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    Malifaux Mondays returns! And here is alternative Bishop. Firstly I wanted yo paint him as Lobo but lately I changed the decision to moкe classical Malifaux theme. Maybe next time I'll do a second version as Lobo. bit more photo in our Blog https://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.com/2018/10/malifaux-monday-87.html
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    Fine.... I guess i'll show my hand then
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    Cool, thanks for the reply. My players in Conan like that they're larger than life, and that sounds like it could also be the case here. As long as I know that ahead of time, I can plan accordingly.
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    We wanted to let everyone know we are looking into the issues brought up by @Decoy. Thank you to everyone for your concern in ensuring that fair judging happens.
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    Got a notice my minis would be in on Tuesday. Plan A is back on.
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    Just because it's regular doesn't make it a good thing. It kind of made it clear to me how small the gremlin player base really is, since all I read is that we're under represented in the beta and it seems like everyone who was a regular here just got into the beta. I didn't sub to the beta because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to give any meaningful feedback, but this total lack of news got me looking somewhere else for some green skinned action.
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    That's what you win 😃 forward movement. And a painted mini! lol (or two... or three..)
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    Hi all, The Voodoo doll is complete and Lucky Emissary is almost complete, also progressing quickly with more terrain
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    https://coordinatedstrikepodcast.podbean.com/e/coordinated-strike-18-allegiance-breakdown-2-abyssinia/ New Episode Abyssinia Breakdown
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    Sorry I dont know, ordered it from gencon, good fluff, great classes and new weapons, not to mention emmiline belleroses' adventure continues! hope you can get a hold of this book soon. (it's actually my favorite so far!)
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    Use Corebook 2E Tarot, it's not linked to Malifaux, it's about learning during the Fated's life. Obviously, FM should cut some options for Fated when they start on Earth (like, no Whisper magic theory, no gremlins).
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    not sure but it seems like wages are pretty high, while a single script can feed you for a week it seems like early a 1/2 to a script a day is pretty badass.
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    Tell me, what is the trick behind doing stripy pants?
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    Malifaux Monday #81: Rowan Nilsson Rowan Nilsson is alt Rafkin Limited Edition Black Friday. It is my second version of this miniature. More photos in our Blog http://serpentarium-painting.blogspot.ru/2018/03/malifaux-monday-81-rowan-nilsson.html
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    Make it 3 month ago but never take the time to make multpile version... It's a Full Character Sheet for the second edition... ith all detail i can put on it ^^ and you can use paperclip for bullet, date and wounds 1/ A3 full color: You can print it's in your printer local shop in full color and A3 recto verso with this files (for have a nice 4 page sheet fold in the middle) 2/ Single A4 color version here: 3/ Black & White and no background single A4 version for those who don't wan't spend to many ink
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    Episode 2: Shadows on the Wall "When your shadow is cast upon the wall..." After two days of basic guard duty Downtown, Jessup and Dekerd finally manage to learn of someone who is both a fence (to pawn off their gems) and Chinese (to translate the scroll they looted from the sarcophagus on the train). This takes them to the Lao Sze Chuan restaurant in the Little Kingdom, and after being warned by a few of their fellow Guild employees that the neighborhood can sometimes be dangerous for lone Guild operatives, they decide to bring the rest of their allies from the train - Pedro, Victor, and Jacyeon - with them just in case things go south. The Lao Sze Chuan is a fairly small restaurant, but very much a part of the Little Kingdom, with stone lions out front and paper lanterns hanging outside to brighten the shadows of the early evening. The interior is a bit small and cramped, but food wasn't their primary goal in any case. Victor, however, stops dead in his tracks when he notices that the Asian man behind the counter - a small man with some stubble on his cheeks - as Quin Hon, one of the four men who killed his parents and stole his family fortune. Pedro notices Victor's surprise and tries to prod him into revealing what's wrong, but Victor just takes a seat with the others as they order their meals, his eyes never leaving his father's murderer. Fortunately, Quinn doesn't seem to recognize Victor, and everyone orders their meals, occasionally casting glances at the oddly-behaving Victor as they eat. Midway through the meal, Jessup gets up and talks with Quinn, sliding him some Guild scrip in exchange for translating the scroll he had found in the sarcophagus and the note that Jacyeon had found on one of the train thugs. Though initially suspicious and suspecting some sort of Guild trap, Jessup manages to convince the man that it's not a set up and Quinn starts translating the documents as Jessup returns to his seat. It's only when they've finished their meal that Pedro's badgering of Victor finally manages to get the Russian to reveal that Quinn was one of the four men who killed his parents. Pedro is immediately on his side ("You must avenge your family!") and his support - combined with the others pointing out that the only other people in the restaurant are Quinn and the cook - is enough to spur Victor into action. Victor stands up, walks up to Quinn, and punches the man in the face as he looks up, knocking him down and breaking his nose. The cook runs out of the kitchen with a cleaver, but Dekerd waves his hand and teleports him away. While Quinn still doesn't recognize Victor, he's quick enough to put two and two together and realize that the large Russian is clearly someone he wronged earthside during his outlaw days, and begins pleading for mercy. Grabbing the man by the shirt and lifting him up, Victor demands to know where the others are, and Quinn spills his guts on his former associates. Lee, it seems, made a great deal of scrip soon after arriving in Malifaux by returning from a successful hunt with a Neverborn bounty, but he never came back from his second outing, leaving pretty much everyone to presume him dead. Kurtis went legit and got a job as a night guard at the Malifaux Museum of Unnatural Sciences, and Penn got in deep with some really bad people and fell out of contact with Quinn. The beleaguered restaurant owner went on to claim that he was just doing what Penn had ordered him and the others to do, and that he was the guy Victor should be after; they were too afraid of Penn to tell him know, and as a result ended up doing a lot of bad stuff that they regretted to this day. Victor, however, was having none of it, and as Dekerd and Jessup looted the register and retrieved the translated scroll and mostly translated thug note, the Russian dragged Quinn into the kitchen for some frontier justice. The others could only see his shadow on the wall as he took a meat cleaver to his father's murderer, but despite the screams, Victor left him alive...and with a message. "You find the others and tell them that I'm coming." <prologue ends, roll opening credit sequence as characters choose their Pursuits> Victor: Mercenary (again) Pedro: Gunslinger (again) Dekerd: Dabbler (again) Jacyeon: Academic (again) Jessup: Pioneer (again) The scene opens on the characters back at the Guild enclave, loading their guns and preparing to hunt down Kurtis to help Victor avenge his parents' death. As they're arming themselves, one of their fellow guards, Jane Cressido, walks in on them and warily asks what's going on. There's some initial evasiveness, until Pedro flat out asks Jane if she's willing to come with them to execute some murderers. The request is met with some reluctance, especially when Jane learns that this is very much an "off duty" sort of mission, until someone mentions that they're going to the Museum, at which point Jane eagerly agrees to accompany them. The Malifaux Museum of Unnatural Sciences is a sprawling building of marbled stone in the southern section of Downtown, with a large two-headed dinosaur skeleton posed dramatically on its front steps. Though their surroundings are a bit more Bohemian, with various 'working class' bars and the lights and commotion of the distant Star Theater, there are still enough guards in the area to make the idea of breaking into the museum a bit daunting. Dekerd attempts to teleport the locks on the doors away, but with little success, so Jacyeon instead leads them around to a side service entrance, where he picks the lock. When questioned as to where he learned such a thing - the good doctor was seemingly the most upstanding person of the entire group - Jacyeon merely stated that he used to "run with a bad crowd" and left it at that. Once inside the museum, Dekerd and Jane immediately began opening doors to search for valuable objects they could liberate for their own uses, but most of the manifests hanging on the walls of each storage room only listed items of marginal material worth. Pushing forward - and with Pedro holding the lantern - they pressed further into the museum, out of the storage area and into the exhibition areas proper. Jacyeon remained at the entrance to the first room, which was filled with five large displays of towering dinosaur skeletons and numerous smaller exhibits in glass cases while the others roamed further ahead. Jane, Pedro, and Victor moved into the next room - which was filled with the skeletons of whales and other titanic sea creatures - while Dekerd and Jessup went off to look for the employee offices.. The two of them soon found the security desk, which boasted a few recently smoked cigarettes and a large dog bowl, and a glance at the employee roster confirmed that Kurtis Sanderson was on duty tonight. Just then, Jacyeon noticed the tap-tap-taping of small claws on stone and bolted forward into the dinosaur room as Kurtis and his guard dog came around the corner behind him on their nightly patrols. He caught sight of the good doctor and ordered for him to halt as he drew his pistol, but rather than stopping, Jacyeon ducked behind one of the mounted dinosaur bone displays for cover. The shout drew the attention of the others, and after Kurtis ordered his guard dog, Bowser, to sic Jacyeon, Victor drew his carbine, pointed it at Kurtis, and ordered him to drop his weapon, as they were there on official Guild business. The command shocked Kurtis, who quickly lifted his hands and ordered Bowser to heel. As the dog trotted back to his side, however, Pedro took a shot at it, which reignited the battle despite Victor's shouts at Kurtis to just surrenders. The battle was brief but violent, with bullets flying through the dark, striking dinosaur bones and display cases and generally making a mess of everything. Dekerd teleported himself towards the sounds of gunfire as Jessup struggled to correctly chant the Chinese words on the scroll to summon forth its magic, with little success. Bowser got teleported into combat with Pedro and Jane, much to their surprise, as Dekerd nearly clipped Jane twice with poorly-aimed blasts of frost magic. Eventually, however, Pedro caught Kurtis in the neck with a bullet, dropping him to the ground and immobilizing him with severe nerve damage. Jane dropped the guard dog with a blow from her axe - it had already taken two bullets, surprising everyone at its resilience -and finished it off as Jacyeon hurried to Kurtis's side to preserve his life, in the hopes of allowing Victor to question him. The surgery went...poorly, however, as Jacyeon's attempts to remove the bullet from the man's spine ended up killing him. It took a few minutes for Pedro to calm Victor down - he was certain that there would be no way to find Penn now that Kurtis was dead - and Jessup went off to fetch a sack to dispose of the bodies. Dekerd, meanwhile, searched Kurtis's body, pocketing his cash before showing the others the small flier that the dead guard had tucked into his pocket. The flier was an open invitation to the citizens of Malifaux to attend something called the "People of an Enlightened Malifaux," a group that seemed interested in trying to convince the Guild to spread soulstones out among the common people, rather than hoarding them all for themselves. Most notable, however, was a scrawled note at the bottom of the flyer: "You should come to a meeting. - Penn" With a new lead, Victor wanted to head to the tavern right away, but Jessup pointed out that they still had a body (well, technically two bodies, with that of the dog) in a sack that they should get rid of before leaving the museum. There was a brief debate over what to do with the body - it was basically a choice between the sewers or the river - but everyone decided that the sewers were probably a better choice, and Pedro and Jessup hefted the body and carried it out into the streets. Unfortunately, they were quickly spotted by a Guild guard despite the lateness of the hour, and he trotted over to them, his hand on his gun to investigate. Rather than run, however, Pedro just explained that they were disposing of the body as per Guild "off-books" regulations, which was enough to convince the Guard that they were fellow Guild agents on a secret mission of some sort (which was at least partially correct). The guard swore that he had "seen nothing" and strolled away as Jessup and Pedro dumped the bodies into the sewers. While they were disposing of the body, Jane and Dekerd had wandered off, each one determined to walk out of the museum with heavier pockets. Dekerd managed to find the Egyptian exhibit, which was still being put together, and immediately recognized the central exhibit as the golden sarcophagus from the train. He attempted to pry the gemstones out of its surface, but with little success. Jane, however, managed to come across a deactivated loader, a man-sized construct with oversized arms designed for lifting heavy cargo pallets. Calling upon the magicks taught to her by the Oxfordian mages, she performed a grand ritual to animate the construct with a great deal of magical power. When Jessup and Pedro returned from disposing of the body, Jessup became frustrated that nobody had attempted to clean up the blood and bullets from their gunfight. As the others marveled over Jane's new pet construct - which she dubbed the Mangler - Jessup found some cleaning supplies, mopped up the blood, gathered up bullets, and basically otherwise cleaned up the exhibit. When he was finished, it hardly seemed like there had been a fight...save for a few missed bullets here and there and some chipped dinosaur bones that had been caught in the crossfire. An hour after Kurtis' death, the group was finally ready to make their way to the Ruddy Ale Tavern, which - fortunately for the impatient Victor - proved to be fairly close, as it was also in the southern Downtown area. Unlike the restaurant from earlier, however, the tavern was packed with rough, blue-collar types who were - this late in the evening - quite deep into their cups. The barmaids were all older women wearing wedding rings, and the group noticed that nobody was attempting to flirt or hit on them...clearly this was some sort of Union bar, and as they walked in with their Guild pins on their shirts - and Jacyeon still covered in blood from his botched operation - the entire bar fell into silence. This began an ongoing challenge to win over the miners to the side of the group so that they could find out where they might find Penn. They were already at a disadvantage because of their obvious Guild affiliation, but the group quickly won them over to their side. Pedro busted out his guitar and began to play a lively (Spanish) song, while Victor sat down at a table and began gambling with the miners, losing just enough and just the right time to let his opponents warm up to him. Jane, meanwhile, moved among those with shoddy-looking mechanical limbs, tuning them up and earning grudging thanks from the miners as Dekerd sat down at the bar and told an outrageous story about how they were all secretly working from within the Guild to help loosen its restrictions on the Union. It was an outrageous story, but Dekerd apparently had a silver tongue, as he sold the story hook, line, and sinker, doing more to win over the miners to his cause than anyone else. As all this happened, Jessup lingered at the back with a cigar, eavesdropping on conversations as Jacyeon just excused himself and went to the restrooms to wash off as much of Kurtis' blood as possible. By the time Jacyeon had returned, the group had managed to gather enough information to learn that Penn was apparently finished up the printing of an anti-Guild rag paper known as "The Voice of Truth." According to the miners, he was currently holed up in Warehouse 23 in the Industrial Zone, and a few of the miners even whispered that he was rumored to be in league with the Arcanists. Victor, Pedro, Jacyeon, and Jane (with the Mangler in tow) all headed right for the Warehouse, while Dekerd and Jessup parted with them to inform a Guild guard of the printing press's location and the possible Arcanist that might be held up in the warehouse. They were convincing enough that the guard immediately went off to inform her superiors, and with backup now on the way, the two of them hurried to catch up with the others. Warehouse 23 proved to be a fairly large wooden building, and while there was light coming from inside, the windows had been covered to prevent the light from being visible in the windows; if the group hadn't known what they were looking for - or noticed the sound of a printing press that was mostly disguised by the constant mechanical clamor of the nearby McMannis Steel Mill - they might have passed it by without a second through. Spreading out to cover both entrances, Jane tried one of the doors and found it locked. Eager to test out her new toy, she ordered the Mangler to open the door...which it did by shoving its lift-claws through the wood and tearing the door right off its hinges. Victor rushed into the building as a thin with a shaved head, beard, and goatee, wearing an apron, gloves, and tinted glasses, stepped out from the back room housing the printing press. Victor recognized him instantly from the pictures he had seen on various wanted posters all across Russia, and surprisingly, Penn seemed to recognize him as well...no doubt from the resemblance Victor shared with his father. Penn held out his hand, squeezing it into a fist as the light in the room faded away into dark shadows. "When I killed your papa," he gloated in his thick Russian accent, "I was but a man. But now, thanks to this city, I have become a god." Four small, three-foot-tall creatures of living shadow and burning red eyes - Shadow Gamin - manifested out of the darkest corners of the room, drawing a warning shout from Victor as he shouldered his rifle and took aim at the Arcanist. What followed was a tough fight, with Penn pulling at the shadows around him to attack Victor with giant claws made from pure shadow. as his Shadow Gamin swarmed over the entire group. Dekerd teleported Jessup and then himself up onto the roof of the warehouse, where Jessup proved himself alarmingly good at firing slugs down into the building blow, raiding death from above onto Penn with alarming accuracy (despite the intervening shadows, warehouse roof, and basically firing blindly down below). One of the Shadow Gamin managed to float up onto the roof, only to get blasted into oblivioun with one of Dekerd's ice spells. Down in the warehouse proper, the Mangler wandered into the middle of the fight and quickly became the biggest bullet sponge anyone had ever seen, as every shot fired into melee seemed to find its way into the construct's metallic hide (much to Jane's annoyance). One of the Shadow Gamin managed to clamp its mouth down on Victor's leg, severely wounding him and dragging him into some shadowy nothing-realm for a few seconds. He reappeared alongside the Gamin a few heartbeats later, but was so unsettled by the experience that he Shadow Gamin was able to viciously wound him. Eventually, Jessup got lucky and managed to catch Penn with a lucky shot to the leg, which made the Arcanist so woozy from blood loss that he passed out. Penn's collapse was enough to tip the battle in the group's favor, and soon the last of the Shadow Gamin was sent back to wherever it had come from. In the aftermath of the battle, Jacyeon managed to patch Victor up enough to bring him back to consciousness, and then did the same on Penn...after Dekerd and Jessup had bound his hands behind his back and gagged him with his own bloody sock (and after Jane had looted a strange blackened dagger from his person). Penn had no sooner regained consciousness than Victor was on him, punching him over and over again as he called for a knife to do....well, unpleasant things to him. Jacyeon managed to calm him down by reminding Victor that the Guild was on the way, and that as an unlicensed (and clearly dangerous) magic user, Penn was going to suffer a far worse fate than anything they could do to him once the Witch Hunters got a hold of him and turned him into a Witchling. The mention of the Witch Hunters - and the Witchling Stalkers - was enough to remind Dekerd and Jane that they should probably make themselves scarce, lest the little creatures pick up on their scent. Jane delayed their escape long enough to load up the Mangler with a bunch of spare parts from the printing press (they could prove useful if she decided to upgrade the Mangler later), and together the two spellcasters fled from the scene of the battle as the others waited for their reinforcements. Some ten minutes later, a dozen Guild guards, a Witchling Handler, and a handful of Stalkers were on the scene, and the group had little problem pointing to the Arcanist they had captured, the printing press they had discovered, and the hundreds of copies of "The Voice of Truth" that they had prevented from being circulated through Malifaux and the surrounding towns. In the end, Pedro, Jessup, Jacyeon, and Victor were all congratulated on a job well done. With two notable victories in three days, the Witchling Handler noted that they Guild would no doubt be giving them a bonus for a job well done, but warned against future "off the clock" missions done without proper backup. They remaining members of the group congratulated themselves on a job well done, and were glad to have helped Victor avenge his family...even if both Kurtis and Penn had technically fallen at the hands of others. With this thought in his mind, Victor bid farewell to the others, but his path from the Industrial Zone did not take him back home... In the final scene before the ending credits, the owner of the Lao Sze Chuan is wrapping a bandage around his shaking, bleeding hand, muttering to himself about how "those thugs" are going to pay for what they did. As he bites down on the end of the gauze, pulling it tight so that he can cut it with the scissors in his good hand, a shadow appears on the wall behind him...a shadow with a silhouette that looks very much like Victor. It silently draws a gun and points it at the back of Quinn's head, and the camera pans away as there's a loud gunshot, splattering the far wall with blood as Victor finally obtains some small part of the vengeance he had been seeking.
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    Episode 1: Welcome to Malifaux Everyone passes through the Guild checkpoint Earthside and into the train station, where people are boarding the waiting train that will take them through the Breach and into Malifaux. The station is more of a fortress than a typical station, and the Guild presence is very high, with guards standing watch over the train, keeping everyone moving in a calm and orderly manner. The players make their way towards the train, but are stopped by the guards, who part the crowd to allow a group of convicts to pass through the crowd. There are a half-dozen of them, each clad in manacles and wearing the black-and-white striped clothing that denotes them as prisoners. A few of the group get a sense that the prisoners are surly and restless, as if just waiting for the chance to make a break for it, but their guards are alert and they're loaded up onto one of the rear cars without further incident. As the passengers start filtering back onto the train, many cast concerned glances back at the car with the prisoners. Hoping to make himself useful, Pedro moves through the crowd, loudly telling everyone that everything is alright and there's no cause for concern, but he's less than convincing and just ends up getting a lot of strange looks from the other passengers. As this happens, Jessup catches sight of two armed mercenaries standing watch over a group of porters that are loading a number of heavy crates onto one of the train's cargo cars. A tall man in an expensive suit and tophat is directing the loading process with a look of slight exasperation, and Jessup recognizes him as Abraham Bray, the head administrator of the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. Jessup's heard rumors that he's gotten into trouble for selling museum artifacts to private collectors, and that he's been the subject of numerous investigations by the authorities, including the Oklahoma legislature. He notes that mercenaries are alert, but that they don't seem to be expecting any trouble with so many Guild guards around them. Jessup's eye strays towards a second group that stands out from the rest of the crowd, four muscular, tattooed men with Asian features who keep glancing in the direction of the porters loading the museum crates onto the train. Unlike everyone else, they don't seem to be trying to move towards the train to board, and fearing trouble, Jessup notifies a nearby Guild guard, pointing the tattooed men out to her. The Guild woman thanks him for letting her know and approaches the men, three of whom immediately become guarded at her approach. The fourth speaks with her for a few minutes, then bows as she gestures towards the train. Jessup is too far away to make out the conversation, but it's clearly some version of the "move along" speech, and as he watches the tattooed men board the train along with everyone else. There's one final bit of commotion as a large, rough-looking man in a bearskin leather coat gets into an argument with one of the guards about his luggage, which includes two mechanical bear traps that the Guild guards are trying to insist must be stowed with the rest of the cargo, rather than taken into the passenger cars with the other passengers. The man refuses, citing the expensive of his mechanical traps, but nobody steps forward to assist him, instead boarding the train and leaving the large man to sort out his own troubles. Inside the train, everyone takes a seat in one of the common passenger cars, two seats to a side. They all get a good luck at each other, everyone looking a bit rough around the edges when compared to some of the other passengers. To counter the mood of expectant trepidation, Pedro pulls out his guitar and sings a song for everyone, which ends up being fairly decent...despite the lyrics being entirely in Spanish, which nobody other than himself speaks. After a short wait, the train finally lurches into motion, just as the front door of their car opens and the four tattooed men enter from the next car over. Nobody can understand their language as they spend a moment conversing among themselves, but it's clear to nearly everyone that they're up to some sort of trouble. Their leader gestures to the other end of the car, and the four of them walk past the group, drawing concerned glances from some of the other passengers. As they leave the car and pass into the next, Pedro hops out of his seat and goes to the window in the connecting door, glancing back at the dangerous-looking men as they continue making their way towards the rear of the train. Victor hops up as well, moving to the door and sliding it open, earning himself a glare from Pedro, who had wished to keep the door closed so as not to alert the tattooed men of their surveillance. Hearing the argument, Dekerd turns around and climbs over the person next to him, moving up behind the two gunfighters to eavesdrop of their conversation. After a moment, Pedro shakes his head and steps through the door, moving over the short platform covering the coupling mechanism that holds the car together and opening the door to the next car. As the sound of the train increasing its speed over the tracks enters the second car, the tattooed men glance back at him, and Pedro flashes them his best smile in an attempt to look friendly. Taken in by his charm, a few of the men smile in a friendly manner and nod in his direction...and then turn around, continuing on their way towards the back of the train. Back in their original car, Dekerd leans over and whispers in Viktor's ear - or tries to, at least, given that there's a good half-foot of difference in their height - suggesting that Pedro had done something to insult him. The words seem to ring true to Victor, and he steps forward and takes a swing at the back of Pedro's head, only to trip on someone's luggage and nearly fall flat on his face. Pedro whips around and throws a punch of his own, which Viktor dodges, and the two of them exchange hard looks as they size each other up. With that small amount of machismo posturing out of the way, the two of them gesture towards the tattooed men and - in the space of about five words each - decide that ti's time to bring out the guns. Some gasps and murmurs of people readying their weapons pass through the car, and with a sigh Jessup pulls out his shotgun and starts making his way towards the other two gunfighters, climbing expertly and deftly over the other passengers and seats without any reduction to his speed. Jacyeon watches the fight brewing from his seat, but being more of a doctor than a fighter, decides to just stay seated for the moment. Pedro fires the first shot, catching one of the tattooed men in the leg, and their leader gestures back towards them, sending the three of them back to stall the others as he continues back through the train. It's a quick fight, and Victor's rifle takes out one of the men as Pedro dodges some punches from the second and slips away, putting a second bullet into the thug to drop him. The third tattooed man starts coming towards them, but Dekerd makes a gesture with his hand and mutters an arcane incantation, teleporting him outside the train (which is not going fast enough to cause the man any harm - he just tumbles a bit, stands up, dusts himself off, and sighs as he turns and starts walking back towards the station). Seeing that people have been injured, Jacyeon grabs his doctor's bag and scurries back towards the fight to try to save some lives. The leader of the thugs has made good time during the fight, and has managed to get through all of the passenger cars and into the first cargo car. Just as the gunfight with the thugs winds down, he dispatches the last of the two Guild guards watching over the cargo, taking them out with a headbutt and a roundhouse kick. It's clear that, unlike the others, he actually knows a bit about martial arts. Victor takes aim and attempts to fire a shot into the combat, but ends up pulling his shot up as the man swings a guard between them to act as a human shield, and the shot goes wide as the tattooed man finishes the guard off with another headbutt. Jessup - who slipped past the thugs in an attempt to get to their leader - continues pushing past shouting and screaming passengers in his attempt to get close enough to the tattooed martial artist to use his shotgun. Realizing that the battle has turned against him, the tattooed man steps out between the cars and starts pulling at the mechanism to decouple the cars between him and those shooting at him. Before he can finish, Pedro takes aim with his rifle and puts a bullet right in his head, knocking him backwards amidst a spray of blood. Jacyeon and Dekerd rush forward, the first to start bandaging up the fallen tattooed men so that they can be questioned, and the latter to take advantage of the now unguarded cargo car. Pedro starts tying the thugs up as the doctor stabilizes them, while Viktor has a surprising flash of insight - the doors on multiple train cars are still open, and the train is about to pass through the Breach! Perhaps a bit paranoid about what might happen if the doors are not closed, he rushes back and makes sure all the car doors are properly shut. In the cargo car, Jessup quickly locates the museum crate that he had seen the porters loading up back at the station. He explains about Abraham Bray's reputation to Dekerd, and reveals that he suspects the man of trying to smuggle something into Malifaux. They agree to open the crate - just to make sure everything is legit, of course - and quickly set about prying it open. Pedro and Viktor give them strange looks as they pass with two of the unconscious tattooed men in their arms - Jacyeon is still working to stabilize the third man with some battlefield first aid - but continue past without comment. The unconscious men are delivered to the guards watching over the convicts near the rear of the train, with Victor quickly explaining the situation to them as Pedro finds himself a bit tongue-tied. Probably just a bit too much adrenaline in his system after his first real gunfight. Meanwhile, Jessup and Dekerd manage to pry open the crate to reveal an Egyptian sarcophagus. Neither knows enough about history to identify it, but it's not hard to make out the gold and gems which cover its surface. The two men look up at each other, then decide to open the sarcophagus as well, because...well, who knows what could be inside? As it turns out, there's a mummy inside, but Dekerd seems confused and leans forward for a better look at the shriveled corpse, He tells Jessup that the corpse is that of a woman, but oddly enough, the bone structure isn't that of an Egyptian woman, but that of someone with a clear Asian ancestry. Less concerned about the corpse than with what riches it might be hiding, Jessup does a quick - and very sacrilegious - search of the corpse, which turns up a handful of small gems and an old, dusty scroll. He glances at the scroll, which is covered in letters that Dekerd recognizes as not hieroglyphics but Chinese characters, which only seems to confirm him identification of the corpse's heritage. The train passes through the Breach just then, and everyone has a glimpse of their destinies as the mystical energies wash over them. It only seems to take a moment, and though everyone is a bit shaken, Jessup and Dekerd manage to repack the sarcophagus as Victor and Pedro carry the (now stabilized) tattooed leader back to the prisoner guards. The train pulls into Malifaux Station and numerous passengers identify the group as having been part of a firefight, but the prisoner guards vouch for their bravery and skill in defending the train against the unconscious and clearly thuggish men now in their custody and the matter quickly sorts itself out. Everyone disembarks the train feeling pretty good for themselves, but there's one final snag in their plans. Small groups of Witchling Stalkers move through the crowd at the station, their cloaked heads swinging back and forth as they attempt to pick up the scent of latent magical ability among the disembarked passengers. Dekerd becomes noticeably tense at this point and attempts to push his way to the front of the line checking travel papers, but one of the Witchling Stalkers catches his scent and starts making its way towards him. Just as it looks as if Dekerd will be forced to call upon his magic and have a firefight in the middle of the crowd, Pedro steps forward, placing himself between Dekerd and the Stalker as he makes a counterspelling gesture, drawing upon his knowledge of anti-magic to shield Dekerd's magical aura long enough for the Stalker to lose interest and turn aside, away from Dekerd. Once they're past security, the group talks a bit amongst themselves and realizes that they're all being employed by the Guild - some more willingly than others - and checks in together at the Guild Enclave. They're given Ram's Head pins to denote that they're Guild members, as well as rooms in the southern New Construction Zone, just within sight of the river. It was an unexpected trip, but the group has made it to Malifaux, and everyone had a chance to show off their talents a bit in the process. Just before the credits roll, Jessup and Dekerd make plans to find someone who can translate the scroll they found in the sarcophagus...and there's no better place to look than the Little Kingdom.
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    Dear friends We do not have released feedback this year, but I would like to share some information about it, related to round 2, but could be important for further rounds My story is that i lost, which is totaly fine, but score was puzzling for me, was too low (I painted black orc in the silver galery). It was 10.11 only Initially I wrote Kai to verify it and was reassured that it was no mistake. So, quite intrigued i found and wrote to all judges. Actually i received answers from all of them. Interestingly they all were quite confused. Details see in attached, but long story short - they checked what they gave to me and sent me scores: Terry Cowell: 7+7+4 =18 Shane Rozzell: 7+4+3 = 14 Angel did not sent me any scores, although complemented my work highly The problem here that to knowing average and two judges scores to reach 10.11 Angel Giraldez should give me overall "- 1.67" (minus ! ). It is mathematicaly only works this way and i do not remeber that judges can give negative scores CLearly thinking that it could be mistake of sort of communication I wrote to Kai again, thinking that any organisation may do mistake, but reaction to mistake is what most critical. I wrote about importnace of trust to judging and also that two weeks of hard work cannot be dismissed by paper error. Unfortunately Kai´s response was quick and fast: I will abstain from any negative emotions or conclusions here, after all I love IP as you all do. But you may find this important next time scores are given and loser/winner definined. I myself feel much better now With respect, Evgeny Ps: proof screens: https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/800x600q90/921/LtWTZI.png https://imageshack.com/a/img924/9774/5DViwE.png https://imageshack.com/a/img924/9812/tNMS5H.png https://imageshack.com/a/img923/9817/qhbIjv.png https://imageshack.com/a/img924/4720/LoWhRe.png
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    I haven't come across one, but I will mention that the FM Kit really isn't worth it, given the screen has the stats for 1E. I've taken to cut out and tape the needed stats and changes to my old one, and that works. The positive of the screen is that it is...BEAUTIFUL- the artwork is stunning! I know this isn't much help - but I would suggest pulling out some of the key stats, and then just taping them to a screen from another RPG!
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