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    Got something painted after last month's hiatus
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    Some kind of Zorro-ish scarification autograph is plausible...
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    Hiya, Please sign me up as a Minion. Rikk told me to Had a look through some of this year's, I think this is a great idea.
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    Yeah, once all the backers have it and people start being able to buy it in stores all over I think it's going to really pick up. I've already got a bunch of demos lined up locally
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    I think TOS is in a weird, almost "early access" state right now. Production and shipping woes have marred the experience for many kickstarter backers. Wyrd has been nearly silent about the game, other than the ever-changing front page release date. I suspect they're embarrassed about the problems. My prediction, however, is that Gen Con 2019 will see the true release for The Other Side that will test the game's ability to compete with other mass combat games. They should have all the products for sale, some extra goodies, and hopefully beautifully painted miniatures on display. That will be the time for gamers to choose to go all-in on a company.
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    So.... the wait for M3E has me realizing something I'm not terribly proud of. I have a LOT of unpainted Malifaux stuff. Some of that is just because of the way you tend to buy a box for one model in second edition and some of it is just a collection a little out of hand. In any case, I'm knuckling down and doing some serious painting for the Guild. Sanctioned Spellcasters Quellers and Handlers Torch and the Blade Pistoleros de Latigo Monster Hunters Hermanos Now the challenge. Can I get every Guild model done in time for M3E?
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    I like the way you tried both. I love a pair if guild guard, but man is the investigator a good piece. Honestly perdita lists are the wild card here, there is no much other good stuff I'd want to stuff in.
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    I don't Hoffman so much needs to care about what regular people would think if he showed up on official business with mechanical spiders. This is probably all about what Criid's group would do if those constructs showed up at work. Going off of the descriptions in M2E not cross referencing the TTB entries, Ramos is credited with the arachnid swarms, and "Arcanists" with the Mechanical Spiders. That's the sort of thing that you'd expect the Tattler to sensationalize. God knows where they got a bulk order of giant mechanical spiders from, but that's what it implies. The Medical Automaton and Mobile Tooolkit sound like the sort of pre-existing design that was being used in the area and people just brought along due to familiarity, and presumably would explain why Hoffman would have access to those. As far as the living go, Hoffman had regular contact with Ramos during the course of his official business. Hoffman's doing such a good job for the Guild he got his department promoted. I thought I read somewhere that the MS&U was supposed to be a tool for the Guild to keep the miners under control, and that's probably what it looks like.
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    So, as most people are putting the game on hiatus, I have taken it upon my self to convert new players. So I played a first learning game with my friend Emily. Prebuilt two 25 point henchmen lead crews, listed below. She chose Ten Thunders (she wants to play Neverborn, but I don't run that faction). Declared Faction: Outcasts Crew Name: Training #1 25ss Leader: Viktoria of Blood - Cache:(3) Mark of Shez'uul 2ss Synchronized Slaying 2ss Student of Conflict 4ss Vanessa 8ss Sisters In Spirit 1ss Convict Gunslinger 7ss Return Fire 1ss Declared Faction: TenThunders Crew Name: Training #2 25ss Leader: Ama No Zako - Cache:(4) Servant Of 5 Dragons 1ss Yin the Penangalan 8ss Smoke Grenades 1ss Katashiro 5ss Yokai 5ss Tengu 4ss After showing her what each of her models did, we went through ever set up step, including flipping for schemes and strategies, and wouldn't you know it she flipped for Supply Wagons while I have only three usable 30mm models! Long and short of it, she legit beat me 7 to 6, with only a few pointers of tactics, like don't move into base contact with Viktoria of Blood! It could have been worse as her Vendetta choice got stuck in a scheme runner role and she got no points for it, but got all the points for Hidden Treasure and Supply Wagon, even thought I killed all her models on turn 5. I'll probably do another couple of these low model count training games before going up onto a full 50 SS.
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    At least Wyrd isn't current day Blizzard... otherwise they might cut back on malifaux, cancel tournaments at Gencon, focus the majority of their attention on jetpack unicorn, and port the other side to a mobile game.
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    Hey! Without knowing the rest of the list and the Schemes and strats is difficult to say but I'd think about a Monster Hunter, their attack to push an enemy it's charge is pretty good against a Yasunori, Joss,etc. push them until you can deal with them
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    I will sign up as an Enforcer! Really admired you guys for your dedication last year, so hopefully some of it rubs off!
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    Checking the belongings of convicts is standard Guild protocol. You never know if one of those arcanist terrorist still has any bombs to endanger the brave people of malifaux. If some soulstones are found in the process, this only reinforces the guilt of the suspect. As SS trade is strictly regulated, one can only asume those criminals have stolen them somewhere and it's the rightful duty of Guild officials to collect them and try to hand them back to the victim later. Given the tragic death of a heroic Guild Member, it is the sad obligation of his or her commanding officer to secure the personal belongings for the grieving family at home. Thats the minimum one can do. You see, you couldn't be father away from the truth, insinuating Master Dashal is "rummaging" random corpses for personal gains. He's a rightfull Hero of Malifaux, carrying out his duty regardless of the myriad dangers awaiting him. Please contact your correction officer to freshen up your knowledge on Guild Protocol and Regulations.
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    I see guild as what would have happened if the East India Trading Company had used magic, toppled governments and taken over a large part of the world. I think that is a pretty fair analogy since they are a profit driven organisation. In response to the original question: Guild was my first faction and I enjoy playing it a lot. That probably has more to do with physical models, familiarity and specific characters than overarching faction background. I will say that the whole corruption of what is classically the "boring good" faction is a large part of the appeal for me. In many games a lawful faction that is defending humanity against monsters would be designated good guys and you'd feel compelled to agree with them because the alternatives are far worse. Even the fascist empire in 40k is better than being ground into Tyranid juice or eternally tormented by demons. In Malifaux there are no good guys and humanity would quite possibly be better off without the guild which I find refreshing. I also quickly fell in love with Lucius and his scheming ways. The Lucius story about the ball is kind of what I'm trying to recreate each game. The thematic idea and gameplay feel of killing off your own guys to get the job done while trying to not get your own hands dirty is just so satisfying. All the evidence schemes make the most sense when it's the guild trying to make someone look bad. Why would Lilith care about if she had evidence against Lady Justice when she slaughters a whole town? The neverborn doesn't need it to look good, but Lucius or McMourning would need to frame someone else so it makes a lot more sense. I basically find that many schemes make the most sense when I'm playing guild. Guild are also a coherent faction. Any guild operative can be given an order to help another one out. Lots of other factions seem cobbled together with very little actually tying them into a coherent faction. The guild have power struggles within a power structure forcing them to scheme. Why are neverborn a coherent faction when they are several different native races that don't really share a society? Some of them are nightmares but some are just native peoples. Even stranger: gremlins are also native to Malifaux but for some reason aren't in the neverborn faction? Swampfiends are split between neverborn and gremlins: why do living trees organise a faction with nephilim and chinese addicts while alligators share a kinship with gremlins? Judging from the models alligators interact with gremlins by eating them so that link is also pretty weird. In guild you have the common theme of trying to uphold the current state of civilisation but often with a presonal agenda, I find that very relatable. Themewise I got hooked on Lucius and the guild guard. The guild guard led by Dashel feels a lot like Captain Vimes from the Discworld series. He doesn't want to be where he is but he knows he needs to get the job done. My group have our own slightly more humorous substory where a few of us write down silly reports after our games each week.
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