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    Maybe someone should take pity on us all and put out a sprue of sun glasses. 😉
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    ok- descriptions of my games: Game 1- Ply, flank, vendetta, set up, inescapable trap, SOF, surround them. I took sonnia with no more masks, cherufes imprint and Cherufes parting gift, Child, Grimwell with LLC, Frank with wade in, Queller, investigator, effigy, papa Opponent (Matt) took Mei with just arcane res, rail golem with imbued, joss, 3 rail workers, 2 metal gaiman. My opponent set up in 2 chunks on either side of building, with rail golem and the workers on one side, and mei, joss and the gaiman on the other. There was a forest kind of in the middle, and some more houses and scatter around there. I set up to push sonnia into the middle and start blasting things. First turn I block off the way forward for mei, joss and the gaiman, and blast all the rail workers down to 1 wound, I think putting an incidental wound on the rail golem, before putting up a flame wall to make him take the rail worker around the other side of the forest, splitting his crew. I think the rail workers had HTK because I was unable to get them dead, (after they patted out their fire). Mei ran ahead of the slower joss and the rail workers, to set up a charge the next turn of frank. Turn 2. he wins init, and charges frank, taking him down to the HTK (this is where her not having upgrades was a mistake, my opponent talked about how hes not sure why he did that after the game). Queller buffed frank, and frank tried to flurry her in response( keeping el mayor on sonnia), and she leapt away on a missed first attack, but not until after I had plyed her with someone else. The child moved his flame wall to mess up the rail golems angles again. Rail golem used locomotion to walk up into engagement with Sonnia. Sonnia did some small damage with her sword to draw me some cards on the rail golem. Grimwell hit the rail golem, getting me my first vendetta point. The last rail worker ran towards the corner. I'm not going to mention him again, but he dropped one marker in the corner for a point for surround them. Metal gaiman and joss started making their way around to the house to get involved, then I dropped the flame wall in front of them, and put one up where they were going, so they needed to come back around the house or work their way through the speed bumps I had there. I score ply and show of force for 3-0 Turn 3. He wins init again, and the rail golem kicks imbued energies to try to end sonnia. Despite positive flips, he misses every attack (I had a great hand) with the 2 locomotion attacks, misses two of the non locomotion attacks, then hits the last one and RJs the damage for something like 9 damage, 7 after stone. I activate the brutal then sonnia to attack the rail golem and heal most of the way up while putting a fair amount of damage onto the RG. Papa plys the RG, Grimwell gets papas bonus, between frank and grimwell I finish off the rail golem with a moderate lobotomy (getting the rest for vendetta), Joss gets close enough to charge next turn, with the gaiman trailing. Mei flails kind of sadly against the queller. I end the turn getting SOF and ply again, and with 2 13s and the RJ in hand. and it is 7-0 at that point. Top of 4, I win initiative, grimwell walks up to Joss and I do a lobotomy with a rj damage to put him at hard to kill, and then companion into frank to kill him. We call it at that point, give him the 1 for surround them, and give me the full 10. It feels bad when you take a competitive list against a fun list. I enjoy playing, and my opponent was a fun person to play against, but winning like that isn't what I was looking for. Game 2: This game I was punished for my good luck and hubris so far. Owen is a good and experienced player, and a tough opponent, but I felt pretty confident playing into parker, despite not having faced him in a while. It was corner deployment, with Guard the Stash, Guarded treasure, dig their graves, public demo, take prisoner, and something else I'm not remembering. I took the Same Sonnia list as last game, and took dig their graves and guarded treasure (more on that later) I took the same list. I would have switched out the investigator, but I was worried about laz, and have considered the queller as an anti viks whirlwind tech. My opponent took parker with oathkeeper and some other stuff with the emissary, wokou, bandito, sue with return fire, doc, trapper, obedient wretch. During the game the wretch summoned a rat king. The board had houses right in the worst spot for corner deployment in all the corners except one, but I was so worried about his trapper I let him set up first. That may have been a mistake, because it was hard to unpack my sonnia push game. I was still able to get sonnia up far enough blast once, putting 5 on the emissary, and three on the doc and the wokou. I then walled off the way to the middle of the board for my opponent. I think his sniper puts 2 or 3 damage onto my Queller. My opponent used his wretch to get activation control, and thus was able to use parker to push push the wokou into a spot around the next building and then she was able to charge with her massive charge range. Ok no big deal, wokou is min 2, right? My hand is garbage, but I have stones if need be, and I am def 6. Well, with her plus flips to attack, despite me forcing neg flips, he hits a crit strike moderate for 5 and then a moderate for 4. I stone both (down to 2 stones), with I think moderates for each. Ok, fine, Ill get her out of there next turn. Turn 2: he wins initiative, I think it was like an 11 or something so I don't stone it. He activates the wokou, hits high cards on those plus flips again and then double moderates repeatedly for damage. I'm down to like 5 life after more stones. I actually have a pretty good hand, but if attack the wokou I can't cheat the attack flips. If I push her out with Grimwell, I won't get to heal her and am afraid I am going to get shot to death by parker. So instead I use the brutal to buff Sonnia, and think sonnia should be safe unless my opponent gets really lucky on shots into engagement. What I didn't account for is that parker had oathkeeper and a free walk for dropping an upgrade. So with those two, he is able to charge in for three attacks, and make the wokou take one more attack. I have a pretty strong hand, and a stone left, so I am able to avoid some of the attacks. But the extra (0) to make the wokou attack is the end of it, and Sonnia goes down. On those defense flips, I don't think I ever flipped higher than a 5, so my hand is largely depleted at this point, but I think his was too. (Flipping all those low cards tells me that it was worth it to not try to hit the wokou with sonnia's sword, as I would have just missed three times, though I'm not sure that would have been worse at that point)). Something happens that lets him push parker back, which keeps me from going for an early counter assassination. He summons a rat king back in his corner, which is able to get pretty close to the area after his jump to a scheme marker and a walk. I kill the wokou for a dig point with frank after a few pushes, put grimwell on the other marker, and he is able to get the bandit to the guarded treasure marker with frank. I start sneaking papa towards sue and parker, to hopefully blow up on them. The queller I think charges the bandito, and does three damage to him. The child tries to heal the queller unsuccessfully. Score- 2-1 Turn 3 - I drop a marker with the effigy to try to set up a kill on the trapper, frank just barely cant get a charge lane to the trapper so walks up and attacks instead. Leaves the trapper on one wound (a real trend this game for me). The trapper pushes out of engagement and shoots frank in one shot down to htk. Papa walks up and blows once, which both sue and parker avoid. parker and the rat king attack grimwell, but his armor and def 6 largely protects him. grimwell pushed papa into that and then did 2 damage to parker. Grimwell tanks the two of them again, and papa blows up again, with both sue and parker avoiding the worst of it but still taking the 5 on the secondary explosion. That leaves sue on 2 but Parker is still doing ok. I drop a marker to try to sneak a guarded treasure in with the investigator, under the cover of pushing papa, but he sees through it and gets rid of that marker. the queller and the child continued to be unable to hit the bandito, and the bandito did the same with them. his emissary makes its way to frank and my effigies marker, and drops a scheme marker with his free push and drop. He gets 1 for public demo (the trapper), 1 for guarded treasure and one for the strat, I get the strat only. 3-4 Turn 4- Man I want initiative here, but he wins it. His trapper shoots frank, killing him. I move the investigator into the woods to get a los on sue, thinking I can kill him with a weak, then shoot him and then get reminded he has hard to kill. Big mistake. He shoots the investigator twice, and kills him (I don't remember what he flipped, but the investigator went down hard). Grimwell managed to RJ a (1) action attack on parker, but he stone the damage down to 4. He had like 3 or 5 damage left, but doc healed him I think. My effigy misses shooting at the trapper twice, my queller and child fail to kill the bandit and the queller is killed in response. I think his emmisary attacks and fails to kill my effigy. Grimwell manages to tank parker and the rat king some more, going down to 2 wounds. he doesn't get guarded treasure markers down. We both get the Marker points 4-5 Turn 5. I win initiative, and notice that his doc is within reach of grimwell and near one of my scheme markers. I give up on getting the marker, and instead run over and lobotomize doc for a second dig point. He kills grimwell in response. I kill the trapper with the effigy, the child walks towards the marker. My opponent has all the time he needs to drop 2 markers for guarded treasure and gets 2 points in the last turn. Final: 5-7 so at that point, Owen was on top table against someone who tied my brother in the last round. It is a coin flip to see who will face who, as the casper and my brother have the same first round scores too. I end up getting my brother, and realize that first place is out of the question. We talk a bit and I decide I am sick of Sonnia. We look at our board, and there are a bunch of stone pillars and these crystals, which are sitting in larger bases, which look like they are intended to be treated as forests. We decide that the crystals themselves should provide hard cover, but the areas around them should be hazardous. That seals it for me, it is going to be nellie. I had been messing around with a list I thought was kind of silly, but potentially interesting the night before, but I had never run that list. all that hazardous opened up a lot of shooting lanes though and it has a ton of pushes, so I decide to run it. The list is Nellie with Alternative facts (wish I had taken editor in chief instead), delegation, and misleading headlines, PP, 2 Monster Hunters, 2 riflemen, an investigator, daschel with arrest them, and a field reporter. The pool was standard deploy, public executions, take one for the team, undercover entourage, Search the Ruins, recover evidence and I think covert breakthrough. Finally some schemes I like. I took take one on one of my riflemen, and undercover entourage. My brother took Wong, 2 swine cursed, cranky, glowy mctavish, taxidermist, effigy. Turn one- My hand has about 5 weaks in it and the black, so I pass a bunch of activations and he moves up a swine cursed a little to far. My monster hunter moves up and shoots the swine cursed. One RJ damage later with a crit strike, and that SC is dead. I stalk the other swine cursed and mctav, and put fast on the two riflemen, and draw 2 cards with nellie. I move dachel up enough that my opponent can walk up and blast daschel once with wong. He does so, and daschel takes weak damage for 1. The field reporter moves up the other side. The two riflemen were able to each walk up once, focus as a (0), and take 2 shots at wong. Wong takes a bunch of damage, but his armor 1 helps a lot. The other monster hunter also shoots at him once and either fails to hit, or only does like 1 damage. My opponent is salivating at this point at the opportunity to blast into my crew. Turn two- My opponent wins init, I think I stoned and flipped a 1 on my second. He blasts a bunch into daschel, but the armor holds, as does my stone use. The spark leaps gets the rifleman down to one wound, the investigator down to like 3, and does some damage to daschel, putting him down to three wounds. I kill wong with the monster hunter and daschel, and then my opponent uses a reckless lightening bug to kill the 1 wnd rifleman. I heal daschel some with nellie, and make all the other rifleman fast before moving nellie forward. I push Mctav back with a monster hunter, he uses a (0) to move back up, but misses his shots (or hits once). The second swine cursed runs around to support the taxidermist. Cranky and Taxidermist move up to drop markers in the search the ruins circle. Turn 3- Monster hunter puts some damage on he taxidermist. Nellie pushes and slows (and forgets the damage from propaganda) Mctavish out of range. My monster hunter gets the lightening bug down to one wound, then I get spooked about Take one for the team and move him towards the middle. Mctav pushes up and shoots daschell again, but stones keep him upright. Nellie pushes mctav back again and slows him. The monster hunter kills the Taxidermist, the swine cursed moves close by to threaten the field reporter, and the field reporter turns one of his markers. his lucky effigy moves to the middle of the board and drops a marker just across the line. I score public executions Turn 4- Daschel moves up and picks up the effigys marker, and the monster hunter gets the effigy down to one wound, before pushing it back. The rifleman kills the lightening bug, and I cringe expecting Take one, but it doesn't happen. I look at that lucky effigy expectantly. The effigy attacks the monster hunter, and misses. The swine cursed walks out, drops a marker, and tried to hide behind cover. The monster hunter stalks him shoots him once, then shoots him twice more to kill him. The field reporter flips another marker. Mctav pushes up and shoots daschel again, down to htk. I put some damage on cranky, putting him down to one wound. Nellie moves forward to be ready to do Undercover entourage next turn, and I slow and push mctav with a double propaganda into some hazardous. By the end of that Mctav is at 2 wounds. I score public executions. 2-0 turn 5- Mctav kills daschel and heals up to 5 before dying to two monster hunters and the last rifleman. Cranky gets propagandad to push him away and dies, and nellie walks into the deployment zone. His lucky effigy is all that is left, and is at one wound. - I get public executions and end of game undercover entourage. My brother gets 0 points, but handles it much better than I would have. 6-0 All in all, it was a very fun time. If I had played better I think I could have gotten first, but lessons learned. I played three fun games against three fun opponents, and would be happy to play against any of them again.
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    I played this sunday against ten thunders : Flank PLY 2-2 SURROND 1-2 DIG 3-0 INESCAPABLE TRAP 0-0 SEARCH THE RUINS 0-0 PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION 0-0 NELLIE - DELEGATION - ALTERNATE FACTS - MISLEADING HEADLINES pRINTING PRESS PHIONA - WRATH OF THE GUILD - TRANSPARENCY EXECUTIONNER - READY TO WORK GUILD HOUND X 3 FIELD REPORTER X 2 RIOTBREAKER MISAKI - ON WINGS OF WIND - RECALLED TRAINING - THE STORM SENSEI YU - WANDERING RIVER STYLE - THE PEACEFUL WATERS KATANAKA CRIME BOSS - EQUALITY LOTUS EATER MONK OF LOW RIVER TEN THUNDER BROTHER X 2 PERFORMER turn 1 Misleading headlines forces ten thunders to move first. They move forward, splitting models beetwen corners and center of the map. Misaki gains fast to prepare a massive attack on turn 2. Executionner charges and kills crime boss. Guild move forward, mostly toward center Nothing really game changing here. The executionner killed the second beater of ten thunders but will die next turn. Turn 2 Executionner gets Misaki to half life. Misaki use recall training, kills executionners, charge nearly in my deployment the riotbreaker, bringing him to 1 wound and killing both reporter. 2 dogs engage on one side performer + 1 brother. Phiona + one dog kills Misaki for dig their graves. No major threat remains in opponent team, Nellie moves forward to tarpit opponent Monk+sensei around middle At this moment, the ten thunder lost theirs beaters, but killed my models able to deny opponent scheme markers. Turn 3 The press move to one corner against one brother to prevent him from scheming. 3 dogs vs performer + brother result in a stalemate. The dogs have the advantage on ply thanks to companion. On middle, Sensei Yu + monk + lotus eater takes a beatnig from Nellie + Phiona + riot breaker. No one is killed, but the advantage is to the guild Next turns : Dogs take advantage on one corner, killing the brother and plying the performer The second brother leaves the corner to get back to center. Sensei Yu dies in middle result 6-4 The TT had only 2 schemes on middle, scoring 0 on search the ruins. I misjudged a distance scoring only 1 on surround. Phiona was decsive in this game, scoring 3 points on dig their graves while dealing a lot of damage. This was the second test of the executionner. It is a scary model, with a huge threath range. Riotbreaker soaked damage from the boss but was not decisive here. His low defense allowed Misaki to blast on other models. Otherwise, he was mostly useless during the game. I am really not impressed by this model.
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    Put me down for this one Phil.
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    Hi all! I’m new to the game and started with Perdita. I just have a few questions. Are the tactics on PullMyFinger for Perdita still accurate or have they become outdated? I ask because it seems like the articles were written a few years ago. Also, what exactly should I be doing with Papa in a typical game? Is it worth the risk of keeping him close to Perdita and Frank so he can use hold this or should I maybe pair him up with someone else like Santiago? Also, I was reading about first turn plays where you slingshot Perdita up the field and try to do some damage or get a kill turn one, how do you know when it’s safe to do this? For instance, in a game yesterday I tried this against Marcus, I didn’t do much damage, but in the first activation of the second turn the Cerberus leaped onto her and ripped her apart. It was hilarious, but obviously I’d like to avoid that in the future. Thanks!
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    I would go with no due to the wording of the other Ability on the card: Spark of Enlightenment. It sais: This model can take Lightning Dance as a (0) instead of a (1) action. This means Lightning Dance is still a (1) action in nature. Because it remains a (1) action, Sensei Yu can't copy it.
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    Better sign me up for this.
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    The Tombstone Territory continues to draw the good, the bad and all the regular scum of Malifaux. Nobody ventures anywhere in Tombstone without a sharp blade or a loaded gun, the promise of riches beyond measure lures all but the toughest and cunning to their death. This time our trip to Tombstone sees our residents set to the task of rebuilding this once great town. Your money is no good here.... This event has no entree fee (yes that’s right this is a FREE event). Players will pick a faction for the duration of the Campaign; this faction is fixed and may not change. Each week the encounter size will increase and may even have some restrictions or mandatory elements to them. The Venue: Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN Week One: 35ss Encounter – Monday 13th August 2018 Week Two: 40ss Encounter – Monday 20st August 2018 Week Three: 45ss Encounter – Monday 27th August 2018 Week Four: 50ss Encounter – Monday 3rd September 2018 Week Five: 50ss Encounter – Monday 10th September 2018 Week Six: 60ss Encounter – Monday 17th September 2018 Week 6 ends on the 28th September 2018 It’s all about the loot: We have a box of cool Malifaux stuff to hand out at the end of the League.
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    Sounds like a fun mix of people and ability. I try to get to one tournament a month, nothing to do with being a hardcore player though, it is sometimes the only chance I get to have a game and more importantly I get to have 3 games without constant interruptions.
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    I heard from my friends that are getting me into Malifaux that they tend to bring promos back for events and holidays sometimes.. guess I’ll just wait.. Now to find a Queen’s Return Crew box for sale lol.. sold out everywhere. Go figure I finally bite the bullet and the crew / leader that has my interest is impossible to find right now. Thanks for the tip though, guess it’s just a waiting game now..
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    If you can wait til Black Friday she usually appears in the sale. D.
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    Whow! She looks alive! Congrats!
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    Cool- I dig me some CPT Dashel. Owen’s a good dude- I play with them occasionally when I am out there on trips for work and they are a bunch of great guys. I hadn’t seen him run Parker though- think generally I see him run Levi, Hamelin, or the occassional Jack.
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    I like Papa a lot, but he isn't worth pairing with Santiago. The lack of a good ramping damage attack makes that plus to damage kind of wasted. I only slingshot perdita up to kill turn one if I have def 9 on her. Otherwise I find it too risky. One of the key parts of playing Perdita is knowing when to use her 14" range to pick on one model and stay out of range of the rest, and when to charge with her into ML. Your hand, the positioning, the potential threats, and the state of the game will all be important to decide that. Since you are learning the game, there are lots of fun things to discover with both Papa loco and santiago. Obeys, and pushes can help put papa loco into positions to suicide bomb opponents when they don't see it coming. Don't stress too much and enjoy the discoveries you can make with them. I like Nino a lot, but I don't stress about putting him up on ledges or putting him very far upfield. I agree with @Fazza92 about the model count issue. I recommend some guild guard to chew activations and provide models to push towards for the Neph.
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    One thing I would note is that this was not your average tournament. I think Owen is the only person of the people I talked to that is a tournament regular. I know there were at least two people for whom this was their first tournament, John and I hadn't played in a solo tournament since Burst of the Worst (at the beginning of wave 5), and the three fellas from Richmond did not sound like they play in tournaments very often. Casper didn't mention tournament play in Poland, but he only recently arrived here in the US for graduate studies, so I think this was his first game in the states. I wouldn't look at what we faced or what happened in our games to get an idea of the tournament scene. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the tournament organizer did a great job keeping things moving too.
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    As someone else commented in a other thread, my trick to keep the bayous alive is to force the opponent to choose between spending resources on them vs something more expensive. I can't seem to get them to win a single attack flip, but they always score VP for me in the form of scheme markers. An extra AP turn 3 can mean 2 markers in a turn. That alone is worth 3SS. However, like people have said already, I haven't used them in GG18 yet. I find myself using elite-y crews more and more
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    I usually play on a board with 1/3-1/2 of hte board of terrain, I still seem to not get alot out of them. I havent specifically played hide and seek with them usually due to needing to do something with them or just being plain olde bad at placing them There is a skill to keeping them alive that i just havent achieved yet i think. I like that they arent insignificant and bayou 2 cards is awesome, but more often then not im in a situation where Drunk and Reckless isnt useable due to it killing them. [Start a petition to make Drunk and Reckless 1 Damage and give them poison 1 #FlavorTown] Im going to force myself to play more Somer to get better with these guys.
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    Her defense/wp trigger Of pity and wind is a good defense against Marcus.
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    An unboxing and review of Adze from the Neverborn faction...more pictures, assembly tips and a rotational view can be found by clicking on the link... http://gmortschaotica.blogspot.com/2018/07/unboxing-malifaux-adze.html
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    Welcome to Malifaux A note that I am now available to run demos at Wargames Workshop Northampton. There is a friendly atmosphere with a group of gamers into other systems as well as Faux, Expert help is also on hand for modeling and painting help and guidance. You will find me at the following shop address: Wargames workshop, 3 Abington Square, Northampton, NN1 4AE Running Malifaux Intro & Demo Games: Every Monday evening, after 5.30 For further information feel free to phone the shop on 01604 638218 Please also contact me on the forum to allow me to book a slot I am also looking for a venue to run events/tournaments in the future
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    Me n the boys will be attending but I ain't dressing up for this one 😂
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    Ototo's main function is to tarpit like a champ and hit back super hard. I hire him in pools where I want to tie up lots of models in a certain area. If my opponent wastes the resources trying to take Ototo out and fails, which frequently happens, he can hit back at Ml 8 with a built in crit. At half wounds with a recalled training popped, a flurry from Ototo can often kill almost anything, and then he can heal himself back up. He is much less effective if my opponent ignores him, but I try to make that difficult. I also don't generally take him when I think I might be going up against a crew that attacks willpower alot, like Pandora, who can easily nullify Ototo. I am buying his new sculpt because I feel it is more flavorful in regards to his playstyle, and I look forward to pounding many more masters into the ground with a model that people often underestimate. As a devout Lynch player, I'm keeping Tannen and Graves in their human forms so they can stay in their rightful place on the floor of The Honeypot.
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    Technically speaking, sculpts are nice. Personally, I prefer a dynamic pose of original Ototo, but I know that some people don't like it. Thus when someone asked few months ago which model would we like to see altered, Ototo was voted by many. Same with Graves and Tannen - nice sculpts, but original ones are fitting their characters much more. In his neverborn form - which many people voted for as well - Graves looks more like a generically boring/boringly generic nephilim. As for Tannen, he looks disturbingly and that's cool, but how you can be bored to tears by or chat with a creature like that? No way.
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    Things have changed so I can make this one. Think I have Phil, Luke, Mat & Perry with me.
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    Oh, come on. Mah is niether weakest, nor even weak master. She's tricky, you just have to master her, but Mah, imo, is one of the strongest Gremlin masters. I loved her before book 5(No one EVER expected to see Mah on the table, and no one really knows how to counter her), and after book 5 she became amazing master. First - Mah is not Lady J. Don't attack with her if you are not sure you can kill the target. With her mobility she can deal with enemy schemerunners easily. Also, she is good at hit-and-run, if you activate her late so, if you activate her last, and then win initiative - you can make 4 charges in a row, and then run away to safety. Second - mobility. Mah is not just mobile herself. She also helps her crew ALOT. So, using heavy hitters with limited mobility is always good option. Mancha is just perfect for that. Third - Trixie is not mandatory. If you need chores - just take emissary, he is good with Mah(like, really good. And he can paralize models for Mancha insta gib). Mah likes meele crews, she can move them, she can buff them. So, huge ml beaters are always an option. Mancha(!!!), Burt(!!), Golem, Emissary. Franc is optional, tho, too long to explain why. Crier are good for card draw. As for minions - wrastlers(!!) are really good, with a little push from Mah, and a little set up they can hit 2 times with Ml 8, and 4(!!!) damage flips from a single charge. Survivers are good, too. They can shoot with Ml stat, and ok damage for 4SS model. Also, forget about Lass. Cranky is just better. Mah is a good master. Her problem is her crew. Bushwackers are just not good enough, and you don't really need Trixie and Lass, making her box a little bit worthless. Summarizing, I played with Mah a lot. And lately i had more than good win rate. Like, 7 wins for 10 games with her. And i feel, i can do better. As for crew, i use this as a template: 50 SS Gremlins Crew Mah Tucket + 4 Pool - Manifest Destiny (1) - Know The Terrain (1) - Out For Blood (2) Mancha Roja (9) - Dirty Cheater (1) Lucky Emissary (10) - Conflux of Bushwhacking (0) Burt Jebsen (8) - Dirty Cheater (1) Gremlin Crier (7) Wrastler (5) Wrastler (5) If you need card draw - you swap wrastler for cranky. If you need initiative - emissary for trixie, and so on.
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    In the fluff Wong likes wrestling so it would make sense for him. Brewie would just be confused at Lenny's inability to get drunk. Like it's not possible, he can't gain poison.
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    I really wanna make a wrestling themed list and pretend I’m the announcer, sounds like such a fun game! I’m thinking either brewie with the idea that the match is at his bar or Wong as his special event!
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    One thing I found to make it easier (this assumes you paint them before the rest of the face) is not to try to get the shape right using the white/off-white but to use black to close in on the right shape from the outside basically, i.e. basecoat the eye-area black (thinned down!), blob white or off white in there and then use black again to define the eyes and then paint the pupils.
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    @wobbly_goggy: Here's a link!
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    I've played Ototo a few times with McCabe and he just doesn't ever do as well as I want him to. For the same price I can take a Crime boss, get some card draw and drop Fragile on models or take a Dawn Serpent that can't be Lured.
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