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    Firstly, I assume you know about 3rd ed and that some masters will be moving faction. I'm saying this because Jacob Lynch will stop being Neverborn and Ramos will stop being Arcanist. I would suggest a few extra purchases for the Dreamer crew. Insidious Madness works well as a fast moving model, and stitched together are just the most annoying thing to face ever, so its worth owning a pack of them for summoning/hiring. I'm also a huge fan of the blessed of December for anything arcanist so I would look to her for Rasputina. If you Pick Jacob as your next crew, you would probably want to expand it with either theme models or Ten thunder models. Beckoners, Graves and Tannen and depleted should be good, but I wouldn't look to do things like buy terror tots/gupps to take advantage of his ace abilities. My first advice would be to pick the things you think look cool/interesting. I'm a firm believer that you can build a competitive crew with any master. For most collections I would suggest trying to find masters which share a faction as you can then use support models for both. When you're building your collection to face your collection, that might not work quite as well, as you might find both sides what the same models
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    How about something in the middle? We could ask for one of those tags like the "Creature Feature" one @bedjy has, something fancy saying "2019 challenge" for instance and you would get it if you finish the year, or in gold, silver and bronze depending on if you delivered the 12 months, 6 or three, something like that. Or a raffle among those who fulfil their pledge, but keeping it small and nice so the non-competitive essence is not lost.
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    First of all, thank you so very much @Franchute for your hard work and your patience, you rock! Wonderful job in the 2018 challenge! Second, @Caedrus thank you very much for taking the role! I really like your ideas, only thing is that if I show you my worst model I don't want anybody complaining about how they lost their sight, And third, sing me up as Emissary!
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    I've been watching the monthly challenge since I joined the forum earlier this year and wanted to join in, so keen to be part of it! please sign me up for Henchman!
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    @Franchute, @prof_bycid: I may have expressed myself poorly. 'Prize' was a poor choice of words. Rather, I was looking at encouragement rewards, for painting improvement, or for supporting the community. The focus was not on painting quality or quantity. There are enough of those competitions around. I believe that this monthly challenge is, and should remain, about having fun painting, encouragement, being part of a great community, and constructive advice (in that order). If folks are concerned about the idea of (very modest!) rewards, I'll cancel the request to Wyrd for support in a heartbeat. This challenge is about the community, not about me!
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    @bedjy This Ototo looks great. What is he smashing exactly? I finished my third punk zombie for 7ss: I also started working on the Forgotten Marshall:
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    My current WIP of Ototo ! Hope you like it ! Better photos at end of month, you'll have to be patient !
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    Hey Wyrdos, This week, Waldo was rummaging through old documents in the warehouse (probably to find out why his attempts at summoning more imps failed - we're still cleaning that mess up) and stumbled across what looks like the scribbled notes of a history professor who had gone missing in the mid 1900s. We saw it as a good opportunity to get you all caught up on the timeline for the Other Side, so enjoy! The World is Burning How Did We Get Here? An Understanding of the World on Fire All is Beautiful in the Fire A Modern History: an Opening Lecture for the New Semester Welcome the new students. Act pleasant. Happy. Stable. You are fine. You are stable. Provide syllabus. Perform lecture on timeline to current day. Do not bring in the book. Do not talk about the book. Do not bring in the book. 1642 - The Beginning, or When We First Discovered Soulstones Abyssinia, a country separated by secrets for centuries, forced to share their knowledge with their allies to prevent overwhelming losses in the battles to come. It has recently been discovered that Abyssinia was the first recorded power to obtain Soulstones after an isolated Breach (which has since closed) opened in their country’s borders. It would be another hundred and forty five years before the rest of the world was introduced to their magical energy. 1787 – 1798 – A Blink unto the Beautiful A bright – if brief - time in our world’s history, a time that most scholars still believe was Earth’s first gaze upon the new world - wrong. The Council opened the portal Breach to Malifaux, walked its city’s streets… but little did they know that the Breach was an open window, and not a one way street. We all know of the events that occurred, but as to how and why the Breach had closed a decade later remains a mystery. Keep it together. You can make it through this. 1803 – 1814 - the Black Powder Wars, or the Rise of a New World Power After the Breach closes, the world bites at the necks of allies and enemies for control over Soulstones. Allegiances form while others are torn, leaving a gap for Guild of Mercantilers to establish itself as a world power in London – thanks to obtaining the majority of the world’s Soulstones in a very short amount of time. A stepping stone for the good and beautiful, born in fire for worldwide civility. 1853 – 1857 – A Stranglehold over the Peace in the East The Guild opens the Three Kingdoms’ ports for trade. Over the next few years, the Guild’s influence over Vietnam, Japan, and China help bring peace over the war-torn countries in a recovery effort after the Black Powder Wars. Why are you lying to them? This isn’t you. Speak the truth, of the wrongdoings, of the police states. Wake up. Don’t think about the man before the Burning Man. He is not worth protecting. 1897 – The Breach Reopens Without rhyme or reason, the Breach bright and blue and shimmering reopens. The Guild seizes control over Malifaux City, and their Soulstone mining continues. A Governor-General is appointed, a Herbert Kitchener, who sought for greatness, and found it in fire. Somewhere in Windsor, a man has visions of a being robed in magma and crowned in flame. Think of something else. Anything else. Fight these thoughts, these bright and beautiful dreams. 1900 – The Sermon at the Cathedral A king god man named Ephraim Wade performs a sermon at the Cathedral of St. Mary-le Bow, and speaks the truth a fearmongering sermon, of an apocalypse wrought in hellfire, and of the Burning Man, who would cleanse the unfaithful and bring about a new order from their ashes an entity who would later become the focus of his book THE BOOK, the Contiones de Rege Flammae, and the words that would form and spark the creation of the Church of the Burning Man. 1902 – The New Year’s Massacre and the Wade Trial Did you take your medicine? Ephraim Wade and over three thousand of his devout followers march to the Thames River in repentance, not celebration. Assaults begin, riots form. Families there in celebration of the New Year are trampled to death. Wade and his inner circle are arrested and put on trial, sentenced to a lifetime of solitary confinement for manslaughter. But ignorance cannot keep the good, the bright, the beautiful, in the dark for long. 1904 – 1905 - The Guild Loses its Footing Breathe. You need to breathe. These dreams, these premonitions… they’re… England announces its independence from the Guild, forcing the Guild’s headquarters to be relocated in Vienna. India, the Three Kingdoms, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire soon make demands of the Guild. ALL FOR NAUGHT. -IT SHALL BE BROUGHT TO ASH. April, 1906 – THE ARRIVAL The Earthquake The Governor-General goes missing BUT THOSE WHO LISTEN KNOW WHERE HE IS, causing more disarray for the Guild. Shortly thereafter, a body of burning flame in the shape of a man, later coined the Burning Man, appears above San Francisco. A week after its his arrival, an enormous earthquake destroys the city, and terrible monsters the devout are released upon the city, and into the world. Can’t… fight… so bright… May, 1906 – Arrival in London The Burning Man arrives in London, sending a wave of panic through the King’s Empire and the world bringing with it the Gibbering Hordes truth in its fiery wake. The madman Ephraim Wade escapes prison. Reaper, sower, borne from the depths of the cosmos in the belly of fire and ash, wreathed in the light of a thousand suns. Let the Earth burn with righteous fire beneath his every step. He brings the good and the beautiful end, and we shall bathe and dance in his bright and beautiful fire. Stop. You should have never read that book. Your curiosity has ruined you. Ruin is a virtue. Pain is the path. The future is forged in fire. You carry the torch. Burn it all. June, 1906 - The Battle of London The Burning Man’s presence begins to warp and transform those who feel close to the flame, forcing Londoners to turn their guns on their fellows. The great and beautiful and bright fire shall engulf the flesh that resists and the flesh that refuses but those that listen and hear and see the radiance in the flame shall find a retribution in the light. The portals are eyes and mouths and see and speak of the Burning Man’s will and we owe it to the great flame to listen for we too will be bathed in the light and in the flame like silk robes carrying us to a new world, beautiful and bright. It begins. It begins. It begins. It begins. It begins. It begins. To download a PDF of this classified file, click on this link!
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    Sure. For Symmetry, assume everything here works the same way for the other allegiances. Abyssinia w/ no Envoy (pure Abbyssinia) Any Abyssinian commander combination works. (Prince, Kassa, Lord). You can put Abyssinian and Generic Earth assets on whatever you want and hire whatever Abyssinian models. Abyssinia w/ Guild Envoy Any Abyssinian commander combination works. (Prince, Kassa, Lord). You can hire Thrace and any Guild Units/assets you want (when they exist). Thrace and the Guild models can only get Guild/Generic Earth Assets though. The Abyssinian models still can get Abyssinian and Generic Earth assets. Guild "stuff" can only add up to 50% of your total spent scrip. Abyssinia w/ King's Empire Envoy MUST SELECT KASSA and any other Abyssinian commander (Prince, Lord) for this to do anything. You can hire King's Empire Assets and Squads but the assets can only go on King's Empire models. Anyone can still get generic earth stuff though. (This means Kassa can take her King's Empire Asset since she's a King's Empire model). King's Empire "stuff" can only add up to 50% of your total scrip. Note: Some people think that since The Frenzy is a squad, they're treated differently somehow. They are not. The reason for this is that as a commander, they aren't hired into your list, so they aren't subject to the envoy privileges.
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    Congratulations to everyone who participated, and especially to our winners! it was wonderful to see everyone's work this year.
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    I turned all my Barbies into voodoo dolls, so this one would be perfect for my collection
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    Ramos is in a weird place for the next edition so I would look at Lynch and Mei. Beckoners go well with Lynch's box, I also like Tannen and Graves since they're in his theme and offer some really nice abilities. Not sure what Mei likes these days or which faction you are looking to use her in.
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    Hello, Wyrdos and Painters! This year, @Franchute ran an absolutely excellent community painting challenge. In 2019, I’ll try my hand at the challenge. Franchute has posted the new version of the rules above. The image below shows the sort of thing I'm talking about for terrain pricing. Idea 1: Terrain. Terrain is worth 5 soulstones per 50mm base. Here’s a piece of unfinished terrain (shot from above, it’s a subway entry). This would be worth 15 Soulstones. @Boomstick Achievements. I thought it might be fun to encourage everyone to push outside of their comfort zones in 2019. Much like Achievements in the online gaming world, I thought it might be fun to put up a list of Achievements in painting. These are for fun, to try something new, and to generally encourage getting pigment onto plastic! If you're looking for some painting inspiration, or just for a way to challenge yourself, here's the list! I look forward to painting alongside you all next year. Keep putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
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    Thanks for being willing to take this on, @Caedrus. I have absolutely no authority here, as I am just anther Wyrd fan. So this was just my preference. I do think support from from the Head Office would change things, even if they are all super-righteous folks. But I don't want to tell you how to run this if you take it on. Cheers
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    I know it only works at my country, but because of the time at which I paid the models and the prices they are now, with the devaluation and inflation, I had paid the models as less than a quarter than they cost now
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    Malifaux, Ama No Zako painted showcase video. 360 degrees view. Painted this a year ago. But it got posted on YouTube just now.
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    @Franchute: First of all, my enormous thanks to Franchute for organising this challenge this year. Second, I have been considering organising the challenge for 2019, albeit with a few small changes. To that end, I have asked Wyrd if they would support a monthly prize. Basically, if they support the challenge, I'll happily run it (if Franchute is happy to hand over, and the community thinks I can do it!). So, I'm waiting on their reply. If they give me their support, then I might open a new enrolment thread. I hope that's all ok! Caedrus.
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    Use mirror spray on a thin acrylic sheet and lay down a thin layer of water effect + paint on that to your desired level of cloudiness. Or hard mode: actually paint the reflection onto the water, taking into account the angle you'll be photographing from. 😮
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    Due to Matt being eaten by chinchillas Wyrd asked me to announce the results. And the winner Is....... Me! Thanks everyone for entering and the judges for awarding me 50 points each. See you all next year. 😁
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    Here is my November pledge ! The good news is that I've finished before time's up !! So the count : Charm Warder x2 : 12Ss Jorogumo : 9Ss Wokou Raider : 8Ss Alt Warpig : 9Ss Banjonista : 5Ss Survivor : 4Ss For a total of 47Ss No it's not just an impression, my Jorogumo fits its base ! Well I had to cut quite a lot of their legs to reduce their length so that the model is not too large ! And As a bonus, better photos of previous models that are now properly based
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    Looking great everyone! @Caedrus I particularly like your Austringer! Working mostly on the Backdraft and Undying box, I've finished both Golems (20), and added to my Account Justice League with Fitzsimmons as Rorschach (out of mask) (8), and both Saboteurs as Raven and Robin (10) for 38ss. On to December! Let's hope for some snow days to get some good painting in, eh?
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    Soon-uary Soon-teenth, Twenty Soony Soon. We don't have a release date just yet, but everything on our end is moving smoothly and we hope to have more information soon.
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    Blessed of December and December Acolytes These pics portraits all last models I completed and added to my collection in the past times. In next months I'll go after the Black Blood models to improve Lilith crew chance on the tabletop.
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