great, but these guys just feel like a Mv 6 marker you hope the opponent ignores. I mean, compare them for a second to a Steam Arachnid, who has better Df, better Wp, Armor +1, immune to blasts/pulses/auras, and actually has a serious debuff with Latch On!
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    He's friendly to himself so I'd argue it does count
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    I would have no issue if it was a 6" aura with a discard.
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    Really? I have been enjoying him. Do you throw the crew in to your opponent's face? That's how I was playing them, and I couldn't get them to work. I have found a cagey hold the center line style to be more effective.
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    Well, most of our concerns were listened. So Bayou looks in a really good spot overall. Looks like Banjonistas are not going to get any love. Right now I won't see a reason to field more than 1, and they face the same problems as stated, they're a free push to friendly models and do nothing else. I've been playing them in many games since January and nothing have change for them. I still would like to ask for a review of the Gremlin Taxidermist. These guys are not worth 8 points. They cost that much just because they have the piglet with them, which doesn't bring anything special to the table. They're too squishy for a 8ss model, just check other 8ss minions in other factions: Arcanists Shastar Vidiya Guard +1 Df Arcane Shield Hard to Kill Sabertooth Cerberus Terrifying 11 Tear off a Bite Slate Ridge Mauler HtW Juggernaut Tear off a Bite Gunsmith -1 Wd HtK to Df thanks to Unionized Steam Arachnid Swarm +1 Wd Armor +1 Evasive Devourim Swarm Guild Hunter Armor +2 Death Marshal Recruiter HtW +1 Df Unnatural vigor Witchling Thrall Absorb the Flame HtW Neverborn Rougarou -1 Df +1 Wd HtW Eat your fill Shrug Off Geryon HtK Frozen Vigor Swallow you Whole Reform from Ice Extended Reach Resurrectionists Kentauroi -1 Df +1 Wd HtW Perverse Metabolism Shrug Off I could keep going, but the point is there. The taxidermist are more a 7ss model than an 8ss model. They need to suffer damage from friendly model to take advantage of the 100% of their card, but die too easy for their cost.
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    I think you will see casual play because she is still beloved in a lot of players hearts. Then frustration will set in. I disagree with you that it is because of the crucial change so late. I think the mindset when designing Perdita this whole edition has always wanted there to be this kind of resource juggle, and it is just a bad look.
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    The problem with stealth, at least with Marcus is that he already had that as an option via his camouflage mutation. Feels like it doesn't really address the overall problem people had with the cat and especially so with running it with Marcus. If I wanted stealth, I would have just used the mutation - which gave an additional buff on top. Now it feels like that mutation would be wasted on the Hoarcat and it still doesn't fix the issue of it just not being what Marcus needs - which is a good general purpose cheap minion. Please just give the poison gamin the beast characteristic and Raspy can keep her kitty for all I care.
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    With Stealth they're respectable scheme runners now. However I think I might just pay the extra ss to have a Dancer do its thing and use Ice Skating to just keep moving an Ice Pillar with it for Cover-to-go
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    maybe Information Network trigger could be on backroom dealing instead (so that it's built in) action instead ? Blackmail definitly could be stat 7. Or let it 6 with We Own You trigger built-in. If you want space on her card to do whatever thing, just remove the No Witness trigger.
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    Really don't see how people can look at the old misery and say it's better than the current one. For the majority of crews misery would only do 6 damage at best. Usually lower than that as not every card is going to get used for cheating, and especially not all used within 4" of a woe. Now misery doesn't have a soft cap built into it, and can also be used to deny any position dependent scheme.
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    Just make it so they can grow into a Nephilim minion 1 size bigger than themselves. There, fixed it. 😝
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    Thoughts on Lynch, again: Buff Succumb. It's Range is 6", it's Accuracy is 6, it's damage is capped, it requires brilliance on a model (which in almost all cases must be explicitly put on by actions/abilities/triggers - not incidental accumulation like say pyre markers against a kaeris crew where 2 models have Immolate at 8" ranges...). This ability is so heavily conditional and requires so much setup, when you can only play Lynch into a certain limited range of scheme and strat pools already, can we look at Lynch's impact? He can't be an effective 'plus one' master without his crew... I honestly dont see where the risk in making this slow fragile man actually threaten damage is such a risk. He definitely isn't a glass cannon, he's a glass tricky-card-guy-attrition-fighter-kinda-support-dude? His heal requires a flip, and removes brilliance from his own models, a resource that they themselves need. Shouldn't it be tax enough that I have to take a master's AP within a certain range to remove this resource from a model - do I also have to make that resource so scarce I'm asking myself if it's worth the single point of health, or more damage on an opponent... requires cards, fights for resources, has a middling effect. Support master? Obviously not... His pistol isn't anything special, and he isn't able to shoot into combat, which - if he's not tying up other models and engaging them within threat-range of Lynch, he will be dying. So he needs to focus, or he needs to rig explicitly to waste 2 good cards to make a neg flip into combat, if his target doesn't have enough brilliance, and if he doesn't want to run into melee... The card is confused, he isn't a master at the quality or caliber of others in the faction like Misaki, Mei Feng, even despite his keyword McCabe himself is in a better spot when you look at his card. Is the effectiveness of this master being balanced against the cost/effectiveness of Hungering Darkness? I cant wait for people to tell me how amazing Huggy is, yeah, I get it - amazing, 2 AP, and a bonus action. When you look at these two, aside from one ability on Lynch's card, Lynch is a support totem, Huggy actually has abilities I want to use 3 times in an activation. This is stark contrast to masters that have such great toolkits that their activations become a matter of how you think you can use those 3 AP best given your options - with Lynch most activations I'm trying to select the least bad thing I can do. I want 3 effective AP from Lynch for at least 3 or 4 rounds of the 5 round game - right now he needs to be drug around, supported, protected, so that in round 4 or 5 he can make an impact. As a player whose favorite master was likely M2E Lynch I cannot tell you that he ever seems like the best option when I'm looking at scheme and strat pools. I take Lynch because I want to put him on the table and playtest, but in no case have I seen a pool and said 'LYNCH WOULD BE BEST INTO THIS' - not once in the beta. In fact, I've tied one game, and lost every single other game Lynch has come to the table in both closed and open beta.
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    The only problem I have with this crew is Jacob and Tannen need to be move 5. Kitty needs to be cost 8 or hit harder. Better yet make her cost 7 and not a henchmen.
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