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    Hey Wyrdos, Waldo spent the week scribbling a bunch of strange symbols with chalk and candlewax on the walls and floor of the office. After explaining to him that is definitely not the way summoning works (though there has been a lingering sulfur smell as of late), he finally agreed to stop vandalizing the place as long as we told him how. So, before we go check on that smell, we’re going to take a look at how summoning works in M3E. Summoning has always been a cornerstone ability in Malifaux, and often, it’s one of the strongest abilities that a player can bring to the table. Not surprisingly, many of the best masters in first and second editions were those who capable of summoning in new models. One of the goals for M3E was to keep summoning as the powerful and unique ability that it is while reigning it in and preventing a summoner from completely running away with a game. To accomplish this, we approached summoning from a couple different angles. Let’s use Dashel Barker, the Guild’s newest Master, as an example. There’s a lot of fun stuff on Dashel’s stat card, but for the purposes of this article, let’s focus on his Call In Reinforcements Action. The first thing that jumps out about the Action is that it’s Once per Turn, which is a restriction that can be found on every Master-level summoning Action. Previously, in second edition, the best thing that a summoner could do was to spam their summoning Action as much as possible to flood the board with models. The rest of the summoner’s card was almost secondary to that action. Just about everyone has played a few games against Kirai and Nicodem where all they did was spam their summoning action to churn out as many new models as possible. Surprisingly, most of our playtesters ended up enjoying the summoning Masters a lot more after this change. By removing the burden of having to create and maintain a summoning engine for maximum efficiency, it freed these Masters up to do other things with their Actions. Once Dashel has called in a new Guard, he’s free to move around or shoot at his enemies without feeling like he’s “wasting” those Actions. While Dashel can only summon one model at a time (most likely due to Guild budget constraints), some of the other summoning Masters, such as Dreamer and Asami, can summon multiple models with a single Action. To do so, they just add the Cost of all of their summoned models together when determining the Action’s TN. This allows these Masters the option of summoning in two weak models in favor of a single stronger model. Each Master-level summoning Action also Attaches an Upgrade to the summoned model. Dashel Attaches the Patrolling Guard Upgrade to his summoned Guard, so let’s take a look at that Upgrade now. Patrolling Guard is Plentiful (2), which means that a player can only have two copies of that Upgrade in play at any given time. If Dashel already has two summoned models with an Attached Patrolling Guard Upgrade, then when he attempts to summon a third model, he can’t Attach the Upgrade (due to exceeding its Plentiful restriction) and the summoned model doesn’t enter play. That’s somewhat restrictive, but if Dashel is his Crew’s Leader, the Plentiful Restriction increases to Plentiful (5), which greatly expands his summoning capabilities. This helps to ensure that the power level of summoning Masters is kept in check when they’re hired as supplemental Masters in a Crew. Crews in M3E can have multiple Masters, by the way. If you want to splash some Guard summoning into a Witch Hunter Crew, for instance, you just hire Dashel like a normal model: you pay his Cost of 15, plus one if he doesn’t share your Leader’s Keyword (which in this example would be “Witch Hunter”). This has been working out pretty well in playtesting, and it’s super fun to have Dashel summoning guardsmen into a battle to support his Witch Hunter allies. Looking back at the Patrolling Guard Upgrade, you can see that after it Attaches to a model, that model gains Slow. In second edition, there were a number of summoning restrictions in the book that always seemed to catch both new and experienced players off guard, such as summoned models showing up with Slow and not being able to take Interact Actions on the turn they arrive. In M3E, those restrictions have been moved onto the summon Upgrades themselves; after Dashel summons a Guard model, for instance, it gains Slow, but it has no restrictions on its ability to take Interact Actions. Because M3E uses Upgrades to track which model is summoned, this lets us treat summoned models a bit differently than normal, purchased models. For instance, the Exorcist has a trigger that flat out kills a model with an Attached Summon Upgrade, making it quite the counter to Crews that do a great deal of summoning. All in all, these changes to the summoning rules have allowed summoning to remain as a strong option for Crews in M3E while still ensuring that there are enough checks in place to keep it from becoming the absolute best strategy in every situation. We’ve also balanced the number of summoners between Factions in order to ensure that each Faction has roughly the same amount of access to the mechanic. Arcanists have Sandeep Desai, the Bayou has Som’er “Teeth” Jones, the Guild has Dashel Barker, the Neverborn have the Dreamer, the Outcasts have Tara Blake, and the Ten Thunders have Asami Tanaka. The Resurrectionists, which have traditionally been the bastion of summoning Masters, have emerged in M3E with Kirai Ankoku and Albus Von Schtook as their summoning Masters (though Albus approaches the situation in a much more unorthodox manner than his peers). Since it’s the holiday season, we thought that we’d leave the topic of the next article up to you! What parts of M3E are you most excited to hear about? Let us know! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    I assume this is the right place to put this: So I'm going to start this post by saying I in no way hold Wyrd Miniatures responsible for what happened today. That being said, UK residents check if Yodel is shipping your models. If they are, please seriously consider getting them to hold them at the depot. Especially if you are in the Midlands. My address was being used by me and a pair of friends (getting a 2-player set), due to neither of them having fixed addresses during the Kickstarter. As such, I was expecting two boxes to come through once the deliveries were up and running. This morning, I missed a text from the delivery company 'Yodel' that my package was on its way. I returned home about 4pm to discover a box sitting beside my house, in full view of the street. This box contains my two friends' kickstarter, all $440 of it. It hadn't been tampered with nor had it been damaged, but it had been left out for maybe six hours. There was absolutely nothing stopping a random passerby from walking off with it apart from me living on a quiet street. Entering my home, I found a note from a Yodel courier that my delivery, not my friends', had not been delivered as it needed a signature. As you can imagine, there was no way I was letting Yodel mess me around, so I called up their customer service line to ask them to hold it at the depot for collection.Once I'd done this, I attempted to complain, but their line doesn't go to a human being under what seems like any circumstances. An hour or so later, a courier arrived with my package and I accepted it. Currently, I am debating driving over to the depot tomorrow after work, purely to make my opinion known to someone in the management. Their treatment of my friends' package was completely unacceptable and has me fuming I hope you can understand why I'm posting this and what I'm trying to achieve here. Again, I in no way blame Wyrd Miniatures for this. I in no way expect or demand an apology from anyone involved in this forum. I do not consider this your fault. The blame lies solely with Yodel and again, I strongly encourage anyone waiting for packages to contact Yodel and ask them to hold onto their packages for collection as I cannot in good conscience not warn this forum's users that there may be a problem with the delivery of your order. I apologise for the consternation I assume this post is going to cause, but this was completely unacceptable.
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    Well this is the same character, so its quite likely that there will be a Dashel crew box and an altered Lucius Crew box at some point. Your current Dashel model is still Dashel so will be tournament legal (based on the fact I can still use my Metal guard captain as Dashel, and expect to still do so)
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    Above the Law says that the Guild just couldn't get a good foot hold in Mexico because of how unstable it was at the time. Instead they just helped Santa Anna who in turn sold them Santa Fe. The book also mentions the guild bought all the land from Texas to the California boarder for no reason other than they were amazed at how cheap Santa Anna was willing to sell it for.
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    For next topics, perhaps things like: _ Planned new crewboxes and other boxes (art & contents). Perhaps with the amount of new refs in the M3E. _ Artworks for new masters & models (Eurdipides for example...) _ Theme contents for those where the Beta is advanced enough to tell _ How you built themes (content & option choices) & the design philosophy (for example is a theme built to play in all strats & schemes or be optimum in some of them to avoid all rounders) _ Fluff evolutions Happy Thanksgiving ! These are very positive changes. Thx for sharing this news.
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    I really like how the summoning has been reined in a bit (Once per turn + the summon upgrade limiting how many summoned models you can have on the board). I mostly play with one friend and we both play summoners (Nicodem for me, Dreamer for him), and I feel like it will be nice to have more variety in play for our masters than "summon as many things as possible". Plus games are long since we're adding new models each turn 😛 As for next week's preview, I would really like to learn more about the new masters and/or how existing masters changed. Especially Albus Von Schtook (I'm really curious how the new resurectionist master will play since I might use him to "replace" Nicodem. Summoning via his students is intriguing).
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    That'd be the "Tour De Britain" List...
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    What more needs to be accomplished when you’ve got 25 bikes with gatling guns?
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    Tides of Battle is the official Escalation and Achievement League format for The Other Side, and a great way to get the new game off the ground. This is a FREE event to enter at Impact Wargaming and games can be arranged to play throughout the week. Week One: 18th January 2019 Week Two: 1st February 2019 Week Three: 15th February 2019 Week Four: 1st March 2019 Week Five: 15th March 2019 Week Six: 29th March 2019 The Venue: Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Rd, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN For more information check our event out on Facebook: Tides of Battle
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    Will the plastic kickstarter tokens be available to purchase in the future?
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    Hi Malifolk Wyrd Saddles 3 Sunday 2nd December 2018 At the Outpost Unit 2 Kingfisher Works S3 8AU Registration 9.30am, 1st Intiative flip 10.00am. Format - Fixed Faction 3 Round Event played using 50SS crews. Schemes and Strategies Round 1 Flank Deployment Ply for Information Surround Them Covert Breakthrough Search The Ruins Take One For The Team Public Demonstration Round 2 Corner Deployment Symbols of Authority Punish the Weak Hold Up Their Forces Inescapable Trap Take Prisoner Recover Evidence Round 3 Close Deployment Public Executions Eliminate the Leadership Set Up Undercover Entourage Show Of Force Vendetta There is scrip for everyone! Using a fully painted crew (three colours+) gets you a raffle ticket for a mystery box Alt Stat card for the first person to kill the opposition Master. Most VP Scored with best positive score. Voucher prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd ££££ to spend in The Outpost. Best in Faction trophies! Events for the remainder of the year Sunday 22nd April 50ss Fixed Faction "Attack on the Outpost" Sunday 20th May 50ss Fixed Master++ "A Fist full of Soulstones" Sunday 24th June 50ss Fixed Faction - Charity Fund raising for Weston Park Hospital "Seize the Day" Sunday 29th July 50ss Fixed Faction "Soulstone Rush" Sunday 26th August 50ss Fixed Faction "Rise of a Tyrant" Sunday 23rd September 50ss Fixed Master "The Quick and the Wyrd" Sunday 28th October 50ss Fixed Faction "Day of the Wyrd 3" Sunday 2nd December 50ss Fixed Faction "Wyrd Saddles 3"
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    Mine arrived today Luckily my wife was in so Yodel didn't leave it outside. According to the sticker it came from Wayland Games, so no wonder it was late Very happy with the models! So glad I don't have to assemble all this stuff!
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    I can't rememeber what Monday Preview it was, but for every X Likes we would receive another information - an artwork, model preview etc. We shared the link on social medias and messaged them to our friends. The hype was through the roof! I would love to see that happen again 🙂 Just like @yool1981, I would like to hear more about actual Box Sets. For example, are models going to be sold mostly in "Keyword Boxes"? Something like The Plague Cometh and Brotherhood of the Rat? Are there going to be M3E Fate Decks on release date? Is the first M3E book going to contain campaign rules? If not, is it something you are planning in the future? Is there going to be an event during M3E launch?
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    This might be lame, but I just want to see as many stat cards as possible in the previews.
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    It was hard to read the "Call in reinforcement" ability because the target of the ability is stated in the end of the text. You must read the whole text before you learn that scheme markers is the target. The special chase "friendly scheme markers" is even mentioned before you learn what the target is.
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    Summoning is now a lot better resolved. I like the way it has been done. For next topic I would love to hear about new crew boxes and maybe totally new models?
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    Hey there! Here's an update of my models. The standing McCabe is finished and waiting only for the base. With the ridiing McCabe I've met an issue with the pinning of the model; I painted the bike and the rider separately, but when I was removing the pin from the rider it broke and it left a little piece which now doesn't let me gluing the model correctly, its legs don't reach the proper point in the bike . The picture is a bit blurry but it was done quite fast just to show you I'm still participating! In any case, here's a picture of the model, once I fix it and base it I'll post more pictures.
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    @innsmouthresident @Chou Thanks a lot guys...hopefully you won't be far behind me...can't put into words how happy I am with it all....and having been originally staunchly in favour of making up the models myself my very first thought was "glad I didn't have to glue this lot together !"...got the day off so will be investigating in depth
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    Does this Dashel replace the Dashel in Lucius's crew box? does that mean Lucius will get a new crew box or something?
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    Some way of getting them to glory to get you to 50 bikes with gattling guns?
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    I would love to see a preview of Tara, but I have a rather heavy bias.
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    This wouldn't have mattered. The scion's ability is targeted by any enemy action and it makes it fail.
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    construction wise you could go with that round wooden window exterior (at least for me it would be cuter), but it looks fine either way. It's not the most important thing here The tiny sculpture by the door ❤️
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    I'd love to get a sneak peak at Euripides! Or maybe some of the new modelling process if that's something you're ready to share? I know some things are getting new sculpt and I'd love to hear how exactly that's being handled! Or maybe more Dead Man's Hand details? Like for instance in a tournament that allows them what faction the masters count as, since I don't think we've seen a faction marker on them yet.
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    How about Reva as the topic? In the issue of trying not to have my cult leader hog all of the spotlight though, how about choose a Master or Henchman from each faction based on popular vote and reveal some models that share their keywords? My vote still goes to Reva of course...
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    My wonderful wife has given me a pass so “I will go to the ball” Luke Cocksedge
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    Great idea! That will end up looking awesome, I'm sure Is that Olfo from Andrea? Great figure. I used it for an entry in the 2015 Iron Painter.
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    ok then for now the project I photoshoped to know what I want to finally do - not all of details are included here so I'm leaving some (maybe?) wow effect for later steps.
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    Should be working again, the module can be a bit temperamental.
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    No advance shipping notice BUT....huge box just arrived for me in the UK 😀👍hope all others receive theirs soon
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    Hey Wyrdos, We've officially released the Tides of Battle! Tides of Battle is the official Escalation and Achievement League format for The Other Side. With this document, you will be able to play The Other Side in new and exciting ways by earning achievements and creating new Companies in the process. It’s a fantastic way to meet new players and establish a community in your area. In the Tides of Battle, you’ll also find the Garrison system. Every two weeks, your Company will expand with more Scrip to spend on units and Assets, more Strategems to better prepare you for the battles to come, and more Commanders to lead your Fireteams to glory. The Garrison system will also be a part of the upcoming tournament document, which we will be providing in the near future. You can find the Tides of Battle document here!
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    The Goblin who could cheat Death When you need to use all your tricks and play dirty to win. Nothing is forbidden, even Christmas, gifts.... and TNT
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    Coming in late for the month, but such is the holidays. Arcanist half of Backdraft is in progress and the first on the list. Then the Undying box, Asura, and a box of zombies for a friend. Gremlin half of Backdraft to round out my Brew crew. Realistically, I'm hoping to have these done by the end of the year.
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    Jebus, was it full of water? Where do you live, the Sun?
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    Faulting those who dislike intensely this change isn’t helpful. Malifaux was marketed as a character driven game. Players get in for a variety of reasons but coming in for a character is just as valid a reason as any. Removing a character as a playable character is shooting those players that liked that master in the foot. I don’t fault those that hate this decision or would leave the game over that decision. I’d be leaving if Seamus or Molly were removed. I like other masters and I like the game but I play the game for them.
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    Gonna have to disagree, pretty strongly there. I think there is a fundamental disconnect in your post between how Malifaux is thought of, and how it actually plays. And to be clear I don’t think it’s on you, I think it’s a common misconception. The issue is the disconnect between master AP and how they use them. I would argue that, actually, giving up a master AP to make something fast is actually more often than not a better action to take than if the master just took an action itself. Yes, there are factors that could upend that, range, resource requirements, targeting restrictions, but in general I’d argue the proposal that actually giving out extra ap is one of the strongest actions any model can have. Not only on masters, but especially on masters. The reason for that is that Malifaux is at its most bedrock, fundamental, a game of resource management. You have a limited number of resources in AP and cards. You must do the best job you can during the game to spend those resources to buy victory points. At the same time also spending them to prevent your opponent from buying more vp, either by actually preventing their ability to buy vp, or to spent your resources to deny them more than you spent. So the ability to directly “give” another model your resources is stupidly powerful because of how efficient it is. AP in Malifaux become better and more useful to more you have. Consider this, imagine we had a model with a melee attack stat of 26. That would mean if this model attacked a model with Df 7 and that attacked model flipped or cheated the red joker, this imaginary model could flip anything except the black joker and still hit, and cheat the dmg. Now imagine this model was properly costed for that ability but they had 1 ap, how often do you think the model in question would get hired? I know the analogy breaks down pretty easily given all the unknowns of the rest of the model and rules, but it is a helpful example to illustrate how the actions a model can take in themselves are not in and of themselves predicative of usefulness to winning the game. So saying giving their AP to another isn’t really a master level action is hopelessley blind to how good that actually is. The more actions any one model in particular has, the better that model is going to be. That was a major point of concern in the changeover to 2e. In Wyrd’s own explaination for some of the problems with 1e, they pointed to the overprevelence of models with extra ap. In 1e at a certain, relatively low point cost, if you didn’t have nimble, or casting expert, or melee expert, or instinctual you were just a garbage model. That was not only because it increased the general pool of resources a player had by taking it, but also because the actions a model has become more useful the more ap they have to spend. If you have a melee beater model they become even more of a monster if you give them fast. If they aren’t in combat it increases their threat range to put pressure on models that would not have otherwise been threatened. If they are in combat with something, giving them an extra ap makes them better by increasing the likelyhood they will kill or cripple the model they are engaged with, and even possibly having ap left after killing it to pick up a head, or move to lock out interacts in space, or to move to engage or threaten other models. For support or scheme based models it’s the same thing. If your leaping scheme runner is engaged, giving them fast allows them to still use two interacts by leaping, interacting, walking, and interacting. Or it could allow them to get to targets they wouldn’t have been able to normally have gotten to. Consider giving a model with a 6” walk and nimble fast. If we assume they deployed 6” forward, that means they can be in the opponent’s standard deployment zone on the first turn. That’s because giving out ap is iterative work enhancement. Consider how much of the game is spent in trying to make sure the models we want to do actions with spend as little of their own actions doing things other than what we want them to be doing. How often have you heard people complain that it feels like they are wasting their model’s ap if they have to take a walk action. How often are we using lures to pull models closer to or beaters so they don’t have to spend their AP walking to the target and can just use them to attack. How often are we hiring models to move our other models around so they can use their ap in a more efficient way. All of that is encapsulated in actions that give other models fast. The true power of a master doing it lies in the fact that it allows that model to have a greater board presence than they actually would normally have. If Nico gives fast to Archie, it’s like Nicodem just took an attack action that is ml 6 min dmg 4. If he gives a walk action to a crooligan he allows it to interact, walk, interact -activate Always On The Move, and place 5”. If he gives fast to a model he just summoned inside his Death’s Whip Aura, and he has Love thy Master in the crew, his newly summoned model can activate immediately after his activation ends and go with 3 AP. Consider even if he summons a punk zombie on one wound in that situation that punk zombie could charge a model and then attack them again for 3 total attacks. It could flurry and then attack a model it was summoned into engagement with for a total of 4 attacks. It could slice and dice 3 times, and all that before you even got a chance to take an action to kill the zombie. And critically all of that work compression occurs without Nicodem needing to be in any of the areas affected. He doesn’t need to be engaged with whatever Archie is engaged with to make that attack, as he would if he had a melee attack instead. He doesn’t need to be up the board where the crooligab is to give it more ability to successfully do its job. He doesn't need to be where the corpse marker is located, just close to it, to make his summons absolute nightmares. And he can do all three of those things from the same position on the board. That is not weak by any stretch of the imagination.
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    Hello everyone, When I started playing this game only 4 months ago, I was lost and little disappointed because there isn't a real showcase of miniatures. I mean, there is no section on website or wherever that shows each faction completely painted with all miniatures. The same problem occurred few other times with new players...it's kinda hard to understand which models do represent you and you will enjoy to play with! This section is awesome because it shows so many wonderful painting projects, but they are all spread around with no real focus on showing a complete faction. That's why I've decided to put my first complete faction together for some pictures, stick the "image" of the plastic box and post them all. This will show new players the complete gremlin faction wave 1 + wave 2. So, I hope, it will be easier for them to understand if they are Gremlin inside or not I hope this can stick around a bit to help more new players (or players looking for new faction to start) as possible ! Here the link to dropbox folder with HD pictures How am I supposed to insert pictures in this post? I have a max. of 80 kb !! (I will just add the picture of one crew...?) Thank you p.s. I haven't painted my own models, My modeling skills unfortunately are close to 0 p.p.s. I will publish my second complete faction - Outcast - in a couple of weeks
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    This really depends on how skilled you are at scratch building and how detailed you want things. I personally prefer scratch built bases over pre-made (especially for natural features). There are a number of really good websites that provide tutorials for scratch building that are easily applied to individual model bases. I can list a few if you like. Here is one that provides a pretty good base. For sewers specifically I would look at a site like this for scratch building supplies. A= I have used them and it really depends on the base. For example the Victorian streets look very good (aside from the growing weeds) and are much easier to use than make. The Bayou Bases on the other hand are very cartoony and difficult to make look realistic compared to just scratch building your own (which usually produces a much better result). B= See A. Lastly, there are quite a few water effect products on the market (I have used several) the best one really depends on a number of factors. I would probably recommend a trifecta of products. The first is for deep water effects. Envirotex lite is really tough to beat though you will need to carefully measure the two ingredients to prevent issues (I recommend mixing larger batches than needed and just accepting the waste when starting out). A pipit or syringe aids greatly in placing it only where you want. Also be aware that it is susceptible to capillary action. Also be sure to lay the product down in several layers if you are trying for really deep water effects (I believe the recommendation is no more than 1/8" at a time) The second is for creating shallow water, puddles, and wet sheen's (like when covering over painted features that you want to appear wet but foul, i.e pond scum, fetid sewers, etc). Woodland Scenics Realistic Water is a brush on product. A few layers will create good looking wet effects. I have used this over painted surfaces to create a raw sewage look for a few of my boards. The last product is a really great product for creating "moving water" effects and Ice. It is Woodland Scenics Water Effects. It is a glue-like product that goes on really thick. If you place it on plastic wrap and let it fully dry you can create flowing water falls (there is a tutorial on the Woodland Scenics site that shows this). It can also be used to attach snow flocking to create very realistic looking wet snow effects and Ice run off. This three products together create some amazing water effects. You can also use Woodland Scenics E-Z Water though you do need to be careful as it is a "Hot product" and may damage a paint job due to that. It is great for larger terrain pieces though and has the fastest dry time of any of the products (once it cools it is usable). It is also nice for swampy effects as it has a slight yellowish hue. Hopefully that helps.
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    Yikes! Yeah, I'd definitely ask Yodel what they're doing, especially with one package being left signature-less and the other one not, that sounds like a driver royally messed up.
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    Not bad - you can do a similar thing with the Stalking Portals. With an advance order you can move them into base contact of a portal marker (or each other) and as many other units as possible, which teleports the lot to any other portals you want. One thing to remember about ECBs - their strength bonus works with any assets on the target unit, including Prototypes and Adjuncts. In fact if I'm reading this right, the ECBs should still get the +1 Strength even if the adjunct is killed, since the Asset itself is still attached to the unit.
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    I’m pretty sure there would have been rioting and death threats if Wyrd had put any of the current TOS models in the store. Even an alt sculpt would have set people off, I think.
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    That hasn’t been my experience in any miniature or card game I’ve played, and I’ve played a lot. Every group I’ve ever played with always uses whatever the tournament rules are. I don’t doubt there are basement groups that never interact with the wider community that will do as you say, but I doubt very highly any group with any connection to the wider community will do other than follow the tournament rules. To pretend otherwise is painting an inaccurate picture I feel.
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    I've stopped playing for a long while, but I do know some of the models, having seen the previews. I'm not sure if it's still the trend here, but most of the time (from my perspective) people recommend playing first and then choosing models to purchase. Since models are mostly evergreen, there's not a huge incentive to purchase everything and then figure it out, but rather figure out what you need based on play style and level of competitive play you want and purchasing to taste. For example, I don't play McM, so I don't need flesh constructs. It is possible getting them won't be "wasteful" if you play McM or you find you like running them for one reason or the other, but when I was playing, I didn't find them fitting how I played at the level I wanted to play. I ask the play style and competitive level you want to play at first because that sets the beginning, and most important, limitations--(1) money, and (2) tolerance for adjustment. If you want to play a themed crew for Reva, where you play vincent and the shield bearers, filling the rest of the crew to taste, buy and play whatever gets you the most fulfillment in games, win or lose. There is NOTHING wrong with that because this is a leisure activity. This arguably also stresses money and tolerance for adjustment to a minimum. If you want to play strictly competitively at high levels, I would probably not play ressers--listen to people who consistently win/place well in hard fought tournaments, e.g. max value podcast, and copy what they do. That'll get you the most bang for your buck and get you the competitive edge. I actually more or less swapped to Arcanists because of my issues with ressers after having tried the "top tier" masters by popular vocal opinion. This stresses money the least and tolerance for adjustment to the max, as you'll often be playing "best of" rather than models you like. If you want to play competitively as much as you can with ressers, see below. Keep in mind I'm probably fairly outdated, having not played in a while, especially in the context of GG2018. Also, Malifaux is a unique game at least for how rulings are done, because the rules set has some quirks that are, unfortunately, very key to how well certain masters can perform. I'll go over them in detail below, because they affect Reva to varying degrees, but they are: (1) Ht rules; and (2) RAW (rules as worded) vs. RAI (rules as intended). Playing what ressers do best will moderately stress funds and be a large, though less than strictly competitive play, stress on tolerance for adjustment. Reva's main strengths are being a cannon equipped for the crew you'll likely face and having one activation, possibly two, tricks that can blindside your opponent's tempo/plan. This does not make her a generalist as I understand the term in Malifaux--she is more favorable in match ups where she can quickly (1-2 activations, or 1-2 turns) eliminate the largest threats on her own, allowing her relatively minimal crew to maximize their AP. As I noted in the log previously, your crews will tend to be elite ones. This tends to mean you do well on area control type strategies & schemes ("S&S") where your opponent must engage you, as opposed to S&S where activation counts really matter. Keep that in mind when evaluating models--will they directly help you in ensuring you can control the intended situation better than the/an alternative(s)? Keep in mind Reva essentially costs 4-8 SS to play by herself--I would generally consider her favored against Arcanists, but to get to 7SS pool I need 4 (3 cache) plus 5 SS in upgrades between a limited and the 2 SS no-reduction and 2 SS no-SS upgrades. Joss cries if he's against you, but you're giving up a higher end (for resser) model to load up Reva. I don't recommend swapping sybelle with belles because that list is mostly for fun. It can get your opponent hard if they don't know how to play around it or if their crew is just incapable of dealing with it, but often times the opponent will simply wait for you to disperse your belles and pick you apart from there. It's fun to have 7 Wk belles sprint from deployment to do stuff, but I'm unsure how often that kind of thing matters in that build. The same kind of goes for Philip & the Nanny, though a little less so because Philip can at least be an anti-scheme runner and can nicely set up Reva's card pool as necessary. However, Philip almost always requires an escort, usually a dead doxy, to maximize his card cycle. That's 14 SS without any upgrades on Philip, though when I ran him I usually did this because he was 14 SS for up to 6 cards cycled a turn. Moderately useful. I suggest running Datsue-ba because she is a fairly competent fighter for later activation, and is a spirit who can benefit from Reva's alternative upgrades. Activation control can be important, and having a bunch of seishin to buy you time is nice. Her ability to summon off kills is also fairly nice, provided you can hit the triggers--I try not to SS or save cards for these as Reva is the main drain on cards. I don't know what Asura Rotten does in great detail, but having learned some of her card via podcast, I'm not super impressed as far as synergy with Reva. You basically need your "elite" crew to run S&S for you, and she seems capable of it, though I'm unsure how she performs in the current environment. The markers are cool, MZ summons are nice for extra activations and corpse markers, but I don't know if she offers a whole lot for getting S&S done for you. Your choices with Reva AFAIK should largely be heavy hitters or more durable S&S runners. Bete Noire can be cool, but requires the opposing crew to trigger her ability to be regularly useful--you can have her pop out of your stuff, like the 13 SS version I forget--outcast enforcer that has to charge when able. Bete Noire is not the missile that guy is, so you may not get the mileage, especially if you clutch a 10 to ensure the ability goes off. She's also mostly unfavorable against certain crews, namely the ones that turn off defensive abilities/triggers. Yin can be polarizing. When I first started, I got yin on Fetid Strumpet and others' recommendations. After playing her for some time, I realized she has severe limitations outside a Wp oriented crew. Against Guild you can't play her--she'll get eaten alive by the firing lines with all their positive flips. Somewhat the same for TT, Gremlins, Arcanists, etc. I think you get the idea of why I may not like her too much because every faction has crew options that get repetitive, relatively low cost positive flips. Terrifying can be nice, but in my experience usually doesn't pan out. That being said, if you can pull off her 0, possibly getting a second shot with MLH, you can really hurt your opponent for the Reva activation. Arguably cheaper to ensure it goes off with the Ca 6 and only needing to do it once, but two models over two separate activations is fairly expensive when Yin costs 8 SS and Reva somewhere between 4-8 SS. I generally don't run her unless the board terrain is unusual in having dense buildings and things for her to fly over. What I didn't do was explain how Ht and RAW vs. RAI factor into those models. Reva manipulates LoS and Ht rules to make life hard or just dumb for your opponent. Because she is Ht 3, she literally sees in a right angle over anything that isn't Ht3 or higher. Because most people don't like building boards with lots of terrain that's Ht 2 and above, this means on many boards, Reva will literally see everything from behind the best cover. This is important because your corpse markers are Ht 0 and 30mm, meaning you will be able to effectively see around corners to your opponent--Reva sees over a wall to a corpse marker that has normal LoS to the Ht 2 and below model on the other side of a wall, and you blast them with your normal attack. This may warp your local area into incorporating higher Ht terrain--there was a lot of discussion on this when Reva first released. If your area simply includes lots of Ht 3 and greater impassable terrain for when you play Reva, you're basically winning when you employ datsue-ba, who literally ghosts anywhere she damn well pleases, or Yin, who can fly over them, albeit with some difficult at Wk 4--Datuse-ba at Wk 6 often gets through most terrain, hence my preference for her. NPEs are more likely to result if the local group starts blocking off large sections of the board to disable Reva LoS. If your area starts including lots of Ht 3 and greater passable terrain, the real fun begins, depending on how you guys play. I virtually never use the triggers on Reva's card when I take the 2 SS no-reduction upgrade, and when I don't, I rarely look at the triggers because they're usually not relevant. But, the only way to avoid LoS with Reva and (often) remain relevant to the game is to be on top of the passable Ht 3 or greater terrain. However, because range is measured top down and Ht 3 is above Ht 2, you now care about 2 of your triggers generally speaking, because a mask means you smack them for 3 pre-reduction/SS, and then the push throws them off the ledge for another 3 damage pre-reduction/SS in a separate tick. Fall damage in Malifaux is strictly equal to Ht value rounded up for any remainder, so long as Ht exceeds Ht 2. Depending on your RAW vs. RAI, a model instant falls if a push/pull moves a model in any portion over the ledge of a building, or you have to move it off completely. If you have to move it completely off, it's virtually impossible to make models fall, because your opponent will put models at the edge of the 2" to maximize range requirements and allow for LoS. Theoretically, the second push should push the model off, but RAW vs. RAI because of top down measurement. With that, Datsue-ba manipulates Ht better than the other choices because of Wk 6, above average, and being a spirit, which allows Reva's alternative 1 SS upgrade to push, turn her into a corpse marker, and let datsue-ba use a 0, which could be a walk for another spirit or a seishin summon. Bete, Yin, and Asura can't do this, so this is where you learn a bit of crew building--do these alternatives give me options that are better than datsue-ba? RAW and RAI is actually the primary reason I don't run sybelle. There are a lot of game making plays you can do with Sybelle but for RAW vs. RAI. Comply from Sybelle should in theory allow you to force fail your opponent's model on Sybelle's on Terrifying 12, effectively killing the model for that turn and some of the next. I posted a rules question if you decide to look it up, but the conversation didn't go so well. RAW favors my interpretation when I last checked, RAI prevents you according to any TO for a tournament and the vocal parts of the community. If the ruling ever changes, I would slot Sybelle in a heartbeat because she presents an incredible threat alongside datsue-ba. As it is, she is an "either or" type with datsue-ba, so I often pick datuse-ba over sybelle. Also, Reva enjoys Ht manipulation because 18" is really far, allowing her to often reach corpse markers with ease once the game reaches Turn 2. If she is 3" from the edge of a Ht 3 or higher terrain, she can see and reach just as easily through her corpse markers generally speaking--with sufficient Ht 3 or greater terrain this is not true, but that much Ht 3 or greater terrain likely makes the game NPE and/or unplayable for most crews. The extra inch generally means she's that much further for range calculation purposes and may be in a position of impunity--e.g. hiding on a circular water silo in the center with 3" from any edge, she can't be melee attacked by anyone who doesn't climb up, braving at least 1-2 turns of attacks. Importantly, Carrion Emissary has this kind of manipulation, and he's often in my crew along with datsue-ba, with both having MLH and datsue-ba with the seishin summoning upgrade. When Emissary summons the markers he has to summon them in LoS. Usually not an issue, but sometimes you need to wall off a shooter on a building or have safe cover and room to get onto a roof. RAW vs. RAI, Emissary can't see markers Ht 3 or greater if they were just markers, but ability makes them Ht 5, so theoretically you could place them 5" from the edge provided you're close enough already. I'm sure someone will see this and post issues with my post--discussion is good if it's resolved officially. Without clear rulings--though I admittedly haven't followed up on my original rules issues since I've stopped, playing ressers is much more of a gamble because you need the rules to operate consistently in a certain fashion to make some plays. I would start with datsue-ba, play with emissary, get the upgrade pack to put MLH on each of them, and play with what you have, because you've got various henchmen and some varying levels of other models. Once you figure out your playstyle, purchase from there. If your group lets comply do self-terrifying, I'd slot sybelle and datsue-ba in together instantly. I think the log covers my thoughts to supplement pretty adequately because it was up to date when I was still regularly playing. I might change that I think spirit henchmen/enforcers are better with living/undead minions, though I never really got to test that too much. I know this is a lot for the post--hope it sheds new light on a starting point.
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