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    Caedrus, checking in with a very quick update! So, this month (and the next two 😖) will be super-busy, so my efforts will drop dramatically. Having said that, I finished a vulture: and I've made some progress on my December Acolytes, as well as my Beastman for my '12-month Beastman personal challenge'. Finally, you had all better say hello to Percy. He drinks my paint water. He's not what you'd call a smart cat. Great painting again this month, folks! When I get a chance, I'll swing by and leave feedback. Until then, pat your cat (or goat), and put pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
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    Well, here's an update on my month: finished Talos as Killjoy (though his knife didn't show well in the pictures, in person it looks like obsidian) for 10ss, 2 Silurids at 6ss each, the Adze for 7ss, and the Wil o' the Wisp for 4ss (though I'm debating about going over it's wing veins with the dark grey of it's body to make them pop more, but not sure it I hate myself that much or if it would throw off the glow look. Very much open to thoughts and suggestions.) So far for the month that puts me at 33ss, and following it up with a WIP of two Akanme I wasn't intending to start on yet, but they were just staring at me...
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    Miracles happen, I finished my pledge early I present to you my Asura Roten made from V1 Molly:
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    Hi When the open beta came out, I was missing a good overview of which models had specific keywords, and which models had specific abilities. So I set out to build a digital tool that could help me with this. I shared it with my Danish Malifaux community, and they all asked for various upgrades (like crew-builder, printing, sharing, cross device usage etc.). So it grew. A lot. Now that it's a month old, I feel like the international community should know about it also. So here you go: https://m3e.hong-crewet.dk Some if it's main features: * Filters and Sorting. * Crew-Builder (where you can even ignore building-rules, if you want to test some house rule or other crazy ideas) * Print in M2E og M3E card styles. You print your crew, but combine with the ability to ignore crew-building rules, you can print any combination of models. * Works offline. You can even install it on your phones desktop. * Save your Crews, Filter/List options Setups and list of Owned/Painted/Favourites to the cloud so that you can use them across any number of devices. * Share your crew. Either threw a link that opens the tool with your crew, or copy/paste the formatted text to anywhere. I hope you like it. Thanks.
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    I did a bit of work that I wanted to share with you. First, I love the Schemes and Strategy cards of Malifaux, so I did my own for The Other Side. On the front, you find the rules for deployment as well as the deployment zones for that particular suit (please note that, if you flip two different suits, you find your rules and deployment zone on different cards). On the back, you find all rules you need during play. Second, I wanted a good overview for the start of game rules as well as the turn order, so I did that as well. Again, start of game rules on the front, turn order on the back. Some of those are also on the back of the allegience cards, but not all of them. You are free to use them as you see fit, any feedback is welcome Cheat Sheet.pdf OperationsAndDeployments.pdf
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    During Closed Beta (approximately 10/31 ruleset) it was Damage 1 and Distracted +1. It also had the push trigger and a trigger to place a second marker (it had already been nerfed to not place two markers automatically). I ran into a situation where my opponent (Parker) had 6 models close together. Pandora activated last that turn, 1 AP walk, 2 Fears Given Form (mostly pushing models closer and closer), and 1 Box Opens for ~18 simple duels. Then I won initiative the next turn, went first with her, and popped for another 3 Fears Given Forms and Box Opens, for ~24 simple duels. My opponent had to flip 42 simple duels in a row (give or take, at some point Doc failed enough to die). Nothing else did die though, and we lost track of who had Stunned and how much Distracted was on each model, it was a huge mess. That is why the restriction was put in place and the damage was increased to compensate. Similar things happened with Wong, who was a simple duel nightmare (even more so because he bombs his own models, and you couldn't relent simple duels, so they all flipped like 40 cards). TL;DR Spamming shockwaves is not fun.
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    The one thing I'm wishing for, but not expecting, are for a set of cards to be printed without the "art portraits", and a computer recognized transparency space where it was. When I heard M3E was going to have stat cards freely available, that was my first thought. The reasoning was, it would allow me to take photographs of my miniatures, and easily superimpose them on to stat cards, so that opponents (and myself) could easily recognize which models were which. Just going off the stuff we've seen, I prefer my 2E Marcus (and I'm not prepared to buy the new one, just cause), and my old 1E Blessed, and while Cojo is similar enough posed, mine isn't albino. Also, my Hoffman crew (among many others) has a non-standard paintjob. There's also a lot of pose differences between M1E and M2E that I'll expect to continue with M3E, meaning defining minions will be a chore. Being able to take a photo of my three metal M1E Pistoleros and easily sticking them onto a transparency of the card before printing them, would make identification much easier. The current format makes it look like trying that without a transparency, a horrible proposition. Not expecting, just wishing.
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    Sorry, those are the only 2 crews in Bayou that I don't play (well, and Zipp, but he is an Outcast now )
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    FWP had the enemy only restriction removed, butterfly jump did not change.
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    Hi all! I had this M3E crew-building web tool available in the closed beta, but when the open beta began, the card format changed a bit so it took some work to get it updated. But now that it's ready, I'm debuting it with the larger audience here! It's a web page that works on desktop and mobile for building M3E crews. I try to keep the cards up-to-date with each week's release, though it sometimes takes a day or two. You can authenticate with gmail in order to store your saved crews in Google Drive AppData (access to app-specific info only, no access to docs, spreadsheets, etc). This will also allow you to share crews between devices. Otherwise you'll have to re-build each time you visit the site. You can also use the Card Search page to match a text query against all the cards in the game! Want to know every model and upgrade that references "Terrifying?" Search for the text and find out! Hope it helps! I more than welcome any feedback you have, you can respond here or message me directly. Thanks for any help in testing it out, and enjoy!
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    I think my main error was during crew building that I tried to play half-ass foundry because of fear of being to hard countered by the undergraduates, anna lovelace, and albus' ability to turn scrap into scheme markers. Should have played full foundry after all and just try to avoid putting scrap near terrain and not give search the ruins away to easily. By trying to not drop too much scrap I lost the scrap I needed. I think I will try to get a rematch of that matchup and see whether it's all that bad.
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    Idk about reading up on lore (I ended up getting all the old books when they did a digital bundle of 1e / 2e). You could start listening to the breachside broadcasts if that worked.
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    Lists: Tara Blake Karina Aionus Hodgepodge Emissary Nothing Beast Talos Scion of the Void Malifaux child 4ss cache McMourning Zombie chihuahua Flesh construct Nurse Guild Autopsy Guild Autopsy Gravedigger Carrion Emissary Zombie Chihuahua 10ss Strategy: Reckoning Scheme List Dig their graves Hold up their forces Power ritual Assassinate Deliver a message Total Time Played: 3h Rounds Played: 4 Final Score: Tara 8 - McMourning 4 Player 1's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. Void 4 point for Reckoning. 2 Assassinate, 2 Dig their graves Player 2's Forum Name, Leader, Crew List, Strategy VP Scored, Schemes and the associated VP scored. McMourning, 2 point for Reckoning, 1 Deliver a message, 1 Dig their graves Any additional feedback and information from the game, as provided in the form. Turn 1 The McMourning crew did a lot of movement and positioning. Almost everyone that needed it had poison 2-3. The gravedigger advanced and set up a corpse marker. I started with Aionus hitting the Nothing Beast and Talos for fast. I moved Tara 2 times to use her as a bait and summon 2 void wretches . The flesh construct shot at her with his projectile vomit and I cheated with a mask to make him fail. The Hodgepodge activates, gives regeneration to Tara and push Talos 3". The scion of the void buries the Nothing Beast and moves twice. The child moves and uses Aionus ability to unbury one of the Wretches. Talos moves two times, thanks to the Hodgepodge Emissary he has +1 Mv this activation, and charges the Flesh Construct with his last action (thanks to fast), he cheated in order not to be hit. McMourning moves, uses Rancid transplant in Talos getting him 5 poison and injured. I cheat to prevent blood poisoning. He uses rancid transplant again. Talos has 7 poison and injured 2. Tara activates, gives fast to a Guild Autopsy to make the Nothing Beast appear. The Nothing Beast appears and manages to give Fast to the Flesh Construct, a Guild Autopsy and the Gravedigger. He attacks the Flesh construct putting him down to 2 Wd. The Carrion Emissary starts blocking the path and LoS with the coffin markers. I make the other Void Wretch appear in melee with the Gravedigger, he manages to bury the gravedigger after he flips the black joker. Turn 2 and 3 McMourning chopped Talos in a single activation. I manage to kill the Emissary, the Flesh Construct and 1 guild autopsy with Tara, a Void Wretch, a Void Hunter and the Nothing Beast, I even manage to steal 2 fast with Tara after some positioning. I bury the Nothing beast when she has 2Wd left. The Scion of the Void kills the buried gravedigger that only had 2 wounds left. I bury a Guild Autopsy. I throw The Nothing Beast, a Void Wretch and a Void Hunter at McMourning to keep him busy while I eliminate the other models with Tara, another Void Wretch and the Hodgepodge. Aionus manages to kill a buried Guild Autopsy. Turn 4 I kill the nurse and McMourning after he kills all the other 3 models on threw on him and the last turn, allowing me to score the 4th point from the strategy. Comments on Void: Tara: My opponent didn't even focus her, she suffered like 2 damages in the whole game. He had more things to take care like the Nothing Beast and the Void Hunter. Aionus: Maybe I didn't position him well or didn't play him well, but his 1st turn was giving the Nothing Beast and Talos fast, the second one move and make a Void Wretch summoned by Tara appear and the third one move and put 1 damage in a buried model. After that, he went after McMourning and did him 2 damage. Hodgepodge Emissary: This guy is solid. The heal, the extra movement... I wish he had any other interesting upgrades. I used the regeneration always, and in very rare situations the one that allows you to interact in melee. His ranged attack is solid. He costs 10ss, but he offers a the extra utility that the crew needs: movement, scheme marker and healing. Nothing Beast (MVP): Super valuable, it's our main damage dealer. He/She/It is more squishy that it looks since incorporeal works only against Attack Actions, so I had to be more careful with it/him/her. Talos: As usual, the big scary robot was the first focus of my enemy (I have to admit that I play him as a cannon ball), but due to the lack of interactions with most of the crew, is the piece that it hurts less to lose. Scion of the Void: Situational, as usual, but I guess that for 6ss we can't ask for more. I feel like she's a model that or is determinant or doesn't do much, there is no middle term for her. Malifaux child: He helped to pop the summoned models using Aionus "Sever Timeline". Void Hunter: As usual, reliable model. Void Wretches: Being able to summon 2 is nice, it helps a lot to keep the enemies busy killing them. Some pictures! https://imgur.com/a/plSOBm0
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    First let me say that I agree this seems problematic - but doesn't Lynch's 'HOLD EM' damage after resolving the current action (and by consequence that current action's triggers). For those that may take a moment to understand: Opponent's model is down on last wound from HtK. Now in that next duel where I want this model of theirs to succumb to darkness after I've built up 7 brilliance tokens - my opponent now just cheats a card during the SUCCUMB duel to suffer a pipped damage from HOLD EM and dies. I want someone to correct me if I'm wrong, but unless that model BEATS Lynch's Succumb to Darkness - the Succumb effects would be resolved, and then the model (who is now likely dead) will take that one damage (after succumb has completed, after my new model has been summoned, after they die from the effects). If my opponent held on to 13 to make sure I couldn't get that Succumb off, and then cheats it to let the model die before I can attempt a second Succumb... they have spent a great card, for a model to still die, so that I dont get an additional model. Yeah, I would prefer to get my model, but this strikes me as fair if they wanted to use that resource to game this against me and still lose their model.
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    *internal screaming recommences*
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    They are good but far from an auto-include. Then it depends on how you use it . They are so good if your opponent doesn't expects them. They can keep their ground all day long as probably the best tank in the TT . Using them as living turrets from afar is a bit of a waste , Fuhatsu is so much better in that. In melee they are outclassed by the Lone Swordsman . If your opponent expects them and brings sono anti-armor... Well they will crumble just like in the M2E. For the same price more or less (1/5 of your total!) there are a lot of competitors . But if you need a solid tank, there they are I love them with the Trained Ninja upgrade , but 11ss are a lot (a Rider)
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    I hardly feel compelled to take them. In every keyword other than McCabe that 9-10 point slot is high competition. If I'm bringing a Samurai it's for a 'IF THIS MODEL IS A MINION' upgrade component - or the fact that they may be thrown McCabe upgrades for validating the Minion restriction. I'm glad other people get work done with them, I dont have anything negative to say about the model, but I do want to echo @katadder's sentiment that these models definitely have their shortcomings.
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    they cost 9, are slow and df4. they need armour or nobody would bother with them, and if you are getting a free concentrate you are not getting a juggernaut heal (i think its another case against focus stacking and staying turn to turn). also they are shoot 5 which isnt great. yes when it comes together they do hit nicely but so does alot of other stuff at that cost. just wait until you face someone who ignores armour and watch them crumple quickly.
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    Haven't seen many reports with Kaeris lately and was wondering what people's final thoughts on her were. I still feel like she's the hoop jumping master but the real question is whether she's getting a good result for her efforts. Her damage is pretty tame, at least early game. So what else is she bringing to the party that puts her above the other Arcanist masters? To help with damage, I will again put forward the idea of a second free action. A pseudo immolate to convert small amounts of burning into damage, or even to pulse a bit of extra burning to maybe put models into the 4+ burning threshold.
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    It's definitely more clear on those cards than the pdf files! But underline could also be an idea, that's easier to see for everyone. And yes I use the hong-crew crew builder but even seeing the italics in the pdf file is a problem. I would never have noticed if I didn't look for it. But that Misaki card is very clear. I want those gorgeous new cards now!! And Euripides... and.... and...
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    My opponent has been pretty much maining lady j in our beta games for most of m3e testing and we'd both agree she's a great place to start m3e. She has a lot of motion with leap and can put out damage herself. Her team is straightforward but has some interactions that keep them interesting. She can't drop scheme markers willy-nilly, but a lot of keywords cant (nellie and lucius nonwithstanding). I don't think she's hurt too much by missing out on those, as she's pretty good at the main strategies and can do a lot of the schemes. If you were worried I'd pull in a couple out of theme models (like false witnesses) to help bridge the gap. As for the discussions about power level, I think she's in a great spot (and that's against non-undead / summoned models) as she has a versatile kit, and her theme has a decent number of models across the cost spectrum. I think the 'she's too weak' comments are more cause shes 1) generally balanced 2) not exactly the same as m2e / not the end all beat all. He plays with marshals, a domador, judge most games, and pulls in other models. Not sure on the lack of stock places. Sometimes malifaux goes out of stock for a couple months when they're waiting for stock. There could be a new set in the works, but I'd hope that the original one would get restocked before that happens. I assume the brick & mortar store near me would have them (but I haven't been in a few weeks), but that only helps if you were in New England.
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    Scorch the Soul 8" 6 Wp 14 Enemy only.Target suffers damage from the Burning Condition equal to the value of its Burning Condition (to a maximum of 5 damage). Reduce the value of the target's Burning Condition by 5. If this kills the target, Summon a Witchling model with equal or lower Cost than the target into base contact with the target. Blood Poisoning 8" 6 Wp 10 Target suffers damage from the Poison Condition equal to the value of its Poison Condition (to a maximum of 5 damage). Reduce the value of the target's Poison Condition by 5. At least, Lynch only reduces the value of Brillance by 2. I think there isn't much more to do with this action, that I find is good as it is. Also because now your opponent may have to cheat for the stone reduction and take more damage and brillance from auras.
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    You also give up initiative and you need the right suit for the low card too.
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    Hi, There is already a Lady Justice new sculpt planned (it was shown with Lucius and Dashael at GenCon'18) so expect a new scuplt at least. Regarding new models: they said every model will be resculpted at some point (could be years) starting with new masters, masters with only one sculpt and those with boxes that are no longer "playable" (Dashel was included in Lucius box in m2e, now he is a master). About her keyword I can't say much as I only played with Sonnia and Nellie this edition so far.
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    I also have no trouble seeing italics text, but why not just underline it instead? Would also signify its importance in a better way.
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    And part of your problem is not that you are using a crew builder that print the text as without Italic? EDIT : https://m3e.hong-crewet.dk/ This one is missing the Italic of triggers when I print.
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    I meant Waldos Weekly previews like this one where we see the cards in their (probably) final layout Although the Mortimer in the rule book would also work. Because its a pain if its hard to see on beta cards, but if people can't tell them apart on the finished product then its really a problem.
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    Played Lynch this weekend. A bit disappointed of the master himself. Few thoughts about him: Succumb To Darkness is quiet weak in current version. It requires a lot of preparation and deals only 5 damage max, which is pretty average and comparable to other masters' severe damage, with no triggers and may be reduced via armor/incorporeal/shielded/stones. Let's say we attack henchman with Armor +1. With moderate prevent of 2 this attack will only deal 2 damage. My suggestion is to increase the the max damage to 7-8 or maybe remove it at all. Or make damage from it irreducible. Lack of minions to summon via Succumb To Darkness. I mean, Illuminateds are good, but since lack of ability to deal stable high damage as I described earlier, it requires about 9 brilliance on the same model to cast Succumb To Darkness twice to summon them. Beckoners are good for 5 stones, but they are only Rare(2) and if you want to play via Lure you'll probably include both of them to the crew from beginning. And if you dropped to 6 brilliance when finally killed the model, you can only summon 1 Depleted. Suggestion - let Lynch summon multiple minions with combined cost of number of tokens like other masters do, e.g. 2 Depleteds. Lack of some filler/support action Lynch can use at any time. Now he has weak attack, attack with which is sensitive to friendly fire and Succumb To Darkness which requires a lot of preparation. So in situations when enemy models went into engagement with your models and there are no enough tokens on them, the only thing you can do is to get Concentrate and shoot them with Hidden Pistol (2/3/4 damage only). Suggestion - make Hidden Pistol insensible to Friendly Fire or at least increase its severe damage to 5-6.
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    What about Aura of Decay Until the End Phase, enemy models within range cannot Heal or reduce damage with Soulstones. or Mark of Vengeance Until the End Phase, the target cannot Heal.
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    T I've played Rasputina a few times in Reckoning and she seems good for it. A lot of the time you want range threats in Reckoning as it's easier to get points without giving them up, and it forces the opponent to come to you. Raspy's great for this, and with a crew that's got strong Melee potential she can counter punch effectively.
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    Oups ! How in the world could I miss THAT ?!
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    Good point about the morale. Foreign person here... may actually fix that Maybe I can actually take the symbol... You can print it in card size if you print 9 pages (3x3) to a page. The font size is big enough that it should be easily readable.
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    Thanks for the report. Slapping people with Aionus to give them fast is nice but I'm not sure if this is what Aionus should be doing. As you found out he will be lagging behind after that and almost all of his auras and actions require him to be close to be useful. One thing I noticed: At first I thought oh cool the Malifaux Child finally has a useful action to copy. But unfortunately that does not work. Aionus' Sever Timeline is an attack action and Just LIke You! says: So unfortunately this is not allowed. So the Child will probably never see play in my games 😢. One could argue, why is Sever Timeline an attack action at all? I guess 99% of the time you would unbury your own model with it anyway. So it could easily be reworked to be a tactical action somehow. Alternatively, you could copy Karina's Channeled Healing to unbury but that requires a 9 + another card for the Child which seems a bit too expensive.
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    Zoraida has potenciel to be the best master in the game. Her obey is amazing - her totems shenanigans has great utility and you should find a model that can deliver as many nasty things through the totem as it can bypass many defenses in the game. She also work very well as a support master. Some even consider her an auto include as support master for all the utility she brings to the crew. I have her among the top masters in the game atm.
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    I would pick up Mahs box Gracie Brin Roosters Soulstone miner Those are your main bread and butter. I think after that the emissary is pretty important for when you fight armor.
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    Time Slip is the place. Time Warp is the deck swap. They were both on her card previously, though Time Slip was called Temporal Shift and Time Slip was the trigger. Time Warp didn’t get us Time Slip, it just went away.
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    8ss is not a small price to pay. If you check the attack, utility and defensive abilities other models with the same cost have, you'll see that Gunslinger are a bit subpar. They're not unplayable, just worse that other miniatures in the same price range. I don't know if Gunsmiths are busted, I can only compare on paper, since never played against them (only 1 arcanist in my group and it's mostly Rasputina and Kaeris).
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    I agree with the consensus that GH has a rather tough difficulty curve and due to the synergistic nature of the army and the lack of having all the pieces, some "builds" aren't even actually available yet (SPECKLES I'M LOOKING AT YOU). I lost (nearly) all of my early games with them, and I was the one of the two of us who read the rules!! So yeah, definitely gonna be a bit before the big GH players come out ahead, especially while we wait for some of our more critical units to hit shelves. After some games and a familiarity with the system, I can comfortably say that they perform consistently well as long as you keep the game close until turn 4. By then, hopefully, attrition will have run it's course. And as a word of advice to any who are looking at this... PROTECT YOUR DAMN KARKINOI, they are NOT there to lead the charge! lol
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    The "Remove an enemy scheme marker within 2" of this model." part of it is in italics which means it is a cost that needs to be paid to declare the trigger.
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    Does it count if Colette counters everyone? (personally I mean, not the Performers)
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    @Chou Very clean work on Santiago there. I dig it. @prof_bycid I'm into the mottled muddy look. It definitely looks like he just crawled out of a swamp! I think all the color variation is causing the model to lose some definition though, especially in the right arm. The strong blacklining defines the model's various parts (back fin, tail sections, between the toes, etc.) well - it's just the more subtle variations that get lost. @PetitDalek I envy your terrain-making ability. Looks fantastic. @Diddick That high-contrast approach is really working for you, especially on the front of the model. I think you could use more color on the back, where the texture is smoother and light will diffuse more across the surfaces of his coat. The back of his shawl mantle thing also looks under-highlighted to me compared to the front, but maybe that's just the photo. As for me...well, here's my WIP photo. Yup, that's Miss Deed head-down in a jar of Simple Green following an abysmal skintone start. Been a while since I've needed to do that...her base is fine though, so I'm keeping that safe and dry.
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    A quick job for these boys, 2 Whisky Gamin (8 SS) so far. With a sneak peek of a hot dude I hope to get finished this month (if you're thinking 'you lazy bugger, all your paint jobs are rush jobs - you're right! But I still have about 20% of my Mali models to paint, Goliath, Escher, Delaque and Cultist gangs to paint and a bunch of Burrows and Badgers minis to get through too. And those are my excuses!)
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    A mid-March update! I pledged a farm. To begin, I had to harvest synthetic fur guarded by a fiercome beast. "Sssso you wanna steal my precioussss? Ssssso sssssoft!" Things seemed hopeless, but the beast left to feast on her dinner, so I could sneakily cut off a bit of fur and use it for a thatched roof! (The farm is a TTCombat building with some added texture, balsa wood and spare bits.) Since the farmer needs to seel his wares and I need some scatter terrain, I made a town market: I really love making terrain, so much faster than minis. Especially since I got myself Agrax Earthshade. That thing is magic in a bottle!
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we found Waldo rummaging through the M3E rulebook. At first, we got excited because we thought he was trying to learn the game, but as it turns out, the amount of ink each visual example requires makes the pages an impish delicacy. Maybe our Henchmen are brave enough to teach him how to play, but we’re not. We like our hands right where they are, thank you very much. Before he ate all of the pages, we couldn’t help but notice the stealth reveal of a Master’s new look in one of those examples. We figured that showing off what the rest of her art looks like is probably the right thing to do. So let’s take a look at the Ten Thunders’ new Oyabun, Misaki! When building a Misaki Crew, players will be focusing on dancing in the dark by utilizing stealth and movement Abilities that make Last Blossom models hard to see and hard to hit. The combination of Misaki’s Into Shadow and From Shadow Abilities allow her to hide from her opponent by Burying while simultaneously placing Destructible Concealing Shadow Markers on the table that (generally) only the other members of her Crew have the experience to see through. Other Last Blossom models are going to be utilizing those Shadow Markers in special ways, too. For example, not only can Ototo drop them, but if he’s also in line of sight of Misaki, he can create a pulse to hand out Slow (from his Action, The Storm is Coming), which will help to keep the enemies he wants nearby to stick around for a while. In addition, Minako Rei can summon Katashiro by discarding Shadow Markers (with her Create Katashiro Action), Yamaziko can draw cards and Pass Tokens on her Unworthy of Her Attention Trigger, Torakage can teleport to Shadow Markers and turn them into Scheme Markers (with the Ninja Vanish Action), and the Thunder Archers can bring the pain by handing out more damage to models that are lingering too close to those Shadow Markers (via their Shadow Pin Trigger). And that’s just the beginning of the synergies involved with Misaki and her Last Blossom Crew. To celebrate her new rank as Oyabun, we’ll be providing a wallpaper of Misaki Katanaka’s glorious new look, too! Next week, we’re letting Waldo rest a bit while we’re in Reno, visiting the fine folks at GAMA. Hopefully the office isn’t burned to the ground before we get back.
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    ** Intents and purposes. Sorry, but my inner Grammar Nazi gets the better of me sometimes!
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    I understand why we can't eat spooky ghosts and clanky robots, but construct hybrid models are all over the place (Themes like Von Schtook, Hoffman and his Arcanist friends, Leveticus, Mei Feng, I think Taelor, etc.) And they got meat on them.
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    It's not a Wyrd miniature without some form of delicate feature that breaks off the first time you take it out of your case. Without them there would be no tears to power Wyrd HQ. 😉
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    #2 the dark Crypt The biggest part are sets from GWs 'Morrs Garden'. Besides 1164 Skulls (i counted them as i cursed while painting each one...) one of the nicest terrain sets they have done, in my opinion. The central piece was an old Kickstarter Building actually called 'Dark Crypt if i remember correctly. Its came with a pretty cool feature... Fog! The only small drawback is in the nature of the fog himself - it's a bit wet. So there tends to be a bit condensed moisture if it runs prolonged periods of time. But thats no big problem for the neoprene underground or painted plastic. And the whole fog thing is more for show than actual gameplay. I've made a short clip to present a better picture:
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    And here comes the board - done for now. Details and decoration will follow over time
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