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    Dual masters will show up in both books, as well as Faction Decks. Dead Mans Hand models will be available via Faction Decks as well as downloadable online. And no, most of yall who have been tossing out prices are still considerably off. Yes, eventually they will all become available as PDF books. Only the core rulebook and stat cards are being translated. Fluff and the like is not. If you're concerned about the translations, take a look at the free TOS rules/translations and go from there. We learned our lessons there and worked with professionals instead of enthusiasts or quite bluntly, folks talking out their asses and not delivering. For those hoppin' and hollerin' about the number of books and being forced to purchase and that this is an outright money grab - well, you are entitled to your opinion of course. That being said, the rules, and cards, in multiple languages, are going to be available 100% free. You don't need to spend a dime in the least if you don't wish in order to transition to M3E. Lastly, if we had crammed everything into one book, that would have been spendy - not to mention heavy enough to bludgeon someone to death with.
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    This is it, the end. *sigh*. Please look through this thoroughly for typos, errors, and anything out of place. Changelog Alphabetized Keywords Arcanists Blessed of December: +1 Cost Fire Golem: Flame Tornado- reworked so friendly models can choose to take Burning Amina Naidu: -1 Df Shasta Vidiya: Know the Warrior: clarifies which model needs Focused Chimera: Adaptive Evolution discards the Upgrade after resolving the Action Sabertooth Cerberus: -1 Stat on Leap Moleman: Tunneling does not require LoS Hoarcat: gained Stealth. Gunsmith: -1 Health, -2 Stat on Target Practice Sandeep: Command The Elements- +1 Stat +2 TN, Elemental Visions requires LoS Soulstone Miner: -2 Wp Wildfire: Smoldering Heart is Drop Willie: Here Hold this is a Mv duel. Bayou Sparks: Scrapyard Mines – includes Vice-Versa wording, Pack with explosives +2 TN Pere: Critical Mass Adjusted Stuffed Piglet: Critical Mass Adjusted. Trixiebelle: gained Don’t Mine Me & Didn’t Need to See That Trigger. Bayou Gator: gained Stealth. Burt: +1 Stat on Pepperbox, gained Blast Resistant +2, All in the Reflexes is After resolving. LaCroix Raider: Looted Supplies is Aura 1. Earl Burns: Looted Supplies is Aura 1. Pig: Delicious Bacon is a may War Pig: +1 Health Guild Abuela: lost Meemaw’s Approval Field Reporter: Humiliation -“either” removed Family: A Por El- Equal or Less Queeg: name changed to Taggart Queeg Nellie: Slow News Day now gives Stunned and Distracted, Reveal Source replaced with Twisting Their Ideals, CTB…B reworked, gained COnvusions Trigger, Scooped replaced with Public Outcry. Newsie: +2 range on Read All About It and Thrown Newspaper, gained Innocent Bystander Allison Dade; gained Surge Trigger, now a Henchperson. Orderly: gained Constriction Lone Marshal: gained Pull Back Trigger Journalist: Slander is any Scheme Marker Domador: gained Vile Reclamation Perdita: Finger on the Trigger timing changed, replaced Analyze Weakness Trigger with Family Values Family: Tactical Planning replaced with Family Values Papa Loco, gained Family Values Trigger and Blow it to Hell Action, Use this replaced with Evasive, Here Hold this is a Mv duel. Nino: +t on Attack, gained Spotter Peacekeeper: gained Hard to Wound: Sonnia: now uses an Upgrade to Summon. Ryle (DMH): +1 Cost Elite: Following Orders is now based on Cost. Lawyer: gained Authority of the Court Neverborn Pandora: Fears Given Form- Reworded Woe: self-Loathing reworked. Nephilim: Meat for Young reverted, Grow reworked Angel Eyes: +M on Claws Bandersnatch: If a Bandersnatch is in you, other friendly models in base contact can take (Melee) Actions targeting it (at a Negative Twist). Thoon: Frozen Trophy is Once per Turn. Zoraida: -1 Cost, Reading the Cards is Leader only. Lyssa: Lost The Old Ways Outcasts Aionus: Fleeting Moments – Removed “this model”, -(CROW) on Stutter Time, + (CROW) on Sever Timeline Jack Daw: -gained Ghost of Malifaux, Punishment & Drawn to Betrayal ignoring other models when moving. Guilty: Reworked Demise, gained Guilty as Charged, Upgrade gives Tormented Keyword Dead Outlaw: gained Curesed Bullets, Too Greedy to Die reworked as a bonus Action. Viktoria Chambers: Dragon’s Bite reworded to Push 6” towards the target. Johan: Now Versatile Scavenger: Timeslip renamed, Weird Device -2 TN, Bonus now +2 Abomination: gained Hard to Wound. Convict Gunslinger: gained Drop it! Desolation Engine: gained Terrifying (12), -1 Health Resurrectionists Reva: +1 Health Flesh Construct: +1 Health Draugr: +1 Df Molly: Lost Knowledge no longer allows the opponent to draw Transmortis: Studied Opponent now draws cards instead of +1 Stat. Von Schtook: +2 Health, (changed upgrade name) Bete: +1 Health Crooked Man: Gained Depths of Malifaux. Drowned: Gained Depths of Malifaux, Riptide Markers deal damage. Hanged: Upgrade gives Tormented Keyword Restless Spirit: Funeral Pyre replaced with Strength From The Grave. Asura Roten: -1 TN on Zombie Apocalypse. Bone Pile: Heals 1/2/3 and italics mentions cant be engaged (instead of projectile Action) Mcmouring: Rancid Transplant is Poison +2. Nicodem (DMH): Reanimator doesn't attach upgrades to mindless models, lost Trigger, gained Zombie Hoard Trigger Yin: gained Grasp with Viscera Trigger Forgotten Marshal: now uses an Upgrade to Summon. Ten Thunders Qi & Gong: Leverage now happens before performing the duel Kang: Hot Coals +1 Stat OhagaruL gained Puncture, Dismember replaced with Tear Limb From Limb Tengu: -1 Health, -1 Cost, +1 Wp Kitty: +1 Stat on (Melee Action) Brilliance Saturation accounts for base contact. Thunder Archer: -1 Stat on Target Practice Komainu: now Minion (2) Wastral: Looted Supplies is (Aura) 1. Lynch: now uses an Upgrade to Summon. TTBrother: Emergency Surgery replaced with Dance of the Heavens Terracotta Warrior: +1 Df. Obsidian Statue: Reconsititue Fragments lost Stat & TN, gained Flameborne and Fore in Fire Trigger, +1 Stat on Ring of Fire. Kaimatachi: get kill credit for Dust Devil Kills., Into the Vortex is Enemy only, Talons have +M Stat Multiple Factions Protection: Now "After this model is targeted by an enemy Attack Action" Insignificant: Reworked Wording to adjust for card size. Arcane Reservoir: Changed to “one or more models” Pilfer: Adjusted wording. Reparations: name changed to “Debt of Gratitude” Core Rules 29. Assist Requires LoS 29. Distracted Typo Fixed 29. “Full” removed from Poison 18. Ignoring Terrain you are standing on for LoS is no longer a may 35. Applying Fate Modifiers comes directly after declaring Soulstone use 29. Focused is now before performing instead of before flipping 8/33. Irreducible clarified to ignore damage reduction from game effects 24/27. Damage Reduction from Soulstones cannot be cheated. 32. Summoned Models cannot take the Interact Action the Turn they are Summoned. 32. Step 4 of Replace clarifies any effects that chose or targeted the original model. 42. Leaders are now Hired (at Cost 0). 28. Clarification that if an Impassible Marker would ever be dropped it is always treated as Created instead (for those pesky odd abilities) 45. Corrupted Idols now can't be placed overlapping Impassible terrain or models 37. Objects cannot be placed overlapping Impassible Terrain. New Files: OB_3.22.19_Arcanists_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Arcanists_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Bayou_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Bayou_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_DMH_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_DMH_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Guild_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Guild_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Neverborn_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Neverborn_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Outcasts_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Outcasts_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Resurrectionist_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Resurrectionist_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_Ten_Thunders_Stats.pdf OB_3.22.19_Ten_Thunders_Upgrades.pdf OB_3.22.19_M3E_Rulebook.pdf OB_3.22.19_Cards.zip
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    Hah .... no. They aren't all going to be gold gilded lay flat hard-back books. Doesn't even get close to that price. We've not announced prices as of yet, that'll come here shortly as we finish up a few things. That being said, rules, cards, etc - all released for free online. No one has to spend a dime on any of it if they don't care to. Now if you want nicer books, professionally printed stat cards that are coated, additional background, etc - you have other options available.
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    @Athiko - really like the use of blue on these, it adds a nice element of contrast to pale skin. @Chou - nice, clean paintjob on the family. And definitely get a LED-light whitebox, can't go wrong with it! @OctaBit - nice selection, the Warped are my favorites, really like these models! @bedjy - the fur on Tanuki looks excellent and the bright colors you've used work really well there. The diorama looks great too! @Phinn - that actually looks like a mini diorama, great job! @Kimberly - nice looking terrain you have there, I'm sure it will draw many looks at Adepticon @Caedrus - I think many Polish painters paint this very special kind of water with some extra % in it, this may be the key here! And you can add 24ss to my pledge this month :) And I really like your Acolytes, blue isn't easy to work with on larger flat surfaces but their cloaks look great here! @Nikodemus - nice highlights on red skin, like the contrast with black spider body. @Stranglelove - Rhino is my favorite here by far, great model and you've done it justice with excellent brushwork. @emiba - looking really good, two more day to finish so keep at it ;) @Franchute - the base looks great, as always, now just finish the mini :) @lusciousmccabe - both the base and mini look very good, nice and clean paintjob. @prof_bycid - love the vivid shades of green/yellow, they suit this model so well! @wobbly_goggy - sweet paintjob on the Fire Golem. Working all those flames up can be a daunting task (been there!) but you've made it shine ;) Once again, I'm more at home than I'd like to and currently going through third antibiotic cycle. The only good thing is I had a bit more time so I finished four more minis for extra 24ss. More pics on the blog: http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/03/razorspine-rattlers.html
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    Here is my Diorama, that took me quite some time !Nk But it was meant to be a gift, so I'm not sure I'll be able to use it in my monthly pledge... Anyway, I should be able to paint several things, enough to end the month with my pledge. Wish me luck !
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    Miracles happen, I finished my pledge early I present to you my Asura Roten made from V1 Molly:
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    Aaaannd... the 3rd Necropunk is done! This makes my April pledge complete,3 necropunks at 5SS each -> 15 SS for April And here's the family pic:
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    The comic style necropunk is done 🙌 For the next one I ll give the blanchitsu style another try, applied some texture to the robes, let’s leave it dry...
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    Painting fur takes ages, here's a quick wip with about a thousand brushstrokes in...
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    First WiP of the first necropunk. I wanted to try something new, so Roberta (I named them ... 🙃) is going to be painted in a comic style, first step, blacklining!
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    In under the wire for March...didn't get as much as I wanted done but managed to finish another five figures from my TOS kickstarter haul....it's been a hectic month and I STILL haven't had a chance to go over all the entries for this month and leave praise for all the excellent models I skimmed through to get to this page...but I most certainly will next week when I free up again...and so... @Caedrus here are my finished models for March.....5 of The Broken from TOS ....and here they are on their movement tray Here is my completed fire team of The Broken
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    @Caedrus I think I can show this off now. I made some pretty stuff for Adepticon's Tournaments! Edit to show off the colorshift paint for the Solarium top.
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    Hey guys, just a few pics of what I've been up to so far this month. Been speeding up my painting. Less layers and blending but more painted models on the table
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    @Diddick - love the colors on this one. So completely different than my "gritty" approach when it comes to undead minis but painted consistently to a very high level. @muraki - such cool minis and I like the bright colors you've used here. These are by far the coolest versions in the range. They eyes seem a bit off but this still works in terms of Manga-like overall aesthetics @Caedrus - nice start on the conversion. I envy people skilled enough to tackle complex projects with GS. I can basically only do gap-filling and hair/fur sculpting. The NMM on containers looks great and the blades are just amazing! I've finished the Cerberuses so together with 16ss for two Samurai I am now at 34ss for April. I decided to use blue for the most part as I've always struggled with this color on larger surfaces. It was a little easier here as there is some fur texture on the main body to serve as guidance. I started with some general highlights on the body, making sure to leave enough dark blue in the recesses. Following that, I kept adding numerous thin brushstrokes in gradually brighter colors to build up the fur texture. It was a very lengthy and tedious process but it was a good practice for sure. I added some touches of brown/dark red and glazes of light blue and green to keep it more "natural" (as much as this word can be used to talk about blue fur of a three headed Tiger). I also thought that blue would nicely contrast with a predominantly green base. I'd like to start on Myranda but I'm still waiting for the paints to paint her skin to look like a Native-American. As always, more pictures on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/04/tyger-tyger-burning-bright.html
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    Caedrus, reporting in with a WIP! My amateurish sculpting skills are evident in this Recruiter WIP: ...but I've been quite pleased with my Executioner. He's nearly finished, so here's a sneak peek! Comments and feedback is always welcome! I hope you're having a great April! Caedrus.
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    Decided that this month was going to be about Mercs, so I started with the season specific viks to get ready for Easter. Trying to decide how many other viks I should paint... Think I have 4 versions ha.
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    Did I say purple? Well I am kind of a lunatic. I went for yellow, the exact opposite on the colour wheel... Here is a WIP of my intents to weathering:
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    @Franchute Thanks for the Mouse pictures - I'm liking the look of Fitz too. You've got a good eye for contrast and color @Caedrus As promised, Miss Deed for 10SS at the last minute:
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    Hey everyone, Here is a file containing the cards that were missed in the update on Friday so that you can look them over. OB_3.25.19_Hotfix.pdf
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    Unfortunately, I come as the bearer of bad news in that our update is being pushed until sometime tomorrow so that I can make sure everything is done that needs to be done.
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    So here's more WIP...but first, a micro-rant. It really bugs me that most sculptors out there are unwilling/unable to sculpt muscles on strong women. I mean, look at this awesome photo of the Gina Carano/Cris Cyborg Strikeforce weigh-in from 2009: Different builds, same weight class. Both of them look like they could swing a Relic Hammer at Stat 7 for 3/4/6 damage though, right? Because they have MUSCLES. It takes some serious core to swing a hammer that big. So since the Miss Deed sculpt looks more or less like a cylinder with a belly button hole poked in it, I figured I'd try to fix it with paint. The first try ended up in the Simple Green. The second try looks a lot better: My attempts at freehand in the past have been frustrating but I'm pleased with this. Trompe l'oeil is somehow easier to paint for me than patterns or designs or whatever. Now to paint the other 90% of the model...
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    Had a productive day/night and here are first two minis for April's pledge for a total of 16ss.
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    @Caedrus I finished Fitzsimmons for 8ss, meaning that I will have painted 22 stones in March: Before you claim that the highlights in the back are amazing, let me tell you that there are some actual reflexion of light from my lamp. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture. And just because @misterfinn asked, here are some better (I hope) pictures of Mouse:
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, we found Waldo cleaning. Yes, cleaning. We couldn’t believe it either. As it turns out, when no one is around to watch the stuff you set on fire burn to ash, it isn’t nearly as much fun. With us at GAMA last week showing off some of the fantastic stuff we have in store for 2019, Waldo was driven to absolute boredom - to the extent that he resorted to cleaning up the place. But now that we’re back, he wanted to see some of the new stuff that we’re planning on for the future of Malifaux (before he sets it all on fire, of course). The beta for Malifaux Third Edition is coming to a close (finally!). As we’re wrapping up stats and abilities on some of your favorite models, we figured it would be a great time to show you what else will be coming alongside the release of Malifaux Third Edition. So, in addition to new boxes, sculpts, models, cards, rules, and ways to play, we are also releasing new Malifaux books. That’s right, books, as in plural. Many, many books. So many books that we might be building a book fort in the offices. One book per Faction will be hitting store shelves either at Malifaux Third Edition’s launch or shortly thereafter (we’ll be staggering book releases a tad, but don’t worry – all of the information you’ll need to play will be immediately available). Across all of the books, we’ll be covering new characters, art, bios, and stories (so many stories!). These stories will push the lore and world in new and exciting (sometimes scary) directions, further expanding what we’ve grown familiar. Dig deep enough into them and you’re sure to find a secret or seven along the way. Some are more obvious than others. So, this week, Waldo wanted to reveal just what those books will look like. Here are the covers of all seven Faction books! Above all else, though, the most important book to own is the rulebook, which will be available immediately upon Third Edition’s launch, either on our website for free or on store shelves in print. So that’s eight books in total! Now, with all of this “launch” and “release” talk, you might be wondering when. Well, wonder no more, because Malifaux Third Edition will be available… Next week, we’ll be at Adepticon, so Waldo will be too occupied keeping the office from setting itself on fire, so we’ll be giving him another week off. Once we get back, we’ll have more awesome stuff to show off and talk about! See you then.
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    The second necropunk is complete. This one was suposed to be blanchitsu style, and was WAY faster than the 1st, and I'm quite happy with the results. Just one more to go, I want to try a 3rd style, maybe "Infinity style" but I'm not quite sure i really get what that means 😕
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    Phew, with a few minutes to spare, I give you Ikyrio, an Onryo and a Seishin (that I only now realized is also 0 points in M2E...) So in either edition it comes in at 15 points. Thank you and I hope you like how they turned out. 🙂 For the rest of you, I'm a huge fan of Viruk's painting and his Ikyrio from 2016 has very much been my inspiration for these and will continue to be for the rest of the crew. @Caedrus, thanks, but there's no need for you to be ashamed, you didn't do it and hate and idiocy has no home country and no race. For something more uplifting, here's my 15 points for March, at 11:59pm on March 31.
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    Hello! Here are my models for March, pics as always are not that good but they have to do! The family that kills together... Santiago and Papa Loco. Sadly there is too much light to see Papa's straighjacket, I'm considering buying Green Stuff's light box (on the other hand that would take away my favourite excuse to justify my skills, ahahaha). And here are Francisco and Perdita. After finishing her I thought that maybe it wasn't a bright idea giving her the same colour for the jacket and the overall (or whatever is called what she is wearing over her jeans) but in my mind it looked better. * Perdita Ortega: 15 SS * Santiago Ortega: 8 SS * Francisco Ortega: 9 SS * Papa Loco: 7 SS For a total of 39 SS (few models but quite pricey).
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    I'll see what we can do. I'm still up to my eyeballs in finishing these books - but yeah - shouldn't be difficult.
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    @muraki - did you get this crew on ebay? I think I saw it there a while ago. The paintjob is nice and clean but TBH I don't really like the miniatures themselves... @PetitDalek - Terrain looks sweet, almost as nice as the cat. I love your take on Asura. The composition is well arranged, and the paintjob is just superb. @Caedrus - very nice job on the vulture, the feathers look great. And your cat looks cute @Boomstick - interesting color choices and they work really well, especially on Adze. @wobbly_goggy - maybe a quick paintjob but nice and clean nonetheless. And have fun working on the fire golem, great mini! @Diddick - great brushwork there. I like how the bright cold color of blade contrasts with dark scheme. And your assistant looks like a very helpful one. @prof_bycid - I like the swampy feel here. @Purple Mist - my cat has a similar "helmet" black fur pattern @Chou - very nice and clean paintjob, this is actually one of my favorite minis from 2ed @Athiko - reminds me of what my workspace used to look like @OctaBit - nice to see more ToS stuff here, especially when it's nicely painted @Franchute - great job on the skin tone. Super smooth! @Nikodemus - I bet painting the Jorogumo is a tough challenge as you probably need to constantly switch your hold to reach all the areas there. @lusciousmccabe - I like your take on Sonnia, much brighter and without the classic fiery look but it works really well. This month has been quite difficult for me as I had to have one of my cats put down this Monday. Tough loss as he used to be my most loyal painting companion Added to that I'm taking antibiotics for the second time in a month... Nevertheless, I did manage to finish my pledge (Cojo and Jackalope ) x2 which brings me to 16 ss More pics and some thoughts on painting the models as always on my blog http://www.whatthefaux.net/2019/03/rumble-in-jungle.html
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    So I was psyched to paint some Marcus stuff at the beginning of the month, then my boyfriend played with Marcus and didn't like him much, so now I'm just trying to get through the month / the models I have pinned, ha. Here's what I got so far: Marcus: Myranda / The Jackalope Order Initiates: The group so far: So thats 49 stones for the month so far. I'll see if I can get the Rattler / Cojo / some amount of vogel / crocket done.
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    Hi, guys New job for a friend
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    In the last day of the month, 4 hours to midnight (in Argentina!)... Here are my recently finished miniaturas:
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    So so so many amazingly painted minis this month, i feel hesitant to put these forward 🤣 3 completed Grems to tip my pledge. My basing material finally arrived on Friday so this month, these three and my whiskey gamin/golem will be getting their bases on
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    @Caedrus So here's some pics of my March pledge, I didn't get to finish my other Tormented models but managed a squad of Warped for 45 stones
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    Here is my pledge for March! Just in time for Adepticon. It seems that the points have changed for The Other Side models. Are we retroactively changing points from previous months @Caedrus? If so, my new total points will be at the bottom. (it arrived!) And here are photos of the previously painted units, now based: That's a company! Special thanks to my father, @Magnus for assistance with the basing. Total points for the Monthly Challenge since January: 195 soulstones
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    Just want to say hello, and show some of my paintings. Hope you like them:
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    Hey all, Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone for making this beta fun in the face of all the tedium that playing to test instead of playing for fun can be, and for the spirited debate and exchange of ideas, a lot of which were incorporated into the game in both the closed and open betas! I know we didn't get everything perfect, but I think it's safe to say we did a very good job overall, and M3E will be a solid, fun game (even moreso once we've all switched gears from a testing mentality to a playing mentality). So here's to us, and of course, here's to the wonderful design team! Three cheers for Matt and Kyle!
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    @Viruk thanks a lot. Here it goes. Ryle for 10ss:
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    Finished off Sonnia. Pretty minimal change since that last wip. Overall I'm quite happy with her. Could have done more work on some areas but felt this was a good stopping point. And a group shot of her with her whacky witchlings. Edit: hope these pictures aren't crazy big or small. My computer's broken so I'm working solely from my phone.
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    Please excuse poor photo quality. I couldn't borrow my girlfriend's superior phone as she was out, and I can never get lighting done well, plus I don't have much space to take photos ANYWAY I am fairly pleased, he looks a bit better IRL, and def less blurry. The metal brazier type bits were unbelievably tedious and precise to paint. BUT... that's 9SS extra and 17 for the month, hurrah!
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  42. 13 points
    Leaked image of Ironsides and Kaeris dispute:
  43. 12 points
    Got all 18 of the Mehal Sefari painted. Here are some as an example. I will need to touch up the plug bases a bit, but you get the idea of how they look. I am going to start working on the commander, Prince Unathi, next.
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    Tuckbox that they are talking about is paper - like you would get around any deck of cards you buy in the store. In the past, I know that there were plastic storage boxes that could get added in if you didn't uncheck the option. I think we went back in and made certain those weren't even an option any longer, but I do know that it was adding to cost in the past. In the meantime, I have reached out to Onebookshelf about the shipping as frankly, I agree with y'all. I know what it would cost us to ship out a single deck of cards and it shouldn't be anywhere near double the price unless it was going out via FedEx international. Working on it, no clue if we'll be able to affect anything directly about it though.
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    Hey, there! I've been painting Malifaux for about two years. I post mainly on instagram and A Wyrd Place facebook group, but as suggested by @thatlatinspeakingguy I'll be posting my Malifaux works in this subgroup as well! I too write sometimes about my work, here is the link if one's curious https://cgwilsonh.wordpress.com/. Let's start with Reva. When I first looked at this model, I noticed that Reva's base has got quite a lot of unused spaces. I saw this as an opportunity to do a semi-diorama like approach for the model (also the works of Johan Hoflin and Davor Brkic (miniature_mutant) really inspired me to do this approach). I made the dead tree by twisting a bundle of wires with some greenstuffs to close gaps. The candles were sculpted greenstuffs, and the gravestone was from Green Stuffs World (I think). This model was a stepping stone for me towards the diorama side of the miniature world.
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    @OctaBit Wow our Warped this month came out vary similar colours, I was also painting Crooked Men for my Jack Daw crew, but didn't finish. I think we may be psychically linked!
  47. 12 points
    Alright here are my models for the month. Original pledge was for three warped, but I ended up painting a bit more. Group shot: Decided not to do the glow on the big guy. My dry brush is pretty much dead. So the osl is going to have to wait till I get a new one, but for now I'm happy with them. Test model for my crow runners, and the last model I need for my Jack Daw crew. Last couple models I need for my Parker Crew. Total comes out to 49 stones. Not particularly happy with the photos. I need to get a better camera. In other news I finished up the last models I needed in order to submit my henchman application.
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    Impressive @Stranglelove! @Caedrus finished my pledge for this month with Jorogumo (9ss): Rushed a bit with the skin, but I had to get this one off the desk. Good enough for my purposes. Idea for this guy was Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I. Hence the red/black/fire motif. Couldn't do a lightsaber so I went for "lava" weapon instead. I quite like the effect, for being my first go at anything like that. Good looking figure. But lengthy and really annoying to paint. Early in the paintjob legs kept getting in the way of my brush. Later when I was drawing the tattoos and such, I had a hard time getting a good, stable grip since there's overhang everywhere because of the legs.
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    And I'll consider the little guy done for 4ss: @Caedrus this puts me at 14 ss for March do far.
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    The rules and stat cards will be translated into seven languages, which will be available for free on our website, just as we did with The Other Side. We already have translation partners that are ready to work with us once the rules are considered final. There is no reason to begin translations earlier than that, as the rules have been changing on a weekly basis, and having our partners keep up to date on every change would make the process more difficult than it needs to be. The translated versions of the rules and stat cards will become available as soon as they are ready.
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