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    The figure is "The KeyKeeper" by Blacksmith Miniatures. It's part of the "World of Jean-Baptiste Monge" line.
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    Clementine regarded the frog with suspicion. It was getting rather tedious searching for someone to sweep her away from her glamorous yet humdrum life. "Maybe you will the one?" she asked herself quietly as she pouted her lips in anticipation. "Well, 'ere goes nothing!" she exclaimed to no one in particular as she planted a delicate, hopeful kiss right on the nose of the slimy frog... Just keep trying Clementine, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your Prince after all
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    Just a black orc for my Shadespire team. Nameless pawn
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    Fighter from Kingdom Death. Tried to give her a bit of character by giving her a Kiss tattoo on her cleavage, which represents the round theme as well
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    Everybody knows a Snail's shell is the Snail's house, but... the Snail's house is the Snail's Castle
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    He thinks, he`s prince. She thinks, he`s not. It`s totaly KISS, a little Simple and very Stupid He thinks he`s a prince From the other side.Horrible or sweet?Let the kiss decide
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    After considering the theme and looking through my unpainted miniatures I started to consider painting some old Heroquest miniatures thinking that things don't get simpler than a skeleton. After looking at them I decided to go with something a little more recent and found this skeleton with a sword and shield. I figured this was pretty a pretty simple miniature that would fit with the theme under my interpretation of 'bare bones'. I hope you like it.
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    Lady J., Perdita, Sonnia and Lucius would be the equivalent of Charlie’s Angels (+Charlie).
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    It's hard - keep it simple and cool at the same time.
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    And the rest of the pictures... The piano is by 4Ground and the anvils are by Wiseman Model Services. Assorted crates are from PlastCraft and Armorcast. And of course, a close-up of the Anvil Bomb Rack.
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    I faced a Seamus list with several frozen hearted models, and the aura was pretty good for paralyzing me. But you never know when you will need it because there aren't that many immunities out there.
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    Hi. This might be a strange thing to ask in this forum - because I generally assume if you're on these forums you really like the game - but I'm hoping to find issues with the system so I can look out for them later when teaching friends or running an adventure. This isn't a "this system sucks, who's with me?" thread, but a lot of you here have have way more experience with the system than I do, so you've probably seen things that aren't apparent when you first read the rules. To give a few examples from other games I've ran: D&D 3.5/Pathfinder: Once you start getting past 8th level or so, the number system begins to fall apart. You see this in Natural Armor; a lot of monsters start to have huge amounts of Natural armor to counteract the -AC for size and to account for the players' high Base Attack Bonus. Something like this is even exposed in 4th edition D&D, when the TNs for skill checks raise based on your level for no other reason than to maintain a certain percentage chance of success. Savage Worlds: the SW system isn't really built to have the party fight one BBEG. A party of four or five will always beat a party of one, unless you somehow invent a way for that one person to have more attack than normally allowed for one character. That doesn't mean you can't have a dramatic, final fight against there villain of the story; your crime boss/dragon just needs to have enough minions there to back him/her up. Conan, Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of (Modiphius): At a certain point (Conan doesn't have levels, so it's a little hard to say exactly when), the players make short order of their opponents in battle. The Momentum (a resource) the players can generate is faster than the Doom (a recourse) the GM can in the same amount of time (Doom is player dependent). Depending on your game, this may or may not be a bad thing. I've thrown Dynasty Warrior levels of minions at the players. The players feel like epic heroes (which is good), but it feels weird as a GM when you're wondering if your group of fourteen minions is going to be enough to wound a party of four... and then do that four more times ("Didn't you say this castle was deserted? We just killed like 70 people.")
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    Keeping it simple with a clean stark color scheme....and a rocket launcher. Just getting into Infinity, and finding the models are an absolute joy to paint. Good luck to everyone in Round 2, especially icatsai!
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    "Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow." - Fred Bear Archer model from the Banner Saga board game, painted as Alette from the video game. A soft-spoken model for a simple theme.
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    Simple as death : No flesh nor bones (with clear background picture for seeing the 30mm base)
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    Fitzsimmons has a very simple message. Down with the Guild
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    What could be more simple than a paint by numbers miniature. Sadly I couldn't finish in time so you'll have to complete numbers 4, 6, 7 and 13 on your own
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    Picked up this model a few years back for an Avatar Lucius conversion that never happened. When I saw the theme was KISS I immediately thought of Gene Simmons and did the obvious thing; sorting my unpainted models according to tongue size. This guy won out. I considered converting the razor to a cane for more of a Lucius feel but figured that wasn't in the spirit of the round. Also tried to keep things simple with a minimal palette, which was an easier decision to make than to execute.
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    Keeping It Simply Old School
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    Are my penny dreadfuls and various suppliments still good with the TTB second edition?
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    Game 3: Resurrectionists (me) vs Gremlins (Jamie Gemmell) Strategy: Interference, Close Deployment Schemes Pool: Punish the Weak, Covert Breakthrough, Set Up, Inescapable Trap, Show of Force Resurrectionists: Punish the Weak, Covert Breakthrough Gremlins: Punish the Weak, Covert Breakthrough Crews Resurrectionists: Molly Squidpiddge (Forgotten Life, Take Back The Night), The Valedictorian, Necrotic Machine, Rogue Necromancy, Yin the Penangalan, Kentauroi, 2 Guild Autopsies Gremlins: Mah Tucket (Know The Terrain, Manifest Destiny, Liquid Bravery), Sammy LaCroix, Francois LaCroix (Dirty Cheater, Stilts), Trixibelle, Gremlin Taxidermist, 2 Survivors, Slop Hauler With Interference as the Strategy, this is really Molly’s area of expertise so it’s a really easy choice to go back to plan A and use the Horror Molly crew again. In particular, with close deployment I can unleash Molly in a single activation if there is an inviting cluster of models to summon from (though I don’t expect Jamie to give me anything so easy as he’s quite experienced). Looking at Jamie’s crew I decide that Punish The Weak is a good option as I’ll want to deal with the three Minions anyway and even if I don’t get them with Molly or the Valedictorian I can probably do it before the end of turn 3 to wrap up all the points. My crew will give up Punish The Weak quite easily but that’s just something I have to accept and play round. Covert Breakthrough is quite easy to score in close deployment and, like Search The Ruins from round 2, can be scored entirely in turn 5 when I have hopefully killed off all the other models. I did consider putting Unnerving Aura on the Valedictorian and/or Yin to pick up Show of Force instead but it doesn’t really work well with Interference and I’m happy enough with my two chosen schemes. Turn 1: Mah pushes up, walks and swings ineffectively at Yin before going disguised. The Necrotic Machine pokes her back for just as little impact before Trixibelle pulls Mah back to relative safety. The Kentauroi moves up and pulls Molly forward and she summons two new Kentauroi in places where Black Blood will be most annoying. The Taxidermist hurts one of them and drops a corpse marker; it immediately eats the marker to undo the Taxidermists work and pokes Mah gently. Yin charges Francois and puts Gnawing Fear on him; he obligingly fails his Horror duel to attack back. The Slop Hauler is rather braver and knocks a good chunk of Yin’s wounds off despite Mass of Viscera; Black Blood is not kind to the little Gremlin though. The last Kentauroi gets the Rear Up trigger off Rotting Hooves and kills both the Slop Hauler and the Survivor on the left. Meanwhile, the rest of our crews slowly converge on this scrum with the exception of the right side Guild Autopsy who is content to find a spot where he can claim my quarter and not get killed too easily. Turn 2: Trixibelle cheats the initiative flip. Mah charges in and kills Yin (I have to say I don’t think that I’ve ever lost Yin so easily) and chain activates Francois who kills one of my summoned Kentauroi. Molly kills Francois in return and summons a fresh Kentauroi, thus restoring the natural order of the universe. Sammy Jinxes the Rogue Necromancy to stop it from moving and Molly to make her scary for friendlies. The Rogue Necromancy reminds Sammy that it is not only a melee beatstick by showering her in Acid Breath and killing the Taxidermist with the blasts. Trixibelle pushes a Kentauroi around and Slows it. The Valedictorian puts a rather disappointing number of wounds on the surviving Survivor. I score for Interference and Jamie scores Punish The Weak. Turn 3: Sammy Jinxes Molly to stop her from declaring triggers (uh oh!) and makes her scary to her friends again. In return, Molly kills Sammy. How do you like that de-buff, Sammy? She then chain activates a Kentauroi that totally fails to even hit Trixibelle. Mah kills the Necrotic Machine and the Rogue Necromancy shows the Valedictorian how things are done by eating the Survivor. Trixibelle kills another Kentauroi and Slows the one while incidentally putting about 20 Poison on it. I score for the strategy and we both score Punish The Weak. Turn 4: Trixibelle kills a Kentauroi and Molly kills her. Mah makes it to my board edge and starts dropping scheme markers. It’s clear that the game is done now so we just agree that we can drop the required number of scheme markers for Covert Breakthrough. Resurrectionists win 10 – 6 (full score for me, 3 for Covert Breakthrough and 3 for Punish The Weak for Jamie). Jamie is a really fun opponent and I had a great time playing with him. I think that he got too bogged down in the scrum caused by Molly and her summons to have a chance of scoring for Interference; of course, that was my intention but he didn’t seem to have any plan to break out of it. I was quite surprised by his choice of victim for Mah’s first turn attack; she could easily have killed the Necrotic Machine or Guild Autopsy just to control my activation count whereas she was highly unlikely to do anything substantial to Yin. From my side the game went quite nicely to plan. The Valedictorian was a bit disappointing in that the only time I threw her into combat the cards didn’t fall my way. However, she was on the far side of the board from most of the action so perhaps I’d have been better loading the centre during deployment rather than spreading out (I had to deploy first so I couldn’t react to Jamie’s positioning). Once the scores are in I have done well enough to take second place, somewhat behind the mighty Lewis on VP difference. I was very glad to get out to this event and I feel like I’m perhaps out of my ‘Malifaux funk’ now. Thanks to Kai for his hard work running the event, and to Michael, Ross and Jamie for three very fun games of Malifaux. I will be back!
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    I've been trying to get undergrads interested in Malifaux, so I've been doing this a lot lately. I haven't had much luck with my Neverborn ones (for some reason none of my friends have chosen neverborn!) but I've made lists all the same. In general, I've had a harder time making lists in Neverborn, since so many neverborn models are glass cannons. I can't imagine teaching someone with Candy/Cade/2 sorrows. When I do it, I've been leaning towards something like the starter sets, so 1 hench, 1 enforcer, 2 minion (of the same type), so newbies would only have to learn 3 models. I try to keep the SS cost about the same, so like a 8-9 cost hench, a 8ish cost enforcer and 2 5-6 cost minions. Beyond the crews, I give each player 4 SS and have both teams work towards 1 Strategy (Ply for Information) and 1 Scheme (Search the Ruins). This helps keep it from being a total blood bath, and allows for some movement / scheme marker / etc abilities. Here's some lists I built for neverborn: Aeslin Cyclops 2 bultingens Angel Eyes Serena (or Lilitu) 2 Bloodwretches (or Young Nephilim) Juju Adze 2 waldgiests Huggy Tannen 2 Illuminated
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    Hopefully it'll just be a problem with the new server then and be back up and running soon. It'll be sad if it disappears as its a great tool for keeping track of your games
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