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    if you could kindly post your finished piece so I can see what im up against!!
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    i hope for more "spanish named" abilities for my Ortega.
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    Ha! At what height does it go from base to plinth? Maybe it is actually a pedestal?
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    Another issue is that neverborn masters are very potent on their own right out of the box, while resser masters are much more support-based in their application. Also resser crew boxes, while very thematic, are usually kinda bad. Take McMourning for instance. You almost never want to take more than one nurse and flesh constructs are more for summoning off his Abra Cadaver trigger. The box itself doesn't have a great way to stack poison on enemy models either, as this is often done on a friendly model and then transferred over via the Transfusion upgrade. McMourning's def stats are also fairly shit against your high neverborn attack stats. I'm not complaining as McMourning is my favorite master, just pointing out that this could just be the case of you're playing low stone games and it's a fairly one sided matchup because of this. Advise your friend to use this period to really learn his models and how they build on each other's strengths so that when he gets more pieces of the puzzle onto the table it'll all fall into place. And get those Transfusion upgrades! They change McMourning's whole game!
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    @Caedrus @Purple Mist @Strangely Brown Thank you very much for your advice! I soldiered on with the plastic putty. You can still see some marks on Barbados' back, especially after applying a shade, but they are not too visible and I should be able to cover them with more paint. Caedrus, your skin work on Pam is amazing. Woow! Here's my converted Little Red Riding Hood for 10SS:
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    Greetings All, Caedrus reporting in for my mid-month update. I had a great day painting yesterday, and (aside from bases) made some great progress despite my glacial painting pace. In order of least-complete to most-complete: A tentacle for a base I'm working on... A Rifleman for an intro game for friends... An Austringer, because why not? A proxy-guardsman. Ignore the hair. I changed my mind mid-painting... My actual pledge for the month. Ugh, lots to do with the cloak. I swear that fit perfectly, before! Little touch-ups to go, and a lantern to attach. A before-and-after of my nearly finished Guild Autopsy. Surprisingly easy model to paint, this one. ...and just the base to do on my Alternate Guild Sergeant, whom I call 'Pam'. Sploosh! By the way, I hope the transition to 3rd Edition actually makes this an Alt Dashel, because that Guild Sergeant confusion was just annoying. Well, still lots to do. Keep putting pigment to plastic! Caedrus.
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    @prof_bycid: Maybe something like this?
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    Perdita: "If anyone asks, your name is Benito." Barbaros: "Shrieeeeek!" Perdita: "We'll work on that, yeah?"
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    No matter what crew you play, you'll likely have a different 'genre' to your opponent, even within faction. Playing Guild Lucius? You've got an Edwardian era crew full of lawyers and people in puffy shirts. Playing Perdita? You've got a Cowgirl and her posse. Both are the same faction and neither are the same genre. Playing against Seamus? Hi there Hammer Horror. Playing against The Dreamer? Oh, it's Gothic horror. Playing against, well, Gremlins in general? Hi there Confederate Redneck stereotypes the faction. Tying some different Asian archetypes in (the Monk, the Black Magic sorcerer, the demon lady, etc) is hardly any more intrusive than anything else. Asian stuff was in the game already, with Asian Ghost Lady (Kirai).
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    I am not, in fact, dead or permanently asleep! I am back to finishing off models that have been lying around for the sake of completion! So here is a Bayou Bushwhacker (5ss) What else will I paint? Literally no idea. Whatever I pick up from the mountain of black and white minis that is my paintstation (and is Malifaux - I'm also painting Burrows and Badgers and Necromunda atm) And I have a question for you all - what colour should I basecoat my Fire Golem? (the choices are black or white because that's what I have) I nearly always go from black, but... flames. White might be better? What do you all (or possibly 'y'all') think?
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    Have to agree with DarkBlack. AoS is not a simplification on Warhammer, it's an entirely new game with a loose story connection. My guess is that Malifaux will still be Malifaux, hopefully with less anooying stuff like 200 abilities that do the exact same thing with slightly different wordings leading to endless timing discussions. There's been a few sneak peaks of cards and while Marcus looked very different he didn't look "dumbed down" in any way. The charge stat going away and everything going by your move value for example is a lot less book-keeping for a pretty small difference in the actual game. The new way charge works will be different and require other tactics but will not really a simplification, more of a step sideways. Models still have soulstone costs on the new cards so it won't be AoS.
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    Here is a wip of Kang. I'll try MNM for the hammer, will update when finished! "Thor? Never heard of her. Now, check these biceps, you might call me Kangsteroids!"
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    Chili man, it's gonna be good! You just have to believe. Peace!
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    1 piece of terrain is done WIP of my iron Painter entry
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    Definitely pick up the Seamus box. Sybelle is good with molly. Depending on which way you want to go with her you need punk zombies to summon. if you want overlap with Kirai then go spirit molly and get Datsue Bae. She is good on both Kirai and Molly crews. Izamu is also a good pick up for spirit Molly. hanged are a must have to summon for spirit Molly i think. It all comes down to how you want to play her, horror or spirit?
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    If you're thinking of getting some belles, you could look into picking up seamus instead. Itd give you a hench that can move around belles + molly.
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    Just to be clear, the sequence of events where everyone ends up happy is: The first time any (one or more) of these things happen that’s when you reveal the scheme and score points. If one of those things happen and you forget, then you end up in the potentially charged “the other player made a mistake, and that may have led to strategy decisions based on incorrect game state” problem. And that’s just messy to deal with, however it gets resolve. It’s like asking what you’re supposed to do when someone bumps the table and knocks a bunch of figures out of place—you want to avoid the problem as much as possible. So the best thing to do is, because both players know that the scheme is the scheme pool, to help each other out and point out when these potential scoring events happen. “Well, that puts my leader at half. Do you need to score?” That does mean that both players end up responsible for tracking and understanding the schemes they didn’t choose to use, but they probably should be doing that anyway.
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    I guess by free I meant that you dont have to spend any points on them initially if you use the stratagem. While tactics tokens are in high demand, creating a fast moving harassing unit near your opponents deployment zone could potentially swing things on turns 3-5
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    The company is called Army Painter https://admin.thearmypainter.com/files/products/ProductImages_2015/Brushes/BR7014_ThePsycho_1280x1280_14.png I personally do the actual black part of the eye with a Pigma Micron 005 art pen currently myself. Really small tip and I don't have to worry about paint. It is not perfect but it has worked for me for the moment.
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    Take scout the field and I pay better on another model. Kill the most important oneshottable enemy modell with doublefocus in your first activation of the game. Almost every player brings a cheap totem or something similar to the game and its surprising how many of those can actually get oneshot by hans.
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