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    Sixteen minutes to go and I'm sliding across the line !.....had to grab an iPad shot (will try and get some better ones next month when I shall be doing its companion).....but here for 7SS is one of my Shikome
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    An hour and a half to go, and I too am just coming in under the wire. Ended up with something work-related every other evening this week and so had to speed-paint tonight. Oh well, I should know better than to leave things for the final week. These 2 steamfitters bring me to 17 SS: 2 x 6 SS steamfitters + 5 SS crates terrain. Cheers all.
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    Caedrus, checking in. So, I had a truly chaotic month. I had grand painting plans, and then life got in the way. I painted three miniatures, and basecoated about 75 more. Essentially, I lost my mind and decided to repaint my Guild Guard (and Austringers, Riflemen, etc). in the new, flashy red outfits as shown in the latest TTB artwork. That meant experimenting with reds. A combination of Vallejo Model Air Ferrari Red, Scalecolor's Inktense Red, and Reaper Clear Red, I had these two guys complete (just)!: Secondly, I completed an eBay rescue, being a Desolation Engine. I had fun with this mini. It featured some airbrush basecoats, and messing around with NMM (I'm still not great at it, but the brass on the back isn't too bad), and some pseudo-heat effects, which were easy and fun. A very enjoyable miniature, this one. @Franchute: Desolation Engine (13) + 2x Guild Guard (6) = 19 Points for August! It's been sad to see so many painters not able to continue, but I'm in here for the long haul. Keep putting paint to plastic, and I'll see you in September! Caedrus.
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    Getting together with 2 other iron painters tomorrow for a day of frantically trying to get our models ready. It’s great to have other people locally entering this year to share the stress with. 😄
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    Totally didn’t get anything else finished this month, still please with the two terrain pieces. Think Iron Painter will motivate me into september @bedjy great work on flames of that gremlin @Burnin' Coal really great work on that Shikome, really like it
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    Hey everyone ! I've finaly been able to paint a few models, so I will say it's okay for august with 36points painted : Bases will be painted when i'll paint many others at the same time. Katashiro x2 : 10 Gwyneth Maddox : 8 PopCorn Turner : 8 Bayou gator : 5 sceneries : 5 for a total of 36
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    I'll first finish the following Rogue Necromancy I couldn't finish this week:
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    I'm going to copy Caedrus and check in, and tonight I will update it with pictures. This month I've painted the three Oxford Mages, who survived a horrible encounter with a mal functioning primer spray, then I jumped for a moment to the Ten Thunders to paint Mei Feng with my first attempt of MNM, then back again to Arcanists and painted Joss (my second attempt for the MNM). Here are a couple of pictures of Mei Feng and Joss in progress. In retrospective the transitions in Joss' axe are quite rough but well... It stays like this so when I came back to it I can see what to do, what not to do and (hopefully) my progression with the MNM.
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    Done before the month's last day...a true rarity for me! Here's Lenny Cena (9) and a Mechanized Porkchop (6) for a total of 15 points!
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    Quick question; Two days ago the Kickstarter TOS update said this, "The second quick note, if you have already completed everything that was needed you will be sent an email late day tomorrow with a link to download the translated rules and cards of your choosing." That would have been yesterday when it was supposed to go out. If I haven't heard does that mean that I have something incomplete or is it just a delay at their end? Either way is fine, I'd just prefer to know if I needed to fix something.
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    It's a holiday weekend so probably more like Tuesday.
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    New models! First up, the last Sorrow: And a Poltergeist: And finally a group picture of the whole misery family: Go ahead! Make that Wp duel! What could possibly go wrong?
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    It's a password protected file so I'd wait until you get a response. And it's likely that the person that will sort it works office hours in America, so they won't pick it up until Monday afternoon at the earliest.
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    I agree sir, Sisters of sizes & swords...... just try to figure who goes steady with these fine women in a crew. Should be fun
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    @Burnin' Coal That Shikome is simply fantastic! Probably my favourite model in the Challenge so far!
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    @Chou Joss especially looks great...personally I struggle with NMM and have only tried it on small details so if that is your first attempt then my hat goes off to you as it's very impressive @Caedrus Had time to catch up now....I really like your Desolation Engine - the flesh tones look excellent.....the Guardsmen too very much look the part...I haven't seen the artwork you mention but they've changed colour have they ?....like you I spent ages deciding on a dark blue/green for all my Guild riflemen etc but I'm not stripping them down....and now that Jakob Lynch (who lots of my NB models are based around - so quite a few dollars invested and a lot of hours in painting time) is not appearing as a master in 3e then I think my road into Malifaux may well be coming to an end and will remain forever in 2e
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    @Burnin' Coal it looks amazing. It is probably one of the best shikome I've seen together with Visna's edit: btw I'm downgrading you to enforcer so that you can stay in the challenge. The good news is that it means that you have one extra mulligan too
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    @Treemonkey Porkchop looks great and blue Lenny makes for a very welcome alternative take on Gremlins @Franchuteyour painting goes from strength to strength - @Viruk got it spot on regarding your choice of palette and subtle tones because that Kentauroi is my favourite of any I've seen @Purple Mist all the time and effort you put into the hoarcat bases was worth it - they look excellent @Viruk quality and quantity- I just don't know how you do it but am glad you do as I always look forward to your models and paint schemes For myself almost a month away from home meant that I was certainly a bit rusty when I picked up a brush again but have put a few hours in and all being well one of my Shikome should appear before midnight to keep me in the Challenge
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    Okay, here's the finished product. Might touch up some of the flat areas where the paint got a bit streaky. I was kind of rushing as I'm getting models ready for a tourney next month. Will probably get to the rest of the Wyrdscapes stuff I picked up after that's finished with.
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    August pledge complete. I sat down last night just to get him started, but Zipp-ed straight through to the finish! Zipp, Skycaptain 15SS
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    It's been a while, but a lot has happened. Finding time to paint becomes harder and harder. Anyway, just finished this. Her name is Lissz. And she's from Drowned Earth range. 360 degrees painted showcase.
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    I've been trying to get my buddy into the game for quite a while and finally convinced him to take the plunge only to find out that everything he finally decided on is out of stock everywhere. EVERYWHERE! I cannot find half the things he wants nor half the crews I want to start. I can wait but I don't want him to change his mind and give up because in his words "Why bother with a game that doesn't get stocked anywhere."
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    I still have not received mine. Maybe its just me, but I assumed all of the backers would get the PDF at the same time...
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    Still eagerly awaiting mine. Will make for a nice read while lounging at Dragon*Con
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