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    Miracles happen, I finished my pledge early I present to you my Asura Roten made from V1 Molly:
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    To be honest , it doesn't seem good even on paper xD
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    I would give Gators stealth if in concealing terrain. Cause that's how irl Gators get stealth. Or if they are in hazardous terrain. Could hide them in pit traps or waldgeist brush markers. That would be cool. As for pigapult. I would keep it in Wong's faction and Max the glowy and take versatile off it. I would swap it with taxidermist for versatile with the taxidermist changes. As for Trixie. Man gonna need to think about that.
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    How the interaction works and one of the reasons I think self loathing should change
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    Strange fur colour, your cat! That is not because he is drinking a lot of paint-water? Very nice your Volture!
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    Wait Georgy and olaf is basically master blaster from mad max right? We clearly need a female somer based on Tina turner's character. Miss Ing You. Miss shapen? If you were willing to go down the aunty line you could have antibiotics, antidepressants, ante up etc?
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    Hello fellow guild members, I am planning to start with Malifaux and with the new edition right around the corner it seems to be a great time for doing so. After a pretty tough selection process, I chose Lady Justice as my starting master, because I like the lore and aesthetics of hers and the marshal keyword group the most. With the seemingly hardest decision out of the way, that still leaves me with some questions. I hope that some of you seasoned guild veterans might help me out here 😉. 1. Is Lady Justice a good starting point for M3E? In beta reports and discussions I’ve read everything from “she is underwhelming” to “she is OP”. These statements have probably been made by different people and at different points during the beta, but what is the general opinion on LJ now that the rules seem to be mostly finalized? 2. How do the marshals perform for different strategies and schemes in M3E? For example, they seem to have no way of creating/manipulating scheme markers except the interact action. Since schemes generally revolve around scheme markers, this might be a problem, right? 3. What would be a good versatile starting list for LJ? I don’t want to get highly competitive anytime soon (I would need more than one master for that anyway, as far as I understand), but I am still looking for an effective crew as far as that is achievable with only one master. I was thinking about getting the “The Guilds Judgement” and add in a Domador of Cadaveres for healing and undead shenanigans as well as a Death Marshal Recruiter to utilize the burying mechanic of the death marshals (is this interaction too cute?). 4. I couldn’t find any information on which models are going to be remade for the third edition, besides Rasputina and The Dreamer. Is there a list of models or a date at which new models are supposed to be revealed? It would be pretty disheartening, if I would buy into the M2E models only to find out, that new shiny models are released two weeks later. 5. “The Guilds Judgement” seems to be out of stock. What’s up with that? Is it a sign that they are planning to release a new box? If not, how long does it usually take them to restock? 6. Lastly a lore question: In LJ’s Bio it say that “her eyes are covered with the traditional band of her station”. Does that mean “Lady Justice” is more of a function than a person? If so, would that potentially protect her from becoming a DMH model in future iterations of the game? Thank you in advance, if you are taking your time to read my wall of text and answer my questions 😊. I hope this is the right place to ask such questions. Best regards Foxicious
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    So I have tested Nellie and here are my findings from my play test. All in all i had a lot more fun playing with Nellie but i would say she still needs some work to make her effective as a support master. Breaking news - Worked very well, as a method of drawing cards. A few things i wanted to clarify, do you need to to take the focus to gain the card or may you chose not to take the focus but still draw the card? Also for a balance point of view should the card draw be only if this model is the declared leader? Scooped! - once again did not come up at all and really offers very little in the way of real game effect. Defensively it dose nothing and i would really like to see this exchanged for a ability that has more effect on the game either a defensive ability or something to offer some aid to others around her. Exclusive interview - This was much better then I expected it to be, the range only being 2 puts Nellie and the others into harms way and you really need this to be in effect to get the real use out of her abilities. I would say it may need to be a larger aura. not a lot though. One More Question - so besides one more question not being the most effective attack action, it did the required thing it handed out the triggers. Slander - The Trigger was fine for giving out distracted, but the rider of plus one damage needs to be changed to any Scheme Marker not just friendly to get any real use out of it. would go a long way to help the crews damage output Reveal Source - Unfortunately this ability dose not work with Nellie's current build. it needs to go i would say and be replaced with a action that she can use to enhance the crew around her somehow, as with the current interact actions way of doing things this ability never get any traction on the table. With the interacts being the new way of getting markers down you are limited by the not withing 4 inch rule of another scheme marker. This means that this just did not work and i found myself using it once for the trigger but with no scheme markers around. For me that means that actually Nellie would benefit for a more control or support ability in place of this as she is not there to try and do damage. maybe a more rounded out version of betrayal as the action so she has some board control or something similar to molly or Hoffman, Fast or Reactivate. Anything instead of reveal source that works better for her in her new direction. Slow News Day - Was let down by not really wanting to waste time on the slander trigger, favouring the Headline over slander means that i did not also want to waste a AP on this action. I believe that this should swap into the position of the bonus action and have "get the story" as a normal action as again it would go some way of letting her control her models more, and really dress her up to feel like a support master again. To summarise I was very happy that the new direction worked as a idea and happily proven wrong as a sceptic to start with. That being said it dose need a fair bit of work before i would say it was in a good place again. Anyone else played her yet and had some thoughts? do you agree?
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    Can pandora self loath zoraida with obey as effect? Problem here is obey says non master. Also if i self loath a model with a double mask...can i trigger a double mask effect on that models action? Or only single mask triggers in this case? Thanks
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    You have to target a marker within 6" it can come down anywhere in Wong 's LoS, so long as it isn't touching terrain.
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    Trixie doesn't end up doing anything as she is currently. And shes expensive. Trixie has so many expensive support pieces. I love Gracie as is but that's my two sense. keep in mind I've been a warhawk on nerfing models all open beta my suggestion for Sparks is to make him barebones antiarmor. Crash his cost if need be. But make him simpler and cheaper so he has a purpose.
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    A great plan with a little flaw. I play only Ten Thunders
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    Most of the time you can cheat from your hand or with bayou two cards to avoid it.
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    I'd personally love to see a female Sebastian as that would allow me to field an all female/weird creations McMourning crew.
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    Since I've been trowing ebay for deals / oop models lately, there is a lady j box up there for a pretty good price (it's from Canada but even with shipping it isn't that bad to the US at least). https://www.ebay.com/itm/Malifaux-Marshal-Lady-Justice-Guild-The-Guilds-Judgement/254161694451? Course if you've already have a supplier, feel free to ignore this message
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    Also I may add - for what it's worth, I am not particularly bothered by the fact that McCabe may have better things to do than distribute upgrades: I will not be upset my master has valid options rather than feeling he HAS to do X, Y, Z to be valuable. That being said, his core WASTREL mechanics are based around Looted Supplies which is essentially a difficult AP tax to min-maxers, and he is 10T's only Upgrade master so we want to think handing those out is a good play. Both of these are core elements of the WASTRELs and they do OK without - just hardly feels thematic when their thematic abilities and actions aren't good enough to prioritize over achieving schemes and strats.
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    I think that this should be the way to go. Corpse markers could provide some other type of resources (cards, soulstones, , suits...) His Rigor Mortis really need some interesting triggers. Right now is giving one master action to an Undead, which sucks.
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    That just seems bad. My opponent failed when he flipped a 12 because the trigger stats, this action fails, and he had to accept the trigger. He wasn’t happy, I didn’t blame him for being unhappy about it, and I’d be pissed too. That kind of trigger needs to go.
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    As far as I'm aware, if it doesn't explicitly forbid actions, they can be taken as they're still actions.
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    *Ahem* So, @Hawkoon, it goes like this. Relenting gives the Defender, the exact same final duel total as the Attacker. Read the text I quoted. This means, that when Pandora attacks Zoraida with a 16 masks, Zoraida defends with a 16 masks. That means, the mask that gave Pandora Crushed Ego, is in Zoraida's total, allowing her to take Ensorcel, since you only need one of the two masks to make it go off, as per "resolve the effects of any Trigger on the chosen Action with a suit in the target's final duel total."
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    😂 yeah thats true! Oh well, what can you do?.... *Looks at wallet, which is trying to hide in a corner*
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    Agree Popcorn Turner is very weak. & I say this as the opponent! At the very least make Accidental Roll Over built in... Bloated Stench ,while thematically strange, mechanically would be good for his defences and open up Beer Goggles a lot more. Breathe of Fire seems to be upping his cost a lot and Tri-Chi have almost nothing that synergises with Burning...
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    So I'm not his opponent but I actually played this same matchup with zavros this weekend. My list was Somer Skeeterx2 Leny Georgy and Olaf Old cranky Gracie Good ol boy Banjonista I think somer is awesome! He's a blast to play and his crew having to run in little gangs is so fun. I think good ol boys are insane. They straight murder people in a fight and have a light heal. I focused my stones and summoning on good ol boys the whole game and always had 3 up from turn 2 on Lenny is a beast for damned sure. And my banjonista actually did a ton. Putting shielded on Gracie and shifting your supports around does a lot. They got me in correct positioning 2 or 3 times so all my.other big hat's where close enough. Mcabe was a blast to play against and I actually though the hot potatoes mechanic was fun. But he has a shallow pool for sure.
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    Would love to see a female Seamus, but maybe preferably with a box of male Rotten Belles. A Rotten Belle or Beckoner as a gender-swapped single would be neat by itself though. Would love a miss that helped fill out a theme, like Benny or the Unicorn Ulix set. I'm guessing a gender-swapped Sow-as-a-pony could be pretty disturbing... (Miss-Placed...?). My daughter loves the pony set, and it makes me sad that I can't field it in theme in any reasonably way (the fact that she is four and think it's perfectly natural with a man-eating horse also touches my heart in a special way...).
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    I stated McCabe himself won me the game. No down playing him. Moving the bubble from 8 inches to 6 inches is my only suggested nerf that brings the bubble in a little and I suggested a buff for the banjo guy. I also suggested removing awful triggers.
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    I think it could have potential consequences that might need looking at. I do however think that some shockwaves should have an option to ignore the effect for friendlies (like snowstorm) What do people take as her core? Firebranded + Magical Training Carlos is all I figured out as an autotake right now. Kandara + 2 fire gamin also seem decent.
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    Justice may be the most valuable starting master of M3E for the new players. She and her crew are straightforward enough such that you may focus on learning the core mechanism of Malifaux. And once you have enough knowledge of the game and plan to switch to another master, Justice can still be a top-end beater hiring into other crew.
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    Love it. Great texture on the dress and colour balancing on the base. The face is fabulous and hair landed a place in my reference folder. Is the scheme a reference to April from the Turtles, or is she a yellow-wearing auburn haired reporter by coincidence? 😀
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    I think Samurai are brilliant for what they do, but I also think they're in a very competitive spot and are by no means auto-take. Fuhatsu, Hinamatsu, Bill, Ototo, Izamu, etc all fulfill similar roles and for me I guess it depends if I want that ranged firepower (without going Fuhatsu), armour ignore, tank.
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    I've been running one with Fuhatsu and while I think they are very good, especially as tank. I could easily see taking other models at same cost. I'm taking for tank and some range in a mostly melee crew, they fullfil that role. Though if you are getting negatives on damage, 2 min is not stellar so even hard to wound can be a real pain. Samurai is asking to be used against armor in melee ultimately. They may be better than good in some cases, op only probably at less than 9ss.
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    Right now, he can produce one Corpse per turn, and most his Living hire options can produce corpses too. Right now, in stead of making him needing less corpses, I would prefer if he could use them for more things, such as healing, empowering his actions, etc. I ran a game against Ulix (his crew does not produce corpses) before the last update and at the end of the game I had so many corpses I could not put counters for them, and Nico was using only one per turn as his "many models summon" did not trigger even once. I agree that right now Nicodem does not offer many tricks to his crew, I saw him as a walking aura of and his activations were not very passionate. His Rigor Mortis could really get some interesting triggers (maybe pushing or healing) as well as his Decay. I would love to see some kind of Undead Obey as used against death marshalls when he lost his mind, but it is not mandatory.
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    @PetitDalek This Molly is à s'taper l'cul par terre! @Caedrus I very much like how you painted the feathers on the vulture
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    I like it a lot. It give the idea of deep night: perfect for Malifaux where all actions take place at night. Wonderfull shades on the base too! Congrats. And congrats for your assistant: he's huge!
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    @misterfinn: Indeed yes. Needs a drybrush, and a few little touches. @Purple Mist: He's a Russian Blue. Gorgeous cats. This one is just a bit thick. @PetitDalek: Gorgeous proxy Asura. The dress with the red to green transition is lovely. Kudos.
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    Comparing him to Ramos (which Arcanist players claim that is balanced, so I would assume it's true): Totem: Brass Arachnid Arcanist constructs: 12 Coryphee Duet 11 Mechanical Rider 10 Howard Langston 10 Joss 10 Emissary 10 Metal Golem 8 Steam Arachnid Swarm 8 Mecharachnid 7 The Scorpius 7 Envy 6 Coryphee 6 Soulstone Miner 5 Metal Gamin 4 Mannequin 4 Medical Automation 4 Arcane Effigy 3 Steam Arachnid 3 Mobile Toolkit Machina: 10 Joss 8 Steam Arachnid Swarm 8 Mecharachnid 6 Soulstone Miner 4 Electrical Creation 3 Steam Arachnid Summons: 8 Steam Arachnid Swarm 8 Mecharachnid 6 Soulstone Miner 4 Electrical Creation 3 Steam Arachnid Summoning & Hiring: Winner Ramos: The amount of models they both can hire is the same. Ramos has a smaller summoning pool, but far better interactions, since all of them all constructs that can benefit from scrap markers and have plenty of synergies between them. Ramos also only needs 1 Scrap marker to summon any number of models, while Nicodem needs 1 corpse marker for each model. The upgrade on summons by Nicodem makes them come with Slow, so 1 action less and they lost of their life if they more than 8" away from Nicodem/Mortimer unless they discard a corpse marker. The upgrade on Ramos summons gives them Stunned, don't allow them to interact and gives an ability to do free damage to no-constructs. Nicodem can summon a extra Mindless Zombie (which many other models already can do and the maximum limit is 5) and Ramos can detonate other constructs to make damage, draw a card and generate a new Electrical Creation (far better than a Mindless Zombie). Stats & Defensive abilities: Ramos has +1 Def, Armor +1 and Protected (Construct). Nicodem has -1 Def, Hard to Wound and Protected (Undead). Winner Ramos: Arguing that Hard to Wound is better than Armor +1 and Df +1 (which I disagree), Ramos still can be protected by any Construct (all his summoning and hiring pool), while Nicodem can only be protected by Undead. Attacks: Rg Stat Rst TN Damage Triggers Others Ramos Clockwork Arm 1 5 Df - 2/3/5 T: Enemy construct only. Drop a Scrap Marker - Electrical Bolt 8 Sh 6 Df 2/3/4B T: Another attack targeting a model within 2". Ignore Sz1 for friendly fire. Ignores Armor. Nicodem Fancy cane 1 5 Df - 2/3/4 - - Decay 8 6 Df - 2B/2B/3B R: When resolving, the target suffers +1 damage and this model Heals 1. 😄 When resolving, friendly Undead models that would be damaged by this Action instead Heal 2. Models damaged gain Injuried +1 Tie: I think is a tie, because it's easy for Ramos to generate extra attacks, ignores armor and every time he kills someone, creates a scrap marker, plus another scrap marker in melee with a . On the other hand, Nico ranged attack is not shooting, always puts a blast and give Injured by default. Support abilities: Nicodem has a bubble aura to support Undead models, but his keyword nobody is undead. Between all the models he can hire/summon 11 are Undead and 7 are Living or Construct, so 60% - 40%. Nicodem don't bring anything to 40% of his hiring pool and don't really interact with them, just brings more of the same (bonus to Undead and Corpse Markers, that most of them are not necessary). Nicodem can give an extra action to an Undead model (and with some luck, push a minion up to 3"). Ramos has a heal to any construct (all his hiring and summoning pool), he can detonate any construct to make 2 damage in a 2" pulse and will get 2 cards from it. One from Survival of the fittest and another one from Controlled Detonation. With Survival of the Fittest, he can easily draw 4 cards on each activation + summoning 2 Steam Arachnids that will become another 6 cards or 4 cards + 2ss or 2 cards + 4ss. While this is not directly support to his crew, having the highest card on his hand looks like a decent way to support/benefit. Winner: Ramos Corpse vs Scrap: There are 15 abilities (not different) spread in Arcanist models that interact with scrap marker in order to do many different stuff: gain shielded, bonus to Stat, get Power tokens, heal, teleports/pushes... And almost nobody in other factions interact negatively with them. Most of them in models that Ramos can hire without the tax cost. There are aproximately 24 abilities in Resurrectionist that interact somehow with corpse markers and plenty of models that generate them easily. Very few models of the Nicodem hiring pool can really make use of them. You need them to summon and to keep your summons alive more time.
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    Thanks for expanding on your initial statement, you definitely made me see how powerful Chi can be. I might not this Harness Chi looks exciting but it sounds like a great work horse ability. Knowing this now, in addition to the most recent changes, the Monks are looking a lot more attractive as a crew.
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    I'm on board with returning Grow to be automatic when you kill something, it would seem to solve this issue. And then keep the part where it can happen during your turn. In this way, if you kill something that drops a corpse marker, you have a chance to heal up after by eating the corpse, but if it drops a different marker, you still Grow, you just don't get the heal (but you still have the opportunity to get the model to safety if you have an Action left). Seems like a nice tradeoff.
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    Caedrus, checking in with a very quick update! So, this month (and the next two 😖) will be super-busy, so my efforts will drop dramatically. Having said that, I finished a vulture: and I've made some progress on my December Acolytes, as well as my Beastman for my '12-month Beastman personal challenge'. Finally, you had all better say hello to Percy. He drinks my paint water. He's not what you'd call a smart cat. Great painting again this month, folks! When I get a chance, I'll swing by and leave feedback. Until then, pat your cat (or goat), and put pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
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    Well, here's an update on my month: finished Talos as Killjoy (though his knife didn't show well in the pictures, in person it looks like obsidian) for 10ss, 2 Silurids at 6ss each, the Adze for 7ss, and the Wil o' the Wisp for 4ss (though I'm debating about going over it's wing veins with the dark grey of it's body to make them pop more, but not sure it I hate myself that much or if it would throw off the glow look. Very much open to thoughts and suggestions.) So far for the month that puts me at 33ss, and following it up with a WIP of two Akanme I wasn't intending to start on yet, but they were just staring at me...
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    I want to bring back again the Nicodem issue, some concerns: Models in keyword: Vulture: If you manage to make him survive until the end of the turn, it could be useful somehow. But basically is 3" pulse for heal 1 in undead models. Thomas Rafkin: It's just here for lore purposes. Mortimer: Does his job. Better damage output than Nico, better surivavility and almost better support than Nicodem to undead. Slow but though. Same free action as Nico. Gravedigger: Corpse marker generators. Good support model. What does Nicodem do for them? Absolutly nothing. What do they do for Nicodem? Bring more corpse markers, whith which Nico can only interact once per turn and that he can bring by himself. So basically nothing. Yes both, support undead models. Models he can hire (Zombie): The redchappel ones: They're built to work with Seamus and benefit from the Wp duels, being engaged while Seamus shoots people for insane damage and movement tricks. Madame Sybelle: She's thought to work with Seamus, ot really with Nico. Useful if you build a Nicodem crew based on attacking by Wp, but that would imply that you won't use Corpse Conductor most of the time, because most attacks that work against Wp do not are melee. Dead Doxy: Mostly the same as Madame Sybelle. They work better with Seamus. Rotten Belle: more of the same. Dead Dandy: More of the same, but they at least provide a cheap way of dealing with enemy scheme markers. The Experimental ones: They're just plain better with McMourning, that can give them free poison and help them to achieve their maximum potential. Even with Rafkin, they won't be as good. Flesh Construct: With Df 4 and Wp4, really needs that poison to stay alive and reach CC. Guild Autopsy: At least you can get 5 ss per game if you keep one of this alive close to Nico, but don't count it will do anything else during the whole game. Others: Rabble Raiser: Plain and simple. Works and does the job, even tho their damage track is not really special. Mindless Zombie: You're not going to hire this guys. Maximum 5. Versatile options: Asura rotten: This is a must in order to take some advantage of the Mindless Zombies. She has a better decay than Nico with the built-in Injuried +1. She would be a better master than Nico. Grave Golem: The best choice to get some use for all those corpse tokens. It can heal Nico (1). Bone Pile: Can get use of corpse markers. Solid pick to have some ranged thread. The "Throw them a bone" heal is anecdotic. Sloth: He is a better candidate for using "Rigor Mortis". Would only bring him against a master with a lot of access to healing. Effigy: No reason to bring her, the heal does not affect living models and for the Aura of Decay, Sloth would be better. Carrion Emissary: A decent add to the crew. It's Mv bonus only affects living models, so no Asura, Mortimer, Nicodem or Gravediggers get it, would make the few undead you have get outside of the "Necrotic Font" bubbles. More focused on poison/injured. Exhumation is good, but we already have plenty of ways to bring mindless zombies and the limit is 5. Dead Rider: Best way to move Nicodem around. Decent beater, but doesn't bring anything really interesting. Models he can summon: 7 Flesh Construct (Experimental) 5 Guild autopsy (Experimental) 6 Rabble Riser (Simple 6ss beater) 6 Dead Doxy (Redchapel) 5 Rotten Belle (Redchapel) 4 Dead Dandy (Redchapel) 2 Mindless zombie (They're to Survivality: Df 4, Wp 7, Hard to Wound and Protected undead. Nothing really special here, since he is living so no access to healing in the faction. Benefits to his keyword: 0 Benefits to Undead: in 6", to Df and actions Accomplice: No way to draw cards and most likely won't have past tokens. So not really useful. Attack actions: Fancy cane: It's just there to have melee range. Decay: Pretty standard attack without anyting special. It can heal Undead models. Mediocre damage. Rigor Mortys: Use a 4+ to exchange a master action for another action in an undead model. Really situational and not at a master level without decent triggers. Tactical actions Summoning: Very standard, not really interesting pool. Requires a corpse marker for each summoned model. Have to spend a SS to summon an extra Mindless Zombie. Grave robber: Need a 6 to make a corpse marker appear in 2". Is this really a master's free action?
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    I would say that if the intention of "Quick Feast" is to eat the corpse marker the killed model just dropped (I wasn't sure when I read it if that works out timing-wise), then it really should be called "Eaten Alive" or something.
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    Marcus: no clue. I've followed the discussions in arcanists and I can't see anything in neverborn that would make him a lot better. Maybe some interactions with doppel or changeling? Titania: She's ready to go. Nekima: remove grow or fix it. That's what's missing. Dreamer: after the changes to stitched he's good to go. Euripides: I think he's fine. As I see it the thread was about a specific list and not him in general. Zoraida: adjust her cost and her crew works. I would like to see more interaction and synergy in her keyword, but I doubt it'll happen. Pandora: change self loathing and I'm happy. Lucius: Good to go. Other models: effigy is horrible and needs to change. I see no reason to take it. Half bloods are a bit too niche. Ancient pact. I think this upgrade is a tad too weak. Not sure how to balance it. All in all I think neverborn is just about ready to go.
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    The main issue with iron skeeters is they are so tall they won't fit in my A-case
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    I'll say that I faced Marcus last night and I feel like he's got some crew issues. There are a chunk of Chimera models that just don't seem to be pulling their weight. It's as though they are purposely weaker due to the mutation buffs. However even the mutations have their own set of problems. Both offensive mutations give triggers and triggers are probably the worst kind of support since 1/4 of the time they do nothing. Onslaught is great if you could count on it but in all reality a +1 to duels will end up being way more valuable because it always works. Thats why the armour and wings mutations are so much better because they always give the effect. In my game, neither trigger came up more than once during the whole game. Now that can be blamed a bit on bad luck but it still remains that the best mutations are the ones with passive abilities. Moleman are bad. They're made okay if you take them in pairs but at 8ss they still can only do one thing and are incredibly fragile. Razor Spine Rattler force models to remain engaged with them but they lack any defence so it just makes way more sense to kill them. Nothing ever even bother to disengage with them because why would you? They need terrifying, or some bonus to encourage people to try and escape, otherwise they're just over costed at 7ss Order Initiates again desperately lack any offence or defence and they just don't perform as you'd expect a 7ss model to do. Chimera Strike is a very poor mans Crit Strike and should be built in. They also need some other form of defence as you can't always count on them having the armour mutation. I'm still on the fence with Cojo, he's got some nice stuff but I'm not certain he's 10ss worthy I'll also say it but I'd love to see Poison Gamin regain the beast keyword. Marcus could really benefit from having another 5ss option as his crew is super top heavy.
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    Nellie's scouting out her next story, when suddenly a block of ice appears in front of her. When she takes a closer look, she sees written into the pillar "The Tattler sucks!" (Raspy scores 1 VP)
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    Mister Ry, alt Male Yamiziko. Miss Tery, alt Female Dandy.
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    Without knowing plans for new models with the upcoming M3E: * Alt. Hoffman: please, so very much this one. I'd love to have Hoffman but the current model is a definitely no for me. * Alt. Nellie: a strong female war reporter, instead of the teenager reporter writing for her High School newspaper vibe she currently has. * A Mrs. Adeodatos, sorry but I can't think of a witty name for her. And finally, a new Slate Ridge Mauler, I don't know if it should go into the Alt, Mr. o Mrs category, but a new one would be great.
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    Alt Sloth being an actual sloth? Stitched up and rotten, of course. Or a weresloth? Maybe in the future Lust could be dressed like a rabbit (either sexy or like Robbie from Silent hill? Although the Alt Viks already fit that bill), Gluttony a pig bokor, Pride a twisted Version of the lion form the Wizard of Oz, etc. A series of twisted individual Alt sculpts for the band members. With crossroads no longer being tormented (and all usable with an actual master), it would be nice if people could buy the alts individually. But fundamentally, Sloth. I think he's going to be staple for Ressers in M3e, and no universe should exist without sloths. Grave-digging, stitched, decomposing, adorable sloths.
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    Mox Boarding House at 13310 Bel-Red Rd in Bellevue,WA, will be hosting a 50ss M3E tournament on Saturday, March 16th. Registration will start at 11am, with Round 1 starting at noon. For more info please visit the Mox Boarding House site events calendar. hope to see you there!
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    Lelu used to actually have a vampire bite and drink blood as an ability. That's the nearest I can think of to a vampire we've seen.
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