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    Are you ready to the Halloween? Baritone Lola is ready. And now you will live with it. More photos as always in our blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.com/2018/10/malifaux-monday89-baritone-lola.html
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    Wanted to wish Kai a so long and have fun as he moves on in his schooling and on from Wyrd. We wish him the absolute best of luck in the future and the bar exam. Henchmen, we'll get you an update shortly as a new noodle whipper comes in and gets y'all sorted.
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    just got two boxes delivered to California
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    Lovely brushwork and a fantastic looking collection....really dynamic palette...the basing just makes them even better
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    An unboxing and review of the alternate sculpt of Ototo from the Ten Thunders faction...more pictures, a rotational view and a comparison picture with the original sculpt can be found within the article... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.com/2018/10/unboxing-malifaux-alternate-ototo.html
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    I don't like Decaying Aura on Seamus. I used it a lot and it sometimes very helpful, but really depends on Scehemes and opponent faction. Fo Sybelle i personaly prefer Not Too Badged Up to improve Rotten Belles. My advice is to switch MLH to Yin, because she can totaly break an opponent in the right moment. Asura Rotten is nice, and she will shine with Corpse Bloat, because it's usually a problem to make a usefuls action during her activation (she's always brilliant outside her activation and on the start of it) Doxy is MVP in almost all of my games. But i rarely hire Doxy, especially if i have Asura in list. Why spend 6SS if you will have free (and useless) Corpse Marker not too far away from Seamus on first Turn? Instead of Doxy you can hire something else depends on the Scheme pool. Necropunk for example. And i rarely star a game with Cache less then 6... But it's just my personal view of Resureectionists
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    Awesome, glad to hear it! For anyone who is interested, I posted the first three parts of the story at https://themythomaniac.com/category/journal-of-adam-cobb/?order=asc. Feel free to give it a read!
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    First, you need serena bowman and her upgrades, this makes the sorrows both from the shadows, which helps with their poor movement, and makes them a nightmare, which is great, because this means your day dreams can push them every turn. Also, i'd get the tantrum upgrade, which adds more synergy with sorrows counting as an extra tick of damage, and also tantrum's attack is resisted by willpower. Another thing you'll want is a woe with the depression upgrade, which grants other woes a 1 ap, ranged, wp-resisted attack. which sorrows really need. lilitu would be a great choice, being a nightmare, woe, and has a wp resisted lure which will bring enemies closer to your death bubble, but any woe which fits your build is good. now that you got your basics, you can do what you want. find a way to make the sorrows more durable, ( ie: iggy w/ martyr ), make it harder for people to resist duels ( ie: insidious madness, mr tannen), add units that attack wp ( literally anything ), ways to bring targets closer ( ie: lilitu ). Let me know what you come up and how it goes if you play it out. but before you play this out, you should play some regular pandora first, one thing she can provide the sorrows that the dreamer can't is her totem, which has an aura that makes units take a to wp duels, so you'll want to find out what daydreams can provide that the poltergeist can't. and on that note, you may find out that pandora and her totem provide a warm spot for alps in return too, and you can make a list around that too.
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    A very slow month for me this month only finishing Amina Nadu for my Malifaux painting so just the 8 stones I painted a bunch of test figures in various colour schemes I've wanted to try out, but none of them actually got finished enough to call painted, or were Malifaux models. Next month I plan to get some of my terrain completely finished. Since the roofs have been done for months, I need to finish the buildings.
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    Backerkit was closed out yesterday so I can only assume the notifications will start Monday. Most places out here don't do tracking updates on the weekend.
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    I really hope this week is your week. Such a long wait, it seems.
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    From reading the preview it looks like place effects in M3E are going to work more or less like they do in M2E. Making them count as a move in M3E seems like it would just clean up some rules interactions and allow abilities and rules to affect all movement with place effects being kind of a loophole like they are in M2E.
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    It would fix any balance issues, but it will be slightly strange that the Flight keyword changes how you meassure your movement, since you still use the Mv stat. But it's not at big thing. It would be logical, but the text states that Place works more or less like in M2E and that "completely within" is gone.
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    If I have this correct, since push, place, and move all count as movement now, they would all fall under the rules for movement, namely same point to same point measurement. Fixing that quirk with place might be part of the reason it's classified as movement now.
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    Asura Rotten and/or Yin can be good models too. I agree the Carrion Emissary seems to be a great model to use with her.
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    The carrion emissary is pretty universally liked by ressers so I would start there. You'll also need at least proxies for mindless zombies.
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    Caedrus, Reporting In. I'll be away for a few days, so time for my end-of-month wrap-up. @Franchute: I submit 12 points this month, being my Lazarus, and my Mindless zombie. Bad photo quality ahead! Well, fellow painters, this has been an insane month for me, outside of the painting world. However, I've found a little time to relax and start / update a few projects: One blurry Austringer. Still not certain on the colours. One final Guild Guard. A Crooligan, who needs about a bucket of Matt additive... A batch of bases, for many, many more mindless zombies. Finally: Dashel! Blurry but getting there. I feel I should wait to claim him as a Master! Slowly, slowly developing sculpting skills. Have a great month, all. I can't wait to see your works! Caedrus.
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    @prof_bycid excellent work! I have been a bit away from painting over the last month. I finally decided to come back with Asura Roten, zombie-free version:
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    I have finished the Grootslang for the first part of my October pledge. This was a really fun one to try some new techniques with. I can't believe he actually dwarfs that massive base that I thought was going to be way too large for any model (but had to have nonetheless). Over a week to finish the last model? Unheard of!
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    Caedrus, reporting in with a mid-late month update. Bad photo, but a mindless zombie, completed, so I've reached my pledge. Lots still to do on my Dashel... ...but my Flesh Construct is coming along nicely! See you at the end of the month! Keep on painting! Caedrus.
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    Nah, you're fine. Have fun with it.
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    An unboxing and review of the Cyclops for the Neverborn faction...extra pictures, rotational views and assembly tips can be found by clicking on the link... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/unboxing-malifaux-cyclops.html
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    In US, still no shipping notification...
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    @Caedrus Beautiful work on the flesh tones on the Construct.
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