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    Hola, hace tiempo que intentaba conseguir minis de malifaux y al final de segunda mano he ido adquiriendo algunas estas son las que ya van teniendo color. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello, some time ago I was trying to get minis de malifaux and at the end of the second hand I have been acquiring some of these are the ones that are already having color. (sorry for my English ha ha) Dashel
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    That he may or may not even want to hire in 3e because it is an entirely different edition with new model rules...
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    Hi Guys, I am a little down. I was expecting to start playing with my new Horde models in the end of november or at least early December. However it seems like Germany did not receive any Goodies yet. The rest of the world is enjoying the Game and we are only looking at pictures. Or do I just suffer from extremely bad luck?
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    It's definitely still early but I'm just not sure who's going to buy into the game and get a community started in the area. The one local Malifaux player I know that's kind of interested in ToS is already kind of burnt out on trying to keep a Malifaux community going. I don't see him picking up a game other than Malifaux unless there's already an active community and all he needs to do is show up to get in games.
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    Maybe a Hunger mechanic that makes them need to either kill models or be "fed" by Haulers? Like a condition that gives you charges as (1), but forces the charge and if you haven't Eaten your fill by the end of turn you take damage? EDIT: And once they've charged, mauled and devoured the opposition, they get sleepy and take a lil nap. Think of how adorable it'd be!
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    @green-n-dumb McMourning really wants moonlighting, I'm also a fan of plastic surgery. For his third upgrade you have a lot of options. You can go crazy with pigs and test subjects (I'd avice you to merc in a hog whisperer) while m2e lasts. In m3e you will be a lot more restricted. Don't hire canines or flesh constructs, summon them instead. I always bring Sebastian, usually with transfusion or his own upgrade and my little helper. Emissary is also a great pick with either the free upgrade or MLH. After that I would bring a gasser, nurse and a couple of autopsies, should bring you to about 50ss.
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    Invested start with a Height of 1, 2, or 3 depending on their Chassis. Gremlins start with a Height of 1. Unless they get the Big 'Un Conflict talent, in which case they're Height 2. How do these two non-height 2 races interact with the Wall of Muscle Talent? Big 'Un makes a reference to a gremlin character gaining Wall of Muscle, but gives no additional advice beyond how the talent interacts with gremlins. Does this mean you can have a height 3 gremlin? And probably name him Hulk, because why not? Can an invested in a Lightweight or standard chassis take it and be height 3, but otherwise count as their chassis choice? So have a super spindly height 3 lightweight chassis?
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    I think that is up to you, to be honest. I said it before in the Forums: if you go into m3e thinking "oh m2e was just so great! I'll compare averything to m2e!" the changes will hurt, yes. If you go into m3e with a fresh mindset and try not to apply m2e-paradigms, the changes won't hurt. m3e is not a Balance patch. so saying the changes to summoning hurt or do not hurt Ulix is not really possible in my opinion, because Ulix himself will be a whole new Thing.
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    A couple Chronicles' ago there was a short story about a group of M&SU folk who were basically arguing about whether Ironsides or Kaeris is the "true" leader of the Arcanists anymore, and it ends about how you'd expect. Canonically there's already a bit of a mess going on inside the ranks.
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    My guess is it’ll remain out of stock until M3E. No point ordering a whole new production run if the cards are already planned on being replaced.
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    Unless the average M&SU member is not fully aware of the more destructive Arcanists' connections to their movement. They dislike the Guild enough as it is, but if Ramos is publicly exposed as being the head of a criminal syndicate which engages in terrorism (which is in turn used as the justification for further Guild crackdowns which affect the miners and steamfitters), it might not be quite as damaging. Besides which, Marlowe knows that he can hold that little story over Ironsides for leverage if he really needs it. Toni cares far more about people than her own power, unlike Ramos. That makes her easier for the Guild to work with and to manipulate, within limits, than someone like Ramos.
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    I think the fact that Toni actually sold Ramos to the guild, regardless of her reasoning, would do way more damage than a half baked false flag.
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    One key swing factor in matchups of Lynch versus either Criid or Perdita is the density of the terrain. If there are enough staggered places to hide completely out of LoS (as Criid gets + against high WP to negate cover and Perdita often brings the upgrade to ignore cover) Lynch's crew has a much better shot of surviving, and Lynch himself has a better chance to do what he does best, skulk in the shadows like a coward waiting to unleash holy hell on targets of opportunity. The Guild's Badge of Office upgrade can put a serious kink in this plan for him of offing masters, as it can nullify his highest damage attack, Final Debt, allowing the master to survive and retaliate. Lynch dies easily. If he can get his summoning engine rolling, throwing Depleted models in the way can also take the brunt off of ranged crews, though it requires him to get fairly close to kill things. So, my advice would be: try not to have too many wide open kill zones on your board by really evenly spacing the full 1/3 of terrain pieces, and, if you want to be really sporting, leave the Badge at home. For Lynch, The Rising Sun can be great in these matchups, as the Hungering Darkness falls really easily to both Sonnia and Perdita; though Cheating Bastard can really help with his Brilliance output, giving him extra damage potential, and always cheating last is really strong. I avoid taking Endless Darkness against the Guild specifically because of Sonnia and Perdita, and I try to kill Francisco quickly (he is found in many competitive Guild lists).
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    People are generally less concerned about their government secretly exploiting them when they have to sleep at night wondering if a dead relative is going to show up and tear them apart or if the bed might come to life and eat them.
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    So.... the wait for M3E has me realizing something I'm not terribly proud of. I have a LOT of unpainted Malifaux stuff. Some of that is just because of the way you tend to buy a box for one model in second edition and some of it is just a collection a little out of hand. In any case, I'm knuckling down and doing some serious painting for the Guild. Sanctioned Spellcasters Quellers and Handlers Torch and the Blade Pistoleros de Latigo Monster Hunters Hermanos Now the challenge. Can I get every Guild model done in time for M3E?
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    I converted Malifaux Bishop to look like Iron Maiden mascot Eddie. Painted showcase video. 360 degrees view.
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    Why not borrow solutions from the Ramos players and their arachnids? Mount each cat to a bit of base decoration, magnetize the decoration, place washers on 30mm bases (rats) and 40mm (extra kings, should you run short of princesses). There are even handy-dandy inserts from custommeeple which fit together for you, no magnets required. My local Catelin keeps threatening to make a cat king out of several cats and a wand-like cat toy dangling above a 40mm base. It sounds cute.
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    I is for Illusion "Identity as a concept is as elusive as everyone's sense of his own personal identity. It is connected with appraisals made by oneself and by others. Each person sees himself mirrored in the judgments of others. The masks he presents to the world are fashioned upon his anticipations of judgments." Anselm L. Strauss - Mirrors & Masks We all use a little bit of smoke and mirrors every day to present the face we want the world to see.
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    I've been making tutorial videos on how to build and paint models. The first three are live. I'd love some feedback in the YouTube comments! Box to Tabletop Video Tutorials
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    My wonderful wife has given me a pass so “I will go to the ball” Luke Cocksedge
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    I just picked up a Coryphee box and want to make bases thay allow me to use the same models for the Duet that I do when they are seperate. I saw a really cool base gadget on by Custom Meeple but I’m too impatient and two cheap for the shipping from Europe. I figured I try to make something similar myself. I’ve got medicore hobby skills, really no specialized tools, and the closet I’ve come to doing anything like this in the past is driving tiny nails into some Steam Arachnids and putting some magnets in green stuff. This isn’t any sort of guide or tutorial and is a work in in progress. I’m putting it here so maybe someone can learn from the mistakes I make. The first thing I noticed about the Coryphee is that they have dainty little ballet dancer feet that are too small for magnets and that I’d probably destroy if I tried to pin. I figured that some sprue would help me create a more stable connection point and one that could hold a magnet. I drilled out a hole in some sprue and glued in a magnet. I trimmed down the sprue and used plastic glue to attach it to the feet of the two Coryphee. I superglued some craft sticks to create a framework on the base. I used a piece of sprue to make sure that the spacing was right. I’m think that wood will help give some structure to the green stuff that I am planning on covering the base with. I think the next step is to put some magnets in the bases and use some sprue to create sockets that the models will fit into.
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    I usually use the lip on the base to keep it clean but since I built the base up it was higher than the lip since I I had nothing to constrain it. I prime in black and drybrush in bone before I paint and that's where these models are now. I know the super pro-technique is zenithal priming but I find that the dry brushing makes it easier for me to pick out the details and I don't paint well enough to be bothered with trying to paint a consistent and realistic lighting source. It's funny that you mentioned that you liked them, I was excited to try them out so took them to my FLGS last night and someone in our Malifaux group mentioned that he like the paint job. I might be misquoting him but he said they looked like "some sort of creepy toy someone uncovered in an old attic". It almost makes me want to do an entire Collidi (or maybe Dreamer) crew that looks like this. Most of my Colette crew isn't finished. They are taking me forever to paint. I'm not used to doing brighter colors that I don't want to look grimy. I still need to finish the highlights and picking out some of the details on these models, but I was planning on doing the Coryphee to fit in with these. I was thinking maybe a vibrant blue on one and green on the other. Cassandra's in red, Colette is in purple, and Angelica is in red with a purple boa. After hearing the same thing from you and a player in my local group., I'm tempted to just leave the Coryphee as they are. Maybe try to give their claws a bit of a metallic gleam. I might try priming something white and dry brushing with black to see if it gives a similar effect. Have one light Coryphee and one dark.
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    Something to file in the "Common sense isn't common" file: When putting magnets under the base that I use for my case, the magnets really, really, wanted to go directly underneath the magnets that were used to attach the Coryphee. I had to cut away the plastic underneath the base to place the magnet. I did notice that the hold on the model seems to be stronger with the larger magnet lined up underneath.
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    Getting a little bit of paint on the bases seems to help with the slopiness, at least from arm’s length.
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    For the next bases I figured that building up the big spaces with green stuff giving it some time to cure and then covering everything with the layer of green stuff that I’d stamp would get rid of some of the issues I had that cause the first base to come out a bit lopsided. I filled the sockets with what was essentially blu-tac that isn’t actially blue. A solid filler might have worked better but this was quick to do, completely filled the gap and was fairly easy to get out after the green stuff hardened. I should have take a picture after I had put on the final layer of green stuff and had it stamped. When stamped the green stuff cover up a lot of my white filler. However, it was easy enough to insert my xacto knife into the spots where the filler was visible and cut away filler and green stuff until I hit the solid bits of the frame work. I think I cleaned out the three remaining sockets in less time than it took me to clean out the one on my first base. The green stuff came out a little little slopier than I would have liked. I think I over estimated how thick the green stuff was going to be and could have drilled into the base a bit before gluing in the magnet. The end result seems like it will be functional and while it won’t win any beauty contests it should look okay on the table. I am curious how well the sprue peg on the Coryphee feet will hold up and I suspect I should probably put a couple coats of gloss varnish on the models after I paint them but before I hit them with my matte varnish for the added protect sonce they will probably get handled more than other models.
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    I’m doing the bases one at a time at this point to keep from making the same disastrous mistake on all of them. I cover the top of one of the bases woth green stuff and trried to keep it out of the socket as much as possible and then I used my stamp to put a pattern on it. Without the lip of the base to constrain the green stuff, the edges came out a little sloppy. I also needed to spend a lot of time cleaning out the socket and shaving the edges of it away with my xacto knife after the green stuff hardened. The peg of sprue that I attached to the Coryphee foot doesn’t sit flush with the top of the base. I don’t think it will be very noticable once I get some paint on everything. On the next base I’m going to try filling in the socket with something to reduce the amount of cleanup required.
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    I cut some more sprue and glued in some magnets. I was going to drill into the base so that the magnet was flush. I realized that the green stuff is going to add a little height to the top so I skipped the hole drilling. To make sure that I didn’t screw up the polarity, I stuck the magnet to the magnet in the foot of the Coryphee, put a drop of glue on the new magnet and pushed it into place until it set. At this point I’ve got some pretty ugly bases that functionally do what I need I want them to. Next step is to bust out the green stuff and pretty things up.
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    Don't paint them. If you're painting for gaming you don't need to paint them. Or you can do something like a "cross". Horizontal line with ivory vertical line with brown. And then a little dip with Agrax earthsahde or strong tone. Most times there will be an eye that's easier to paint: paint the other first. And don't expect to do everythong right the first try. Eyes are small and very quick overpainted and started again.
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    So it turns out I also have The Judge painted up, but his base mysteriously disappeared so I'll have to post him later. After the guild I painted up The Dreamer's crew, but a lot of it is being rebased at the moment as well so here are some generic Neverborn I did around the same time. I tried to make my Waldgeists camouflaged with the desert bases I was using at the time. If you're wondering about the tiny hole in Chompy's head it's where I was planning to attack a big crystal before getting lazy. Because lets face it, he's Diablo. I wanted more of a Mr. Sandman theme for Coppelius rather than the creepy hobo-squid look he used to sport. Annoyed that the little bobble wouldn't stay on the end of his nightcap, but glad that I resisted the urge to paint it as a Santa-hat. The idea with the bases for Coppelius and Chompy was for nightmarish crap to be sneaking through into Malifaux along with them. I rebased all my Neverborn apart from the Waldgeists on floorboard bases but wanted to keep a bit of individuality for the crews and I had a load of random tyranid bits lying around so that's what I used for the nightmares.
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    I'm not much into the Cult's trend towards body horror but I can understand the appeal. And ECB Black Ops' art & concept are awesome! It is my favourite unit aspect-wise in TOS (with the motorized scouts of Abyssinia). The art for TOS is great imho. Even "standard" steampunk stuff like King's Empire looks very sweet in a certain way (although Edmonton definitely has something he tries to compensate for with this big rifle of his ...). When I look at the art I just want to buy everything :D. It used to be the same with Malifaux.
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    I wanted to lure my players away from D&D, so I've tried to flavor my TTB games to be more distinct. Instead of just wandering dungeons, they're Private Investigators. I want to keep them playing, so I'm tweaking one-shots and writing my own to feel like episodes of a TV series, with a core cast of supporting characters that the adventures revolve around, so they always feel like there's something to invest in outside of just having a payday. As we go I've quietly planted seeds to involve them in ever-bigger events. Recurring characters will keep the party on their toes, as the city steadily changes around them.
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